The “LINsane in the membrane” edition:

Barbosa: another typical chilLINgly good game from the Slasher. I thought he was the reincarnation of the Mop Girl there a few times as he was all over the place, dipping and diving.

Butler: if ever there was a indication of Casey’s decLINing mental state, it was on display in putting Rasual out on the floor for the final play in regulation. Worse still, he actually took the final shot. I’d rather have rancid Chinese food than that ever happening.

Calderon: Jose continues to be the headLINe star in the absence of Andrea and Jerryd. 39 minutes, 25 points. He was shut down late by Shumpert and gave up a backbreaking turnover that kept the hammer hitting the nail in our coffin.

Carter: while still not getting much dap from the onLINe community, Carter played 9 minutes in spelling Jose and actually held the fort with 2 boards, 2 steals, and the direction of a Carnegie Hall conductor.

Davis: yikes. Outside of being on the receiving end of a crisp pass in the paint, Davis deserved to be assigned to rappeLINg down the CN Tower with fireworks shooting out of his butt as punishment for playing like a loaf of bread.

DeRozan: Bambi went from sideLINe to sideLINE but he committed turnovers in doing so. Very little pop in his step and his shot was off all night. Needed to drive more and get to the LINe.

Gray: the white Amare he is not.  Never got into his usual (of late) rhythm and ended up with just 5 boards in 13 minutes. Did a pisspoor job of wrangLINg those loose balls tonight.

A. Johnson: Amir’s blocks tonight were epic. He was sending stuff back more often than Gordon Ramsay. 10pts, 5blocks, 4 rebounds, and he continually gave the Raptors lifeLINes throughout the game.

J. Johnson: didn’t even show an inkLINg of caring tonight. Lethargic and petulant.

Kleiza: Owl Man absolutely stole the show. 15 points and 11 rebounds off the bench, but dry from deep only going 1 for 6. Also no reason to puff out his chest and display his manLINess tonight, but he threw a few haymakers by tearing boards down.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Ed Davis

Theme of the Game:

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  • leftovercrack

    The final quarter was like a prostate exam. 

  • that last play from Derozan taking on the whole Knicks team with nowhere to go pissed me off

    • Dan

      Of all the starting two guards in the NBA, Derozans ball handling has to be the worst. between that and his shooting I don’t see the upside. I think last years stats are as good as it gets.

    • Nilanka15

      DeRozan was under the bus for me….especially considering he played a team-high 41 minutes.

    • sangaman

      Raps brass should select picks  based on one on one mano a mano basketball…no fouls called .. Im sure Lin would crush bambie eyes derozan…Makes you wonder how he was as high a pick as he was.  

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!
    • Rob

      Yeah, I was yelling at my TV telling Jose to D the **** up on the final play, plus he knew he was going for the final game-winning shot. If Lin shoots that with 10 seconds left, then different story, but you play the man there with the little time remaining. Bad play.

    • Ginormous Giraffe

      Lin is much faster than Jose. I take a pull up 3 any day over a blow by and a layup. The fact that he hit the shot was incredible. The raps were up by 9 after three, it was the poor play throughout the whole fourth quarter that lost them the game, not this one play.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Yes, this ‘one play’ was the culmination of a poor 4th Q by the Raptors that led to the game winner by Lin- the ‘one play’ that beat the Raptors, when it counted.

        If Jose can’t stay up on Lin & pressure him in that situation then he needed to be benched for defensive standout ACarter……..

        The only starting NBA pg I can think of that Jose can stay in front of is old ass DFisher.

      • nottheendoftheworld

        No, I think Jose played it perfectly to take the drive away, especially forcing Lin left, but once the clock got to 3 seconds the drive was impossible anyway .. should have gotten up close for the last few seconds, no?

    • Theswirsky

      had Lin even hit more than one or two jumpers at that point in time? 

      Considering the game was tied I’d rather force a player into a jump shot than giving him an opportunity to drive, especially when most of his scoring had already come from penetration

      Jose made the right choice, Lin just hit a big shot.

      • j bean

        Force the jumper with 5-6 seconds remaining and I agree. With only 1-2 seconds left you get up on him knowing a jumper is all he’s got.

        • Theswirsky

          5-6 secs still gives a player plenty of time to penetrate.

          Lin started his shot just after the 3 sec mark.

