The “how do you remove a boot from ones ass” edition:

Barbosa: well he pulled a Davis and missed a butter layup that I could have made after drinking 12 Creemore and having RapsFan spin me in a wheelbarrow, but the rest of his game was pretty solid on a night were almost every Raptor sucked eggs.

Bayless: a welcome sight to see him back but it appeared he may have re-aggravated his high ankle sprain in the second half. His shot was off and an elephant would have had a better lift on a jumper, but he did a passable job of moving the ball and defending as best he could on a semi-blown wheel.

Butler: I love Sundays. Family time, nice and relaxing, good food, blood pressure takes a tumble.  Using the day of the week analogy, Rasual to me is a Monday morning crammed with meetings, paperwork, and a buttered bagel that ends up landing on your newly pressed purple shirt.

Calderon: face it, Jose must have been having cold sweats about this game right from day one. The possibility of going up with Paul being backed up by Billups is like you challenging your wife to lingerie shopping without knowing her bra size. Luckily (you might think) Paul was sitting in a houndstooth jacket  making googly eyes at Billy Crystal, yet Jose was still shown up so badly by Billups that rumour has it Spain are flying their flags at half mast.

Davis: Alabi has been recalled from the D, so it’s time to send this uncaring bitch down to where buses rule the world. I truly see this kid as part of our future, but if he is mentally intimidated by NBA talent, lets ship him to, hell, I don’t care….Oshawa to play ball against guys he should be able to take 1 on 5. It’s incredible to me the difference in his play compared to last year and the whole “new system” thing is wearing thin 2 months in.

DeRozan: was hoping the Compton air would energize him and it did look like he was picking things up today. We saw an alley oop, a drive, some ill-advised shots from deep….in other words DeMar from last year. 8 trips to the line again which is solid and something he needs to keep up.

Forbes: nailed firmly to the bench (or Jamaal was sitting on his tearaways and he couldn’t get up) and only saw action in garbage time. In other words, the raccoon was released back in his natural environment.

Gray: can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing a Raptors player get put in and immediately get in the ear of an opponent. It’s fantastic. Add to that the fact that Aaron seemed to be taking on 1/2 the Clippers team at some points and it should make those of you that miss Chiclets a little less lonely.

A. Johnson: brutal game filled with quick yanks by Casey that must have been pretty loud in the empty head of Amir. No doubt he sat there and watched Gray absolutely tap dance on his ego and further force Casey to question if Amir is worthy of a starting spot when Andrea comes back.

J. Johnson: this guy just keeps reminding me of flying Air Canada to LaGuardia.  On a good day everything is smooth and you get what you want out of your plans. On most days, though, you are dealt a hand of frustration, delayed performance, and perceived indifference from the pilot. Another guy that felt the cane around his neck today he just didn’t have it.

Kleiza: kiss your kids on the forehead when they go to bed tonight because the apocalypse is coming early and she is due tonight.  Linas was having fun and actually being effective, showing what we saw flashes of before his horrible injury. He was a big part of the bench crew that brought us back into this game when it was threatening to be a major catastrophe.

Magloire: doesn’t show in the statline, but he had a pretty good game. He certainly filled up the gap down low when Amir and Ed gave us next to nothing and it seemed Jamaal felt challenged for one of the rare times this season, stepping his game up to answer.  More please.

Driving the bus: Linas Kleiza

Under the bus: Jose Calderon

Theme of the Game:

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  • Dekobeyo

    4-19 and having your shot blocked 5 times.

    • Pizzaman

      This team sorely lacks talent, and I cannot blame Jose and even Amir for they are stuck playing with nothing but scrubs other than perhaps Barbosa.
      Are we ready to concede that Derozan is exactly what we see which is an athletic young man, with very sub par basketball skills. Since his lucky 5 of 8 three point game he has gone 2 of 22 shooting the three at a 9% clip which is much more normal for him. While a SG needs to develop a shot and range, he is harming the team even more by practicing his horrible shot in game situations. He needs to focus his offense on the two things he does well which is break out in transition, and drive to the hoop for calls when he has a weak defender. Other than that his game should be learning to play defense, and learning how to pass the ball because that’s the best way he can help this team. It is painful to watch him try to dominate the game offensively when he does not have the talent to do so.
      Oh and yes let’s not forget that the King of trolls said that AB stole Ed’s minutes by moving to PF. 
      AB actually handles the ball better than everyone on the team except Jose, Bayless, Carter and Barbosa so perhaps he should steal some minutes from the wings as well since he can do their job better as well.
      Tanking is for losers but it’s hard not to tank when you play in the NBA with only a few NBA players on your team.

