The “stops > points” edition:

Barbosa: he had a first half offensively that was as unstoppable as trips to the bathroom after you break the seal after the 3rd beer. Leandro took a pathetic putrid team that started the game in mud and absolutely turned them around almost single handedly. As good as Andrea was in the second, we owe this game to Barbosa.

Bargnani: rusty to start the game, but after the halftime Gatorade, it was like watching a man among boys. Providing more heat than a bunch of firefighters in a room full of just divorced cougars, Andrea looked like he was a real life replay machine from 3 in a few consecutive possessions that had the Suns crowd groaning every time he went to take a shot. He didn’t shy away: 21 FGA’s and a perfect 12 trips to the line. He even had a heck of a block and is now the proud owner of part of Grant Hill’s eyebrow.

Bayless: came out of the gates looking like he wanted to give it to his old hometown, but fizzled something quick. Casey even put him in earlier than usual hoping to quell what seemed to be the start of a Sun tide and Jerryd looked like he was going to do just that. But, no, he went back on his heels pretty quickly and proved to be, well, disappointing.

Butler: the leader of the Misfits comes off the bench tonight and other than making the highlight reel for an insanely poor in-bounds play in the dying seconds, he was as much a part of this victory as carrots are to a caesar salad.

Calderon: he has gone from handing out refreshments in the lockerroom to dressing down teammates on the floor in the crucial dying seconds. I can live with that. Sure, he can’t keep up with a 78 year old broken down Canadian, but man can he ever shift blame onto someone with the basketball IQ of a farmer in Saskatchewan.

Davis: this, my dear friends, is his year in the form of a game:  3 minutes, 3 fouls, benched. This guy has pulled the biggest scam since snake oil on Toronto basketball fans. It’s obvious he can’t keep up with NBA talent and it needs to be addressed. You can’t blame the new system at this point. He’s being asked to go out and get the ball, something he has been doing his whole life. If he can’t do it without being a detriment to the team, he gets to hang with Jamaal on the sidelines with some scratch and win cards.

DeRozan: and speaking of delusions of grandeur….sweet momma siki. I almost actually hate that it’s been 2 games in a row that he has scored on an alley-oop because it reminds me of what he can be and isn’t.  To me a Suns team with Gortat on the bench and Lopez tossed out is a sitting duck waiting to be backdoored, but DeMar didn’t even test the locks.

Forbes: positive: he played 33% of the time that Ed Davis did and he picked up no fouls. Forbes for President.

Gray: we said it 2 days ago and here it is: Aaron was your starter tonight. Casey stuck to his word and rewarded on merit after Aaron completely outshone Amir in L.A.. Gray got a quick hook tonight but his effort was still greater than what Amir could muster in virtually identical minutes.

A. Johnson: after such a great start to the season, I’m hoping word comes out that he is suffering from some debilitating bug he got from eating Skittles or something because the drop off we have seen over the last few games is far worse than the one I suffered when my mom took away my hand lotion when I was 15. His body language reminds me of a dog in its final days waiting for that needle and it’s bloody well depressing me.

J. Johnson: two nice things happened today: RapsFan sent me this (slightly NSFW) and JJ had a good game resulting in a double double. If you are a Raptors fan, you have to be as frustrated with this guy as I am. He is as up and down as Liston after eating hot sauce and drinking a vat of Carlsberg at BMO Field.

Kleiza: I am going to say something that will blow your mind. Ready?  10 rebounds. Yup, Linas tore down boards like he was a midwestern family trying to get the early bird special at IHOP.  Granted, most of them fell into his lap but it still took the sting away from a lacklustre offensive game from him.

Driving the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under the bus: Ed Davis

Theme of the Game:

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  • Bargnani Haters Hang Yourself


    • Bargnani NBA All Star

      trade no props needed we have ill mago haha

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    What do you want to say

    • Bargnani Is My Hero

      I like your name alot

  • Steve

    Ed and DeMar glued to the bench during crunch time while Bargnani shows them how to get it done. There are no scraps for the haters to feast on tonight, just their own misery to wallow in. Recognize game.

    • Bargnani NBA All Star

      hahahahahahaha demar and ed on the bench hahahahahahaha

  • SR

    Nice game.

