Reviewing the Raptors transactions thus far, and looking ahead to the 2012 NBA draft which informs us better on what the approach to the season should be.

  • Did the “do nothing” approach that was suggested last week actually come true?
  • Forbes, Magloire et al. – Sum of the parts are greater than the whole
  • Much harder to jump from 21 to 31 wins, than from 31 to 41 wins
  • The over/under win total bet for the season is 20.5
  • Consistency is better this year, more players back than any of the last few years
  • East is not as strong as in the past, Bibby for Billups? What?
  • Top Tier in East: Heat and Bulls.
  • Types of bodies the Raptors have added may not mean in wins, but it will allow them to compete – eighth seed in the East?
  • 2012 strongest drafts in years and full of point guards, but let’s look underneath the surface – is the top talent runaway talent?
  • Anthony Davis and the rest of the group – what’s the difference?
  • If there is no consensus #1 pick, is getting a top pick really important? Remember the 2006 draft?
  • The top ranked point guard in this draft is…point is that if you want to get a point guard, there isn’t even a need to tank
  • What’s with the power forwards in the draft?
  • Impressions from Kentucy vs North Carolina
  • Colangelo and foreign players (note that there aren’t any big foreign names in this draft)
  • More…

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  • ABB

    One thing I hope we do before the trade dead line is to figure out, Davis, Amir, AB situation. We need to address our questions regarding them, be it defence, play centre , who is better and … and then keep 2 and trade one for draft pick in this very deep and strong draft.

    If we can come out from this draft with two Strong player, PG and SF , then I think we have our Core group of guys for future.

    PG (Draft)  DD

    PF ( Amir, AB, Davis)  Valenciunis  SF(Draft)

  • KJ-B

    Forget 2012 Draft already: #1 still up for grabs between now and next June… What can I say about this year..? I said last year that DeRozan would average 20 ppg in the last 20 games of the year in December when every1 thought him + Clarence were twins–he did that over the last 3 months+… I said Weems was a Euroleaguer + he is!–he’ll never step foot in the L at least NOT in Raptor land after Gary Forbes! 
    This year’s calls: DEROZAN will be a TOP 5 scorer in the Association and potentially make his 1st of many All Star Games–I believe he’ll beat out Deron Williams…who might on an even worse squad record wise… the raps traditionally play well after the 1st of the year + they benefit to play .500 ball going into All Star with a young scrappy bunch but fall back in the lotto with injuries due to heavy work load in 2nd half…Finally Washington Wizards is gonna be scary!!! Think 6th, 7th or 8th seed–maaaaybe all the way to #5… Go ahead and bash away!!! All I Can Say is I’M STOKED WE HAVE THE NBA BACK TO ARGUE AGAIN FOR REAL!!!!!!!!! Fun starts Friday!!!!

    • JWB

      Stoked indeed, let’s play some ball and let the young dogs run.

  • AmirFan

    Last in the east or 2nd last in the east with less than 14 wins. you better believe it. 

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      East: 1 CHI 2 BOS 3 MIA 4 NYK 5 ATL 6 ORL 7 TOR 8 NJN

      West: 1 OKC 2 LAC 3 DAL 4 LAL 5 SAS 6 DEN 7 HOU 8 GSW

      • Nilanka15

        You think we have a better team than Philly, Indy and Milwaukee?

        • 2damkule

          for real…indy’s gonna be top-5 or 6, i can see the knicks struggling.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Tony Wroten Jr PG Washington Huskies is the top NBA prospect at pg he’s the guy that the Rap’s need to draft.

    If not Wroten Jr then Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is next on my Rap’s Lottery wish list.

    I have had enough of BC starting Jose Calderon at pg while talking about (re)building for the future- why is Jose projected to be starting over Bayless don’t we need to see JB as the primary starting pg for future roster considerations??

    Also, how long is BC going to continue to develop AB’s game this is year 6?

    AB had 2 double doubles all of last season and quit on the Rap’s post London- Ed Davis should be the Rap’s starting PF & Bayless the starting PG if the Rap’s are truely (re)building for the future- actions speak louder than words (PR SPINS).

