The “perhaps perimeter defense would be something to work on”edition:

Alabi: Hang on to your heart & passion, but Alabi saw the floor!! Okay, for a little over a minute to end the first half, but still…he made the scoresheet: –1.

Barbosa: shot well, but some bonehead fouls (2 of them brutal offensive fouls in the fourth) certainly took some shine off his game tonight. Played out of control when on the break for most of the game…guess he wanted to do a hat tip to Bayless who missed the game.

Bargnani: hitting half his shots from the floor, playing like a ballerina when around the hoop, the typical taste of a driving jam, and showing again why he deserves the Mr. Consistency title since the start of training camp. He was sucking wind late in the second and late in the third, but he still produced. Not sure why we went away from him in the fourth, but it cost us the game. That and the refs sucked.

Bayless: probably gone for a week. The refs probably called him for a foul at some point during the game.

Butler: this guy is the equivalent of being stood up on a fourth date when you’ve been promised some horizontal mambo from your other half. You wait longer than you want to, hoping to see them finally arrive and produce as promised. Unfortunately for Raptor fans, condoms have an expiry date.

Calderon: 3000 assists for our little bullfighter and it came during a game where he showed enough of what made us fall in love with the guy and what earned him that asinine contract. 18pts 13asts as he absolutely tore through anything the Magic flashed at him.

Carter: The Bayless replacement came in and did an admirable job for a 68 year old. He showed that he has some game in his legs and didn’t provide a spark, but did provide some gun powder off the bench.

Davis: remember waking up on Christmas as a kid and seeing a nice big present all wrapped nicely with a bow? You immediately thought you scored and envisioned something like a flying saucer…only to open it to find 2 sweaters, a pair of slippers and longjohns. To many in Raptor Nation this season, Davis is that present. We expected some great effort out of the gate, but we’ve seen little.

DeRozan: finally made it to the line more tonight, but some strange decisions during the game. It seemed like he was Leandro’s twin in that department all night. Still, I would say he played with more hustle than he has shown all season.

Forbes: that skidmark you saw on the back of his shorts was from his name being called in crunch time. Blows me away that you would throw him out there when you need a bucket, but keep him attached to the bench otherwise.

A. Johnson: I still think he and Jose play as a team on PS3 or just hang in the gym for hours. No other explanation on how Jose seems like he could find Amir in the middle of Yorkdale on Boxing Day with a pass from 30 feet. No surprise against Dwight that Amir’s game doesn’t look great in the box score.

J.Johnson: 21minutes of playing time tonight. A message from Casey? If Rasual is playing more minutes than you, you might consider putting some extra work in. James has the world at his feet here in Toronto with as much playing time available as he can handle, but so far he looks like Doug Ford at a budget meeting: useless.

Magloire: best game as a Raptor and deserves credit for keeping up with Superman. Problem is we need someone who does this every second game, not once in 5. It was a good feeling thinking that we had a centre that might get every board if given the opportunity, but that feeling was as fleeting as Lohan’s sobriety.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Leandro Barbosa

Theme of the Game:

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  • Erin

    This game was going well until calderon and bargnani left in the 3rd quarter. Demar NEEDS to step up his game. James Johnson, what to say….terrible ball handler and lacks offensive capability. Anthony Carter..meh. The depth for toronto raptors is absolutely atrocious, hardly any offensive players except for who? Barbosa and Davis? Colangelo made an out bringing some of these no-name people. what he needs to do is trade forbes and carter and johnson for a more worthy small forward because they are just not cutting it. Although their defense was okay, petty turnovers and ill advised shots caused them the game.Clearly they need to spend their whole practice on offense. Calderon and Bargnani, 18 pts13 assists and 28 points7boards. Bargnani was hot. Clearly the guy was open on plays and the ball handler i.e(Derozan, Carter) couldnt pass the ball to him, and what they do make bad shots or turnovers. I dont know if I could take any positives from this game although they lead for 3 qtrs and a few mins of the 4th. I guess the effort was there but clearly DRASTIC improvements need to be made.