          We are talking about fractions of a second here where Jose has the chance to play ideal or optimal defense (prevent penetration vs getting up on a guys shot)… which itself doesn’t ensure Lin misses anyways.  This is all just nit picking

          Jose’s defense was perfectly fine. Lin deserves all the credit for both a clutch shot and a clutch performance.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Jose defense was not perfectly fine as he allowed Lin to walk him down- Jose didn’t force Lin left either- watch the video.
        Lin hit a clutch shot but Jose defense was weaker than an anorexic bulimic- point blank, as he allowed Lin to get into a rhythm for around 15 seconds before he shot the ball.

  • *sigh* back 2 back heart breakers…got to hand it to the kid Lin though, he made a believer out of me

  • Akash_singh

    kleiza’s name has the word LIN in it, props for not taking the easy way out………

  • I agree, I don’t think he expected him to go for the winning shot.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Jose should have crowded Lin instead of giving up ground to forced him right or left and just not let him walk him down for a comfortable 3pt shot.

    • RapsM

      Unfortunately, possibly everyone in the building knew he was gonna shoot.

    • Rob

      When there was about 3 seconds left, and Lin STILL had the ball in hands, + the body language he displayed (looking at the shot clock, dribbling speed, feet position) I think it became quite obvious that he was going for the game-winner. 

      As for Lin being fast, he’s fast, but not Derrick Rose/Westbrook/Ellis fast, he’s deceptive and plays a cerebral game. D-up there and play the man, top of the key, wide open, he had it all lined up for him. Jose should’ve make Lin beat him. Sorry but that was a hell of a frustrating play, kind of like the other night when I would’ve liked to see tighter D on Kobe. 

      Sometimes they beat you, sometimes they don’t, but you should do everything in your power to make sure they don’t, and don’t play the percentages game like Jose did. That was no more than a practice shot in an empty gym.

    • Arsenalist

      I was in the chat and I knew for certain that he would take the final shot when there were 15 seconds on the clock.

      He was casually dribbling, weighing the ball, lining up the aim, getting into his comfort spot, and all that.  I understand Jose has to protect the drive, but once the clock ran down to 5, 4 seconds, you got pick him up. 

      • draftedraptor

        Jose should have had a hand over than shot. Its inexcusable really.

  • Ppellico

    you dead wrong on Gray.
    In fact him NOT being in at the end allowed for massive Knick rebounding.
    We :OST the rebounding game the entire 4th qtr!!!!
    So…who are you crapping?

    He shut down, to a large extent, their superstar Chandler.
    Ya Chandler got some points…but whole offensive plays are called around him.
    Gray has no such calls.
    Gray had a few down moments in the last of his time in the 3rd…but who the hell doesn’t and then is not allowed to play it out and get back into gear?
    Hell…the Raps team seems to be allowed such luxury, so why Is Gray being singled out for a few laps and then benched.

    Well…OK…Coach sat him…Raps lost the inside game the last qtr.
    You think not…rewatch the last qtr if you can stand it.
    I guess you and coach think alike.


  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    BC kills me with his pr media spins- we were going to trade for Lin- then why didn’t you???lol

    The ACC was loud for Lin-Mania tonite more fans rooting for Knicks than Raptors.smh

    Next up tomorrow the SA Spurs…….will the Raptors hold up or fold up?

  • Truthkiller

    Wow, well I guess I can’t blame this one on Sam Holako but hey once again Toronto is a talking point of the NBA.

    • Shguajh

       listen you F***ing fa* your a probably a stupid little kid who soesnt know anything about raptors soo why dont you just suck on your sippy cup

  • Valit

    Coming back from the game, the only sentiment I had was for a deep, deep SHAME.
     I was ashamed I was a fan of an organization that cons me with 10$ beer and other gimmicks but has no balls to stand up against NBA and say “Enough is Enough”. I have no doubt that NBA has absolutely no respect for Raps , we are at the bottom of the barrel. I complain very rarely about the refs but all night long I could see two different standards of refereeing…one for Knicks , one for Raps. You call at one end by the rule, at the other end, you leave freely the slapping, holding, etc. Tanking nation can rejoice…entertaining game, and we snatched the defeat from a sure victory. I’m starting to believe that this whole season is just a big, big joke for MLSE on behalf of those who pay the tickets.
    I was also ashamed there were more fans rooting for Lin than for the Raps. Most of them had no clue about basketball but they were booing Barbosa and Linus …

    • fire colangelo now

      Settle down, relax, and go get another sip of the koolaid.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      NBA refereeing is similar to WWF Refs as they call what they want to call while managing games as they see fit.

