The “home is where disappointment lives” edition:

Barbosa: working his way back it seems. He had some of his zip back and actually ran baseline to baseline a few times tonight, something that was missing the last 2 games.

Bayless: his game was a bit off tonight (well, his shot was for sure) and then he re-injured his stump and off he went, hobbling to the locker room like a drunk who missed the first step as he left the bar.

Butler: my ego is about to get a boost, apparently. You know that great feeling you get when you are styling through Dufferin Mall and a member of the opposite sex looks you up and down and smiles alluringly, maybe even leeringly? Happens to me about as often as you finish a sudoku in under a minute. That same frequency can be applied to Butler having good games. Tonight he was 2/4 from deep, had 4 boards and 8 points in 14 minutes. Hell, that’s like a woman checking me out, smiling and then writing her number on my hand….with her tongue.

Calderon: think he maybe hyperventilated a bit when he saw Bayless pull up lame? No way he can keep up the pace he has, but tonight he was the Columbia House of the Raptors and sent out 15 assists in 33 minutes of floor time. DeMar and James having great percentage nights helps, but Jose was also playing hard tonight.

Carter: active hands on defense is about all that can be said as a positive for his game tonight. This was about as lost as I have seen him all season, looking more like he expected to be crocheting a sofa cover rather than be on an NBA floor tonight.

Davis: the man struggles with the simple stuff….scoring from the paint, rebounding in a crowd, taking the cellophane off of CDs, buying the proper tampons for his woman. Well, actually, most men struggle with that last one. Consistency is as important as water to this guy and he seems to be playing in the desert.

DeRozan: nothing but good things to say about his offensive effort. After hitting 3s with about as much regularity as Air Canada flights arriving on time, he sunk 4 from deep tonight  and went 9/18. Defensively, though, he let Delfino look like Ray Allen and just refused to cover him. A few stops and this is a different ballgame.

A. Johnson: some questionable fouls seemed to mess with his head and he was back to looking disconnected and uncaring. We needed some of our bigs to step up and Amir’s energy can be infectious. Tonight it was lukewarm.

J. Johnson: attack the rim and good things happen. Look for your shot and good things happen. Show up as the only guy on an island full of cougar women and you have no shirt in your suitcase and good things will happen. Dy-no-mite went for 15 and 7 tonight and, wait for it, looked like a ball player.

Kleiza: Tie Domi with kicks is who he is. He completely got inside Larry Sanders head, who was on the receiving end of a Linas Laugh, something that has put the fear of God in many. Kleiza even received the undying support of perennial benchwarmer Magloire. Heartwarming. Kleiza fought his way to the line and sunk 6 of 7, accounting for half of his 12 points. Not a good game on all counts but he continues to grow some balls.

Magloire: best thing he did all night was tie his shoelaces by himself.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • John

    It was just last year where Amir’s fan boys here used Gooden’s contract to justify the Amir’s contract ( Tim W, Budddah, Nilkila and …). 
    If this game is any indiction of whose contract is just, then you guys were sssooo WRONG 🙂

    • Arsenalist

      That’s exactly what I was thinking watching this game.

      Not to say Amir’s contract isn’t fair, but Gooden is just a better overall talent.  Too bad his motor is messed up.

    • Truthkiller

      Woah when was Amir Johnson’s contract ever justified, 5 Mil a year for a guy that averages 6pts and 4reb for his CAREER. I’m sure you can find talent like that in the D-league.

      • Smith

        Well some people thought that he is going to get better as he gets more playing time. Well, he is getting more playing time and so far this season, his average is around 6 point and 5 rebound !! They were WRONG !!
        We got Weems and Amir for Delfino !! One was let go because he was a CLOWN and the other one is proving ( so far this season) to be a 6 pt and 5 rebound career guy !!!
        The funny thing is that in this site, many fans hailed that trade as one of the greatest achievements of BC !! a REAL STEAL !!! Well, Delfino had something else to say to those fans in ACC tonight !!

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Sonny was not let go- step your game up.

          Sonny signed overseas during the owners lockout- recognize game.

          Amir is dealing with some personal issues off the court that are most definitely effecting his on court play not to mention that he may be wearing down from guarding centers- in order to accommodate AB- with his extra skinny legs.

          Don’t hate on the players, hate on BC

        • Nilanka15

          Amir was playing well for the first 14 games of the season.  Don’t make it sound like he’s been shit all year.

          • Smith

            Why are you lying ?? His stats for the first 14 games are in NBA.COM and everyone can take a look at them. Even looking at those games he ONLY had 4 or 5 good games. It is shameful how you need to lie now trying to prove you were RIGHT.

