The “meh, who needs a shot clock?!” edition:

Alabi: the equipment troll must get pissed on nights like this. An extra set of uniforms to wash as opposed to the normal “press, fold, return” that the Alabi kit usually gets.

Anderson: that’s it. I’m calling it official. Alan has played himself back into the NBA with somebody next year. Even playing on a crappy Raptors team, for him to come in, start, and, once comfortable, play the way he has? Pretty bloody good.  That spin-around 3 he hit tonight was simply beautiful.  3 of 4 from deep and 16 points in 34 minutes?  That Bargnani numbers.

Davis: not as determined on the boards tonight, but that Soulja Boy “Superman” pose at the end of his 3rd quarter dunk more than made up for it. Instant classic.

DeRozan: horrible start to the 3rd and he really only got the better of it when the Hawks changed his coverage. Otherwise, a good game for DD going 8 of 15 and doing a great job in the first half attacking the rim and drawing contact. 11 trips to the charity stripe on the night, just as it should be.

Dentmon: Spud Webb 2.0 sure is a taker and not a giver. A driving point guard of the highest order and a user of the Bargnani lean-in-for-a-foul-call method of getting to the line. Too erratic for my tastes and certainly in it to get his own. Mike James!!! Mike James!!! Mike James!!!

Forbes: a couple of 10-day guys get more minutes than you and you are put in with Solomon for your only feel of the court. Can’t be a good feeling, but at least he is fresh for tomorrow.

Gray: thought his 1st quarter was pretty solid. He was active, even though he was looked off a few times. As his minutes marched on, his weariness did too. So did mine.

A. Johnson: you call it food poisoning, I call it average. Nice hustle and effort, and as has been said here before, if he hits a few jumpers it seems to pick him up a bit.

J. Johnson: his first three quarters were about as fulfilling as broth after you haven’t eaten for 20 hours. Then, it was as if you opened the back door and saw a barrel BBQ filled with just-ready ribs and steak. James’ fourth was simply amazing and landed him with 15 pts and 4 rebs on the night.

Kleiza: another off night for the assassin. Luckily James picked up Linas’ slack (and it kills me to admit that) because Kleiza was colder than RapsFan’s wife when he pees on the toilet seat.

Uzoh: nice game from Benjamin tonight. Not sure he’s a playmaker either, but I feel a lot more comfortable with the ball in his hand rather than Dentmon’s. Be fun to see if he can move the chess pieces better being here for the remainder of the season.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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  • Raps Loyalist

    This draft is gonna be exactly like the Demar draft when we played ourselves out of a top 5 pick and missed out on potential franchise players by winning a string of meaningless games down the stretch.  SO bummed out right now.  This team can’t win when I want it to and can’t lose when I want it to.  What # did Austin Rivers wear at Duke I’m going to order his Raps jersey today

    • mountio

      even worse .. size up a XXL Sullinger ..

      • Bendit

        Trade out or down possibility the way the team is playing

      • ckh26

        Jared Sullinger I believe… is the second coming of Sean May. Stay wide. Stay clear.

    • Thornbury

      I know. I am left feeling really disappointed after these wins. I have never wanted this team to lose a single game until the second half of this short season, but fuck. What are these wins worth? Absolutely nothing. Not only that, but they are beating good
      teams. I realize the 10 day guys are trying to prove their worth and that no professional should try/want to lose but each of these wins is so deflating.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Who exactly did the Raptors miss out on in the DD draft (Thabeet?) as the Raptors weren’t getting Blake in Stern’s controlled Lottery?

      • Nilanka15

        Harden, Evans, Rubio, Curry?

        • CJT

          Is that all?  Maybe take Curry and his wonky ankles out of there. 

          • 2damkule

            uh, no.

      • Raps4Ever

        “Stern’s controlled Lottery”

        Keep spewing your belief in the impossible, either ignoring the method of how it’s conducted, or not having the capacity to understand it. Every time you spout this, you demonstrate just how dumb you are, or just a common troll, or both.

        • Raps Loyalist

          If the New Jersey Nets win the draft lottery this year and get Anthony Davis as they’re about to move to Brooklyn would you believe the conspiracy theory then?  or would that just be a coincidence?

