First he looks like a scrub who’s run out of whatever magic dust was propelling him to unimaginable heights. A small, skinny dude who looks like he came in from the crowd to shoot a couple free throws for a thousand bucks and somehow inserted himself into a real NBA game.

Then you fast forward an hour later and this kid, who nobody had even heard of a couple of weeks ago, waves off his team to clear the floor for him on the final possession in regulation. A team that includes Amare Stoudemire. And he hits the game winner like he’s been doing this for years.

Lincredible. (Had to do it.)

The Raptors started off well for a change. They clearly game planned to contain the Knicks point guard, and it worked well in the first half. Lin was trying to force the play on pick-and-rolls and make the pass. The Raptor defense anticipated this and it resulted in some turnovers. To be honest, Lin really never did get too comfortable this game. A lot of his points were off being fouled on the perimeter and on odd-man fast breaks.

Jose Calderon was actually killing this match up in the first half. Clearly the 30 point game against the Lakers has given him confidence in creating his own offense, and he was taking shots when given even a little bit of daylight. It’s great to see this, but sad that we’ve possibly had a very good scorer right under our nose all these years, who chose to hold back simply because he saw himself as a traditional pass-first guard. Whatever the case may be, he could not have done any better to improve his stock in the last two games against teams in major media markets. If trading him is part of the plan, you trade him very, very soon. It would be a sad day to see one of the more unappreciated players on this team go, but he’ll probably be in the downswing of his career by the time this team tries to contend in a few years.

What people will probably overlook on this night is all the offensive boards the Knicks racked up near the end of the game. Whenever Aaron Gray’s been on the floor, he’s done a decent job cleaning up the glass. But inexplicably he plays 12 minutes. Not because of foul trouble. Not really sure why. Linas Kleiza had his best game in a string of fairly impressive games for him, and he was rebounding well but you need a big banger in there to secure valuable possessions in crunch time.

Once Mike D’Antoni decided to cover Calderon with the uber-athletic Iman Shumpert, the writing was on the wall. Not only that, but they decided to play him aggressively on picks. What resulted was Calderon deferring to DeMar DeRozan at times, and the results weren’t pretty. DeRozan’s play in fourth quarters is costing this team games. While this is palatable right now, it’s not what you want from your shooting guard of the future. It’s his third year and he still lacks true playmaking skills.

Once he starts that drive, he’s looking to score. You don’t always have to score once you drive. Try making a basketball play sometimes. That could be a kickout for a three pointer. Or a handoff inside. Or if you see a bunch of trees waiting to take a charge or swat your junk, just dribble away. You have more turnovers (2.1) than assists (1.8) right now and you’re shooting under 39%. The people who say James Johnson has a higher ceiling are right on. He does, and in this game foul trouble limited his minutes, but when he was on he was impacting the game in more ways than one. Unfortunately DeMar is not excelling at the one skill he possesses and that’s troubling. Don’t get me wrong, by all accounts a great kid. Great work ethic. We’re all rooting for him to take that next step. What’s worrying is if he has the natural talent to do it, or if he’s an athlete without that basketball sense that separates the Kobe Bryants of this world from the Gerald Greens.

It’s almost like he’s the antithesis of what Jeremy Lin is right now.

Once the sting of this loss fades, we will take our Raptor hats off and remain just as pure fans of the game, fans of the best basketball league in the world. Then we can revel in this story, of the ultimate underdog that many of us can identify with and the themes of hope and perseverance that ring so loud and true. Maybe none of us should have had any doubt that the geek from Harvard, shooting a paltry 17% from beyond the arc, would pull up and take that shot. Like the next chapter in this fairytale somehow has to outdo the last.

Linspirational stuff.

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    Matt Dev-LIN  is a 2013 and until his career is over/knicks allstar

  • Nilanka15

    I decided to watch the game on MSG network.  Mike Breen is quite possibly the best play-by-play guy in basketball (Dan Shulman is a close 2nd).  Startling difference after listening to Devlin over the past couple seasons.

