The “Oakland A’s basketball club” edition:

Bargnani: Andy looked somewhat overmatched all night, which is funny since if he was supposed to be an AllStar before he was shot with a sniper rifle, then he shouldn’t have had much issue tonight.  Horrible shooting all night and physically he looked like he just found out Pizza Pizza was voted the #1 pizza place in Toronto.

Bayless: career night on the points side of the ledger and he almost willed his team to both remain in the game and to win it. That lane violation (if indeed it was on him) was a bit much and would have sent him on an Artest-like rant a year ago.

Davis: laugh and joke all you want on the bench, son, but you were overmatched all night and your pitiful performance reflected it. Normally you would have my sympathy as you went up against a 600 pound monster, but your early celebration and acceptance of the bonehead move by the-creep-who-shall-not-be-named tarnishes an already horrific night of “basketball” by you.

DeRozan: a first quarter for the ages from DD, but average the rest of the way. Actually, come to think of it, his game reminded me of how I make love: jump in full of energy, throwing moves all over the place, grabbing peoples attention, then reality and age kicks in and all of a sudden I’m on my back letting others do all the work.

Forbes: oh, where to start and where to end.  When not to foul. When to hit your free throws. When not to think the game is over and you are out of the doghouse. Shame too since he had a great game (for him) with a career high and an ability to have us not miss Barbosa for a night. Unfortunately, due to his mental capacity,we had 5 more minutes of basketball to get the victory.

Gray: the midseason funk continues and while his energy is still high, he’s playing like a kid who was raised in Toronto who just moved to India and is being forced to play cricket with a top level team. He looks lost, unsure of himself, and like he just wants to go home.

A. Johnson: nice effort in the extra frame, and a solid effort throughout. Kind of reminds you of that third kid at the table in the school cafeteria. You have the cool kid, his yes man, then the kid that is suave enough to have the cool guys ear, but can also do his own thing when he wants and if he wants.

J. Johnson: tonight for him is like when you order honey garlic wings and they come back to you tasting sickeningly sweet and dripping with goop. Fine shooting the ball, but his five turnovers and, at times, frenetic out of control style of play took us to the cusp of failure way too often.

Kleiza: for all you guys, he is the embodiment of getting a hot chick to invite you back to her place to watch her please herself and the vibrator craps out due to batteries. For all you ladies, it’s like finding out George Clooney is going to marry your uglier sister. For all you Raptors fans, Linas has gone missing and we need to find his scrawny ass in the jungle right quick.

Magloire: back talking smack to the other teams and setting hard fouls. Kind of like Don Cherry, only cooler.

Driving the bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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  • TheR3dMenace

    Riding Shotgun: Jamaal Magloire

    I loved the tone he set out there tonight.  The Grizz were visibly rattled and I think his play put them off their game.  I heard a lot of talk in training camp about “no easy buckets” but ive really only seen it the other night against the Nets (no Gerald Green hi-lights on us) and tonight.  I hope they keep it up.

  • cesco

    Why is it that after a magnificent win away from home against a top team you are so negative toward all the players except Bayless and Magloire . Everyone helped out in this win , they all deserve a lot of praise and forget about their mistakes . Andrea by the way was doing a great job on both ends of the floor except for his shooting .

    • Richard Giovanni Nelson the2nd

      What was he doing on the offensive end? Remind me! Hes a shooter!! Hes supposed to shoot!!!! And score

      • Lisa

        If hes not getting the ball how is he suppose to score

        • why

          AB seems to be running in mud and is missing the ability to consistently make the quick bursts he had before going on the DL  – likely a combination of conditioning and lingering effect of the injury. 

        • forbes

          what do yo mean not getting the ball? He has 4 of 17. Just didn’t handle the ball properly.

        • Fonzi

          Precisely, at least someone else on thie forum watched the game…

      • cesco

        He was doubled team a lot which allowed his team mates more free room on the inside , without him no way they win against Phoenix , Utah and now Memphis on their floor , all teams they hadn’t beaten in ages . !8 points and 7 rebs is not too shabby either .

      • CJT

        and still had 18 points.  Not bad for a crappy night.

        • Sam

          He was 8/9 at the line, thats not something you turn a blind eye to

      • Theswirsky

        there is an immediate need to defend the 2006-2011 Bargnani that has shown up.  Because the Bargnani who played for the first handful of games this year is the ‘real’ Bargnani after all.

        He is the reason the Raps won that game.  Not Bayless with a monster game, not Forbes having his best game of the year, not Magloire punishing Memphis, not memphis missing a ton of free throws…. it was Bargnani that made the difference. 

