Garbage basketball makes writers grouchy.
Celtics 100, Raptors 64 – Box

Well, that was UGLY. I’m not even sure where to start. Do we start with the absolutely atrocious offensive execution? Do we start with the fact that the Raptors were outscored and outplayed handedly at the tail-end of a blow-out while facing the Celtics oft-criticized bench? Do we start with the fact that the Raptors, impossibly, are now 1-16 in games I cover for this site over the last two years? Or I could just wax poetic for 500 words about how much fun it is to watch Ray Allen, my favorite player of all time, even when he’s clearly going at half-speed on the second night of a back-to-back, knowing full well victory was certain?

In all honesty, it was a terrible game to watch, to cover, or to read the boxscore for. I’ve already received a handful of questions as to how or why I would cover this game, with the answer being, I suppose, that I’m obligated to. I don’t want to swim in hyyperbole here, but this was without question the worst Raptor game of the season, and probably of the past few seasons.

At one point, this game was 9-8 Celtics. And that was the last time it was worth watching, as the Celtics then went on a 16-1 run to stretch the lead to 25-9 and effectively seal the victory. The Raptors lost every quarter by at least 6 points, and never brought the game within 8 points after that first quarter barrage. And it wasn’t like in Atlanta where it was a Joe Johnson-lead ass-whooping, as this particular Celtics run saw baskets from four different players, while they ended up getting points from 12 different players, minutes from 13, and kept the Big Three healthy by playing them just a combined 66 minutes.

Oh yeah, and Rajon Rondo sat the game out as well.

Dwane Casey opted to go with a “bigger” starting 5 after the small lineup was in tough against Atlanta, likely thinking that the two-PG system would see one of the points guarding Ray Allen, leaving DD to handle Paul Pierce. Instead, we got the Jose-DD-JJ-Ed-Gray unit to begin, which at the very least confirms what I had said yesterday, in that I’ve thought Ed Davis has been playing better than he’s generally received credit for. Of course, the Raptors lost by 36, so maybe Ed’s second straight double-double was hollow and meaningless. Probably, but I’ll stand by him and my earlier comments, hanging my hat on his 10-and-12.

He was about the only even semi-bright spot for the Raps, who were lead in scoring by Jerryd Bayless and his 14 points, making him the only other Raptor to score in double figures. How does a team have just 2 players score in double figures? Well, you get blown out early, extend your rotation to 12 players, and oh, shoot just 34% for the game. This is becoming a scary trend of offensive ineptitude with Andrea out and DeMar terrified to attack (when not in New Jersey). Aaron Gray is not the answer (nobody is suggesting he is), but his season-high 8 points with 9 rebounds was the only other line worth mentioning. Honestly, if you want to know how bad everyone was individually, check the roll call.

I know Dwane Casey can’t do much with this particular roster incarnation, but there has to be some way of motivating a team in the midst of their second straight blow-out loss. How does a team get outscored by 8 in the fourth quarter, already down almost 30, against the likes of Greg Steimsma, E’Twaun Moore, and JaJuan Johnson, all while Mr. Intensity Kevin Garnett giggles and dances on the sidelines? This should make the Raptors furious, and I would hope a day off to practice and let these two losses settle in sees them come out on fire at home Friday, in an absolutely winnable game against the Wizards. If the Raptors come out flat in that one, I’m not sure what to think of Casey as a motivator. And again, he’s playing with a very short deck right now (short training camp, no Andrea, lack of talent, organizational incentive to lose), but it seems the Pound the Rock mantra is falling on deaf ears as the season enters it’s fatiguing dog-days.

Or hey, maybe the team just wanted a defensible reason to play Solomon Alabi for 5 minutes, right? He had one turnover and an empty boxscore line otherwise, and at this point if he’s only going to get 5 minutes of run in a near-40-point loss, what is he doing in the NBA? Ditto for Rasual Butler (2/2 on 3FG for a perfect 6 points, Zombie-ball for the win!), but for other reasons entirely.

I generally aim for a minimum of 1000 words with these things, and I’m only around 800 right now, so allow me just a few random game notes you may not have caught…

*Amir Johnson has an offensive rebound ripped out of his hands by Avery Bradley for a jump-ball in the third. What is wrong with him right now? It’s gotta be fatigue, right? RIGHT?

