The “finally four quarters equals a whole” edition:

Alabi: garbage time, but finally productive garbage time from Solo Cup. An unguarded semi-slam where he looked as surprised as anybody that he was wide open 3 feet from the rim.

Bargnani: he was as likely to hit from the outside consistently tonight as I was to hit a giraffe with my car while driving down Yonge Street.  Otherwise he actually had some life in him tonight, going 9 for 20. Still not enough passion to drive and pick up fouls on New York, but he created space for himself and looked to be trying to shoot himself out of his funk.

Calderon: nothing says lovin’ like 45 minutes of court time. He and Baron Davis were in each others grill every time they faced each other tonight and even had a little dust up after the game. Maybe he was taking out his frustration after posting a doughnut from the floor: 0 for 10 and only 2 shots from the charity stripe. Still, given the amount of playing time and the fact that he is still probably smarting from his injury, you have to give him a slight pass.

Davis: Sadly, it would appear most of his attention was on his Tar Heels being taken to task by Ohio tonight. Save for about 4 minutes of playing time, his head certainly wasn’t in Canada because he looked as attentive as a bobblehead.

DeRozan: this guy played with so much passion tonight you might as well call him Cupid.  Above the rim, below the rim, hanging the net from the rim, booking a trip to the Pacific rim… was nothing but net all night. 11 of 17, 8 of 9 from the free throw line, and the concentration of a cat watching a mouse.

Forbes: call the FBI because we just experienced a seismic shift that has caused a hole in reality. Gary actually contributed to a Raptors win!!! He shot 8 of 12, something so miraculous that the only equivalent would be a statue of the Virgin Mary looking like she was pregnant.

Gray: he still hasn’t shown the pinache that he showed in spurts this season, but he is still using his length to cause disruptions and pull down some boards. Until he throws in some offence though, it’s like buying gasoline laced with sugar.

A. Johnson: evidently he found the oil can in the tool shed and decided to oil up the springs in his shoes. 4 blocks helped keep the tone in the game tonight and even though, like Gray, we have seen much better this season, Amir had a game that saw solid effort.

J. Johnson: well rounded game tonight with 8 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists.  If he were a pail, he’d be overflowing. As much as I typically can’t stomach the guy, I’d love to see him come off the bench and provide those numbers. He would quickly become a household name in this league as opposed to what he is now: just another schmuck on the Raptors that play in a foreign country.

Kleiza: before you go to bed tonight, please check your tickle trunk and see if you find Linas’ game….because right now we are out of places to look. The drop off in his game is quickly taking the same trajectory as Rebecca Black’s career.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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  • TimW

    Great Game by Toronto Tonight ….

    • CJT

      The Kool Aid tastes a little sweeter after that blowout.  Nice to see some fight in the boys.

      • TimmyW

        Euros rule!

        Checkout my blog the link fence

        • Akash_singh


  • Adriiian

    Forbes was hittin shots in the 4th like Kobe.

    • RJ

      No, DeRozan is Kobe, and Forbes is D-Wade.

  • Guest

    What happened to derozan? He left the fourth quarter limping, does anyone know if it’s serious or not?

    • Rob

      DeRozan fell hard after a collision with Calderon with 2:59 left, then got up and hobbled straight to the locker room. Afterward, however, he said the injury wasn’t as serious as it looked.

      “I came down and tweaked my ankle a little bit,” DeRozan said. “It was just a little scare. It’s a little sore right now and I just had it treated, try to get it ready for the game (at Chicago on Saturday night).”

      via the game recap.

  • Rob

    We won this because we didn’t have our Tank Commander Rasual Butler to lead the troops.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Solid W!!

    With a rested up Chicago waiting tomorrow the Raptors needed this W badly.

    Jose 44 minutes….

    • Arty

      Ya pal, remember the prediction you made before this game?

      “I see NY beating the Raptors by 10 plus points tonite.”

      At least you were close.

  • mountio

    AB sucks. DD sucks. Trade high!
    Except that this was actually a fun game to watch (even though NYK were awful).
    NYK gave us this game, no doubt .. but it was still fun to watch

    • Derozan

       your a dumbass. Go kill yourself right now.

      • mountio

        was being sarcastic..

    • yonas

      thats not true,they didn’t give us this game we won this game

      • mountio

        This reminded me of the Boston game we won. Ya, we played well .. some good enthusiam .. but the Knicks couldnt hit a shot for their life (37%, but it felt like 20%) and countless bobbles by Chandler and others of what should have been layups and the just booted the ball out of bounds ..

    • NyAlesund

       ‘NYK gave us this game, no doubt’. Sure. In fact they have a confortable record such as 39-10. Ops…I made a mistake…. their record is 23-25 half game ahead Bucks!!!! Come on……….

      • mountio

        this makes no sense.
        Doesnt matter what their record is .. when you shoot 37% with 22 turnovers .. you are giving away the game ..

        • yonas

          …and it had nothing to do with the raps D is that what you are saying?