    My theory is this club wears Amir down by playing him too many minutes against much larger opponents. He’s an energy guy who seems to run out of energy (and into injuries) from this kind of overuse.

    • WJF

      Amir is only playing 25 minutes per game, with only 3 games where he has played 30 or more. If you are getting worn out having to play physical for 25 minutes a night to the point where your body breaks down, retire now! Worst excuse ever. 

  • Dekobeyo


    • Bargnani NBA All Star

      young gunz hahahahaha pow pow hahahahaha

  • 511

    the video was … wow … the video was … wow … 

    • 511

      the one RapsFan sent … in the JJ paragraph. oh my … 

      oh yeah. Good game, Bargs. Good game, Raps. 

  • Matt

    At the beginning of the season, Ed and DD were considered big part of our future. Now, the way these two are playing making me think that we can not count on these two guys at all as a starter for our future !!

    As far as Amir goes, his bad habit of fouling fast is back !!! This is scary given his contract and the way Ed and DD are playing !!!

    JJ was great tonight but I am still not sold on this guy as a legitimate starter in this league. Hope he proves me wrong and at least give us the confident that we have a great SF off the bench.

    Bayless is done !!! He has nothing left to show and I think Bayless experiment was a huge failure. 

    • Bargnani Is My Hero

      I agree with everything you said good post

  • Ska

    This one belongs to DWANE.
    The first coach that is NOT an yes-man of the BC era.
    I just need that DD learn and I will be 100 % satisfy

  • Red

    That video mentioned on the roll call was awesome, and as a side note, those Phoenix Suns cheerleaders…… in the league hands down, damn, just damn….

  • Bargnani NBA All Star

    Oh man I know Bargnani will turn around the Raptors season the playoffs are still a possibility with the best Raptors player ever on the court in the weak east. Now we need to trade Demar & Ed for some real veteran players to put around NBA All Star Andrea Bargnani. Kleiza is going to show everyone why BC signed him he is healthy now and played real good in FIBA. BC is the best GM ever he knew that Bargnani would be great and had to nuture that greatness & now with a good head coach in Casey & Jonas coming over next season BC is going to look like royalty to all the haters.

    • Ryan

      I can’t tell if you’re serious.

      Bargnani had a great game, yes. No one will dispute that. But playoffs? We will not sniff the playoffs. And even if we do, do we really want a 7th-8th seed finish and the privilege of getting swept by Chicago or Miami?

      Unless these “real veteran players” somehow manage to turn us into championship contenders – OKC, Miami, Chicago-level contenders – then why bother?

      And yeah, Bargnani’s playing an all-star. However, there are 30 all-stars every year. Yet not every team with an all-star is a contender. No “veteran player” that you can get for DD/ED will push is into contender status.

      • Nilanka15

        Never attempt to reason with fanboys.  All-star selections for their favourite players are more important that sustained, long-term, team success.

        • Rob

          Never attempt to reason with haters, wishing and hoping for the player to fail is more important than success of the player and team.

          • Nilanka15

            Cute, but this describes nobody here.  Thanks for trying.

            • Rob

              It describes you and your playmates.

              • Nilanka15

                Nope.  Team success is number 1 with me.  Always has been.

                Individual accolades don’t mean shit if the team continues to stink.

                • Dekobe

                  sure bitch….right.

                • Nilanka15

                  Liking your own comments again, eh JR?  Fucking loser.

                • Rob

                  Yeah they do, it lets you know what the team has, and it’s quite clear that the only great piece on this team is Bargnani as it is being recognized everywhere, except perpetual haters such as yourself. Individual accolades do mean shit as it lets you separate the best from the rest, it let’s you know who is a core piece and what pieces to surround him with. 

                • Nilanka15

                  So you’re saying that you need to determine what’s best for the team.  My point exactly. 

                  You don’t need “all star selections” to come to that conclusion.

    • hotfuzz

      Obvious troll is obvious 

  • AB > CB

    Andrea Bargnani is the best!!!!