*Ray Allen is the greatest shooter of all time. He might be the best off-the-ball player in the league short of Richard Hamilton, as well. He’s an absolute treat to watch, every single time, and he was the only thing that kept me sane in the first half (no such luck in the second half).

*The Celtics shot 52% overall, 50% on threes, won the rebounding battle by 7, and the turnover battle by 5. The Raptors shot 34%, 43% on threes, and somehow went 8/18 at the line. Pretty thorough domination on the boxscore there.

*Steimsma, Johnson, Moore, Chris Wilcox and Sasha Pavlovic, also known as The “Most Frequently Cited Reason the Celtics Can’t Handle the Compressed Schedule” Five combined for 27-15-5 in 78 minutes, while the entire Raptors bench combined for 16-11-8 in 78 minutes when you exclude Jerryd Bayless. Utter domination, even at the lowest possible level.

*And finally, yes, I know that we should be losing, and every loss this season helps us for future seasons. I get this, and in the big picture I agree. But when you’re assigned single-game coverage, that rarely feels like a good consolation.

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86 Responses to “Raptors Make History, Play in “Worst Basketball Game Ever””

  1. Brian B

    It might have helped in the second if the Raps got back on defense- with the turnovers & bricks the Celts were pushing the ball well before the raps got back. Back to Back or not, no excuse. On the other hand, with rare exceptions, our offense made it easy- no penetration, settling for jumpers early in the shot clock. Glad I  didn’t watch the second half.

    “Should be losing” or not, there is no excuse for playing ugly basketball- I have been saying all season that this is what makes it an insult to fans- management saying “we’ll take your money, here, watch this vomit, because, oh, next year, we’ll take your money again…” At what point should we say “I’ve heard this before”?

  2. Milesboyer

    Oh well, next year’s starting lineup of Bargnani, Valanciunas, Andrei Kirilenko, Jeremy Lamb and whoever starts at point guard should fare a little better.

    • Nilanka15

      I’ll take Lamb and an unknown point guard, but we can definitely do WITHOUT Ivan Drago.

        • Nilanka15

          Bahahaha, was that supposed to be an insult?

          Keep hurling the lame grade school-quality lines.  It won’t help your knowledge of basketball.

    • cb

      it’s exactly this kind of nonsense, pollyanna bullshit which keeps our inept GM in a job.

      we should be shaking the fucking rafters at the ACC demanding change.

      there is just no way anyone at all can claim there’s any postive momentum with this franchise. from day one, BC has driven this franchise steadily downwards.

      do you even trust this guy to make a trade at this point? or trust him with a first round pick?

      he has got to go. he should never have been extended in the first place.

      what a shit show.

      • 2damkule

        ok, let’s check things a bit.

        first off, while i’m not a fan of BC, he did turn the team around in his first year.  cue the excuses why (crappy atlantic that year, yadayada).  i’ve long argued that his first season was actually what set in motion the state of affairs we currently see, and the primary reason was that, by various circumstances (bosh playing well, good production from andrea, good contributions from unknown/unexpected sources in AP & garbo, downturn in the quality of the competition in the east/atlantic, etc.) the team produced a better record than what would normally be expected given the roster.  this created a false sense that they were, as a franchise, closer to being legit contenders than they really were.

        this is relevant because it’s a similar situation to what they are in now when bargs is playing – the results produced (.500 record with him in the lineup) would lead one to speculate that perhaps this team/this core is closer to being ‘something’ to build with than it perhaps truly is.  losing like this simply reinforces that this core is perhaps simply not good enough in terms of raw talent to build with…and that’s hard to deal with in the short-term, but it should make crystal clear what they have going forward.

        if bargs were playing (and playing well, as he has this season), and the raps were pulling out Ws here & there & hovering around .500 (or at least being respectable), then BC would feel that the franchise was moving in the right direction, and that THIS core was in fact one that could be built around (and in this case, i’m focusing primarily on DD).  what we’re seeing now is that it (and he) isn’t.  and i think that’s a good thing…i’d rather know that now, than in 2 years.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          With AB in the line up the Raptors are 6-7 this season that’s playing under .500 ball, buddy- get your facts straight yada yada.smh lol

        • FLUXLAND

          Is this Yertu?

          Wow. On the Kool Aid or what?  I mean, c’mon mate, what on Earth are you
          on about?