      BC said in his preseason presser that ‘he feels sorry for Casey (having to implement a new system & coach in this shortened season)’ and that he wanted to go on a ‘4 month scouting trip’.

      Not to mention Jack Armstrong bashing Raptors fans calling them Sushi eaters in a live game broadcast while giving BC another pass on his roster talent level.

      Raptors fans need to stay home or go to a sports bar and catch the games this season in order to let BC see all the empty seats before tries to con season ticket holders with another pr spin in the wind.

      BC needs to cut 2011-12 ticket prices in half all the way around!!

      Btw- BC almost traded for Tyson Chandler too……

      • Nilanka15

        BC cut ticket prices???  He’s the Raptors GM, not MLSE’s accountant.  Recognize.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          BC runs the whole Raptors show- recognize.

          As well, I believe it’s MLSE marketing promotion not accounting that deals with tickets prices, give aways and the like all under BC’s supervision.


      Refs didn’t turn the ball over in the clutch, Jose did.

      Refs didn’t make clutch passes and buckets for and-1s, Lin did.

      Refs didn’t dig an OR, Ty did.

      Refs didn’t sink a jumper over Jose (‘s clapping his castainuelas), Lin did.

      Refs didn’t insert Tank Agent 0013 on the last play, Pound The Rock did. 

      • Valit

        I was waiting for your reply and I knew for sure Jose would take the blame for the loss. I think all your points are valid: Having said that, in a game decided by 1 last play, any of the 5-6 controversial calls went into Knicks favor. If 1 or 2 would have gone the other way, the last 3 point would have been a moot point.

        PS. still waiting for the Drazen-Yugoplastika stories

        • FLUXLAND

          Jose gets some of the blame, I just went into sequence of events.  I also forgot LK missed a FT.  Either way you look at it, the Raps had plenty of chances to put it away. Blaming the refs for the Raptors meltdown on both ends, is petty.

          P.S. It’s Jugoplastika, and I was thinking of Petar Naumoski when I was typing that, hence the typo.  Didn’t take away from any of my points – Drazen and Lin wouldn’t go scorelss in 4th q, while celebrating and smiling in the previous 3 like Jose.  He never has it when it counts.

          • Valit

            Kleiza missed 4 FT during the game I think. I did not blame the refs for the loss. I blamed the Raps organization starting with BC. I just pointed out that refs influenced pretty heavily the game and it’s not for the first or last time…..

          • Dan

            Well did Jose hit a shot to put the raps up on the Lakers with 10 seconds to go last game? Seemed to me that was an important situation, tho Kobe is a hall of famer and responded.

      • nottheendoftheworld

        And none of these points would be relevant at all if the refs had called a fair game in the second half. The refs? LIN-sane. 

        There’s definitely something that Demar is doing wrong when he drives … the refs have made a singular point of not giving him calls when there is such obvious contact. Lebron would be sueing the league.

        • FLUXLAND

          Elite teams do not complain about the refs.  The raise above and win games… that`s how you get respect from the refs.

          DeBrick needs to stop whining and flapping his arms like a stupid bird, every time he doesn;t get a a call.   So sad we keep blaming the refs when your Floor General goes scoreless in the 4th. 

          • nottheendoftheworld

            I don’t see a lot of demonstrative complaining from DD, but also don’t mind him having to be more aggressive going to the hoop if he wants to get calls. However, at about 8 mins. in the third quarter, he spins into the lane, arriving at the top of the key at the SAME TIME as the knick defender (Walker), who falls over at the suggestion of contact. Offensive foul. The refs need fixin’, period.

            Elite teams don’t complain? Ever seen a Heat game? Or post-game?

            • Nilanka15

              Jack Armstrong would tell you the Heat are some of the biggest complainers in the league.

              • FLUXLAND

                Jack will rip apart the other teams players and call them bums, tell you what he wants to see more from them, and in the next sentence when our guys are stinking it up – freestyling – tell you that is just pure heart,hustle and effort, while you need to relax, get a MGD and be patient for the next 5 years because Coach DC is bringing the chip to Toronto. Meanwhile he’s collecting checks and drinking his face off before games on your dime.

