The “first of three in a row…first of a back to back to back….they play tomorrow and the night after….they don’t have a night off in 3 days…..”edition:

Barbosa: for one night at least, he was back to the Barbosa we need. Crisp passes, getting to the line (where he was a perfect 9/9), active hands on defense…it was good to see.

Bargnani: this is verging on redunkulous. His game is almost written by a Hollywood script night in and night out: get pushed around, ignore it, give up taking a 3 to get a high percentage shot, have one reverse, pull one never-seen-by-him-before defensive move out of nowhere, make your critics eat crow. He got off 25 shots and 9 free throws in 45 minutes of action and he looked like he would go full throttle in OT if needed. Incredible.

Butler: I’ll give $20 to the first person to take a picture of his vehicle’s gas cap opening because I’m sure it is surrounded by gashes from the nozzle. This guy just can’t find a hole and fill it. How he has escaped the boo birds by the local fans is mindblowing. 0 for 5 from deep and every time he hoisted you almost knew it wasn’t going in. Embarrassing.

Calderon: I can’t be the only one who was terrified to see what Jose would do tonight. Going up against Rubio with at least a few thousand more Spaniards watching online than there were Canadians at the ACC tonight, the proud Calderon was bound to be wound up more than Liston at a new release of Microsoft Excel. Happy to say, though, that this is an older/wiser/freshly shorn Calderon and he passed with a solid B.  He held Rubio in check and refused to be on the bad part of a highlight reel.

Carter: sweet momma….7 minutes, –17, no points, no assists, 2 fouls. If you had given him a jar of pickles to open tonight, I’d put my money on the jar.

Davis: I’m not going to say that, one again, I’m disappointed in Davis’ game and he underperformed against a team that he should do better against.  i will say that I am less disappointed in my dog who ate my roast beef dinner and drank 2 bottles of my Carlsberg then went to the bathroom on my newly purchased area rug. The excuses are running out for Davis and soon one has to wonder if Solomon was actually the most deserving of being sent to the DLeague.

DeRozan: he once again made an attempt to redeem himself late in the game but as was deftly pointed out by Mr. Armstrong, we need more out of a guy who represented the team at Allstar weekend and is constantly referred to as our future. There are times he seems disinterested.

A. Johnson: I know the season is just underway, but if there was ever a game to show the change in Amir, this was it. 30 minutes, with the majority coming against Kevin Love, almost a double double at the half, 7/9 from the floor, 5/6 from the line. Last year he would have been saddled with 3 fouls in 4 minutes and then pick up a quick 2 in the second. This year all he did was make Love look like he’d met his match. Phenomenal game.

J.Johnson: James didn’t fare as well against Love. Heck, he lasted one possession at one point where he came in for Amir, he fouled love in a few seconds and Casey swapped Amir back in immediately. Just like DeMar, he saved his soul in the 4th with 2 wonderful blocks that set the tone for the Raptors to finish the game. I have no doubt that he’ll be punished by watching a lot of video tomorrow, but that’s well deserved. We still need him playing like he did in game 1.

Driving the bus: Amir Johnson

Under the bus: Rasual Butler

Theme of the Game:

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  • Pbjake

    So… what’s the ETA on Kleiza? R. Butler is downright painful to watch.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      As will be Kleiza……..

      • Malefax

        I’m pretty confident he will shoot better.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          We will see…….he didn’t shoot nor play great his 1st time around……….oh he was injured………

        • Is it possible to shoot worse? 🙂

    • Tinman

      as early as Friday

    • John

      The guy plays a great perimeter defence and this is why he is on the floor. You need guys like that.

      • Nilanka15

        The guy’s made 12 shots all season. TWELVE! 
        It would be excusable if he was Dennis Rodman on the defence end, but he’s not.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Solid W.

    Enjoy it because tomorrow Washington will get their 1st W of the season.

    Trade AB & Jose high……….

    • Truthkiller

      With the way Washington is playing the Raps get the W easy. John Wall has hit the sophomore slump much like Ed Davis and the rest of the team isn’t that good. Who’s their best player aside from John Wall. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        So confident- isn’t that what alot folks of folks thought about the NJ game?

        Toronto will be playing on the road in a b2b- do the math, especially after AB & Jose played 40 plus minutes tonite.

        Washington has to win their 1st game sometime and that time will most likely be tomorrow- in my mind.

        Look at their roster yourself

    • Malefax

      Don’t you ever get tired of repeating yourself? 

    • cesco

      Andrea the Magician , King Borg , the franchise player .

    • Aaron8007

      Thats stupid to trade your two best offensive players.  Doesn’t make sense.  I know that you think BC’s a meat head and he has made lots of errors but he should compound stupid mistakes with more stupid mistakes.  Patience has paid off with Andrea and Amir and now there contracts look pretty good. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


        What doesn’t make sense?

        How do you even know what Toronto would receive in return for AB and/or Jose?