          “cue the excuses why” – those are FACTS.

          I don’t get how in one breath you say BC turned things around and then
          say “this created a false sense”… What does that mean? He turned them
          around to what exactly? Not a contender you say..a perennial 8th seed
          then?  Did he even turn anything around beside ticket sales?

          Why is this evaluation process you speak of taking so long? And what
          does it say about the “eye” of the person selecting these players?

          Also, if you get your wish and a top 5 pick happens (it won’t – they’ll
          be lucky to get 6-10), what SINGLE reason do you have to think they
          will select a) nba level talent and b) the “right” player for this

          OKC and Minny completely fail as any kind of comparisons and need to be
          removed from any Raptor related discussions. There is only one KD and
          there are no Kevin Love or R.R. on this team. No one (that knew what
          they were talking about) was calling those teams jokes with those
          players on their rosters.

          If you have a seemingly tuned in Bargs semi-rolling, with an ALLEGED
          legit banger coming in, you need to get rid of what you don’t want, get
          rid of that pick for someone that already knows what they are doing and
          take Jose behind the barn, the glue factory truck is on its way.  That
          is the route with less risk – the Young Gunz Kindergarten Academy
          failed, and you wanna open up an University.  No thanks? For the second
          time, at that. Some of us, if you recall, saw this train wreck coming..another two years of “development” aka freestyling while BC is “figuring out” what he has with TWO new players, plus trades?  Riiiiight. 



          • 2damkule

            hey flux…yeah, it’s ‘me.’

            you’ve written quite a bit, and as much as i’d like to get into this in more detail, i’ve got about 15 minutes of free time before the kid gets her bath, so i’ll just touch on a few points:

            the ‘cue the excuses’ was simply a reference to the fact that there were a myriad of circumstances around how/why the raps won the craplantic that year.  i think you know me well enough to know that i’m not exactly a kool-aid drinker…if you were around here (and/or on the forums) over the last 8 months or so, you’d know i wasn’t in favour of BC being extended.  but he was, and there’s not a whole lot that’s going to change that, so i fail to see the value in continuing to gnash my teeth over something that i have zero control or influence over.  my initial reasoning for jumping into the conversation was to simply refute this:

            ‘from day one, BC has driven this franchise steadily downwards.’  

            since you enjoy facts, then you should appreciate that that isn’t one.  it was a mirage, and short-lived, and set the franchise up for later failure, but it has not been a steady, downward fall since day 1.

            i’m not sure how i can state my previous thoughts more succinctly…i believed then, as i do now, that the quick turnaround in RESULTS (strictly Ws & Ls) of that one season altered his original plan (which i think was to actually rebuild), and gave the false illusion that the team was better than it really was.

            as for the ‘evaluation process’ – as mentioned, i’m keying on two guys: DD & ed.  one is 20 games into his 3rd season, following a sophomore year in which there were marked improvements in some aspects of his game.  i think it’s entirely reasonable that this would be the season that would determine just who derozan is/will be as a player.  if he was showing any kind of improvement over last year, it would be a sign that he could be a core piece of the future.  it’s still early, but his poor play (to put it bluntly) has clarified his role going forward, at least to me, and i assume it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the be-collared one upstairs.

            ed’s a bit more up in the air…but there are enough signs that he is what he is.  i hate the idea of giving up on guys too early, but there has to be some middle ground between too early & ‘holy shit, it took five fucking years.’

            and i’m sorry, i don’t buy at all the notion that seattle & minny weren’t thought of as jokes.  it’s a bit revisionist to say – now that okc appears to be on the track to being an upper echelon team, and minny is at least respectable – that hey, i knew all along they’d be great.  they weren’t great, they sucked, and durant had holes in his game that, because he’s advanced his skill level, tend to get glossed over now (kind of like how griffen’s holes are glossed over because he’s a highlight-reel machine).

            anyway, gotta run.  good to have you back, you should stick around…there’s a level of hilarity in the comments section that’s just outta fucking sight!

            • cesco

              With your level of intelligence you are better off posting in the forums , arguing with Tim W. , one of the pseudo experts . Here people are allowed to express their feelings which change from game to game not participate in the ‘high IQ’  discussions of the forums which in the end have no more value than the ideas being thrown around here , they all are personal opinions and nothing more .

