Would DeMar DeRozan start on the…

Boston Celtics
Ray Allen. No.

New Jersey Nets
He’d likely get the nod just ahead of Anthony Morrow despite Morrow being a great shooter. I’d rate Morrow’s defense as worse than DeRozan’s, and he’s a poor athlete and decision-maker. Given that they’re both bad defenders, it comes down to whether you want a pure shooter, or a guy with a more versatile offensive game. DeRozan wins. Yes.

New York Knicks
Second-rounder Landry Fields is the closest thing to competition. I’m thinking the Knicks would move Fields, who is comfortable as a reserve, to come off the bench and give DeRozan the starting job. Other competition is in the form of Roger Mason and Bill Walker. DeRozan wins, so Yes.

Philadelphia 76ers
Evan Turner had a tough year, and I’m guessing that if by chance a DeRozan for Turner trade was proposed to Philly, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Yes.

Chicago Bulls
Keith Bogans at 31 and a 30-year old Kyle Korver aren’t cutting it, and they already tried to get DeRozan at the deadline. Yes.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Joey Graham, Anthony Parker and Alonze Gee. Ouch. The Cavs would probably flip Tristan Thompson for DeRozan. Yes.

Detroit Pistons
Ben Gordon, Richard Hamilton and Tracy McGrady. Average age of 31. Ben Gordon might’ve been a name a couple years ago after the Boston-Chicago series, but his “star” has faded big time. Yes.

Indiana Pacers
Dahntay Jones and Brandon Rush. DeRozan is better than both. Yes.

Milwaukee Bucks
Stephen Jackson and Michael Redd. Redd is fat now, so forget about him. Jackson is a team leader of sorts, and I’d think Scott Skiles likes to put experience in the lineup. No.

Atlanta Hawks
Joe Johnson. No.

Charlotte Bobcats
Matt Carroll, Gerald Henderson. Yes.

Miami Heat
Dwayne Wade. No.

Orlando Magic
Jason Richardson. Hmm. Richardson is a great three-point shooter, is unbelievably athletic, can finish at the rim, has a good post-up game against smaller guards, and is a half-decent defender. I’d say DeRozan’s overall game has some ways to go before he gets to Richardson’s level and consistency. No.

Washington Wizards
Jordan Crawford and Nick Young. Sometimes we tend to have inflated opinions of certain players when comparing them to archetypes. Sure, DeRozan has his merits against these two, notably getting to the FT line, but two years in, I haven’t seen much from DeRozan that I wouldn’t see from from these two if given the same amount of playing time and opportunity. After all, if scoring is what you’re judging a guy on, Nick Young did drop 17.4 ppg last year. This might sound harsh, but No.

Golden State Warriors
Monta Ellis. Ellis is one of the most explosive scorers in the legaue and is coming off an excellent season where he played 80 games, putting the questions about injury issues to rest. No.

Los Angeles Clippers
Eric Gordon. A tweener who can really score using his strength in the lane, a sweet stroke from outside, and by getting to the line. He’s only 22 and has shown enough to warrant being part of a nucleus on a rebuilding team. DeRozan has shown flashes, but not nearly enough to trump Gordon. No.

Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe. No.

Phoenix Suns
Vince Carter, Josh Childress. Carter is done, and Childress is a bench player whose ceiling was clear two years ago. Suns are/should be in a rebuild so DeRozan gets the job. Yes.

Sacramento Kings
Tyreke Evans. Close call, but DeRozan loses out. Both play high minutes on bad teams, DeRozan is more efficient and Evans could be termed a “volume scorer”, it’s the latter’s passing and shot-making prowess that makes him more worthy of minutes. No.

Dallas Mavericks
If Jason Terry was a starter, this would be a no. But since he’s not, DeRozan is up against Rudy Fernandez and Deshawn Stevenson. Unless Fernandez finds his form again, this one is pretty easy in DeRozan’s favor. Yes.

Houston Rockets
Chuck Hayes and Courtney Lee. Courtney Lee was considered a steal by the Magic until this happened. It’s like that was his Nick Anderson moment. Yes. Kevin Martin. No.

Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizz build their playoff run on defense, and DeRozan wouldn’t get past Tony Allen for that reason alone. If he does manage to beat out Allen, there’s O.J. Mayo, who isn’t the second coming of Dwayne Wade like many thought, but still a decent scorer with a great shot. He can’t blow by you, but neither can DeRozan. It would be close and I’d give the edge to DeRozan, except that the small matter of Allen remains unsolved. No.

