The “for once we love the schedule makers” edition:

Barbosa: Hi, my name is Leandro Barbosa and I’m here as the spokesman for an amazing product, the X-Acto Retractable Knife. The blade is exactly like my game: now you see it, now you don’t.

Butler: here’s a hot tip for you non-basketball fans that read Roll Call simply for entertainment: If you were once a starter and now you play less minutes than it takes to bake a frozen pizza, your career is pretty much on the same path as Paris Hilton in her 40s.

Calderon: you gotta love his bounce back. 17 and 14 tonight and the teenager-in-the-basement-looking-at-porn type of excitement from Raptors fans is starting to bubble under again. Rondo was held to 2 of 10 in 40 minutes and looked flummoxed most of the game, trying to figure out a way to get his tired horses moving. Instead, Jose had a stun gun and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Carter: horrible game. It was disappointment on the level of sending your boy out for a snack run and he comes back with ketchup chips and skittles.

Davis: if you looked really close you could see the lashings he inflicted on himself after the UNC loss to Duke the other night. The open wounds snuck their way in his game tonight where he was his season average, which is to say about as effective and interested as a 3 year old at an opera.

DeRozan: his 3ball game is back to normal, but it didn’t have any bearing on his overall game. He pushed the ball all night, took a shot from KG and just smiled, and he kept his teammates heads in the game. Strong game.

Gray: two things on my tv tonight were short and sweet:  Snooki and Aaron’s game. 18 minutes, 11 rebounds and he was setting walls, not screens.  He will never be flashy, but he will leave some bruises and make sure the window is left clean.

A. Johnson: hustle, heart, perfect from the floor, a true double double with 12 and 12. What more can you ask for from a guy that has looked like the batteries in his XBOX controller have been dead for weeks.

J. Johnson: here he comes with the complete package again: 14pts, 2 blocks, 3 steals, 3 assists, 7 rebounds. If he is on your fantasy team, 2 things: you’re a fool and he may be responsible for you winning the week. Consistency is easily his greatest challenge followed closely by passing the driving test in Ontario and figuring out how to use velcro.

Kleiza: gadzooks, 3 quarters of his game were Colin Farrell singing type ugly. Then he got his swagg back and hit some big threes to stop the Celtic tide and reminded Rondo that he was the one who messed up his season early on by bringing the pain. Result? The Kleiza Klown Face.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: Anthony Carter

Theme of the Game:

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26 Responses to “Raptors Roll Call Feb 10 vs Celtics”

  1. Smith

    Finally Amir had a game worthy of his contract and the opportunity given to him by Raptors.

  2. FAQueer

    Nice win by the Raps. If I ever here those two sing a John Denver song again I’ll puke.

  3. mountio

    Great game. Good crowd and nice effort. Although, I dont think Ive seen Boston play that awful in a long, long time. Lots of missed open shots and lots of passes directly out of bounds.
    Having said that .. gutty effort by an undermanned raps team .. fun game to be at.

  4. Valit

    I thought Jose  was driving the bus tonight but it was a very team effort. Celtics and Lakers, both  looked terrible after a marathon game yesterday. I really dont know why Butler is playing…

  5. Statement

    Celtics and Lakers were both physically and emotionally drained tonight after their exciting game last night. Both team lost to an inferior competitions.

  6. tonious35

    Newsflash…Jeremy Lin drops 38 on the Lakers tonight.  As an Asian Canadian, I wouldn’t even consider drafting Lin as a late 2nd Round or pick up during the NBA draft week in 2010.  It is one of those crap-shoots in the NBA, but a player seems more impactful if you hardly give that player any press or praise, see if he always comes to practice, and see if he makes his rare opportunities count (during ala injuries, or a guards like Toney Douglas sucking).  Lin looks like the biggest thing since Yao Ming, sneaky as Tony Parker, passes like Calderon on contract year, and shoots like Nash.

    • P00ka_is_a_fish

      Besides the Celtics, no team I hate more than the knicks. With that said he’s playing well needs to cut down on his turnovers, but I think there’s too much hype surrounding him and making him seem to me a bit overrated, not to forget that their schedule has been very kind to them as of late. 