    • Ryan

      Generally agree, but as for “trade forbes and carter and johnson for a more worthy small forward” – if you were a GM, would you give up a worthy SF for those scrubs?

      • Erin

        You misunderstood….all three of them are lacking offensively..i would give them up in a heartbeat for a Shane Battier or James Jones

        • Lee

          I think you misunderstood, if you were Pat Riley would you give up Battier or Jones for those scrubs? I sure as well wouldn’t and that was Ryan’s point..

    • Nilanka15

      I think it’s safe to say that Kleiza will be our starting small forward once he’s cleared to play.

      As for J.Johnson…he’s the new Reggie Evans (a complete liability on the offensive end).

      • sek99

        New Reggie Evans? Hardly. He’s absolutely useless until he gets a jumpshot. It’s okay if you have a defensive stopper as a big, but the SF on a team with little to no pure talent needs a guy who can add offense and defense to the team, no matter how minimal, and Johnson is not that guy. Reggie Evans was good for this team last year, JJ is clearly not.

        • Nilanka15

          I said J.Johnson’s like Reggie in terms of his offensive ineptitude. When we’ve got possession, we’re playing 4 on 5. Johnson is basically zero threat to score, much like Reggie.

        • Marlon

          What about Tony Allen? I would argue that he has if not equal, less of an offensive game than J.Johnson, and Tony Allen is a well sought out player throughout the league because of his defensive skills. It’s not that J.J. is useless, it’s that he needs to be told NOT to take jumpers and to try and create a shot for himself because it only results in either a bad shot or a turnover.

          • Tom

            Other than JV & maybe Ed Davis, I don’t think there’s a single player on our roster Memphis would trade straight up for Tony Allen.

  • Erin

     ‘Not sure why we went away from him in the fourth, but it cost us the game.’ My exact same thought, bad decision from Casey on that part.

    • j bean

      Doubt very much that it was a decision by Casey to go away from him in the fourth. 

  • Hadi

    They’re playing against the Knicks tomorrow. They have Carmelo, Chandler, and Amare. Looks like Raptors will be getting Sundusky-ied at the MSG.

    • rapsallsay

      WoooooooW…. That’s rude!

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    9 min to go in the fourth. Up 13 (87-74). BIG CAT sub by AJ.That was a mistake. JM was shutting down D12, tomorrow you have NYK, he as 6 reb,fouls to spend…I understand set rotation but… DD a lot of bricks LB….’the ref have the idea  how this match will end’ on the 4qt by tv commentators. Wow

    • Erin

      that was surprising by jack armstrong,but a very true statement

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    I disagree with the Roll Call on Butler. He knows his role, even does not reflect on stats he is doing what DCasey is asking. If the coach tells you ‘stay in the corner Offensively’ and you do so, to me he is Ok. What about AC throwing a 3pt when 15 sec on the clock. Rasual Butler (+16) has done simply his job

    • mountio

      Presumably his role involved actually hitting some shots? Thats what we got him for, right?
      I agree in the sense that he isnt a trainwreck and hasnt made a bunch of mistakes / turnovers .. but if the guy is meant to be our three point specialist .. hes gotta actually hit some shots ..

  • Adriiian

    Wow, what a meltdown, and Turk draining every 3 pointer, like its 2009. 
    We need another scorer on this team and we could be somewhere…
    Make a trade quick BC!!! Bring in a scorer, the defense is fine now.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      BC has the biggest job up coming. He can’t screw this one. JV in + the pick draft. Then what ? Its a Jam Log. As much as I like the core ED DD AJ AB I think JC must stay in the team.Maybe as a future backup with a smaller contract but I can’t see how Raptors can find 2 good pgs to be a contender. All my efforts will be towards Rajon Rondo as starter pg.

      How do you get it ? Money.