New Orleans Hornets
DeRozan was ahead of Marco Belinelli in Toronto, and would be again in New Orleans. Yes.

San Antonio Spurs
If it’s against Manu Ginobili, no, but like Jason Terry he doesn’t start. So the matchup is against James Anderson, and maybe Gary Neal if you count him as an off-guard. Yes.

Denver Nuggets
Arron Afflalo is doing just fine in Denver. They like how he spreads the floor and plays defense, if DeRozan somehow ended up in Denver, he’s have to fight for a starting job that, by default, would belong to Afflalo. Oh yeah, there’s also J.R Smith. No.

Minnesota Timberwolves

OKC Thunder
Thabo Sefolosha isn’t the scorer DeRozan is, but it doesn’t matter because like Memphis, this position is all about defense. Given how James Harden’s got the bench role all sewn up, DeRozan would have trouble cracking the lineup, let alone starting. No.

Portland Trailblazers
Against a healthy Brandon Roy, no. Against a one-legged Brandon Roy and Wesley Matthews? Let’s see, if you looking at the stats alone, they’re fairly even, DeRozan gets to the line more, but Matthews is a much better three-point shooter. Matthews is playing a James Posey role in Portland which is hardly glamorous, DeRozan is playing the star player role in Toronto, and is treated as such by the fans and media. I’ll place a bet and say that if Matthews was in Toronto, he’s be looked upon as a core piece moving forward, just like DeRozan. No.

Utah Jazz
Raja Bell is only a starter on a contender playing a defensive role. C.J Miles is more of a small forward, and even if he was a shooting guard, I’d say DeRozan would easily beat him out. Yes.

So there you go, DeRozan starts on 15 of 29 other NBA teams.

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  • Guest

    George Hill is the starting SG in Indiana. And he would even start over DeRozan.

    Type your comment here.

  • guest

    DD 3pt shooting would keep him from starting on some of the better teams, even if it could be argued that he is a overall “better player” than their current shooting guard

    EX.  NY knicks – even if you think DD is better than Fields, with their other scorers they need a guy to space out the floor more than anything.  I think if DD was on that roster, Fields would start ahead of him. 

    And I disagree that PHI would eagerly trade Turner for DD.  They have a unique backcourt in Holliday, Turner, LWilliams that just meshes well and seems to work.  I dont know if they would want to break it up.   

    • Theswirsky


      Evan Turner’s rookie year was quite similar to Derozan’s. Turner was a better range shooter, ball handler and passer than Derozan.  Derozan is more athletic and played at the rim more.  I don’t think Philly would trade Turner  for DD yet either.

      Also agree that Knicks wouldn’t start Derozan ahead of fields.

  • Theswirsky

    “Tyreke Evans. Close call”

    Derozan is to Tyreke Evans what Bargnani is to Dirk.

    • arsenalist

      You’re right.

      • Kuntdoor

        you must be high arse…..id take landry fields over emar erozan ANY DAY.

        • guest

          it would be crazy to take Fields over DD for the Raps situation…Raps need someone to explode and become a superstar.  DD has a way better chance of that happening.

          But the Knicks need someone to space the floor, and make all around hustle plays….Fields fits better for them. 

          • Kuntdoor

            hmmm…what have you seen of demars play to make you think demar will “explode” and become a “superstar”?……lol…rap fans are fkn dumb.

            • guest

              whether you think Demar will be a superstar or not, theres a simple point:

              for a rebuilding team like the Raps, higher ceiling/potential guys like DD are more useful than Fields.

              what part of that is too hard to understand?

  • Fbelvedere

    It’s astounding how many Raptor fans overate DDs game. Let him develop a 3 pointer, have him play some defense, learn how to pass the ball and then see if he would start on over half the teams.
    It’s amazing how we all knock Bargnani  because of defense but DD usually gets a pass?

    • Statement

      I agree,

    • Sek99

      Because your C is supposed to be your defensive anchor, not your SG. Bad defensive guards can be hidden, bad defensive bigs are much harder to hide, especially poor defensive C’s. Apples to oranges comparing the two defensively. Everything else besides that though about the flaws in DD game I have to agree with you.

