Cavaliers 84, Raptors 80 – Box

Cavaliers were in town. I sat down to watch the game in SD since I don’t get the HD channels that high up on Rogers. Poverty and such. Speaking of poverty, I see this lineup:

Is this even an NBA game? Bargnani and Jamison are the best players here, the rest may as well be on a milk carton. Wonder where Jose is?


To the game then, Cavs started alright, but then Aaron Gray did this:

Gray’s been alright this year. He’s done what’s asked of him, granted it hasn’t been much but he’s been exactly as advertised, only shaggier. Anyway, the play above inspired Bargnani to score a bunch of points in the first, his patented reaction after nailing a jumper:

So you know how the season has kinda sucked, and how the Raptors have won the last three games? Time for the commentators to backwards extrapolate and start with the “what coulda beens” with the help of some stats comparing the entire season to the last few games. It it just me or does this happen every single year? Devlin even said if Bargnani were healthy we’d be contenting for the 7th or 8th spot.

Raps were looking like they were going to…wait…who the f**k is this guy?

Don’t know who that was, but I recognize somebody from the movement that was YGZ.

Sonny’s looking alright, he had a cast on his foot and has returned from Lithuania after injuring himself on a dunk. We do hold his rights in case we want to go there, but that’s like me holding a ticket to a Scientology seminar. It ain’t happening. Sorry if I’m not covering the game for you but this shit is impossible to watch. I mean, can you even tell which team’s on offense in this picture?

Raps had pulled ahead by like 7 in the second quarter, but Cleveland didn’t die and drew some fouls. Aaron Gray was incredulous:

The game was getting uglier and slower by the minute. There were reports of nose-bleeds coming from the ACC, so much so that Byron Scott decided to call it a night:

He got straight ejected for insinuating that the official’s wife liked to perform questionable activities whilst face down. Well played, Byron, I don’t think anyone saw you hail that cab to the Rail right on Bay St. Halftime score had the Raptors winning by one, and humanity losing.

The third quarter started off like both teams smelled a chance at a W, so the Raptors played some D:

Along with that D, came some O courtesy of DeRozan who had 28 points on 10-16 shooting.

Dwane Casey yelled Go Go Go! which gave the Raptors a 9 point lead. Then DeRozan felt he was fouled and was compelled to point out exactly where:

On to the game and…

Seriously. Who is this guy and who let him onto the court? I guess it doesn’t matter because the Raptors are up by 10+ and Cleveland is out of it and…oh wait…

This Jamison three went in. He scored 16 of his 25 in the fourth, and some dude named Lester Hudson had a career-high 23 points. Lester who?

Oh man, you know it’s bad when you type an NBA players name and the first suggestion is China. BTW, do search for that quadruple double. Here’s this little guy coming at four Raptors, really could’ve used that defense from Philly last night:

Jokes aside, here’s the key moment from last night. Late in the game, Raptors are down three and DeRozan drives the ball. I’ve pointed out the major problem with this picture:

That’s that.

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  • 77er

    good stuff.

  • Theswirsky

    “I mean, can you even tell which team’s on offense in this picture?”

    that picture if absolutely hilarious.

    Raps played 4 games against stinkers (yes Philly is shit right now) in a row.  Love how the TV crew extrapolated those games.  Who cares that they played 3 d-league level teams and one in complete free fall. 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I disagree about the Philly game the Raptors won that game in the 4th that Philly win was a solid W even if they are not playing their best ball of the season currently.

      Matt, Jack & Leo aka ‘the empty suit guys’ insults the Raptors fan base collective basketball IQ levels with their BC memo’d rhetoric during games.

      The Raptors need new basketball minds & voices from the front office down to the game announcers- a complete & total change from BC’s cult like CONsensus BullChit is long over due.

      • A Guy

        You should put in a resume. You obviously know whats up.

        • Steve

          Only place he should send a resume to is the position for ACC toilet scrubber.

          • Destro

            Sorry Bargnanis mom already holds that position…

            • Joe

              I thought that was your gig as well.

              • Destro

                stfu you ol ratchety head dipstick…

                • Joe

                  It’s your gig though isn’t it sorry if ur embarrassed man.

      • Puffer


    • Brian

      There are no D-league level teams in the NBA, you know that.

      • Theswirsky

        i think the last few games say differently

  • cesco

    Jose picture is hilarious , he remind me of the veterans proudly displaying the medals they won on the battle field .

  • 511

    Great post. I laughed throughout. Pretty much like last night’s game. 

  • redandwhite

    this was brilliant…

    you know it is a d-league fest when Luke Walton has a shot attempt…

    • Shaimang

      and when the key matchup is fucking Sloan vs Uzoh.. seriously wtf?

