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Raptors 84, Nets 98 – Box

Sundiata Gaines, Gerald Green, Johan Petro, Jordan Farmar, Shelden Williams, Kris Humphries. This is what the Raptors lost to on a back-to-back last night in New Jersey. Don’t feel too bad, though, it comes part and parcel when supporting a bad team which is playing another bad team: somebody has to win. In a just world, both teams would’ve end up with a L and the post-games interviews would’ve had players from both sides lamenting lost opportunities. As things stand, the Nets win the game and the Raptors are once again forced to pick up on the positives, at least whatever positives you can take out of losing to the Nets.

Starting this one off you got the sense nobody quite wanted to play and were more interested to see how the cross-town Knicks were doing after Mike D’Antoni got firesigned, but unfortunately NBA rules stipulate that a scheduled game must be played by the scheduled opponents. DeMar DeRozan started off by hitting a couple elbow jumpers which setup his 5-15 night perfectly. DeRozan’s smart, it’s best to get those made field goals out of the way early before you go on a “run” of bricks. Nothing more to add here, he was being guarded by DeShawn Stevenson at times, and some other black dude also checked him. Let’s not get lost in the details, though, because the larger point is that it took him 15 shots to score 12 points.

The energy was low in the building and neither team took much of an initiative early, and it wasn’t when MarShon Brooks busted a couple ankles, and Kris Humphries threw down a couple dunks after eluding Bargnani that this game “picked up”, and by that I mean the people in the front row took a break from checking the Knicks score on their iPhones to notice that, lo and behold, there was a game happening right in front of them! The Raptors had their positives early, Amir Johnson was hovering around the paint and combined with Davis for those big-to-big passes that makes a coach want to wank. James Johnson had a great recovery block on Brooks, and Bargnani looked crisp on a possession here and there. At the end of one it was the Knicks 25 and the Blazers 12…er…I mean, it was 22-19 for the Raptors.

A Bargnani/Barbosa inspired run in the second gave the Raptors a 9-point lead, and you started thinking whether the Nets would consider forfeiting early and catch the fourth quarter of that Knicks game. Other than getting consistently outrebounded (bad game by Bargnani – only 2 in 33 min), the Raptors were hanging in there, partially because of Baylesstricity’s (thanks to whoever came up with that one) 8 assists and the fact that NJ was coughing the ball up like a first-timer on the gravity bong. Halftime score was 46-41 Raptors. I’m thinking that if the Raptors don’t get hit by the 4-games-in-5-nights fatigue, and one of them gets hot, this is there for the taking.

They started off 0-6 in the third quarter, and the Nets picked up on the gifted momentum. Sundiata Gaines got his chance to got at his old club, and Gerald Green came out of nowhere to start scoring at will, rising often over his shorter counterpart, Barbosa. Kris Huphries head-faked Amir Johnson so the latter left his feet, Amir Johnson’s response? Flagrant foul. The quarter also saw the two sides of Bayless, the first being the mediocre, streaky player that is liable to hit tough shots, and the second being the mediocre, streaky player that is liable to turn the ball over on any given possession by forgetting that there are four other guys on his team. The Raptors managed to score only 15 points in the third quarter, which is 10 less than the number of pictures in this 25 hottest pictures of Kim Kardashian article. Nets by 7 entering the fourth, Raptors offense going cold, shooting only 37% by the end of the third (38% for the game, Nets shot 48%).

Remember against Cleveland when Barbosa and Bargnani took over and won the game for us? It didn’t happen last night because Barbosa is a role player who can’t be counted on doing that, and Bargnani is on his way to possibly being that player, but isn’t there yet. In total, DeRozan, Barbosa, and Bargnani scored six points in the fourth. The offense went to tatters because nobody could create a shot for themselves or for anyone else, leaving Bayless that task. He fared well, had 7 points in the fourth to touch up on a tidy 16/10 night, but it wasn’t nearly enough. James Johnson tried to get some on his own, but asking him to create offense is like asking someone to assemble Ikea furniture – without the manual. Yeah, you might end up with a table at the end, but when you see a wooden piece and two screws still in your hand at the end of it, you’re probably thinking this wasn’t a good idea. Gary Forbes tried to influence the game using his patented technique of fooling other players into thinking he’s a ball-boy, only to back-cut for a layup. It didn’t quite work and he had an ill-timed turnover early in the fourth, which led to a break…things just didn’t go right.