        2 best offensive players- what have they lead the Raptors to as being such?

        Patience is for waiting rooms not the NBA- kool aid!!

        • Poolthief

          Jose can go. The fact is Bargnani has never played with anything resembling a complimentary talent. He should be playing alongside a star guard instead of the trash we’ve had at the 1/2/3 since he got here.

          Bosh was the only real talent AB has ever played with and both of those guys were natural 4s plus Chris didn’t create for anyone but himself.

    • BCStefanskiGots2GO!!!!

      I so agree with u… You have high trade value of AB and JOse now……. I’d pull the trigger……. Makes sense…. Can you imagine what we can get?

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        So you are still stealing my moniker- I really must have struck a nerve with you- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery- fyi it’s 3 excalmation points not

        The Real BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      • Valit

        what can you get?…In case A you get same value ( maybe a younger PG) and start the process of integrating the guys into a new system from zero with the same surrounding players. In case B…you trade for the future who beside the fact is a gamble in itself can lead to a constant blowing up the team if one or two pieces dont work. Is this the recipe for success?..

      • Thrillho

        Instead of “can you imagine what we can get” could you please give us an example of a viable return on these two? Don’t get me wrong, I still think you’re a biased idiot, I’m just trying to see where you’re coming from. Sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make (or would you like a return of two Williams’ and two mediocre picks again?)

    • Poolthief

      Yes… let’s trade the only legit talent (Bargs) on the roster. The better move would be to trade DeMar & Ed for another core piece to build around Andrea, Jonas, and our 2012 pick.

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        “Don’t feed the pig”

      • Pizzaman

        That’s the trade we should look for if BC can rook someone, otherwise keep Ed.

      • Raptorboy74

        Nice call. Ed for sure. I wouldn’t give up on Demar yet but Amir looks a whole lot more solid than Ed so why not put him in a trade for an early first round pick?

  • Brezec for Prezec

    Go Raps

  • 2damkule


  • 2damkule

    seriously though…amir.  wow.  that’s a MAN’S game right there.

    • cesco

      Amir could give 1/10th of his passion to Davis and DD and they will be much better players .

  • Aaron8007

    Another good game by the two bigs.Amir and Andrea. Where would the raps be without there bigs (probably same record as wizars).  Raps need to find more production on the wing.   DD looks weak he needs to hit the gym, he’s weak with the the ball.  DD may be a gym rat but he definetly could use some more time in the weight room.  Still DD could turn out to be a 20 point game scorer as he’s only 22 years old.   DD could be a poor mans kobe or he could be a meat head scorer like maggette.  JV and a couple of decent wing players and we will finally have a playoff team.  Good work from all the raptor bloggers dead wrong as usual.  One of  funnest pre commentary

    • Pizzaman

      Unfortunately I think DD is basically an athletic transition dunker, which works wonders in the Vegas league but no so good on a team playing defense as core.

    • Nilanka15

      C’mon Colangelo, DeRozan for Mayo.  Make it happen!

  • voy

    – I would love if Casey used JJ as the team’s “stopper”.  Put him up against the other teams best 2,3, or 4, within reason of course.  Give him a couple of weeks in that role and see if he runs with it. 

    – I would love to be privy to the interior monologue that must run in rasual’s head. “ok, you’re 0 for 5. the team is in a close game. you have the ball in your hands within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock, 24 ft away from the basket. what should you do? SHOOOOOOOOT, AS FAST AS YOU CAN, SHOOT!!!!”

    – Gotta love Amir. I’m not as high on his actual skill level as others here are, but for what he is, he is great. Dude is fearless.

    • Wienermobile89

      I agree 100% on Amir.  I think he is a career “85% of Joakim Noah” dude, but I love him on this team going forward.

  • Red Baron

    That was Bargnani’s best. game. ever. I saw his 41 point performance in NYC but this one was all-around better.  Shooting percentage doesn’t leap out but skewed by a few late clock heaves and tired legs. I think he was the best defender on either team on the floor tonight (yes Bargnani, along with Amir), and he was playing SO hard that how could any Raptor do anything but follow his lead late in the game.  I know 9 games does not a season make but wow. Just wow. I’ll admit I have long been an AB7 apologist and I was afraid this season might be the year that I’d have to finally admit he just isn’t going to ever “get it”, but I am a believer again!.  Now if only we can get some production from our wings this season will be fun to watch (even if the win count ends up being modest).

    • Nilanka15

      Bargnani was easily our 2nd best defender tonight.  He was challenging shots, drawing charges, and playing great 1-on-1 defense.  But to say his defense was better than Amir’s last night is just crazy.

      • Pizzaman

        Amir has hands down been the defensive stalwart so far, followed by solid defense from Bargnani and Johnson, and decent defense by Jose, and Magliore has done what’s been asked of him. Everyone else has played like a scrub so far.

  • sleepz

    I take my hat off to you tonight Amir. You tamed a beast.

