Yesterday A-Dub said that now that Jose Calderon’s injured, we’ll have a chance to “evaluate Jerryd Bayless and Gary Forbes as potential point guards for this team”. My reaction.

Three things left to do this season:

1. Check if Bargnani’s first 13 games are for real. Thrusting him into the starting lineup was a little surprising, and even tonight’s game is coming too soon for him. Let’s begin his evaluation in a week or so when he’s had a few games under his belt. Over the next two weeks, the Raptors have five sets of back-to-backs so he’s going to get plenty of burn. More than his jumper, keep an eye on his approach to the game. Will he remain as aggressive as he was earlier in the season, or will he revert to his old self. Please be the former so I can say this season did something for us.

2. Do something about Calderon and Barbosa. I want to believe they have value on the market, and that Calderon’s injury from last night didn’t just kill any hopes of trading him for something that can be used when we’re ready to contend. LOL, I can’t even keep a straight face when typing that. Dark days ahead my friend, dark days. If you looked at this season as revealing some gems on the roster, you’ll have been sadly disappointed, and the fact that we’re talking about trading Calderon and Barbosa to acquire “assets” is quite weak. The assets were supposed to be DeRozan, Davis, and Bayless, not a first rounder we might acquire.

3. Figure out if DeRozan is an adequate enough shooting guard that you don’t have to address this position as well in the off-season. We’re OK at C with Jonas (for now), let’s assume PF is taken care off through Bargnani, and we know that PG and SF are massive issues that need addressing. Nobody’s quite talking about the SG because we’re sort of assuming DeRozan will carry the torch. That assumption needs to be questioned after this season, maybe the franchise can afford to give him another year to find himself before picking up his qualifying offer, but no more.

Right now the Raptors will have one draft pick, a high one, and the top part of the draft is PF/C heavy. As of right now, you have to say the Raptors should target the talent at the three with Harrison Barnes or MKG, as presently the roster is devoid of potential in that position (no disrespect to JJ or Kleiza). If the PG is to be targeted, Damian Lillard and Kendall Marshall are projected to be late lottery, mid-first selections, and a second pick would need to be acquired. If you’re weary of drafting a PG since it’s the toughest position to learn, look no further than Brandon Knight last night. Of course, the safer option is to acquire a readymade PG, but those aren’t exactly available. More than anything sometimes, I feel the Raptors need a free-agent win, not a Hedo type win, a real win. Like a Deron Williams type win.

Please God, make the suffering ease.

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  • CantDL

    is everyone tossing max money at d-will this summer? what can the raptors do to entice him

    • mountio

      not much is the unfortunate answer …

    • tax-free on income earned like in Miami or hot chicks waiting outside his hotel for some kinky fun on a daily basis.  

  • Bat97e

    I would also look at Bradley Beal in the draft.  A legit 2 who can shoot and take it to the rack, can rebound well…and maybe with his vkision could turn into a point guard.  I think you take him if you can because it gives you another dynamic wing option.

    I like Kidd Gilchrist as well, but I am deathly afraid of Barnes.   I use to be on the Barnes bandwagon, but his reliance on his jumper this year is a little scary for a team that needs a consistent scoring threat from the wing.  maybe he will be a better pro, but it scares the shit out of me.

    • mountio

      I hear ya on Barnes. I still like what he brings tool wise (good shooting form, big, athletic) .. but Ive watched him the last few games and he just does not stand out at all .. its hard to get that excited about him ..

    • Darien

      If you could turn Beal into a PG that might hold some promise but he would turn into another project which delays the rebuild again by potentially several years..