    • mountio

      Couldnt agree more (I love Shulman also .. he will go down as a legendary cross sport announcer when everything is said and done).
      As for the game .. as I said in the chat last night .. is this (and the last few games) not the best possible outcome?
      As raps fans, there are four possibilities this year
      1) Win games, make a championship run (not happening with our talent)
      2) Get blown out by 20 pts+
      3) Play close, entertaining games and still lose enough to get a good pick
      4) Play close, entertaining games and finish 8th/9th in the conference and go nowhere
      Isnt 3) the best outcome by far? Did people even dream a couple of weeks ago that our biggest issue would be not being able to finish against the Lakers and Knicks? I thought we’d be struggling to be within 20 pts without AB, JB and with JV in Europe.
      I couldnt be happier as a Raps fan right now. LK, JC, Bosa and JJ look like legit NBA players (whether to trade or keep). DD, Ed and Amir all very dissapointing, but based on age and what weve seen last year and this Im not writing them off yet (Amir in particular is a legit NBA player).
      Add AB, JV and draft pick .. I think we have some real pieces here ..

      • Nilanka15

        Shulman’s Canadian too 😉

        Yup, agree that option #3 is our best choice long-term.  It’s good to see the team competing with key injuries to Bargnani.  I just wish that DeMar, Davis and Amir were doing the heavy lifting, instead of Calderon, Barbosa, and to a lesser extent, Kleiza.  Very disappointing that our young guys are playing so shitty.

        • Lorenzo

          Is there some kind of way to trade Devlin to ESPN for Shulman?

          • mountio

            SIGN ME UP!!!

          • Sten

            While we’re getting rid of Devlin, how about make it a 2 for 1 deal and throw in Gots2Go.

    • TheR3dMenace

      Plus its a treat to get to listen to Clyde too.

  • Nilanka15

    “DeRozan’s play in fourth quarters is costing this team games.”

    I’d say DeRozan’s play THIS SEASON is costing this team games.  Chalk up another brutal performance for our wonder kid.  30 games played, but only 5 of them were up to the level of an average NBA shooting guard.  Just pitiful.

  • Nilanka15

    Was I the only one who laughed out loud when Lin hit that shot?

    I’ve been heartbroken too many times by this team to care about a meaningless game in February in a lost season.  But just the fact that this Linsane story continues to roll on is downright ridiculous.  I mean seriously, what are the odds?  It’s absolutely remarkable.

    • Matthew Nelson

      Nope.  Jeremy Lin did as well.

  • Quirk

    Trade DeRozan to Milwaukee for Livingston and their Pick.

  • Mike P

    If you really look at our active roster right now, you can’t really ask for more from the raps. we have a couple of nba players and the rest are fringe players. These last 3 games without Bayless & Bargnani have been a real eye opener for me. In years past, we would crumble against this kind of competition with the starting five we are putting out right now. The fact that we are in games and playing defense like a team gives us a sense of a culture. Now we just have to insert talent into this culture and we will be competitive once again. I see six good teams in the East, hopefully we can be the seventh next year.  No band aid fixes, just keep developing the young guys and let them learn. It’s so painful though.

  • Daniel Rubin

    A word about the fan reaction last night. I get that there may have been 3,000 extras there who, but for Lin, would not have been at the game. So fine, let them cheer for their new hero. But what I saw on Lin’s drive and winning three were 19,000 fans deliriously cheering for the opposing team.

    I was revolted. That was not a reaction fit for a fanbase that purports to support a major-league team. That was something you’d see at an exhibition game in a city in the sticks without a team of its own.

    I happen to live in New York and I have a lot of friends who are fans of the Knicks. From time to time they tease about Toronto not needing/deserving a team in the NBA (and from time to time some columnist somewhere with too much time and too few ideas will write the same thing). After last night, I wonder if they’re right. The fans embarrassed themselves.

    • 2damkule

      where’s the ‘vigorously nodding my head’ emoticon.

    • Kevin Oppella

      Strongly agreed. And people wonder why athletes don’t want to play on Toronto…..

      • Nilanka15

        Not sure if I agree with that reasoning. 

        Back in Vince’s heyday, one of the loudest away crowds I remember was at the Clippers when Carter hit a game-winning shot.  I mean, the crowd went nuts.  They just couldn’t believe what they saw, in addition to the crazy dunks and alley-oops, it was the late game heroics.  And being a basketball-savvy crowd, they appreciated what they were witnessing even if it was at the expense of their own team. 

        I hope last night was a similar situation in Toronto.

        • mountio

          I agree completely. Toronto fans are plenty homers (sometimes to the point of embarrassment when we still boo TMac, Vince and Bosh for example). I have no problem with the crowd reaction last night.
          It was a “holy fuck .. you have to be kidding me” type moment. Kobe silences the crowd (I was there … sure a few people cheer .. but mostly silence). What Lin is doing now (the improbably nature of it) .. its hard not to at least shake your head and tip your hat to him ..