      • DeMar DeRozan

        shut the fuck up. You can’t expect DD to drop 20 points every night when no one in the starting line up can hit a jump shot to save their life. Keep sucking on Jose and Amir’s dicks. Your calling 2nd and 3rd year players scrubs when amir went 1 and 1 tonight and jose couldn”t hit a single jumper. Bc and Casey overhauled the entire coaching staff and brought in an entirely new philosophy. Try learning rocket science in one day, its impossible same as building. It takes a while for everyone to learn, once DeMar and Ed start getting it they’ll shut your ass up. Stick to what your good at, which is delivering pizza.

        • Pizzaman

          nice language shows you’re a moron. Amir and Jose have had a few poor games, but DD has played horribly pretty much all season jacking up shots he cannot make. Also how is Jose or Amir for that matter supposed to get good looks when their starting SG never really demands any attention on the perimeter?

      • Adriiian

        I completely agree Pizzaman.
        And Bayless coming back, I was excited, until he missed his first few shots and then I was like “yeah, still terrible, just a spot on the roster.”

        • Nilanka15

          Pretty much every single one of Bayless’s misses were off front rim.  He doesn’t have his legs back yet, but that’s expected after missing 13 games.

          • Pizzaman

            As much as I don’t think Bayless will be a star, I agree he needs some time to get his legs for his shot, and he needs to think of better shot selection but then again this team does not have anyone much worth passing to. Bayless is still great to have back because while he’s not great he’s better than the scrubs we’ve been playing.

  • mountio

    Its too bad that AB “stole” Ed’s starting PF role. I can only imagine where this team would be if Ed had a chance to start ..
    Oh .. um … shit …

    I want the guy to do better .. but man, this is getting out of hand .. and there is no one left to blame other than himself at this point…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      If you’re going to quote me at least get it right- AB stole Amir & Ed’s PF spot- I never said Ed would start most likely it would have been Amir but Ed would have been Amir’s primary back up splitting playing time with Amir at PF.

      The same place the team would be with AB starting at PF- oh…um…shit…

      • Steve

        You are one funny fucker.

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      Speaking of PF….Bosh “The Man” close to a triple double . WOW. 37 min 23 pt – 6 reb – 8 TO. He always remember TO (!). He will be at the All Star as a Catwoman, ofcourse.

      • sleepz

        Defintely not a good game with the to’s but still produced some no?

        Question….why didn’t you post his stats the night before that? I guess its only worth noting if the stat lines suits your purposes. 
        One of the stat lines you  should probably post is that he’s a 6 time about to be 7 time all-star no?

        Your moniker is wack but it makes me laugh. If thats (38 points) what your hanging your hat on and thats the highest point of Andrea’s career, he won’t have too many real accomplishments to brag to his grandchildren about after his playing days commence.

        • Nilanka15

          You can’t reason with fanboys, dude.  This guy sees Bargnani wearing a red cape, with a giant ‘S’ on his chest.

  • Matt

    This is a really bad team but talents wise, it seems like we are one of the worst in the league too. Looking at teams with similar record as us: Golden State, Sac, Detroit, Bobcats and … Their young players are performing and ours are NOT.

    What has happened to Ed and DD ? Why are they worst than they were last year ? How is that even possible ?

    Glad to see Alabi coming back. Hope he gets some minutes here. 

    • c_bcm

      New system. New coach. No practice. Imagine trying to learn learn a new math equation during your exams (when it matters). Imagine learning how to dance on national tv. You get my point. It’s tough to watch, but it will get better.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        BC has bottomed out the Raptors so badly it can only get better (or stagnate at this abysmal level for awhile) lockout or no lockout, new coach or no new coach, short training camp or no short training camp…….

        Keep hope alive (Jesse Jackson voice)…..smh

        We need a new President & GM!

        • Dekobeyo

          youre young gunz deserve the blame you fucking dummy.