      Then you need a scorer, maybe from 

  • gooniesNEVERdie

    casey needs to refrain from subbing derozan, andrea, & calderon out at the same time.. barbosa is a black hole and no one else can score

  • Tinman

    Like the effort seen by both Calderon and Bargnani, both are playing with confidence. Yet the didn’t have much help.  Four games in, concerned about performances from both DeRozan and Ed Davis. Not seeing the confidence I was hoping from both. We will not beat  the better teams with subpar efforts from them.
    We lost to a deeper, more talentd team as we should have, just ask the officials. Yet cannot say I am disappointed with the end result as stolen victories will decrease our lottery odds

    • Nilanka15


      I’m somewhat disappointed by all the kids’ development (or lack thereof) so far this year. DeRozan, Bayless and Davis haven’t impressed me. The only improvement has been with DeRozan’s range, but he hasn’t been able to use it as a reliable weapon.

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        BC has the most important decision to do: Who will be the stars coming to Toronto. I truly believe Rajon Rondo and Jason Terry are the 2 players preferred by DCasey. There’s money,picks,trades available if wanted.

        This team needs leaders with strong personalities. Boston is done next year. 

        ED + the pick for Rondo

        JJ/Jason Terry/RButler

        +2 fillers (AC-SA)

        • Nilanka15

          Still a glaring hole at SF.

          • Bobby

            Harrison Barnes or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be our long-term solution.

        • voy

          there is no way i give up ED + our pick this year for Rondo.  I mean, maaaaybe you do this if you feel Rondo is the last piece you need to make a champonship run but we are still miles away.  There is no rush to try and land a few veteran pieces like Terry and Rondo, land the eigth playoff spot, get eliminated after one round and take a huge step back as Terry’s skills diminish and Rondo eats away much of your financial flexibility.

          Best thing to do is continue to collect young pieces through the draft.   

  • Valit

    Setting aside some dubious calls by refs, the bottom line is that we dont have enough talent even for the starting 5. Just for a second imagine how the last 4 games would have been if we would traded AB for more cap space and would amnesty Jose. Just imagine…I wonder how these guys ( and coaches ) psyche might be, that you can work hard, play well in spurts, have awesome games ( some ) and lose day in and day out. I know I would crack after 1 month or so. There is a saying that you cant make a whip from shit…Anyway, hats off to the lads ..they did very well under circumstances. As a last thought…Is BC even contemplating of bringing a solid 3 this year? 

    • Nilanka15

      Good point on the frustration of losing. There are only so many hard fought close losses players can handle before their defensive effort begins to waver. Some unexpected wins peppered throughout the season should provide some positive reinforcement to maintain the defensive effort.

      • j bean

        A win every 3 or 4 games is where they are expected to finish the season.

  • cesco

    The team could have won all 4 games if they were a little bit more experienced . Jack Armstrong is worried that as the losses mount , the players are going to lose confidence . Hope not as they have Casey to keep the fire burning .

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    That 16-0 run by  Orl + Ref was just brutal. I nearly smashed my laptop. It was like “The Hangover 3”. A match dominated by Raptors for 42 minutes. I mean 42min !

    • Nilanka15

      There were some bad calls by the refs, but refs don’t hit shots for Orlando, or miss shots for Toronto. We have only ourselves to blame for the poor execution in the 4th quarter…no one else.

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        Did you see the match ? The ref have been a big part of it. 

        -Go and check the 3 sec violation on Amir then watch D12 camping in the paint.-Or the wrestling by D12 on Amir with jump ball

        -Or the constant pushing against AB trying to take position on Off in the 4th.

        -Or the no call (arm contact) on a AB J 5 feet from the rim

        -Or the pushing by Turk against DD (how big was that !)

        • Nilanka15

          Yes, I saw all of those plays. There are bad calls in every game. Nothing new there.

          Did you not notice that the Raptors took 29 free throws (versus Orlando’s 24)? We were getting plenty of calls from the refs.

          BTW, as a defender, you’re allowed to be in the paint for 3 seconds as long as you’re within arm’s reach of an opposing player. I rewound that Amir 3 second call you mention above, and it was the right call (regardless of what Jack Armstrong’s biased opinion said).