    • Pizzaman

      Amir was amazing and has been terrific as a starter and proved many wrong by playing much better than even I thought he could. Imagine if this team had some wing players…we would be a playoff team. Casey had to play his main three heavy minutes to make sure we got a win to boost morale.

      • sleepz

         Not enough bench depth even with a better wing player, but the need for true creator on this team would definitely make them more competitive.

        Then again the East is weak.

        • Pizzaman

          It’s amazing they’ve won any games and been so close in others considering the sheer lack of talent on this team after the first three or four guys!

  • Wienermobile89

    I didn’t watch this game, but as a long time Bargnani supporter (ie. I’ve always understood he was a flawed player but I rooted for him irrationally hard) when I saw Bargs through up 31 and 9 to Love’s 13 and 14 (19% shooting) I basically jizzed. 

    I ask of my fellow Raps fans: is the box-score-suggested dominance of Bargs over Lover accurate?

    • Wienermobile89

      I meant “threw*** up 31 and…”.  I really wish I could edit my posts here.

    • Tlloyd2010

      Amir was responsible for shutting down KL.

      • Wienermobile89

        Thanks for letting me know dude.

        Did Bargs take it to K-Love on the offensive end, or was he scorching Darko/Randolph/Williams/Tolliver?

        • Pizzaman


  • Primary

    The river of tears continues to flow as the Bargnani haters cringe while they look at the box score, put their head in the sand, and hope for him to disappear or fail.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      After 5 years of AB’s half ass bullchit I hope he continues to play well as to increase his trade value as he will fall back to Earth soon enough- hopefully he won’t still be in a Raptors uniform when he does.

      • terry

        I think the troll is mad

    • cesco

      I am begging of Andrea the Magician  to make them disappear from this blog .

    • Steve

      Tim W. from picket Fence Blog does not even show his face here no more. The guy had 10 AB Bashing in each roll call last year ( Just check it out) and now, he is no where to be found 🙂 

      • Primary

        I know about that, he’s disappeared from here ever since Bargnani started playing well and it’s no coincidence. He can hide behind his picket fence all he wants, but the facts, the box scores, and in-game observation say Andrea Bargnani is playing like an All-Star, and no amount of BS criticism from Tim.W or anyone else can change that.

        • cesco

          He is probably gone mad by now .

          • Amir

            LOL, I am worried about him that he might have hurt himself. 5 years of nagging and writing that there is NO WAY AB will ever play in this level and then BAM, RIGHT COACH and RIGHT SYSTEM, and AB is what many of his fans were saying all long. Poor Tim W. …. Hope he is OK 🙂

          • Statement


            Bargs is playing great.  I’m willing to eat crow on the guy.  Good defence and effort.

            The shooting percentage isn’t great but the dude was the only primary scoring option last night and played heavy minutes in the prior 2 games.

            Well played Bargs, well played.

            Amir was a man amongst boys yesterday.  Hands down the best player on the court.

        • Pizzaman

          Have no fear he will surely show up….he’s like a lion just waiting to pounce on a wounded animal. As soon as Bargs has a slump or a minor injury or slows down for a few games he’ll be here in full force. 
          Meantime he may not like Bargnani, but Tim W.  actually knows basketball, and he’s much preferable to those he’s been replaced by on this site. 
          The new Bargs haters that post every 10 seconds have no knowledge whatsoever of the game, and are on this site because they can only play with themselves so many times per day.

          • Tom

            “but Tim W.  actually knows basketball, ”

            Does he ?? If his writting and prediction on AB is any indicator, he knows nothing about Basketball  🙂 The man spent 5 years trying to convince the world that AB is INCAPABLE of performing better, but here we are, He was proven Wrong.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              For all of 9 games…lol smh

              • Harold

                And then through 30 games, you’re going to say “for all of 30 games” then through 66 games you’ll say “for all of 66 games” you’re just going to keep pushing it and pushing it and continually look more dumber every time.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Wow making up imaginary scenarios in order to make yourself come off as being correct. lmfao

            • Pizzaman

              well he is and has been obviously wrong about Bargnani and others which even guys who know basketball have been. Tim W obviously dislikes Bargnani, and while he too turned almost every thread about anything into a why Bargnani stinks post, he did it with much more class than those who do it now. I’m not at all making excuses for him, but anyone can have an opinion that differs or dislike certain players or how they play, but some can do it tastefully and others are classless.

              • Statement

                Don’t go crazy dude,

                I shouldn’t be defending Tim but he is stated numerous times that he doesn’t like Bargnani, just his game.

                • Pizzaman

                  understood thanks!

            • Nilanka15

              9 games is “proof”?  Wow, how easy it is to convince the masses.

              I’ve been a loud critic of Bargnani, and I admit he’s been playing fantastic ball so far this year, but I find it funny how one can ignore the previous 5 years.