        • c_bcm

          I really don’t think getting a new GM at this point will accomplish anything. Like you said, we have totally bottomed out at this point, which is what any new GM would do to this roster anyways. I like the principles that BC has put into the organization, even though it hasn’t translated into wins, or frankly competing. This is what the franchise needs. A makeover. An attempt to establish an identity. Last season the identity was started, hard work, and gritty play. This season saw that continue, but it’s been lacking a bit because the players aren’t seeing any success with it.

          All that will come though. Thanks to the local sports media its become a bit of a cliche, but the message holds true despite all that: keep pounding the rock.

  • leftovercrack

    Bargnani ain’t going anywhere, Amir is signed for a while and JV is coming next year – hell Alabi just got called up. There is no space for Davis on the Raptors and he knows it. Time to ship him for a pick while he still has some value

    • Nilanka15

      The way he’s playing right now, Davis would barely be worth a box of Crackerjacks.  If there’s any intent on trading him, we’d have to wait until he steps up his game a little. 

  • raptorboy

    It’s alright to call this season “one long practice” and to get the spoils of a horrible record (lottery) but what about the players morale? Seems like the losing is starting to affect the boys and that’s not good. We need to get a couple w’s to get some life back into the team. Hopefully AB will be back soon and we can get this thing back on track. I don’t mind the loses but the deflated play of the team is hard to watch.

    • Tinman

      To be honest, am not worried about anyone’s feelings or moral. Your opening line summed it up well. This season is a tryout for next year and the closer we are to last place at season’s end the better. This losing streak without Bargnani is actually a good thing.

      Both DeRozan and Davis have been getting minutes that they don’t really deserve. These two are supposed to be pieces of our future and we can all admit, both have been disappointing.

      The positive is that both are still very young and have the potential to develop. You can add Bayless, A Johnson and J Johnson to that list as well. We use this season as a luxury to see who can play for this team.

      A season long practice, with a reward of a low lottery pick to go along with Jonas V waiting in the wings. 

      • Mediumcore

        You have a lot of faith in Jonas having an impact at the NBA level.  Keeping my fingers crossed you’re right.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Jonas isn’t better than Ed nor Amir now or in the near future- real talk….

          • Lorenzo

            You wouldn’t believe how much I’m laughing right now!!

        • Pizzaman

          Of course the same idiot that said Bargs stole Ed’s minutes now also knows more than all the scouts and GM’s, because he knows that JV will not be any better than Ed or Amir. Problem is all you have to do is watch JV play to realize he’s already way ahead of both, especially davis.
          JV has all the skills necessary to dominate, and now needs to add muscle and experience, while Davis does not have the body or the skills. ( I believe he can someday be a decent rebounder and defender but that’s it.

          • DeMar DeRozan

            wow you finally said something right bravo!

          • Nilanka15

            + 1

          • Mediumcore

            wow, not sure what has you all upset. Just saying that I hope he has the impact which some feel he will have right away. He hasn’t played a minute in the NBA yet so there will be growing pains. I think he will be a good player, but not have an impact right away.

            • Pizzaman

              I’m actually not upset about anything, but for someone to comment that Jonas is not better now or in the near future than Amir or Ed is simply wrong. I have been watching him play as much as possible before the draft and after the draft in real game situations ( not You Tube highlights which show the few good moments someone has) and this kid is a star in the making. He has very good skills right now and better skills right now than either Amir or Ed, and he’s getting better weekly and he just turned 20 so he has time to gain some muscle, and experience.  I would bet heavy against Jonas being a bust as he has huge talent, and basketball IQ. I am convinced he will be an impact player almost right away and eventually be our most valuable player, and an all star.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Tell that to cash paying ticket buying fans….one long practice…pr spin for losing….smh

      Spoils of losses (lottery)- like dropping from 3rd to 5th?lmfao

      You don’t mind the losses because you have most likely never played the game at a high compettitive level as just like winning losing is a culture.

      AB isn’t going to help this team win games with his fragile 11 game hard palying ass self…does he have a single defined muscle on his body??

      Tanking is for suckas and fans that support tanking are pathetic in Nature to the team & fan base!!!

      • nottheendoftheworld


      • Pizzaman

        you’re a pathetic loser

      • Tinman

        No one mentioned anything about tanking and if you think no effort will be tolerated please see post game comments from Coach Casey on Amir,
        Thats some serious hate you got going for Bargnani.