    • Lorenzo

      Alright… we get it…

  • OttyWoods

     weakest jokes ever…. in other news Andrea Bo$$$$ snapped

    • Bargnani NBA All Star

      andrea will be all star

  • Jake S

    I hope Casey will do what Triano never dared doing… Bench DD, and start Barbosa. Centres traditionally take long to develop… but DD is no big man! SGs and SFs are expected to be playing at a high level in their 3rd year. He is not. I think players develop more when they are part of a winning team… than starting for a tanking one.

  • Adriiian

    The FUTURE is Bargnani! Get Valanciunas here, trade DD, and ED, they suck.

  • CaseyDaMan

    The “IQ of a farmer in Saskatchewan” comment is incredibly ignorant dude. Shameful. Who the F..k do you think you are? Your momma ought to give you a good licking.

    • RapsFan

      Keep your pants on, he said Basketball IQ and that is no insult. Not everyone has a high basketball IQ and for proof, just look at the mirror.

      • Copywryter

        What do you expect from Casey – he advocates being licked by your own mother! 

      • CaseyDaMan

        Would it be OK to demean  basketball IQs of say, all African Americans, or all Caucasian Canadians, or all Toronto Raptors fans, or all RR posters?

        No problem with demeaning the basketball IQ of an individual. Many knowledgeable people question that of players all the time, as well as some individual idiots on here, BUT painting an entire social group with such a comment is racism based on his dumbass perception of Sask farmers. I know a Sask farmer who likely has a higher basketball IQ than anybody on here. That kind of bs shouldn’t be coming from a blogger, and you and the others that liked your post are ignorant azzholes.

        • Nilanka15

          This comment is offensive to ignorant azzholes!  Shame on you!

        • Lorenzo

          The only reason you’re saying this is because you actually know one. I bet that if you didn’t; you wouldn’t care, just like the rest of us.

          • CaseyDaMan

            That matters to you? Sad. MLK’s fight wasn’t just for blacks, but that’s lost on some still.

    • P00ka&CaseyDaMan_is_a_fish

      Just STFU and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • RapsFan

    Two things:
    1) If Barbosa is not part of the future then trade him now before he gets injured !!!
    2) Can we trade DD for Mayo ??? Mayo will address our need at SG and is reliable and can be big part of our future.

    It is time for BC to make some trades and help the process of rebuilding. We will still have 2 rookies next year + Ed so getting some talented and experience SG like Mayo will not hurt the rebuild.

    • Doug

      I agree with what you said, but seriously, why would the Grizzlies ever trade a very good SG like OJ Mayo for a very bad SG like DeRozan. Good for us, bad for them, probably would’ve worked last season, but now DeRozan’s stock has plummeted way way down.

    • Nilanka15

      I would love the idea of acquiring Mayo, but as was pointed out in the forums, Memphis is looking for a lottery pick in any Mayo discussions.

  • Kells

    Hey BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!, where is your “AB stole Ed’s PF spot, AB quit on the Raps, Raps lose with or without AB” ass hidin?

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      I give a try,here we go.

       “Yes but,no but, yes but, no but, pasta boy

      -had only 6 reb

      -shoot less than 50% tonight

      -had only 2 PF, cos is soft

      Mum, yes I m coming just finishing with my friends (?!?) on raptorsrepublic…

      • Lorenzo


      • Kells

        LOL, +1. But you forgot to mention “time to trade Bargnani while his value is high as it will never be higher.”

  • knickz

    one game and you ppl are acting like all crazy? bargs had a great game but no way am i giving up on demar and ad

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      One game hahahaha, don’t trust Arsenalist, just watch BYO 

  • Guest

    Has anyone else seen what Bargnani did late in the fourth quarter? After the whistle was called on Bargnani for his foul on Nash, Nash tried to go in for a layup anyways and was swatted by Andrea out of bounds. Never seen him do this before.

  • Pasta Boy

    That’s my Boy N.1

    Daily Leaders – Tue, Jan 24  Points  Assists  Rebounds  Blocks  Steals  3-Pointers 1. A. Bargnani TOR36 ptsFinal 2. C. Bosh MIA35 ptsFinal 3. R. Anderson ORL24 ptsFinal 4. L. Aldridge POR23 ptsFinal 5. K. Walker CHA22 ptsFinal 

  • Where are you know

    Breaking news ” It appears Bargnani has been taken into custody, after raping the Suns”

  • Finally a W!
    Finally we saw DD and ED on the bench when they deserve!
    Finally we beat Suns!