          If the Nets don’t get a top 3 pick their pick goes to Portland.  Also, Deron Williams is gonna sign somewhere else and the only thing stopping him from doing that is if the Nets get David (and even then he still might jet)

          The NBA is a business first and foremost…if the Nets don’t win this draft its gonna be terrible to start a new franchise in Brooklyn with K. Hump as the teams best player and face of the franchise (they’ll easily be the worst team in the league)

          Would you entertain the possiblility that sometime the NBA fixes the top pick in the draft some years if the Nets win the draft lotto this year?

          • Bendit

            You do realize that the actual lottery process (done privately) is viewed by independent auditors as well as a representative of each team. The ball drawing process is mechanical and widely considered random.

            Now you may inspite of the above believe in a conspiracy theory but the burden is on you to prove the actual process drafty and not just say that the fix is in because the balls were drawn in favour of a specific team for some predetermined reason of your choosing. For eg. How about NOH. Why not apply the conspiracy to that team if it happens to win the draw. The league after all owns it. 

            • 2damkule

              not for long…deal in place for NOH to be sold to benson (owner of saints).

            • Raps Loyalist

              I’m not saying it for sure happens or happened in the past.  What I am saying is that in some years it would make enormous financial sense for the league to steer the lotto to a certain team.

              NOH is not a marquee market that will make the league tons of money if they are good so no sense in rigging it for them.

              A team in New York is another story altogether.  If the Nets are good and become a worldwide brand the league makes tons and tons of money off that.  If the Nets lose their draft pick to Portland, Deron leaves, and they’re the worst team in the league the next 4 years than the brand takes a massive generational hit and may never fully recover. 

              The difference between the two scenarios is literally billions of dollars in revenue for the league over the long haul.  Two good teams in New York is a cash cow!

              If you want to believe that the NBA (a business first and sport second) would never make a business decision like this that is up to you.

              ps.  here’s a way around your foolproof draft lotto system.  bribe people how are supposed to be “independent” to rig it.

              pss.  If the Nets don’t win the lotto I’ll believe that the draft lotto is not fixed once and for all  but if they do win the lotto will you believe it could be rigged some years or will it just be a coincidence?

              • Nilanka15

                Assuming the Nets finish with the 6th worst record, they’ll have a 6.3% chance of winning the lottery.

                Not great odds by any means, but certainly not impossible odds that would conclude a conspiracy.

                If someone told me I had a 6.3% chance of winning the 6/49, I’d jump at that chance, and I certainly wouldn’t question it’s validity if I won.

                • Raps Loyalist

                   If the only team in the league that is at a massive franchise (and league altering from a financial point of view) wins the lotto and they have a 6.3% chance to do so all I’m saying is that I would start to think the the draft lotto COULD be manipulated SOME years by the league.  I wouldn’t conclude that it is definitely manipulated but thanks for putting words in my mouth.

                  ps. Good luck with your 6/49 tickets! If you win big please buy the Raptors and change their name to Huskies (what it should have been all along if it weren’t for Jurassic Park)

                • Nilanka15

                  If all we’re talking about are “possibilities”, then I suppose anything is possible.

                  But “possible” and “likely” are not synonymous.

                • hye hye

                  it was rigged in order for us to get Bargs .

                • Raps Loyalist

                   It was rigged for us to pair Bosh with Aldridge but BC wouldn’t take the bait haha

              • voy

                do the nets have a top 10 pick this year?

                big talent will naturally gravitate to large markets, for the most part.  the nba doesnt have to worry about the teams in the largest markets being full of grinders and journeymen.

                • Nilanka15

                  I believe they do.  It might be top-3 protected.  If not, it belongs to Portland.

                • voy

                  yeah, cuz I was gonna make the point you made above.  Its completely ridiculous to say if the Nets with the lottery its should be enough to convince someone that the draft was fixed.  I mean, a 6.3% chance is not entirely insignificant. 

                • Raps Loyalist

                   I said it should make you think twice that maybe it is fixed in some years when the league stands to gain billions from it.  Not that it is 100% for sure fixed or that it is fixed every year.

                • voy

                  I’d like to know how you arrive at the billions $ value.  The difference between anothy davis going to the nets vs going to, say, washington is hardly going to be billions in revenue for the league. 

                  NYK jersies are always going to sell.  No one would be buying San Antonio jersies (ginobli, parker) if it wasn’t for Duncan taking them to the championships. 