      • Geraldflemming

        I mostly agree with what you’re saying, except this seems to the be the age of the guard, and because of that guard defence is becoming as important as old school post defence.

      • Kuntdoor

        the game has evolved. long gone are the days of having one or 2 players max on each team that can break a teams d down and then the useless scrub c who cant play a lick so he uses his 5 fouls throws his bones for boards and hits the showers….every player must be held accountable.

        • Sek99

          Yes but still the C more than anyone else. A good defensive C can cover for a bad defensive guard by taking care of the rim and rebounding so they get less shots, but a SG can’t really do the same. Centre is the more important defensive position. 

        • BRYAN


  • Brian

    You left out Houston and the Lakers…

    • arsenalist


      • Justin_kinnear

        Isn’t Kevin Martin the starting SG for Houston? That’d make it a no…

        • arsenalist

          Right again. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          DD wouldn’t start over Hamilton in Detroit.

  • guest

    lol. no explanation for the Timberwolves, just a “yes”. I reckon anybody can start on that team.

    • Paul Bunyon

      Wesley Johnson, converted SF.  Has good defense and real nice shooting stroke.   Give him one more year and Demar will be left behind.

  • Ambidextrious

    Demar would start in Orlando me thinks.. He and J Rich are similar players but DeMar has huge potential.

    • Lucas Lopes

      I don’t know about that. JRich is a much better shooter and defender. Orlando is trying to make a last championship run before Dwight hits free agency. They have to go with the better player, which Richardson clearly is right now. 

  • Brandon

    I don’t think he would start in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, or some of the others. I’m not convinced he would get much playing time in San Antonio even if they decided to start him. And it’s “Dwyane”, not “Dwayne”. I guess Wade’s mother made a mistake on his birth certificate or whatever.

    • Gamerz_inbox

      Dwyane? Are you illiterate? It’s Dwayne

      • Vimsanity

        Dude.. his name is Dwyane.

        • Kuntdoor

          Dwane Casey (born April 17, 1957) is a former
          NCAA basketball player and coach who currently is a head coach in the
          NBA for the Toronto Raptors.

  • Statement

    The jury is still out on Derozan,

    IMHO, this guy is no star at all and was just thrust into the limelight so that the team would have somebody to market that is a hard worker.

    I would like to give Demar this year to show me that he can adequately rebound and play defense before I consider him a good player.

    He is a hard worker so there is a chance he can improve, but IMHO, he is currently a well below-average player.

    • Bo4

      I don’t care where DeMar is this coming season. I care where he, Amir, James, Jerryd, Ed, & Jonas are in the playoffs of (’13), ’14, ’15, ’16 & ’17. José & Leandro will be gone. Andrea will be past his peak. That’s my core, along with our draft pick in ’12 and either a free agent signing by the end of that summer, or one last draft pick in ’13 to complete the puzzle…

    • KJ-B

      i GUESS 17+ ppg had nothing to do with the attention he’s earned, right??

      • Nilanka15

        You just used the Bargnani argument (i.e. overvaluing ppg)

        • KJ-B

          Did he do this at the “shooting” or scoring guard position where that’s his role? NBA centers are supposed to bang–rebound, block shots, intimidate… I think you’ve got thangs mixed up dude…

      • RxOxP

        All these DeRo haters are stupid as all hell… His 1st and 2nd year numbers are exactly the same as kobe’s… SMH… a guy like Dirk was bashed at the start of his career and just last year became the 1st nba player to win a championship while being the only allstar on his team and don’t anyone dare say jordan cause your dumb as hell if you discount scottie as an allstar. and after watching the games the raptors has played so far this year DeRo’s jumper is alot better i believe he’s like 30-40% from 3 point range SMH the raps as a whole has been playing great defense and all the teams they’ve played even stated how much of a change they’ve made… people are hating on DeRo when we got waste players like Darko, jordan hill, that 2nd pick bum that was drafted by the grizzlies in 09… heck the one hit wonder jennings who had a worst 2nd year than DeRozan… and honestly turner better than DeRozan wow i don’t even think satan can lie like that yall are on some elite drugs… that expensive stuff really… DeRo only missed out on being the most improved player last year cause his fellow contenders previous years were so crap compared to his rookie year and he’ll miss it again this year cause his 2nd year was such a good improvment the only way he could win it is if he got like 30ppg 5apg 5rpg some like that… honestly yall didnt even check no stats clearly cause DeRo doesn’t show nothing but improvement and dudes only 21.