            • FLUXLAND

              They seem to, when they have a legit beef. Not every time they lose, like the Raps. For that matter, they admit to actually sucking during the game as well; unlike the Raptors how keep selling the “We made mistakes and we are learning from it” for the last 6 years. Elite teams call their players/coaches out (Ron)… not defer to refs, schedule, injuries, jinxes, witchcraft etc.  And those same teams also rise above the refs and still win games because at the end of the day, you gotta keep playing. If you are saying the Raptors are mentally weak to face that kind of adversity, I agree. The refs seem to also, more often than not, give you a fair shot at winning the game.  Raps had that chance, no? 

              (I don’ t see anyone complaining about the Knicks getting robbed on calls the entire 1st half)

              Go back to my first reply, tell me what did the refs have to do with any of those things? 

              What’s sad about D’s spin move is that he keeps going to if as if it’s some kind of threat. Seriously, how often does ANYONE get a spin move call unless it actually leads to a clear path? He sees four guys camped under the rim and spin moves.  Really?  Plus, if the spin move is your go to weapon, what does that tell us about the rest of your game?  You are not watching close enough, every time he doesn’t get  a call he flaps his arms like a child, tilts head sideway with that “Waaaaaa” look or at worst, runs to scores table and sits like a brat.
              If i knew how to make a .gif, I’d show ya..  something like this:


          • Theswirsky

            elite teams don’t complain about the refs? 

            Well i disagree about that completely.  Both the players, coaches and executives from all teams complain about refs.  In fact the most elite players are often the ones that complain the most!  

            But I agree with you though, that there is more to the Raps losing this game than the refs.  Alot more.  But that doesn’t excuse the refs bad calls or unequitable treatment between players which does have an impact on the results.

            • FLUXLAND

              If anything, it has an impact on the Raptors players ability to perform, as sad as that may be.

              Again, 12 points in 12 minutes of a ball… when it counts, the Raps fold. They had their chances, refs didn’t cough it up, refs didn’t fail to rebound, refs didn’t miss FTS, refs didn’t tap dance in front of Lin for 5 seconds and then perform a swimmer’s dive (both hands together) above his right shoulder, calling it D, as he’s launching a 3 pointer in a tie game!!

              For crying out loud they didn’t even call a time-out after the Ty rebound (did they have any)… that shows you how much this team is respected.

              But yeah, it’s the refs fault for not calling a blocking foul on a Demar spin move. Right.

              • Theswirsky

                ofcourse the Refs have an impact on a players ability to perform.  A guy in foul trouble needs to be much less aggressive.  A tight whistle vs a loose whistle leads to a completely different style.

                This game wasn’t all on the refs, not by a long shot, but a few whistles that didn’t happen, or non-calls where calls were made and the game changes significantly.

          • Dan

            Bahahahaha elite teams complain about the refs ALL THE TIME! What a blatant lie

            • FLUXLAND

              Yes. They also actually rise above the complaining  and win games, that’s why they are elite.  Is that a lie, Dano?  Did you even read past that sentence?

  • Trill

     Man im so disgusted/disappointed with DeRozan right now his nickname should be “Air Ball”So when is DeMar going HAM?When the Knicks keyed on Calderon in the 4th quarter, it was DeMar’s
    chance to step up and he didn’t. DeMar just doesn’t have the size,
    strength or finishing touch.

    • Truthkiller

      I agree, why in the hell was he being so passive. You have a 6″3 guard on you, take him to the post.

    • Arsenalist

      His elevation lets him down every time, at least when it counts.

      Also can’t forget about Kleiza not posting up Lin on our second-last possession.  That’s 6’3″ vs 6’8′ and a huge advantage in bulk.  Got to take advantage of that.

  • RapsM

    Fittingly on Valentines Day, this should be called  the “heartbreak homestand.”

  • LeeZ

    What’s with Casey’s reticence to put James Johnson on the court in key, “must-stop” situations? Admittedly, JJ didn’t have his best night, but even on a bad night, he’s by far their best perimeter defender. Why was José even out there in that situation? Should have been JJ on Lin.

    • Nilanka15


  • Copywryter

    AltRaps you’re quite the cunning LINguist.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Also, Butler went from eating Peanut M&Ms (caught by TV camera) on the bench to start the 4th Q to taking the last shot after sitting out the whole game- wow.