            • Nilanka15

              I don’t expect 18pts and 12rbs from Amir to be considered a “good game”.

              8 and 8, in 25 minutes off the bench, combined with good post-defence (mostly on players who are bigger than him), is what I consider good games….which is exactly what Amir provided during the first 14 games.

              He’s not a superstar who can single-handedly lead us to championships.  He’s a role player off the bench which most good teams need.

              • Smith

                Wrong again, Do the math and you can see his numbers are not 8 and 8 in the first 14 games of the season 🙂

                • Nilanka15

                  Actually, they are.

        • Statement

          I’ve taken cesco off the ignore list (cause he’s started to make coherent points),

          You I’m putting on.

      • Nilanka15

        Exactly.  Nobody said Amir was worth the money.  Gooden was brought up just to show the difference between experience (Gooden), vs. potential (Amir), who can draw the same salaries.  And considering the direction the Raptors are going (building), potential seems like better money spent.

        • Smith

          Just because player is YOUNG, it does not mean he has POTENTIAL !! This is where you and many like you were WRONG. You guys were bad JUDGE of Potential and now have been proven WRONG.

          • Nilanka15

            So you’re saying that the good season Amir had last year, is completely outweighed by the last 10 games.  Cool.

            • WHAT THE

              and also the last 5 years of PRIMO… I see where he’s going FANBOY!

          • j bean

            Your obsession with who is right [you] and who is wrong is worth commenting on? Players have good runs and not so good runs. Pointing at a not so good run so you can call others wrong is short sighted. Amir has played some very good ball for this team  and there will be a time when someone will point to a good stretch of games and say he is a great bargain. 

    • Steve

      Good old picket fence guy, remember when he said Amir was the best player on the team and the only guy he wouldn’t trade? Those were the days, oh how times have changed.

      • mountio

        Don’t worry .. hes smarter than all of us .. he gets advanced stats and most of us are still trying to catch up ..

    • mountio

      But, but, but … did you see Amir’s PER last year? All he needed was more playing time and usage and he would be a 20 pt scorer in this league!
      Its simple extrapolation .. if you guys only understood advanced stats and didnt focus so much on PPG!!!

      • Nilanka15

        Now you’re just making shit up, and you know it.  Nobody ever said Amir could be a 20ppg guy.  But keep putting words in people’s mouths if it makes you feel better.

        • Steve

          That is true but Tom Liston, Tim W, Buddah and yourself were talking about he is our most efficient offensive player, best defensive player, his contract is just because he is much better than Gooden, with more time he is easily a double double guys and … 

          • Nilanka15

            Do the last 10 games really prove that theory wrong?

            Last year, when all those “claims” were made, Amir was most definitely our most offensively efficient player and our best defensive player.

            Besides, it was only a month ago, that EVERYONE on this site was claiming that the only 3 legit NBA players on this team are Bargnani, Calderon and Amir.  My, have quickly opinions change.

            • Smith

              why the last 10 games !! Why not the whole season !! Doesn’t that give you a bigger  sample size ? How about if he played like this for the whole season and was not even able to give you 10 and 10 ? Will you accept that you were wrong and vanish from site and hide just like Tim W and Buddah Fan !!

              • Nilanka15

                I’m looking at Amir’s whole contribution since joining the Raptors, which is far better than looking at just the last 10 games, which is what you’re doing.

    • Nilanka15

      Typical Bargnani fanboy comment.  Relying on small sample sizes in a feeble attempt to prove a point.

      “Drew Gooden is more valuable than Bargnani because he’s played more games this season.”  See how dumb that sounds?

      • Smith

        LOOOL, at least the fan boys rely on games to judge a player or a head to head match up like last night where Amir had to play against Gooden One on One !!!

        What did you , Tim or Buddah relied on to he that wrong ??

        • Nilanka15

          It was 1 game pal…..1 game.  You don’t see me citing Amir’s 19pts and 11rbs vs. Kevin Love over and over again, do you?  That’s right, because it was ONE game.

          • Smith

            1 game ?? Look at and look at his average for the season and passed 14-15 games 🙂

            • Nilanka15

              Dude, you claimed head-to-head matchups are better than stats.  Now you’re telling me to look at stats?  You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

              • Steve

                Go to the picket fence you can hide behind it with Tim.

                • Nilanka15

                  You’re the one who keeps bringing up that site. You seem to frequent it far more often than anyone else here.

                • Steve

                  I bring it up so you and your minions can realize how stupid it was. Now go and hide behind it, and bring a paintbrushwith you Huckleberry Finn.