                  If you take a look at the league’s recent history its biggest names (revenue generaters) have been kobe, jordan and shaq.  in two of the three names, these guys weren’t even the first pick (and I think orlando had the 2nd worst record in the league that year).  the league has to recognize any outside tampering is hardly required in order for the league to continue growing. 

                • Raps Loyalist

                   Long-term what is the value to the league of having another marquee franchise in NY vs. Bobcats 2.0?  I think billions in the long-term.  I think that if the Nets don’t get Davis Deron will leave.  They will then be the worst team in the league and no superstar is gonna want to sign there for at least 5 years (til they get decent again).  5 years of epic losing would irreversibly hurt the value/brand of this new team for a very long-time.  This is a very unique situation for the league and that is why I think it would be smart for them to try and send Davis to Brooklyn.

                • Nilanka15

                  Even if the Nets do land Davis, there is a very strong possibility that Deron still leaves (wouldn’t you rather play for the Mavs?).

                  The future success of the Nets franchise is dependent on much more than Anthony Davis.

          • Raps4Ever

            Seriously, take a look at exactly how it’s conducted, which I’ve mostly explained in the blog prior to this one, and tell me how you think it can be fixed. I’m very interested in someone trying to explain how it can fixed within the context of exactly how it’s conducted. This is no longer some envelope draw, but a multi-ball draw that various detailed aspects of it make a fix impossible, but I’d love to hear someone explain otherwise.

            As I said in the prior blog, some people will still spout conspiracy even when science disproves the possibility, and others will blindly buy into it. Hey, there are millions upon millions that believe Noah saved all the animals of the planet and Adam & Eve were created out of thin air. P.T. Barnum knew the score about suckers, and conspiracy theorists pray on them. 

            • Raps Loyalist

              You’re right the process is absolutely 100% foolproof and there is no way on Earth it could ever be manipulated under any circumstances just like the league could never manipulate refs to favor certain teams in the playoffs to get longer series (LAL vs. Sac for instance) because of the massive oversight they have on them.

              Yup the NBA is a huge worldwide billion upon billion dollar industry but the league would never do anything sketchy to make more money because it is impossible for it to do so given the rigorous manipulation proof system they themselves have put in place.

              I’m not saying the draft lotto IS for sure rigged some years but it should not be deemed impossible and beyond the realm of possibility for the NBA to do such a thing.  

              Unless of course everything in the world is exactly what we are told it is and there are never conspiracies (ever).

              • Raps4Ever

                Okay, getting past the attempt at a smartass reply, describe even a possible fix that could be made using the method and process that the draft is conducted with. Please, I welcomed a proposal of how it could be done, but you don’t have a single suggestion?

                I never said there aren’t conspiracies that happen in this world, but am speaking to this specific process, that as smartass as you think you were, is designed to eliminate the possibility. LOOK at the process, demonstrate that you UNDERSTAND it, and take the simple challenge to explain even one scenario of how a fix is even possible. Have fun with that, because I believe I can disprove whatever you come up with. Prove me wrong, please.

                • Raps Loyalist

                   No you’re right.  It would be impossible for the league to fix its own draft lotto.  100% couldn’t happen even though they stand to gain billions of dollars in long-term revenue if the Nets are good vs the worst team in the league for the next 4 years or so.

                  Sorry for even mentioning that this is a possibility. Could never happen. The league has never done anything underhanded to boost revenue too much integrity for that.

                  I withdraw my previous statements and will just think it was a coincidence if the Nets get the number 1 pick, and as a result keep Deron and move to Brooklyn with an exciting future as opposed to becoming worse than this years Bobcats if they lose.

                  We’re only talking about the future of what the league hopes is a marquee worldwide brand franchise but no shenanigans could happen because the league has declared its draft lotto 100% impossible to manipulate and we should trust them because that is what it obviously is (just look it up I dare you to explain to how it couldn’t be manipulated hahaha.)

                • Raps4Ever

                  All you have is to come back with the same babble? For your own sake lad, please understand that you’re embarrassing yourself.

                  “I dare you to explain to how it couldn’t be manipulated hahaha”

                  I already went a very long way in doing that, and pointed a finger for you toward my post in the immediate prior blog entry. I did the work for you to understand the basics that are needed to prove my point. Again, prove me wrong if you dare, but you gain no points for repeating the same babble over and over, while running from the challenge with tail between your legs.