        And while never played competitive basketball I have competed at competitive levels in hockey, baseball and badminton so I can relate.

        I speak as a fan and state what’s best for this team.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I wasn’t even responding to you?lol smh

          I was talking to raptorboy- recognize- wow….

          • Tinman

            well he didn’t mention tanking either –

      • Dekobeyo

        we see your pattern of blaming every thing thats white with the raptors you fucking bigot.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Is Casey white?lmfao @ u

        • Nilanka15

          No, the only racist here is you, Joshua Reynolds.

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Ed Davis – 31 minutes 1 fgm 5 reb. He is playing 5 feet from the rim. How that can be. Let’s say two rebounds just fall on his hands, that makes a ‘soft primo pasta’ guy who can’t shoot from 3,from 2, even under the rim. Plus his face is just ‘whatImdoinghereIwantobeinUSA’ . I can’t see all this hype on ED potential. Sorry

    • Mediumcore

      In all fairness he hasn’t had his mandatory 5 years to develop like AB did.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        AB got 5 years- so does Ed!!lol

        • Pizzaman

          AB was better in high school than Ed is now.

      • Sam Holako

        He’s got 4 more years of development and this corner of the internet ripping him until he does something.

        That said, AB showed much more promise in his first two-seasons, then Davis has so far

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          AB #1 overall draft pick.

          Ed 13th overall draft pick.

          AB is always going to better than Ed on offense it’s on defense where Ed needs to show progress (rebounding, shot blocking) while working on his offensive game (Alex English anyone?).

          It’s foolish to judge either Ed or DD so soon into this unbalanced season.

          AB’s 1st 2 seasons each consisted of full training camps & no NBA lockouts with the same head coach…..just sayin’.

  • voy

    this is what it sounds like
    when doves cry.

    not really.

    ca-CAW, ca-CAW.  Is that it? I dont think so either but whatevs.

    More of the same.  Not enough talent.  I mean, this year is gonna be what this year is gonna be. 

    Keep coaching ED. Give him his minutes as long as he’s working.  Hopefully we start to see some improvement.  I’ll be happy if the kid can become “just” a rebounder and defender. 

    Keep feeding Barbosa minutes.  If we can get mid first round draft pick for him consider it, this year or next. 

    Pray lots of underclassmen declare this year.

    • Nilanka15

      ….but Milhouse is my name.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I said AB would miss 7 games with his questionable calf injury- 1 more to go.

    I guess year 7 will most likely be AB’s break out year when he plays hard for 15 straight games before getting injured…..with a pulled calf to escape Casey’s on court accountability….

    Andrea Bargnani aka The Pope aka King Bargs aka Golden Child aka Lazy Mo’fo’er aka No Star aka The Italian Cancer aka I’m a PF not a Center aka  Spoiled Brat aka Pasta!

    Rebounding is for pussies! (Andrea voice)

    Playing hard is for peasants! (Andrea voice)

    Defense is for dummies! (Andea voice)

    Playing hard on both ends for more than 10 games in a row is crazy- get Gheradini on the phone- I think tomorrow I will strain my calf, yes, the same one as last season! (Andrea voice)

    Culture change or more of the same?????

    • Pizzaman

      you really need a life

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        Don’t feed a pig

        • Pizzaman

          you’re right thank you. I got carried away because I usually stay away but I cannot believe how a few morons dominate this site.

    • Steve

      You must really miss Bargnani seeing as you always talk about him even when he doesn’t play. Only reason he gets injured is from carrying this scrubby team on his shoulders. 

      Do you have some kind of personal vendetta against him? Only thing that makes sense to me.

      I’m an idiot (BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!! voice).

    • Yelaroth

      +1 totally agree with you! man you’re so right

    • Yelaroth

      Now get off here you little chimp F***

    • d279

      Starting to wish you would miss 7 games,enough already you sound like a broken record.

    • what the

      …and i say jan.29 Nets

  • FAQ

    Bargnani and Calderon are the soul of the Raptors…believe it.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      That’s why the Raptors have no soul…lol

      • FAQ

        Yo’ bro’s don’t seem to contribute much ‘soul’ to the team.  They’re goofing off pretty bad.

    • what the

      WELL! the Raptors are going to need a heart transplant pretty soooon…believe that. 

