The “bloodbath” edition:

Alabi: how tired must he be right about now?  40 minutes of burn, 19 rebounds and shooting 30% from the field. At least his free throw form looked good. Talk about whetting our appetite, though. Up and down the floor quickly, jumping out of the gym, 3 blocks. He’d be a MVP in the Canadian Basketball Universe.

Anderson: a fun game for him in what was his last dress rehearsal before coming back as a NBA’er next season. Can’t see him not being picked up for back up duty on a mediocre squad. 20 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists.

Davis: the only dude to play in every game this season as a Raptor and he went out with a bang. 43 minutes, 10 of 15 (!), 12 rebounds 24 points. Sure this came against a team that I could beat on my XBox with no batteries in my controller, but we Raptor fans will take any glimmer on this guy.

Forbes: evidently Gary hates the colour orange with black pinstripes because every time he got the ball in his hand, he was tossing it up. 21 FG attempts, 9 of them from deep, for 23 points. It seemed like he wanted to treat the fans to pizza all on his own.

J. Johnson: thank heavens this is the last I’ll see of this egotistical bum for a month or two. Surely he’ll be in the summer league, for punishment if nothing else. 4 turnovers in 19 minutes against a team manned by the Lollipop Guild looks good on him.

Magloire: classy move to have him start in what could be his last NBA game as a player. Didn’t do much in 5 minutes, but still nice to see a Canadian represent on home soil for one last time. Still think Coach should have done the intro, but whatever.

Uzoh: Alvin Williams finally has a table guest. 11 years ago Alvin had a triple double, and now Ben Uzoh has done something that will never be taken away from him. 12 points, 12 assists, 11 rebounds….and all with 2 minutes of breathing time on the bench.  Again, obviously an asterisk beside it given the lack of competition (felt would have proved a better defender) but still something to tell the Uzoh grandkids about.

Driving the bus: Ben Uzoh

Under the bus: James Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • Adriiian

    Good win. 

    • Lorenzo

      I hate you.

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed, this is the type of memorable win these players will take to their grave.  A hard fought battle, versus a very strong opponent, who didn’t show any quit.  Way to go boys!  This winning attitude will play dividends in 5 months time when training camps begins.  Keep up the championship momentum!

  • c_bcm

    This was not a good win. This was a win, that is good. But not a good win. How can anyone see a Nets team get blown out in a laugher by a team starting 3 D leaguers, two of whom will not be in this eagle next year. I would be very concerned as a Nets fan that the players bought in to the tank efforts of it’s management. Thse nets player have completely tarnished themselves if you ask me. What an embarrassment to this league.

    • CJT

      I agree, but the sad thing is that you are going to hear posters here say we should have stooped to that level as well.  Oh well.  Let’s hope for a good lottery and I am stoked to see how the summer unfolds.

      • Venture5000

        We should of steeps to that level as well!

    • Lorenzo

      I completely agree 100%. Except I don’t think that Nets fans really care as it’s a benefit to them. The draft HAS to be changed in the near future in some way to prevent tanking from ever happening again, I really hated cheering for the Raps to lose this year.

      • Nilanka15

        Wait…Nets fans exist?

        • Lorenzo

          Only in fairytales

    • hyperdouche

      At least our bench fodder is better than New Jersey/Brooklyn’s bench fodder. That will surely mean our depth is stronger when it comes time to you know, actually compete.

      • pran

        niggers have this condition you see, they get all moist inside when they hear city names like “los angeles” or “new york”  and we can shortly add “brooklyn” to that list.

        The nets will likely get the higher draft pick, the bigger names too, and we’ll be crying next year of how unfair it is that all players seem to turn their nose at toronto.    

        The only way I see this ending is if the “one and done” phenomena is abolished and the age of entering the league is increased to where we see most players completing their junior year of college at least. Maybe they’ll use that time to broaden their horizons, and find who they are as a person and turn into men, instead of little boys who’ve only had their food stamp wielding whore of a mom as a role model.(cough cough lebron)  We’d also see better ball, because more players will be able to make an impact right out of college.

