The “hold me close, hold me tight, make me forget about all the bad things” edition:

Alabi: how to make friends and influence your coach: in consecutive plays, you travel while basically not pressured in the paint then you commit a goaltend. When it comes to a roster spot, Solomon is more of a waste than 72.7% of the stuff Matt Devlin says on air.

Barbosa: his game tonight was akin to buying chili hoping it would warm you up only to find it’s just a lukewarm ground beef soup. After a while you can’t blame the guy. If your teammates look like they would rather be playing euchre on a sinking ship on Lake Ontario, why should you care?

Bayless: the one bright spot offensively tonight and, with that said, it was as bright as a flashlight on dying batteries. Mighty Mouse 2.0 brought some spark to the floor in the first half and ended up being one of just two Raptor players in double digit scoring.  You’ll be surprised at the other.

Butler: perfect!!  A mere 24 hours after looking a career ending injury in the eye and making it buckle, Rasual comes out and excites his fanclub (based in Moose Jaw) by going 2 of 2 from 3. Perspective?  That’s like a virgin going to a school dance and ending up under the bleachers with that hot 24 year old English teacher.

Calderon: this guy is single handedly torpedoing his trade possibilities, or at least the fact that we can get value in return. He’s our new Vince Carter. The crying Jose has returned, though, which adds some fun to these types of games (and is just begging for a drinking game to go along with it) but he checked out mentally mid-2nd quarter.

Carter: meaningless minutes in a game that blew more than Rob Ford doing a lap at the Rogers Centre.

Davis: shhh. shhhhh….. hear that?  That clicking? That’s 100s of Toronto fans quickly adding him back to their fantasy teams. Second double double in a row compiling 10 and 12. Just as impressive is the fact he went 50% from the free throw line which is pretty much his kryptonite.

DeRozan: this guy is sleepwalking through most of the games this year and it’s getting pretty embarrassing. He started off on fire tonight, attacking the hoop, almost decapitating Ray Allen, just all over the joint. Then, like Calderon, it was like somebody hit him with a dart from the upper deck and he turned into an elephant fighting off sleep.

Forbes: 2 of 8 in 15 minutes for the poster child of this Raptors team to some people. A guy bubbling under that has a lot of upside that is being untapped. Yeah, right.  That and Blake Murphy brings the Raptors fantastic luck every game he covers them for RR.  1-16. 

Gray: got the start and performed well.  4/6, 8 pts, 9 rebounds, and he even had his hair do the Bieber a few trips down the floor.

A. Johnson: I have seen happier looking Goths than what Amir looks like every game. I don’t know if he’s getting stuck beside Alabi on the team charter every flight or if his girlfriend left him to knock boots with Chris Kaman, but I fear he needs to be watched 24/7 to ensure he doesn’t slice his fingers off.

J. Johnson: the only thing faster than the rate at which he was picking up fouls tonight is the rate at which Colangelo is performing facepalms this season. Not that he was anything special while on the floor when you consider he went 3/11, but in a game like this it wasn’t like he needed to play tight D or charge recklessly to the hoop.

Driving the bus: Ed Davis

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • BCStefanskiCaseyGotsToGo!!!

    Raptors got raped again. It’s not unusual anyways since VC left. This team always get victimized like a woman being groped and sexually assaulted in a dark alley.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery……

      The Real BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      I didn’t know you had a sister lol

    • What the

      It’s (2go not togo)

    • FAQ

      Oh you still watch Ratpor games??  No self-respecting b’ball afficionado would buy ticket to the ACC to watch what must be the worst Ratpor team in history (and I’m repeating myself from the start of the season).

      All I do is check the game stats on… and sometimes look at Rat stats….

  • RapsFan

    Lets move Amir,DD and Barbosa before their value drops to NOTHING !!!! 

    I don’t know what is going on with Amir and DD but maybe they miss Weems as third for their video games or … What ever it is, It is NOT working.

    • Pizzaman

      But what about the Young Gunz???

  • Valit

    In a real word after a game like this, all players should be heavily fined and BC would hand his resignation together with all the “brains” upstairs….that was painful to watch. 

  • DC

    Every player on this team is just horrible. How colangelo assembled a whole team of mainly backups is beyond me. Gm of the decade! Its so bad I don’t even think colangelo himself watches the raptors play bball anymore.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Before the season started BC said the he ‘felt sorry for Casey (coaching this team under these circumstances)’ and that he felt like going on a ‘4 month scouting trip’ ie Raptors suck….