          The point is that the Raptors made a plethora of mistakes in the final 14 minutes (e.g. poor shot selection, questionable substitutions, rushed offense, blown defensive coverages, giving up offensive rebounds, etc.) that we deserved to lose. Blaming the refs is a cop out for our own poor play down the stretch.

          • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

            Maybe I have not been clear. I explain you again. Amir is called 3 seconds (5:24). Then the ball goes in Orlando offense and 

            WTF D12 CAMPING IN THE PAINT FROM 5:06 to 5:01. 

            The call on Amir has been asked (screaming) by D12 and straight away delivered. The foul on Amir by D12 was so big man, just painfull.It’s not blaming referees. It was just too much, too big. The one on DD first half was just disgusting. Even as a ref you don’t see the foul how can you imaging DD jumping nearly vertical and ending out of bounds without being pushed

            • Nilanka15

              This is the NBA. Star players get the benefit of the doubt from the refs ALL the time.

              I don’t like it any more than you do…but like I said, nothing new here.

              • SP

                So because it’s nothing new means that we should have no issues with it. Referees helping an outcome should be unacceptable. There is nothing wrong with someone venting about it on a blog.

                • mountio

                  i think the point is that, yes, there were some bad calls in the game. Yes, they hurt us down the stretch.
                  But, what hurt us more was ORL shooting 70% in the 4th (and going crazy from 3 pt land) and our inability to score (or to even get AB looks).
                  The refs werent perfect .. so sure, vent if you like .. but there were other, more impactful reasons why we lost

                • Nilanka15


  • the refs we’re as bad as james johnson’s jumper  shockingly bad

    • Fletchmer

      agreed both were really bad and chances are neither will ever get better until we start blowing people out by 20. Any close game the refs will do us in every time

      • cesco

        Dwight was laughing when he wrapped both arms around Amir and the referee called a toss up ball . If it is the other way around , a foul is called for sure .

    • Sizzlack

      Agreed, but neither the refs poor officiating nor Johnson’s poor jumper are “shockingly” bad, but more like predictably bad.

  • RGzzy

    The 2nd unit at the end of the 3rd killed all the momentum.
    I put this on Casey who sat Calderon in the 4th for way too long. Raps looked clueless with out him. This one breaks my heart as it looks like the Raps just want to tank, (but look good doing it). 

  • Sheptor

    Anthony Carter – Be the wise vet everyone claims you to be and run the offense. He makes some bad decisions out there, I know he wants to prove something but damn he scares me.

    Davis – Bring it kid! You are looked at as an integral part of this team. Show some confidence in yourself. Look to Amir for a role model.

    James Johnson – There’s a guy named Linas Kleiza who if healthy would make you feel like you’re back in Chicago right now when he shouldn’t. Use your aggressiveness to cut and offensive rebound and the pts will come. You cannot create it yourself.

    Magloire – Good game and I’m sure everyone would agree. However stop making bonehead fouls. There’s aggressiveness and then there’s recklessness. Howard is going to lay it in or dunk with position, accept it or check him to the ground.

    Barbosa – First off 3 on 1’s should always result in at least one pass. Huge momentum shift after that charge. Be a leader. You are one of the more experienced players on the team. Demand the ball when it’s you on the floor and you see no other foreigners.

    Casey – You’re doing great and I understand we’re on a back to back. But we could of had that one. If only you knew how bad this team has been at blowing leads you may have understood the necessity of keeping the gas pedal floored even with a 14 pt lead near the end of the 3rd. We should of had this one and it’s the first heartbreaker of the year.

    This team is showing promise. Bargnani is showing up and I expect him to hit 25 pts again tmr against NY. He was on pace for 10 or more boards but faded. he often gives away boards to teammates when he and another go up at the same time. That being said he also has a lot of his boards just fall to him. Rarely does he rip it out of ANYONE’s hands his team or not for a rebound. This is a tanking year, but if the raps had even a decent 3 or 5 I would ship Davis out so fast for 3 or 5 depending on what we already had. Fact is we have 2.5 starters, although Calderon is impressing, I love this guy. My mind is at ease with the ball in his hands. Anyway go Raptors! I love how much ball there is to watch each week.

