From this interview.

He’s watched 75 Raptors games from last year, didn’t miss a single Eastern conference game – PREPARATION FTW!

He compares how a player/team did in training camp, and how they did in game 82 – GIVES YOUR PROOF INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING FTW!

When asked about his coaching staff hires, he says, “I’m a firm believer you don’t go out and get friends.” – EVERYONE EQUAL FTW!

The players won’t even touch the ball or think about offense for the first couple days of training camp – DEFENSE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OFFENSE FTW!

Getting better defensively? “It’s not our goal, it’s going to be our mission, that’s the word I want to use because a goal is something you hope to attain.” – SOMEBODY FINALLY GETS IT FTW!

Random plays instead of a predictable approach on offense – BAYLESS PASSES BALL FTW!

What kind of traits are you looking for the market? – “Leadership and rim protection is huge. Veteran leadership that’s going to set the tone defensively and in the locker room. ” – THE REAL “PROTECT THE PAINT” FTW!

Jonas – “He’s not a typical big man that’s a plodder, he’s athletic for his size, which is going to help him transition to the NBA a lot quicker.” – COACH GENUINELY LIKES EUROPEAN DRAFT PICK FTW!

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  • Thierry Bertho

    wtf was that ?! lol

  • Pesterm1

    lol… damn u beat me. ya just brutal.
    I mean i like articles but dont waste your time or mine.

    Did you know…. FTW spells WTF backwards 🙂

    • Arsenalist

      Oh yeah, I’m sure you had a lot to do this Saturday morning, and reading this post wasted a ton of your time.

      • hateslosing

        I find it amusing the writers comment was moderated.

  • AB

    We need that veteran player in our locker and this team does not have it. I know every time someone suggest playing money to some of these guys, be it Hill, Battier or … on the message board,the usual suspects jump on him and say NO, we are rebuilding and blah blah blah blah …

    But anything, this team needs to spent some money and bring in a  guy who can take over that locker room and people have respect for. Someone with winning mentality who does not want to be your buddy and pal but wants you to do your job right.

    For that my friends, you need to spend some money.


      I think that the veteran player and player to spend  money on a guy who can take over that locker room and people will have respect for even the “BIG THREE” why? because that guy has a ring that guy can hold down casey’s D and also teach JV, people just think of all the things that this guy would bring to the table i can think of ten (10) and for this guy you must spend the money and you all know that what i’m saying is true ,people should stop saying things like “the raptors are 1 or 2 years away form being ready to do anything” this guy that i’m talking about won’t be on  the market 1,2 years from now, just think of all the things this guy brings to the table even if we let him pull a “turk” this season but teach the young ones and i’m sure this guy wants another ring so i say spend the money on a guy that brings more than ten (10) things that is good for your team this guy has been good on three out of the four teams that i know he played for sign the guy FFS he can be a part (tyson ) he brings alot to the table more than 10          

      • NEWS FLASH

        …also fill out our bench with a guy like mo pete he’ll give you D and 3s plus pass down stuff he learned from the OAK MAN 

    • AmirFan

      ^^^ What do you expect from a board that is run by Matt52 !!! The Dude has no clue about the game and is all about parsing anything that BC and the organization does.
      Thank God for the site authors who understand what the constructive criticism means and always have an objective view to share with us.

      I guess this is how you differentiate the fanatic fan 
      (Matt52) and real educated and knowledgeable ones.

  • Ryan McNeill

    I love the defensive intensity… but isn’t this the same refrain each training camp? My fingers are crossed DC actually follows through.

  • Kevin

    “Random plays instead of a predictable approach on offense – BAYLESS PASSES BALL FTW!”  This made laugh wont even lie.

  • Malefax

    I liked this article.

  • 511

    FTW … I like it. 

    I put a thought down elsewhere this morning, in response to a question/comment, and I thought I’d toss out a related post here cuz anything Il Mago is always fun … or stirs it up, at least. 

    Does anyone else think that this just might be the year when we see more of the Andrea Bargnani that some had been (and I guess still are) hoping to see year-in-and-year-out up to now? 

    I mean, after about the middle of the year before last, I had pretty much given up on seeing anything more than what we got last year — generally ok to good offense, no defense/rebounding — and that is just not enough of course (unless he was made a sixth man, I suppose), but reading about the work he’s been doing on his conditioning (I don’t ever recall seeing that talked about going into a season) and seeing that he worked with a defensive-minded coach with the team in Italy a few months back and that he’s talking up defense a whole lot (ok, he’s done that before) right as he’s about to begin work with Dwane Casey up close and in person … as well as (and maybe just as importantly) knowing that he’ll be working with – and already has been – Alex McKechnie, a superb athletic trainer by all reports, I’m very curious about what we’ll get this year with ole Bargs. 

    It’s too easy to be optimistic at this time of the year and I try to temper myself but … maybe … just maybe, this could be the year … (?). 

    I’m thinking … maybe. 

    • cesco

      At the Euros , it seems to me he was the only big in the top 10 in points scored , rebounds and blocks . Of course , Pau and Dirk did not had to rebound/block as much since they could rely on Marc and Kaman for that job . But he was definitely more involved on defense than the previous year with the Italian team .


      Only 66 days for the yard sale got to make sure what your selling looks good from day one

  • Tyrone_douglas

    “The players won’t even touch the ball or think about offense for the first couple days of training camp”  
    take that in.

  • Lou

    Nice touch with the “Insanity Wolf” Arse.

  • Bendit

    That was like good porn (very rare) with a bottle of chilled Grey Goose. Come to think of it Arse may have been imbibing while writing that. Right?

  • hateslosing

    Fun article. Optimism is key for this team, I’m pretty pumped for the season. 

  • Daniel

    A veteran player with rim protection abilities and 1 year contract: Marcus Camby. I can’t think of a better fit for our needs right now. I have no idea what would it take to get him however I’d be willing to trade some of the young players (Amir, JJ) to get him.


      wow! amir,jj for camby

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Both Andrea has been in the TDot going on 6 years & Jose going on 7- those are your roster vets!!

    No quality 10-12 year NBA vet wants to come to a so called rebuilding project to spend their last season(s) especially a bullchit one ran by BC who is still building the team around Andrea.

    The Rap’s are going nowhere fast on the court until they get rid of both Jose & Andrea- point blank!!

    All we are going to hear this 66 game season is that this a young team ala Jay from 2010-11.

    But this Rap’s team will become even younger once Val & the 2012 lottery pick join the roster- is 2012-12 going to be another bullchit young season as well?

    Will BC try and snake oil his way to a new contract selling the potential of youth after 2 or 3 years?

    Tanking is for suckas- see what happened last season as the Rap’s ended up w/ the 3rd worst record but received the 5th overall draft pick.

    Casey won’t get these guys to play D this season as the Ls pile up so will the desire to defend.

    I bet Andrea is really pumped upfor a 66 game season since he can’t play 82. s-m-d-h

  • Lawson_mike420

    trade Amir??? Dudes 23 or 24 and a 6 yr vet with heart. u cant trade for heart or effort.