        • WHAT THE


  • Ryan

    His shot was gone, but 15 dimes is pretty nice. Imagine what Jose could do on a team with actual consistent offensive threats…

    DeRozan with a nice game but I still don’t know if I like him taking 6 treys in a game.

    It was a fair game – didn’t make me want to rip my eyes out, but nothing particularly interesting either. Does this put an end to our pretend playoff run yet?

    • mr.t

      Ira Winderman, who covers the Heat and seems to have respected sources, said in his blog that the Raptors are likely to amnesty Jose after this season and wouldn’t he fit in nicely with the Heat in 2012-13.

      • Ryan

         He might fit in nicely, but I’m doubting this source. Why would they amnesty him now, of all times? Amnesty will not get a pick back, will not get a piece back, and we’ll have a huge hole at PG. He also gains trade value as an expiring soon. Amnestying him not won’t help the team at all.

        • Nilanka15

          Amnestying Calderon only makes sense if Colangelo has a deal in the works and needs the financial breathing room.

      • WHAT THE

        Speedy in CUBA  sounds good

  • Fire Colangelo Now

    Watching tonight’s game was like some Ch_ water torture as it was so obvious what the outcome would be (even against a Bucks team suffering 3 consecutive losses). 
    ANYHOW … Just watched Jeremy Lin light up the Knicks for its 3rd consecutive win and other than enjoying how a well executed pick and roll does wonders for a slumping starless lineup, I was wondering out loud … WHERE THE HELL WAS COLANGELO ON THIS ONE!!!   Besides needing a SG and a SF (sorry, DD and JJ can’t shoot), we need a POINT GUARD!!!  Where was Colangelo with his waiver claim on this one (when both Houston and NY took Lin).  Why the hell do we have Anthony Carter in the lineup when the Raptors should be scouring the D-Leagues of the world for some young PG.  Please oh please can we just go ahead a couple of years when the inevitable GM firing takes place so that the real rebuilding job can begin.

    • lols

      lin is embarrassing all NBA GM’s at the moment cept 1, that’s just how it is. that guy can flat out ball.

    • Ryan

      BC’s made a lot of mistakes. I agree.

      But honestly, who saw Lin coming? No one other than maybe NY, and even they just took him on as a 3rd stringer. D’Antoni was afraid to play him more because the Knicks were losing and he didn’t think Lin would help. Bottom line is – NO ONE thought Lin would break out. Where the hell was BC on this one? Where the hell was every other GM, scout, or coach on this one? New York got lucky.

      • Lorenzo


      • fire colangelo now

        I stopped sympathizing long ago with this conman gm.  Landing someone like Lin requires a gm whose taking chances because his current roster is just crap.  We don’t have a good sg nor a sf nor a pg nor a centre.  Need I say more.

        • Ryan

          Who’s sympathizing? I blame BC for many things. He’s not the best GM. But there’s placing responsibility on him, and then there’s just finding reasons to hate. Lin is one of the latter.

    • FAQ

      Lin played his college ball at Harvard … and maybe it’s his oriental brains plus his 6-3 200# physique that got him  into Harvard.

      Meanwhile BC hires zombies  to fill in the roster.  Maybe there’s a touch of incompetence here… ya think??!!!

      • Ryan

        Well, then there’s a touch of incompetence in 29/30 GMs in the league. Doesn’t bode well for the future of the NBA, does it?

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Kleiza makes me laugh. This team needs a good goon to get in some faces and get in their heads.
    Would love to see him get into it with Kevin Garnett next time around.

    • mr.t

      And again back to Florida… my favorite highlight of the Heat game was watching Wade re-align his jaw after taking a Kleiza elbow.

      • Nilanka15

        I think it was a DeRozan elbow while he was rising up in the shooting motion, with Wade guarding a little too closely.

    • WHAT THE


    • WHAT THE


  • Wongo Wednesday

    I’m wondering… much do you think the players are being affected by the tiredness they are feeling from playing so many games.

  • Adriiian

    DeRozan on fire from 3, a once-a-monther.
    We just couldn’t make shots tonight and loved Kleiza and Magloire against Sanders, pretty hilarious.

    • WHAT THE

      f**koff fan boy!!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Milwaukee, missing their best player Bogut, playing on a b2b held off the day rested Raptors & 1nce again no pizza for the fans.

    Raptors end another team’s losing streak.smh

    7 game home stand: 2-5?

    Btw Calderon was (not) guarding Delfino early in the game when he was hitting 3s all over the court not DeRozan.

    Bayless is most likely out for some time with his ankle issues- do we have a young roster pg?

    Why is BC so called building with 2 30 year old plus pgs (Jose & ACarter) on the roster?