  • hateslosing

    Man what a piss off. For three quarters the Raptors looked like a playoff team. Calderon was annihilating everything the Magic through at him, Bargnani was abusing Anderson and Davis, and our defense had the Magic frustrated. It was amazing and was the first time this season that we saw what this team can do when everything is going smooth. For the first time in a few seasons we looked like the complete package, defense and offense working off each other to form a monster of a team.
    Then Calderon and Bargs went out and the whole thing went to hell. The last 2 minutes of the third were abysmally bad, as soon as Calderon left our offense fell apart. There were three turnovers in the first three plays after that sub and from that point on our offense could not get in rhythm.James Johnson is so close to being good it hurts me physically. Watching him reminds me of every other 3 BC has tried over the last few years. Antoine Wright, Julian Wright, and James Johnson: three big athletic small forwards who play defense and don’t know their role on offense. Someone needs to sit him down and just say: “James, don’t dribble, don’t shoot, in fact pretend that you get points only when you successfully pass the ball to a teammate. If for some reason you find yourself holding the ball and you are more than 3 feet away from the basket, simply pass it to someone else! If you can do that, play defense like a monster, and crash the glass on both ends I promise you will not only get big minutes, you will get paid”. Maybe he learns too shoot someday and becomes a two way player but right now he is like the small forward version of Ben Wallace. Derozen needs to become the focus of the second unit’s offense. Whenever Bargs and Calderon are off, Derozen should be in playing the pick and roll with Ed or Amir. His handles still aren’t where they need to be but Casey needs to do something to get him some better looks and considering how bad our second unit is, it could be the perfect place to get him some reps. We need him to produce if this team is ever going to go anywhere. Barbosa and Bayless need to slow down. If they can’t they need to be traded.
    I’m starting to think there is a reffing conspiracy. So far this season there have been several pretty blatant instances of blown calls at the end of close games, and the trend is kind of worrisome. You know that something is wrong when Matt and Leo start going on about it. 

  • Hanes

    I am not mad about the lose tonight since this season is not about wins or loses. The season is still very young. I hope AB continues his improvement in defense and prove to us he really belongs. I also hope Davis, J. Johnson and Amir can turn it around and prove that raptor fans were not wrong about them. DD needs to step up NOW or we were wrong about him. I hope Alabi gets more playing time

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Folks trying to detract on Ed realize that AB stole his PF position in the off season and Big Cat is stealing his minutes in what should be a 3 big man power rotation (AB, Ed, Amir) but Casey has to keep a big on the floor paired with AB.

    AB had a great 1st three quarters on offense then faded in the 4th (as usual)- AB is on his second NBA contract any type of development, patience talk is bullchit as a Ryan Anderson type can hit 3s and spread the floor can be found w/o compromising the Raptors future by tying it to AB.

    The refs made bad calls both ways but if you haven’t figured out that NBA referees collectively manipulate games as they see fit (or directed) well now you know.

    NBA basketball is becoming more & more like scripted reality tv full of storylines sold to said viewers/ticket buyers- WWF-esque.

    Look forward to seeing how the fellas play in NYC on a back 2 back (NYK may be w/o Amare).

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Btw- AB was 10-21 from the floor he hit less than half of his shots- 21 shots for 28 points.

    Also, Minnesota beaty Dallas tonite.

    • Bill

      28 points on 21 shots is a good line.  It honestly gets tiring seeing the same people trying to spread their agenda on this board.  This BOARD IS FOR RAPTOR FANS.  Stop pollutting it with your propeganda.  He’s been our best player by a country mile so get over it.  Also, when no one passes you the ball and you only get two shots in the fourth, its kind of hard to have an impact.