Overall, bad offensive games from Bargnani (10pts, 2reb, 4-13FG) and DeRozan (12pts, 5reb, 5-15FG), shockingly good performances from Humphries (16pts, 21reb) and Green (26pts, 9-13FG), means the Raptors lose before their day off which is followed by another back-to-back.

Shit that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in this post:

  • Gerald Green is five times the better athlete than DeRozan
  • Why does Bryan Colangelo not get any criticism for giving up on Kris Humphries?
  • Is it really harder for taller people to hit FTs that shorter ones?
  • What does Matt Devlin trying to convey when he says, “Dwane Casey yelling go-go-go”?
  • Loved it when Devlin started ripping on Bayless for picking up a technical, only to realize midway it wasn’t on him
  • Bargnani’s reverses are pretty sweet
  • Ed Davis now does that Garnett thing where he goaltends any shot which the opponent shoots during a break. My reaction.
  • In case you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Deron Williams, it’s because he’s injured
  • Bargnani had a hard foul on Green, it drew a lot of praise from Devlin
  • Awkward moment when Leo had to say the following when describing player readiness in his day, and how there was no time to develop in the NBA: “You gotta be ready to go or you’re out”

If this post didn’t cut it for you, there’s something else coming down later in the day…from Tom, I think.

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  • nba_socrates

    Theres soo much hate for Bayless even the commentators are ripping him for nothing. Really unfair since hes done quite well and his numbers are not mediocre either.Blame personnel he gets to work, coz they suck or dont seem as hungry and determined as he does

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I guess BC gave the boys the go ahead to diss JB when applicable because they were making excuses for AB all game long.

      Btw- these are the same commentators that are trying to get folks to eat Corexit contaminated Gulf Seafood- empty soulless corporate suites..

  • Brian B

    “What does Matt Devlin trying to convey when he says, “Dwane Casey yelling go-go-go”?”

    …because he is paid to fill the air, has nothing better to say, and this beats talking about Jack’s dog, or Leo’s days coaching Canada.

    …because he’s trying to say that Casey is whipping the players into playing right. Ha.

    • Theswirsky

      the silver lining?  Atleast its better than having to listen to Leo speak.

      • CJT

        I really liked how Devlin kept on Calling Antawn Jamieson, Antwan all night.  Still it is better than listening to Leo and/or Rod Black.

        • Nilanka15

          I miss the days when Leo would confuse Kirk Hinrich with his childhood buddy, Kenny Hinrich 😐

        • sleepz

          Leo was in fine form last night. From the 1st quarter:

          “Look, at the difference though, Colangelo is receiving the calls not making them (regarding the trade deadline). A lot of interest in the Raptors roster and their players”.

          If Colangelo is not making calls he’s not doing his job Leo. If you think the league is beating down the door to get at the Raps roster you’re kidding yourself. They are looking at the players on this roster as they might be able to add a role player (case in point, Barbosa) to their playoff/championship aspirations Mr. Rautins.

          • Nilanka15

            I highly doubt that Leo has any knowledge whatsoever of Colangelo’s dealings.

            • CJT

              I don’t think Leo has any knowledge if he’s wearing underwear at a given point in time. 

        • Lorenzo

          *clears throat*

          Antawn Jamison’s name is PRONOUNCED AnTWAN.

          His mother named him AnTWAN, but the doctor(s) made a mistake on his birth certificate and wrote down AnTAWN.

          So he just kept it.

          My work here is done.

          • CJT

            That’s interesting, I didn’t know that.  Thanks for the info.

            • Lorenzo

               No problem.

      • Fred

        Or you.

  • Brian B

    This might have fit the Roll call better, but  I still say, Bayless leading scorers is exactly what is wrong with him as PG , because he’s not Derrick Rose – he needs to make the players around him better, create for Bargnani & DD, not play iso so much. Because he’s also not Carmelo.

    • guest

      He can not put the ball in the basket for them!  If you watched the game he did not start scoring until it was apparent their shots were not going in.  And no one on this team is Carmelo!

      • Truthkiller

        I don’t know if you noticed, other than Bayless & Barbosa I didn’t see anyone else that could score last night.

        • Brian B

           and still, they lost. Against the Nets, who were without their two leading players. Gaines can’t defend NBA PGs. But Hump can guard the paint. I’m just shocked Bayless & Barbosa didn’t go off for 50 each (and still lose).

