The “we are the tonic to your troubles” edition:

Barbosa: says something about the current squad when Barbosa gets the “if we shut him down, we can beat the Raptors” tag. The Celtics blanketed Barbosa all game and he just never had the opportunity to get it going. Man, it hurts to write that. Barbosa as our offensive weapon. Welcome to 2004.

Butler: he looked as relaxed as I’ve seen him all season. He mixed up his shots, his team was looking for him, and he hit shots. Now, defensively, he earned a fairly deserving yank when he got crossed up twice.

Calderon: how was his night? He was abused and shaken like a squeezable ketchup bottle at a fish & chip joint. Not a highlight night for Jose. I had a better day at the office and I jammed the photocopier 6 times and stapled my shirt to my jeans.

Carter: face it, the only way he was hanging with the Celtics is by proving he is as well past his best before date as Jermaine O’Neal. Putting him on the floor was as cruel as being forced to watch Mary Poppins on New Years Eve. Trust me. Cruel.

Davis: 9 points, 9 rebounds and he played the most minutes of any Raptor. Isn’t that performance akin to being a waiter at all you can eat buffet?  Everybody sees you there, but nobody knows what purpose you serve.

DeRozan: welcome to backwards day where DeMar actually does most of his scoring in the first half and not the second. At first I thought he was pissed at being pecked at quite hard yesterday about his lack of effort by the beat writers. Then I saw him fade faster than LeBron’s hairline in the second half and you could almost hear Dougie sharpening his pencil waiting to pounce post-game.

Forbes: things that rarely happen: RapsFan listens to me, a guy doesn’t add a good looking girl on Facebook he doesn’t know personally, the Raptors Dance Pak has more than 3 good looking members, Arsenalist writes a bad article, and Gary leads an NBA team in scoring. He did tonight with 18.  Let me repeat that: the Raptors leading scorer against the Boston Celtics was Gary Forbes. I’d update his Wikipedia page, but….

Gray: 4 boards in 19 minutes may not sound like much, but Aaron looked like a kid that had just broken into a candy shop. He was everywhere, he was puffing his chest out, and he made it known that the paint was his house. Now, almost every Celtic had a key to the front door, but he was heads and shoulders over Jamaal. Plus, he was playing with heart.

A. Johnson: the man is walking around like the guy featured on the Operation board game. Every joint hurts and any time you touch him he screams like Doug Ford’s bathroom scale. Might be a good thing, then, that AJ 1.0 made a re-appearance and he was picking up fouls at a good clip. He was limited to 20 minutes but still picked up 6 boards and never fell for the Celtics trying to bait him.

J. Johnson: returning to the lineup sporting a wayward piece of spaghetti on his head. Somebody should tell him about it. I’ll be honest, I was growing wistful for 1/7 shooting and over the top whining on correct calls. Glad to see him back.

Kleiza: he is beginning to remind me of my neighbour who decides to blast 60s hippy music 8 hours a day every weekend in the summer. You just want to go over and hammer the guy over the head with a bundle of sunflowers and then choke him out with a rope made of hemp. Tonight Kleiza was just horrible. Ignore his 1/8 line at your peril, but defensively he looked like a penguin sliding down a hill of ice when trying to close out on the perimeter.  He does know how to almost kill an opposing point guard though.

Magloire: I am convinced that he is just being used to balance the cabin weight on the team plane. If you are a massive piece of meat and you can only be used for 5 minutes as per coaches choice, you suck. Proof? No rebounds, no points, 1 turnover, 1 foul.  S-u-c-k.

