The “man do we ever miss Chris Bosh” edition:

Anderson: well, there is something to be said about Canadians and their love of supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. Apparently that trait has made its way into Colangelo’s blood as there is no other reason for picking up this guy who, so far, has amounted to a melted pint of ice cream.

Bargnani: after getting yanked and just barely falling short of getting publicly flogged early in the first quarter after defending like he was boxing Holyfield but just using his elbows, Andy turned up his offence to try and mask it. It worked in that throughout the game he seemed to hit a shot to bring us within a sniff of winning this thing. However, the fact that he did absolutely nothing on the other side of the ball was a major factor in us losing instead.

Calderon: 16 assists handed out on a night where the Raptors shot a scorching 54%. He certainly outplayed Chalmers and he was left licking his lips at the thought of being able to feed the Big 3 in Miami next season. Nash bedamned.

Davis: he was brought in early but was so ineffective it reminded me of the time I tried to play my XBox using my Playstation controller.

DeRozan: think he was pumped to play Bosh? Think he gets up for big games when he wants to? Fantastic effort tonight in attacking, drawing, involving and almost dominating. Defensively he put up as much resistance as a stripper being asked to go to the VIP room, but that’s hardly shocking.  He needs a tape of this game to watch every day this summer with the phrase “Do This” subliminally flashing throughout.

Forbes: kiss of death when people start flashing your graphic up on the board showing how well you have done over the past couple of games. These are the big boys, Gary….you have to remove the thumb from your rectum, run the floor hard and move without the ball.

Gray: started the game and after playing 4 minutes on what was apparently a quicksand laden court at the ACC, he was pulled never to see said floor again. He was getting abused more than a bottle of Grey Goose at Muzik.

A. Johnson: slick game tonight. Speed (!), intelligence (!), hitting shots (!!)…..A solid double double against his former friend and someone he saw in practice enough to learn how to take it to him.

J. Johnson: buddy needs to take some Buckley’s, feel better, and get back to how he’s played the past few weeks. There were times tonight that I looked up to the roof at the ACC to see if there was a disco ball emitting pretty coloured lights since James seemed to be concentrating skyward as opposed to his mark.

Kleiza: started again and lets just say it suits him like coconut on a steak. He looks like he’s saying to himself “wait, what are these guys doing in the centre of the court and how come the cheerleaders just left and why is there only half a crowd here and why is nobody really sweating yet and why are the other teams best players out here?”. By the time he is finished asking himself that question, the Heat are up 10. JJ might be sick, but I’d rather have Solomon out there with a blindfold and one arm tied behind his back fouling someone than having Linas out there looking like he was just dropped off in Alliston.

Uzoh: still finding his way, gotta give him time, the effort is there, we all want world peace, children of the world need our help, he needs a few more practices, he is embarrassed that his family invented an apertif.  Take your pick and play the Devlin game!!! Prizes for all!!

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Aaron Gray

Theme of the Game:

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59 Responses to “Raptors Roll Call March 30 vs Heat”

  1. Sam Holako

    “These are the big boys, Gary….you have to remove the thumb from your rectum, run the floor hard and move without the ball.”


  2. Theswirsky

    forgot to call the Bargnani 20 – 10 tonight. 

    Damn it had it to.  I’m assuming the missing  0 behind that 1 is a typo in his line right?  Has to be he was so awesome at scoring points

  3. Colef

    One of those nights where +/- says it all. Amir drove the bus tonight. I was at the game and his effort was off the charts. 

  4. AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    AltRaps finally you CLOWN back on writing. You CLOWN. Have a nice day

      • John

        How many rebound did DD have ? 

        1 Rebound and How many assist ? 2 !!!  This is from our shooting guard who is a freak of athlete and …. How come no one is complaining about this ??

        • Destro

          Why does AB’s crticism ALWAYS gets deflected to another player ?
          AB is 7 feet and ur centre,should we not expect him to rebound more than everybody else?

