I hope those four Raptor wins haven’t led anyone to believe that the youth on this roster actually has the talent that can be fertilized over time to produce something respectable. I get that this is a transition year where most sins are forgiven under the justification of reconstruction; however, let that not convince us that the core that’s present isn’t highly questionable if the goal is to achieve long-term success.

The Raptors have been enjoyable to watch this season because they’ve been in most of their games, last night was the first time they got blown out proper. Let not the competitive nature of the games fool anyone into endorsing the aggregate quality of the roster, or any perceived growth that might have occurred. Dwane Casey has instilled some fundamental concepts in the team that were altogether missing the last few seasons, and what you’re seeing on the floor is a team that’s playing the right way with minimal talent.

Bargnani finally seems to get it. The rebounding numbers aren’t the best, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not a liability on defense anymore and actually has a positive effect – look at his on/off numbers this year and compare them to last year. The offense is also now coming in the proper manner with inside options being explored before settling for easier perimeter ones. DeMar DeRozan is struggling to adjust to a team-oriented offense, and this is where playing only one year of college hurts. If he had stuck in school longer, perhaps the concepts that Casey is preaching might be more familiar to him. Remember, Triano was a joke and I can’t imagine the players grasped much from him.

After those two the talent drops to the likes of Ed Davis. He hasn’t even played 82 games yet, so to judge him would be premature. On the surface he looks like a perennial bench player who you’d count on to provide some defense in matchup situations. The offensive game isn’t developing as fast as one would’ve hoped, but there’s time. Certainly, he can’t be considered the “core” of anything. As it stands right now he’s expendable. On we go to Amir Johnson, who is a player any team would want to have. I’m not sure if we can get away with him playing center, even in a shortened season. The guy will break down eventually.

James Johnson. Nice dude, spectacular plays once in a while, just don’t ask me to accept that our future rests on players with his offensive talent levels. Jerryd Bayless? I feel stupid for having hope that he’d figure out how to play PG. He’ll turn 24 this season, unless he has a Chauncey Billups type revival, this guy will end up being what he is right now.

This is not a reaction to last night’s embarrassment, only a gentle reminder serving the need to acknowledge that this roster is weak by any self-respecting standards.

Tonight it’s Sacramento at home, they got their ass kicked by 27 in Philly last night so there’ll be wounded hearts at the ACC. Here’s your chance to see DeMarcus Cousins do something stupid. James and I did a three-on-three thing previewing that game over at Cowbell Kingdom (don’t know if he posted yet). The “positive’ about last night is that the Raptors got a chance to reduce the minutes for Bargnani and Calderon. They had played 45 and 41 minutes, respectively, against the Pacers. Last night they clocked 29 each. Still a lot heading into tonight, we’ll see.

This here be my next ex-wife:

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  • Harry S. Truman

    Arsenalist man, you’re starting to sound like you loathe writing these pieces. 

  • tonious35

    Give Arse credit where it’s due, WHO in the Hell would write another piece after last nights game?

    • arsenalist

      Thanks man, I’m still shocked Sam wrote 1200 words about last night’s disaster.

      • With me on the schedule for tonight, I’m sure NOBODY will want to write tomorrow. Another embarrassing loss on tap? At least I can tell puppy stories…right?

      • Sam Holako

        I wasn’t planning on it, I won’t lie; that’s why I was fried this morning.

  • Cal S

    Didn’t we get blown out proper by philly?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I recall Philly running us out of the gym…….

    • Arsenalist

      Yeah, forgot about that.  

  • Nilanka15

    Arse, she’s not that hot….but she does seem excited to see you 😛

    • leftovercrack

      To each his own, she is exactly my type. It is inexplicable the fall off of Ed Davis and Demar. In my offseason fantasies I already had Ed developing into a solid player

  • Ska

    I was hoping that a: JC/DD/Rookie/AB/ JV & Amir  will be enough for a 4-6 seed next season but if DD ceiling is the one he is showing right now we will not be good enough

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Hoping- that’s a pipe dream Raptors won’t be in the playoffs next season with that projected JC/DD/Rookie SF/AB/JV & Amir- that’s another Lottery team with 2 rookies in the rotation- come on man.

      No wonder BC keeps on getting over on alot of TDot basketball fans selling his BullChit as actual factual….if I was paying money to support something I would get educated on it and not be so blissful & wishful……………

      JC & AB aren’t leading the Raptors anywhere but the NBA lottery- point blank.