      BC & his yes men consensus crew needs a swift kick out of the TDot…….forget me not!

    • cb

      BC was at the game last night. They mentioned it on the radio broadcast.

      and the answer to how BC assembled the team was: one DLeaguer at a time. You guys even trust this GM to make a trade at this point?

      How on earth Eric Smith actually advocated ON AIR repeatedly to extend BC; how the broadcast team would bend over backwards to extoll Jay Triano’s virtues… how on earth are they getting away with putting this shit on the court YEAR AFTER YEAR!!!!!!

      Year. After. Year.

  • Sheptor

    First off..there are no 24 year olds teaching english at a school unless they’re in Korea.

    My oh My..two massive blowouts in a row. It’s times like these I keep checking to see if the Jays still have a chance to sign Fielder..oh yeah he went to a city filled with gangSTARS and homelessmen. I really hate this tanking mentality that the FRANCHISE from GM to Gatorade boy have instilled from day one. What is wrong with Toronto? Can we please trade someone so we can make a headline for something other than an ass whooping. Let’s send Derozan Calderon and Davis to Phoenix for Nash. Throw in whoever else to make it happen. Two CANADIANS on one team..should keep the casual fans with a b-ball IQ of a soiled jockstrap entertained for awhile. At least if we tanked with Nash we’d have him for our BREAKOUT YEAR of 2013, when we surround ourselves with even more POTENTIAL. We need a scorer other than bargs and we need to ship the guys who don’t fit in out now…would roster spot 2-15 please stand up… now pack your shit and go.

    • Lorenzo

      Amen to that, but I’m not so sure we want Nash… I’d rather he go to a contender

    • You’re right. The point is that Colangelo wants to replicate what is happened in Oklahoma City, in Minnesota in every team that had rebuilt with success. Unfortunately most of them have failed and continuing failing. I don’t really understand why we are getting rid of entire season finding the All Star from the pick when we have investing money for real players. I always prefer to pick a professional player has shown talent around the league that investing energies, hopes and years for a prospect, expecially if someone in not a real phenomenon.

    • Nilanka15

      Trade for Nash, win 41 games next year and the year after, then be back here as one of the worst teams in the league in 2014?  No thanks.

  • ad

    Im really starting to get concerned whether were building around the right players. We could be on track for mediocrity at best once again. Derozan should be dominating. He SHOULD be the #1 scoring option without Bargnani. Yet, the guy has no ball handling skills and low bball IQ. Similiar situation with davis who virtually has no offensive skill. I expected a lot more from these players. Especially Derozan. This is his 3rd year in the league already. James Harden has been in the league the same time as him and is the same age and hes having a breakout year. WAKE UP Derozan.

    • RobertArchibald

      Agreed. I was trying to give DeMar some time but he just doesn’t seem to progress, or care to. Even though Ed had a double-double, he looks like a boy among men out there. Very disappointing game, very disappointing team. Never thought I’d say this, but this team of D-leaguers really shows the true value of Bargs when he’s out of the lineup.

      • What the

        If only PRIMO was there raptors would have won the game

      • Pizzaman

        Without Bargs in the lineup, there is no one player on our team that actually makes the opposing team worry or change their strategy to try to play us, other than Barbosa when he’s going. Bargs not only demands defensive coverage, but opens the floor up for others to look better than they are.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      DD had no handles at USC that’s nothing new. Waht he has now is much better than in college- maybe he just won’t be a great ball handler.

      As well DD was gifted his starting SG spot as a rookie he hasn’t had to earn anything under BC.

      Ed has had no full training camp, no Vegas summer league and been coached by 2 head coaches- 1 all offense, 1 all defense during his 1st 2 years in the NBA as a Toronto Raptors player.

      Alex English would have been perfect for Ed’s offensive development.

    • RapsFan

      “m really starting to get concerned whether were building around the right players. ”

      This is the biggest worry that many people have here. Some of us saw the signs last year and warned about some of these players but the boards were bombarded by Anti AB posts from the likes of Tim W. or Free Amir from Buddah and …. 

      Now, that this team has some accountability, we can see none of these guys seem to be a reliable starter in this league. I still hope they prove me wrong but their performance, plus signing of Hedo, Kapano and … makes me worried about BC’s decisions and even big Val and who ever he is going to pick this year.

    • Abe

      Agree with everything else, but James Harden should be better, he was drafted 3rd overall, 6 spots before DeMar. He has always been the better prospect, and he’s shown it. DeMar has proven to be a failure and not worth of being the 9th pick, or even a 1st round pick for that matter.

