The “I think RIM would have had a better fourth quarter than that” edition:

Alabi: yes, indeed, it was THAT bad. Solomon had to throw his gum out and hit the court.  The gum was shocked too.

Bargnani: shhh….listen….hear that? It’s the Republic saying WTF.  Easing back….out of rhythm….Bayless instead of Calderon….. Come on, people. He has been playing with zero focus, other than maybe imagining his volleyball playing girlfriend using his body as a spiking dummy. Other than some clear path action, he looked (and has looked) like he was hoping it was May.

Bayless: hey, guess who left the game early due to injury?  Yay!!! Poor bastard finally finds some consistency and now we have to wonder if Rasual Butler can still function as a human.  Bayless did come back and try to play, but they shut him down. I’m sure he’ll be back tomorrow, but it was still about as welcome a sight as blood in your urine.

Calderon: hey, if you want to come back you might as well do it against the guy that has created more buzz than a Kardashian sex tape……of the cute one. Jose fared pretty well, posting 11 points, 9 rebounds and more pointing than a season full of Tebow’s.

Davis: P is for Potential. L is for the losers that made out that Davis was ready for prime time soon after he was drafted.  Two seasons later he looks like a guy that would have difficulty smiling as he is achieving orgasm and plays with about as much reliability as a tire with no treads driving down a mountain in British Columbia.  One of the jackasses tonight said that Davis should have his way with the lineup on the floor for the Knicks.  No crap, really? He’s been playing second units all season and has given us next to nothing most games. Waste of a pick.

DeRozan: you know when it’s lunch time and you are surrounded by a lot of places that provide bad healthy options, yet are so good and you just can’t decide what to pick? DeMar is the Quarter Pounder combo in this scenario. He was the pick of the litter full of runts tonight without doing anything spectacular or worthy of him standing out in the crowd. He shot the ball well and he didn’t bounce the ball off of Woody Allen’s head.

Forbes: close your eyes and imagine you just spun a quarter on its side. Spinning well. Spinning….spinning….slowing down….now it’s wobbling just before it falls flat and all the fun is gone.  That wobbling part?  Call that the Gary.

Gray: only on a night like this can you have the big non-Italian white guy on your team that looks like he would pick an injured kitten up off the street and perform CPR on it absolutely blow a basket off a silly call, get T’d up twice in quick succession from it and then have him kick the ball like a 6 year old girl. The only thing missing was him dragging a towel behind him as he went to the locker room like it was his blankie.

A. Johnson: Alex, I would like to take “Underachieving People Who Don’t Care Anymore” for 2 loonies, please.  You could stick Rihanna’s phone number on the ball right now and Amir would let some 16 year old punk from Scarborough out hustle him to it.

J. Johnson: he might have a red jacket and red shoes, but the only thing red I see is his game. A rebound, a steal, a block and 4 fouls in the mecca?  You want to come to the game dressed like a pimp, you better back that stuff up. The only thing he backed up tonight was my toilet.

Kleiza: for some reason, Linas has turned into a modern day Reggie Miller. Not sure why, but 75% of his screen time lately has been him jawing with the officials like he just found out he had been accused of stealing candy from the hands of a baby. Tonight Casey had to go out on the court and basically give him a soother. It was unbecoming and embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as Spike Lee in a bright orange oversized basketball jersey, but pretty bad.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Aaron Gray

Theme of the Game:

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  • hotfuzz

    Can we start ripping on Bargnani? How much longer do we wait to say that he is officially back to his old self?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Bargnani needs at least 10 games to warm up before he’s really officially back in the Raptors starting line up.

      • Watched the game (as usual)

        you know its bad when your starting PF (Bargnani) has 2 rebounds in 33 mins….and your starting SG (Derozan) has 0 assists in 37 mins….smh…. Bring on the draft!

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          And 1 of those rebounds was off of a ft at the 9 minute mark of the 1st Q.

          What happened to 2 rebs a Q- Casey?lmfao

          AB’s season stats so far- 19 ppg & 5 rpg

          Dirk like?

          • yonas

            “what happen to the 2 rebounds per Q” it can’t be done

        • K.J.P

          Mock draft has us picking Harrison Barnes

      • Chumlee

        More like 5 years.

    • Theswirsky

      350+ games of ‘old’ self
      13 games of ‘new’ self

      I imagine we need to wait another 350+ games to find out who the ‘real’ Bargnani is.  Just wouldn’t seem right if we didn’t.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Trade high…….

        • Nilanka15

          But, but, but, we’re 6-7 with Bargnani in the lineup.  Playoffs, here we come!

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Is it me, or does this team seem out of sync. No flow to Defense, and less to Offense.

