The “ifihearonemoretimehowthisisabacktobacktobackiwillstabsomebody” edition:

Barbosa: BOOM!!!  The Blur was back in the building tonight…for a half.  My dog was jumping up and down, yipping away, thinking the world was coming to an end and wanting to ensure we still had directions to the family ark. Luckily a mere 18 minutes later he could rest easy as Leandro settled back into his usual role of wetnap.

Bargnani: Andrea was having his first dog of a game and he decided to do what overpaid pompous full of themselves ball players like himself do: fake an injury. Jokes. I’ll be honest, I’m amazed the starting five didn’t all fall down like they were synchronized swimmers after the minutes they’ve put in, but Bargs was the only one to fall victim.  Even then he registered a double double.

Butler: I would be less frustrated learning to speak Mandarin by a teacher with a stutter than I am watching Rasual Butler play basketball. Truly. No words.

Calderon: bless our little Spanish Swirl. A nice double double on a night where, admit it, you half expected to see him sitting on the bench with an oxygen mask on his face. Major minutes against young kids that make most look silly, but Jose hung tough knowing he had little backup through these 3 games and he deserves credit for it.

Carter: the old vet needed to be taken to a trough of water at some point and tonight was the night. Not a great matchup for him and it showed. This was the first game that he looked rattled to me and off his game.

Davis: still no flashes of him breaking out of his funk, but he did seem a bit closer tonight. 6 rebounds in 14 minutes and hustle. His problem tonight came in silly fouls which had to be a factor in his bench time. He was getting suckered in on both sides of the floor. It’s a mental game, Ed…remember that.

DeRozan: getting a bit tedious waiting to see this guy decide to play in the fourth. Why even put him on the floor in the first half if he is going to play on his heels? Casey has to come out and demand 8-10 trips to the line per game..if DeMar can’t produce that, he sits the first half of the next game.

A. Johnson: that dice throwing thing after he hit the 3 was a bit much. Never show up your competition, especially when one of them named DeMarcus Cousins is going to be in your nightmares tonight after he made you look like a lightweight and outperformed you in almost every facet of the game.

J.Johnson: I’ll give him the fact that he has 1 or 2 nice blocks a game…as long as you give me he looks like a whiny brat when things don’t go his way. Dude, you honestly suck more than a crack addict in a pipe factory and you have earned no right to dress down your teammates in a close game. Your coach does his job well, so leave it up to him. You need to concentrate on proving you deserve to be here.

Kleiza: welcome back. I’m a fan of the fact that the media didn’t cite his absence too much while he was out and tonight was probably a flash in the pan performance, but it was great to see him play well on his return.  Give him a few games, plunk him in the starter role and watch this team pull off a string of victories.

Magloire: yeah, you’re tough. Nice flagrant on a guy that needed more motivation to go out and hand our asses to us. Hey, I love the hockey mentality as much as the next guy but to act like a big man on campus you should be a big man on campus in something other than size alone.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Rasual Butler

Theme of the Game:

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  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    “I take what I want, and after predicting this outcome yesterday, using stats, I want the gold sucka.”
    “John Hollinger! I’m coming for you N****!”

    • hateslosing

      Booker T references crack me up 🙂

  • Bendit

    How many “under the busses” has Butler garnered so far? And why were his team mates singing his shooting skills so much (in training camp)?

  • JWB

    Nice to see Kleiza back. He looks like the best the Raps have at SF once he gets back in game shape.

  • Mediumcore

    This should have been titled the “Amir Johnson isn’t really a centre edition”. Dude has heart, but not the size to go up against legit centres.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I get the feeling that Amir may slowly be breaking down (thumb injury?) trying to guard NBA 5s- he has the heart just not the body to bang with the biggest of the big in the NBA on a game to game basis.


    ALT  stop telling lies on Amir he didn’t roll any dice he did a three fingers claw scratch on the floor

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Looks like AB’s warranty on playing hard lasted all of 10 games before he blew a gasket- trade high, at least he got a double double matching last season’s 66 game output of 2 (both of AB’s double doubles this season have come in losses- Phi/Sac).

    Next 11 games to close out January:

    vs Ind, Atl, Chi, Bos, vs PO, LAC, Phx, Utah, Den, NJ, vs Atl.

    with or without AB this month might get uglier than Precious in a thong for Raptors fans.

    • Lorenzo

      Reading your comments is painful.

    • matt

      I’m still trying to figure out that reference at the end….

      • Kells

        Precious= Gabouray Sidibe. Google her and you’ll find out lol. 

        Only “BCStafanskiCaseyGots2Go” would fantasize about such a travesty lol.

        • BCSteafanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I know who the Precious actress is in real life……….get a clue Sherlock….

          Fyi- I’m not fantasizing about her just an analogy on how ugly the Raptors season may look in the next 11 games- over your head. 

          • Kells

            I’m telling the above poster “Matt” who she is, because he didn’t understand the reference, get clue.

            You used such an analogy, is that what is going on inside your head? lol

    • tiddles

      I think their resting him up for the allstar game

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        More like the ‘No Star’ game which will be taking place at the same time as the NBA All Star game will be at a local Primo Pasta gym near you…..get your tickets now as they are selling out fast and receive a month’s supply of Primo Pasta plus an autographed Bargnani Jersey……….