    It’s clear that without AB is quite impossible to win. 3/19 the wins without him.
    Nowadays we talk about DD and ED performance but tonight was unbelievable to see Bayless didin’t pass a decent ball to AB in 4 minutes in the four quarter. It was incredible how a pg didn’t recognise the utility to take and advantage of on fire teammate that had scored 18!!! points in the previous quarter.

    Probably because he isn’t able to serve him correctly.

    DD and ED are struggling and I think is necessary to give them a tough lesson. Bench everytime they played bad and also I am convinced that Barbosa deserve to play as a starter. Doesn’t matter his role in the future. We need to understand if DD and ED are real value players on not. And we don’t forget that DD in another team probably would play few minutes. Hence, is correct to bench him until show a decent basket.

    Play Off
    Is possible to play them, only after a two good trades. I am not interesting if they involved DD, JB and ED, the only thing is taking a valid players, not the veterans.

    I always prefer to lose 4-0 or 4-1 against Heat or Bulls than win only 20 games. Only playing against the best in the league give a chance to understand your limit and make the right decision for the future. In this way the coaching staff and the GM can see the real value of the guys.

    Offensively really good, defensively no. Sometimes he conceded a penetration without opposing his body or contested the shot. On the other hands the teammates have been always in difficulty to contain the dribble penetrations. And it appears to me that the rotation were suspect. Tonight against Jazz this way of playing won’t pay a dividend. Only 6 rebs but the last one was decisive.

  • dalmatino

    Calm down, people. Some of you are behiving the same as the Barg’s haters, but in oposite way – they are not objective in bashing and trashing Andrea, but now you are not objective in lifting him to the seventh heaven.
    I can understand the frustration but don’t be like them, please.
    Andrea had a huge game, ofensive and defensive. But that was just a one game. What I like the most is a fact that he is playing good on a constant level this season, on both ends of the court.
    On the other hand, I don’t want to give up on DD and ED, nor AJ. Young players with ups and downs, right now surviving the punches of real NBA, but the key word is – surviving. I believe they will recuperate and later in season, show improvements. Even the most talented player, at the beginning of succesful carier, sometimes finds himself in ropes, but his talent and quality should show him a way out – to being successful again.
    I welcome good and real criticism with intention to help the player and the team.
    Winning is very important for this team. There will be not too many wins this season, so I will enjoy this one.

    • These young players don’t have alot of talent. I am wondering the opportunity to spend time with them when it’s clear they are role players. The difference between Bosh-Bargnani and them is the fact that since the first year everyone saw the talent, the skills, the ability to score in different ways. DD, ED and JB are only the role player and I don’t foresee DD like a good SG better than Barbosa or ED better than AJ.
      When we disciuss about AB we are talking about his lack of effort in defence end, or the right attitude to become a leader of this team, instead with DD the concern is in both side of the floor. Do you really think this guy is a really stud? For me not.

      I am pretty sure that their performance will be better than now but not enough to invest money and energy with them. I can accept to have them in this tem as a role players not as starter. For me DD is perfect as a 6th man, or in alternative to trade him.

      • Brian B

        Why do you see DD as “perfect” sixth man? I always think a sixth man needs to bring reliable “instant offence” and that beyond that, ideally another reliable trait – ability to defend multiple positions for instance, or gritty toughness, or a change of pace from starter. most importasntly, must make others better.  DD is just too inconsistent, seems to me, to fit that paradigm. I see him, if he doesn’t suddenly ‘get it’, as a classic fringe starter on weak teams, 7th or 8th man on a good team. Still, it is hard to stereotype him because he is so inconsistent, but has such intriguing athleticism. If he discovered key to defending well; or a consistent jumper; or had a better handle, he’d be a real player. The first two of those can be learned/practiced. his handle is SO bad, I don’t think a year of dribbling & passing drills nonstop would help. Painful to watch.

        • Nilanka15

          DeRozan can jump high, but that’s about it.  I just don’t see the “athleticism” hype anymore.  He can’t run fast, doesn’t have a quick first step, isn’t strong, doesn’t have good body control, doesn’t react well on defense, and doesn’t have adequate spatial awareness.  We’ve been sold a Toyota Corolla by convincing us it was a Porsche.