Driving the bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Theme of the Game:

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  • rapsjj2

    gary forbes is a ball hog

    • Shan1180

      as long as he is shooting like he did today, he could hog the ball for the whole game, i don’t really care

      • rapsjj2

        not when your the back up point guard and no one else is getting involved and cant get going

        • Shan1180


          • rapsjj2

            i just want to see a competitive team and play the young guys was nice to see jj over butler because if we are going to get these guys expeirence it might as well be against the starters

            • sa

              don’t we all rapsjj2 don’t we all

  • Shan1180

    i say we draft andre drummond this year. draft james mcaddonext year. have a backcourt of
    SF-James McAdoo
    PF-Andre Drummond
    C-Jonas Valancuinas
    In 4-5 years this will be the top backcourt in the NBA and the age difference between the thre players is no more than one year altogether james-1993 andre-1993 jonas-1992

    trade ed davis + something else and trade for myck kabongo to add a passing point guard that can also be the face of canadian basketball and would be great in toronto, his hometown,

    • The

      Wow, you totally have it figured out. Let’s get that backcourt like, yesterday!

      • abcdefg

        is that sarcasm -_-

    • voy

      sf, pf and c are frontcourt positions.  pg and sg are backcourt.

      if we land the #1 spot I say we grab anthony davis.  drummond will def be stronger than anyone else on the court and probably even faster (the dude is a freak) but he hasn’t figured out how to use his physical abilities yet on the court.  I think alot of people like him just cuz he physically tests off the charts.  Will any of those physical abilities translate into nba success?  Maybe but I like A.Davis better.

      Anthony Davis has nba skills and a crazy defensive presence already.

      Its dangerous to take where a player is born, into consideration, when trying to assess how his game will translate in the nba. I watched kabongo play a few games this season and I really think he could do with another year of college.

      • abcdefg

        yo thats good too. all i want is a solid inside duo like tim duncan and the admiral or even something like bynum and gasol. i want a duo that can provide excellent defense both help and iso and make opposition think before driving in. i want a pair of excellent rebounders, one that excels particularly in defensive where the otheris good at defensive but can also provide the odd offensive for second chance points. i also want a pair that can together drop at least 25-30 points a night consistently. i prefer andre drummond cause his potential is off the charts and if he can learn to use his gifts, he can not only provide excellent d but can also provide at least 20points night by himself and has the potential to become the next great center of the nba

        • abcdefg

          we also need at least three players that can drop 20 points any given
          night and are consisten threats. those three are derozan, james mcadoo,
          andre, bargnani (6th man). our pg should be mainly passive while jonas
          should be a defensive presence. so just in case some of our players r
          cold for that night, we can always half 2-3 other players who can take
          over for him. davis i can’t see him dropping 15-20 on a consistent basis
          because whenever players are drafted as a defensive prescence and
          coaches think they can mold them into an all-around player, thatraerely
          happens. tyson chandler, noah, camby were all drafted to be defensive
          prescences who their coaches figured that they could mold them into a
          two -way player but none of them were able to pull it of since u can’t
          go from playing average offense in high school to become a fantastic
          offensive weapon in the nba since u can’t adapt because they players are
          too good on the defensive side. however, if u slowly adapt, then u can.
          that is why i don’t see davis never becoming a fantastic offensive
          weapon. he grew up playing on the perimeter and passing on a high school
          team and likely provided average offense. if u expect him to go to the
          nba after two years from that average high school stats and expect him
          to learn how to play offense, he can’t because by then, the defensive
          capabilities of the nba will be too much for him to handle. btw this made way more sense in my head if u don’t understand wat i am saying

      • abcdefg

        btw i see washington drafting davis because javal mcgee is their future center and they need help on d which leaves andre available and the birth dates are just an added bonus to make sure that all three players hit their prime at the same time to maximize our chance of winning our championship for that specific 3-5 years time period

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Only 9 NBA Franchises have won the NBA Title since 1980- Bos, LAL, Phi, Hou, Det, Chi, SA, Dal, Mia.

          Stern talks competitive balance then gives the fans an unbalanced condensed post lock schedule which is causing lopsided non competitive games and player injuries while mediocre players still getting big contracts (KBown 7 million GS) and star players (DHoward) demanding to be traded to a team of their selection.

          Raptors will be lucky to make the playoffs under BC in the next 5 years as well compete for a NBA title much less make it out of the East ie Miami/Chi- especially if AB is still the team’s centerpiece no matter who is drafted- who is going to develop the drafted talent in the TDot sans Alex English?