      1) Beating the NJ Nets (recall D.D dropped 30+)
      2) Utah (recall Bargnani dropped 25 on 1 leg)
      3) Washington (recall Raptors had 60 boards)
      4) Lakers on the 2nd end of their back-to-back (recall Raptors did that to Celtics)

      Plus what will happen when Melo & Amare come back from injury, those guys are black holes. The ball touches their hands and it never comes back. There’s too much question surrounding the knicks. At the end of the day, he’s a good story and I can’t wait to see the Dino defense strangulate him and the knicks.

      • tonious35

        The competition for the Knicks is not that stiff yet, I will hold judgement until they face a WELL RESTED OKC Thunder

  7. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Good win- thank the schedule makers, OT & Lakers- for the Raptors.

    Another game for the why is ACarter taking up a roster spot when we already have 1 30 year old pg on the roster?

  8. Rohan

    How much has Kleiza begun to grow on you guys? Last year he took a lot of flak, but this year he’s hitting big shots, boarding, knocking people over and doing it all with that evil smirk on his face. He’s got ‘glue guy’ written all over him, especially next year when Jonas comes over and the tank wagon stops rolling.

    • Pizzaman

      Raps fans have not really seen the Kleiza that BC signed because he’s been injured, and the way he’s been playing considering being off a year with major knee surgery is pretty amazing.
      Great game by Amir, and monster game and effort from JJ

  9. Adriiian

    Let’s go raps, gotta love Kleiza, seems to be getting in someone’s grill every game.
    What a game from Calderon, he’s da bomb.

  10. knickz

    as a jose calderon fanboy, these are the type of games that make me angry. he could put these numbers on a nightly basis, but refuses to attack the basket for some reason

  11. Raps Loyalist

    Where are all those armchair GMs that killed BC for giving away the 28th pick in a weak draft for James Johnson? 

    By the way, why didn’t Ainge trade the higher Celtics pick for JJ last year? They sure could have used the depth/youth/energy/willing wing defender last year in the playoffs and this season.

    Loved the JJ trade then (and defended it at the time as a no-brainer)…love it even more this year with the jump shot noticeably improved.  Guy obviously puts in a lot of work in the summer

    • Statement

      When ever James Johnson put up 5 consistent games like this , then come out and gloat about BC’s trade.

      • Raps Loyalist

        4 of his past 5 games have been like last night.  The only exception was vs Miami when he got in foul trouble and played 18min.  His stats per min in that game were good

        BC’s no guru but that was a good trade point blank. 

        JJ couldn’t get on the court in Chicago cause he had Deng and Korver in front of him at SF and they wanted to cut his salary so the could sign a good SG in the off-season.

    • tonious35

      The trade was 50/50… we knew why he was shut out of Chicago and BC took a gamble on him.  It could of gone either way…glad JJohnson is earning his way in the starting lineup

  12. nottheendoftheworld

    I think JJ is showing improvement by the game. He took crap for his jump shot, and he looks to have worked on it. Defensively, he’s all over the shop. He’ll be a great 2nd unit leader when our team is in place next season.

  13. Martin

    Trivia: This was Jose’s 17th career game with at least 10 assists and no turnover. He is tied 11th all time.

  14. Nilanka15

    Anyone else notice that JJ doesn’t actually have a jump shot (it’s a set shot instead). Hope he eventually adds that to his game. The guy can jump with the best of them. It would be nice to see him drive, then pull up for an easy 10-12 footer in the lane, the same way DeRozan has learned to do.

    But overall, very solid game by JJ.

    • mountio

      It actually has some similarities to PP’s jumper (or set shot at the case may be) .. and PP has managed pretty well over the years. But, I hear ya .. it would be a nice thing to add if he could elevate and shot. Im happy with baby steps at this point, which for him is at least being a credible threat to shoot the ball from 15+ feet if hes left wide open ..

      • Nilanka15

        Actually, good point about Pierce.

        But I suppose in Pierce’s case, it’s that he doesn’t possess the jumping ability that JJ has. But you’re right, baby steps.


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