                • Raps Loyalist

                  You haven’t explained anything at all.  Running from the challenge with your beaver between your legs?

                  Oh I forgot you’re the draft lotto process all knowing guru.  If you say that it is impossible I believe you.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE for the NBA to do anything to steer its own draft lotto process.  People can’t be bribed and machine can’t be rigged!  Thank you draft lottery process guru for putting this conspiracy to bed as impossible to ever take place. (oh wait you haven’t explained to me yet how its 100% foolproof…please copy and paste something from the league website for me)

                  Do you believe that the NBA has steered certain playoff games by telling refs to call them a certain way (most notably game 6 LAL vs. Sac in 2002).  Or is it just the draft lotto process that the NBA has the highest impossible to manipulate for the financial gain of the league standards?

                • Raps4Ever

                  Fail. Your parents have my sympathy.

                • Raps Loyalist

                   Your dick has my sympathies cause you’re a massive jerk off!

                  never reply to any arguments or points and never offer any of your own (except of course that it is IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate the draft lotto cause you say so)

                • Destro


                  Thats a pause button…pls use it in future.

                • Nilanka15

                  To be fair, we don’t know if that Lakers/Kings series was a result of NBA manipulation, or if Donaghy was acting alone.

                • Raps Loyalist

                   Lone wolf…except he wasn’t making all the controversial calls

                • Raps4Ever

                  PS. here’s something else you can “hahaha” at. The audit firm hired to oversee that the draft is on the up and up, and who you imply the big business NBA/Stern could have in his back pocket, has revenues more than 6 times the NBA. Yup, they’d seel themselves out and risk destroying a business 6 times the size of the NBA, to play along with Stern. Funny isn’t it??

                • Raps Loyalist

                  Well no one would ever believe that the nba draft lotto could be fixed cause its a foolproof system right?  So what would they be risking?

                  Why would Nixon risk his presidency on Watergate?  We wouldn’t right because he’d have way more to lose than gain..oh wait

                • Raps4Ever

                  Good lord, when you first chose to jump in on this like you did, I thought you were just another common jackass, like a few others on here, but I finally realize that I’m being mean to try and better inform someone that just doesn’t have the capacity. My apologies.

                • Raps Loyalist

                   Guess I’m just not on your level of brilliance.  Your point that the draft is impossible to fix b/c the NBA say so is well received.  Every thing in the NBA is exactly what the NBA tells you it is and I am just so stupid for ever suggesting it was POSSIBLE to be otherwise.

                  Oh by the way Oh exalted genius way above my level if you reread my original post all I’m asking is if you’d entertain the draft conspiracy theory as POSSIBLE if the Nets win this year.  Or is it beyond you’re “capacity” to have a little fun and entertain an interesting/fun running theory about the NBA.

                  You’re the worst type of poster.  Someone that thinks he’s always smarter than everyone else in the room but can only prove it by saying he’s smarter than everyone and not actually doing anything to show it.

                • Raps4Ever

                  Oh for gawd’s sake you snot nosed little bugger. I gave you a very simple challenge to give even one valid theory of how the factual process could be fixed. You have failed to do so, and all you keep coming back with is saying that all you ask is than others base their paranoia upon imagination that can’t be backed up with the facts of how the lottery is run. Pathetic.

                • Raps Loyalist

                  Nothing  would ever be “vaid” for you cause you’re mind is already made upo

  • Adriiian

    We gotta sign Anderson, he’s decent.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      He could be a good bench rotation player as those Michigan St players are as tough as nails.

    • 2damkule

      on the list of things this franchise has ‘gotta’ do, signing anderson is about as close to the bottom as you can get.

  • Bendit

    The McGrady “lazy eye” comment was too funny…its going to get eye-disabled up in arms at you. He certainly looked pissed on the bench.

  • KJ-B

    What, the Raptors played today??? And won!?  The Hawks must seriously be in the “Anti-Tank” camp–wOwzeRS!!! 

  • Lorenzo

    Somebody put Dwane Casey on the inactive list!!

    • Statement


  • cesco

    The Raps got an early running start to next season and the playoffs . The no-superstar future champions is born . 

  • Tonious35

     During the lottery day, if Charlotte or NOH is announced as 6th pick, then you know karma kinda pays off.

    • Bendit

      The Hornets beat the Grizzlies last night.