          • abcdefg

            i don’t see bc lasting five years with us and i no that andrea bargnani ain;t gonna be the teams center peice. that we we have to strike for gold and draft andre drummond. he can become the next great big man and along with jonas and james mcadoo, we will have an excellent roster. in five years, chicago will be loosing deng and boozer to age. wade will have lost his skills whereas lebron james will be starting to loose his athleticism. the teams that i am worried about are the clippers, minestoa, washington (likely to stay in loettery for 2 more years) and oklahoma (remind me if i missed someone else.)

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        No wonder BC continues to get over on a segment of the Raptors fan base- educate yourself fans!!

        Davis’ defensive game reminds me a little of Marcus Camby hopefully his body will stand up to the rigors of the NBA a bit better.

        I’d like the Raptors take ADrummond over ADavis if the opprotunity presented itself as ADrummond is a true 5- a paint patroller.

        I don’t see Raptors getting the #1 draft pick post NBA lockout as Stern needs a draft lottery storyline to sell..

        Kabongo is behind Wroten Jr, Teague, BJ Young as freshmen pgs this season imo.

        • abcdefg

          but the thing is that kabongo is a pass first og whereas wroten and teague are combo pgs. after watching jose calderon, i believe that this team needs a pass first future point guard rather than a combo and kabongo is someone that jose can mentor. he is also likely to be picked near the end of the first round or near the 20th selection whereas teague is a likely lottery pick and the way wroten is playing right now, he will likely be a lottery pick too. in a drft lie this, no one is going to give away a loterry pick but maybe we can trade davis for a late first rounder. also we don’t need to be the first overall pick to pick drummond. there is probably 1-4 teams worse than us and that is washington, charlotte, sacramento and detroit. once eric godron comes back, new orleans will have a solid backcourt, miluakee has bogut and jennings so they should at least contend, and so forth. davis should be the fist overall pick by washington, detroit probably won’t draft drummond and maybe we might even strike gold in the lottery. neve rno. but if the oppurtunity presents itself, i say we should try for homerun with andre drummond. there is no point in rebyilding if u are going to contend for a playoff spot. u’ve gotta strike for gold and go for the championship and andre drummond is the most likely player to get us there

        • voy

          i’ve heard the marcus camby comparison before but a.davis is a million times more athletic than camby.  davis also has a better body now than camby ever did and his frame is not as narrow as marcus’ so I think he can continue to add a little more muscle. 

          Maybe their games are similar in that they both block alot of shots but how they block them and other aspects of their game are not as similar as some of the write-ups suggest in my opinion.  A.Davis as a pf is gonna be a beast defensively.

          Drummond, has massive body and unbelievable physical abilities but the basketball skill is no where near the level of D.Anthony. I can see D.Anthony making an impact much sooner where Drummond may take a little time to find his way, in my opinion. 

          I guess it all depends upon what you want.  Even if you like Drummond more, i certainly dont think you can like him by a wide margin over Davis.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Camby was very athletic as a younger player but age and injuries have taken some of that away yet still todayhe is an athletic big man who gets by on skills & smarts not girth in the paint.

            Both ADavis & ADrummond are top level NBA prospects it all depends on one’s taste if you prefer steak or lamb.

            If I had the power to select one or the other to add to this current Raptors team it would be ADrummond.

            • Bobby

              What do you think of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Harrison Barnes? Both great SFs.

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                I like MKidd-Gilchrist alot more than Barnes for the Raptors roster.

                He has that infectious on court energy that transfers to teammates.

                Barnes who I see as a Marvin Williams clone for better or for worse is solid as well.

                • Bobby

                  Yeah I agree, I’m also a bigger fan of MKG than H.Barnes. MKG is the guy I’d really like to see the Raps draft come June, hopefully we can add that Tony Wroten guy with a late pick. I don’t get why some scouting analyses are knocking his height, I think it’s because they project him as a SG rather than a PG.