          • Pizzaman


          • Pizzaman


          • Pizzaman


        • I meant in a perfect future, not tomorrow and not the next year. I agree with the analysis.

        • Pizzaman

          There is no way he is today or likely tomorrow the perfect sixth man. He just does not have the skills. Compare him to Barbosa and there really is no comparison. Barbosa can handle the ball, always always weaves through traffic for layups that Derozan will never do, and can actually shoot the ball.

  • 2damkule

    your level, reasoned post is significantly lacking in the ‘hyperbolic overreaction’ department we here in the republic love so much.  FOR SHAME!

    • 2damkule

      sry…that was in reply to dalmatino’s post.

  • Milesboyer

    Roll call forgot one person – 

    AltRaps: more similes than a leopard has spots.

  • Nilanka15

    Under the bus was definitely DeRozan for me.  Yes, Davis was fuckin’ awful too, but DeRozan is supposed to be “the guy”.  He’s barely looking like a 2nd round pick right now, let alone a lottery pick.  He needs a serious wakeup call.  Something’s just not right between his ears.

    And as for Davis, for a left-handed player, he has NO left hand!  He’s got no touch around the rim whatsoever. 

    It’s so frustrating watching “core pieces” looking like complete stiffs.  If DeRozan and Davis’s poor play continues, we’re much further behind in our rebuild than originally thought.  We probably won’t be sniffing the playoffs for a good 3 years.

    • Statement


      The risk is that we DO sniff the playoffs, thanks to the crappy Eastern Conference.

      • I prefer to sniff the playoffs and see the guys battle for something serious. After that, we draw the line and see who deserves to stay here and who not. Doesn’t matter if it was for courtesy of crappy eastern conference.

        • Nilanka15

          I personally think that since we’re so short on talent, that a higher draft pick will be much more valuable to this team in the future, than the experience of getting swept in the 1st round.

          • In teory is correct but we don’t know who will be the new guy. Is possible to choose a right one or another bust. I prefer trade some assets for real players instead hope in a high draft pick and get rid of another season. And also I think the right way to attract a good FA is through the good results. Not after another terrible season.

            • Nilanka15

              It’s not easy to trade for “real players” if we don’t have any assets that other teams would want.

              • Do you think is impossible to trade some of these guys (DD, ED, JB and AJ) for real players? C’mon.

                • Nilanka15

                  Depends what you mean by real players.  I don’t think DD, ED, or JB can get us players who aren’t projects themselves.

                  Amir, maybe.

                • I don’t mean All Star of course but someone has been shown a decent basketball. Batum for example.

    • Pizzaman

      I agree Derozan was definitely under the buss as he is supposed to be the face of the franchise. Clearly he cannot live up to what was expected and even his own hype. He still talk about him and Andrea being the main guys.

  • 511

    It’s all true that ‘it’s only one game’ (well, really, it’s been most every game so far this season) and that the team and Bargnani have a long way to go, BUT … when Bargnani has his confidence and desire at the level we’ve been seeing, in the words of the manager of the fictional Durham Bulls baseball team … this guy has some serious shit. 

    • 511

      I’m told it was the managers assistant in Bull Durham who said that line. So … whatever. But serious shit, the man might actually have. 

  • Red Baron

    Nice to see Bargs came back from time-off with the same intensity, fire, and focus and didn’t revert back to his more passive 2007-2010 self.  I’d still love to know what happened this off-season or (short) pre-season that his body language is so DRAMATICALLY different this year. Last night I saw him barking orders at teammates on D, demanding the Ball on O, taking Jose aside at timeouts if he didn’t get said ball, talking in huddles, wearing his emotions on his sleeve….In short, who is this guy? Whoever he is, if this is his new “norm” (I think we need to see another 15-20 games like this first) then I officially am jumping on his bandwagon, and the Bargs Haters will have to find a new hobby in life.

    • Nilanka15

      Dude, if his play continues, I’ll be seated at the front of that bangwagon.  VERY impressive performance, especially when considering he missed the last 6 games.