    After last season’s 22 wins then dropping in the Lottery from 3rd to 5th this is what BC presents to fans for 2011-12 (*Val coming over in 2012- will he get a 5 year window from BC to develop ala AB?):

    C: AJohnson AGray JMagloire SAlabi
    PF: ABargnani EDavis
    SF: JJohnson RButler LKleiza (inj)
    SG: DDerozan LBarbosa GForbes
    PG: JCalderon JBayless ACarter

    10 – 17 wins for Rap’s.

    Bargnani, who will not be held accountable, will average 5 rebs per game while playing half ass defense & will still float on both ends of the court no matter what Casey says to the contrary ie 2 rebs per quarter/stick his nose in there/put a body on someone, as Bargnani is a CANCER in the lockerroom and a coach killer- ask Sam & Jay (and soon to be Casey with his Dirk illusions thereof).

    Another season with no playoffs for the Rap’s under BC- see a common annual basketball culture theme building……..bullchit.


    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      The CANCER are supporters like you, never happy, always complaining. I thougth you were already a Heat fan, no 1 ,no 2 ,no 3 ,no4,no5,no6

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Did I ever post that I was a Heat fan?

        No I didn’t because I support the Rap’s fyi.

        CB4 >>>> BC AB

        Until AB & JC are traded/amnestied & BC is fired I will keep on offering my opiniion on the subject of Raptors basketball.

        AB is a half ass lazy mofo’n CANCER who hasn’t dove on the floor after a basketball that I can recall- not falling over someone trying to get out of the

        AB gets coaches fired- ask Sam & Jay.

        AB had 2 double doubles on the whole season and QUIT on the Raps post London- fact!

        Is he a PF or a C?

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t agree with Calderon starting over Bayless either.  Unless of course the coaching staff already has a good handle on Bayless’ abilities and don’t see him as being able to run an offense.

    • sleepz

      Wroten is having serious to problems as he adjusts to the college game. Many scouts seem to like Kidd-Gilchrist however I tihnk he might be more of a product of the type of talent he has around him.

      The name Jeremy Lamb is going to ring out in the NBA for years to come. Last year’s championship run was just a taste. You heard it here first.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Wroten just served Duke (23 points in 24 minutes) up even though the UW lost the game TW was the best player on the court- hands down, as no one on Duke could stay in front of him- he even fouled out Rivers.

        TW just needs to work on his to’s but that will come with time & college game experience but he is 6’5 205 with top level athletic ability & skill.

        The Rap’s would be smart to get this guy if available as he plays Gary Payton like defense as well.

        • sleepz

          I saw that game and he most definitely ate up Duke but if I recall correctly (I might be wrong) he had no assists.

          He’s talented no doubt, but he needs to work on the TO’s, like most young pg’s.

  • Akash_singh

    Sad to see teams like the clippers,knicks, and the wolves who were right there in the shitter with us become so good while we tank another season in a “deep draft” with  a bunch of talented power forwards (we need one like we need another bargnani), and no special franchise players that can take us to the next level.     

    It sucks, but I believe we are taking the right course of action, of course I think we need to flip our pick in this upcoming draft/and some players to pull off a major blockbuster this summer……of course no one wants to come to Toronto so I wonder if this is all for nothing………..Colangelo needs to earn his paycheque this summer………anyone else think this  upcoming draft isn’t the solution to our problems?  

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Clippers gave up way too much for CP – he might be golfing sooner than he thinks.

      • Akash_singh

        chris paul, blake, and a young centre……I disagree.

        • Akash_singh

          and chauncey billups comes in with A LOT of winning experience

          • Nilanka15

            The only risk with Paul is his injuries.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        The Clippers still have 14 million dollars left under the NBA salary cap to fill out their roster- I think that they made out just fine, as time will tell who they add to their roster to complement CP3 & Blake in- lob city.

        • Raps Loyalist

          They gave up too much! Who else was trying to make a run at CP3 that had any chance of getting him? They should never have included both the T-wolves pick and Eric Gordon in the same trade.  It should have been one or the other.  CP3 is an amazing player but that doesn’t mean trading more than you have to for him is a good idea.  The Clippers should have held out until Stern accepted a lesser package that didn’t include both of the Clippers best trade chips for a guy who might leave after a season or two and that has a very bad knee problem that isn’t going away.

          • Nilanka15

            I heard the deal was based on the fact that Paul picks up his player option. 