      So far this season Demar has looked extremely ordinary.  Maybe we were all expecting more from him then he’s capable of, but defences have had an easy time figuring him out on offence. I still like the kid and feel he has more to offer, but as things currently stand, who would look better on this team, Demar or Jeremy Lamb?

      As for Ed, I think he will be a solid rebounder and good defender, but I’m not sure if he will ever develop into anything more then what we get from Amir, which is fine by me, however I know some on here are expecting more.  Given our surplus at PF, and the high value I suspect he has, I wouldnt be opposed to exploring a trade possibility in which we recieve a lesser prospect and a 1st round pick from a team that is expected to finish in the bottom 10.  I would also happily accept a top 15 1st rounder for Bayless and hope to get the local kid Kabongo in, although I’m not sure Bayless is that highly regarded.

      • Nilanka15

        I don’t think Bayless could even net us 2nd rounder. Teams will have to overpay for a 2012 pick because of how deep it’s expected to be.

        • mod

          we’ve got the money

          • Nilanka15

            I meant “overpay” as in having to give up a better player than Bayless.

            • mod

              while i got you up…i read somewhere that you were say that in 16 years the Rebuild once in the Boston globe BC said this is his 2nd

              • Nilanka15

                The first rebuild Colangelo was referring to was when he first landed here in 2006, and he filled the roster with Rasho, Parker, Garbojosa, Moon, etc. Yes, we won the Atlantic division that year, but that was a mediocre team at best (we won just 47 games) with very little room for improvement. It wasn’t a “proper” rebuild…no collecting young assets, no freeing up cap space, and no developing through the draft.

                This is the first time in 16 years that it feels like we’re aiming to build a championship contender in the future, rather than 1st round fodder with little room for improvement. Know what I mean?

                • mod

                  thanks got you

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        So says you.lmfao

    • Paul

      He hit pretty much half of the shots he took, nothing wrong with that. He did a good job tonight, and has played well so far this season. You’re just trying to rip Bargnani any chance you get, get over it.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Hit hit less than half of his shots- point blank.

        He faded in the fourth quarter as he usually has done more times than not over 5 years- conditioning.

        7 rebounds then nothing for nearly a half of play not a single rebound.

        This season is only 4 games old- Bargnani played well for 2 weeks after Sam was fired as well then went back to his regular inconsistent self- it’s nothing new for AB to play well for a couple of games here or there.smdh

        The day AB is no longer a Raptors player the better off the franchise will be going forward- str8 up & down.

        • p00ka

          You become more pathetic by the day, and aren’t even bright enough to realize it.

  • Relaxitisagame

    Wow you are on crack. Get off the pipe, get a life, do something, anything but post anymore.
    Really crazy stuff, AB stole Ed’s PF position. LMAO

    That may be the funniest/craziest thing ever written on this site. BTW, do you believe in Aliens? Apparently you believe in conspiracies.

    There are sooo many things us Raptor fans need to worry about right now, but AB has shown this year, he ain’t one of them. Ed, Bayless and Derozan all seem to have taken a step backwards. That being said, 64 more games to go and I’m confident they will get better (maybe not Bayless).

    Anyway, frustrating loss tonight. 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Thank you and have a great day…

    • Marlon

      Fantastic comment.

  • Daniel

    AltRaps, please do me a favor: take a look at Jose’s production every year, check his contract, compare them with the other PG’s production and salaries and tell me how asinine is Jose’s contract. The only asinine thing about his contract is the people who keep repeating the same idiocy until they start believing it themselves. Also, as you are at it, close your eyes and imagine this team’s offense run by Bayless or Barbosa or any other new fad coming across some fans’ minds.
    Hanes, I kept saying that our young players are really bad because they lack fundamental b-ball skills: shooting, dribbling, passing. They have heart however YMCA players have heart too. The cream of the NBA is based on having the 4th level of skill in one or multiple categories. Our guys are at the 2nd level and at their age is almost impossible to reach the 4th level. It is said in NBA that for guards you know what you have by the 3rd year and for bigs you know what you have by the 5th year. There are always exceptions to the rule and I really hope one of our players will be one. The best sign to understand players’ evolution is to interpret the primary and secondary stats and they are not nice to our young players: they showed no progression from one season to another. As I said before, we have only 3 NBA players – Andrea, Jose and Amir – and the rest are at best prospects. We have desperately needed a dynamic, shot-creator wing since VC with no luck so far.

