Ten Trivia Questions From Last Season That I Know You Will Get Wrong

Trivia time!

Don’t look at the answers below. Read the questions, note your answer and check it after. All questions pertain to last season and all players in the answers had to have played at least 10 games with the club (so basically, no Peja).

  1. Which Raptor made the NBA top-20 in field-goal attempts?
  2. Which Raptor had the worst defensive rating (DRTG)?
  3. Which Raptor had the best offensive rating (ORTG)?
  4. Rank these three in FT-percentage (best first): Jack, Andersen, Calderon
  5. Best WS/48 on the team?
  6. Who was second on the team in rebounds per game?
  7. Highest PER?
  8. Which non-PG averaged the most assists per game?
  9. Who was second on the team in blocks per game?
  10. Which Raptors never came off the bench and started every game they played?


  1. Andrea Bargnani – 17.8 per game, 1173 overall
  2. Sonny Weems, followed by Leandro Barbosa and Jerryd Bayless
  3. Amir Johnson, followed by Ed Davis and Jose Calderon
  4. David Andersen, Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon
  5. Amir Johnson
  6. Ed Davis – 7.1
  7. Amir Johnson – 17.6
  8. James Johnson – 3.0
  9. James Johnson – 1.1
  10. DeRozan 82, Bargnani 66, James Johnson 25

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