              I’m hoping Bargnani continues his torrid start because I’m a fan of the Raptors, but to suggest Tim’s been “proven” wrong, is wrong.

              Tim’s argument against Bargnani has always been his lack of consistency.  If Bargnani plays this well for a full season, then I’m sure Tim will admit that Bargnani has turned the corner.

              • Pizzaman

                CAREER SEASON AVERAGESYearTeamGGSMPGFG%3P%FT%OFFDEFRPGAPGSPGBPGTOPFPPG01-02CHI713119.60.4970.0000.6041.–67147427.70.5700.0000.6303. are Tyson Chandler’s stats and while he has been a decent defender and rebounder for most of his career it was only last year in his 10th year with his stellar defensive play that earned him a big contract and accolades and everyone seems to have forgotten about the days when he was only decent. While I get it and agree that Bargs has been inconsistent you could say that about most NBA players.

                • Pizzaman

                  sorry this did not cut and paste as I thought it would so you may have to look up Chandler’s stats if interested but you get my point.

                • Nilanka15

                  I totally agree with your point on Chandler, and I thought all his hype was grossly unjustified.  I’m so glad Colangelo didn’t sign him to a ridiculous contract because I don’t believe he’s as good of a player as he seemed last year. 

                  He’s New York’s problem now, and they’ll soon realize it.

                • Pizzaman

                  agreed. I’m glad we did not go after him because he wouldhave helped in the shortterm but he’s not worththe money and I’m sure Jonaswill be a better all around center.

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        Tim W picket Fence Blog was the SMitchell fan. HaHa.

        Can you imagine if DCasey was here on 2006 ? What a waste of time..

        • nottheendoftheworld

          Casey himself admitted that he was not ready to be a head coach until now. It seems generally that posters here do not recognize time and work as factors in our current player’s development and improvement. BC would have fired Casey as he would not have made Bosh & co. any better than they were.

      • Anon.

        That would be because he’s on the forums, where everything you ever type can easily be tracked and held accountable to you.

        • Steve

          No, He is not. He has been away from the forum as well 🙂 

          • Anon.

            A fair point that I neglected to check.  But a look at his blog shows that his last post was December 22nd, not far behind his last visit here.

            • Randy

              It was still before the regular season though, which started on the 26th for the Raptors.

              • Anon.

                My point being that his absence has less to do with feeling embarassed on this site, because if he was still active on the web he would have at least made an update on his own blog in the past 19 days.

      • Nilanka15

        Tim W. doesn’t give two shits about Bargnani to make him avoid this site.  He’s probably just vacationing with his family.

        • cesco

          An other apologist for an idiot like timmy . Andrea for now  (and probably for the next 5 years ) is the franchise player , how wrong can the haters have been .

          • Nilanka15

            Andrea’s only signed for the next 4 years.  C’mon fanboy, get your facts straight.

          • 2damkule

            just so it’s clear…if DD turns himself around by year 4 or 5 (6?), and becomes the player many think he could be…will that change the fact that he sucks now?  you have to admit, andrea has shown tremendous IMPROVEMENT this year, offensively & defensively, and as such, the ‘haters’ were kinda/sorta right about how they felt about him THEN – if he had been this good all along (or at least after a reasonable period of time), then the ‘haters’ wouldn’t exist in the first place.

            • Statement


              If the Bargs fans wanted to wait for 6 years for the dude, the same patience should be extended to Derozan, who played better in his 2nd year than Bargs did in his 2nd year.

              • Steve

                Why not !! 🙂 If you think he can turn it around but I don’t think BC is going to wait that Long

              • Pizzaman

                I agree there should be patience shown in a developing player but the big difference is Bargs had the necessary skills and his issue was more around consistent effort, whereas Derozan’s issue is more around the lack of basic fundamental skills like ball handling, shooting, passing…things he should have already learned.

                • Statement

                  Fair enough,

                  However, recall that Andrea came into the league as a shooter, plain and simple and suffered through offensive growing pains in his first couple of years.

                • Pizzaman

                  You’re right that’sreallyall Bargnani was a shooter, but he couldalso dribble well for a big man 

  • Adriiian

    this team has 3 decent players,
    Amir, Jose, and Bargnani, thats it.

    • Wienermobile89

      This is what I’ve been thinking all year, but I would hedge that statement with DD is getting there and ED will almost certainly will be by the end of next year.

      • Wienermobile89

        Edit: be *there* by the end…

    • Pizzaman

      From day one the only three guys that have played great and show real NBA talent are the three you mention. I am confident Ed will become a decent big off the bench with some time, but I’m not as confident about Demar, although at least tonight he passed several times when his man closed him down, something he rarely does.
      It’s official Butler is a complete piece of shit, and as much as JJ cannot shoot and has bad handles, he’s still 10 times better than Butler and sparks the team with his defense, rebounds and blocks.
      Kleiza with a bad kneee will still be 20 times better than Butler, and when stopping them is key JJ will do the job. 