    • nottheendoftheworld

      yeah … 2 games in a row he’s brought in for the last play alone. I really not understanding the reasoning behind that…

    • Lorenzo

      Oh man, I was dieing when i saw that…

  • ad

    Tough loss but whatever. More lottery balls. When this team has more talent they’ll win games like this and against LAL. That 4th q was brutal. Derozan and Kleiza are turnover machines. They have terrible ball handling skills and they try to do too much. Barbosa is such a fucking ball hog. He really pisses me off also.

  • knickz

    i want to thank jeremy lin for making jose calderon realize he can be a scorer in the nba

    • Nilanka15

      You should be thanking Derek Fisher instead 😉

  • knickz

    i honestly believe there is some conspiracy thing going on with lin

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Can Casey give a presser w/o coughing, clearing his throat, stammering or stuttering???? smdh

    • WHAT THE

      He’s all ckoked up… in the Kobe System this one dude owns space, just think about it the dude is going to be rich before this earth is Al Gore

    • Sten

      Can you post a comment without sounding like an idiot? smdh…

    • nottheendoftheworld

      It’s all the yelling he does in practice, and at half time. I really blame the loss to the Lakers on Casey’s lack of volume … I often see him trying to call timeouts, and Johnny Davis has to step up and get the refs’ attention for him. Get that man a lozenge, and we’re 10-20. 

    • Dan

      You have issues, man. Big ones.

  • Elias

    I was at the game, and those bandwagon Lin/Knicks fans at the ACC were hella annoying, with all there dumb (insert Lin pun here) signs. GTFOH

    • Lorenzo

      You tell ’em.

  • Cantdl
  • Cantdl

    thumbs up RR writers. always entertaining articles, cant say as much for yahoo writers…

  • We can discuss about the last play. I don’t say and think nothing different than you guys, but what kind of thoughts we have for DD?

    I can’t believe that the guy is so lack of skills and focus. Everytime you see him with the ball you are quite sure he is committing a mistake whatever it is. And down the stretch is unforgivable. Yesterday we lost the game because the our SG was null. You can win rely on Calderon, Kleiza and Barbosa but the SG have to be effective. Instead, we see him drive to the rim without clue, committed stupid mistakes. I don’t want imagine him is our SG of the future. He deserves to stay on the bench and work hard to become a decent player. But I don’t think he is going to be a great SG.

    Yes, Kleiza makes mistakes and Barbosa too, but without them we didin’t have a game, even against NY.

    Ed Davis. Is he able to put the ball into the rim? Apparently not.

    I hope that BC and the coach Casey have the gut to take the right decision about the guys, no one excluded.

  • cesco

    Just to show the importance a star player has in winning games , in Portland , Aldridge played less than two minutes and left the game with a sprained ankle . Portland lost to Washington 109-124 . How many more games could the Raps have won if Andrea played but as the things stand ( DD and Davis ? ) , he better take his time to come back so we get as many ping pong balls as possible . DD is such a disappointment .

    • WHAT THE

      But Cesco is’nt this what we want a good game keep it close and a chance for the last shot but lose at the end? and the Raptors did that with DD and Davis still developing and without PRIMO,Bayless and JV, I just pretend JV has a injury and is out,but lets face it NY is the better team and has a 2013 and until his career is over allstar (lin) ,Stat and Chandler and are a playoff team, just the other day you were talking about ripping players i know DD and Davis didn’t go to Harvard so they couldn’t use their Harvard education(Devlin) and play better… three players that should have been in the game at the end are Gray,JJ AND AC because Speedy went all Shareef Abdur-Rahim on us

      • cesco

        ” DD and Davis still developing’ , I hope you are right but game after game they disappoint and it is the old guard that keep the games close . JV is improving his game from what you read so overall things look good for the future .

  • JHP

    If I was BC I would be a little concerned.  This team has no drawing power and the only way to sell out is based on the visiting team.  The tall foreheads don’t give a  f*ck about winning but do care about selling tickets.  Man BC was looking in the wrong direction to sign players and I bet he will be called to the top floor later today to explain why?

  • Aaron8007

    I don’t know why James Johnson doesn’t play at the end of the game and guard Lin.  Just like Kobe guarded Jose at the end of the game.  Put your best defensive player on there best offensive player period.  The other question what is Casey’s heart on for Butler?  Butler won’t be back next year and shouldn’t JJ get the experience playing in crunch time.  Butler is like 0-7 with 5 turnovers down the stretch in games I’m sure JJ could do just as bad lol….Demar is going to need to take Casey back with him too compton this summer so that his game doesn’t keep going backwards…one extended off season and Demar has turned into someone who has no clue what he’s doing.  


