Don’t Go “West” Young Man!

ESPN Insider are doing their worst free-agent fits throughout the NBA and suggest that signing Hornet’s PF David West could be tempting for the Raps, but note that he isn’t the franchise player some give him recognition for and there’s also some questions regarding this health.


Umm … So Ya …. Who You Got at the Five Spot?

Let the debating begin. Obviously some big ole question marks at the centre position still here in Toronto heading into this season. That being said, with only a couple weeks to get ready, who do you got starting at centre? Andrea, Amir, Ed, Garth Joseph?


Barbosa Upset That He’ll Miss Turkey Dinner

Leandro and his wife aren’t too happy at the moment with the thought of basketball returning. The family were apparently all excited about the thought of Papai Noel wearing his slick silk suit and sliding down the chimney with gifts in tow. Maybe when your retired Leandro.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

What Can Casey Do in Two Weeks?

Big hopes have been pinned on Casey’s arrival, as a defensive minded coach with a talent for creating systems that maximize his resources. But what can he realistically accomplish between now¬†and the Raps first game?