The “all that and no pizza” edition:

Barbosa: little bit of swag on Barby tonight, huh? He was primping and preening up and down the court all night and rightfully so: 6/9 for 13 points and quite possibly the most energetic Raptor of the night outside of the mascot.

Bayless: hot first half and it carried over. By far his best game since returning to the lineup, but still a far cry from what we have seen him do in some games this season. If we move Jose, not sure Bayless can keep up the pace, but tonight was a good dry run in 16minutes.

Butler: put in for the last play to attempt a tie. Imagine the decibel level in my house as he cut toward the inbounder looking as if he was going to take the pass and put up the last shot. Thank heavens it didn’t happen.

Calderon: just shy of a double double with 10pts and 9assts and no doubt taking Marc out after the game, plying him with dancers and drinks and pleading him to contact his brother and ask for Kobe’s phone number in an effort to push a move to LA.

Davis: man, it’s probably just me, but he looked long and lean out there tonight. Seems to me he was using his wing span a lot more defensively and moving a lot more side to side offensively. At times he looked straight out of a LMFAO video.

DeRozan: well, no tweets from him not being on the floor at the end of a close game will be coming out tonight. He was basically invisible in 28 of 32 on court minutes.  I’ve had better results on the floor from my 14 year old mop.

Gray: early on it seemed like he knew he was back on the home floor in front of his MVP-chanting fans. He was making all the white boy moves that make the ladies go crazy. In the second half, though, he turtled like a pinched loaf.

A. Johnson: another guy that seemed to lift his knees up a bit better tonight, moving east-west with more ease than in most games. Did a great job getting in guys ears tonight.

J. Johnson: good defensive effort tonight, making up for a lukewarm offensive output. It just seems like you need to piss him off to get a result from him. A bad call or a bad play here and there is usually the fire starter. Tonight he was all out of butane.

Kleiza: got a little trim on the facial hair so he looked a little less of a mass murderer. He had 7 straight points late which gave us a bit of a cushion, but he also decided he was hotter than Mac Miller and tried hitting some illadvised shots late in the fourth, then decided against defending in the dying seconds, allowing an easy final-nail layup, plus the foul. Hardly ideal

Magloire: brought in for Gray in the second, played okay, but completely cut off the groove Aaron was in. He still strikes me as a guy playing in a beer league after work and doing it like he’s the best pick up  player in the world. Far from the truth.

Driving the bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Theme of the Game:

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  • Leftovercrack

    4 points and 2 rebounds from your shooting guard in 32 minutes of play? Shooting guard is a bigger off-season need for the Raps than SF

    • KaioKev

      Everyone has a bad outing here and there. The one time he scores under 10pts doesn’t mean we need a fire-sale.

      • Leftovercrack

        It’s not just a bad outing. On the year, he is averaging 15 points, 3.5 rebounds and has an 11.9 PER (well below the league average of 15). And he shows little heart at times. He is mid-way through his 3rd season. I’m not saying have fire sale – he could still develop into a good player – but I think it is time for the Raps to start planning for the contingency that he will never develop into a quality starting SG. And we have J Johnson at SF who is looking better

        • Destro

          Im not saying the DeRozan is unwarranted cuz i have turned on his ass too but why is he not afforded the same protection and time that Barn-yawny was ?
          Andrea was given 6 seasons and DeMar cant get 3 ?

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            And Barganni still hasn’t proven shit except that he can seemingly play hard for 13 games while still averaging 6 rebs a game before pulling up lame with the same calf injury as last season.

            AB is still a big question mark for 82 games going into year 7 in my mind.

            • Cam

              Lol sure thing buddy, according to you Bargnani stole Ed Davis’s PF spot, and Ed’s making the most of it with his 7 points and 3 rebounds tonight. Good thing Ed was given his rightful position back, what an improvement lol, he’s sure proven himself. Stay stuck on stupid and keep doing you.  

          • Cam

            Because Bargnani wasn’t this shitty in his 3rd season, yet guys like you like to rip on him because he isn’t a “Young Gun 4 lyfe yo!” Droppin 4 points tonight, we the best!

          • mountio

            Because AB was WAY better in his first year as a pro than DD has been in his first, second and third combined. There is no comparison. This whole AB was “given 6 seasons” is the biggest load of shit can we please stop with the lies ..

            • Theswirsky

              Demar was better in his first 2 years than Bargnani was.  Bargs 3rd year though was unquestionably better than the season Demar is having right now.

              Neither of those should be compliments to the other. 