      Bayless, take note on how to return from injury.

  • Statement

    Few things.

    – I haven’t given up on Ed.  I remember that this guy hasn’t played a full season yet.

    – I was never really that high on Derozan to begin with, but I am still willing to give him time in a rebuilding year

    – Amir has had a few rough games (although he did work like a man possessed to get those offensive rebounds late in the game, to give us life when we couldn’t hit shots), but he is still a great piece to have.

    – Calderon is playing great this year

    – Bargnani is playing great this year

    – James Johnson could be a very good backup / okay starter (has excellent defensive and rebounding skills, just lacks ability to make a jumpshot)

    – All the rest are fodder (Barbosa could make good trade fodder).

    So Going into the Draft we need a SF!!, SG and PG.

    Hopefully we can parlay Barbosa and maybe some money or something into another draft pick.


    • Nilanka15

      Ok, I’ll bite.


    • Copywryter

      He’s had a few bad games but otherwise is a solid bench player who gives us energy, boards, decent defence against 4s (and some 5s) and a good enough pick and roll presence that he’s not a total offensively liability.  

      If we traded every Raptor after he’s had a bad run we’d have no team at all.

      If you want to release something start with the caps lock key.

      • Decent defence? he was getting butt-raped by Griffin and especially Adridge. Pick and Roll offense is just all created by Calderon. Thank God he put in a little work to put in a jumper. It least he made up a little for that 35 mill contract we gave him. I pay a guy 7 mill a year and he puts up 7pts and 7rbs lol. I don’t have to release in caps locks with this one.

        • Copywryter

          If the pick and roll is “created by Calderon” why can’t we just insert any of our bigs? 

          Amir can’t guard Aldridge, fine. But Amir’s not a true 5 and is giving up 30 pounds and several inches. Aldridge gives portland 9 rebounds for 11 million, btw. 
          I think Amir is a little overpaid at 7 million, but there are many NBAers who make more and give their teams less.

          • alridge isnt a 5, hes a 4, and why you making excuses about his height and inches. If you can’t guard a guy, thats it. And Alridge is in my opinion among the top PFs in the league, and Amir did nothing against him. Aldridge gives you 22pts 9rbs and shoots 50 from the field.

  • Why is everyone giving up on Ed and Demar already? Were so impatient, we were like this with Andrea and look how ironic and in how were saying Andrea should be an all-star this season. I’ll bet you next year when Jonas comes over, all you haters will want to trade him with some stupid trade scenario after he has a couple of bad games.  

    • Nilanka15

      Yet you want to release Amir after a few bad games?  It sounds like you’re preaching patience for everyone except Amir…a player who, up until this week, was one of the few bright spots this season.

      • Look at what he did last year. He was still shit. We pay him 7 mill a year to dive for the ball on the ground and we count that as hustle and heart. Derozan and Davis at least showed potential last year to that they can be starters in this league.

        • Nilanka15

          Amir’s value isn’t in the statsheet.  He’s a backup big man who knows his role (i.e. defend, rebound, stick open looks, challenge shots, and just play hard).  I have no problem paying Amir $6.25 million/yr while providing 25 mins off the bench next year at both PF and C. 

          Amir is our Udonis Haslem, PJ Brown, or Charles Oakley type player.  You need guys like that on your team.  They’re not superstars, but they’re worth every penny.

          • CalgaryRapsFan

            Agreed about Amir.  However, once Valanciunas joins the team next season, I don’t see room for both Amir & Davis (who I think is destined to play that same role you described).  Personally, I’d trade Amir at peak value for maximum return, while rolling the dice on Davis to develop into a legit PF to backup Bargnani long-term.

            • Nilanka15

              I agree with the logic, but at this point, it’s hard to tell who will one day be the better pro….Davis or Amir.  Either choice is a gamble.

              • CalgaryRapsFan


                For me, it comes down to 3 factors:
                1. Amir’s body has taken a beating for 7 seasons and I think he has just about reached his ceiling.
                2. I think Davis needs more playing time to improve his confidence and develop, but when he does, I think his ceiling will surpass Amir’s.  He is also younger and cheaper.
                3. I think Amir’s current trade value is likely higher.