          • mountio

            Listen .. Im not saying the raps didnt play well .. they did. But the Knicks couldnt hit the broad side of a barn and were bobbling wide open alley oops out of bounds.
            No need to get defensive .. but facts are, the Knicks played bad more than we played good last night.

            • yonas

              woody had no answer for the zone just ask Lin…and they were  also missing their glue guy JJ

        • cesco

          Jose was 0-10 shooting and they had 17 turnovers which means they were also doing their best to give the game away according to your logic .

  • Multireem

    King bargs was on fire. Some huge dunks, awesome pump fake on a three point attempt that drew contact, played inside out, finger rolls, fadeaways, the whole package.

    Ps play of the game was when bargs smashed biatch Lin with a screen and almost knocked his trick ass out. King bargs was on top along with dero, u better recognize alt raps

  • John

    Got to LOVE BC … He had 5 new signing over the summer:
    Gary, Butler, Big M, Forbes and Carter 

    He has waved 2 of them already !!! Man even failed when he signs SCRUBS ..

    • Scottbbaird

      I think they were signed with the knowledge that this would happen.  It would have been a bonus if they had played well enough that another team would take them in a trade…  but it would also have been a bonus if they had spontaneously combusted.

      Can’t argue that the Gray and Magloire signings have had a positive impact (in very different ways).

      • Raps4Ever

        Some narrow minds just can’t, or don’t have the will to, wrap their minds around the number of factors that went into signing these guys on the cheap. As you say, they’ve served their purpose for the year, but the people who get pleasure in slinging mud at the team they’re “fans” of will grasp whatever black/white thing they can find to whine with pleasure.

    • CJT

      what place does you comment have in this thread?  BC may have also found a diamond in the rough in Forbes, why not point that out.  Gray has been a good addition as well.  Can’t you appreciate a blowout win for an hour or so.  I’m sure you’re the first one on the blowout loss bashing bandwagon.  Come on dude.

  • S2dd

    I don’t get Demar gets enough credit for being tough as he is. This dude is in his 3rd year and has started consecutively for the Raps for a long time now and is continuing to be aggressive, yet no injuries or excuses to not play… I really think he will pay off in the upcoming years sure theres been plenty ups and downs with the kid, but today he showed that if his jumper is falling he can be pretty good

  • Akash_singh

    for people like me who were too busy having  sex: 

    • Rex

      With your right hand?

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    shhh….listen….hear that? It’s the Republic saying WTF. 
    “Not enough passion to drive..” You can’t even drive your ass out of your little room, call a taxi and buy a ticket to the ACC. You should start from scratch taking your big mouth in some kind of peep show.Have some lasagna tonite.

  • yonas

    Mink77 was that you leading the Lin boo birds?

  • mountio

    Oh ya .. I hope all you that were “outraged” with the Lin cheering last time he was here had your faith restored in TO fans with all the booing last night …

    • yonas

      thanks to Mink77 (no hammer needed Lorenzo]

  • yonas

    NYNIX are 10 deep and caseys heros shut them down,we could have been 3 and 1 this season against them,we should give the BIG4 a run for the div.title next season with the addition of MKG and JV

    • Copywryter

      Yeah they can join the Leafs in the Stanley Cup parade! Seriously, this team will be lucky to make the playoffs next year. 

      • cesco

        Seriously , with Andrea not getting the second injury , they will be something like 20-28 , instead 0f 16-32 ( based on the fact they won 40% of the games he played in so far) . They would be 3 games out of the playoffs
        to-day . Besides JV , the pick and possibly a FA , the youngsters we
        have should show improvement . I would think missing the playoffs next year will happen because of major injuries not because they won’t have a playoff team .

      • yonas

        I said Div.title,and the raps will make the playoffs next season book it.

  • sangaman

    Frst game I have watched that gives me hope for the future! Raps actually started to click…Derozan might just be a star after all..but JJ-AG AJ played tough D banged up the knicks all night … AB out the perimeter sets up everything and makes room for others to operate…

  • j bean

    When your starting Pg goes 0-10 you aren’t putting up many wins.  Don’t know if the Knicks could have beat anyone last night. Just one of those games when an average team effort is good enough for a win. AB still isn’t showing the intensity he did when playing his best. The comment that the Raps would have 4 more wins if Andrea wasn’t injured depends on which player shows up. He hasn’t played like a big difference maker lately. This team has to show continued improvement this season or the new additions next year won’t make all the differences we are hoping for.

    • Lisa

      obviously its because of the injury, he still has to find his rhythm. this being his best game so far, we have to be patient 

      • Raps4Ever

        No worries. The “he only gave us 13 games” crowd, who no doubt could themselves come back in fine form from 2 weeks off, 2 days back, 6 weeks off, will be quieter (never silent) soon.

  • j bean

    Andrea came back from his injury the first time this year and played some of his best games ever so I’m having a hard time with the excuse that it is injury related.   
    The special part of his “13 games” was his motor and the defensive play that was all-star caliber ball. The all-star plays that way on a consistent basis. 
    I was quite amazed at how he came out to start the year so it will be extra discouraging if he ends up being the excellent scorer who who his fans think is the greatest but who in reality never realizes the potential to be that guy we saw in his “13 games”. 