  • Wjrhee

    Manu Ginobili played 80 games last year and started all of them except 1.  Ginobili will probably start again next year so I don’t think this should be a ‘yes’.

    And for Dallas, isn’t the reason why DeShawn Stevenson starting because of his defense?  which is clearly better than Derozan’s.

  • Daniel

    Up until 10 years ago a player like DeRozan would not have been in NBA. He has so many big flaws that he is a testament to the talentless NBA players coming down the pipe in recent years. Of course, with so much media channels around one would think we live a great era of b-ball when in reality the league lives on its oldest players in terms of skills and talent. The hope is that DeRozan would improve to the point of making him a valuable SG in the league. The same can be sad about all the young players. Bottom line is that today DeRozan should not start in any NBA team. Five eyars from now? Maybe, depending of his evolution. So far he has not improved in any of the advanced statistics from his first season to the second.

    • Ihatehaters

      Really? Because 10 years ago, Yogi Stewart was in the NBA playing for the Raps.

      • O D

        Ah yes, Yogi Stewart, and the alternate clown pants uniforms.. Those were the days..

    • Theswirsky

      I think Demar would still have been in the NBA 10 years ago, I just don’t think he would have seen the floor much except for garbage minutes and blow outs.  Teams would be sitting on him waiting for him to ‘develop’.

      Don’t want to be hard on the guy because he is a damn hard worker and is making progress, but he still has a long way to go.  His dedication and work ethic is likely going to be the difference maker in his career though.

    • Sheptor

      Ya dude when you say 10 years ago I think you’re trying to say 20-30 years maybe…10 years ago won’t even put you in the 90’s…and the NBA hasn’t changed that much in talent since then.

    • KJ-B

      I’m not sure what ur talkin’ about–clueless dude!  I think you’re playing the Devil’s advocate a little too hard–name me how many 2nd year guards have score 17 ppg in the NBA at age 20, 21?!

    • Sek99

      Wouldn’t be in the NBA? Another guy says garbage minutes, these are both ridiculous. DD isn’t an amazing player, but he’s definitely a bench player on most teams in the NBA, even ten years ago. He’s mid-range is pretty good, and was nearing automatic at the end of last season, his athleticism is impressive, and this is only his second year. I’m no saying he’s Kobe, but he’s not a bad player by any means. He scores 17+ PPG fairly efficiently at 46%. I don’t know what you think the NBA was like a decade ago, but these are all decent to good stats for an SG anytime during the existence of the NBA. I mean, you make it seem like this guy is Arujo or something.  

  • Link_up7

    next how many teams bargs starts on at the 5

    next how many teams bargs starts at the 4

    • guest

      0 for both

    • Overkill

      Not a bargnani rider but I’m sure there’s at least 2 teams out there that would start Bargnani at either position

  • jlongs

    I would start Evan Turner over DeMar.

    • Kingraptors

      Considering Evan Turner was a #2 draft pick while Derozan was a #9 draft pick, I’d like to think Derozan was a steal at this stage, they are still both projects. But as a #2 draft pick you should be showing a bit more promise than other LOWER picks. 

      • KJ-B

        Agree for the most part but what part of 17.4 ppg and 20 ppg in the 2nd half of the season do you still consider a ‘project’?  Was the BIGGEST DeRozan apologist on here last season, and I guess some folk still disappointed that their man crush/party friend Clarence Weems couldn’t cut the mustard and are pure hating!!!

        Maybe not you–but these Raptor fans, I tell ya wouldn’t recognize Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and would think it was the team mascot playing tricks on ’em! Smell the coffee folks DeRozan is a BALLa!!! He’s gonna be top 15 in scoring the association when ever the L gets back in session!  I have no problem saying that cause I called 24 yr old Weems a Euroleaguer all last season + said that DeRozan would average 20 ppg in the final 20 games of the year back in like December!

    • KJ-B

      iN which alternate universe is this true? Turner can’t really shoot, defend get to the line, pass or do anything worthy of an NBA starter… He’s a BUST and is not athletically elite!

    • Emichael

      We’ll that’s why you’ll never get involved in basketball decision making

  • RapthoseLeafs

    If it wasn’t for his salary (and that will change when he’s 32) – I think Jose could top all Raptors as that potential starter (for other teams).  Granted, he’ll be 32 when his salary “gets in line”, but veteran PG’s with high assist/turnover ratio have value. And on a team that has a functioning defensive system (unlike Raptors – pre-Casey?), Calderon might have a place.