        • Daniel Rubin

          That’s the Clippers! With nothing to cheer for in the entire history of the franchise and no hope on the horizon! That’s your analogy?!

          • Nilanka15

            Have the Raptors really been more successful than the Clippers?  I mean, really?  Are we clinging to 1 playoff series win as our proof?

          • rc

            I wish we were the clippers right now…

            • What the

              CHEER UP! there are two ways of taking the Tanking Pills 1 like last night and 2 like the Cavs last year pick one, look the the Raptor made some pocket money on a Tuesday night the Raps fans and the NYK fans were happy for the Lin win just ask any of these guys who were at the game last night so we Raptors fans should be thankfull for the Ping LinPong

              • What the

                …I’ll take my Taning Pills like last night game rather than how the Cavs lost last year and if you take it like the Cavs did last year you will become an addict

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            The Clippers are in a far better position than the Raptors and they may be adding JR Smith to the mix to go along with CP3, Caron Butler, Blake, Jordan, Foye, MoWilliams, Bledsoe, Reggie Evans, KMart……….

      • Daniel Rubin

        Yup. And never mind future Raptors. If I’m Amir Johnson, after busting his ass last night and that’s the thanks he gets, I’d probably grab the mic the next home game and tell the fans to go eff themselves.

        • Nilanka15

          Was the crowd cheering manically on Sunday when Kobe hit the game winner?

          Last night was an isolated incident simply based on Lin being the biggest story in sports right now.  Period.

          • mountio

            exactly. It was silence (and crazy cheering for the raps on their comeback)

    • Nilanka15

      “What do the great players always tell you about hitting the big shot
      on the road, and what they love about the sound in the arena: the
      silence. They love the silence.

      Here, the Air Canada Centre
      exploded. It was mayhem. Perhaps everyone knows this is something for
      the ages, something that’s become a happening, and it hardly mattered
      that Lin had done it to them. It was just that Lin had done it again,
      and, man, it was something to behold.

      “You see what he’s done in arenas, and you see what happens when he’s
      introduced during away games,” Fields said. “The crowd’s going nuts.
      It’s almost like a home game out there for us.”

      The NBA is such a league of jealousy and agendas and angles. Everyone
      is playing one – management, coaches, players. That’s the beauty of
      this story, the innocence of it. They’re watching Lin win these games
      night after night, and admiring his poise on and off the floor.”;_ylt=ArH31U6ut2Pp7cE4GJJgsovqbwM6?slug=aw-wojnarowski_jeremy_lin_knicks_raptors_021512

    • Truthkiller

      Last year in the 1st round of the playoffs, Chicago at Indiana… there were more Bulls fans than Pacer fans. Basketball isn’t like football or soccer, it’s more in line with Baseball where some “fans” come to see the players more than the game.

    • Phduffy

      I was there last night and I was starting OVERRATED chants on Lin. The thing is, I don’t even care that much about the Lin love in, that happens all the time in stadiums accross the continent with stars such as Griffin, Kobe and Vince in his heyday.

      What was bothering me is that there was a huge contingent cheering for every made Knicks basket, especially Amare’s?? WTF is up with that?? Fine cheer for the flavour of the day, but dont support the entire visiting team!

      I know I’m not the only one who felt that way.

    • Lorenzo

      I think you’re overreacting. It’s because it was Lin, and the fact that there were 18,999 Asians in the crowd.

      Had Fields or Shump made that shot, you wouldn’t have heard any cheers.

      • Daniel Rubin

        Couple of points to make in response. First, yes, there were many more Asians in attendance than per usual, but I’m pretty sure Whitey was still well represented. And Whitey was cheering.

        Second, of course the cheers were specifically because it was Lin. But that doesn’t excuse it. He beat the Raptors. He beat the team we’re supposed to want to win. That should have been more important. The fact that the fans were so enthralled to see Lin win the game speaks to the level of the fans’ interest in the Raptors (or the size of their collective gash). Can you imagine the Celtics fans going crazy like that in Boston for Lin? Or the Bulls fans in Chicago? The 76ers fans in Philadelphia? It’s inconceivable. (Picture the Steelers fans celebrating when Tebow beat them in OT!)

        • Nilanka15

          Fans of winning teams usually have more pride than that of losing teams. 