            Although still a risky move by the Clippers, they have a 2 year window to get Paul to re-sign.

          • sleepz

            None of the players they got equals Chris Paul who is arguably a top 5 player in this league. When you get a chance to get a real stud you take it.

            • Raps Loyalist

              A porsche is a really nice car but it doesn’t mean you should way overpay to get it.  A package of Kamen, Aminu, Bledsoe, and Gordon is a good enough package and they should have stuck to that.  If the Hornets really really wanted the T-Wolves’s pick then you tell them Gordon is out of the trade then.

              Q: Who was offering anything close to what the Clippers were offering where CP3 was also willing to pay?

              A: NOBODY

              CP3 is top 5 when totally right health wise but that doesn’t mean you should bid against yourself when nobody else was offering what they had to offer.  Clips paid too much and the Hornets made out like bandits. 

              • p00ka

                The Hornets certainly did very well, but neither you nor I have any substantial knowledge of what else was/wasn’t available. Some anonymous sources actually practice confidentiality.

              • sleepz

                How do you know what other teams were offering? ESPN doesn’t report everything that GM’s discuss.

          • Bendit

            The Lakers were still lurking. That was a business coup for the Clips as well. The 2 residents of the arena now have a semblance of competiveness. The only problem is they are the Clippers and so far they always seem to make chicken feathers out of a great chicken salad. SO we shall see. They also need to build up depth so they can really compete for the trophy.

            • Raps Loyalist

              The Lakers weren’t lurking! Not without Odom they weren’t.  The Hornets didn’t want Bynum and Gasol and even if they did what would the LAkers have if they traded them both for CP3 and maybe Emeka Okafor? Is Kobe Emeka and CP3 better in the playoffs than Kobe Gasol and Bynum? Doubtful

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Whose team would you rather have to cheer for right now the Rap’s (AB, DD, Jose, JJ, Amir, Ed, Bosa, Kleiza) or the Lob City Clip’s (CP3, Blake, Jordan, CButler, Billups, MoWilliams, EBledsoe, Foye)?

            You can’t negotiate with Stern as he dictates what he wants and gets it- point blank, even though it’s a conflict of interest.

            If the Minny draft pick turns out to be #1 overall then you know the fix is in ala the Ewing lottery draft from Stern.

            We will see how bad CP3’s knee are as he said in his LAC presser that he was 100% healthy- time will tell.

    • Marnier

      What do you mean this draft is no good? There is a lot of special talent and franchise players in the draft that CAN take this team to the next level. 

      And by take to the next level, I don’t mean mediocrity and 6-8th seed in the conference followed by first round exits, I mean it can transform a team into a real, championship calibre one. If there’s a time to be bad in hopes of a high pick, then this is the draft to do it for.

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        Hello !Portland got Oden and Roy ! Hope Casey will not tank because you never know whats gonna happen. we dont need rookies anymore. Just enough cap space to get a elite player next year.Our core is growing well + Casey LOL

        • Nilanka15

          Portland wasn’t unlucky with Roy.  They knew he had knee issues coming out of college and still picked him.  They gambled and lost.  It’s their own fault regarding Roy’s fate.

          • Frank B

            For five years, we’ve had the onslaught of criticism at B C for taking A B with first pick.  Look at the reality:  #2 Aldridge was a clone of Bosh;  #3 – Morrison, #4 Thomas, #5 Shelden Williams, #6 Roy – and the knock THEN  was about his knees.  #7 was Foye, and #8 was Gay, the second best steal, after Rondo at #21.  Note, only these four picks in the first round are stil starters.  Case closed on B C’ choice.

            • Theswirsky

              no Paul Milsap?

              • p00ka

                He spoke of 1st round. Milsap was 2nd round- #47

                • Theswirsky

                  ofcourse… because why include a 2nd rounder that would have been a better pick

                • p00ka

                  Maybe because he chose to speak to his thought, not yours? He was going as far as the entire first round in speaking of people who were on the radar. prior to 46 picks.The entire league missed on Milsap.

            • sek99

              Aldridge and Gay are both superior players to Bargnani at this point, and I would have preferred to see what Roy would have been like with Bosh and our core at the time, and actually won some games. B C messed up, case closed. It’s not an Arujo, but it’s not good either. 