    The Raptors under BC are an International style type of basketball team by reputation yet almost every other NBA team’s International players are better than ours.smh

    Boston up Friday…………My neck & my back (crack head from Friday)…..

  • DC

    Jj had a pretty well rounded game today. I actually have thought this season he’s been one of the more consistent players on our team this year. I think he can be a pretty decent player in this league if he does the stuff he’s good at being active in defensive lanes, driving shooting close shots and longer twos in rhythm. I think he’s at least a better bc bargin pickup then jamario moon and weems were. DD had a good game tonight still wish he could drive more and actually not get stripped half the time. But he did alright. Lk. Played alright but it was his intensity and demeanor on the court that cracks me the hell up he gets in other players heads I like it. Honestly casey should scrap this small lineup and go Calderon,DD,kleiza,jj, amir or grey. Would be his best lineup. Casey needs to improve his substitton patterns tho. Left the 2nd unit there in the 4th out way too long. Calderon’s shot is shit. I mean his 15 dimes were nice but honestly Calderon is probably the only pg that can get 15 dimes in a game and have none that really excite me.

  • RobertArchibald

    You know it’s bad when players who were once scrubs for our team, are lighting it up as the opposition. See: Delfino. This team is really bad and hustle is the only thing keeping them in games. When the desire disappears (see: Amir) this team will be unwatchable. Losing what little faith I had left in our ‘young core’. This team is a bunch of career backups. End rant.

  • Lorenzo

    What happened between Kleiza and Sanders? I must’ve missed it..

    • WHAT THE

      maybe ypu should watch some game even though PRIMO isn’t playing

      • Lorenzo


  • lols

    another crucial free throw rebound missed.

  • According some fans we keep patience for another year. After that, BC will start to build a good team. Are we sure about it? Are we confident about BC’s judgement? Yesterday we saw DD played awfully down the strecth when a former Raptors (Delfino) explained him some basketball concepts. Ed Davis is uncapable to score in the paint, AJ is a non talented player but we are confident about BC!!!!

    I only imagine what is the BC’s strategy. Because his work during the last 4/5 years wasn’t brilliant. He committed some mistake, about AB, about Bosh, about sign Amir, about Hibbert, about Hedo….. He made many mistakes and despite all he is the Raptors’ GM!!!! I don’t have a really good feeling in his abilities of doing the right things. I have a ‘terror’ of seeing him spending money for crap players. The only hope is Casey.

  • Valit

    After the game last night…I have one question: “Once BC and Casey are eventually removed, what is gonna happened to the pounding rock”?

    • WHAT THE

      they’ll start to smoke it why? you want some

  • Ppellico

    I m going to say it becaue everybody else is affraid
    Casey is a poor coach.
    Go ahead and tell me that he is doing the best he can with what he has…but the hell he is!
    You have Amir in the game who had 2 rebounds in the first 3 qtrs of the game!
    That’s right…2 the first half and 3 the first 3 qtrs.
    He ended the first half with more fouls thn rebounds!!!!.
    He is no more a canter in the NBA than my grandmother.
    He hps/skips around out front and can’t block out players half his size.
    5 Million a year for this horrid player?
    You don’t like Gray?
    To hell with you…we aint talking player favs..we are talking trying to do the best with what you have.
    This is how I started the post.
    So you do have a 7 footer and you don’t play him?
    Not the entire game?
    The Bucks began killing us inside…nobody stopped them…Amir allows they to do whatever they want AND get rebounds…
    Gray sits.
    In fact he never plays.
    Thsi coach makes adjustments like he has no other plan other than tell his plyers Pound The Rock…thats a saying, not a play!
    The Raps ONLY stayed in the game because they Finally, FInally were making some outside shots early on.
    Go ahead…look up the hots from the first hallf…90 percent outide shots.
    Inside, except for JJ making some heroic drives, was non existant.
    I am going to say it again…this coach sucks.

    And I can’t say much for the fans…Amir is a hero…then after a night like this the excuses start all over again…

    • 511

      I doubt anyone’s afraid, lol. My opinion on Casey is way different than what yours is at the moment and that’s fine, but what we might not be seeing here, is the whole picture, that for their own reasons won’t be disclosed until the end of the season. If then. Like, maybe Amir is playing through a stretch of very uncomfortable poor-health because he insists on playing anyway … and/or maybe Gray’s poor health (if) is a bit more of the life-threatening kind … or maybe a combination of the two … plus a couple of other unknowns-to-us just for fun. (There are things we don’t know, is the point.) 