          If Lin did this to the Celtics in 1997, when Rick Pitino was coaching, and the team was utter garbage (like the Raptors are now), I’m sure there would’ve been loud cheers in Boston too.

        • Nilanka15

          Also, to the Steelers reference, the NFL is a completely different scenario.  With a 16-game schedule, every game is approached like a playoff game.  Each win has huge implications. 

          We can’t say the same for 1 of 66 games in the NBA season.  The fans know that there was no sense of urgency to win last night (in terms of the big picture).

          • Daniel Rubin

            At best, that would explain a reaction of “OMG, did you see that?!” The fans last night were out-and-out celebrating, frenzied, like they’d just seen Carter homer off Mitch Williams.

            • Nilanka15

              I get where you’re coming from.  But I honestly think this is an isolated incident, without anything in recent history to draw parallels to. 

              Everything will be back to normal tonight vs. the Spurs.

              • Daniel Rubin

                From your lips to future free agents’ ears.

        • FLUXLAND

          So, it’s the fans fault the product on the floor is not worthy or cheering for?  They should blindly encourage something they do not believe in or feel is not worthy of their financial support?

          And they should be admonished for supporting something or someone that seems to be part of winning, has the right ingredients as a player and is making a difference for his team?

          Someone suggesting so or suggesting how anyone should cheer for any team or enjoy their hard earned $… that is inconceivable and despicable… not people cheering for the right reasons.

          • Daniel Rubin

            This is demented. How do you get from a current lack of success to cheer for on the home squad to cheering for the opposing team? Talk about fair weather.

            • FLUXLAND

              “Current lack of success”.  Oh.

              Sorry, if though even the most average non NBA fans could tell you the Raps lack of success is anything but current.

        • Nuttyprof

          you’re probably not even from New York.
          Shut up already.

    • Godson82

      I completely agree with you, the crowds reaction to losing a close game was pathetic.  As a raptor player I would rather be booed off the court by the home crowd then have them cheer for the visitor.  

      Imagine the leafs lost a close game in the final seconds of the 3rd period, would fans cheer the visitor?  The raptors have a few thousand real fans the live and breath raps ball and the rest are fly-by-night fans that got caught up in the Lin fad.  

      How the hell does a home crowd cheer for a loss?  It’s apparent the raps don’t have a strong fan base if they are so easily swayed by linsanity.  I can’t even believe the souvenir store at ACC was selling Lin shirts and jersey’s.  Why would the organization by into the hype?  Who cares about the few thousand dollars they would make in selling Lin merchandise, Lin fans were going to show up whether they could by a Lin shirt or jersey at the ACC or not.

      • Daniel Rubin

        Your point about it being a close game is an important one. Some people on this board have been arguing that the cheering didn’t really mean that much because it was another meaningless game in another (meaningless) season, so why not cheer for the latest fad a little bit. But what I don’t get is: you’re there! You’re watching the game! Are you not at all invested emotionally in the outcome of the event that has transpired in front of your eyes over the last 150 minutes? Are you not in the least bit caught up in it? By the time there was a minute left in the game — a great, close game — did you really prefer (prefer!) to see the Knicks beat the Raptors so long as it was Lin making the shot?

        Maybe, maybe I could understand the cheers if it were a 30-point blowout in either direction, and Lin was filling the scoresheet. Then fine, whatever, cheer for the new guy. But in last night’s scenario? No way. No sports fan could have done that. That stadium last night was jampacked with the fairest of fair-weather fans, and unfortunately, it probably stands to reason that the city is too.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


      BC has embarrassed himself by putting out this less than roster and expecting fans to support it.

      It’s no surprise that almost the only time the ACC is full is when another superstar team and/or player comes to town.

      There was far more than 3,000 fans rooting for Lin (Knicks) last night as the last 3 or so minutes of the 4th Q it sounded more like a Knicks home game than a Raptors home game especially when Lin hit that game winner- something that AB has never done.

  • KJ-B

    The Lin-O-vation continues…

  • Stephen Gordon

    Agree 100% with Dan above, everyone in my section was jumping up and down and going nuts about that shot, I was so disappointed for our boys, especially knowing that with 0.5 on the clock they still had a chance to get a shot off yet the entire stadium was going beserk for the Knicks.

  • 2damkule

    just me, or is there a lot of brandon roy in lin’s game?  less physical, but he uses change-of-pace the same to get in the lane or create space for his jumper.