    LA and Miami demonstrate that an all-star PG is not essential. And Dallas proved that an older PG could still produce. Granted,  Kidd’s defense is considered better, but one has to wonder if we had Dallas’s system (and players like Chandler), that it’s possible Raptors could’ve minimized his weaknesses, and exploited his strengths.

    Every other Raptor player – IMO – would struggle to start on true Contender teams. That could obviously change, as we have a very inexperienced team.


  • Sheptor

    How many teams would Bargnani have an excuse with for not living up to his potential…

    Atlanta – I know I wanted a warmer climate but it’s too HOT!
    Boston – Too Irish
    Charlotte – Michael Jordan is the GM
    Chicago Bulls – Pressure of living up to Michael Jordan as a Legend has got me down
    Cleveland – Too Boring
    Dallas – Dirk takes my minutes
    Denver – Elevation
    Detroit – Crime rate…and stench
    Golden State – Can’t find it on a map
    Houston – Can’t focus. Space is too interesting…I mean seriously, ever just look up?
    Indiana – Too flat
    L.A Clippers – Maybe if we moved Griffin to Centre and allowed me to play my natural position….
    L.A Lakers – Too many celebs watching me
    Memphis – Country music is the shit, but I can’t seem to get pumped up for games anymore…
    Miami – Maybe if we played Bosh at Centre and allowed me to play my natural position….
    Milwaukee – It’s hard to focus with another international # 1 pick grabbing all my boards..
    Minnesota – Rubio doesn’t pass me the ball, and have I mentioned I play the 4…
    New Jersey – Italian Mafia wants me to throw the season so they can get paid….
    New Orleans – Seriously its been like 5 years and I’m still taking a dingy to work…
    New York – Have you seen the Italian restaurants in this city? Damnnn good eatin’
    Oklahoma City – Durant is long, maybe if he played the 5…..
    Orlando Magic – Yes Howard plays the 5, but I do more complicated things than grab 15rpg..duh
    Philadelphia – Fans are too harsh on me, plus cheesesteaks, and Rocky..that’s right Rocky.
    Phoenix – That Nash guy just doesn’t pass the ball..geesh!
    Portland – I hate our Jerseys..seriously it isn’t 1970 anymore. Oh and I play the 4
    Sacramento – All this relocation talk is really bothering me.
    San Antonio – Duncan Duncan Duncan, the big fundamental…what about 3’s..I can actually hit 1
    Toronto – Fill in the blank folks
    Utah – Mormonism is freakin’ retarded..seriously have you heard about these nut-bars?
    Washington – No excuses….Bargnani flourishes!!! (make up your own)

    • John

      Get a Life and stop Spamming the site. 

      • Sheptor

        Eat me..its summer in a lockout year…Arse is grabbing at hairs to come up with articles and I did it for fun…What gives?

    • Kuntdoor

      lmfao…typical young gun fanboy…u cant say nothing about demar game without the lil punk goofs that slobber all over demars overated dinky they come rushin in to their homeboys defense by trashin bargs….wankers.

      • Sheptor

        Man I am a Bargs fan wayy over DD…What are you talking about?

      • Sheptor

        Both of you should chill out…I like Bargnani, I like DeRozan,  l love the raptors which is why I check this site daily. Give it a rest, gawd touchy bunch, at least 9 ppl and counting enjoyed it….and I can assure you I am A huge Bargnani fan…not being sarcastic. I am, but it was fun to do. “young gun fan boy” hilarious

        • Kuntdoor

          sorry pal. most people are tired of the abuse bargs and all whiteys gets from the demar and young gun jocksniffers. dont incite them to chimpout.

  • Bo4

    Arsenalist, I’d love to see your take on each of the other ‘rotation’ players on the Raptors … !!!

  • KJ-B

    Not sure what the point of this article is because it’s all hypotheticals and fantasy GM stuff.  I know it is ‘real’ skills vs fantasy value but honestly, every1 comes to the NBA with skills, what makes 1 player better than the other is usually confidence and the ability to be put in a lucky situation without too much competition. 