      • FAQ

        More like a testicular transplant… if they can find donors…

  • Figgy15

    I’d like to see a few of our players traded for bartenders. At least bartenders can make shots…..

    • Lorenzo


    • what the

      if Sam were their coach they need to get the f^%k off this team primo and speedy its time for these two fluckers to get the hell off this team blow it up

  • Hound

    I really wish AB would come back and steal Ed’s minutes again. Starting to think JT wasn’t so bad. Losing a guy like Reggie and getting vets like butler and carter to replace him was brilliant, if you want the first pick. 

    That little guard Fortson who has been playing with the Clippers might be worth a ten day look, once Paul and Bledsoe come back and he is sent back to the D-League.

  • Steve

    If AB didn’t play for the rest of the season this team would own the league’s worst record and challenge for the longest consecutive losing streak hands down. There is no one that can consistently drop at least 20 PPG like AB can. 

    And AB stole Ed’s minutes? SMFH….

  • Adriiian

    If we keep giving players 5 years to develop, we’ll be bottom feeders for life.

    • 511

      True enough. Waiting makes sense if the talent looks like it might be special … or at least special enough. But I don’t see anyone on this team right now that fits that description. 

      And … I figure we didn’t ‘wait’ for Bargnani as much as we just kind of kept saying “Are we really gonna have to trade this guy after selecting him number one overall? Let’s give him one more year.” 

      And we finally got lucky. If, you know, those first ten or so games weren’t some sort of mirage. 

    • what the

      what da!! so only this guy should 5 years 11 games 3 coaching change… the first 10 games of the season to me are like pre season games for all NBA teams

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Raptors need Andrea back badly, his 23PPG is a lot more preferable than this trash Ed and Demar producing

  • wes mantooth

    i was at the game and all i can say is these guys are AWFUL!!! even the clippers fans were in awe of how bad they are. besides jose bargs and maybe derozan theyre not even an nba team.
    sitting with a bball crowd that knows the game was interesting, because they were all saying the same thing ‘this team is so boring!” why do they wait til 5 on the shot clock to shoot everytime and why doesnt derozan(who has local fans) complain that hes getting fouled?” the guy is soft and it seems to me that coach has already lost this team. 0 structure in there offense! theyre lost without bargs which is sad in its own right.
    they have to be tanking

    • Doug

      “even the clippers fans were in awe of how bad they are.”

      Yep, Clippers fans know bad when they see it.

  • Valit

    I dont know who the moderators of RR are, but this site tends to become totally irrelevant from a fan point of view; The discussions are limited to calling names,advancing own ideas, lies etc. I dont care a pro AB or anti AB, pro or anti DD discussion  as long it is relevant; This is YOUR site, not a democracy…if people dont like it…there are tons of other blogs around. It’s becoming boring to read and argue ad nauseam with the same people; I’m sorry about the rant and I do not want to become patronizing but PLEASE…when we criticize a player, remember that he might have some strengths in which he can help the team, there are outer factors involved, etc….yes we played terrible, we need to find way to advance ideas to improve the team ( not that the brains upstairs will ever care) but there is a decent way to do it. BTW…question for Arse…isnt the fate of Raps and Arsenal quite similar?

    • WillFerell

      To answer the last question, sadly no lol. Arsenal are at like the 6th place right now and with all the financial backing they could buy some top pieces. They could fight their way to the top in a couple of years but they will not get relegated or drop to the midtable i believe.

      • Valit

        Will, let’s pray you’re right…but never the less..very painful to watch yesterday’s game

    • FAQ

      Yes, the truth hurts tribal honking fans like you.  This ratshit lil’ forum is the only forum that permits the brutal truth about the Ratpors… and allows angry fans to express their unhappiness and anger.  It’s theraputic.

      Btw… all reasonable discussion has been exhausted, and now The Truth prevails.

      Eat it ………….

      • Raps4Ever

        So a calm, polite attempt to shed some light on the value of respectful sharing of opinions is “tribal honking”, but daily venting of the same anger issues, using the same lines, over and over, while attacking those that have a different opinion isn’t honking but therapeutic. Seems such “anger honking” people need more therapy than what they’re getting on here.

        • FAQ

          Go to if you want “polite” discussion… this is a real man’s forum … ya moron..!!!!!