      Shitty performance from Raps with most of their big names…

  • ckh26

    And now we can visualize the value of a point guard. Without the much debated and maligned Jose we laid a “steamer” against a lower skilled group. With Jose .. we win .. without him.. we get the montage above.

    • cesco

       We lost against Charlotte at home with him playing . The game was lost due to a combination of things , the PG problem , Andrea poor shooting in the second half and the team poor FT percentage .

      • Earl Gray

        Cesco, how come you have Bargs name up there?

        • cesco

           I apologize , I should have said that Jamison owned him in the second half of this game . Happy ? .

    • Nilanka15

      It makes just as much sense to conclude we lost because it’s Friday.

    • Nilanka15

      Besides, didn’t the Cavs win without a point guard?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      With Jose we win- now that’s an oxymoron to any long suffering Raptors

      This was like a DLeague All Star game….

      • Destro

        No its true if you go by an incredibly small sample of carefully selected games over the past season he’s a winning PG (typical raps fan logic)
        Now if you go by his entire career here in Toronto were like 1923 games under .500 with him as the starter…..

  • Truthkiller

    Arsenalist your posts always kills me. Good shit man.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Great post.

    But you left out some very related particulars:

    Jack saying of AB during his hot first few minutes of the game- he’s baaaacckkk!

    Jack calling the game over in the late part of the 3rd Q in the Raptors favor.

    The Raptors announcers are just regurgitating BC’s memo’d talking points- I remember when Jack was digging at Thompson for getting his shot swatted away and Matt sorta reminded him that he one’s of the talking points for fans (future Canadian National team player) & Jack changed his tune- it’s all scripted bullchit.

    Matt & Jack both need to go eat some BP sponsored Corexit contaminated New Orleans sea food asap…smdh

    Also, AB’s half ass efforts is the only thing that is consistent about his game as you can’t rely on a 7 ft jump shooter that rarely posts up to be a factor when his J isn’t going in the basket especially during crunch time.

    If AB’s shot is not falling he is a liability on the court that’s why he is known as ‘Small Nuts’.

    What’s the real deal with JJ & Casey?

    AB’s fan boys are str8 up toys with no heart just playing a part like a gay porn actor.

    Btw- Justin Dentmon is a baller that I suggested the Raptors sign him earlier to a 10 day but you know BC he has to wait on SA to do something then pick up their scraps- you notice where Boris Diaw went to when released by the Bobcats……

    • cesco

      Lousy  post.

      I am quite sure you have been advised in the past to take an anger management course but you said you do not need one , that you can control it . Bad decision . Listening to Jack , Matt and Leo for the next few years ( until Andrea has grey hair ) you will go mad for good , unless of course you are already a resident of the cuckoo nest .

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for today- congrats & enjoy…..

        • Tesla


        • A Guy

          Nice post bro. You showed that fool. Keep being badass.

        • Ihatehaters

          Can anyone comprehend what this guy is talking about, most of the time?

    • JP Arencibia

      How did this guy get the “Rap of the Day” SMDH

    • Destro

      Ayo seriously i kill myself laughing when that primo eating stooge hits a few shots and the TV crew start gaggin over it bukkake style on some “he’s back or he’s finding his rhythym”

      I just be like i dont even think a REAL all star player with some actual accolades would get the over done slobbery that this ragu pesto parmesan boy is afforded…

  • pran

    we need to blow up this supposed core, the only player I want starting next year didn’t even play…..

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Wow, Bargnani shot 2-16 the rest of the game after shooting 6-6 to start- he’s baaaaaaaccckkk- not!lmfao

      AB fan boys- stfu!!

      • Earl Gray

        he was shut the f*8k down says CESCO

      • Destro

        Guess he switched to Italpasta…

  • Tony

    Great post Arse, you should do more of these. As a kid, and even today, I have always enjoyed reading books with big pictures in it and little text. 

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Sonny Weems………..get well soon!!

  • Darien

    I was just browsing 48 minutes of Hell after noticing that the Spurs have quietly snuck into first place in the west and second overall in the league on the backs of old man Duncan and friends. How the hell do they keep doing this year after year? 

    Their system is amazing and I think Casey can manage to do something similar with time, but I’m afraid BC needs to serve out his contract and get going. For the amount of time he’s been here we just haven’t gotten enough out of him to make it worthwhile to extend his contract. We let go of Ujiri (who is getting rave reviews in Denver) but keep the guy who has been throwing assets out the window for free for years? 