        4-17 with 7 boards and 5 turnovers in 40 minutes.   That boys is the sign of a winner

        • Lisa

          lol 4/17, if he got the ball in a more consistent rhythm, maybe the shooting percentage would’ve been higher

          • Theswirsky

            or perhaps if he didn’t try to live off of jumpshots and played inside the paint he would have shot a higher percentage

            but who knows right? its not like that was a big difference with him offensively to start the year

            • mountio

              Im with you on this one. AB was not good at all last night. Bayless and Forbes were out of their mind .. thats the only reason we stayed in this one. Not a game that any AB defender should point to in my opinion ..

              • Aaron8007

                The only reason that bayless and forbes had wide open lanes is because bargs man who was usually gasol was stuck having to cover bargni at the three point line.   Do you wonder why  bayless and forbes sucked when Andrea wasn’t in the lineup?  All those wide open drives bayless had were either due to a pick set by Andrea or his man had too stick to him at the three point line.  The other thing that raptors miss when he’s not there is his length.  He influences alot of shots on defense.  He doesn’t block a tonne but would say his length effects  2-5 shots a game.  Not everything is in the box score.  Your right his shot was ugly tonight but they won.

                • cesco

                  Thank you Aaron .

                • mountio

                  Lets be clear .. Bayless and Forbes suck because … Bayless and Forbes suck. Im not disputing that. And AB is our best player by far .. Ive never disputed that (in fact I say it all the time). BUT – last night, Bayless and Forbes were great, AB was not .. simple facts as to why we won the game

              • cesco

                The point I tried to make originally is  the criticism was unwarranted because they won , not lost this game . I never said  he won the game for them only that without him , they do not win in the west against three teams they hadn’t beaten in ages .

            • CJT

              No one is saying he was good last night, but he made contributions on both ends of the floor.  He was not the difference maker as you suggest, but was also not the AB or old.  His attracting defenders is part of the reason that others were able to contribute more tonight.  If you accuse everyone of defending the new Ab, you are part of the other camp that is determined to knock him down. 

              • Theswirsky

                “No one is saying he was good last night, ”

                really? I beg to differ:

                “Andrea by the way was doing a great job on both ends of the floor except for his shooting ”

                • CJT

                  OK, some people are saying he was good last night, but realistically I think he did more things to help get the win than he is being given credit for.  He didn’t have a great scoring night which is what he is know for, but he did battle hard on the defensive end, grab some rebounds etc.  He was not the liability that you are portraying him as.

              • Raps4Ever

                The technical commissioner of the Raptors Repugnance club gotcha

  • Sam Holako

    What a fitting song; miss this track.

  • Bendit

    Great heart by all….never gave up…Bayless took charge. 

  • Fire_Colangelo_Now

    This game goes down as one of the ugliest wins in Raps history.  I can’t decide what was more comical – How Rudy Gay got so open with the last second 3 pt shot OR Bambi Derozan making lane violation on Bayless foul shot that would have made it a 4pt lead in OT  OR Bayless fouling Conley at the 3pt line with 4 secs left in OT OR Watching Dwayne Casey twitching on the sidelines with a heart attack after each of these imbeciles make a mockery of a professional NBA basketball game.  Yes, its Casey’s cut aways followed by Matt Devlin’s “what a great and gutsy victory …”

    • enlightenment

       the lane violation brought it from a 3pt game to a 2pt, never was going to make it 4pt.

    • Aaron8007

      That foul on conley was on the dribble and was the wrong call by the ref.  If the foul occurs while the player is dribbling it isn’t a shot (continuation rule).   The lane violation was a double violation as Randolph stepped in before the shot.   We all should expect bad refing on the road its the NBA standard.

  • enlightenment

    Give Forbes more credit, he took full advantage of the opportunity given to him by the barbosa trade and played a FANTASTIC game.  

  • Destro

    Calderon couldnt have done what Bayless did out there,he hasnt in 6 yrs…Bayless carried the team and took it over late 4th and OT on both ends…

  • Destro

    and it was JJ’s mental cramp that sent it to OT not Forbes…idiot fouled in backcourt with a 3pt lead and 5 seconds left…

  • knickz

    great win! team plane is sick stuck in memphis so hopfully the boys can bring t against the bobcats…playoffs are sill there boys

    • Lorenzo

       NO. Tanknation4lyfe!

  • HC111

    Yeah there were lots of mistakes and some strange calls (well not strange unusual for the raps), but I they fought through them.  I enjoyed that.

  • NyAlesund

    Great win! Great effort from everyone even they have committed a lot of mistakes. But despite all, they won the game. Bayless played really well, was the best. On the other hand we have to thank the Grizzlies and the 20 FT missed. Unbelievable. There something I don’t understand: every time down the stretch we are not able to create a good shot, but we force most of time dribble penetration or we make a stupid contested shot with the wrong guy. If we pay attention to this we can prevent horrible lost games. Zibo is a beast! Grizzlies with him are very competitive for the Conference final.