  • FAQ

    This edition of the Raptors is soooo baaaaad …. sooooo obvious.

    They peaked when they beat Minnie… and now it’s all downhill.


    • Rick

      We haven’t even played Minnesota this season, shows how much you know.

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        Well done. 

    • Daniel

      This is the 2nd time I have to agree with you ever. Both should listen to the so-called fans and GTFO here. They really play with idiots mascarading as b-ball players. They really must like the city to endure the pain of Colangelo’s teams in Toronto.

    • FAQ

      OPPS… meant “Cleveland”….LOL

      Some of the kiddies on the forum are so observant and deserve a gold star.

  • Nilanka15

    Bargnani’s easily been our best overall player so far this season. But like everyone else on our roster, I don’t consider Bargnani an untouchable. It’ll be interesting to see how the season plays out in terms of trades. With Bargnani, Calderon and Barbosa’s expiring contract, Colangelo’s got some decent assets to work with.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      The only expiring is Barbosa. Then I don’t think you want to  trade 2 of the best players, do you ?

      I still believe you haven’t seen the match.

      • Nilanka15

        Yes, I know Barbosa’s the only expiring contract.

        ‘2 best players’ doesn’t mean much on a losing team. Any move Colangelo thinks can improve this team next year, should be seriously considered…even if it involves Bargs or Calderon. Neither one of those guys are good enough to build around.

        I’m starting to think a DeRozan for OJ Mayo swap would be a good start. I’ve always thought Mayo is a wasted talent in Memphis with all the shots going to Gay, Randolph and Gasol. Mayo is basically an offensively polished DeRozan (without the “athleticism” hype).

        • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

          No DD is a piece of the team very important going forward. There s too much invested on DD (last 2 years). I say :

          keep the core of DD-AB-JC-AJ-JV and add 2 stars with great personality.

          The missing part in this team is the killer instinct (Lebron hasn’t-Kobe is the master)

          Rondo would be the best for me.

          If you add only rookies you risk to end like : SAC – WAS – CLE – GSW – NETS. Going nowhere and rebuild for ever.

          There’s no KDurant nor D.Rose on next draft, IMO

          • mod

            no batman all robins

        • draftedraptor

          throw in something extra and you can even get James Harden with the athleticism – no hype. 

        • Marlon

          I would love to have O.J. Mayo

        • Hound

          who can we get for Bargs and Calderon? This trading idea always sounds good, but who would we get. Nik, what would you accept for these guys that would make us better next year and beyond if you were GM?

          • Nilanka15

            I have no idea what their fair market value is, so I’m not going to suggest specific names.  But I’m sure there are available players that would improve our roster. 

            And if not, I trust that Colangelo will not pull the trigger on a trade just for the sake of change.

    • Fletchmer

      can’t imagine bargs going anywhere but yes anybody can be had for the right price. bosch for bargs would be ok lol   Why is it every team we play has 3 or more good scoring options and we have a total of 2  (calderon +DD=1) after that it falls off like niagara falls very frustrating. Is there no good 3 available that can actually put the ball in the hole. 

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        Bargnani is making around $10 mil while Bosch $16

        • Fletchmer

          i was joking but I would love to see the look on boschs face when he was told he got traded back to the raptors for bargs straight up 

  • FAQ

    Can you imagine what veterans like Jose or Bargs must think about their teammates ??!!!

    Oh well, the big $$$$ makes up for the mental pain they must endure season after season.

    But every new bunch of tribal honking fans on the forum cling to slim hope…!!!