    • What the

      don’t worry fanboy raptors are building around PRIMO PASTA and SPEEDY DRIBBLES GUNZALIZ

      • Do you prefer to rebuild with DD, ED and JB?

        • What the

          the guy they should be building around is not on the team yet, DD,ED and JB can be pieces going forward…SPEEDY 1 point how did he get that 1 point the guy has got to go and  PRIMO i don’t even think this guy can play 70 games next season he’ll be a Y.MING soon so you can’t build around him

          • C’mon. AB is not Yao. Different physical problems. Andrea got injured again because Casey forced him to play after an injury within 24 hours (80 minutes!). It’s an olnly calf strain. On Calderon I can agree with you. But you have remember that this team without AB struggling alot and JC is not a real scorer. If you expected from him alot of points you have change the target.

    • sangaman

      DD has bambi-eyes.. does he smoke khat before each game?  BC has got to go….They need someone who can evaluate talent. This is a bunch of d-leaguers

      • 2damkule

        why would they get rid of BC now?  the whole point of this season was to tank for a high pick in a loaded draft, and give the young guys enough PT to determine their future value to the franchise; acquiring guys who do nothing more than fill out the roster was a key part of this dual objective.

        • Brian B

           they should get rid of him because having led “us” into this mess, there is no evidence upon which we should have faith he can lead us out. A high draft pick is no help if the GM doesn’t know what to do with it. Nor should we believe he has the ability to evaluate the “young guys”. There’s a reason Bill Simmons makes BC the butt of a simple joke in his recent NBA review column on Grantland.

          And it should never have been the “whole” point to tank and evaluate- as long as they take money and claim to be professionals, part of the objective has to be an entertaining product.

    • Pizzaman

      I agree except I have been concerned about building around the Young gunz led by DD for the last a8 months, since I never saw the skills from DD that would make him a special player, and especially do not see what everyone else seemed to see. He is a product of hype by the franchise, and by dunk loving fans, rather than by his skills. He is showing what he has always been, which is an athlete trying to play basketball with the big boys without the same skills. For years everyone has trashed Bargs or Jose who pretty much happen to be the only real NBA players we have, while overlooking the fact that our SG cannot shoot, handle the ball or pass the ball. He actually has to watch the ball when he dribbles it, so you wonder why he gets stripped all the time, or charges into people. When he looks up most times he dribbles it off his foot. We need to give up on this kid and realize that if he stays he is a bench guy, and if you can trade him do so.
      I would still keep ED to see if he can develop into a decent backup. Bigs need a little more time.

    • Mr. Silverback

      Agree. I never saw DeRozan having NBA ball handling or shooting skills right from day one. He was a more athletic Jamario Moon. But, people scoffed at me when I said that. I don’t think you build around him or Davis.

  • Woohoo I tied Amir Johnson in pts

  • RapsFan

    Where is PHDSteve ??? We want some PodCast and some analysis ? What is going on here ??

    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.
    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.
    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.
    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.
    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.
    We want the Real PHD Steve Here.

    • sek99

      No we don’t

  • MooseJawBrian

    I’m from Moose Jaw, and we hate butler here.

    • Matt52


    • Statement


  • Steve

    What happened to that picket fence guy Tom or whatever that used to spout off on Bargnani every game? Remember when he used to say Bargs actually makes this team worse? Hilarious, we average like 74 PPG without Bargnani, and 90 PPG with him. We’re also like 1-8 without him. That picket fence guy…sure was a piece of work. 

    • Nilanka15

      Last year, Bargnani was pretty awful.  This season has been a complete 180 for him.  Bargnani deserved all the criticism he got until now.

      • Mr. Silverback

        Bargnani has improved a lot. But, he always showed high skills in some areas – ball handling, shooting, passing. His defense and rebounding sucked, which are skill I think more easily developed with better coaching and a better system. DeRozan has never showed any skill level in ball handling or shooting. I’d argue the key skills for a 2 guard. That’s what concerned me about him from day one. And, I think that’s tougher to develop once you’re in the NBA. All he can do well is dunk. So could Gerald Green and Jamario Moon.