      • Akash_singh

        can’t make a statement like that without dropping some names 😉

    • Nilanka15

      I would much rather be in Toronto’s position than New York’s.  They’re a playoff team, but nowhere near a championship contender.  And because they’ve got $50 million tied to 3 players, there isn’t much they can do to improve that roster.  Welcome to the mediocrity treadmill New York…a perpetual 6-8th seed for the next 5 years.

  • spirow

    I agree with you that the drafting list is deep . . . but I disagree if you think raps wont finish in the bottom spots. . . They will and here is the reason why. . . .In such a short season casey has to implement his system of defence which he didn’t get a chance to do due to the lockout. . . Now A) They will struggle in the beginning to get use to the system and B) Second half the teams fighitng for playoff sports will pick up their slack and take every game serous meaning raps are in trouble and will be a bottom team. .  . One move I like is that veteren guys wil help the young guys become good just like OKC

  • Uroojislam1231

    You seem to be a little confused in regards to what “tanking” actually means.

    It doesn’t mean that the players are going to go out there every day and just lay down. It means that the team in its current form isn’t going to competitive on a lot of nights and that is by design to position itself for the next couple of drafts. Justify it however you want, the young players are gaining experience, Casey is implementing a new system, the team is waiting out some of the contracts on the books, etc. but that is tanking. The term isn’t meant to be taking literally.

    Also, you’re putting a little too much stake into some of the signings, guys like Carter, Gray, Magloire, Butler and Forbes are just roster filler and role players. Forbes is the only one who is guaranteed a contract past this season.

    I’m not sure if you’re just trying to be overly positive heading into such a demoralizing season with no draft pick to show yet for last season’s torture but I’m completely baffled by that podcast.

    • Nilanka15

      Agree on the definition of tanking.  The fact that Colangelo made no significant moves to improve this roster (i.e. a roster coming off a 22-win season) is how I define tanking. 

      The players themselves will attempt to win every game, and should compete hard under Casey.  But the quality of the roster suggests we’ll lose a LOT more games than we win. 

      Management is not only aware of this, but they’re perfectly content with it.  That is tanking.

      • cesco

        By your definition of tanking , they could win all 66 games of the season and accomplish that while tanking , which doesn’t make much sense .

        • Nilanka15

          My definition takes the strength of the roster into account.  This team will be hard pressed to win even 20 games.

          • cesco

            But management hopes that this team improves under Casey rather than expecting a lucky draw in the next draft . It is human nature to want to improve NOW , not next year . So they are not tanking .

          • cesco

            Tanking implies that you have no desire to improve with the team you have now and wait for a high draft pick . BC was doing the opposite by hiring Casey and adding back-ups with experience to help the youngsters .

            • Nilanka15

              Hiring Casey and signing backups helps the future more than it helps this season.  If Colangelo wasn’t really “tanking”, he would’ve went after guys like Nene, Chandler, or Gasol to improve this roster now. 

              By waiting for internal development, and banking on another lottery pick next year, he’s not expecting wins this year.  In my books, that’s tanking….and I’m really glad he’s doing it.

  • tonious35

    This Raps team must first establish an actual leadership and identity from players, coaches, to GM.  The team must it’s future player surrounded by positive veterans that can guide the young players on the court and the locker room.  This team needs to know what it takes to win is to stick with a solid plan and perform their best habits, so that any pick at whatever position will contribute to the team immediately from either 1st round or 2nd round.

  • sek99

    For once I actually agree with Steve. Go figure. And Kabongo all the way! He’s a great passer, a great dribbler, and is going to be the next Rajon Rondo with offense. Pluse he’s a Torontonian native, so that’ll be a media frenzy, which I’ll enjoy.

    • Nilanka15

      A Rondo with offense would be Chris Paul, no?

      • Raps Loyalist

        CP3 doesn’t play D at anywhere near Rondo’s level

        • Nilanka15

          Not sure I agree there.  Paul is definitely one of the better defensive PGs in the league, along with Rondo.

        • sleepz

          Paul is a ball thief!

      • lukecage

        what if we went after eric gordon with our draft pick woudl everyone agreeto that?

        • Nilanka15

          Then what would we do with DeRozan?

