The “make it rain (boos)” edition:

Barbosa: made it to the line and helped settle his teammates and bring them back to have a shot at winning this thing. He really showed his “mentor” tag today, showing the young guys that all is not lost early.

Butler: in a night where the little rascals took over the show, Spanky here actually had a half decent game. Good defence, active, but missing more shots than Lindsay Lohan.

Calderon: ugly early but a ringmaster in the second half. Jose was giving balls to people better and more often than a horny guy in the M4M section on Craigslist. 13 assists, but on the bad end of a brutal turnover at the end of the game.

Carter: Anthony must feel like a mould covered piece of bread beside a stale bagel. You really have to re-think your career when someone like Gary Forbes is stealing your minutes. I’ll go down fighting saying this guy deserves some floor time with the young kids. You are paying him for his mind, so play him.

Davis: 32 minutes and only 5 FG attempts? Really? I make more attempts trying to get into the Beer Store at 3am when I’m drunk.  I cry for all of you that thought Ed would lead the team in double doubles this year. It’s obvious he’s off and needs either rest or a trip back to college to have his old coach remind him of what he does well. Shame to see young talent wasted.

DeRozan: I picture Casey standing in front of DeRozan at halftime absolutely belittling every family member, insulting his eye colour, and finishing with him being drier than Drake. DeMar certainly came out in the second half and made it look like something went down because he was aggressive, he cared, and frankly he put the team on his back offensively.

Forbes: our backup point guard (who I expect to read has taken a crowbar to Bayless’ knee on the way to the charter tonight) produced a disappointing effort after showing some promise. He just doesn’t play the role well, looking more like someone that is surprised to be in control of the ball as opposed to being what he needs to be: a quarterback.

Gray: fouled out but made every one of them count. I still want to see him hand around the basket and produce some putbacks, but his hustle is infectious and the fans are gonna love this guy. Seeing him talk some smack in the fourth was glorious.

A. Johnson: just a horrible game from Amir. Aldridge was playing with him like a butcher cutting up some meat and Johnson just looked like he was in the 10th round against a heavyweight all night. Gray outplayed him by far and it will be interesting to see what direction Coach goes against the Clippers.  Go with the gassed guy or give major minutes to someone that looks hungry?

J. Johnson: he started the game like a person with a stutter trying to recite the Peter Piper rhyme. Casey sat him down and told him he was taking his crayons away. JJ steamed and, when put back in, he played like a world champion cock in a cock fight. This was like game 1 of the season. Spaghetti head was every where on both ends of the court and it was epic.

Kleiza: good thing we waited for him to come back, huh? Another game filled with enough content from him as you would find in the centre of a hole. Stand in a spot and shoot. That’s all we need. We know you are one dimensional and we embrace it. You should too.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • JD

    Raptors/Blazers games are always among the hardest games to watch as a Raptors fan. A painful reminder that we drafted Bargnani over Aldridge. The overall talent-level isn’t even close.

    • what the

      Aldridge has been playing like this for a while now and the other guy for about 10 games

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        The other guy name is Andrea Bargnani and I suppose you are a Raptor fan not the other team fan.

      • Doug

        “The other guy” is surrounded by crap pieces, and doesn’t get to play with a legit SF like Gerald Wallace, a legit PG like Felton, a good SG like Matthews and a solid centre like Camby. Nice try though.

        I think some people just don’t understand the extreme lack of talent that AB has to play with.

        And I’m no fanboy these are just facts.

        • what the

          a legit point gaurd? what the ____ you call CALDERON the other guy side kick mister double double frig that what about the last 5 yeeeears suddenly after 10 , count them 10 games his teammate aren’t good enough to play with him get this MICHEAL REDD off this team. LET GO RAPTORS

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t buy that for a second. Bargnani has had plenty of good teammates over tape past 6 years.

          • Anon

            This reply would be much more effective if you actually listed who you are talking about.

            • Doug

              I think he means superstars like Rasho Nesterovic, Anthony Parker, Joey Graham, Juan Dixon, Jason Kapono, Ukic, Antoine Wright, Bayless, Julian Wright, Reggie Evans and Jamario Moon. 

              So yeah, I think that’s what he means by “plenty of good teammates,” lolol…

    • Jeff.T

      I like Aldridge but we made him look a lot better than he actually is tonight, he’s just a 20-8 guy. We’ve been accustomed to getting owned by opposing PFs and Centres from other teams.