              • mountio

                I wont even take the bait, cause you know that statement is 100% false.
                AB was the 2nd best player in his class in his rookie year. DD got zero votes in his ROY – meaning he didnt crack the top 13.
                No such award in 2nd year .. but I think its safe to say that DD didnt have a meteoric rise to become a top 5 guy in the league in his class .. and AB had a slump of a year .. but that might have dropped him down to 5th or something .. net net the first two years DRAMATICALLY in AB’s favour 

                • Theswirsky

                  comparing the ROY ‘vote’ is hardly relevant.  Demar’s draft class was very good.  Bargnani’s was one of the worst ever.

                  Using their ‘ranking’ in their draft class is simply ludicrous.

                  Reality is they both sucked at similar points in their career.


                • mountio

                  ??? what could be more relevant than how they compare to guys who have been in the league for the same period of time when comparing young players???

              • Destro

                False…AB was very average his 3rd season and did not have the good games DD has had this season…The numbers are comparable in both there 3rd seasons…Too say one was above the other is a fanboy ramble…

            • Destro

              No he wasnt…what were you watching ? he couldnt get his lazy off the bench until his 5th season…its not a load he was terrible his sophmore season and mediocre until season #5….stop being a fanboy.

          • Leftovercrack

            And people complained like mad that Bargnani was given so much time. Sometimes it happens that players develop that late, but it’s a rarity. I’m not saying write him off, just prepare…

    • Truthkiller

      4 points and 2 rebounds in 32 minutes of play from your shooting guard… now that’s “straight bullshit”

  • hotfuzz

    I have just have one question. Why was Butler put in on the last possession. Why? why? why?
    Is casey and co. making tanking so painstakingly obvious now?

    • Scottbbaird


  • Natavery

    Demar on the floor late in the 4th was like playing 5 on 4 for Memphis, no presence at all on both ends, why not Bayless or Barbosa? C’ mon man?

  • kuzzybear

    This 1 is on Caasey. Why werent Bayless,Barbosa and Amir given a chance to win the game? They were the main reason for it being a game. Why no offense/Defense subs?

    • Bendit

      ‘Cause Casey needs to find out who brings it when the chips are down. And he is. Next season will be a different matter. Some of these guys wont be here.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Last time when DD sat out the 4th Q Casey said it was to reward the players who were playing well & competing- why not tonite as well?

      JBayless & Bosa should have been on the court not Jose & DD in the final 3-4 minutes.

      Casey makes alot of boneheaded coaching moves especially late in games…

      • Destro

        Agreed,i was on twitter asking if he sat DD in Houston cuz of this why wasnt Bayless finishing this game tonight ??? Again this team loses a close game in the 4th and again its cuz the coach doesnt have the right 5 on the damn floor…and pls for the love of God no more Kleiza closing games,ive had my fill of this bum trying to hit GW’s this season unsuccessfully…

        Making me wonder if Casey isnt getting calls from above to “lose” this game…Tankwars ’12

      • mountio

        No doubt about it .. Casey has been exposed for his coaching abilities down the stretch (surprisingly on both ends of the floor). Not only bizarre subs and bad play calls on O, but also going away from zone too often on D.
        Another important point that people like to ignore is that it takes a different level of talent to score when the game is on the line. The last two points of a game are MUCH harder to get than the first two. We dont have anyone on this team (AB included) that has shown the ability to get his own shot / get fouled when the game is on the line. This is CRITICAL in the NBA  .. it could be the difference in at least 5 losses this year alone (maybe more).
        AB is obviously our most likely candidate .. but Im not sold on him in this area yet. If we ever want to be even a decent team, you have to have someone who can get a shot and score when the chips are on the table …

        • kidgoo


        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Casey is alot like Jay as he is best suited as an assistant coach heading up the defense while Jay is best suited heading up the offense under a real head coach not another BC puppet coach.

          I though tthat Magloire inbounds play was the end of Casey’s boneheaded moves but it was just the beginning as we all are seeing first hand as the Raptors continue to choke in the clutch in most close games so far this season.

          Bosa is the only one- maybe JBayless, on the roster that is able to create & get his shot off in crunch time- consistently.

          As well, Bargnani has never made a game winning basket during his career remember London- pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump..shot…brick house city.

