Rapcast #116: The Doctor Is In! Team Direction, Contracts, Free-Agents, Predictions

Can you smell that? That’s the smell of basketball.

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Some of the talking points.

  • 48 conference games, 16 out of. Every team won’t play every other team. At least one back-to-back-to-back
  • Prediction: 13-35 in conference, 4-14 out of conference – 17-49 for the season
  • Day-One Starting Lineup: Davis, Bargnani, Johnson, DeRozan, Calderon
  • Ed Davis is a big chip moving forward, Amir Johnson is a “nice” chip
  • Andrea at the four, what’s the offensive/defensive trade-off? Cross-switching?
  • When Kleiza comes back…
  • If the Raptors have one 20-point player, who will it be?
  • Jose Calderon will thrive under Dwane Casey: 8, 40, 45, 90
  • Filling out the remaining spots
  • Raptors a player in the trade market
  • Three options for this team:
    1. The Delusional One: Getting a guy like Chris Paul
    2. Just Tanking It: Nose drive right into the ground and into a deep draft
    3. Aim for Something: Fix the team to get to 35 wins
  • The amnesty clause and the Raptors. If exercised, what are the free-agent targets? (yes, I know Brooks is in China)
  • Prepping for Valanciunas
  • The Myth of Cap Space: What’s this talk of the Raptors being $20M under the cap in one year?
  • Mid-level contracts for bench players will crush teams in the new CBA
  • Over-under for games started by Ed Davis at Center?

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