      • Jeff.T

        And to add, I’m a big fan of Amir and he has his place on this team long-term, but it’s too hard for him to guard some of the bigger guys every game, when JV fills out + drafting a defensive power forward like A.Davis and the front court would be dominant for years.

        • Raps4Ever

          hey, he had an off game. with the schedule this year, every player in the league is going to have some big downers.  a lot of crap bball as this season wears on

    • cesco

      The next 5 years would be a better time to evaluate both players rather
      than the last 5 years . Once the Raps become competitive ( like Portland ) then we will
      see who accomplish more .

      • what the

        cesco stop it! the next 5 years are you for real?

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      Try again…. Where are all the ED must start instead of bargnani

      • CB4.6allstars.AB.zilch

        I think for most of those people it was thought that Ed should start at PF and Andrea should play center. You know the position he has been playing the last 4 years including last year when there was no Bosh around.

      • what the

        dude ED has been in the nba 1 year the other guy 5 yeeeears 

    • mr.t

      At the time of that draft we still had Bosh. Aldridge was perceived then and for the next few years as “Bosh-Lite”. He also suffered from the same criticisms that were leveled against Bargnani – too passive on the glass, won’t play “D”, will never live up to his potential.  No one thought Chicago made a mistake trading him for Tyrus Thomas!  Then last year the light bulb seemed to finally come on and he came into his own.  He’s building on that this year.  Let’s hope the same happens to our pick.  (And watching Aldridge lately – he may be better than Bosh now.)

      • Lorenzo

        I agree with most of what you said, but Bosh is clearly better (i don’t like Bosh)

        • why

          Why do you think it so clear cut that Bosh is better? Portland is a better tean with aldridge as its; top player tahn Toronto ever was with Bosh?

          • Lorenzo

            Look at Bosh’s teammates… and then look at Aldridge’s teammates…

      • RapthoseLeafs

        You mean, we could’ve traded Bosh for the 2nd pick overall (plus probably another 1st), all the while grabbing Bargnani as well.

  • Aaron8007

    Two and half games out of the playoffs   Playoffs for sure this year.  I’m a little worried that all the east teams are trying to suck and steal the raptors draft picks. 

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      How bad East has become.Too many teams in NBA, too many scrubs players, show must go on.

  • Copywryter

    Best thing about this season is that it makes me hungry for competitive basketball and I tune in to more west coast games.  That’s all the positivity I could muster. 

  • Aaron8007

    Can we fast forward to next year when he have some new talent in the house…JV, draft pick and 8-10 million to spend.  At least when bargnani’s around they actually take the lead sometime in the game past the first quarter.

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    To the Blogger: If you delete comments, why do not include the mum ‘full of seam’ from yesterday.

    If not, You must make piece with yourself.

    • what the

      whats a mum is that like a ship fill with seamen

  • what the

    f_nb_ys  just like a bunch of republican getting their panties in a knot cry cry cry

    • Raps4Ever

      aren’t you an angry little bugger with nothing to offer but rip into people. must suck to be you

      • what the

        you want to see angry wait until some of your fellow Republicans i mean fanboys gets on here you’ll see angry and then we can disscus angry

  • FAQ

    Watched the last 5 minutes… and I wondered why anybody would bother watching the Raptors shit between the bedsheets… again.

    • what the

      i know its hard watching the raptors team when the  “other guy” isn’t playimg bet he’s resting up for the  allstar game but should be back on  Jan.29 (NETS) don’t waste your five minutes bud

  • DC

    To anyone that thinks andrea bargnani was a better pick then lamarcus Aldridge should get the basketball watching card revoked.

  • Fuckingcoons

    we get smoked tonight…the young gunz got raped….and the dumb niggers in here manage to make it about bargs who didnt even play…..whats new in raptorland.

    • DC

      Come see me in person u lil bitch and say that don’t hide behind ur fucking computer where u live at so I can personally come fuck u up

      • ghostface

        What happened to this forum. It used to be amazing. Great insight into players and games. Now it is just bickering and insults. What a shame…and what happened to the moderators?

    • Blind Man

      Not sure how this is acceptable, and I don’t care that he’s an idiot.