    • Bill

      It’s possible for NOH to get sixth but not for Charlotte, worse Charlotte will do is fall to fourth.

      Three teams below the top three in the standings need to leap over them to the first three picks.  If that happens then by reverse order we would have Charlotte 4th, Washington 5th and NOH 6th.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Great W!!!!

    The Raptors playing well w/o both AB & Jose- a paradigm for next season?

    All you people crying about the Raptors winning games are exactly the kind of fans that the Raptors can do w/o- point blank!!

    After ADavis the draft field is all about even for the current Lottery projected players.

    #STANKNATION wash your ass!!

    • Benfalconer15

      whats your beef with casey

      • Destro

        My beef is he doesnt hold every player accountable on the floor for not doing there jobs…

    • Easemypain

      Agreed! Dropping could be a huge bit of luck; you save a few bucks and you might still get a better player. I hope they drop to Kendall Marshall. I think he is a guy who can do more than we know because he played a defined role. That kind of distributor’s floor will be a Calderon, once he shoots a bit better. Do not sweat dtopping in the lottery!

    • Trruth

      TankNation and the Anthony Davis watch will be back at it tomorrow night.

      • Trrruth

        don’t use my screenname bitch 

    • Gerard

      I agree with Benfalconer15 below, you should take Casey out of your username, the guy doesn’t Got2go, he is a great coach and getting the most out of a crappy team. This team is incredibly well-coached, give him some props.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Ever since Casey retained 3 of Jay’s assistant coaches, said that his regime was a continuation of Jay’s foundation plus claiming that AB was Dirk like and facetiously compared him to Shawn Kemp (I grew up watching Kemp play and Bargnani isn’t even on Detlef Scrempf’s level) as well I have given Casey the side eye.

        AB’s 2 rebs per Q went out of the window fast….

        He is collateral damage in the BCGots2Go movement, BC CONcensus (yes men), nothing personal just business!!lol

        • Dwane Casey

           I never realized douchebag was spelled:


          • p00ka_is_a_fish

            why don’t you go back to your original screen-name p00ka

            • Raps4Ever

              lmfao,,,, not the first time, but someone’s paranoia is getting the better of them again and seeing things that aren’t there.

              For the record, I did go by another screen name for a while. You got me!!! Impressive. You’re out to lunch this time, as you have been before, but I’m the guy who went by p00ka before and have admitted it before. The thing is, why is that a big deal to you? What fn difference does it make? LOL What I don’t do is play games behind several different names at the same time, which your brave and mature persona seems to enjoy. Go play with someone your own mental age.

            • Jon

              Why don’t you go back to your original screen-name “what the”? 

        • CJT

          So, don’t you think that a new coach might want to try and pump up his best player, give him confidence and show him support?  Isn’t that the role of a guy who comes in to a circumstance where he is given a roster to manage full of players that he has not had a say in hiring?  As for Triano’s coaching staff, I don’t know enough about their individual talents to comment on who he kept and who he didn’t but I can tell you that Coaches have full say as to their coaching staffs, so Casey must have seen something of value in the guys that he kept. 

          • sleepz

            Who’s their best player?

            BC has a decision to make:

            1) Save job by trying to add talent immediately and compete for playoffs next year

            2) Long term ‘rebuilding’

            3) Short term ‘rebuilding’

            1) Trade Andrea for a player that is more efficient offensively but does other things like rebound, steals, blocks, etc. 19 pts on 15 shots, 43% shooting 30% 3’s and under 6 boards a game is average or slightly above it at best. Don’t extrapolate 13 games, because you must look at the total numbers and thats what the say. You can’t weigh certain games highly and discount others. It’s not logical. Not very efficient offensively and if you bring in anyone that can play with more offsensive efficieny and contribute on the other end the team improves immediately imo. Casey deserves the chance to work with players that can defend but play at a consistent level when it comes to scoring.

            2) Trade him for picks and continue to stack talent through the draft. Might have to take on a bad contract so he must weigh this option carefully if available.

            3) Keep Andrea. His presence and focus on the roster ensures their progression is gradual. Unless he improves signficantly which history shows us is probably unlikely, the numbers that he puts up keeps the team in a position to continue to build through the draft. His trade value will plummet but trade return expectations should be limited anyway as his biggest skill is scoring and he doesn’t do this at a level that GM’s are beating down BC’s door and his contract makes him less attractive.