    WANTED raptors need a 4th quater GUY Rudy Gay I thought we had this game in the bag going into the half with the lead and thinking Casey was going to go with the  starters and keep the lead above 10 and not leave it up to the reffs,but the NBA says no it’s LIN for WIN or over time and then LIN with the WIN well how do you want it? how do you need it? (sing it) we WANT ping pong /we NEED to lose like this with our best player out and Bayless also with DD and Davis not having a good game it ok we just got cought up in the NYK LINNIG STREAK 

  • AnthonyF

    The biggest issue is no doubt DD.  Embarrassing is the only way to describe his play.  If he doesn’t get an easy layup or dunk, he can’t score.  add to that the inability to dribble and showing absolutely no growth is disappointing. 

    Add to that Ed Davis and the fact he can’t make a lay-up is unacceptable.

    The good news is we are playing competitive without AB & Bayless and next year we will have JV and a high draft choice.

    Cup half full……

    • Nilanka15

      Davis’s inability to hit from point blank range is a big concern.  I’d rather have him shooting 15-foot jumpers, than getting the ball in the block. 

      Pretty sad for a PF with no perimeter game.


    Slowpoke should have been guarding LIN instead of Speedy but Casey/NBA wanted a Spain against China ending

  • 511

    It’s not a stretch to imagine conspiracy-theorists having a field day with the Raps of late. Even right here, citizens of RR ask the very questions – and good questions they are – that the CTs might be turning over in their minds. Like, as LeeZ asks, why wasn’t JJ, our best perimeter defender on Lin for the end of last night’s game? Seems like it would’ve been a natural, to me, as well. And the various questions and comments re DD and his, for the most part, weak overall play, and how many minutes he gets out there (as Nilanka pointed out, a team high 41). (And I won’t even mention Bargs being out for all this time. Ok, I just did … but most probably, totally unrelated.) The things that I tend to sometimes ponder are related to the superb at times, play, that the team has been displaying during earlier portions of games recently, that all things considered (level of overall talent) they probably shouldn’t even be in, only to, nearing the end of the game, see all that fine coaching and execution that has been there, suddenly going right out the window. 

    As a rule, I avoid conspiracy theories (for the most part) but I do have curiosity about it, mainly because I know conspiracies exist in certain aspects of life, and some of that curiosity causes me, on occasion, to wonder if some of what we see out there is (dare I say?) designed to give us a better chance to … lose some of these games? 

    The thing that’s interesting on a personal level is that if any of that was so, I think I’d be ok with it. (And a part of me can’t even believe that I’d say such a thing.) But the reality is, to be in the lottery, we only have to be one of the fourteen teams that doesn’t make the playoffs — and really, what good would making the playoffs be, this year? — and the lower down we finish, the more 4-lottery-ball permutations we are allotted come lottery day. If – IF – we happened to be in the position that would allow us to select THE player that management covets … considering the exciting factors that should, all things being equal, be apparent next year — like the newly awarded European Young Mens Player of the Year for 2011, Mr. JV, who will likely be manning the very important and difficult to fill, five spot, along with the growth-on-the-floor that a blind man could see, due (how could one argue?) to Mr. Dwane Casey and his talents of communicating how to play this game defensively (especially — and the CT in me wonders for nanoseconds here and there if he could be holding back for the moment on some of the other). It’s all about the big picture. The REAL big picture. The one where we see refs making calls that obviously – so goddam obviously – increase the odds of the other team prevailing, in given situations.  We’re definitely not in Kansas. So, my mind is becoming somewhat accepting that if we’re working towards making our own breaks, well, that might just be what we have to do if we’re going to get anywhere in this league. If we really and truly stunk – and I don’t for a moment think we do – that would be a different thing. But out-playing the opposition for long stretches of some of these games (esp against the better teams), it makes the eventual (usual) loss not so very unpalatable, to me. At all. And if (IF) ank-tay ation-nay (ask your dad) is the way that is being employed at this juncture, so be it. If we get who we want this summer, we could end up … who knows …? … maybe contending for years to come. Which would be a goal worth pursuing. Some would say, at almost any cost. 

    • Nilanka15


      Me likey.

  • Pimbletts

    what are the chances of LIN becoming an allstar next season

    • Nilanka15

      Whether he’s deserving or not, he’ll probably be voted in by 2 billion fans worldwide.