      • Nilanka15

        Completely agree with your assessment on Butler, JJ and Kleiza.  JJ’s only problem is that he couldn’t play 35 mpg right now because of his propensity to foul.

        • Pizzaman

          I agree but hopefully soon Kleiza will start and JJ will back him up or vice versa. I would also like to see Kleiza at SF with JJ at SG playing defense backing up Demar.

  • Prophet2k

    They got the win but played heavy minutes at high intensity…scared to watch the next two…

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      Tomorrow If I am  DCasey I m starting Magloire and Ed Davis and play them heavy minutes. Use AJ and AB just 12 min

      • Nilanka15

        Is that to save AJ and AB for the playoffs?  lol.

        • AB7.38pt.on.CB4


          • WHAT THE

            Nilanka ask you a question and thats your answer

            • nottheendoftheworld

              I thought your answer was hilarious.

          • Nilanka15

            You’re not crying, are you?

  • John

    I was one of the people who thought Amir was paid too much last year but man, the guy has proved me wrong !!! He is a changed man. He is no more a jokers, jumping up down and Young Gunz BS !!! The man was so serious tonight not cracking a smile and working hard and … Loved every minute and he is worth every penny.

    On the other, BC’s last 2 draft picks, DD and Ed Davis !!! Wow!! what a crap !!

    AB, wow, AB haters have the courtesy to stand up here.

    • Wienermobile89

      AJ is fairly paid in the sense that he gets what he is worth, but he is probably overpaid in that BC offered him a contract worth 2 to 3 million more than anyone else in the league would have.

      • Nilanka15

        For some perspective, Amir’s averaging 9pts and 8rebs (as the 4th option), earning $6M/year

        Nene’s is averaging 12pts and 8rebs (as the 2nd option), earning $13M/year.

        Is the extra $7M/year that Nene earns worth the 3 extra points he scores?

        BC gambled with Amir’s contract, and so far it’s paying off.

    • Pizzaman

      AJ is not overpaid, no different than Bargnani or Jose for that matter. When healthy Jose is worth every penny, Andrea is and will prove to be a steal, and Amir make less than Hump and others I would not trade him for.
      All athletes and basketball players are overpaid but based on salaries of their peers these guys are not overpaid.

    • Nilanka15

      Why would you expect that courtesy from the “haters” when you haven’t reciprocated that courtesy when Bargnani played poorly in the past?

      • Steve

        After Hating for 5 years on AB , you have some nerve to show up here and pretend you know Basketball !!! LOOOOLL, AB made you eat your words and made you look like a Clown. 

        • Nilanka15

          lol, who are you again?

          Look at the superfan who’s giving me the “I told you so” speech after 9 games.  Why bother acknowledging that it only took 5 years, 370 games, and 3 coaches for Bargnani to finally string 2 good weeks together.  Good for you for sticking with your blind belief…dumbass.

          The Raptors definitely need more guys on this team who need 5 years before they decide to show up for work. 

          • Minks77

            Word for word my opinion too. 

            5 YEARS, 370 GAMES of passionless play, clueless defence, anemic rebounding and general, all round loafing and these guys think it’s Hall of Fame time.

            He’s played remarkably well. This is the bargs I was hoping for in year 2, expecting in year 3, demanding in year 4 and had given up all hope for by year 5.

            Still has holes but he’s been a delight to watch so far. 

          • Steve

            LOL, no Shame pal, no Shame. 5 years of bashing and BAM, you were proven wrong.

            • Nilanka15

              Actually, no I wasn’t. 

          • Matt

            How is this Blind belief ? Many of his fans said it constantly, that in a RIGHT SYSTEM, RIGHT COACHING were players are HELD ACCOUNTABLE, both AB and Jose will perform and They were proven RIGHT. It was you and other Bashers who were constantly saying NO, NO, He can not play in that level 🙂 So if anyone is a dumb ass, it is your buddy. Now , as far as 9 games, start count in, next you will be saying, 20 games, 30 games , 40 games and … 🙂 Future is not looking too BRIGHT for AB bashers like you.

            • Nilanka15

              It was blind belief because prior to this season, Bargnani never showed any indication that he “just needed the right coach, the right system, blah, blah, blah”.  It was pure guesswork based on hope, rather than an intelligent examination of the evidence. 

              66 games is my cut off.  If Bargnani can play like he currently is for a full season, then I’ll be a convinced man.  Until then, cautious optimism it is.

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    I worry that DD is pissed that he’s not the focal point on offense, so he is mentally checked out and biding his time to leave town.  He looks like he could care less about his performance or the team’s.  At least Davis looks like he cares and just needs his game to come together.  DD seems to have regressed; sure he added an emerging 3-point shot, but without handles to drive with and terrible man-defense, he’s essentially becoming an overly athletic version of Kapono… not good!