          • Bendit

            You might be confusing B & B of the Raps with Jennings & Ellis of the Bucks. They could either be what you suggested or a oil & vinegar deal. 

      • j bean

        And he did have 10 assists which could have easily been 15 if they would have hit half of their open looks. 

        • Brian B

            and still, they lost. Against the Nets, who were without their two
          leading players. Gaines can’t defend NBA PGs. But Hump can guard the
          paint. I’m just shocked Bayless & Barbosa didn’t go off for 50 each (and still lose).

      • Brian B

         “And no one on this team is Carmelo!”

        thanks be to all that is holy for that!

  • Theswirsky

    Question from yesterday:


    Answer: Two d-leaguers – Sundieta Gaines, Gerald Green,

                 Two marginal players – Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro

                 one TMZ superstar – Kris Humphries

    thats how!

    • Sam Holako

      I truly didn’t see last night coming; probably should have.

      • Bendit

        Never under estimate the creativity of Raptor losses especially against our lottery cousins..

  • Angryrapsfan

    I loved this post was laughing off my chair by the end of it! Good one my friend good one.
    P.S. Was I the only one who clicked on that Kim Kardashian link?

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    No DWill or BLopez and NJ takes control of the game in the 2nd half behind KHump’s 21 rebounds & Gerald ‘More Bounce 2 The Ounce’ Green’s offensive explosion- we own Cleveland and NJ owns us this season.

    You know it’s bad when Anthony Carter, why was he again oh yeah to mentor Calderon & Bayless, abandons the Raptors about half of the way into the season leaving the team strapped at pg for the 2nd year in a row- why doesn’t BC carry 3 legit roster pgs as Jose is an injury waiting to happen?

    Raptors would have been better suited going after a young pg to add to JC & JB as Jose is the current roster veteran pg.

    Why is Alabi on the roster again taking up a spot that could go to real player?

    With multiple sets of b2b games on the horizon- next up is at Charlotte on Saturday, it could get even uglier than Alabi’s roster spot. 

    The BC era in the TDot can not end soon enough for me….

    • Nilanka15

      To answer your questions on the roster, it’s because we’re TANKING.

      Whether you agree with it or not, it’s happening. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Let you tell it.

        We are just a weak ass team full of BC’s signings & acquisitions- point blank.

        We aren’t Tanking but Stanking!!

        • Nilanka15

          lol, we’ve been stanking for 16 years.

  • Nilanka15

    RE: the Ed Davis goaltending thing, I’ve also noticed Amir and DeRozan do it too.  Wonder if it’s a collective thing Casey instilled in training camp.  A very subtle intimidation tactic.

    In hockey, if a shot is fired after a whistle, all hell breaks loose.  That same level of disrespect isn’t portrayed in basketball.

    • sleepz

      Like Bill Simmons says, they will be begging to have those jumps back in their legs later on in their career. 

      • Nilanka15

        That could explain Bargnani’s anemic rebounding numbers 😛

  • Nilanka15

    The halftime clip on Jonas was encouraging, and I was somewhat impressed with his English.  He was barely able to mutter a single word during his post-selection interview with ESPN last summer.  Maybe nerves bit his tongue.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      What would be more impressive is Jonas in a Raptors uniform this season…not a scripted pr clip of BullChit in action….

      What ever happened to NBAXL (I loved the Nam & Cabbie era) on RaptorsTV???

  • rc

    complain when we win, complain when we lose…

  • cesco

    Looking at Kim pictures you can easily imagine Kris thinking after the wedding night , ‘ I need some energy to go and play b-ball and I am already pooped after one night , this is not going to work ‘ .

  • DC

    This whole roster blows and bargnani is reverting back to his old self. 3 rebs 33 mins. He’s a scrub this team is gonna suck for as long as he is the so called ” franchise player” on this team. Smdh. Funny how yall think just because he played 13 good games h’es gonna come back and be good. BC should trade him and fire himself and start this whole roster from scratch. Funny how we only have 1 starter maybe that would be playing on any other team in the l and that’s calderon. How do you have a whole roster full of 6,7,8 bench guys is beyond me. Keep drinking that kool-aid. 