    • mountio

      Double double! Woo hoo! Thats what you guys want from AB, right? He must have had a good game ..

  • matt

    Yep that’s a rap for me this season, see you guys later this year.

  • FAQ

  • I don’t undertstand certain posts. When AB grabs 10 reb. someone says is a normal for a 7 footer. When he’s not it’s a shame. Yesterday despite the horrible shots (sometime happen) he grabbed 10 reb and defended pretty well. But we continue to discuss…. Now with the problem that I am pretty sure it take a long time, we’ll see how the team react without 23 point per game. I am happy for Linas, because is one of the player in this roster with a talent (not much but enough to expect a solid performance).

    I want to see Ed Davis active on both side of the floor and DD more effective. Probably mister Colangelo and part of the people are happy for AB’s problem to increase a chance to pick high. Frankly I find this terrible. We are not played 15% of the games and just we are talking about tanking, hoping the team lose a lot of games!

    • Truthkiller

      AB was injured yesterday so it would be unfair to judge him on his performance but if you were watching yesterday’s game the thing that stood out the most to everyone 23pts and 19 rebounds in 39minutes of gametime by 6″11 Demarcus Cousins. 

      I can’t remember in the 6 years AB was here he had more than 15 rebounds.

      I’m really starting to agree with that BCgots2go… whatever his name is, the persistance by Colangelo & Casey that Bargnani is not a 5 can anyone see Amir Johnson playing as center for 30+ minutes for another 55 games… realistically how can he, he is simply too small. 

      Maybe it’s just me, but until we get a real center I would’ve stuck with Bargnani playing the 5 and told his lazy ass to play defense and grab boards.

      • p00ka

        That’s why Colangelo & Casey are paid a lot of money for their jobs, and you’re posting on here.

        • Truthkiller

          WOW!!!! really how long did it take you to realize that bargs fanboy, want a medal for that.

          • p00ka

            Some day, you may realize it. Maybe when you’re a big boy.

      • Charles Barkley was able to grab a tons of rebounds. What we would say? That every player higher than 6.7ft has to grab at least 10 reb? Everyone knows the reality but instead to appreciate what kind of effort Bargs has doing now we always say that not enough.

      • Nilanka15

        Yeah, that was my beef all summer about Bargnani.  The only reason he isn’t playing centre is not because he can’t do it, but because his effort hasn’t been there in the past.  I personally don’t think that’s a good enough reason to throw Amir to the wolves.

        But then again, perhaps Colangelo envisions Bargnani paired up with Valanciunas.  In which case, he would want to see if Bargnani can play well at PF in anticipation of next year.

        • mountio

          Or how about the fact that AB’s game usually starts 15 feet (or more) from the hoop and Amir / Ed’s start 5 feet? And the fact that Amir / Ed are much better natural rebounders? Yes, Andrea has a body more like a centre, but Ed and Amir’s games are MUCH more like centers. Im not sure why people struggle with this so much. Same reason Dirk has played 4 the vast majority of his career despite being a 7 footer.
          Anyways .. the whole 4/5 debate is largely moot on offense .. because AB is always going to roam where he roams (in addition to post ups etc) while Ed / Amir will run pic n rolls and dive to the hoop (regardless of who is the “5” or the “4”).
          So .. it comes down to defense .. and on that end, arent we much better this year than we have been in the past? Yes, perhaps Amir is “being thrown to the wolves” since we dont have good options at center .. but wouldnt you rather have him wear down on D than AB? I would, especially when Amir will likely do just as good (if not better) a job on D vs 5’s than AB)

          • p00ka

            Yeah, don’t quite get the fixation with height determining a player’s position. Oh wait, the fixation is Bargnani. Hell, based on that determination:
            Barkley should have been a SF
            Magic should have Been a SF
            Dirk should be a C
            Paul George should be a SF if listed height is correct, but if reports of now being 6’10” are correct, what the hell is Indiana doing not playing him at PF instead of SG
            Boykins, Nate, etc. should have been playing ping pong.

  • sangaman

    Whats this fixation on Bargs….What about the superstar Derozan…He continues to suck big time. If this guy was scoring even 10 points a game the raps would be at 500 right now..Missing lay-ups and 12 footers.Not an NBA calibre player-

  • Nilanka15

    I was very impressed with Kleiza’s minutes last night.  In the past when discussing possible amnesty candidates, Kleiza’s name was always at the top of the list.  But Colangelo signed this guy for a reason, and last year wasn’t indicative of what Kleiza brings to the table.  Despite his defensive limitations, he is clearly our best option at SF.  I’m assuming Colangelo would want to get a good look at him before deciding what to do with Kleiza.  It’s possible he stays in Toronto for the duration of his contract, especially if the poor performances from Butler and J.Johnson continue.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I guess that you are easily impressed

      Let’s see how Kleiza looks after 20 games back….

  • i’m affraid to many minutes for bargs resulted in an injury no energy in the legs

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Happens to alot of players that don’t take care of their body properly- any muscles on AB after 6 NBA seasons- as the grind of being a 2 way NBA player after 5 years of lethargicness lasted all of 10 games….

      Can’t tie you wagon to a horse that can not pull it..

      Trade high….

      • Dan

        Hang on, you think we should trade Bargs high? Really? Say it 500 more times and then perhaps you’ll be relevant?