    • Raps4Ever

      Do you have any sense at all for what 6 weeks of virtual total inactivity, due to a severe muscle strain in the leg, does to the NBA game conditioning, rhythm, and timing, of a player going up against NBA players/teams in mid season form? To say it’s no excuse for needing time to get back into his previous form is preposterous.
      Is it frustrating that it’s taking a little longer than all would hope? Certainly, as he admits himself, but to say that it indicates his previous play was an aberration, because an “all-star plays that way on a consistent basis”, is misguided simplification.
      For examples of how many “all-stars” go through poor stretches, even without either coming back from a long injury layoff, two examples this year, of All-Stars, who play the same position:
      Dirk N-
      Jan5- 6 Pts, on 3/11, 6 RBs in 23 minutes
      Jan7- 10 Pts on 2/11, 2 RBs in 30 minutes
      jan18- 17 Pts on 6/18, 7 RBS in 33 minutes
      Jan19- 12 Pts on 5/12, 5 RBs in 37 minutes
      jan30- 10 Pts on 4/10 , 4 RBs in 28 minutes
      Feb1- 8 Pts on 2/15, 8 RBs in 37 minutes
      Feb15- 12 Pts on 5/12, 3 RBs in 25 minutes
      Mar23- 16 Pts on 5/21, 2 RBs in 37 minutes

      Lemarcus Aldridge:
      Mar13- 17 pts on 5/15, 5 RBs in 34 minutes
      Mar14- 15 Pts on 5/15, 7 RBs in 35 minutes
      Mar18- 15 Pts on 6/19, 6 RBS in 38 minutes
      Mar22- 16 Pts on 7/14, 5 RBs in 40 minutes

      Cut the guy some slack, man. Nobody is consistent all the time, never mind coming back from a long layoff, and playing against teams/players in mid season form.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Bargnani is not an all star never has been never will be especially in an 82 game season…he’s called ‘No Star’ for a reason…lol

        • Raps4Ever

          I didn’t say he was, but responded to j bean’s post. In any case, you’ve mistaken me for someone that gives a damn what you think,,,,,, except I’m finally going to start paying more attention to your knowledgeable predictions, because there’s good money to be made betting against them.

          • Cdhall


          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Thank you, have a nice day…

        • Lisa

          you bastard, the way he was playing was at an all-star level, probably couldve been one if he wasnt injured

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            For 13 games in a lockout shortened season?

            Probably? A Probably Star? lmfao

            We’ll see how AB does next season because he will most likely still be here- Year 7…..smh

            • Destro

              Agreed,this narrative that he was on his way to an all star appearance based on 13 games is not even worth the reply….It reaks of fanboy-ism….and in year 6 its not even funny anymore,its sad….Your boy will never be an all star until he does it for an entire season and gets those rebounding numbers up….NEVER…

              Coaches dont respect soft big men…

              • Raps4Ever

                Using the lame “fanboy” taunt is childish, desperate name calling, but since that’s what you understand, “fanboyism” is healthier, leading to longer life, than your determination to be a “Negative Nancy”. What’s your point in being a “fan” if it leads you to more stress and anger than fun? Hey, if constant, repetitive venting on here helps you avoid additional physical stress of even your padded walls, I guess it’s not such a bad thing in your case.
                Be strong Nancy!!

          • Nilanka15

            Why are 100% of your posts in response to any form of Bargnani critique? Are you a fan of Bargnani, or a fan of the Raptors?

      • j bean

        OK Ill cut the guy some slack. No sense expecting him to play with passion on defense or on the boards, after all he is out of rhythm and out of shape. Maybe after 5-10 games we can look for a better effort. 

        • Raps4Ever

          Pffft, typical of many of the “knowledgeable” Negative Nancies on here. Can’t deny the rebuttal of your post, so alter the direction of your valuable, original insightful that several of your brethren raise every fn day. What is it? Do y’all think if you say it often enough, you’re going to win some over to sharing in your misery? I just don’t understand the constant babbling of the same shit day after day.

          • j bean

            I noticed your reply to my comments on Bargnani have nothing to do with basketball. Usually I just ignore the immature name calling that goes on around here but you seem to be seriously upset by other fans that have a different perspective on the team than yours. 
            If you can’t disagree with someone without getting upset and resorting to name calling and personal attacks it is a sign of deeper problems. I’m not going to offer you advice but just remember that this is just a place for Raptors fans to enhance the experience of following their team. Not everybody has the same level of acumen but we should be able to express our opinions, thoughts and observations and expect some kind of basketball intelligence in return.   

            • Raps4Ever

              1. Was my original response to your post of mature enough acumen to you?
              2. Was your return response, as in the form of nothing but sarcasm, avoiding the rebuttal entirely, your version of mature acumen in discussion of opinions?
              3. What would you feel would have been an appropriate response to your bit of nothing but smartass sarcasm that you say is nothing but opinion?

        • yonas