          • Raps4Ever

            Real men don’t get their anger honking therapy from behind a keyboard.

            • Terry

              Real little boys do. 

  • DeRozan-Ed Davis combined 5-24 from the field. It wasn’t a case because the two guys are struggling. 38% for DD and 45% for ED. Despite Colangelo, despite the injuries, despite all, we are only 3 games behind the 8th spot. Instead to lose this season and start to tanking now, we can improve the roster drammatically if Colangelo decides to change strategy.

    We have three players that we can use to trade and obtain a pick. First of all we can trade DD to Memphis for Mayo, and Ed Davis for Batum that has the problem to make a deal with the Blazers. The Blazers that want to offer money to Wallace.

    Also, we can offer Barbosa (7.5 mln) for every team needs to reduce their salary cap and obtain a pick. Probably not a high pick but enough to have two in a first round.

    If we want to compare Mayo and DD it’s easy to see the difference. Mayo is young talented player with a solid offensive skills and a tough defender. Clearly is better than DD. He wants to go away the Tennessee and the Raptors can offer him money and the spot of starter.

    Batum is european player, that wants to earn more money, has talent and ability to do alot of things in both side of the floor. Portland has Camby at the last year of contract, Oden is a gamble and also the owner doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Ed Davis is young and can play as backup of Aldridge.

    I don’t want to say it is easy to do this trades, but instead to get rid of this season we can try to improve. I know we are at the beginning of the season and the two guys are better than they have shown now, but frankly, if I had a possibility to have Batum and Mayo I won’t esitate a single second. Probably nothing will happen, but I think is better to trade someone for a solid player that had showed to play well in this league instead to wait the draft hoping in a new Durant, James, Paul…..

    • Nilanka15

      I’ve mentioned the DD for Mayo idea in the forums.  If Portland is willing, I would make that trade in a second.

      Knowing Colangelo, the longer the losing streak extends, the more his blood boils, and the more likely he’ll pull the trigger on a trade.  If so, all we can do is hope he doesn’t forfeit the future in exchange for the present.

      • Nilanka15

        *If Memphis is willing*

        • FAQ

          Mayo will refuse to report to Toronto… just watch.

  • sangaman

    BC has to take the blame for assembling this eyesore.  Amir is 6’9″ and a little over 200 pounds and has had to cover all the big men in the league. A no-win situation if I every heard of one. ED Davis like the other YG has a deer in the headlights look about him. Pickups Gray and Magloire are so bad it hurts. Wheres our first pick?   

    • Bendit

      I remember much of this board perfectly in sync with this assemblage of players for this season (one yr contracts mostly) and many crediting BC for the planned “tank”. Why? So we are in position for a high draft pick. Isnt everything going to plan? Amir, DD & ED are being asked to do a bit much in the absence of any players around them…them being not frontliners themselves.

      • Nilanka15

        Everything’s going to plan, except for one major area: DD and ED are not progressing.  What’s worse is that they’re actually regressing.

        I refuse to use a shortened season, and lack of training camp as excuses for them.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering other young, inexperienced players because they actually have NBA-level talent to lean on (e.g. Griffin, Harden, Rubio, Curry, Holiday, Lawson, Collison, Cousins, Monroe, George, etc.).

        These 2 guys have been utter disappointments so far this season.  At some point we have to ask ourselves when “slumping” becomes “sucking”.

        • Pizzaman

          +1 well said. I had the same hopes about DD and ED, and really now believe DD will never be a great SG, while Ed will at best be a bench big behing guys like Amir and Gray. With JV, AB and possibly Jose next year we need to draft / trade for a SG, and possibly a SF, but my rank would be SG, PG, then SF in that order of importance. If DD could actually shoot and handle the ball, it would also open up the floor and make things easier for AB, Jose and Amir to get some buckets. We have two guys who can create their own shot and actually finish; Bargnani and Barbosa.
          JV next year will be a huge addition even though he will be young 

  • CaldeROSEN

    Not one but TWO hilarious lines in the description of Gary Forbes. ”
    only saw action in garbage time. In other words, the raccoon was released back in his natural environment” Comic gold.

  • FAQ

    Being picked by the Ratpors as their first round pick is the baccio dela morte and a guarantee their NBA career will suffer.  First rounders all pray that Toronto passes on them because that’s like playing on a European team in a city with no black soul.