          • 511

            That’s actually not true. Whether he’s made as many as some of us might’ve liked, is another thing. But I clearly recall him making game-winning shots, one (at least?) during his second season (I think it was) against the Celtics in Boston (or maybe that was to tie and force OT) … and then during Bosh’s last or second-to-last season, because Bosh passed it to him with a moment or two to go and Bargnani drained it to win the game … and ran down the floor fist-pumping which everybody made a big deal of at the time. So … just saying. 

          • Raps4Ever

            Not the first time you’ve spewed this “never hit a game winning shot” crap.First, a TEAM has to be in games at the end for any player to hit one, but you imply he can’t hit end of game clutch shots. There may be more, but here’s a few:- Mar 11, 2007- vs Sonics, down 2, hits a 3, and 1, with 9 seconds left- Jan 12, 2009- vs Celtics, hits game tieing 3 with 1 second left- Dec 30, 2009- vs Charlotte, technically the “clinching shot”, but effectively the game winning  3 shot with 10 seconds left- Dec 8, 2010- vs NY, with 41 pts in game, hits game tieing 3 with 28 seconds left. Felton hits one for win with 2 seconds left, but Bargs still hit clutch shot.

  • D32858

    This coach has got to learn to go with the hot hand, his substitutions have been the reason for a couple of losses.

  • FAQ

    When will all the Moronto tribal honking fans realize that losing is ‘winning’ for a higher draft pick.  Ratpors are in a serious race for the bottom of the NBA, and we don’t want any stinking ‘wins’ to mess that up…!!!!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for today- congrats & enjoys…

      • FAQ

        Ratpors are currently the 5th WORST team in the NBA, and are fighting hard to become the 6th worst team.  Let’s cheer them on … !!!!

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I don’t support losing- play to win and let the Lottery balls, if applicable, fall where they may.

  • Valit

    same scenario…same result. Our starting backcourt played sub-par. It shows you that when the defences target them, there is not enough scoring punch to keep up with a decent team. A decent offensive 5 and the victory would have been assured ( in case we wanted to win); Being at the game, I can assure the brains upstairs, people are starting to be fed up by close game defeats. They better invent something else…because these people  are paying the tickets not the armchairs coaches and specialists..who are dying for more ping pong balls.

  • Lorenzo

    The Bobcats are seriously pissing me off.

    Win some fucking games!

  • Lollygagging

    Jack Armstrong pointed this out a few games back, and he mentioned something about players sweating from good hard D! Then I look at Derozan and BARELY sweating and lets everyone blow by him…. it INFURIATES ME…no heart at all…

    • Destro

      You’re looking for sweat beads to determine what a player is doing or not doing ? Based on that you’d think Aaron Gray was averaging 20/10 a night…

      • Lollygagging

         thats obviously on talent level… aaron gray puts in EFFORT which demar fails to do on the defensive end… with demars athletic ability he should be doing more of everything

      • Scottbbaird

        And performing heart surgery simultaneously, on himself.

      • sleepz


  • cesco

    I don’t know if the ping-pong balls are that important anymore . This same team , the way they played since February 1st  , all close games  , with the addition of Andrea and JV could have won more games than lost . Add a decent pick and FA and next year the team will be running . An interesting observation after last night games , NO , Phoenix and Utah which we defeated on their home turf , won against three pretty good teams , Dallas , LAC and Miami . The close losses to Houston and Memphis also will make the whole team feel good about their future . A top pick may make this team a contender starting next season not two-three years from now .

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      A potential contender for what next season?

      A NBA championship?lmfao

      Or a higher draft pick in another so called STACKED draft???

  • Another losing game down the stretch. We are accostumed. Ok losing more games for having more balls at the draft, but in this way we are assisting at the horrible basketball games. I can understand the Raptors’ strategy, but at the same time this organization is disrespecting who spend money at the ACC. Obviously they are doing things without breaking the rules, but in my modest opinion I think is necessary to change them. My idea is that the whole teams out of PO have to have the same chance to get the first pick, so as to avoid teams like Bobcats, Raptors, Wizard play for losing games. In this way every team would play seriously without makes a calculation about the balls and the percentage to pick the first call. We will see enjoyable games and not players remain injured because ‘is better for the team’. I frankly fed up with watching the Wizard, Bobcats Raptors this year, Cavs, Nets….last year doing the same things.

  • East Coast

    anyone think that Casey kept DeMar in so that they wouldn’t have to deal with his pouting?   I wonder if BC is telling Casey to try and keep him happy.   I think DeMar’s stock has fallen well below the marketing plan the team had for him. I wonder how stubborn BC will be about recognizing it .  I liked him to, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just lacking too much to be a key piece.