    • Bobby

      No, in the 2013 draft we should draft future superstar Shabazz Muhammad. Check the kid out, he’s the real deal.

      • Shan1180

        he is better but  idon’t think we will land the first pick. i would dasy that will go to charlotte. if we ship off bargani and begin a true rebuilda nd have a ne fresh start to the organization, we will probably be around top 5 which is where james mcaddo is rated and i really his size and skills and add to the fact he is the nephew of a hall of famer

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    BC’s Raptors basketball vision in action………real culture change or more of the same?

  • SR

    Forwards play in the frontcourt.  Guards play in the backcourt.

    Just sayin.

    • Shan1180


  • Bearvon

    The Ed Davis and Magloire comments were classic.

  • Malefax

    That was some ugly basketball.

  • Darien

    Derozan played amazingly badly today. Couldn’t get anything, nothing on defense and 4-16 in 31 minutes. That is just.. wow It just shows what the dunk contest can do for you. Charles Barkley was talking him up like he was the next Kobe because he should’ve won the dunk contest for real, but he is FAR FAR FAR from a complete player and the “bright” future that Barkley made out for Toronto

    • Abelvedere

      Derozan is what he’s always been…a very overrated not very good SG, without the basic skills to be great. He has also shown that he has even fewer decent games without guys like Bargnani, or Bosh on the floor because when he plays on a team of stinkers and someone actually covers him he cannot create for himself, or hit the open shot. The organization made a mistake touting him as the teams future and their star because they needed to sell tickets, but problem is Derozan actually believes it.

  • RapsM

    It hurts watching so many missed layups and open jumpshots. Boston gave them a chance to make it competitive early, but they could take advantage…

  • Harry S. Truman

    This game was turned off early. I just cant watch a team this scrubby i cant. Wake me up when its draft day.

  • Aaron8007

    Making Andrea look pretty important.  Its amazing that the raps have won 4 games with the current talent level.  How about trading amir and ed davis and draft this Thomas Robinson from Kansas he’s a stud.  This is definetly a good year to suck tonnes of talent in this draft.  The raps have holes at almost every postion and need big upgrades in Backup PG, starting 3, starting 5 and or backup 4 and back up 2 guard(barbosa will be gone).  Maybe Weems comes back and becomes backup too Demar and they continue to get  better together because Demar is struggling with out his side kick. BC is in need of some good luck  if he expects to be back after next year.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      2 of the wins came against Cleveland and 1 was against a NYK’s team w/o Amare, no true pr & starting a rookie PF from Kentucky as well as Minnesota playing on a b2b- not a very solid team win profile when you look closly at it- and AB was with the team then.

      Jose is the back up pg what the Raptors need is a starting pg.

      BC has nothing but bad karma coming his way due to the premature firing of Sam & his continuous bashing of CB in the media- get rid of BC get rid of the bad karma surrounding Raptors basketball.

      Tony Wroten Jr……

      • voy

        Any idea why Wroten is ranked so low is some mock drafts? 

        There looks to be a lot of althleticism, size + basketball skill there for a guy who is supposed to go around 20th.   

        Gotta find time to start watching some Husky games.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Because going into this season (6’6.5 in shoes measure at Deron Williams Skills camp) Tony ‘Black Steel’ Wroten Jr was looked at as a 2013 NBA Draft prospect but his solid play has many NBA GMs looking at him now as a 2012 NBA Draft prospect as why not draft a potential top 5 pick in 2013 a year earlier?

          He has crazy skills- passing, vision, dribbling, penetration, plays hard nosed defense, is a gym rat but like alot of young players needs to work on his jumper, fts and consitent over all play.

          His stock will continue to rise as he the season goes on but don’t over look his teammate 6’7 SG Terrence NASA Ross who is an even better player than TWJr is right now which is a scary thought.

          The UW plays California tomorrow on ESPN or you can catch it online at firstrowsports dot tv.

          • Rob

            Didn’t know you were a scout.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              Believe it or not there’s alot that you don’t know, buddy……

          • voy

            lol, ” black steel”.  awesome nickname. equally awesome song. 