        I don’t care how ignorant the majority of this post sounds it is what it is. Nigger’s say no to toronto b/c of their lack of experience and knowledge about LIFE, I’m not saying spending time in college  makes you a well rounded person, oh wait I am.

        • D32858

          I can not believe this shit you write, you are the dumbest mother fucker on this board.

        • pran

          you whoever you are, are a racist fuck. At least next time have the balls to write your actual moniker, and stop using mine, fucking idiot. This site is going to shit b/c ppl don’t have a life.

          • guest

            Pran you are a cowardly racist and would probably be the first one on this boad to ask one of the black players for an autograph.  You can type your racist crap and hide in on a website, but if a black person looked at you to hard you would probably shit your pants you punk!

            • Pran=dumbmotherfucker

              New moniker

              • guest

                New Moniker: Pran=dumbmotherfucker

                • pran

                  you completely misunderstood the situation bro, I wasn’t even replying to you.

        • Ardefen

          Don’t bother responding to this nonsense people, this foolish person is only looking for attention and you’re giving it to him.

        • hyperdouche

          Call me old fashioned, but I honestly believe that if there is a winning program in TO players will come. When he was playing for the Celtics Tony Battie told me that Toronto was one of his “Top, Top cities” when he was on the road. Jarret Jack said the same thing waaay back in his introductory press conference. Sure, New York and LA are New York and LA, there’s no arguing that. People all over the world do what they can to get jobs there.

          Sorry to sound lame and shit, but “If you build it, they will come”

  • Bendit

    Demar’s wardrobe needs an upgrade….a furry mauve stetson with a black plume in it would have given him free entrance at the Brass Rail. 

  • Bendit

    Hey and mucho gratias AltRaps for keeping it light and chuckly during those evenings of tough Raptor basketball exposure this season. Salut.

    • Bill

      Seconded, thanks for some good laughs

    • hyperdouche

      Also +1. Post game roll-call on this site was seriously all there was to look forward to this season.

  • Lorenzo

    And with the 7th pick in the 2012 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors select… Jared Sullinger from the University of Ohio State…

    • aristides

      You think you’re joking, but Sullinger would be perfect for this club. We need a guy who can go to war.

      • Lorenzo

        Go to war on his twinkies during half-time. Last thing we need is Sean May/Corliss Williamson 2.0, not to mention we have a cornucopia of forwards at our disposal. I’m sorry, I just don’t see it.

        • aristides

          You need an intimidator in the playoffs. A Kendrick Perkins type. Believe me, nobody is intimidated by Linas Kleiza. Sullinger is not a tweener like Corliss Williamson–if you have a Sullinger coming off the bench and eating the other team’s second unit alive, you’ve got yourself a deep, balanced team.

          • hyperdouche

            he’s not an eater, but we’ve already got James Johnson

    • mountio


      • mountio

        and btw its THE Ohio State University ..

  • Truthkiller

    Credit this loss to Bryan Colangelo, if only he asked Arsenalist, Sam Holako, AltRaps and Blake to play, swallow their pride and lead the tank, we’d be in the lottery hunt.

    The Real winners tonight: Cleveland, New Jersey & New Orleans.

    • Konan

      Ha ha, New Yersey the winners? You forgot that they traded their pick for G-Force? They need to win lottery first (get top 3 pick with 5th chances), otherwise Portland is the real winners 🙂

  • 511

    Each and every percentage point that we lost (or would’ve gained) tonight in the lottery odds, is potentially worth so many millions of dollars (tens of millions? more?) that we can’t even know how to guess at what the monetary difference might be between (say) an 8 % chance at the top pick and (say again) an 11 % chance. But … you know who knew how important it might be and who (very likely) made damn good and sure that it wouldn’t be left to soft-hearted managers and coaches to mess around with? Mr. Mikhail Prokhorov, that’s who. The only way we could’ve beaten him at this game (… and make no mistake: winning this game was LOSING this game) was if all our players would’ve lay down on the floor and refused to move for the entire match. And to my mind … doing that would not have been any more dishonorable than it was to participate in that farce of a game. And I’m not even kidding. 