              • Steve

                That’s his name right, Tim W, the picket fence dude. Haven’t seen him for a while, actually, haven’t seen him since Bargnani has been getting all this recognition. I think picket fence Tim has had his worst nightmares come true, the sad old bloke. 

            • FLUXLAND

              Thanks! I haven’t missed a word one on here, just haven’t been able to post – hand’s in a cast for the past 6 months, I’ve been using that Speech Recognition like Stephen Hawking. Good times.  

              I know you are not a Kool Aid Kid, but to lay any faith into the draft based on what’s been going seems… irrational?. I do agree to say BC has been not been intentionally steering the ship into rocks, but right now he’s Captain Schettino – anyone with common sense is asking questions and, I doubt, placing much faith in his abilities for the next cruise. No?

              Ed and DD are really a discussion in itself, but their situations speak volumes of a) BC’s player selection and b) the (lack of) player development as an organization.  What player has substantially improved under his or any regime?  More importantly, it may not be his individual player picks, he just doesn’t have the understanding for team chemistry and what personalities click. He’s to busy acquiring players like drunk teenager filling out his PS3 rosters.

              And OKC and Minny are not revisionist statements, I didn’t say anything about their subsequent success. Sure, their records were jokes, but again no one worth their salt was ridiculing the team as whole, as the key players were clear franchise changers.

              • 2damkule

                ‘to lay any faith into the draft based on what’s been going seems… irrational?’

                well, what else is there?  i’m a fan of the team, so like any fan of any team, i have to hold onto something…otherwise, what’s the point?
                as for DD/Ed…i have a hard time questioning them being picked, i think that they were both considered decent-good picks; there were questions about most of the players around the spots they were picked in their respective drafts, and i certainly don’t remember much wailing that the picks were bad at the time.  your second point seems more likely…that there has been a failure on the part of the organization to develop them, combined with some inherent flaws in each of their games (and perhaps mental makeup) that is holding them.  

                re. BC…like i said, i’ve not been a fan, but again, it is what it is…at the very least, he does seem to be sticking to his newest, latest, greatest plan.  of course, we’re still 6 wks from the trade deadline, so anything can happen.  FWIW (not much), i was hoping they’d not extend him and would have made a hard push for troy weaver or dennis lindsay, but alas, it didn’t happen (whether they would have had a shot at either guy will remain a mystery).

  3. Nilanka15

    “Amir Johnson has an offensive rebound ripped out of his hands by Avery
    Bradley for a jump-ball in the third. What is wrong with him right now?
    It’s gotta be fatigue, right? RIGHT?”

    This has been Amir’s problem even when he was playing well.  He brings the ball down to his waist every time he secures a rebound, essentially making himself 6ft tall. 

    Remember back in the day when professional basketball players were fundamentally sound?  I’d easily put up with the eyesore of knee socks and short-shorts if it meant watching textbook basketball again.

  4. Nilanka15

    There’s nothing like watching our heir apparent sleepwalking through a 23-game “slump”.  The poor percentages are frustrating, but there’s peace of mind in knowing that they can be improved with repetition on the practice court.

    But to play 26 mins, and to amass ZERO rebounds, ZERO assists, ZERO steals, ZERO blocks, and 3 turnovers?  That is fucking terrible.  DeRozan deserves a public flogging for his performance so far this season. 

    It’s time to start the “Free Forbes” campaign.

    • Pizzaman

      I agree. As poorly as Amir has played recently, Derozan should have been under the buss last night and several other times that were given to Amir and others. He puts himself in the spotlight by talking about himself like he is the man, and much more was and should be expected of him yet he delivers goose eggs most of the time.
      I looked at the same stat line and saw nothing but crap. 3 of 12 is pretty much his expected line now, and the straight zeros on rebounds, steals, assists is putrid, let alone three turnovers in the first 8 minutes.
      He is not an NBA caliber SG and most here now know that.
      I say put Forbes in for him and let’s really try to build for the future as at least he seems to have the skills necessary to become a better player. He can actually handle the rock.

      • Fuckingmorons

         i know….but nilanka wouldnt want a guy like ak47 who would give you D and a stat line of say 15/7/4/3/1

        he likes statlines like 18/0/0/0/0 and 4 turnovers and no d.

