Just a quick tap in to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We have never taken our readers for granted, nor will we ever. We continue to do this without making a cent out of our passion for the team and sport we love. For our group, today feels like Christmas Eve knowing the Bounce Is Back starting tomorrow. You can expect us to be back full tilt boogie with our usual mix of things you love and love to hate. We even have a new contributor or two, some great contests lined up, and a end-of-season party that will rival any Fan Appreciation the team themselves have ever done since it will be put together and attended by the most passionate fans the team has: the RR Crew and you.

So enjoy scouting the competition today, take time out to show your family and friends you care, and remember if you get gift cards you don’t want, consider using them to get stuff you can donate to charity. Spirit of the season and all.

Thanks for coming back to us in the numbers you did all of last year. We are all very humbled by your support, your feedback, and your passion.

Thank you.


Leandro Barbosa & Reggie Evans hold hands.bmp

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