Dwane Casey FTW Moments

Insanity Casey.

From this interview.

He’s watched 75 Raptors games from last year, didn’t miss a single Eastern conference game – PREPARATION FTW!

He compares how a player/team did in training camp, and how they did in game 82 – GIVES YOUR PROOF INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING FTW!

When asked about his coaching staff hires, he says, “I’m a firm believer you don’t go out and get friends.” – EVERYONE EQUAL FTW!

The players won’t even touch the ball or think about offense for the first couple days of training camp – DEFENSE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OFFENSE FTW!

Getting better defensively? “It’s not our goal, it’s going to be our mission, that’s the word I want to use because a goal is something you hope to attain.” – SOMEBODY FINALLY GETS IT FTW!

Random plays instead of a predictable approach on offense – BAYLESS PASSES BALL FTW!

What kind of traits are you looking for the market? – “Leadership and rim protection is huge. Veteran leadership that’s going to set the tone defensively and in the locker room. ” – THE REAL “PROTECT THE PAINT” FTW!

Jonas – “He’s not a typical big man that’s a plodder, he’s athletic for his size, which is going to help him transition to the NBA a lot quicker.” – COACH GENUINELY LIKES EUROPEAN DRAFT PICK FTW!

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