      As well, Val isn’t going to be an immediate impact player (think 3-5 years) in fact Casey called him currently a PF that they hope will grow into a NBA center- sound familiar.

      In 5 years if BC is still around will Val replace AB as the Raptors starting PF when BC says in a season ending presser that Val is not a center but a PF? lol
      Ed >>> Val

      • KJ-B

        Dude, you on poinT!!!  THIS is the worrrsst YMCA version of hoops I’ve seen in the pros in a while 2 guys #7 & #3 hogging the ball and forcing every1 to chuck when they get a ‘turn’!!! 

        Casey is look more and more like Josh McDaniels every day! Hope he gets fired and gets to back to the Mavs by season’s end…dude, there’s two ends to a basketball court!

      • Trololol

        you actually make alot of sense, people are just biased to hear your comment when it is thoughtful because of all the random bs you post trying to elicit a response that may or may not be true for the most part.

      • Nilanka15

        This is based on nothing more than a hunch, but I think Valanciunas is playing 30 mpg by his 2nd year averaging 9+ rebounds per game.  I’m not concerned about his scoring output.

  • Milesboyer

    It’s true that our “young core” is sadly lacking in potential, in fact it’s enough to make one think that there are alot more losing seasons to come before anything positive happens, but I think what we’ll see next year will be similar to Colangelo’s first year.  Patience is not his strength, assembling an average to good team in a short amount of time is.  He’ll go full steam ahead in free agency and whatever trades he can pull off, and he’ll do his usual blending of veterans and youth.  The true core will likely be Bargnani, Valanciunas and whatever draft pick we get.  Ed Davis is an unknown, maybe a trade chip, maybe he’ll take a huge leap in the coming months, Bayless is garbage,  JJ a good role player, Demar – really hard to say at this point, Amir a very solid backup, Calderon, another trade chip or the starting point guard next year.  Throw in some decent free agents – not Rasual Butler or Jamal Magloire types (there’s a reason they’re on 1 yr. contracts)  and maybe one better than average signing (I’m thinking he’s going after Kirilenko) and we’ll probably have at least a .500 team next year.  For better or worse, that’s the direction this team will go in.

    • Nilanka15

      Wilson Chandler perhaps?

      Rudy Gay from the struggling Grizzlies?

  • Scottbbaird

    is it fair to judge Ed Davis’ offensive game yet?  We’ve thrown him all of two passes into the post this year, and he hasn’t been a recipient of a decent pick and roll pass yet.  

    With his limited minutes plus the lack of “ball” (as Hedo would say), its no wonder he can’t find the hoop with any rhythm.

    He’s not an Amir that can get his points off of offensive rebounds only… he needs to be passed to.

    • Trololol

      erm. remember last season? most of his points were ONLY off of putbacks and close range buckets, he wasnt involved in the offense. his decreased production = decreasse in minutes & cofidence 

  • we got blown out by philly
    and candice is mine stay back 🙂

    but still good read

  • leftovercrack

    So Arse, who are the worthwhile pieces going forward? Bargnani (jeez, who would have believed we’d be saying this), Amir………..

  • jclaw

    read the cowbell stuff.  Bargs all star chances limited by being listed as a forward?  Not sure but Bosh was always picked as a center.  Was he listed as one or just picked as one?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      CB averaged a double double as a PF….

      AB is no NBA All Star as a PF or Center…….hence the nickname ‘No Star’.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

        as a troll your funny

      • p00ka

        I know how useless it is to try and help repair your clown of a broken record, but just for the fun of it.
        It’s very unlikely he’ll make it to the all star game, and there’s more factors in play than stats, but he’s in many conversations around the league because:
        -8th in the league in PPG with a FG% 3rd among the top 10 in PPG
        -12th in the league in points+rebounds+assists
        -13th in the league in Efficiency

        • p00ka_is_a_fish

          if bargnani was listed as a center the real position he should be playing than he would be an all-star this year but b/c he’s listed as a power forward he won’t get the nod.

        • ARaptorsFanSince1995

          Why do you keep on responding to him and telling others to ignore him?

          You are the blog troll not BCGots2Go.

          • p00ka

            Says some brave soul hiding behind a new name. I took a day or two off here to get myself back to a more controlled attitude and this is the first response to him in 2-3 days of blog entries. Was I rude or obnoxious in any way with this post? Do you have any objection whatsoever with my post to call it Troll work? Please explain your opinion. Any objections that you wish to share about any of my posts today other than comments that don’t relate to what I’m saying at all?