  • mod

    thats what i’m talking about the style that Raptors should play build up a lead and then hold/defend it like tonight just hold it a little longer next

  • ad

    Two players im most concerned about are Ed Davis and James Johnson. I think the reason CHI gave up on him is because they know he cant play. Not because they didnt have minutes for him. Way too many turnovers and fouls. He does some things well defensively but more things poorly offensively. Davis and J. Johnson have not improved one bit from last season. Derozan and Bargnani are a little better then they were last season. Still not allstar caliber players which this team desperately needs. Amir Johnson is what he is. A bakup pf paid way too much. Thank you, BC. Sadly I dont see much hope for internal growth with this current collection of players. Lastly, Barbosa is really pissing me off. Stop forcing shit. Pass the fucking ball

  • Marlon

    I think it’s clear that Jose Calderon is a great point guard and that none of these games would have been anywhere close without him

  • Bobby

    Michael-Kidd Gilchrist, 24 points 19 rebounds for Kentucky the other night. He’s a SF with loads of potential, plays excellent defense, and fills our needs at that spot perfectly. Top 5 pick, hope we can get him in the 2012 draft. 

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      What about if he is gone by… do we get another PF/C ? I can’t see many PG in the top 10 draft at the moment.

      If Boston in April  is out of contention, I will try to land Rondo with the pick + ED

      • voy

        of course we draft another pf/c if drummond or davis are available with our pick.  imagining a front that frontcourt with jv and anthoney davis = mind exloding.

        Anyway, then sometime within the next season or 2, we open up an auction process for either of ED, Amir or Bargs (depending on how each player is progressing and fitting in with the team as its developing) and hopefully land a perimeter player that can create. I’m not saying I want to get rid of either ED, Amir or Bargs but when you have so many glaring holes on the team you need to deal from your strengths.  In my perfect world, ED would have a monster rest of this season and next season making him the perfect trade bait.

        Obviously if the best player available with our pick become either Perry Jones or Kidd-Gilchrist the above scenario gets tweaked.  Point being, though, we build through the draft and dont rush anything.

  • Aaron

    Barnes or kid-gilchrist are definetly great fits for the raptors too draft.  The raptors need scoring in a big way.  They have one real threat  in Andrea and a part time threat in DD.  Add in JV one of those small forwards into the rotation and the raptors may have enough juice to make it to the playoffs.  One thing not talked about is how well Andrea has improved his decision making.  His passing has been really good and hes taking good shots and waiting for the offense to be run befor making his moves.  He’s become a facilitator for the offense which is needed with only calederon being the only other offensive faciliatator.  Were on our way to a good draft choice and a potential playoff run next year.

  • why

    It is only 4 games into the season so not time (yet) to push the panic button on ED, JJ, JB.

    If Casey keeps playing Bargnani 40 plus minutes a night he is going to wear out.

  • FAQ

    BC  intends to trade Bargs for a couple of first round picks because he needs more building blocks for the Raptors.  That’s why Bargs is being asked to improve his game stats and make his more attractive trade bait.  Same for Jose…. both are gone.

    It’s evident that the Raps are filled with crap and has got to be the worst team ever.  Can’t build an entertaining team will the current load of crap players. Bye bye Bargs and Jose too because they are the only legitimate trade assets. The rest of the team is crap crap crap.

    • Marlon

      Very small chance that BC will trade Bargs, he’s clearly the best player on our team even if we get a Barnes or a Jones etc. Just because you clearly don’t like him don’t type biased opinions and then write it out as fact on a forum, it makes you look dumb.

  • p00ka

    The daily diarrhea coming from some circles on here is astounding. No wonder some intelligent, knowledgeable fans either leave or seldom enter the fray. It’s too bad we couldn’t have a test and separate two comment sections to leave the imbeciles in their own sandbox.

    • mod

      pookie wants his own sand box or he’s taking his ball and heading home grow up pook Geeeees holeee guy 

      • p00ka

        Didn’t say I want anything of my own, nor threaten to go home, but I’m glad my comment gave you a chance to feel like a big boy now.