        • Nilanka15

          Let’s hire Joshua Reynolds as our GM.  He’d only want 2 players suiting up every night.  Bargnani and Kirilenko…that’s it.  Playing 2-on-5, we’d win at least 70 games a season, right Joshua?

          I wonder what other past-his-prime 31 year olds (who hasn’t faced NBA competition in a year) we can sign. 

          Keep the wealth of basketball knowledge coming Joshua.  You’re a freakin’ genius!

  5. Milesboyer

    Believe it or not, our Toronto Raptors are only the sixth worst team in the League right now. You would hope that if they’re going to suck that bad they would at least be one of the bottom 2 or 3.  There’s still time I guess.

    • Copywryter

      Just wait until Casey goes Don Cornelius on us. How could he not? Then we’ll be looking up at every franchise save Washington and Charlotte. Or Detroit. Or New Orleans.


  6. What the

    HOLY SH8T GUY!! you wrote a book …speedy needs yo be pull from games early i could tell that we needed something else right away in the first 6 mins Speedy gives  Boston time to set up their defence and then ask them if the were ready with 9 sec left on the clock , BC I would like a scoring point gaurd please Speedy has got to go ENOUGH with this 4 on 5 basketball plus the coach have to be telling Speedy to push the ball every time just ask LEO. ONE (1) POINT tonite for one of our core guy

        • Fuckingmorons

           i love your posts…so we can all laugh at you.

          you represent the YOUNG GUNZ YO! segment of our fanbase.

          • Nilanka15

            And you represent the ‘fuckingmorons’ fanbase.  The type whose posts ONLY deal with praising Bargnani and ripping everyone else…using his mom’s computer no less.

            Keep ’em coming Joshua!  You’re a valuable addition to this site with your Bleacher Report-quality commentary.

    • Valit

      It’s very, very easy to blame ( again and again) the soft, old Euro. He played terribly last nite but everybody else was in the same boat. He’s a passing first PG not a scorer even though he would have been better to brick more shots just for the heck of it. The bottom line is that the so called “core” that Colangelo was relying upon , is not happening this year and I doubt very much it will be better in the next year. Then what?…we’ll get rid of Barbosa, we’ll get rid of Jose, maybe Kleiza and we hope that next year Toronto will be the new Mecca of NBA where every star player would love to come and play. You can pound the rock until your head is bleeding but until you do not start winning a bit, nothing in attitude will change. Losing  or tanking a season is the surest recipe for future disasters.

      Ps. As a matter of fact, I do not have a big problem with Jose controlling the tempo ( he was asked to play slowly); I do have a bigger problem with people who are supposed to score and not doing it on a consistent base.

      • What the

        CONTROLLING THE TEMPO? that does not mean holding on to the ball until there is 8 sec left on the shot clock and no one else touch the ball and the coach yelling push the ball every time up the court every game the guy (speedy) made 1 basket last night do you know how he got it this from a guy who has the ball 80% of the time

        • Valit

           Let’s agree to disagree on this subject. I know how he got the tiny, pathetic point but I also know that he got 8 assists ( which is not much) and probably if he would have played for the other team he would have had around 15 ( which is pretty good). Having said that, I agree his shooting is terrible right now but it was ok in Utah for ex.

    • 2damkule

      why do you refer to calderon as ‘speedy?’  i can only assume that it’s in reference to speedy gonzalez (the old WB looney tunes cartoon mouse), but jose is neither ‘speedy,’ nor is he mexican.  i guess spanish is close enough, huh?

  7. DC

    Its bad when you can come to the conclusion that both bayless and jj have more natural skill then derozan does. I believe theyll both be better players in the long run then derozan. Mine as well put in Forbes at least he doesn’t get stripped while going to the basket.  At least JJ and bayless can handle the rock and bayless at least can shoot. JJ actually has a pretty decent looking shot most nights it always rims out  tho. This team is filled with a shit ton of players that are D leaguers. 

    • Brian B

       “. JJ actually has a pretty decent looking shot most nights it always rims out  tho”…
       then it isn’t a decent shot, no matter how it looks – tired legs will make a shot fall on the front rim- otherwise it is bad mechanics. to me, JJ’s mechanics generally look bad – he rushes his shots, has no rhythm (there are stats somewhere that explain that rhythm is vital to a good jumper – which is why so few shooters are good off the dribble).