            There are a few guys who look like landmines in the top 10 (Sullinger, Robinson, Beal, in my opinion).  Its hard to believe Wroten will go as low as 15-20 if he declares.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


              Public Enemy is my favorite group and Chuck D one of my favorite emcees.

              The Draft isn’t until June he could rise or fall I’d bet on the first (I believe that he will eventually go Lottery once draft day comes around)- time will tell.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Here’s a TWJr link

          Here’s a Terrence Ross link 

      • We won 4 games with….. YES. And I am quite sure that without AB probably this team wouldn’t have even won one. Everyone talks about picks, talks about Drummond, Barnes…. but in the meantime this team is look like ridiculous.
        Is impressive to see DD and ED play awfully ( I don’t want to talke for Butler, Magloire…). I don’t understand the hype around them, even is clearly these guys are role players. Is not enough to say, that they have need time to improve because is question of talent. If someone has a lot of it, you can see immediately even he makes mistakes. DD and ED are good guys, they are working hard, but we can’t ask them to become something they don’t know. I work hard every day but I’ll never be Michelangelo because I don’t have talent in my hands.

        I hope AB and JC will be traded. They deserve to play for a good teams. I don’t stand the fact that this franchise doesn’t have respect in the league. This is because of Colangelo.

        • what the

          you hope those two players are traded so do i

    • voy

      Thomas Robinson, in my opinion,  is not going to have an nba position.  doesn’t have sf skills and too small to play the power game in the nba.   

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Same with Sullinger. imo

        The more you look at this draft the more you recognize it’s still a crap shoot based mostly on educated guesses related to player potential.

        Maybe they’ll turn out like BBass or Big Baby and adjust their game to the NBA- time will tell.

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        I have a top candidates list who will impact ‘for sure’ in the future.Blow the team and trust the draft.Here it comes…

        -1 Pervies Ellison
        -2 Sam Bowie
        -3 Michael Olowokandi
         -4 Kwame Brown
         -5 Greg Oden
         -6 Shawn Bradley
         -7 Stromile Swift
         -8 Hasheem Thabeet
         -9 Joe Smith
         -10Darko Milicic

        Make sure to tank enough ‘cos I predict you will need in raft night to get lucky with N.1 or N.2 .They wont last by N.3

        By the way, I am an expert as well

  • lol is the writer azn? azning repn’!

  • Adriiian

    Gave up at the beginning of the 4th.
    What you gonna do tho, that’s life without Bargnani. Have we won without him yet?

    • what the

      no we haven’t played the CAVS or WIZ without him yet

  • Wilson

    With Bargnani, we are just a bad team. Without Bargnani, we are a horrible, terrible, garbage team. 

  • Ska

    The most common word during the game on tv were Demar and miss. It say it all

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    I didn’t know we had expert on nba future prospects on this blog ! WOW ! My suggestion is to send a CV to the raptors, you never know (before sending, just change your nickname)

    • TSOL

      Not like we have any experts in the Raptors’ front office anyways

  • Craig

    It was nice to see Devlin ripping on the Raps for missing the wide open chip shots, and 10-15 footers. I liked the sound of his critical tone, and his broadcast tonight didn’t contain an ounce of homerism. 

  • Chris

    I’m still waiting for people to comment about Amir’s fouls….3.65 last year to 4.33 this year. Horrible

    • 2damkule

      to be fair:

      – he’s physically outmatched pretty much every night,
      – DC’s defensive philosophy is nothing easy in the paint, and;
      -he still gets more than his share of completely bogus calls (to wit: his 2nd last night came on a demar baseline drive, in which there was as little contact as possible between amir & garnett, yet amir got a phantom push-off foul, putting him on the bench & negating DDs score). 
      – his MPGs have increased slightly, which accounts for the incresed PF/gm somewhat (it accounts for about 1/2 of the increase).

      i’ve actually been very impressed with what amir’s done, and the fouls don’t really bother me.  i’ll take those over easy buckets.  now, if he’d stop getting the BS calls…even if there’s just 1/game (and there usually is), that’d make a difference.