      • Fuckingmorons

         this is such bullshit perpetuated by losers like you khandor tim and even arse and the writers here bought into this was a mass mob mentality of retardation that spread like contagion…bargs was never as bad as you dimwits made him out to be.out of 500 or so ballers in the league he was still ranked 47th last season and still our best baller.with no system in place and running around playing drew league/summer league basketball he was supposed to be the last line of defense for our loser wings not being able to play d(emar erozan) and our guards funneling  to the paint?….stfu u dumb bitch…..bargs was NEVER as bad as you retards made him out to be and didnt deserve near the criticism that he got.
        every one with half a brain knew bargs was our only dynamic player and the rest of em scrub role players……go plead n cry to waive him and amnesty him jerkoff…..sad tards.

        • Nilanka15

          Haha, such strong feelings coming from Bargnani’s mom (a.k.a Joshua Reynolds).

          47th ranked?  According to who?

          Even using Colangelo’s evaluation metrics, Bargnani ranked in the 300s last year.  Wake up dipshit.  Your hero was a mediocre player until now. 

          All the good he did on offense, was grossly outweighed by what he didn’t do on defense.  I don’t care if he was playing out of position or not.  He’s 7 fucking feet tall.  Stop the goddamn ball and grab some boards already.

          For being a 5th year pro, and playing like a 6-footer, he most definitely deserved the criticism.

          How’s your Bargnani bobble-head collection coming along?

  • Fuckingmorons

    we need to amnesty bargs…we can easily run the offense through demar,amir and ed….this team will be a million times better without bargnani and amir is bar none our best player.

    • ….to score 71 points (average) and conceded 100….lol

    • mountio

      Absolutely. You saw Amir’s PER last year, right? SOOOOO efficient! All he needed was more minutes and more shots (more usage) .. you can translate that into consistent points and rebounds. Right! Right? Right …

      • 2damkule

        you guys (mountio/Antonino) do recognize sarcasm, right?

        • mountio

          as a sacasm expert .. Im suriprised you didnt recognize mine …

  • What the

    where was LK that was a pay back game i could just see KG telling the guys that they should beat the RAPS by 50 pts

  • why

    First game all year where I bailed to watch another (OKC-Dallas) on NBA TV.

    As bad as the Raps are, there seem to be many others (Det, Charlotte, Wahington, NO) who are worse which is bad for draft position – is the game against washington a must lose?

    • Copywryter

      Fear not, for we can lose to anyone! Just ask New Jersey…and Washington. 

  • Copywryter

    I watched the Boston feed via the Interweb (as much as I could stand, anyway) and their colour and play-by-play guys constantly ripped into the Raps. 

    A few jabs were funny: After a dunk by ED the color guy said “Ed Davis scores from his range”. 
    Gotta say that the Boston TV guys are even worse than Matt and Jack. Utter homers (basically a constant stream of Celtic fellatio) – and that accent is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s “chow-der” for chrissakes. 

    And now for a list of positives from the game:

    • my dogs appreciated their extra long walk at the end of the third quarter

    • Nilanka15

      lol, can’t really blame them for ripping the Raps.  If they weren’t saying it, we were all thinking it.

  • 2damkule

    i don’t really get the hand-wringing.  this is entirely expected, no?  it’s unpleasant in the short-term, but as a fanbase, we really do need to get a better grasp on the big picture.  most members of the republic pegged this team to win <20 games this year (without factoring in losing andrea), right?  well, in order for that to happen, they're going to lose a lot more than they win, so let's not have a collective stroke when they actually do pretty much what we expected them to. 

    what seems to be at the genesis of this angst is the embarrassing nature of these blow-out losses, and the conintuing sense that the franchise is a laughingstock.  oh no, ESPN thinks the raptors are a joke!  big fucking deal.  the raptors ARE a joke.  you know who else was a joke?  durant's sonics his first couple years.  this shit takes time.  yes, it's very bleak at the moment, but this is actually all for the best – if andrea was healthy & playing the way he had been before he got hurt, the raps would be much more competitive, and likely winning some of these games (as we saw recently).  this is a chance for them to really evaluate the young players, without andrea's influence clouding anyone's judgement (i.e. making the team seem further along than it truly is).  it's a bitter pill to swallow, but we should be thankful that things are going down like they are. 

    well, other than the fact that it would be nice if the supposed 'core' of the future actually resembled more than a collection of D-league castoffs more than once every couple weeks.  oh well.

    as for the game, no comments other than the fact that the final score actually flattered the raps.  not often you can say that about a 36pt loss…

    • Nilanka15

      “well, other than the fact that it would be nice if the supposed ‘core’
      of the future actually resembled more than a collection of D-league
      castoffs more than once every couple weeks.”

