OK, so I watched the Bryan Colangelo presser (at least as much as I could stomach) and gathered that the Raptors are looking at an off-season where they’ll “dramatically improve” the basketball team. Well then, I’m certainly looking forward to this. These are some bold words by Colangelo, unless he’s just referring to adding two rookies to the roster, which he very well might be. From what I could gather of his speech, Colangelo’s counting on the existing mediocre talent to bloom into above-average talent. He’s specifically referencing Ed Davis, James Johnson, and Amir Johnson as part of the core going forward, and looks intent to holding on to Jose Calderon for lockeroom reasons.

With those guys seemingly mainstays for next season and two rookies coming in, it’s hard to see what he can add in the off-season to “dramatically improve” the basketball team as he emphasized he’d do. The mid-level exception was mentioned a couple times as an option for player acquisition, there’s always talk of trade flexibility and the often hyped but never used TPE, and he even touched on free-agency offering hope. The talk usually never translates to anything meaningful so I’ll just wait till he does something before before speculating on what he can do, and more importantly, cannot do because of his hands being tied by those plastic thingys that you have to get a sword made out of Valyrian steel to cut.

Colangelo explained how he decided that this season was no time to make silly moves and bring in long-term deals, he’d much prefer to do that business in the summer. He didn’t elaborate why, but maybe he just wanted to take stock of what the roster is all about before adding, subtracting or long dividing it. Sure, why not? Being crappy for a few more month isn’t going to hurt, maybe we’ll even get a high pick and…oh wait.

No surprise that wins and losses weren’t the key performance indicators for measuring success this season (gotta love that, eh?), and that “changing the culture” was the top priority after Jay Triano had basically impregnated every single Raptor with a strong seed of “not giving a f**k”. Casey was commended for the job he’s done, specifically for aborting Jay Triano’s creation and planting his own sauce called “let’s give a f**k for a change”. This has made Colangelo and every Raptors fan very excited as he, like us, only counted a handful of games where the team “didn’t show up”. And even that was because of the schedule.

Colangelo did spend some time talking about being below the cap, possibly going above the cap with trades and free-agency, and even mentioned how he might just not do anything and sing the same song again next season. All three ways work fine with me, I’m conditioned to losing, waiting, hoping, that the Raptors do something. Really, this is how I watch Raptor games:

It’s like my feelings for winning have been castrated.

He went on to talk about Bargnani, DeRozan, Valanciunas and so on…lot was said, some was meant, and most of it was lip-service. Really though, in the end he feels like “it all fell in line with the plan”, and the plan for this summer is to get that dramatic improvement going. So, on with it.

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  • hotshot

    Don’t forget we also have the 38th pick and the 56th pick so that’s another 2 more Nathan Jawai and Solomon Alabi to the plan!

