Raptors vs Cavaliers, A Story in Pictures

First of a kind post.

Cavaliers 84, Raptors 80 – Box

Cavaliers were in town. I sat down to watch the game in SD since I don’t get the HD channels that high up on Rogers. Poverty and such. Speaking of poverty, I see this lineup:

Is this even an NBA game? Bargnani and Jamison are the best players here, the rest may as well be on a milk carton. Wonder where Jose is?


To the game then, Cavs started alright, but then Aaron Gray did this:

Gray’s been alright this year. He’s done what’s asked of him, granted it hasn’t been much but he’s been exactly as advertised, only shaggier. Anyway, the play above inspired Bargnani to score a bunch of points in the first, his patented reaction after nailing a jumper:

So you know how the season has kinda sucked, and how the Raptors have won the last three games? Time for the commentators to backwards extrapolate and start with the “what coulda beens” with the help of some stats comparing the entire season to the last few games. It it just me or does this happen every single year? Devlin even said if Bargnani were healthy we’d be contenting for the 7th or 8th spot.

Raps were looking like they were going to…wait…who the f**k is this guy?

Don’t know who that was, but I recognize somebody from the movement that was YGZ.

Sonny’s looking alright, he had a cast on his foot and has returned from Lithuania after injuring himself on a dunk. We do hold his rights in case we want to go there, but that’s like me holding a ticket to a Scientology seminar. It ain’t happening. Sorry if I’m not covering the game for you but this shit is impossible to watch. I mean, can you even tell which team’s on offense in this picture?

Raps had pulled ahead by like 7 in the second quarter, but Cleveland didn’t die and drew some fouls. Aaron Gray was incredulous:

The game was getting uglier and slower by the minute. There were reports of nose-bleeds coming from the ACC, so much so that Byron Scott decided to call it a night:

He got straight ejected for insinuating that the official’s wife liked to perform questionable activities whilst face down. Well played, Byron, I don’t think anyone saw you hail that cab to the Rail right on Bay St. Halftime score had the Raptors winning by one, and humanity losing.

The third quarter started off like both teams smelled a chance at a W, so the Raptors played some D:

Along with that D, came some O courtesy of DeRozan who had 28 points on 10-16 shooting.

Dwane Casey yelled Go Go Go! which gave the Raptors a 9 point lead. Then DeRozan felt he was fouled and was compelled to point out exactly where:

On to the game and…

Seriously. Who is this guy and who let him onto the court? I guess it doesn’t matter because the Raptors are up by 10+ and Cleveland is out of it and…oh wait…

This Jamison three went in. He scored 16 of his 25 in the fourth, and some dude named Lester Hudson had a career-high 23 points. Lester who?

Oh man, you know it’s bad when you type an NBA players name and the first suggestion is China. BTW, do search for that quadruple double. Here’s this little guy coming at four Raptors, really could’ve used that defense from Philly last night:

Jokes aside, here’s the key moment from last night. Late in the game, Raptors are down three and DeRozan drives the ball. I’ve pointed out the major problem with this picture:

That’s that.

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