    • Raps Loyalist

      The season is still young and so is DD.  Give the guy some time to get his game going as he’s just in a bit of a funk right now (which all players go through at times).  This is a building year so no trades (unless it’s moving Barbosa at the deadline for a 1st round pick or a young piece) AND NO PANIC!!! Let the season play out a bit more before you psychoanalyze DD

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t know if he’s regressed.  It’s just that he’s missing out on a lot of the fastbreak opportunities he scored from last year. 

      Regardless, his handles need to improve big time if he expects to play SG in this league for years to come.

    • Statement

      Derozan’s handles need to improve.

      Also, Demar got a lot of mid-range jumpshots last year where plays were designed for him to come off screens and shoot.

      I don’t see those same plays this year.  He gets the ball in a 1 on 1 scenario and that exposes his weak handles.

      Casey seems to be playing Demar to spread the floor (rightly or wrongly). 

      Demar is still trying to develop his offensive game.  If you give him time, he’ll get better.

  • Mediumcore

    If the Raptors can sustain this kind of defensive effort even until the All Star game I think it should warrant  us fans forming a line outside Triano’s office to take our turn slapping him in the face. I mean how the hell was Triano not able to instill any sort of defense after two years and full training camps when Casey is able to do it in a lockout shortened season with virtually no training camp? Just pathetic Jay…he should have to forfeit his salary.

    • Brian Gerstein

      So true.  Not only was Triano a horrible hire, when no other NBA team would even have him ever on their short list, but he set us back years by having no backbone with his players and not instilling a defensive game on the court, only with the media scrums, where it was worthless.  BC to blame here more than Triano though, who was just collecting a Head Coach salary (even though I am sure it was still at a home town discount) as who could blame him for accepting the offer.  What’s he gonna say, sorry Bryan, but I am incomptetent, and you would be better off by hiring someone with some real coaching knowledge.

    • cesco

      Jay should never have been appointed to the head coach position . In every profession there are failures , he was one of them .

      • Statement

        Jay wasn’t good at defense.  However, offensively, Amir developed under his watch and Ed Davis was quite good last year.  Additionally, Derozan improved his game as well.

        He did some good things when he was coach.

    • Pizzaman

      Triano is a nice guy and knows the game as good as anyone, but Casey is a real coach plain and simple. Casey seems to be a great combination of a teacher, leader, mentor, motivator, disciplinarian, supporter,manager ……..

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Jay instilled the ‘no accountability’ era in the TDot via his svengali BC.

      Sam fired at 8-9.

      Jay finishes up at a 25-40 clip and gets a 2 year contract with a team option on a third year.


      All to coddle Bargnani & be BC’s yes man coach as proven by his promotion into the Raptors front office as BC’s special nut hugger assistant.

      BC: What do you think Jay?

      Jay: Whatever you think BC.

      See it. Believe it. Achieve it.

  • ad

    Bargnani played one of the best games of his career. If I had to pick him or Love though, I’d take Love. I think Love is much better all around player mostly because of the rebounding. Im starting to get a little concerned about derozan. He’s really struggling. Not sure if he’ll ever be more than a good/decent scorer. Also, Barbosa is just playing like complete horseshit. So many stupid turnovers. PASS THE FUCKING BALL!!!!

    • Evidently, you appreciate who makes statistics!!! In fact LOVE has made another double double game without doing a right thing, without bring a crucial rebound when it was necessary and in the meantime was distroyed by Amir. Instead, AB didn’t make a double double performance but he scored 8 point in the final quarter despite he was tired. But you prefer mister double double statistic.

      • Nilanka15

        It was Love’s 2nd game of a back-to-back after playing 41 minutes the night before against Washington.  Surely, you’re not using one game to determine Love’s worth, are you?

        • Pizzaman

          I am without doubt a big Andrea fan and if he keeps playing this way I believe he will be more valuable than Love because of his offensive prowess and size, however in the last couple of years Love has been amazing and is today a better player. I wish we had him.

          • Nilanka15

            If this was last year, I would take Love in a heartbeat over Bargnani. 

            But this year, I’m not so sure.

        • No, absolutely, but I don’t appreciate the enormous hype around him. He is really good/excellent player but not the big one in his role. Despite the numbers, I generally whatch what he does down the stretch. And he is not kind of player that raise his level when the game count (not untill now).

          • Nilanka15

            I think his gaudy rebounding numbers is where the hype comes from.  30 points and 30 rebounds is amazing now matter how you look at it.  But you’re right, he does have holes in his game, most notably, his defense.

        • 2damkule


  • Bearvon

    Best Amir game EVER!

    I never thought he was overpaid, and I’ve always appreciated his hustle, but this season he’s gone from decent hustle guy to real difference maker.

    I think when it’s all said and done he’s still best as the first big off the bench. I just hope he never loses that intensity and remains a Raptors lifer.

    He’s a joy to watch.

  • Jshchn

    Defense for the raptors, such a refreshing sight.Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw AB forcing the turnover from JJ Barea and hustling for the loose ball.