          AB had 1 rebound “ok but how many did Bayless have”


          • John

            This is what some of you just don’t get. It is not about AB vs DD !!! It is not about offensive efficiency !!! Because if it was about that, then both AB and DD are doing great. It is about defense , rebound, assist and …. Those intangibles that AB has missing for 6 years and DD is missing now and getting a pass on from the fans. DD is developing those bad habits and our DNA are ignoring it.

            • Truthkiller

              This is only DD’s 3rd season in the NBA, I’m certain it was Ed Davis who led the team last year in double-doubles.

            • Destro

              No its not,its about rebounds and defense..stop deflecting…bargs shot low 40 % all last year so throw that out the window too…

              • Destro

                Furthermore dont compare 6 seasons and 2 seasons of bad habits….ur willing to give AB a pass NOW,but not DD and hes been here HALF as long…stop it sliiime.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          AB is in his 6th NBA season and is allegedly the leader on this team.

          Enigma of enigmas……

  5. Lorenzo

    I thought every single Raptor played well today, but Amir played the best and in my opinion should’ve been driving the bus.

    Although Bargnani had a fantastic offensive game tonight shooting 10-17 , 3-4 from three, and 4-4 from the FT line, he often looked uninterested on defense and he isn’t playing nearly as hard as he did the first 13 games. Hopefully he can get back to that, cause that really got my hopes up for next year.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      You placed your hopes for next season based on AB’s 13 games- wtf?

      No wonder BC keeps on getting over on a large segment of Raptors fan base- wow. lol smh

      • Lorenzo

        Yeah I actually did, but I’m still confident he can get get that intensity back next season.

        And I have no idea how this has anything to do with BC as he was not mentioned at all and he cannot control what Andrea does on the floor. But you know, haters usually find a way to bitch.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for the day- enjoy & congrats… 

          • Ryan

            There’s no need to be rude every time you disagree with someone. State your points and move on.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


      • John

        Exactly, Look at what BC has brought to this team through Draft :

        DD, AB and Davis … None of these guys are performing and none of these guys are showing any promise BUT fans are quick to jump on a player and totally forgot the common denominator between all these players: BC …. He is getting a pass after doing such a shitty job.

    • sangaman

      Its no wonder he gets discouraged..He gets hot in the third and fourth and Calderon stops feeding him.  Lets get Steve Nash!

      • cesco

         They switched LBJ on him and he was to well covered . Turnovers and missed shots followed .

  6. Fletchmer

    wow was it just me or did it look like bosch and crew were not only out for the win but also to totally destroy the raptors. Luckily we made a game of it. Bad enough Bosch screwed us but thanks for rubbing it in asshole

  7. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    AB gets 39 minutes grabs 1 rebound (probably in protest of Casey benching him early into the game as he had 1 rebound when benched)- accountability anyone or the same ol same?

    This Raptors team is just like their so called best player- lethargic & half assed.

    BC’s love affair with AB has got to end…smdh

  8. DC

    Ab should of been traded 4 years ago when are people gonna admit that he aint that good and is not a franchise player what’s it been now  6 -7 years? He’s a solid 6th man at best I feel like if he just accepted he aint a starting 4 in this league the better we are. You just can’t cut it on both ends of the court consistently. Bosh > AB. We need a star bad and hopefully with this pick a true stud player is picked. Even though I have zero confidence in BC. 

  9. Ska

    May be I watched a different game.
    Spoelstra won this game by placing Bron on Bargs.
    And Andrea & Casey haven’t found an answer to that

  10. Dove0000

    Granted….I missed the last quarter….but were supposed to win? Played a playoff team….recovered from possibly the worst ten minutes of raptor ball I have ever seen. No offense but some people should stop doing their best imitation of a 55 year old going through menopause. We’re playing a shortened season where we actually may get more wins than last year. Get your heads out of your asses!