    DeRozan worked to keep his lucky role as a starter from year 1 by outdistancing, outcompeting, outhustling 1 “No Money” Weems which many on here were quite enamored with!  I give him props for his work ethic and not blowing his golden opportunity–but who’s to say he’d be even seen as a rising star if he didn’t come to TDot first… Long story short: STAY IN TORONTO DEROZAN + develop ur game, confidence and rep–bad team or nOt!

  • FAQ

    Bargnani — Mr. Toronto Basketball …..

    Derozan — Just visiting …..

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      thechrispalmer chris palmerBargnani is a homeless man’s Dirk. (via @MattClark35)

      thechrispalmer chris palmerAfter these Bargnani comments if I ever play pick-up ball in Toronto I’m gonna make sure I play defense.
      thechrispalmer chris palmerWhat do you call a seven-footer who doesn’t rebound, is an average defender and takes 65% of his shots from the perimeter? A small forward.

      • Q.

        Dude what are you saying, I couldn’t make sense of your post, you said “thechrispalmerchrispalmer” (whoever the hell that is) like 5 times. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Go see ESPN NBA tweet section.

          Chris Palmer is an ESPN NBA Insider.

           I was just copying and pasting his tweets and that’s how they showed up on RR when I pasted them.

          Anyways, Chris Palmer & his twitter followers were discussing the NBA & were talking about AB ie calling him a homeless man’s Dirk, plus other thoughts about his lack of defense, rebounding and so forth.

          I believe that most RR Bargnani fan boys would love to see what others think about AB’s NBA game, reputation.

          Andrea Bargnani aka King Barg’s aka The Pope aka Golden Child aka No Star aka Lazy Moo’fer aka Pasta! aka I’m A PF Not A Center

          • dummeszeug

            Really, you can only blame Bargs. You’r really really boring.

          • Q.

            Oh okay, got ya. Yeah, totally agree with what he said.

  • GermanWunderkind

    Ohhhh DD is a shooting guard? really? hahahahahaha a shooting guard without any shooting ability. hahahahaha

  • Sek99

    Wow. . . I didn’t realize there was this much hate for DD. When you combine that with the hate for Bargnani, I’m surprised the Raptors have fans at all. Who do all these people root for then on the court? Ajinca?

    • KJ-B

      IT’s Toronto ALL the way!!! They love the Leafs and their Marlies lineup (which actually makes sense for a true rebuild) but hate the Raps even when their winning/whining! I just think basketball players are too soft for this city which is why their IN LOVE with REGGIE EVANS–who takes away just as much as he gives in terms of +/-!

      I’m not sure who’s asking, but I think that after the Stoudemire-McGrady-Carter-Bosh express left Toronto hoops fans have started the divorce proceedings with young DeRozan even before he’s cemented his “star” status! I think it’s just what too many forlorn fans have gotten used to……. I can remember how forgiving everyone was of CB in 2nd year–what has changed?!

      • ak

        Toronto fans appreciate when their players play hard, especially on the defensive end, because that is where it all matters.

      • Gradgrind101

        What does KJ-B stand for? KILL JOY – BASKETBALL or KNOWS JACK about BASKETBALL? I gotta tell you I don’t like criticizing anyone on this site but when you state “REGGIE EVANS–who takes away just as much as he gives in terms of +/-“…I question what you know about basketball and how games are won. Several things come to mind when thinking about Reggie but I will shorten my response to this….

        1) Reggie is mean. You need tough leadership in the paint. In the same way you need a nasty defenceman who clears the front of the net for his goalie in hockey. Reggie does it without picking up tons of fouls like Amir Johnson.
        2) Rebounds = Points. The more rebounds you get…The more possessions you have to score…And the less possessions the opposition has to score. Bargnani rebounds whatever hits him in the chest whereas Evans boxes out his opponent and goes and gets those loose balls. The two play different positions but both should have approximately the same opportunity for rebounds. Incidentally, I’m led to believe Andrea thinks a box is a type of packaging for pasta. 
        3) So he doesn’t score…You only need 3 scoring options (ideally a slasher, shooter and an inside presence). At least Reggie doesn’t say BALL…He just goes and gets them.

        I’m not a big RE fan…The raps can keep him or trade him for all I care but if he is gone you won’t find his replacement on the current raptors roster.

        • KJ-B

          It happens to be my initials + No Reggie Evans basically works on a functional NBA team not the Raptors who don’t know how to spell the word!!! Ed Davis NEED PT dude! 