    • Nilanka15

      I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it, but I definitely see it now.

    • Lorenzo

      Yes! I’ve also noticed that he practically walks with the ball in his hands and relies more on pace rather than pure speed.

  • Aaron8007

    So New York puts Shumpert on Calderon down the stretch to neutralize him but we don’t put JJ on Lin down the stretch.  THis game is on Casey period.  Raps up 5 points with a minute and half left.  Also what is up with the refs calling a foul on Amir on chandler when he blocked him cleanly 3 times in a row?  Lets keep on rolling to a high draft pick.  Maybe we can trade Demar for corey maggette because thats about all you will get for him at this point.

    • WHAT THE

      ((( IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!))))

    • 2damkule

      don’t think the comparo (shumpert & JJ) holds water.  JJ’s a capable defender, but i’m really not sure what the point would have been to have him on lin, other than it would have invited a blow-by…or JJ would have had to play far enough off him (to prevent a blow-by) that he would have got that shot off anyway. 

      problem is, the raps really don’t have a perimeter defender like shumpert (or anyone close).  JJ is a good defender against 3s & some 4s, but he simply lacks the quickness to defend on the perimeter against most 1s & 2s.

      • sleepz

        It wopuld have prevented some of the penetration he was getting at will on Jose. He might lack some quickness but would have made up for it on Lin ith anticiaption. Lin is a good player but he;s not J Wall quick.

        I thought that would have been a better adjutsment than letting Jose stand in front of him and then watch Lin go by him most of the evening.

    • sleepz


      No disrespect to Lin but if D’Antoni doesn’t put Shumpert on Calderon, Raps win. Biggest adjustment in the game imo.

      Casey should have countered with Johnson on Lin.

    • Phduffy

       Always  make Lin go left, he can’t do it, in the fourth quarter they let him go to his right way too much, he’s gonna make things happen if you do that.

  • Aaron8007

    WHy do the raps always get the short end of the stick on calls.  28 fouls called on toronto compared too 18 for knicks.  From watching the game New York was just as aggressive as Toronto.  The refing in the NBA has taken an all time low  David Stern needs to get new blood in refing I’m tired of these same losers favoring new york, lakers, celtics etc every game.  Call what you see not someone’s reputation….we’re all tired of this blatant favoratism that benefits amare, lebron, kobe, chandler (amir blocked his shot three times in a row cleanly ) etc…

    • 2damkule

      yes, the refs are suspect, at times.  but the raps defensive philosophy is to not allow easy looks at the hoop…if presented with an opportunity to let a guy get an easy layup/dunk, the raptors – as a team – will take a hard foul (hopefully, hard enough) over letting an easy shot go up every time…and they generally contest every in-close shot, even if doing so is fruitless.

      as for the specific example…the foul was called on derozon, who was ‘helping’ (read: trying to help, but really just causing problems for his own team) on the weakside.  so yes, amir blocked the shot clean, but DD got whistled (and did appear to rake chandlers arm as he went up).

    • Dan

      The one call on Amir where he jumped straight up to grab a rebound off a missed free throw and Amare ran from the other side and jumped into him was terrible.

  • Akash_singh

     I don’t even think derozan could be the 5th option on a contending team, he does absolutely nothing well. defense,moving without the ball,shooting,making the right pass,taking it strong to the hoop…NOTHING.     

    Anyone take a look at Alec Burks? Utah continues to keep him on the bench, and if it’s possible I think we should take a shot on this kid.

    • 2damkule

      does DD also do nothing well/right when he has a good game?  i agree, it’s frustrating watching him flounder around with zero confidence in himself, and how he drives to the hoop convinced something bad’s going to happen…but he’s still got skill.

      how do you propose ‘we’ take a shot at burks?

      • sleepz

        He needs to play better but they don’t run a lot of plays that would give DeRozan more success.

        I really think he needs to be coming off of multiple picks for catch and shoot jumpers from the perimeter. The plays for him when they iso him is an eyesore.

      • Dan

        I agree with Akash. he is not saying Derozan sucks. He is just saying he is okay at everything and has no stand out skill. His ball handling is below average. He has good shooting games but he is not a good shooter. Look how often he just flat out misses. He doesn’t really rebound or get many assists. He is not a strong defender. Not many steals or blocks. And he relies more on his athletic ability then basketball IQ. He is your standard good stats on a bad team player. even when he has a big stats game how often does it result in wins. His per is + 9.83. Not even in the top 50 among shooting guards.