                Obviously #1 and #2 could go the other way, and there’s no way we can tell what the facts are about #3.  I just like that Davis is younger, cheaper, should have at least an equal ceiling, isn’t nearly as banged up and likely doesn’t have as much trade value – I think trade value could ultimately determine which one stays and which one gets traded.

                • Nilanka15

                  One more factor to consider is internal drive.  That is, the self-motivating motor to try harder, and get better, from year to year, month to month, game to game, and possession to possession.

                  Amir has it, but we haven’t necessarily seen it from Davis (yet).

                • How the fuck is Amirs trade value higher? How the hell can you justify with that contract and his shittness. Amir’s body has taken a beating? WTF hes only 24, hes not KG and his body isn’t breaking down. Its that he is shit. 

          • did u just compare amir to haslem lol that was a joke. at least those guys play defense and can consistently hit the jumper. 

            • Nilanka15

              DeMar and Davis can’t hit jumpers either, yet you have no problem keeping them.

              • CaseyDaMan

                That’s an irrelevant response to his critique of your post, but that kind of direction change is a common retort around these parts. Maybe that theswirsky character has been too much of an influence, because that’s his shtick when questioned with legit criticism.

                Aside from that, hey I like Amir, but it’s understandable that expectations and patience would be a little different for a 7th year guy making $5.5M vs a 3rd year guy making $2.6M and 2nd year guy making $2M

                • Nilanka15

                  A 7th year guy who really didn’t get a chance to play much during his first 4 seasons, who is just 24 years old, and who has been more productive than both DD and ED this season, thus justifying the difference in salaries.

                • CaseyDaMan

                  I don’t disagree, and as I said, I like Amir, but I guess I should have stopped with my point of direction change, because my second paragraph enabled it to continue.
                  Oh well, Cheers. Go Raptors!!

                • Justifying the difference for 7 million a year for 7pts and 7rbs. LOL your a fucking joke

                • Nilanka15

                  What, are you slow or something, Forrest?

                  Look beyond 2 statistical categories and you might see a decent player.

                • What im supposed to look at heart and hustle. Or his that he avgs less than a block a game. Fucking dumbass. He is a PF, that is what ur supposed to look at.

              • So what u don’ think DeMar won’t get out of this cold streak he is in. He can hit the mid-range jumper. Ed is only a second year player so I’m not expecting much from him. YOU tried to compare Amir to Haslem and Oakley. Amir is too pussy to be on their level. Then you just went off point and attacked DeMar and Davis because you know Amir sucks.

                • Nilanka15

                  [Sigh], you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.  I’m sure 99% of the readers on this site would agree that Amir has easily been our 3rd best player this year (behind Bargnani and Calderon).

                  Nobody else even resembles an NBA level of competence.  But yeah, Amir Sucks! 

                • CalgaryRapsFan

                  Sorry Nilanka, we were having a good discussion about the Raps’ PF depth and potential trade candidates… not sure what happened?!  C’est la vie, in RR land!

                • Pizzaman

                  No question you are wrong here. Until barbosa started coming to life, Amir has been our third best player. He is doing everything asked of him, and I believe most times he’s doing a fine job. While I would like to keep Davis to see if he gets better, there is no way Davis can back up JV and Bargs next year if he continues this shitty play, but Amir can.
                  If you want to het on someone how about a SG who cannot shoot?

  • Lance Brown

    Just heading out the door to work here in Alberta…..dug the Video the most and still smiling from extinguishing the Sun.    Keep the Faith and enjoy 5 Playoff games

  • Dekobe

    wheres tim w at and his picket fence blog?

    bargs sent that douche into retirement.

    khandor?….where you at son?

    • Dekobe

      wow…interesting…looks like theyve both retired at writing post game writeups……coincidence?lol……theyre agenda was always quite clear…..hate.

      • Nilanka15

        “Everyone hates Andrea….waaaaaaaaah!


        Joshua Reynolds”

    • Rob

      Yeah, it’s no coincidence that both seem to disappear from writing/posting or any participation in the online Raptors community when Bargnani does everything they had nightmares of—being successful. Haters gonna hate though, as they wish he’d just fail, and fail hard. Not gonna happen, and they’re looking like fools right now.