      Last night, Gray was a DNP – Coach’s Decision. Now, I didn’t get why Gray only played eight or so minutes and no more to start the game on Monday vs Washington — he did a good enough job, I thought — but no minutes at all for last night suggests that there’s more to the story. The easy guess is his heart was doing extra pitter-pats that it’s not supposed to. The fun guess is … you know, ank-tay ation-nay. 

    • Nilanka15

      The Raptors have much more invested in Amir than Gray.  It makes more sense for the future of this team to determine if Amir can play or not.

      Giving Gray some extra minutes and winning a meaningless game in February does nothing to help this team long-term.

      • Smith

        “if Amir Can play ”

        Shouldn’t have we determine this before giving him that Contract ?? Plus, wasn’t it you and your PAL who were convinced he can play based on PER and “advanced stats” ??

        Where is “if” coming from ??!!

        • Nilanka15

          Every player on this team has holes.  That’s where the “if” comes from.

          “If” Bargnani can play both ends of the court without getting hurt.

          “If” J.Johnson ever learns how to shoot and control his fouls.

          “If” Bayless can run the offense like a true PG.

          “If” Calderon can stop penetration better than a cardboard cutout.

          “If” Davis stops looking like a boy among men.

          “If” DeRozan learns how to dribble.

          “If” Kleiza’s knee can handle the stress of a compressed schedule

          “If” Amir can go back to what he was providing last year, and the first 14 games of this season.

          And so on, and so on.

          Remember back in the day when you were complaining about Colangelo handing out Bargnani’s contract before knowing if he could play?  Oh right, you didn’t have a problem with that plan.  Funny how hypocrisy works, isn’t it?

          • Smith

            I never complained about AB’s contract. AB is getting paid like 3rd best player in a good team and he is that. He is not first option, or even 2nd option. Hypocrisy is what you are doing , going from most efficient player, leader of the pack , need to get more shots to “if” Amir can play ?? LOOOOL, you know what I am talking about.

            • Nilanka15

              Sigh, it’s like having a discussion on politics with a preschooler.  Right over his head.  Doesn’t even realize when he’s burned.

              • Tim

                Dude, get a life. The guy proved you wrong in every single point you are trying to make. Just accept the defeat and save yourself.

                • Nilanka15

                  Lol, “proved me wrong” by using the last 10 games as evidence. 

                  Please don’t comment on my posts ever again.

        • relists

          Amir can’t play period. at best hes a 2nd, and 3rd option if your a playoff team. No offensive game what so ever. The only reason hes getting minutes is because he has fans here and at the moment, is the face of this “franchise” if you want to call it that.

          • Nilanka15

            He’s not even a 3rd option on the Raptors.  He definitely won’t be a 3rd option on a playoff team.

            But that doesn’t mean he won’t be valuable to a playoff team.  You need players who are good offensive rebounders, will draw charges, dive for loose balls, and challenge shots. 

            Amir is a prime example of a player whose value isn’t determined from the boxscore.  He’s best used as a backup big.

            • Smith

              Really now ? Wasn’t you and your pal who used the advanced stats and box score to show the rest of us Amir is the best last season !! now his value is not shown from box score ? Then how do you judge him ? Based on the wins by his team ?? well, he is not even giving us that.

              • Nilanka15

                Last year, he was the most efficient on the team.  This year he’s not.  Is it really startling news that players go through ups and downs throughout the course of their careers?  As long as the “ups” happen more often than the “downs”, I can live with $6 million per year for a backup hustle big man.  Making sure of this is why Amir’s an “if” right now.

                Anyways, this is my last response to you.  I have no interest in arguing over semantics.  You hate Amir, fine.  I think he’s in a funk, and last season is more indicative of what he can provide to this team than the last 10 games which you seem to love hanging your hat on.

    • voy

      look at our defensive and rebounding improvements this year over the previous years.  We should all be lining up to blow Casey after each game considering what we had to go through with Triano.

      • 511

        The laugh I just had was thinking of a couple jokes I could make right here. 

  • 511

    Gamblin Dan wants to know what the line is on Blake doing this morning’s recap of last night’s game. I told him being we lost, probably 1:2. Or worse. 

  • DC

    This whole roster pretty much blows the only keepers are JJ, Bargs, Kleiza. The rest are role players at best. Team needs overhauled because it’s a disaster. BC needs to be fired and shouldve been years ago. And casey needs to get more imaginative with his offense.  Hopefully we can lose enough games to pick up Doc River’s kid Austin in the draft because if/ when he leaves hes gonna be a stud. Also wouldn’t mind perry jones III.  

    • Smith

      I am not sure about JJ as starter or even a reliable bench player. JJ has consistency issues and has not been able to put up the numbers in 4-5 games in the row. The guy has the tool but either does not have the mental toughness or just lacks the drive to excel .