  • Darien

    So with a draft full of PF talent, do we finally say ciao to bargs?

    • Lorenzo

       Only if it’s Anthony Davis.

    • Destro

      Sadly i dont think we’ll ever get rid of him unless Colangelo is gone.Have you heard Ol’ point collar talk about him in interviews recently ? He thinks he’s a top 5 player in the league based on the first 13 fuggin games this season…He’ll never be gone until this regime is booted out the door…

  • ad

    Bargnani’s been playing like shit since he came back. 2 rebs in 33 mins? Cmon. How many games does he need to get back in rhythm? Hes already had 6 or so. Maybe he just doesnt give a shit anymore because the team is so awful.

    • Nilanka15

      You can’t change a man’s personality.  Once the novelty of a new coach wears off, the usual (allergic to the paint) Bargnani is rearing his ugly head.

      • yonas


  • nba_socrates

    For all you raptor fans supporting this tank tank whatever phenomenon it is, expecting to lose games to possibly get a high draft pick i feel sorry for you. If you really think this upcoming draft class is one of the best/deepest etc then a big HAHAHA. This draft is probably one of the weakest in living memory, i look at the  board and i’m scratching my head to pinpoint a player who can come into the NBA and become a bona fide STAR. Keep supporting the tank nation and you will be tanking till the next decade

    • Gman

      Good thing you’re just a nobody who posts on a Raptors boards just like the rest of us…as opposed to somebody who makes a living studying this stuff. But who knows maybe the knowledge is purer from your mountaintop.

      • nba_socrates

        Give me names? Which player coming out of college will you say has the potential to be a franchise player???? Most of these supposedly top 10 picks didn’t think they were good enough to enter last years draft, they sure aint improved on anything to say WOW. This draft is filled with good role players not superstars soo choke on your tank.

        • Theswirsky

          not to make a comment on this draft, but the players who didn’t enter last years draft did so because of concerns over the lockout.

          • Nilanka15

            ….and because they were in high school….

        • voy

          i dont think wants the team to lose.  However, for the sake of argument lets say someone does.  who cares?  the team is gonna do what the team is gonna do? some guy eating cheesy puffs, in his underwear, watching the game isn’t going to determine the outcome. 

          I think its just a matter of, I know the team sucks.  Now its just a matter of them sucking and winning 25 games and landing the the 10th pick or winning 19 games and landing a top 5 pick.  I dont want them to lose.  But for the sake of the long term outlook I’m okay with them winning 19 games vs 25.

          I agree with you though.  The draft is not as stacked as originally thought.  I think there are grenades sprinkled throughout the top 10 picks.

        • Justin B

          You serious??

          First of all, you don’t need to have a franchise player for a draft to be good/worth tanking for.  All you need are stars and/or starters, which this draft should have quite a few of, not a ton, but enough.

          Anthony Davis will be a defensive star and has the potential to be an above average offensive player.

          Michael Kidd-Gilchrist does all the little things you need a solid leader to do and he has the potential to develop into a player who can do the big things!  (when I think franchise player, I don’t just think someone who can go out and score like crazy, I want a well-rounded leader… thats what MKG brings.

          Barnes has POTENTIAL to be a star, but it’ll be a couple year’s before we see if he can tap into it.

          Bradley Beal is undersized but he’s got a little Ray Allen in that stroke of his

          These are in my opinion the top four players in the draft, they will all be NBA starters, not role players, and have the potential to be stars, they just have to tap into it.

          Who are we going to get in Free Agency that’s better than any of the four guys I just mentioned… Uhhh… that’s right NO ONE!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Tank Nation aka Stank Nation…

    • Nilanka15

      Lol, what’s the alternative then?  Trading for Dwight Howard, or waiting another 5 years for Bargnani to become Dirk? 

      This team needs some serious talent infusion.  Wake up.

      • Destro

        IN 5 years when Bargnani is still averaging 4.7 boards a game,were still gonna hear fanboys say he’s developing and BC talk about his “potential”

    • Destro

      It dont matter if fans wished for a tank or not,this team sucks badly that were getting a top 5 pick regardless of i wish for a tank or wish Bargs to be a man…

  • Multireem

    Demar is by far the worst starting two guard in this league. Between him chucking brick after brick and wasting posession, or letting landry fields treat him like a skeet sock, the only thing demar was driving would be the Wang bus. He needs to be traded along with butterfingers amir and ed the twig Davis. Did anyone else facepalm on that turnover where amir was basically hackey sacking the ball?