        • Pimbletts

          kindda like Primo when Bosh was here. fda

  • Vykis88

    He’s fil-Lin the stathsheet


    oOh child things are gonna get better                                          

  • cesco

    His ‘cogLIoNi’ are as big as Kobe’s . Good thing the shorts legs are down to the knees .

    • What the

      BCgots2go already said that not true

  • Ppellico

    as always…in big games, from the NBA finals to the Superbowl…good coaches and their staffs make adjustments.
    The game is about adjustments.
    Not only at half time…but even as subs are coming in and leaving. A good staff thinks on the run.
    Casey and all do NOT adjust well.
    They seem stuck on plans made the night before and have extreme difficulty adjusting live.
    Last night EVERYBODY saw that the Kincks began to take over the rebounding part of the game in the late 3rd and entire 4th qtr.
    You have Chandle with 5 Damned fouls!!!
    What does Casey do?
    He had planned on sitting Gray the 4th…
    Watching the rebounding tide turn…does he put Gray In?
    We watch in pain as we slowly fallfrom a 10 point lead to the final loss.

    This game is all on the coach.

    I have heard those here saying this is not THE reason we lost.
    But I say it is.
    This game was not about losing by 5 or more points.
    It was, well…a game of inches…and we lost by ONR F&%#ing basket!

    That to me is ONE damned rebound.

    • cesco

       Some people here thinks there is a conspiracy going on ( keep the games close but lose at the end ) . So many theories abound to keep us entertained till the end of the season .

      • What the

        and then next year Primo will be the talk of the NBA just like LIN, Primo will be DIRKING

      • What the

        and then next year Primo will be the talk of the NBA just like LIN, Primo will be DIRKING

      • FLUXLAND


        Opponent is not even remotely interested in playing the
        game, mostly coasting for 3/4 of it, turning it on and closing out to
        save embarrassment.


        Yesterday, Lin spent the 1st trying to figure out how to play with STAT, and when it counted they put the clamps down and (as my coach used to say) `Closed the door`, when it counted.

        No refs or fans have anything to do with that, or with the fact Jose was scoreless in the 4th (you know, when the game counts) or JJ collecting ZERO rebounds.

    • Daniel Rubin

      Co-sign. Right now Casey looks to me like he had the perfect job with the Mavs. He is an assistant coach for defense. He knows how to teach a scheme and that’s what he’s done with the Raptors, which is why the Raptors have a statistically improved defense. But he doesn’t seem to know (yet, I hope) how to react the game happening in front of him. And that’s the job of the head coach.

  • so sick of these lame LIN words,  DeRozan is lost right now

    • What the

      So you don’t think Demar is BALL-LIN

  • raps pyramid building

    next year

    ?? ??

    ?? ??

    ?? johnson kleiza

    bargnani johnson

    jv gray

  • guest

    his game is as sweet as LINdt chocolates.

    • Nilanka15

      lol, so lame it’s funny.  Well played.

  • What the

    Tonight Raps should break out our AlbiLin you just never know,look at what Glenn G. did (with I.Thmas pulling the strings) Isay you just never know. I also want to thank Mr. Mark Cuban for freeing up coach Casey also to the fans who are Primofobic with DD and Ed Davis and not wanting to wait 7 year like we did with our #1 pick 2006 i understand but they are raw and Casey is moulding them they are starting at ground zero and they still have over 38 games left in training camp so just chill i know you want Demar on the bench but it’s not going to happen BC does not spank his kids and doesn’t want them spanked while they are learning to walk just ask SAM coach of the year look #3 son Golden Boy over 40 mins last night do you think Casey wants to be looking for a job next season ?

  • eaZy

    DeRozan, Davis, Amir and Johnson are bench players on the Raps championship run of 2018. We have so far to go, I think it’s clear that DD, JJ, ED, and AJ aren’t the pieces at their positions so we have to go through drafting the whole starting 5 again. Championship teams are deep. Our guys are not starters, save for Bargnani. Jesus Valanciunas’ best case scenario is Chris Kaman.  

    • What the

      we gave a player with some skills 7 years to develop 7 frigging long years 

  • DonCarlos

    To all you people who are upset with the crowd at the ACC for being pro-Lin, remember that these sorts of things happen when teams are bad. No team is immune. Remember this one, anyone?

    And somehow, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett joined the Celtics anyway…