    • Lorenzo


  • j bean

    It wasn’t only BC that gave up on Hump. According to the posters here he was a scrub  who belonged near the end of the bench and when he did see the floor, don’t take any shots, thats not your game. Somehow he’s ended up being a solid piece for the Nets. 
    I could see the same thing happening with a couple of “scrubs” on this team that have no business fantasizing they could start in this league.  

    • Nilanka15

      Hump’s transformation was 100% between his ears.  His skillset remains exactly the same as his Toronto days.

      • Brian B

         but in NJ he is asked to play within his role, and given reasonably consistent minutes. He is  not in and out of the rotation; asked  to change roles; not asked to be things he isn’t.

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t have any links, but I remember Mitchell talking numerous times about trying to convince Hump to simply play his role, and not worry about the flashy stuff (i.e. scoring).  For whatever reason, the msg didn’t stick until he got to New Jersey.  Maybe it’s just a maturity thing.

          • minks77

            I remember that too. Smitch was a terrible coach though so maybe that’s why hump didn’t listen here. 

            In defence of BC letting him go however, it should be noted that Hump the Magnificent couldn’t get a single decent offer from any other team this year which is why he’s on a low end one year with NJN this year. 

            Stats are nice, but often misleading.

    • Raps4Ever

      The let’s forget what I once said, be impressed with my genius hindsight mode is just part of the standard RR (Raptors Repugnance) way of spreading personal misery around.

      I also just love all the “I told you so” brilliance coming out so quickly about ABs performance after being out for 6 weeks. I wonder if that will disappear as quickly when he starts playing like an all star again. Likely not entirely, but it will be fun to observe the waffling that will happen.

      • Theswirsky

        oh you mean like the “i told you so brilliance” after 5 years of failure?


        • Raps4Ever

          awwww, I got a rise from one of the Raptors Repugnance faithful leaders! Gotta love your determination and commitment to the cause!

          • Theswirsky

            not gonna change your hypocracy either way

  • AD

    Nothing more to add here, he was being guarded by DeShawn Stevenson at times, and some other black dude also checked him. ”
    arse slow down on the racism latley holy man, thats the second questionable comment iv read from you in 5 mins. be professional like damn

    • Nilanka15

      Was there anything derogatory about that comment?  It might’ve been an unnecessary comment, but was it racist?

      When Jason Williams refers to himself as “while chocolate”, it is considered racist?

      • Nilanka15

        *white chocolate*

      • Raps4Ever

        Technically, the word “racist” would be a tad strong in this case, but I see the uselessness in the singling out of a person as a “black guy”, which is “discrimination” as in “to note or distinguish a difference” based on colour. The fact that this distinction, based on colour, serves no useful purpose to the topic raises questions to it’s intent. Would you call out to a guy whose name you don’t know as “hey, black guy, you dropped something”?

        • Nilanka15

          No, I most definitely would not, but that’s a result of a desire not to disrespect a stranger, instead of repulsion from discrimination.

          It’s the same reason why I wouldn’t refer to Bosh as “Christine” to his face.

      • Lorenzo

         Referring to color should be avoided at all times. Why do you think Racism still exists? BECAUSE WE KEEP DIVIDING OURSELVES INTO GROUPS. (all caps rage)

        • Raps4Ever

          + some are just don’t get it, as evidenced above. It’s tough to expand a narrow (or is that simple?) mind.

          • Lorenzo

             Yup, but hopefully in time things will change. And by time i mean decades, even centuries… yikes.

            • Nilanka15

              In a few centuries, “races” won’t even exist.  Humanity will be much more uniform in appearance.

              • Lorenzo

                 Sounds like a good thing, but I don’t know how I feel about that. Who cares, I’ll be six feet under by then.

          • Nilanka15

            I’m fully aware of the factors that perpetuate racism, but I’m also aware of oversensitivity, and how some people create an issue where none exists (you would know a lot about this).

            If a comment is made that isn’t meant with any harm, I don’t have a problem with that.  In my book, pointing out one’s skin colour isn’t any different that pointing one’s eye colour, or hair colour.

  • angryman

    how did hump really bang kim k? smh

    • voy

      if kim k allowed ray j to piss on her I’m pretty sure she has an open vagina policy for every black guy with a half decent twitter following and bank account, no matter how talentless and brainless. 

    • Nilanka15

      How does Sasha Vujecic bang Maria Sharapova?  He’s more of a bitch than she is….

  • None

    Great post Arse! Gold as usual.