Reviewing the Raptors transactions thus far, and looking ahead to the 2012 NBA draft which informs us better on what the approach to the season should be.

  • Did the “do nothing” approach that was suggested last week actually come true?
  • Forbes, Magloire et al. – Sum of the parts are greater than the whole
  • Much harder to jump from 21 to 31 wins, than from 31 to 41 wins
  • The over/under win total bet for the season is 20.5
  • Consistency is better this year, more players back than any of the last few years
  • East is not as strong as in the past, Bibby for Billups? What?
  • Top Tier in East: Heat and Bulls.
  • Types of bodies the Raptors have added may not mean in wins, but it will allow them to compete – eighth seed in the East?
  • 2012 strongest drafts in years and full of point guards, but let’s look underneath the surface – is the top talent runaway talent?
  • Anthony Davis and the rest of the group – what’s the difference?
  • If there is no consensus #1 pick, is getting a top pick really important? Remember the 2006 draft?
  • The top ranked point guard in this draft is…point is that if you want to get a point guard, there isn’t even a need to tank
  • What’s with the power forwards in the draft?
  • Impressions from Kentucy vs North Carolina
  • Colangelo and foreign players (note that there aren’t any big foreign names in this draft)
  • More…

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