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Raptors Roll Call Feb 14 vs Knicks

LINing the birdcage tomorrow will be some tacky headlines. Raptors lead most of the way, but Lin hits a 3 with .5 left and the Knicks win 90-87. We drop to 9-21.

The “LINsane in the membrane” edition:

Barbosa: another typical chilLINgly good game from the Slasher. I thought he was the reincarnation of the Mop Girl there a few times as he was all over the place, dipping and diving.

Butler: if ever there was a indication of Casey’s decLINing mental state, it was on display in putting Rasual out on the floor for the final play in regulation. Worse still, he actually took the final shot. I’d rather have rancid Chinese food than that ever happening.

Calderon: Jose continues to be the headLINe star in the absence of Andrea and Jerryd. 39 minutes, 25 points. He was shut down late by Shumpert and gave up a backbreaking turnover that kept the hammer hitting the nail in our coffin.

Carter: while still not getting much dap from the onLINe community, Carter played 9 minutes in spelling Jose and actually held the fort with 2 boards, 2 steals, and the direction of a Carnegie Hall conductor.

Davis: yikes. Outside of being on the receiving end of a crisp pass in the paint, Davis deserved to be assigned to rappeLINg down the CN Tower with fireworks shooting out of his butt as punishment for playing like a loaf of bread.

DeRozan: Bambi went from sideLINe to sideLINE but he committed turnovers in doing so. Very little pop in his step and his shot was off all night. Needed to drive more and get to the LINe.

Gray: the white Amare he is not.  Never got into his usual (of late) rhythm and ended up with just 5 boards in 13 minutes. Did a pisspoor job of wrangLINg those loose balls tonight.

A. Johnson: Amir’s blocks tonight were epic. He was sending stuff back more often than Gordon Ramsay. 10pts, 5blocks, 4 rebounds, and he continually gave the Raptors lifeLINes throughout the game.

J. Johnson: didn’t even show an inkLINg of caring tonight. Lethargic and petulant.

Kleiza: Owl Man absolutely stole the show. 15 points and 11 rebounds off the bench, but dry from deep only going 1 for 6. Also no reason to puff out his chest and display his manLINess tonight, but he threw a few haymakers by tearing boards down.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Ed Davis

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