      This is the reason for all the angst.  The fact that our “core” would be hard-pressed to compete in the WNBA. 

      Everyone knew we’d lose this year.  But to lose with our main guys contributing absolutely nothing on a nightly basis, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

      • 2damkule

        i agree, but i think it’s better that we (i.e. BC et al) know this NOW vs. letting their deficencies continue to be hidden & mistakenly believe that they are core pieces long-term.  i think what the last few weeks has shown is that unless there is a signficant upswing in performance, that guys like DD & ed & amir (not to mention most of the other scrubs) are likely not key pieces going forward, but rather, fringe/role players.  those guys are important (as long as they’re in their proper roles), but at least knowing now that they can’t be counted on to be significant contributors helps the raps determine who they want to target in trades, via FA, and in the draft.

        put it this way – most here would have assumed, based on last year, that DD would be a secondary/tertiary (at worst) core piece going forward, and that they wouldn’t NEED to target a SG to acquire (via trade, FA or the draft).  now?  fuck that.  even if they keep him, i think it’s pretty clear that if they can improve that position one way or another (and move him to a bench role), then they are free to do so (or, that’s how they SHOULD be approaching things.  we do know, however, how much BC likes to stick to ‘his’ guys, espec. ones he drafts).

        as for ed…i’m a fan, so let’s get that out of the way.  i do think he’s got upside, but what i’ve seen so far leads me to believe that his ceiling is likely as an energy/D/rebounding big off the bench.  he’s simply too robotic with the ball, and he has less offensive touch than 90% of the bigs in the L.

        • Nilanka15

          That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  Can we count on a man who gave Bargnani 5 years to figure things out, to come to a conclusion on DeRozan after just 3 years?

          And I completely agree on Davis.  Never going to be a star in this league, but could definitely help this team (or any team) as an energy big off the bench.  But one thing is for certain: there is redundancy with him and Amir sharing minutes.  One of them “should” be gone by this time next year.

          • 2damkule

            to me, the silver/platinum lining here is that BC should approach the draft with the mindset of getting the best available player, regardless of position.  i know we always say that that’s the best approach anyway, but i have a sneaking suspicion that BC looks at this roster & sees bargs & JV & amir & ed & thinks he’s got a lot of good young talent on hand, and that drafting a PF would be redundant.  hopefully, he’s seeing what ed/amir really are (or at least what they appear to be trending towards being long-term – things can always change), and doesn’t take positional need into consideration when evaluating draft prospects. 

        • Pizzaman

          I agree with all…very well said. It’s a great time while we suffer through this shit, for BC to realize ( and the young gunz fans) that what he hoped and wanted does not seem to be coming true and that he does not have the pieces going forward. DD is at best a bench guy playing some SF or SG, and I believe Ed will get better but his ceiling is what you say above. 
          Amir is what Amir has always been… an energy big off the bench, and Bayless should either be traded or kept as a bench scorer provided he plays within his game. I believe he actually has more basketball skill than Derozan, even though he cannot get the hog out of his game.

    • 511

      That was a good, sensible slap in the face. Thanks. I needed that. 

    • I agree. Unfortunately the core is not competitive core. I am not salivating for a ED’s double double (in two losing game by 20+ more points), and I was not salivating when DD played a decent game recently. This because they are at their best, the role player. The difference between the talented one and the other is that you can see flash of talent even in an awful game, otherwise in a role player no. JB is better player than ED and DD. I will invest money and time for him.

      • Nilanka15

        I see also more potential in JJ than DD.

      • 2damkule

        ‘Unfortunately the core is not competitive core.’

        yes, that was the point of my post…better to know this now, than to assume that it is & proceed into trades/FA/the draft under such a belief.

    • CaseyDaMan

      And no need to be in a hurry to jump of a bridge. There will be more games like that before this season is over, so lots of time left.
      Tomorrow is a new game. Go Raptors!!

  • sangaman

    More italians!  trade for Bellinelli and Gallinari…and maybe Kobe will come to Toronto because he loves the food and chat… certo che possiamo superare!

    • Nilanka15

      Bellinelli is almost as shitty as DeRozan.

      • Pizzaman

        pretty sad comment that he is almost as shitty as derozan. I was thinking the same thing last week while looking at some scores around the league. While I do not want Bellinelli here, he is still better than Derozan, but then again most SG’s are.

        • Nilanka15

          Exactly.  I’d rather take my chances in the draft, than go after a player who already failed in Toronto.

          It’s the same reason I don’t care to bring Joey Graham back here…