            • Destro

              smh @ 43 %
              BUT BUT BUT he’s so skilled and creates so many mismatches nightly….

          • Destro

            If hes a guy you can build around YES…

            • CJT

              I believe that the coach saw something in Ab right or wrong, I am not going to get into the typical anti or pro AB argument here.  But there are very few players in the league that you would build your team around.  I agree that AB is probably not one of those elite few.  I still think as a coach it is your job to try and get the most and best out of your player and that you need to use as many different tactics as possible to make it happen.  I hope that his support of AB brings out his best for a longer stretch of time.  I also think he should find a way to get the most out of gary forbes, solomon alabi etc. 

        • Rob

          How stupid, so you dislike Casey not because of his coaching skills but because of a little quote made back in January that you’re still grudgingly clinging on to? Do you ever post anything with at least an iota of sense in it?

  • Ppellico

    AltRaps…no worries, man.
    Gray will be out of your hair in just a few months.
    You grow weiry of his play, so soon you will be free of him.
    Good luck with your next big.
    Hopefully you will find somebody to your taste that can do all the dirty work for the pretty boys and still thrill you.

    • 2damkule

      fuck off.  i like gray, but if him not returning means you go too, then i’m all for it.

      • cesco

         Yertu , are you AltRaps by any chance ? .

        • Ppellico

          Cesco….don’t you see…so the dude is to only give it…not take it!
          How Hollywood

        • 2damkule

          haha, no.  i’m sure others can attest to that if you feel it necessary.

  • leftovercrack

    I wonder how much these last two wins over playoff-bound teams reflect that Casey is a good coach who needs players who know how to play his defense-first strategy. While these 10-day callups aren’t the most talented players, perhaps they know how to play basic D and basketball basics, while the currently injured raptors, while more talented, do not. Obviously, part of these wins can be attributed to teams overlooking the Raptors, but even so, WOW they have dominated quality teams 

  • hotshot

    Sure its easy to win when the games don’t mean anything! so long draft! say hello to next borderline NBA starter coming to your Toronto Raptors!

    • 2damkule

      uh, that might apply if the games didn’t mean anything to the OTHER team. 

  • knickz

    suck on it tank nation!!!! this draft is weak!!!! trade the pick!!!!

  • Ion66

    The games do mean something to Boston and Atlanta, so I wouldn’t say there were easy winds by any stretch. Against another lottery bound team? yes, those do come easier. As for putting Linas under the bus? I’ll take 7 rebounds, even with the off night shooting. I know Dentmon is on a 10 day, and a backup to the backup, but his night is more worthy of clinging to the Greyhound undercarriage to my eye. Still, hard to really call out anyone on a good win like this. Is it just me, or does this team play just as well (not consistently maybe, but often) in this form, as it did/does with all hands on deck and nobody injured? I’m starting to feel like saying goodbye to the D-leaguers is like breaking up the band. A guy like Anderson seems to naturally play Caseys style far better than some of our regulars. Call me crazy, but I’m seeing some good chemistry with the system that I didnt see regular season.

  • Bob


  • ShermanTank

    BCGots2Go is 100% correct with his StankNation catch phrase, because that’s exactly what this team will become (and remain) for the foreseeable future as long as they continue to crap out on the draft like this, meanwhile teams like the Cavs are laughing at us, and Golden State, New Jersey, and Detroit are hot on our ass. 

    #TankNation still lives, Hawks will be back with a vengeance next game, then we have the Heat next, then Pistons, Bucks, and Nets. We got our wins over Boston and Atlanta, let the boys chomp on that over the summer and have their winning culture, give Alabi an operator’s license and let him lead the tank charge for the rest of the way. #TankNation.

  • Truthkiller

    Raptors Starting line-up: Ben Uzoh, DeMar DeRozan, Alan Anderson, Amir Johnson and Aaron Gray. Scott Schroeder, who runs the D-League-focused blog called Ridiculous Upside, “That’s not even a good D-League team.” 

    • Raps4Ever

      Yet they beat the Celtics, followed by the Hawks, both playing for playoff positioning. Must be a Stern conspiracy to screw with tank nation, aye?

  • NyAlesund

    22 w in 61 games. 22 w in 82 games. Casey vs Triano. No game.

    We wasted the last two years with a useless coach. I do not know him, probably he is technically well prepared, but incapable to lead a professional NBA team.

