As things currently stand now, the Raptors will have the 8th most ping pong balls in the lottery; 8th..some late season theatrics from this squad has put them into a pretty brutal draft situation. The two wins against the Celtics and Hawks, shorthanded and unimaginable as they were, cost the Raptors 91 balls in the lottery. That’s nothing to shake your head at, and lets be honest, this team is not better than the one that finished with 20 wins last season; the lockout condensed schedule has hurt us more than straight wins/losses.

We have the Pistons today, and to frame the importance to our draft position, if the the Raptors win, they will move into 9th spot and own the tie breaker in the event of a tie-record at year end. If they lose, they will give themselves a two game cushion with only two games left in the season for both teams; at least we can secure 8th and hot sink any further.

I’m getting sick to my stomach talking about losing strategies and implications…the Pistons are 3 point favourites at home, which makes this game even for all intents and purposes. Don’t be surprised if folks start getting phantom injuries and sit out for the rest of the season. Game starts at 6pm.

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16 Responses to “Gameday: Raptors @ Pistons – Apr. 22/12”

  1. NyAlesund

    This is horrible system. I think would be better if the team was forced to win, to have more chance to pick the number one. In this way we avoid Garcia (kings) to put his own hands over the head after a Thornton’s buzzer. This is not sport.

    So, I prefer a rule that incentivize in somehow the teams playing for win. Also every team would be built better and not like the Bobcats.

    Of course, until we have these rules the right thing to do is lose and lose again.

    • Jojo99

      when did Garcia do that, is there video evidence? I’d like to see that because it’s usually management that makes personal decisions inorder to tank, I never have head players playing to tank..

    • Nilanka15

      If you award winning teams with high picks, how are poor teams supposed to get better?  Your system would create an even WIDER rift between good teams and bad ones.

      • NyAlesund

        I said that the team doesn’t play the po, with the best record, receive more balls in the lottery. This method (I am not saying is it perfect) would push the teams to built a competitive roster instead doing what there doing now. In this case Jordan would never built the sh-t team because he was forced to work in different way (for example avoiding to make a stupid trade). And, in this way, the RS would be interesting because every team would be battiling for important goal. So, the Raptors, instead losing games and take out of the floor JC, JB………. would have played seriously to win and have more chance to pick the number one. Not forgetting the quality of basketball game and the fans.

        Nowadays many teams are doing trade without sense. They destroyed the roster in pursuing the pick number one. Considering that rarely the number one or two are NBA ready and capable to change the fate of the team, we are assisting teams with the bad roster, without pespective for a long time. The Bobcats can miss the number one and in teory they can get the number five. What would happened? Nothing. Jordan will continue with the same strategy accumulating a good picks for 3/4 years hoping that everything going to be ok.

        Exactly the same Kings’ strategy. 6 years without po and now they have an horrible record. There are more and more examples.

        • Nilanka15

          No matter what system you employ, it won’t make up for poor drafting selections.  Most teams should be able to turn a team around with 6 years in the lottery.  The fact that the Kings didn’t isn’t a flaw of the system.  Instead, it’s a flaw of the Kings.

  2. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Just give every team that doesn’t make the playoffs an equal chance at the number #1 pick that would end tanking and make teams compete until the end.

    The NBA Lockout was for naught…..just Stern power tripping for a bigger BRI %……but wait until the owners sell advertising space on the Team uniforms next season or the season afterwards….

    The NBA is just some elitist folks providing entertainment to a segment of the population that follows, supports their product- NBA basketball, whilke selling us bs media hyped storylines in a neatly packaged format.

  3. hotshot

    Fire Colangeo – can’t build a winner or tank like a loser. Middle of the road pack teams never get anywhere.

  4. Destro

    Ayo foreal fuck the coaching staff of this team…nah i dont care about the win total and stupid bullshit narrative about applauding Casey for what he has to work with..NO NO NOOPE im not applauding a cot damn thing on a losing team PERIOD END OF story…

    I want to rip this coaching staffs stupidity and inability to get proper PT to certain players in the second half of this season in a losing season where they KNEW we were a lotto team that is simple unforgiveable….

    Why the FUKK are minutes being given to these 10 day contract pieces of shit who arent here next year ?

    Yall can fall for that BS okie dokie if you want but fuck Caseys stupid intense faces in the 4th qtr down by 12 i gives  NO fucks about them….play some of your fuckn players mins that are going to be here next year you dumb salt n pepper bearded dumbass….

  5. 511

    Never before today did I feel so non-conflicted about pulling for the other guys to win. Anyway … was like watching the bizarro-Raptors. 

    Two more. Bring on the off-season. 

  6. CJT

    There is no tie breaker in the lottery system as it is currently run.  If two or more teams tie with the same record they average out the ping pong balls.  In the event that there is an extra ball, they flip to see who gets it.  

  7. 511

    Golden State winning tonight was good. They’ve been tanking H A R D … so winning tonight was a surprise. And it put them a game up on us at 23 – 41. 

    Our record is 22 – 42.  

    With New Jersey having the same 22 – 42 record that we do, Thursday – last game for both – could be a Tankapolooza night of epic proportions. 

    I’m wearing my tank-rally hat. 


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