    • Destro

      I like Beal too but theres guys talent wise that are in front of him where the Raps are going to pick…
      As far Barnes,i pity the team that takes him…and fools themselves into believing he’s going to be a anything more than a 8th man…

    •  Everybody is assuming the nightmare that is the Raptors 2011-12 season will end once this season finishes.  Wrong!!! The difference between this season and next assuming nothing changes significantly (like trading c-level talent for c-level talent…sorry Calderon/Barbosa), is that the Raptors would have that Euro guy who ISN’T an IMPACT player.  The Raps NEED an IMPACT PLAYER, cause they ain’t coming to TORONTO via free agencies, unless you’re a has been, cause we always end up with has beens.  I say wait until the 2013 NBA draft when theirs this kid who plays SG is said to be the next Kobe Bryant (forgot his name though). Then that is your IMPACT player.  Raptors need a guy like Vince Carter, TMac, Chris Bosh to carry them not to a championship but to respectibility.  This team is not going to win a title in the next 20 years judging from the past.  Damn, I think I hate the Raptors.

  • Paradigm Shift

    “the roster is devoid of potential in that position (no disrespect to JJ or Kleiza) ”

    LOL I’m sure they wouldn’t feel disrespected by that comment

  • FAQ

    Ratpors are not yet in the “rebuilding” mold because they are still in the “demolition” mode. 

    Draft picks must be frightened if not apoplectic being chosen by the Ratpors.  Nobody wants to come to Moronto to suffer, knowing that their NBA future is tanking.

    Draft picks can’t hope to “develop” on a team that is in the demolition mode.  Only Euros see the Moronto Ratpors as their stepping stone into the NBA.  Even then…

    • Marc

      shut the hell up.

    • Marc


    •  The Toronto Raptors is where has beens; i used to be; i once did that; nobody would sign me; i need one last paycheck before I retire; i just want a job; I can slack off on this team right?  player eventually ends up.  The Raptors are other teams garbage can/recycle machines…the end of the line team.  

  • O D

    Said this in the summer, say it right now, say it a lil later. This is a development / evaluation year, we fell off the wall, probably pushed? Into this position. Anyways for all those stressing DD his time will come. For all you stressing AB his time will come. Are two best / highest potential players are NEVER who you worry about first. Our needs as we recalibrate, lol, BC talk, are to solidify SF, PG. this summer. One or both through the draft, or one or both through free agency / trade. Last year we did center, our biggest need, this year we do SF /PG, and at the end of next year we consider who sucks most and make changes from there. I’ll get into the rest later, but Barbosa may be the only move that has to be made now, but not for nothing. Our bench with JJ, Kleiza, AJ, Maybe LB is nothing to scoff at with the acquisition of a couple of starters. I would not hesitate to resign Calderon and have him as mentor for the future PG.


    • Brian B

       “for all those stressing DD his time will come. For all you stressing AB his time will come”…. how can you say this? There really is no way of knowing.

      • O D

        Their contracts and status as arguably the most skilled / highest potential players we have means that right now there’s no need to worry about them as players that need to be moved. Once we have to make a decision on there contracts or they are the worse players on our team then we can pontificate on their place on our team. Frameworks like this will hopefully keep us going forward.

        • O D

          “pontificate” (( head shake )) sorry.

      • SR

        Talented young players on reasonable contracts….you don’t need to be desperate to trade guys like that. Rap fans seem to hate almost anyone they don’t see franchise cornerstone potential in. Man, championship teams are made of 1 or 2 guys like that and the rest is reasonable talent filling roles. Don’t dump said talent. The Raptors, at this rate, are still very much a lottery team. Y’all are getting ahead of yourselves.

    • Destro

      If you bring back Jose,your basically going sideways for another 3-4 years…

  • angry3

    It’s time for the Raptors to be contracted. There is not an ownership group in this city capable of organizing anything resembling a good team and the fans are so damn stupid, the crap that has passed as a team for the last 7 years has been enough to attract the dumbest bunch of dunk happy drips I’ve ever seen in a sport crowd. NBA basketball is wasted in this city. Can’t even get hockey right, let alone basketball or baseball. Same idiotic drivel every year about “young players” as though only Toronto has some sort of inside track on potential when the truth is, because Toronto sports executives are so terrible, 90% of the draft picks and coaches end up being sh*t.
    Embarrassingly lame media, stupid fans, a city that can’t draw top athletes….time to get the f*ck put of the kitchen until someone learns how to cook.