    • Destro

      No mention of Bargs rebounding and defending like Herv from fantasy island = pointless rant…

  • FAQ

    Hmmmm… looking at the Ratpor “talent pool”…. … nah

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    At least folks can watch the Jonas tv special on RaptorsTV. lol

  • NyAlesund

    First of all AB made one assist!…lol….was at 1.22 on the second quarter when he delivered the ball to Amir for the dunk, but officially was given to Calderon……even the nba committs mistake………

    Second, AB had played really bad and I’m pretty sure he didin’t want to play seriously with the right focus. In fact when the coach asked him to rise his level at the beginning of the rs he did. Also, except one game he generally played bad in the second part of the game. Why? I don’t now.

    Third, we have to understand what we want. If we want to pick highest in the draft, tonight was perfect.

    Forth, is useless to talk about AB’s trade, Calderon dismiss….. we only wait the off season and build a real competitive team and not a roster built for losing game. Because this roster is made for this “noble” purpose. So, take patience, swallow bad performances and bad games and move on. The our goal is this summer. I don’t want to trade anyone important untill we built a competitive team. After that we can evaluate every player, because is different playing in a losing team than in a competitive one.

    Fifth, AB, JC, JB, ED, JJ and JV are untouchables at least for february 2013. If they’ll play well, good, otherwise we trade them (except JV).

    • Nilanka15

      I think the only “untouchable” right now is Jonas.  Everyone else is fair game.

  • DC

    This whole shitty roster needs to be traded. Shit Ill trade BC for some actual talent on this squad. We have less overall talent then the pistons, nets, kings hell even the bobcats have more talent/tradeable assets then us. This team sucks with a good coach and for those thinking that the playoffs are in the cards for next year I also have some ocean front property in  bermuda to sell you. This roster stinks and BC needs to be fired at the end of this season for putting this shit squad together. Bargnani sucks idc if he did have a good 13 games. Some are fucking stupid for believing this guy was some stud or dirk 2.0. 2 boards for a pf in 33 mins. At 7ft tall at least 4 boards should just fall into your hands. How does BC not trade him for some actaul talent at the trade deadline? What about JC what purpose does he serve on this team that’s not gonna be good in years. JB actually plays good as a starting pg. Then you take him out for your aging pg? Thats fucking idiotic. Just move the team to north america so they actually have a chance to succeed o idk sometime in the next decade. 

    • RaptorFan

      I endorse this message….except for the moving the team part!….I’m a Toronto Raptors Fan….not a AB (Andrea) , JC (Jose) or Brian Colangelo fan…..i hope 2 out of the 3 are gone by next year’s end….i’m tired of all this losing….no pride — no defence.  Its depressing and its starting to take a toll on my life! lol

  • sleepz

    A good GM should be judged based on the teams performance and the type of talent he has assembled moving forward.

    Most teams need an all-star to win in this league or compete for anything of signficance. Thus far Colangelo hasn’t come close to drafting, trading or acquiring this type of player via FA, in his years with this franchise.

    I know he has one more guaranteed year left on his deal but I think the organization should seriously question if he has the ability to build this roster into a winner of any kind.

  • yonas

    6-7  with Bargs, where is Cesco?

    • Nilanka15

      In the 7 games he’s returned from injury, the Raptors are 2-5.

      During that span, Bargnani’s averaging 13 ppg, shooting 35%, 17% from three, 4.7 rpg, 3 TO, and 0.3 blks in 30 minutes of action.  Just ugly.

      • RaptorFan

        I’m embarrased for defending this guy for soooo long….i gave him 5 years to come around (longer than almost anyone i know)….he shows us 13 games of actual promising/all-star level play….then he goes back to playing like a sissy garbage player with no heart!

  • Raps4Ever

    LOL, the incessant AB detractors section of the Raptors Repugnance club is feeling legitimized today. Makes a guy feel warm and cozy that some are getting what they need from that terrible game by the whole team. The world is a safer place today.

    • yonas

      but Pooka/caseyDman it’s not just one game

      • Nilanka15

        It would probably be best to put p00ka on your permanent ignore list (unless of course you’re looking for someone to proof read your English paper).

        • Raps4Ever

          Damn, you’re the queen of hissy fits here. Find yourself some better PMS meds, or find some life outside the internet. Geeez. Whatever it is, it’s turning you into a relentless little weasel that always has to have the last word, even carried over to different threads, silly as it may be.

          • Nilanka15

            lol, you don’t need to stick up for p00ka.  I’m sure he’s wise enough to awake from his schizophrenic trip, and stick up for himself.


  • RapsM

    Amare made anyone he was guarding look like a kid

  • Destro

    Im very amused by the “i thought after 13 games” remarks…

    As if those 13 games completely wiped out 5 fuggin seasons of apathy…