    • Arsenalist

      I’m not sure if DeRozan is just playing the game the wrong way, or if he’s just not athletic/quick/strong enough to be a good scorer in the league.  His perceived athleticism doesn’t account for anything if he doesn’t have body control, strength, or the smarts to finish in traffic near the rim.  And that’s what “slashers” are supposed to do – finish against contests.

      In fact, finishing against contested shots is one of the main things that separates decent players from good ones, and good ones from great ones.  To compound matters for him, his mid-range jumpers is not seen as a threat, but as a weakness by defenses who will gladly allow him to shoot that unless he makes three in a row, which he doesn’t.

      Comes down to this for him: he’s got to learn how to score in the half-court where shots are more likely to be contested than if you’re running breaks or semi-breaks most of the time.  As this year the pace is reduced (from 93.0 to 89.5 – 10th to 25th in the league), he’s been unable to find the same scoring opportunities that he had last year.  

      • RapsFan

        Amir, JJ, DD, Ed and Bayless

        They are at best Role players OFF the bench. Heck, they are not even 6 or 7 guy off the Bench in a really good team and they are more like 8 or 9th player off the bench on those teams.

        This is the reality and so far none of the guys above has shown us anything that says otherwise.

  8. Max

    Heads need to roll. I mean now! The gm who put together this team is to blame for last night more than anyone else. I feel for Casey, how can he yank DD when Butler is his replacement?

    • 2damkule

      settle.  this is how this season was/is supposed to play out.  it doesn’t feel good losing by so much, and being regarded as a laughingstock in the L, but the point of this season was to see what they’ve got in their young players & secure a high lotto pick, right?  so yeah, getting blown out fairly reguarly sucks.  but at least now they know what they have, and can move forward.

      just like it’s foolish to get too high after a good game (or two), it’s silly to go over-the-top after getting pounded. 

      • voy

        testify, 2dam!!

        the gm who put this team together, put this team together to be mostly disposable, not to contend.  BC didn’t say “I want to win this year.  I know, I’ll sign Butler, Forbes and Magloire”. 

        This is year two of the rebuild.  Just because a player is young doesn’t mean he is a core asset.  We’re still in early days.

      • mountio

        Totally. Ive said it many times on here. Injuries (assuming they arent career threatening / debilitating) are the best thing that can happen to this team. People realize that to get a top 5 draft pick you actually have to finish in the bottom of the league, righ?t (putting aside the lottey, your chances are WAY better the worse you finish) That actually means we need to play WORSE than we have been!
        Im dissapointed that there are bigger question marks about whether Ed and DD can actually be pieces for this team. But, other than that .. this is rolling along just as planned. No team will be better suited to improve than us next year, adding (hopefully) two top five picks in Val plus this years pick on a team that even without those two is not in the bottom five (or ten) in the league when healthy.
        Ya .. these games suck to watch. Im glad we have had a few wins / good performances mixed in .. the fan in me needs that. But, the realist in me says we are right on track …

        • Copywryter

          How do you figure? We have little but conjecture right now, conjecture and players who would not be starters on 80% of the teams in this league. 

          Val could be a bust or an all-star, but will probably play out somewhere in the middle.  Bargs has played well this season, certainly, but he hasn’t convinced me that he’s a franchise centerpiece in 15 games after 6 years of meh. (Talented meh, but still).

          As for the lottery, we don’t have a rookie or sophomore bird in the hand, we just have picks in the bush. I hope BC picks a lottery winner, but I can’t assume he will. 

          Don’t get me wrong, I agree that we need to be awful before we can be good, but if you’re going to call yourself a realist you have to accept that we have nothing concrete, just hope.  

  9. Albertan10

    I watched what I could between work and school and it seemed like the Raps were playing decent defense for a while in the first half, the problem was that the clerics hit everything. The 3 by Garnett was just the capstone of it. He had a hand in his face and was way out. It’s a tough loss and with a young team getting whipped so bad in the first half it’s always tough in the second. I was impressed with the defense I saw and I guess it collapsed in the second.

  10. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The thing about this roster is that BC would yell out 50 wins with CB on it & Sam coaching it.smh

    BC won the Atlantic Division (the weakest in the NBA that year) his 1st year in the TDot but it was Boston that made the big off season moves (KG, Allen) while BC basically sat pat with the Raptors roster.