      • Pizzaman

        I agree completely!! Amir is playing good aggressive ball and doing everything you could ask of him playing center with a size disadvantage most nights, and playing with a bunch of scrubs. He has been one of only three guys playing at an NBA level on this team and I think he’s a keeper if he stays healthy backing up Bargs and Val in the front court.

  • DC

    This teams lack of overall talent is sickening. This team is filled with scrubs (kleiza, a gray, forbes) has been’s/ never was (maglore/butler/anthony carter) role players on good teams (amir j, bargnani, j calderon, barbosa) and so called potential that most likely equals a role player at best (derozen, ed davis, jj, bayless). This team is a mess i don’t even think michael jordan could get this  bunch to a .500 record. The raptors are never gonna be good and definantly never championship calibur in toronto. Sure maybe in 4-5 seasons they might get lucky enough to get to the hawks/ pacers level where they can challenge for seeds 6-8 but nothing more.  I know I’m going to get killed for that but cmon even if we got a Lebron/Durant hell even a CB/Granger player in the draft their not going to want to stay after 4-5 years  of mediocrity at best anyways. Thats why colangelo always drafts foreigners because those are the only ones that actually want to stay/come play for toronto. JV better be the next D12 or Dirk because if he Tyson Chandler this teams going no where fast. O and for people saying that AB was the best in his draft ill tell you I would rather have rudy gay or lamarcus aldridge. I think every team looks at a loss to the raptors as worse then losing to any other team in the league, bc its toronto. For god’s sake players have to get a passport to come play here lol. Honestly the best thing for this team would be for them to move to a city in the US. Not saying anything is wrong with the city of toronto but no players going to want to move there when theyre plenty of highly populated cities in the US. What was the last good high profile FA to not only come to the raptors but was actually any good? Don’t say Turk? Jermaine Oneal was over the hill at best even he knew he was. So who before that? What antonio davis, he was a good player but not a world beater by any means. Hakeem the dream? lol. Mogusy… another laugher. For this post I know imma get killed for it but im just going to state the obvious.

    • Nilanka15

      I understand the frustration, but c’mon dude.  Every single NBA player needs a passport, whether or not you play for the Raptors.  Every team plays at the ACC at least once a season.

      And 4-5 years is a damn long time.  There’s absolutely no way you (or anyone else) can predict how competitive this team will be in 2017.

      • DC

        True Nilanka you can’t predict how competitive this team in 4-5 years. But you can look at the past 4-5 years hell go back 10 -15  years. How many playoff series has this team won since the one where VC was one shot away from the finals? Exactly? How many big name FA’s were said to want to come play for the raptors? Im talking about good FA’s not Turk. Yea people thought Turk would be good but he wasn’t and still isn’t any good so he was bad after they made the trip to the finals. Its like when the grizz were in vancouver. But then moved to memphis. Who was a better team Vancouver back then or Memphis now. 

    • CaseyDaMan

      FA solution, and only thing the Raptors can do=move to a city in the U.S.?

      You mean either Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Miami, NY, Indiana (barely in signing West), Atlanta (barely in signing Joe Johnson), Phoenix (barely in signing Nash), Philly (if you stretch and count Brand)? Because you could essentially say the same things (minus the silly passport thing), or worse, about every other city in the NBA. Any other good teams over this period have been built through the draft and trades, with no significant FA signings that did much. You think the only solution for the Raps is to move to one of the above mentioned 10 cities (6 really), that already have teams, or do you have another city in mind for this brilliant idea?

  • Raps

    we draft Q.Miller or MKG. Trade Barbosa to the hawks for their 1st round pick on draft night. Draft Miller/MKG and Kabongo. JV comes over and we resign Weems, Starting lineup:

    Calderon(until Kabongo learns the ropes)/Kabongo/AC
    JJ(until Miller or MKG is ready to start)/Miller(or MKG)/Kleiza
    Big V/Amir/re sign Arron gray