  • Figgy15

    Triano was a good assistant coach. Not everyone has the personality to be the head coach and Triano doesnt have that blend of respect and intimidation that a good head coach needs. I think it’s unfair to call him a failure. Many people have aspired to be an assistant coach on an NBA team and never got there. As Brian pointed out, you cant fault him for taking the top job after serving as interim head coach. I’d be happy to still have him as assistant, and he’d be fine in that role.

  • Marlon

    Ahh, it feels good when the Barg haters have nothing to say and keep repeating the same “bullchit” over and over again…

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    I m happy for DCasey. He was fired by Minnesota after a 20-20 stretch. Am I wrong ?

    Playing AB 45min and Jose 40min make more sense to me know

    We have just a hard nose m*fucker of a Coach.I love it

  • TheR3dMenace

    Andrea is a stud. We haven’t seen a 1v1 matchup yet that he can’t exploit on offence. Im interested to see if there will be a solitary defender that can shut him down seen this year?

    To those freaking out about Demar and Ed’s ceilings/development/whatever. Just relax.  These guys will bounce back and string a few good games together and then the supporters will bounce back full throttle and will stay that way until one of these young kids plays another clunker.  This is youth, and consistency is elusive to all but the all-time greats until they’ve served many years in the league. Still good prospects, Demar could be a nice third option behind Andrea and a scoring SF from the draft.

  • hotfuzz

    I am really torn on jose.
    On one hand, he is one of the best playmakers in the league, and we would suffer tremendously w/o him running the show. He also has a decent 3pt shot, which the raptors sorely need. He brings out the best in other players (making amir look like karl malone, ok maybe not)

    But on the other hand, he is a terrible defender and really slow. Even in today’s game, he had trouble staying in front of ridnour. With the culture of the organization changing, you wonder if his defense(or lack thereof) really outweighs his positives and if going forward, he can be our pg or not

    • Bearvon

      Legit concern that’s really magnified by his contract.

      If he were making 5 million less it wouldn’t even be a question.

  • Harold

    For all those naysayers and doubters, Bargnani IS a piece of this puzzle. It was so funny how about 8 months ago everyone was calling for his head, saying he should be traded, dumped for nothing, and even amnestied, WTF?!?. What happened now?

    I find it funny how people are blind to the fact that he’s a crafty 7 footer who can put the ball on the floor and has an excellent shooting touch and basketball IQ, how many of these kinds of players come along? The kind of player that opposing defences always struggle planning for. He has a tremendous skill-set, Coach Casey just said in the post-game interview that Bargnani is not even a finished product, that’s a damn fine compliment, 26 years old and he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Any other team would jump at the chance to land the guy, make no mistake. You trade him and where is the offence? DeRozan and his 15 PPG will not save the day.It’s just too bad he’s surrounded by below average to average players, we’ve got the right coach in place, and the other pieces will come along nicely in Valanciunas, and hopefully a high pick at the SF position. 

    He stayed in Toronto for most of the offseason and put in work, he has the work ethic, and a newfound attitude. You complement him with the right supporting cast, like Dirk is, and this team will flourish, we are not too far.

    • hotfuzz

      I find it funny how the number of bargnani supporters have increased tenfold over the past half a month or so, during his impressive run.

      Where were you for the past 5 years?

      • Harold

        And? It’s only natural to have a larger increasing fanbase when you play well is it not?? Make sense?

        If you’re talking about being a bandwagon jumper I’m not one, and neither is anyone on this forum. The haters will still hate and not admit to anything. The supporters were always there, and still are.

        • cesco

          The question I would like to ask is : how can they pretend to be Raptors fans and still hate the best player so much ? .

    • Nilanka15

      For the record, nobody ever suggested Bargnani isn’t a gifted offensive player.  His critics (myself included) has always complained about his lack of effort and consistency throughout his entire career.

      But so far this year, he’s put in great effort, and his been consistent from one game to the next.  So what reason is there to bash his play now?

  • Malefax

    In fairness to the Bargs haters, there were lots of reasons to bash the guy. I’m just happy that he seems to be turning it around on defense and turning into a complete player.

    • cesco

      Funny that no one is finding any reason to hate DD  right now ( playing as a starter from the beginning in the position he is meant to play all his life ) the way he regress game by game . All you hear is that he is in a temporary funk . So who are those haters exactly ? are they Raptors fans ? , I don’t think so .

      • 2damkule

        wtf are you talking about?  every game he’s a no-show (which is most of them, lately) he’s being ripped apart.  i guess people figure that the bar of expectations has been set, and are willing to give him time?  or does that only apply in certain exceptional cases?

      • Nilanka15

        Goddamn fanboy.  Do you even read the posts that don’t relate to your man crush???

        DeRozan’s performance has been deeply dissected every game.  Where have you been???