  • embarassed fan

    Gusy, are you SERIOUS?!?!
    DD is the BIGGEST FAIL in the NBA-History and you are blaming BARGS???????? 21 pt with 22 shot, constantly 30%? and this is your future go to guy?? hahahahahaha can’t stop laughing, seriously this is embarassing.
    Aldridge would play shit in this “team”. This is painfull.
    Please please please BC, trade Bargs and go with DD and Davis for a fantastic future, mayby in the D-League. 

  • Demarfan

    DD has madd swag yo! His spin moves are like “whoosh! see ya lata
    alligata!” And before his opponent can respond wid de “in a whilez
    crocodilez” he dunks like “KA-BOOM-Crack-A-Lack-A-Derozan-Dun-Got-Ya!”
    In Compton if you dun dunk you dun eat, and mah boy eats like a champ!
    Making wide open jumpas is for suckas, I said it, you wanna take it to
    the street? That ain’t real ball, real ball is spin moves and dunkz,
    spin moves and dunkz. I’ll put dat to a beat and make de hataz dance to
    death, you’ll cee.

    • WJF

      I am now dumber for having just read that.

      • Mediumcore

        We all are.

  • Nilanka15

    With or without Bargnani, this team is garbage. Hence the reason nobody is untouchable

    • cesco

      Unfortunately for you , the rebuild will now go on with Andrea as the team leader and Jose to second him . The building will not be torn down again . The future new pieces and JV will take a few years to develop and a team leader is needed now otherwise this team will fall completely apart . It is like  investing your money , do not keep selling or switching ( rebuilding your portfolio every few months ) , it never work ( no one can predict the future in stocks same as no one can predict the future in drafting or trading in the NBA , see NY now) .

  • Raps4Ever

    Ugh, someone got all racist over it, but the general point is true:
    we get smoked tonight…the young gunz got raped….and the dumb azzholes in here manage to make it about bargs who didnt even play…..whats new
    in raptorland.

    It’s pitiful that unless you agree with the dumb azzholes, you get labelled a fanboy, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Even if meant as derogatory, I’d rather be called that in place of living with myself as one of the lonely, angry hateboys using it.

    • Pizzaman

      well said.
      Cannot believe how watching the gunz led by Derozan stunk it up and it’s someone ele’s fault all the time.
      Even when AB is back I don’t expect much of anything because the poor guy only has two other NBA players on his team in Jose and Amir.
      He has played his whole career with a dud at SG and SF, so they wonder why the scoring has to come from the bigs and the PG.

  • I am really sick to read someone to compare everytime AB with another player. Doesn’t matter if he played or not. My question is simply: Aldridge played absolutely well, but who were his opponents tonight? AJ, ED, Gray… come on. No one was capable to contain him. I want to ask this: if AB played tonight against Raptors, there was anyone on Rapt’s roster capable to contain him. The answer is simply, no.

    I hope he leaves this team, he deserves to stay far far away this organization and have an opportunity to play with the real NBA players. I really want to see who would be the next player on the ‘black list’. DD, AJ, ED, Val? Who?

    This team is crap. Without AB and JB we don’t have enough talent to compete. ED is ridiculous, but he has talent (sure…). And despite all, this team is only at 2.5 game behind the 8th spot! But Brian wants to see tanking, instead to trade someone to add a good talent. Because incredible or not the possibility to fight for PO spot is possible. Currently Cavs are in 7th position (def. them twice!!), NY 8th (def. them too) and the Celtics are so close to implode, while the other teams are not better and better than us.

  • FAQ

    BC will bleach the Ratpors making it a predominantly international team..just watch.

    He could trade AB to Denver for Gallo and Fernandez, then bring in Val and other internationals.

    The US homie boys jes’ don’t wanna play in Toronto and it shows.  

  • Statement

    Some positives…..

    The teams’ defense has improved in the year. It appears that the coach hasn’t lost the players’ ears.

    They appear to be motivated, even though they lack the talent to win.

    Gary Forbes has some upside (but then again, so did Sonny Weems).

    Bargs is playing better.

    Demar is getting a CLEAR picture of what he needs to improve upon (his handles).

    One thing it seems about Demar is that if he feels he needs to work on something (this offseason it was his 3-pt range), he will put in the work.

    Jose Calderon is back to his good old self. 

    J.V. is coming, a high pick is coming and we have money in the offseason.