With 10 players under contract, and only one true center, Solomon Alabi, the Raptors need some depth fast. Barring the Raptors winning the free agency sweepstakes and landing Marc Gasol, Casey needs some bigs to throw into the mix.

With Bargnani shifting to power forward, Amir will need all the help he can get in the middle. It’s not as desperate as you might imagine with him being undersized and all. It’s a different league/game, and with only a handful of true big centers (Howard, Bogut, Bynum, Gasol), Amir should be able to build on his career year from last year.

Magloire used to be a good center in the NBA, an all-star in 2003-2004, but has seen his game deteriorate every year since. Culminating in playing only 157 total minutes for the Heat; a team that lacked a center of any sort.

Best case scenario: Hometown boy is the newest spokesmen for Rexdale Hyundai, and provides a big body to bang against in practice.

Worst case scenario: No real downside, the team will still need to sign a couple more players to field a full squad and his contract comes off the books for the 2012 free agency period.

I much rather prefer this move than handing Nene a max/near-max contract; please don’t give Nene a massive contract, please!

The games begin tomorrow, should be an exciting week or so before camp gets underway.


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  • ahopper

    Too bad the first canadian raptor wasn’t one of the rookies taken in the first round this year, now that would’ve been cool. I do remember following magloire when i was younger gotta rep the T.O.

  • ad

    It’s pretty sad the only free agent the raptors can attract is from here and is one of the worst players in the NBA. I cant remember any player whose skills eroded as fast as Magloire’s did. I dont know if it was poor work ethic or injuries. Bottom line he sucks now big time

  • coolguydrwel

    screw this guy.

    he didnt want to play for us when he was relevant and he did not want to play for team canada when they needed him.

    • homeslizzy

      What’s that supposed to mean?  He may suck, but that
      doesn’t mean he deserves your  racist comment.

      • krimzon

        How is it racist…?

    • Gradgrind101

      Magloire is one small step forward in a 10 mile march. He’s a class act and you will get what you paid for…About 5 minutes a game a rebound and maybe a basket. He’ll be used in the back-to-back games. He would have been a little more valuable to this club next year when the brilliant 7 foot savior arrives from Lithuania.

  • mike

    Wait until we get Paul and Howard then our off season will be complete!

    • news flash

      and we’ll hit the ground running

      • mike

        Yes…Paul George and Juwan Howard will make us instant contenders

  • war

    let’s all just remember that it took TWO GMs to make this signing.


    i’m STILL appalled that we not only have to endure yet more years of Colangelo ineptitude, but that eric smith will be on the air back-to-back-to-back nights telling us how much he believes BC should get an extension.


  • K.J.P

    If he’s cheep and the contract is only for this year then this is not as terrible as everyone seems to think. We need to fill roster spots and prepare for next year. I have no problem with him taking up space on the bench while our young gunz play.

    • homeslizzy

      Absolutely correct

      • randy

        We should be giving out no long term contracts this year, for ANYONE.  Keep what flexibility we have, a let guys come off the cap.

        We really should try to trade Bargnani

  • Nilanka15

    The only reason Magloire was inked is because each team must have a minimum of 13 players on its roster.  In this regard, this signing does exactly what it’s intended to do.  We shouldn’t be expecting any sort of on-court production from Magloire.

    • p00ka

      Exactly. He’s primarily just filler on the cheap for 1 year, that provides a big body to bang out a few fouls with the big boys now and then. It works and people should complain as if this was intended as any important move.

  • Bendit

    The main post missed another centre, Chandler, soon to be signed by a divisional opponent (Knicks). This is not shaping up to be a good immediate couple of years…at least.

  • cdub

    I’m in disagreement with the tank philosophy.  if there is someone out there worthy of the money that will better the team now for the long run they should sign them.  There is no gaurantee that you will get the picks you expect or that the picks will work out or that the picks will even sign a new contract once their rookie contracts are up.  Unless you luck out and get a player like D Rose or Durant, your likely to be a perrenial bottom feeder forever.  Why wait and hope on JV when you could sign Gasol right now for example.  He is already proven and still young.   I’m not saying they should sign just anyone, but if you can get a player like Gasol I would be pursuing that right now.  I’m tired of watching the Craptors and I’m not willing to wait around while they “rebuild” indefinately.

    • randy

      Gasol is the only 1 of these free agents that would make any sense for us.  If it were possible, I would prefer to trade Bargs for him.  Chandler and Nene do not make sense with our rebuilding plan.  They would only hamstring us financially, take us from bad to mediocre, and then that’s when the sucking without any hope in sight starts.  Accumulating young assets is the way to go.  Next year may make more sense to start buying more expensive free agents.  But until we have a player that we can call “the man”, it makes no sense to sign rich long-term deals to players who are not at that level.  Gasol is a very good young centre, but in no way shape or form is a franchise guy.  Until we get one of those players (draft is the best hope for us imo), we have to resist signing guys because they will make us better in the short term.

      • news flash

        don’t you know that we already have the playa we call “the man” his name is ANDREA

      • Gradgrind101

        Rebuilding plan? What rebuilding plan? The Raptors are content to nosedive. That’s not a rebuilding plan. What they have is a let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we don’t pick a dud for our lottery plan cause that’s all we’ve done lately

        And don’t think that just because 2012 is a “deep” draft that we’ll get someone good. Don’t mean to dump all over you homelizzy but I am going to suffer this year. It will be ugly…ugly…ugly…And it ain’t gonna get better next year or the year after. Marc Gasol is good but we’re not going to get him. The Raptors are even not interested in improving.

    • p00ka

      What makes you think Gasol was/is even a possibility. There are many teams in line for his services and Memphis says they’ll match anything. Waste of time suggesting that pipe dream is the basis of a Raps plan.

  • Hobocop

    Yes!!! Great signing. Show some real commitment to tanking the season just as we should.

  • YEP

    Paul going to the Lakers, ridiculous contracts given to Chandler, Butler, etc plus more to come. What better way to ring in the new CBA. The NBA and its player-controlled league is indeed back folks!

  • j bean

    This season is a long training camp designed to develop the young core. Wins could be 15 – 27, it really doesn’t matter except wins are more fun than loses. Next years draft will add a couple of nice additions. If they can also add someone by trade  who fits the long term plan better than what they have they’ll go for it.  
    I can’t wait to see how things unfold and how evident the difference between Casey and Triano will be.

  • FAQ

     Is Pryzbilla a servicable centre?  He’s described as a defensive “banger” in the paint and is 7-1 and 255.  How much would he cost because he is a complete free agent?

    Who is better…. Magliore or Pryzbilla??

    • Nilanka15

      Pryzbilla probably is better…which is exactly why he isn’t needed this year :p