  • AnthonyF

    As a Bargnani supporter, I have not disappeared, just enjoying watching him and his skill set.  He is attacking the basket like never before and showing why he was the #1 pick.  Sadly Roy as expected has now retired (knees ere a concern draft day).  Only Alrdridge may now appear to have been a better pick (but it is close).

    Watching him now play some D, and for the most part having to create all his shots is the reason to watch the raps. 

    The rest of the team is embarrassing offensively at this point. 

    Yes we know this will be a tough year if we don’t see growth from ED and DD continues his indifferent play.  Also would like to see Bayless back.

    • Nilanka15

      If we’re judging full careers (and not the most recent 9 games), then one can make a strong case that either Rondo or Gay were worthy of the #1 pick.

  • BCStefa….. wants to trade AB and JC. Good, for who?

    He wants to trade the best two players for a high picks or for a decent role players.
    Intreresting, considering that the AB’s role will be replaced of ED. Excellent. We change a player like Bargnani for a role player! Because Ed Davis is a role player, no else. A player that doesn’t have 2/10 of offensive talent of AB and even yesterday has shown how is poor in offensive skills. He doesn’t have a reliable shot from a mid range, he fatigues to score in the paint, expecially in traffic and to be honest he is the poor version of Amir.
    I don’t know how is possible to think a frontline with Davis and Valanciunas.

    AB is the best player of the team and instead to complain about his past, we have to be glad to add a talent players in another role, such as in SF position and even in SG. I understand the AB haters, but now we reconsider the guy under a new perspective. If he continues to play like now, I don’t really see the reason to deprive the best talent (one of the best 10/15 scorer of the league) for pick or other good player. Because nothing special will come to Toronto.

    So, we add a good guys to improve the complessive talent of the roster.

    For the next future (days) we will have Kleiza and Bayless avaible. Those guys will give a big hand to score point expecially with the second unit hoping that Kleiza will produce something more than Butler.

    DD is struggling and I don’t see a lot of improvement from him. I hope that is only a period.

    I almost forget to say GREAT AMIR!!!!!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      How are your going to speak for me?

      Pretty anal, dude- but if that’s all you got….lmfao

  • Stephen Parsons

    Wow. such a mad amount of hate for ed & DD. Guys are young,  give them a chance to get into it with the season just starting.

  • sangaman

    If only the raps had slashers like Barea and Rubio.  How bout trading Derozan for Rubio?  All spanish backcourt.

    • It’s impossible for two reasons: first the Wolves are building the team around the spanish guy, second they are struggling in SG position and DD wouldn’t be the solution.

    • Nilanka15

      I wouldn’t want either Calderon or Rubio playing off the ball.

  • dribbles

    Bargs is playing at a very high level this season. I wanted him gone but am absolutely happy that he’s proving me wrong. I root for the team first. Last year I though DD was turning a corner and this season I have serious doubts he should be considered part of the “core.” Putting a marginal one year rental like Butler under the bus instead of DD is a joke. It doesn’t make me a DD hater. He’s just playing like crap and the holes in his game are as evident as ever. If he turns it around and shows he can impact the game in other ways except for scoring, and learns how to dribble past his man, I’ll be happy to change my mind.

    I don’t know if it’s the coach, Bargs, the system etc., but I’ve never seen him play like he did last night. Little things like the way he’s hedging on pick and roll defence are really noticeable. It’s a wonder and a damning comment (on him and the organization) that it’s taken until this season to see that kind of thing.

    I don’t get the incessant need for some of his fans to bang their chests every time he has a good game. Why do people take it personally if their favourite player is being constantly criticized? Were people wrong to criticize Zach Randolph as a head case for years even though he turned it around in Memphis?

    Does this season somehow makes up for all the previous seasons of horrible rebounding, help defence and all-too-often poor effort? Just about every NBA analyst outside of Toronto said the exact same things about Bargs that Tim W. and others, myself included, were saying about him. No fan base embraces big men who play soft with questionable effort.

    If he keeps it up, his doubters, if they’re fans of this TEAM, will root for him. If he regresses, he should be called on it.

    • Nilanka15

      Great post.

    • hotfuzz

      Thank you! tell that to the goddamned fanboys now

    • Harold

      The pro-Bargnani posts on here were meant to address the ones that CONTINUE to hate on Bargnani, and there are still many on this site. It was also meant to address the ones that were asking him to be dumped for nothing, and all of a sudden they have an about face. His doubters still doubt, and probably always will no matter how he plays. Then you have a guy/girl like hotfuzz down below who uses an idiotic word like “fanboy” which tells me he obviously didn’t get the point of your post.

  • Steve

    DD or Mayo 
    BC do it now or Memphis will not do it later.

  • Matt

    Tim W. is visiting the site quietly these days , waiting for the first bad game from AB to post and say he was on “Vacation” 🙂 
    Come on Tim W. It is OK. We miss your rant on AB.

    • Nilanka15

      Right, because the concept of going away during the xmas season is completely unheard of…

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