    BC should be both driving & under the bus every post game review- point blank!!

    A team losing 1 player even it’s best player should not be this bad that’s on BC’s lack of current roster talent (ACarter, Butler, Alabi- really?) which is untenable after fans sat through last season and then BC had the audacity to draft a player who won’t even play in the NBA this season- pissing on fans calling it rainwater, shitting on fans calling it Kobe steak.

    As well the accountability seems to be only aimed at a few players- Ed, JB,Amir so Casey may be losing the team with his bullchit rhetoric as memo’d via BC.

    Where was tough guy Kleiza at last nite? Running Scared? (Billy Crystal voice)

    Btw- anyone regurgitating any type of rebuild/build media hype is stuck on stupid- rewind it and loop it- kool aid!!!

    Tony Wroten Jr………………………Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (but they won’t even stop the losing smh)….

  11. cesco

    The only player that could have given us hope for the future beside Andrea is playing in Europe instead of being on the floor here and giving us something to cheer about . So we are left with the “can’t create/can’t shoot” gang . Another problem is that there could be more than 5 teams worse than us if Andrea come back and play in March till the end of the season .

  12. Nilanka15

    Eric Koreen reports that Amir’s struggles lately have been partly due to “personal problems”.  I’m guessing those problems are caused by the realization that he’s being outplayed by a 7-foot Justin Bieber in Aaron Gray.

    • FAQ

      “personal problems”???  is he having problems investing/spending the Million$$$ that MLSE is pouring into his bank account…???!!!!!

    • CalgaryRapsFan

      I think his personal problems started after the realization set in that after just a shortened training camp and a handful of games, under a new legit coach, Bargnani had taken over the role of ‘most heart and hustle’ on the team in addition to be the primary (and seemingly only) legit scoring threat!  lol

    • RapsFan

      Last Year:
      Amir has the heart of Lion. 
      Amir is the most efficient Raptor Player offensively.
      Amir is one of the best defenders in the league.
      AmirPER 42 minutes number are top 10 in the league. 
      Amir is the LEADEE or this team.
      We need more Player like Amir.
      Amir is a rebounding machine.

      This year:
      Amir is hurt.
      Amir is tired.
      Amir has “personal problems”.
      Amir misses his pal Weems.

      Who is the REAL Amir Johnson ? We need Buddah Fan to come back to board and tell us.

  13. 511

    Old news I guess, but looking at the schedule for the next few games and seeing that after Friday’s home game against the Wizards, they’re BACK on the road for two more (Miami on Sunday, Washington on Monday) … and I have to say, after allllll the damn road games the last couple of weeks, with so many so tight together, coming home only for one here and one there — and it’s really not like they’re *home* when they stop in for just one — in a way, it’s no wonder they look beaten and bedraggled for more games than not, lately. I’ve done the work-travel thing and it never mattered to me that I stayed in nice hotels and ate good (restaurant) food … it still never failed to beat the hell out of me. So … it’s really a factor that should be factored. I think, anyway. 

    After Monday’s game in Washington, they’re home for 7 straight, going right into the All Star break. But this schedule is seriously flawed. 

    • 2damkule

      good point about the travel…we assume that because it’s all first-class charters & 5-star everything that it doesn’t have an impact.  the thing people tend to forget is that with modern tech, charters, etc., everything moves at an accelerated pace.  they’re up & down repeatedly with short changeover periods between flights, and their bodies just don’t get the time needed to rest/recover from the initial flight before they’re up in the air again. 

  14. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Andre Drummond is rumored to be heading back to UConn…….for all the tankers aka wankers Raptors fans that support losing in exchange for Lottery balls- what a fuckin’ gimmick.smh lol

    • MacDaddy

      Andre Drummond isn’t the only guy in the draft buddy, and he’s not the best one either. He’s a top 5 pick he will chase the money, as there’s no lockout this year + no uncertainty. Recognize.

    • Nilanka15

      Yeah, instead of tanking, we should just trade for Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, right?  smdh @ u

      How do you expect to add talent to this team if not through the lottery???  You win the ‘stuck on stupid’ badge for today.  smh

      Recognize game or stay forever lame.  smdh @ u

      PS – Spare me the predictable ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ reply. smh @ u

      smdh @ u

  15. Shane

    People that still argue that this team has a chance need to realize one thing….AARON GREY is starting.


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