Who cares about the team performance yesterday against the C%#tics when we can talk about Bargnani still.

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3 Responses to “So How About That Andrea Character?”

  1. FAQ

    Bargnani is a human too, and I figure he’s about had enough of the experiment to make the Raptors into a real NBA team.

    The only way he can exit the mess is to maintain his scoring while improving his rebounding and defense so that other teams will want him.

    Same with Calderon, because he must feel wasted in Toronto.  Money isn’t everything, ya know….

  2. FAQ

    Just watching Atlanta at Charlotte game, and it dawned on me…. the
    Raptors have gotten worse, while the rest of the league has gotten
    better, much better… sooooo obvious.

    No wonder Casey
    desperately needs a massive defensive effort from these Raptors, they
    only have one proven, consistent shooter …. BARGNANI….. and the rest
    of the scrubs will barely hit double scoring figures…. so sooooooo

    My Rap’s prediction (subject to adjustment)?

    0-66 ….!!!!!!!!!! 

  3. FAQ

    Former Knicks guard Andy Rautins has already signed his contract with Lucentum Alicante of Spain…. and the Canadian NBA team loses another Canadian player.  Oh well…..


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