  • cesco

    Is this the same team that started the season ( and without their 2 best players ) ? . This new team is a playoff team so getting a good pick ( hopefully a PG ) will be just icing on the cake . OKC 2.0 .

    • sleepz

      Not even close

    • Raps4Ever

      Let’s not get carried away with OKC 2.0 like talk, but I think some young players on this team have developed more this year, and are becoming better than many are willing to give them credit for, or unable to see.

      With JV already being groomed/prepared and coming next season, a good pick in what’s supposed to be a very deep draft, moves that may be made come draft time or summer FA period (as long as dumb moves aren’t made for the sake of making moves…. rather see the $$$ flexibility kept until the right moves are available), a summer of this staff working with the young guys, and a full training camp with Casey, I’m damn excited to see what becomes of this team in the next couple of years. Doomsayers be damned, the future is looking pretty good right now.

  • Nilanka15

    Pissing away our draft chances while D-Leaguers audition for 10-day contracts.  Gotta love lose-lose situations for the fanbase. 

    We miss out on a top pick, AND we win meaningless games using players who won’t be in the NBA next season.  Awesome!  I’m a true fan.  Huzzah!

    • CJT

      There has been so much conjecture regarding who are the top picks after Davis that I don’t know if there is a real advantage or not.  The playing field seems very level from picks 2 to 7 or so.  I don’t claim to know and would certainly like the best possible chance at AD but after that there doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus.

      • Nilanka15

        I’m actually less concerned about Davis (the odds of landing 1st pick are so thin anyways, that I’m not holding out hope for that to happen). 

        Instead, I’ve got my sights set firmly on MKG or Beal, both expected to go in the top 5.  IMO, there’s a clear separation between these guys, and the rest of the lottery picks.  If we manage to land a top-5 pick, I’ll be extremely happy.

    • voy

      we need to bring back triano on a 10 day contract.

      • NyAlesund


    • Raptor4Ever

      Love you BC , you Italian suit wearing genius. 

  • nate

    I dont recognize half the players on this roll call….

    • Nilanka15

      lol, I’m sure the Celtics and Hawks didn’t either.

      “You want me to check the scouting report on Ben Uzoh???  Fuck that, I’m just going out there and ballin'”


  • BKing

    I was not convinced that our Toronto Raptors beat this team last night, this easily could be a case of ATL tanking to get out of that dreadful 5 seed. 

  • Statement

    Another great game by my boy Alan Anderson.  He is God’s gift to basketball. See how well he’s played in a 12 game sample.  All-Star next year baby.  Woot, Woot. Excellent, Jordan-esque range.  Alan Anderson eat’s thunder and craps lightning.

    5 years, $10 million…gotta treat Anderson right our else he might leave us and light us up with another team.

    Oh BTW, Bargs and Gray are both awesome and almost in Anderson territory.

    • Statement

      Also, don’t worry that Anderson only had 2 rebounds cause Ben Uzoh was stealing them from him.  He’s finally got his time to shine.  He, like Gray was stuck behind some premium talent when he played for Charlotte in 2005-2006.

      The great thing about Anderson is that he has awesome chemistry with Ben Uzoh, Ben doesn’t look him off at all!!

      I was watching some Anderson tape of his games in Europe and he wasn’t able to light it up in the Euro league until he shook off his language barrier issues.  After he did that (and got the team to change coaches 50 times), he morphed into a magical player who was so popular that he was hocking fishsticks in Spain in no time.

      • Statement

        It wasn’t Delonte that was doing Lebron’s mom, it was my boy Anderson.

        • Nilanka15

          Bahahaha!  I envision a lot of ears fuming while reading these last 3 posts.

          • Raps4Ever

            Why would a lot of ears fume over someone amusing themselves with an inane version of playing all 3 stooges at once? “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    • cesco

      JV  for ROY , Andrea and DD to the all-star game  , Alan for 6th manOY , Casey COY , BC EOY . Did I leave anybody out ? . Gray and our Davis to the all-defense team .

      • Nilanka15

        You forgot JJ’s UFC championship belt.

        • cesco

           That will be great , he will be the Intimidator of the year .

      • Statement

        I like your style.

      • Destro

        Fans like you are disgusting,smh @ you wearing balloon animals on your head with your #7 jersey sitting in the sprite section….