Heat 113, Raptors 101 – Box

This game was chalk full of excuses for the Miami Heat. They got into town at a time most senior citizens wake up. They’ve been going through a late March lull in which they seem to be waiting for the games to matter again. Finally, with a basement dwelling opponent like the Raptors, it’s hard to imagine them getting too fired up. So, with a combination of lack of sleep, motivation, and enthusiasm, Miami managed to rub their eye goop off before tip, and promptly go on a 10-0 run that sucked all of the energy out of the building. Not only were the Raptors overmatched at every position, but Casey managed to compound the talent discrepancy by putting Kleiza up against LeBron and throwing Gray on the court to deal with the offensive wizardry of Joel Anthony.

While it’s easy to point to those two players as key’s to Toronto’s slow start (and believe me, they were both horrible), it was Bargnani’s early 1st quarter hook that turned the flow of the game back in Toronto’s favour. A
steady stream of Jose assists, classic Amir hustle and timely shooting by flavour of the week Gary Forbes pushed the Raptors back into the game. In what was a truly bizarre first quarter, Toronto managed to only have a 4 point deficit going into the second.

What followed was two quarters of teasing, in which an obviously overmatched Raptor squad slipped on its collective glass slipper and tried to give the ACC something worth cheering for. Bargnani recovered from his early exit to steady the offense, but he was obviously slowed by an injury or lack of endurance, and it showed on the defensive side of the ball. DeRozan continued his strong play against the Heat by consistently attacking the basket, but, like Bargnani, he was unable to affect the game with anything other than his offensive production.

The only true bright spot for Toronto was the play of Amir Johnson who chipped in a 12/12 in a very blue collar performance. While Jose had an eye popping line of 9/6/16, it’s getting to the point where I can’t watch him on defense anymore. I don’t expect Jose to play shut down defense, or even contain any other point guard in the league. I do, however, expect basic defensive principles and a level of effort that rises above passable. Now that the preachy bit is over, back to the game.

Toronto entered the fourth tied at 83, and managed to keep pace with Miami up until they were tied at 89, after which the Raptors imploded. The offense became stagnant and relied on outside jumpers, while the defense allowed penetration to the lane and uncontested jump shots. The ACC was as quiet as a library until our old temptress free pizza came back into the fold. Down by double digits, and with the game far from in question, the crowd burst into cheers at the thought that they’d at least get something (albeit thigh expanding) out of this game. Then something happened that upset me.

With happy pizza rich fans celebrating, Chris Bosh got the ball with an open lane to the basket and dunked the ball. Instead of running (hell, jogging even) back on defense, he started to shout and gesticulate at the crowd like, well, an asshole. A long time ago, I had my feelings hurt by Chris Bosh, and at the time, I pretended like it didn’t affect me. Like a spurned lover, I have to admit that things haven’t been so great since he left, but I had just come around to thinking that things were good; he was happy in Miami, and Jonas was about to make everything better. This probably sounds like a little much, but that scab has been reopened, and I’m right back to where I was before: F**k you Chris Bosh.

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  • 511

    Love that last line. Big +1. 

  • Checbenj

    I was at the game last night and I agree Bosh first tried a dunk spoon fed by lebron and missed then next run down the floor another spoon feed for the baby Bosh who then whopped like he had won a game in triple overtime.  Like Captn hook said to Peter Pan poor form……………. For sure Bosh is an ass!

    • Theswirsky

      I’m imagining Bosh faux tough guy routine after the final dunk was more or less a slap in the face for those booing him.

  • Daniel

    Do you care to elaborate on not being able to watch Jose anymore on defence? First, why him? Bayless, Derozan have the same Defensive Rating as Jose and given their athleticism and age it’s quite a shame. Second, he plays the best defence I’ve ever seen him play. He’s always in defensive stance, He’s directing opposite players towards the help, he’s the key cog in our zone defense. We are 15th in team Defensive Rating with Jose playing 40 minutes a game. Even if he’s exerting a lot of effort in defence his offense hasn’t sputtered which is amazing given his play time.
    Third, no PG can stop opposing PG’s from penetration either one-on-one or using PnR. Our problem is that our bigs are poor help defenders. The only way to stop penetration is perfect execution on defensive scheme between PG and one big. We don’t have that most of the time. Andrea showed some promise at the beginning of the season however after the injury he’s back to his soft defence.
    You haven’t mentioned that Andrea and Derozan had 1 rebound each this game. That’s my highlight of the game. This is unacceptable from our supposedly core players. I don’t care about their offensive production if they don’t bring it at the other end. Otherwise it’s Triano all over again.
    Anyway, I’m starting to get really interested in the motivations for Jose hate among a vocal minority of the fanbase.  He has been a professional through and through, gave his all to the organization and the city, and is an elite PG in terms of production. The only knack on him is that he’s a facilitator whereas some people prefer their PG to be a game-changer. I understand that however it doesn’t justify the pathological hate against the man and the player. So, please enlighten us why you can’t stand his defence anymore.

    • Destro

      I cant take this post serious…anyone saying Calderon is a key cog and defense in the same sentence hasnt been watching for the last 5 years…Problem is he doesnt direct his man into help,he cant hold his man EVER is the issue….and TO ME on this team i think its lousy ass decision making to even try to shift ur man into help when its been proven time and time again bargnani WONT be there….