          • KJ-B

            Also, a lot of average cats come to Toronto and have ‘career’ years a la Mike James, Keon Clark, Damon Stoudemire–the list goes on… Put Reggie on a functional team that has legit NBA big men + he ain’t ALL that! He’s no Dennis Rodman, last time I checked! While I can’t knock the hustle of Big #30 I certainly won’t overrate it!!!

            • Gradgrind101

              Good point…You can add Voshon Lenard to your list as well. But if you include Damon Stoudemire you would need to include Antonio Davis. Like Damon, Antonio had career years for the Raptors and was an all-star in 2001 plus he was part of a team that gave us our only 3 consecutive winning seasons but he was not as good everywhere else. Overall, Damon wasn’t as impactful as Antonio but I wouldn’t lump him in with James and Clark.

    • Kuntdoor

      joey dorsey….according to fkn idiots he should be our starting c.

      • Nilanka15

        Joshua Reynolds strikes again, with yet ANOTHER screen name.

      • points

        thats right kunt

    • Nilanka15

      The hate for DeRozan (primarily) seems to be backlash from the Bargnani fanboys.  They fail to realize that DeRozan is an up-and-coming SG who has shown noticeable improvement between his 1st and 2nd year, while Bargnani is a miscast big man who has plateaued over the past 3 years. 

      In other words, they compare a 2nd year DeRozan, to a 5th year Bargnani, without realizing the flaw in thinking this way.

      • Cornhole

        bargnani hater pulling the race card.

        • Nilanka15

          Do humanity a favour and please don’t procreate. 

  • Gradgrind101

    You would start DD on 7 of 16 playoff teams…First of all…”Starter” doesn’t really mean much. Didn’t Rafael Arujo start for the raps? Otherwise Ginobili and Terry would start if it meant a great deal. Also most other playoff teams would want their SG to spread the defense a little and open the passing/driving lanes. Whether he starts or not DD would be a role player on every playoff teams until he develops a balanced perimeter game.His defense by the way will improve when he gets teammates who provide better ball defense. Right now he is forced to sag on D way too much.Another interesting question to consider…Would DeMar be scoring option number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for every team in the NBA (assume that DD replaces the main shooting guard for each team).

  • Orange

    why not an article about the new coaching staff instead of crap like this?

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      I agree, especially since 3 holdovers where kept from the ill fated Triano regime (Roth, Nori, Hughes) which was last in the NBA in Team defense 2 years running- none of which were named Alex ‘Amazing Grace’ English? Wow!!!

      Who is the big man coach that will help to develop both Ed & Val- BC drafts Val at #5 with no big man coach on Casey’s staff?

      Is Sterner going to run the offense or just gather, produce stats?

      Is Casey strickly coaching defensive sets?

      What’s JDavis role as lead assistant?

      What the fuck is playoff offense- especially since the Rap’s haven’t been in the playoffs post Sam?

    • points

      he feeds off the hate

  • charlesnba23

    lol chuck hayes shooting guard

  • Demar Derozan is going to shock a lot of people. He will be a top 5 sg when it is all said and done. Follow me at twitter.com/problakthedon 

  • The Sixers would never trade Evan Turner for Demar Derozan get real.  Sure Turner struggled at times.  He also played pretty well at times and the Sixers were a pretty good team after a disastrous start so Turner wasn’t handed a ton of minutes.    They are not going to give up on the number 2 pick in the draft to get a one dimensional player like DeRozan.  Turner was the best defensive rebounding 2 guard in the league on a per minute basis and has much better play making abilities.  You’ll see.


    So demar would be a starter in detroit becuase that team has 3 players over 30 but not in the Celtics with ray allen being almost 40 ??


  • Bradominoso

    you are a very optimistic fan of DD. He can´t shoot, he can´t defend. Even when he is a starter in one of the worst NBA teams, do you seriuously believe that he can play in any other team in the NBA? he probably won´t be a starter in an Euro contender.

    • Guest

      I think u r right 2 a point. DeRozan could start on a quality team, but not at this very moment. in 2 yrs he will be able 2 start on most quality teams, he is just 2 raw right now

  • akon21

    why does everyone talk about players leaving toronto, it happens to every NBA team.  pure guess, i dont have time to research but off the top on my head , paul perice, kobe, wade, and dirk.  help me out people please finish my list.  only players 8 years deep please