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Raptors Roll Call March 17 vs Bobcats

An embarrassing swing mid-game saw us fall behind and never catch up. 107-103, the Cats beat the Raps and we should all be ashamed. Raptors fall to 15-30.

The “that was a bigger swing than even Jose Canseco” edition:

Bargnani: evidently vegetable lasagna doesn’t have an expiry date because Andrea is still selling it.  27 minutes that gave fans dry heaves as he went 4 for 10 and committed an incredible 7 turnovers.

Bayless: he keeps putting up enough points to open some eyes to the possibility of shipping Jose off in the summer and making room for an old Canadian.  That said, he can’t do it all himself and he needs to get his teammates in a position to make shots. He’s failing at that miserably and it was a factor in our loss tonight.

Davis: after basically taking a working vacation last night, Ed should have come out all guns ablazing. Instead, he played like he was on the tail end of a long work week. Sure, the 12 rebounds look good on the stat sheet and he had a 4 minute span of hustle, but overall it was a big disappointment.

DeRozan: a nice dunk early, a great night fighting to get to the free throw line (8 of 12) but once again he defended as well as a oompa loompa standing guard at the Apple store in New York yesterday. Forget the no props needed dunks, spend you summer working on how to stop a guy (hell, every guy) blowing by you or pulling up and hitting a shot in your grill.

Forbes: I swear to the heavens that the guy makes me think he walked off a Three Stooges set.  He plays well but it’s always negated by some idiotic blunders and stupid fouls. Jose can’t come back soon enough, sure, but knowing that we will see Forbes in for a departed Barbosa makes me sick.  Although, a few more picks like he set tonight and…

Gray: good bucket to open the game and a fine effort all night.  6 and 6 in 12minutes is a solid outing given his recent dung-like play.

A. Johnson: not much statistically, hell basically nothing, and a game where he seems to have fallen back into his PMS mode.  Held back to only 18 minutes and rightfully so.

J. Johnson: 12 minutes of nothing.  Proof that I may have finally perfected my voodoo doll manufacturing concept. Let’s finally face it: he is good at jumping and eating. That’s it. The game of basketball?  Not so much.

Kleiza: well look who finally took his lips off the tailpipe. The Owl finally showed some passion and some skill tonight as he was back to hitting shots and taking shots off his face.  Ended the night 6 of 9 and showed signs of a return to past glory.

Magloire: I’m amazed he was a –6. I could swear he was on the floor for that whole swing. I swear this guy would get booed by children if he made a hospital visit. Pure suckage.

Driving the bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under the bus: James Johnson

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