  11. NyAlesund

    Please stop arguing about AB and Bosh. AB is a offense monster. He is able to do everything on the floor. He is not tough enough to defend at the high level if we consider the rebs. But the point is another: is important how many rebs grabs or the way he defends on the man, the screens or the way he rotates defensively? For me the last three are more important than first, because if he made a good screen and his teammate grabs a reb is perfect, on the other hands if he doesn’t the help correctly, no.

    In this forum everyone argue about AB trade now, 3/4 years ago……. the point is to improve the roster. We need to have players with talent around AB and DD not arguing Bargnani doesn’t grab rebs. It’s useless.

    I want to finish to say this: tonight Casey made a big mistake when he didn’t call timeout when was clear that the team was struggling. In the last 5 minutes the Heat denied AB to receive a ball and forced DD, JC and the other guys to force everything. In that circumstances he had to settle down the situation and find a way to serve AB and DD properly.

    • Truthkiller

      Bosh had 30/8 so by your definition that makes Bosh an offensive monster supreme. 

      • CJT

        was there ever a time that you didn’t believe this?  He was one of 4 or 5 guys in the league that avearged 20 and 10.  Just because we are collectively bitter that he chose to go somewhere else doesn’t change the fact that he is a very good player.

      • NyAlesund

         What kind of shot he made? In what kind of team he is playing? Who are his teammates? Do you think AB would have had problem to score 30 points as Heat player, yesterday? I don’t think so. Evidently you forget how is hard to score 27 points as Rapt than as Heat. Do you forget how is more easily to receive a ball alone in the paint area when two players are facing James or Wade. It is exactly the same things with the Raptors? Who is the player that receives more attention from the opponent? AB, not DD, not JJ, not JB, no anyone else.

        • DC

          First of all on that team AB wouldn’t even be starting he would be a 6th 7th man on the heat. Because bosh does everything better more consistently then AB thats why he starts. AB wouldn’t be able to start on that team because a. he doesn’t board b. doesnt play good enough defence c. he isnt efficent enough offensively. Any questions?

  12. NyAlesund

    I want to say to AB’s haters. Take it easy, because AB will be here for a long time.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      & waiting to fall to 7th in Stern’s draft Lottery.

      Toronto Raptors basketball under BC where losing is winning to some stuck on stupid fans….smdh

  13. onemanweave

    Competitive game. Good result. What’s not to like?
      For the first and only time, I quit watching a professional(?) game because of the officiating. Homers see officiating plots against their teams all the time.  I don’t. However the NBA seems to have set in concrete a pattern of bad officiating where underdog teams and players are systematically stomped bY a herd of zebras.
      If that is their mind set, I have better things to do — like watch ‘professional’ wrestling. It’s a more entertaining kind of farce.

  14. Ppellico

    Gray under the bus????

    OK….come on, tell me to stop being a Gray  sucker.

    But he had FOUR gaoddamned minutes!
    EVERBODY sucked in that initial start.
    Hell, Bargs was showing Bull Fighter defense. It was AllStar defense level.

    But Gray is the ONLY player then not allowed to regain footing?
    Really…and 4 minutes gets you under the bus? A  4 minutes snapshot gives you the loss, perhaps?
    Gray lost the game. really!!!!

    This is about as stupid a recap as ever done.

  15. John

    DD is exactly as AB which means great on the offence and no effort of defence !! The ONLY difference is that DD is more physically gifted to be a defensive guy than AB !!! Too bad that he is getting a pass on the defence from everyone these days.

      • John

        No , He does not. He has a slow feet, not athletic enough and can not jump as high as many in this league in his position.

  16. Ppellico

    can you at least try…

    just stick to replying
    with some sort of intelligence.

    Casey’s matchups the
    first qtr were stupid.

    And saying Gray was that
    responsible when the entire team/plan was is again…irresponsible for a sports

    Please…if someone is going to recap a sports
    event…at least try to be thoughtful and honest


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