      The other issue is being the starting PG his D will be highlighted since he is guarding the primary ball handler,his D has alot more to do with the scheme breaking down if he cant hold his man….

      The point about PGs not being able to stop PGs from penetrating is completely false….alot of the the top PGs in the league can hold there man at least on there hip into traffic or can at least bother him enough to hinder his playmaking or shot….Calderon too often doesnt do either of those things…

      Alot has to do with the fact he’s just very slow and his lateral quick are bad but to even argue it doesnt hurt this team and really allow the interior D to get broken down so easy is to not be paying attention…

  • TheR3dMenace

    “The ACC was as quiet as a library until our old temptress free pizza came back into the fold…”
    “With happy pizza rich fans celebrating…”

    Gold lines.

    • jose

      It’s probably the most expensive slice of pizza they pay for (the price of the ball game ticket), so it’s quite difficult to understand all that cheering. Especially when they lose the game. It is pretty embarrassing IMO.

  • ar1815

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE06yyG6NtI here's the Bosh dunk video, if anyone is interested…

  • pran

    I really hope andrea was injured, we had very little resistance in the paint and that faggot bosh was able to show us up, whatever happened to no easy baskets.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Add the fact that the Refs were kissing the Heat’s a$$es at the end of the fourth quarter did not help either.  I mean Wade smacked JC in the face and the refs did not call a foul.  JC rightfully complains and get a Technical Foul. On the flip side, Lebron and Wade cry like little b1tch35 and the refs do nothing.

    • CJT

      That is not exactly true.  They did call a foul…..on Jose?  Brutal.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    39 MINUTES 1 REBOUND…………..

    • CB1.30pt.and 8rb.

      I think that maybe DC has given up on the 2 rebounds per quater for Andrea

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        You think, AB does what AB wants to do.lol

        AB is a weak ass mofo’er that BC & company continue to coddle- Pasta!!

        • Truthkiller

          It’s not just any pasta, it’s quick and nutritious, very delicious, everyone knows it’s Primo.

      • Kellz

        He’s now changed it to 2 rebounds per game.

  • Copywryter

    What’s Bosh supposed to do, play meek and mild against his old team while they boo and heckle him? I was at this game and people were yelling some pretty disrespectful shit. 

    Besides, you’d expect a player to want to stick it to his old team and enjoy doing so. James Johnson certainly enjoyed his points against the Bulls, and Forbes gave the Denver bench the ‘FU’ look after hitting a three the other night. 

    Bosh left because this franchise was a three legged dog.  He did it the wrong way, yeah, but what was he, 23? Bygones.

    I hope he wins a chip this year and then picks up another one for Steve Nash.

    • Shaimang

      I hope Miami never wins a chip. I’d seriously be awesome… But otherwise I totally agree with this post..

      • Copywryter

        Never is a long time. I was more pissed off at the sham trade that brought Allen and Garnett to Boston (and they won a chip for it) than two free agents conspiring to join forces in  Miami.

        Oh and the Pau Gasol trade didn’t smell good either — and it brought two more championships to the Lakers.

        • Shaimang

          yeah I meant never in the big 3 era.. Imagine, year after year the heavy favorite at Vegas does not pull it off and somebody else surprises.. I just love the thought of that…

          Thing with Garnett and Allen is they were old(er), and not 2 of the top 10 players in the league.. And Boston was not as favorite as Miami is to win, especially not multiple chips like the Heat.

          The Gasol trade sucked ass I agree…

  • Bendit

    Bosh can enjoy but whats with the howling (not condoning the vile heckling here) with his team up comfortably. Bosh also weaseled his way out of town while JJ was picked off the heap from the Bulls and Denver thought otherwise about matching the Forbes offer…so there is a difference and they didnt behave like a high school douche. 

    • Copywryter

      I don’t know if he ‘weaseled’ out. Vince weaseled. Bosh was only an idiot after the season ended.

      During his last season here I’d say he did a decent job at toting the company line – certainly better than Dwight Howard has done this year — more flip flops than south beach. 

      As for the howling, yeah, it’s dumb. But he did it while he was here too. If that’s his thing, that’s his thing.

      I suspect Bosh got his back up after that charging call was reversed (Amir grabbing his jersey) and the ACC was booing every time he touched it after that.  

      • Truthkiller

        Funny how the RuPaul of big men howls against the crappy Raptors but could never in his life try that shit against the Celtics.

        • Destro

          Whats that say about how soft the Raptors are tho ? That an all acounted for bitch like CB can punk this team ?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Weaseled? Wow……

      ‘Even my conditioning has been conditioned’

    • Destro

      He didnt weasel..He used his right to opt out into a better situation,i would’ve done the same thing if i were him…I wouldnt want to waste my prime years HERE in this mess….
      I really think the Bosh anger is misdirected..it should be directed at BC for not trading him before hand and realizing he was going to walk like everybody else did…and not building a proper team with him in the mix….BC never went out and got a top PG or 2-3 while Bosh was here which is why this team was mediocre and we he walked….