          • lukecage

            move hi to SF where  think he is better suited like when they moved Josh Howard on the mavs  and let Marquis Daniels play SG & SF of the bench

        • news flash

          yes as long as we get another pick so that we can get Kabongo

      • sek99

        I was speaking to style of play. Rondo and Kabongo just seem to be more similar in terms of dribbling, decisions etc opposed to Paul who has a different feel to his game. But if Kabongo adds a 3-pt shot and a pull up game, who knows? I’m also extremely optimistic about this guy because he’s Canadian and just seems to have a great attitude so I can’t say I’m totally objective. He’s projected to go anywhere from 8-15 so getting a high pick for him isn’t a necessity. Wouldn’t mind making the playoffs, nabbing Kabongo and going with a Kabongo- DD- an SF- Davis/ Amir- Val lineup for the future. Certainly tonnes of potential in that lineup.

        • NEWS FLASH

          Thank for not adding that other name to your list you know #7 things looks so much better even on paper when it’s not there

        • Nilanka15

          I’m definitely hoping the stars somehow align for Kabongo ending up in Toronto.  Aside from him Canadian, we haven’t had a “pure” PG since Stoudamire.

          Calderon is a great quarterback too, but he’s not the game-changer I envision Kabongo to be.

  • sleepz

    I haven’t had the chance to listen to the broadcast yet unfortunately but did the good doctor think there is a ton of pg prospects in the upcoming draft?

    Outside of Kabango I actually think this crop is a bit weak to tell you the truth. Teague balls out of control and Marshall is a solid heady pg but no game changer. Was there anyone I am missing that you touched on? 

  • 2damkule

    what they said.

  • 2damkule

    no, steve was talking about how there’s a dearth of good quality PGs; essentially, that there’s no reason to tank in order to secure a high lotto pick, as there will be quality players available later in the draft – in particular, a few PGs late in the lotto or into the 20s.  of course, this brings up the argument of drafting best available player (regardless of position) or drafting by need.  the raps need a PG, but if they’re picking, say, 6th (and both barnes & K-G are off the table), it would be a tremendous reach to take a PG over one of the highly-touted bigs.

    • sleepz

      Understood, thanks.

      It would have helped considerably had I of listened to the Podcast

      There will be good players available throughout the 1st round of the draft. It helps to be picking in the top 5 but if we drop there will still be players to help the team.

      In my humble opinion, best player available is always the way to go. 

  • Raps

    Quincy Miller looks to be a francihse KD type SF i’d take him and then Kabongo and have a lottery team starting line up.
    PG – Kabongo
    SG – DeRozan
    SF – Miller
    PF – Ed Davis
    C – Valanciunas

    • sleepz

      Right now at this point in the college year (and its early mind you) I would rank the swings:

      J LambQ Miller
      M Kidd-Gilchrist

    • smoke the rock

      looking good ! (chico and the man) +100 ,BC would be like a god and i don’t really care who they put at sf and then you have Amir as the 6th man and JJ 7th that would be a real i would be at every home game i’m just dreaming 

  • Brasky

    A. Davis and Gilchrist with an additional pick. We’ll never have to worry about defense again. 

  • NYlife

    your podcasts are so terrible…sorry

    • NYlife

      Take thisback… great podcast …lol…just ur past podcasts have been so bad…but u essentially mirrored my thoughts on this one

      • arsenalist

        So quality of an opinion is measured by how much it agrees with yours?

  • Mediumcore

    If he’s available late in the draft and the Rap’s can get another pick I wouldn’t mind seeing Jordan Taylor in a Rap’s uni. Solid guard with NBA range. Not having the year he had last year but I’m hoping he can turn things around.

  • sleepz

    Solid podcast. I thoroughly enjoy the college ball prospect talk.

  • Andre

    You see, Raptors should have drafted brandon knight. We would have HAD a PG prospect on our team, then we could draft an anthony davis. Its time to cut ties with Andrea and jose. We need more draft picks, this draft is so deep, we could have a real competitive team in 2 years. Sigh. 

    Tanking? This team is not winning 21 games! im sorry, they dont NEED to tank, they will just LOSE regardless. Please name 5 teams the Raptors are better then? 

    • Nilanka15

      Brandon Knight is Jerryd Bayless (a SG in a PG’s body).