  • Nilanka15

    How is Davis not under the bus? What Z-Bo did to him is borderline illegal in most countries.

  • Nilanka15

    Seeing Tony Allen botch that rebound was priceless! What a douche.

  • mountio

    I cant believe we pulled that out! Seemed like a game we were destined to lose after the two Gay 3s, the lane voliation and everything else.
    Something I dont understand:
    Shouldnt you always foul and send the guy to the line for two shots when you are up 3? It seems so obvious to me. Even (worst case) if you screw it up like Bayless did – the guy has to hit three shots in a row. Even an 80% foul shooter has about a 50/50 chance of hitting three in a row. More importantly, when you do it right .. its two free throws and you basically lock up the game vs letting someone like Gay tie it up.
    Tom – I think ive seen the stats on this (did you write something in the past?), but I have to imagine its overwhelming in favour or fouling.  

  • 511

    Oh good, they won. Oh crap, they won. 

    • cesco

       Butler stayed off the floor on this one which tell you only loser fans like you are tanking .

      • 511


      • You’re delusional if you don’t think “tanking” was factored into the Barbosa trade. 

        • CJT

          Not disagreeing with you here, but I am a bit confused by the reasons for the trade given by the brass about developing our talent and seeing what our young guys can do, when they have not put Solo on the floor for more than a minute all year.  If this year is really about evaluating talent to hit the ground running next year why haven’t they given a kid that they took on as project a few years ago any playing time to develop? 

          • Raps4Ever

            You don’t think the coaches are qualified enough to evaluate him in practice to the point that they don’t need more info?  

            • CJT

              Yes, I’m sure they are, far more than I am, but why hang on to him then.  Cut him loose or let him show what he can do.  Practice time can and often does indicate a certain level of proficiency, but game play is totally different.  I am not pro Solo or anti Solo, but just saying in the evaluation process it might make sense to give him a few minutes to show what he is or is not capable of.  This forum was full of anti bayless chatter for the last year, but has gone strangely quiet after his last few games, give all the young guys the same opportunity.

              • Raps4Ever

                He’s just not good enough to even give a few minutes to, man. He has got some “game play” in the D league, they’ve been working with him on the court for 2 years. They know where he’s at, his teammates do too, and know he doesn’t belong on an NBA court. If you’re concerned about “cutting him loose” and giving him a chance, he’ll be free to go wherever he wants in a few months, and you’ll see if any team thinks he warrants a contract and playing time.

      • 511

        and cesco … I’m just an observer (and fan) like you, who offers up an occasional comment here or there. I don’t get to, you know, actually influence anything that happens out there, one way or the other. 

  • Ppellico

    This negative writing that demands more acidity than actual reality is

    Its the same for all the late night comic poop.

    Just get people to clap like monkeys at the cleverness or meanness, and
    forget about the soundness or fairness.

    Such high sophistication is dooming us all.

    • Raps4Ever

      It’s what the Raptors Repugnance club likes. Just ask Theswirsky, Destro, and the rest of the “I need to share my personal misery” bunch. They feed off it, and AltRaps is just a caring guy toward the lowest common denominator.

      • why

        I find internet discussion boards are, regrettably, seldom used for rationale and respectful discussion on anything – tends to attract those who think their opinion is the only one that matters and those that disagree should be disparaged.

      • Cred

        Theswirsky is a moron, and he should never be allowed to have his username associated with the real, respected, Chuck Swirsky. doesn’t deserve to be held in such low-regard. 

        While destro just seems to be a blatant troll who does this on purpose, theswirsky actually seems to believe what he/she says, which is perhaps even more scary.

  • j bean

    Thought that was an incredible effort by Bayless at both ends of the court. He was not going to let his team lose and he took it to a higher level. He made some passes that showed excellent awareness, something that has been a weaker aspect of his game. Continued better vision will win over a lot of his detractors who don’t see him as a leader.  Forbes played as good as Barbosa at his best so here’s hoping he is for real.
    I didn’t think anyone played so poorly that we could point to them as the reason if they would have lost and there were contributions from everyone in this victory over a pretty good team.  

  • minks77

    Mostly a forgettable game. How Memphis lost this one I dunno. Maybe trying to get the timing back with ZBo and Gay back in it? Raps tried to give it away and Rudy (Raptah Killah) Gay was in fine form in the clutch. 

    Of all the vids posted all year this is one of my favourites. Big tune dat!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Good W!!

  • sleepz

    Big Tunnnne! Respect to Kardi and IRS and a proper selection on the theme song.