  • ShermanTank

    Well guys, what could we do? We were out-tanked by an extremely desperate Nets team, plain and simple. We put our most scrubbiest lineup out there, and lo and behold there’s a team out there, in the NBA, that has even more scrubbier players than we do and came in locked and loaded, prepared to lose and lose big. My gut tells me that karma is a bitch and will come back to bite the Nets in the ass come the draft lottery. Something just has to go right for us, we’ve been fucked over too many times for it not to, come draft day, whether by trade or sheer luck, the Toronto Raptors will be picking higher than 7th/8th. #GoRaps 

    • Tesla

      When you look at it; everything that could of went wrong for us, did. Since we know Stern is into this “fixing” thing, maybe he’ll take notice and cut us some slack.

      Got a big middle finger for my friend Mr. Colangelo.

    • Bill

      I wish karma was real, but sadly when it comes to odds karma is just another name for gambler’s fallacy…

    • ckh26

      We just got out tanked last nite.  I am not sure who got suckered worse. The paying customers who had to pay for the privelage of sitting through that piece of “dreck” that the NBA rolled out as pro ball or the advertisers who winced when the collective clicks of the remotes took the television audience down to blood relatives and girlfriends. Sherman ..I hope your right and karma takes a rottweiler size bite out of New Jersey,Golden State and Cleveland’s backsides.

  • FAQ

    End of the season and it’s deja vu, all over again …. and the promise of a playoff hope for next season …. with no adequate veteran roster and wishing upon a star for a draft rookie star … plus ex-teen JonasV from Litheruwainia or somewhere where they produce NBA player and Canada can’t …. same song, different year …. oh well, at least all the other good and decent NBA teams will be visiting the ACC to play big boy b’ball in Canada… eh?!

    • Konan

      This time we’ll have some cash in our cap and will be able to lure at least one good player, if not american, than player like Andrei Kirilenko or maybe Batum

      • Copywryter

        Still the same song though.

      • Destro

        *puke* @ Kirilenko

  • Gradgrind101

    Whatever side of the fence you’re on I’m glad this tank-nation crap is finally over. Now we can all go back to being fans of the game rather than our  our blind obsession of gathering more ping pong balls. 

  • CantDL

    Come on David Stern, rig the gdamn draft. set us up for a good pick. we will return the favour with monnnnnnney. Raps fans buy tickets when we compete.

  • hotfuzz

    Go for Perry Jones!

  • NyAlesund

    23 wins, despite all. Ok, we have lost some balls, but we are going to pick one from 7 to 10. Not too bad.

    This draft (in teory) is one of the best ever. I expect some good moves from BC. Now, it is time to act well. No excuses.

    • guest

      I like him too

    • Ardefen

      and you know that higher picks don’t  always mean better players.
      low – kobe
      high(er) – fredette

      • Nilanka15

        The higher the pick, more players Colangelo gets to choose from.  It’s always better to have more choice.

  • Denton47

    kinda proud of the boys tonite..there’s something honourable in having our guys compete this way ..goes with casey’s approach as well..any less effort wuld have been culturally counter-productive  

  • skeptical

    Yeah yeah, I know the competition level was a joke by NBA standards. Still good to see the bench get theirs when given the chance.

    Frankly, Solo’s recent play has been better than expected and fun to see. Makes me believe that he really could turn into a good role player with more time and development. Not a star by any means, and likely never someone to fear offensively… but he rebounds well and could offer a different look on defense, both areas where the Raps still need help. Good luck to the big fella!

  • Nilanka15

    If we don’t land some lottery luck, it’s time for Colangelo to seriously consider trading into the top 5.

    Somehow, someway, we need to add one of Davis, MKG, Beal, Drummond, or Barnes to this lineup next year.