    Meanwhile the Spurs front office drafted Leonard and Blair WELL out of the lottery, pick up rejects like Patty Mills and Danny Green yet those guys are producing and helping to bring the team to where they are now. I have no idea how you get those kinds of execs in the front office but I want it. The only way that happens is if BC gets dropped.. out of a plane…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Players also like to go to the Spurs ie Boris Diaw, if they have the opprotunity all things being equal, as well.

      BC is all on SA jock ie we drafted Val because SA wanted to trade up to get him/sign Dentmon after SA releases him….

      The Spurs have a winning culture and even when they won the Lottery they didn’t tank- DRobinson was injured almost the whole season, thus they didn’t have anything to really turn around unlike the Raptors who seemingly find ways to lose under BC especially post CB.

      The whole Raptors basketball operations needs to be turned upside down and new people brought in as well as trading away AB & Jose…

      • CJT

        I’m anxiously waiting for the day when you have an original thought.

    • CJT

      in his first big move as GM Ujiri traded Nene for……..not sure what the rave reviews are about yet.  Time will tell if Denver is going to be any good under Ujiri. 

      • Darien

        The way the Denver bloggers are looking at it, Nene was overpaid so they effectively amnestied Nene to washington and got the rights to Mcgee along with it. Not exactly a tour de force, but if you think you can develop Mcgee into something that isnt completely stupid…

        Unlike BC who continually overpays and then throws it away for nothing.

      • Darien

        And I figured Ujiri’s first big move as GM was taking NY for everything they were worth for a inevitably leaving Carmelo? Was that not his doing?

        • CJT

          ya, I suppose you’re right, he did gut the knicks.  Denver is just holding on to the 8th spot and I hate MaGee, but considering that they just lost their franchise player it’s not too bad. 

  • CantDL

    funny post. glad i’m not the only one who notices all the excuses made by matt and jack this season.

  • JP Arencibia

    whatever happened to those annoying maggots multipaul & tim w.

    • Mark.H

      They settled their differences and lived happily ever after on a beach in Mexico.

    • Steve

      Not sure what happened to the multi guy, sure was funny seeing him and Timmy hijacking the site with their petty arguments, but good ol’ picket fence guy is back to blogging on a regular basis. In fact, he’s now finding a new thing to bch about—the Raptors winning. He’s saying how the Raptors will be doomed forever if they win any more games this season, and that if the Raps don’t get Anthony Davis, they’ll be in the gutter forever and be moved to a new city. Good old overly-dramatic picket fence guy, always finding new things to whine about, what a piece of work lolol.

      • cesco

        He was happy with Jonas selection now he wants AD also so that AB is shipped out . First , there was never, ever a championship team without a defensive center . Now you need a shot blocker/rebounder at the PF position also . Pretty soon he will tell you that Miami is the right way to build a championship team ( with 2 stars + 1/2 star at PF + scrub at  center ) .

        • Destro

          No they just need Andrea to put them over the top….

      • JP Arencibia

        yeah that multiguy was pretty funny man I’d love to see him again but that Tim seems like a petty prick.

        • Steve

          Picket fence guy was a bit of a head-case, got angry fast, and each and every one of his posts were spent saying something negative about the team, real piece of work that guy was. He was a troll in his own right, and used to get into it with a different poster every other night. Probably that’s why he’s stuck to the picket fence and doesn’t come around these parts anymore—because he’s a guy that likes to hear himself talk, and no one can tell him otherwise on his picket fence blog. Good ol’ timmy.

      • pran

        well he made solid arguments, and he defended them fairly well, just because you disagree that’s no reason to trash the guy when he can’t even defend himself.Just scroll past, that’s what I’m going to do when I see your name.

        • Steve

          You didn’t scroll past me buddy, you read the whole thing and replied 🙂 Is that you picket fence guy in disguise? If not, then why do you defend him like your first-born son?? 😉

          I will read your comments because I need something to laugh at. 🙂 I am sure that is the same reason you look in the mirror, :):)

    • foster

      i thought they were with you

    • Destro

      Multipaul became bargnani’s assistant…completing such tasks as tucking in his bib,wiping his ass after all spicy meals,kissing both cheeks when nobody else is around to perform this european custom to make him feel at home…

      • Joe

        I thought that was your gig.

        • Destro

          Your gig is to continue typing annonymous love letter replies to try to get my attention using different handles to help you sleep at night to forget the fact your family made a mistake by keeping you and that your life is a colossal failure,you bastard nude parasailing faccot son of a bish….

          • Joe

            So is it your gig or not? You didn’t answer the question numbnuts.

            • Destro

              ol banana flambe eatin mufucka,go do windsprints in ur basement faccot…

              • Joe

                That’s what I thought, dont quit ur day job lol.