    • hye hye

      or a Gilbert Arenas

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      The NBA regular season ended Thursday night. While most of the attention is rightfully directed toward the 16 teams that made the playoffs, Thursday night also had some interesting implications for the NBA draft lottery.Wins Thursday night by the Kings and Raptors cost both teams some lottery chances, and losses helped the Hornets, Cavs, Kings and Nets.The NBA held a drawing on Friday to determine tiebreakers between the Hornets and Cavs, the Kings and Nets, the Warriors and Raptors, the Knicks and Mavs, the Clippers and Hawks, the Lakers and Grizzlies, and the Bulls and Spurs.The results are as follows:• Cleveland (21-45) won a tiebreaker with New Orleans.
      • Sacramento (22-44) won a tiebreaker with New Jersey.
      • Golden State (23-43) won a tiebreaker with Toronto.
      • New York (36-30) won a tiebreaker with Dallas, and Dallas won a tiebreaker with Utah.
      • L.A. Clippers (40-26) won a tiebreaker with Atlanta.
      • L.A. Lakers (41-25) won a tiebreaker with Memphis.
      • Chicago (50-16) won a tiebreaker with San Antonio.Of the tiebreakers, the one with the biggest impact was between the Warriors and Raptors. The Warriors won the coin toss, upping their chances significantly that they will have the seventh pick in the draft (72 percent) and will therefore retain their pick. If they had lost the toss, they likely would have drafted eighth (everything is still contingent on the lottery) and would have had to turn their pick over to the Jazz due to a previous trade agreement.Final odds for the draft lottery were set, as well. You can play at the different scenarios on our Lottery Mock Draft simulator. But here’s a quick look at where the 14 lottery teams stand.Charlotte Bobcats (7-59)
      25% chance of winning the lottery
      Not much has gone right for the Bobcats in the Michael Jordan era. The Bobcats’ .106 winning percentage will live in infamy for a long time. Their only solace? This team desperately needs a star and currently has the best odds of any team in the NBA of landing him. If the Bobcats can win the lottery and land Anthony Davis, they will quickly get back on track. If they don’t? It could be a long road of ugly.Washington Wizards (20-46)
      19.9% of chance winning the lottery
      The Wizards actually finished really strong. They won their last six games and went 8-2 in the final 10-game stretch. John Wall started playing better. So did rookie Jan Vesely. But if the Wizards really want to supercharge what’s been an uncomfortable rebuilding process, Davis is the guy to do it. If they don’t land Davis, however, a consolation prize of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Bradley Beal would be a very significant piece of the puzzle.Cleveland Cavaliers (21-45)
      13.8% chance of winning the lottery
      The Cavs scored their point guard and power forward of the future in the 2011 NBA draft. This year they are looking for a wing and, if they don’t get the No. 1 pick, will likely take whoever is left between Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes.New Orleans Hornets (21-45)13.7% chance of winning the lotteryThe Hornets actually played very hard down the stretch, but weren’t rewarded for it as they eventually ended up tied for the third-worst record, and then lost a coin toss. They are looking for both a point guard and bigs. Thomas Robinson and Andre Drummond will be at the top of their list if they don’t land Davis.
      Sacramento Kings (22-44)
      7.6% chance of winning the lottery
      Obviously, adding Anthony Davis next to DeMarcus Cousins on the Kings’ front line would do wonders for Sacramento’s defense. If they don’t get Davis, either Kidd-Gilchrist or Harrison Barnes would be a no-brainer for them.New Jersey Nets (22-44)
      7.5% chance of winning the lottery
      The Nets are praying that they convert that 7.5 percent chance into some luck on lottery night. If they don’t get one of the top three picks, they have to ship their pick over to the Blazers as part of the Gerald Wallace trade. If the Nets have the pick, they’d obviously take Davis at No. 1. Kidd-Gilchrist and Beal round out the top three for them. The Blazers also would look hard at Beal, Harrison Barnes and perhaps Kendall Marshall if they get the pick.Golden State Warriors (23-43)
      3.6% chance of winning lottery
      It came down to a coin flip, and perhaps the Warriors can avoid karma this year. After blatantly tanking all season, it looks like the odds are finally in their favor to keep the No. 7 pick. The Warriors would obviously love to have Anthony Davis in the middle. Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes would also be great gets for them. If the Jazz get this pick (which could happen if a team below the Warriors leapfrogs them on lottery night), I wouldn’t be shocked to see them land Kendall Marshall or Damian Lillard.Toronto Raptors (23-43)
      3.5% chance of winning lottery
      The Raptors are in need of both a point guard and a small forward. Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones are all possibilities. So are Kendall Marshall and Damian Lillard.Detroit Pistons (25-41)
      1.9% chance of winning the lottery
      If somehow the Pistons could turn that 1.9 percent into the No. 1 pick, I can’t think of a better fit for Anthony Davis. He’d be the perfect complement to Greg Monroe. If they can’t get him, they may have to gamble on a guy like Andre Drummond, Perry Jones or even John Henson. The Pistons desperately need some length and athleticism on their front line.New Orleans Hornets (via the LA Clippers) 26-40
      1.1% chance of winning the lottery
      The Cavs actually landed the No. 1 pick in the draft from this position last year … so anything’s possible. If the pick stays at No. 10, look for the Hornets to grab a big like Tyler Zeller or a point guard like Kendall Marshall or Damian Lillard.Portland Trail Blazers (28-38)
      0.8% chance of winning the lottery
      The Blazers need guards and a center. But at this point in the draft, you probably just grab the best player available. Perry Jones, Austin Rivers, Terrence Ross and Jeremy Lamb should all be in the mix here.Milwaukee Bucks (31-35) 0.7% chance of winning the lottery
      The Bucks struck gold picking No. 10 a few years ago when they landed Brandon Jennings. This year the picture is more complicated. We have them taking Terrence Jones in our mock draft. Jared Sullinger is another possibility.Phoenix Suns (33-33)
      0.6% chance of winning the lotteryThe Suns are, most likely, going to lose Steve Nash. This draft may be a good time to find his replacement. As is the case with nearly every team in the league, if the Suns pull off a miracle and win the lottery, Davis would be a perfect choice. However, if they’re drafting 13th overall, someone like Austin Rivers or even Tony Wroten could be an interesting pick here.Houston Rockets (34-32)
      0.5% chance of winning the lotteryThe Rockets also picked No. 14 last year. They are stacked with talented young players. But what they lack is star power. A shocking lotto win would net them  Davis, but assuming they don’t, the team probably takes the best player off the board. We have them taking UConn guard Jeremy Lamb at No. 14.Rest of the First Round16. Philadelphia 76ers17. Houston Rockets (via the New York Knicks)18. Dallas Mavericks 19. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Utah)19. Orlando Magic20. Denver Nuggets21. Boston Celtics22. Boston Celtics (via Los Angeles Clippers)23. Atlanta Hawks24. Cleveland Cavaliers (via LA Lakers)25. Memphis Grizzlies 26 Indiana Pacers27. Miami Heat28. Oklahoma City Thunder29. Chicago Bulls30. Golden State Warriors (via San Antonio Spurs)

    • Timbit

      This year because a number of players pulling out of the draft last year the two second rd picks are more like 10 to 15 picks better the first second rd pick is like a very late first rd pick so by getting these picks they are worth more than they wold in most years and because we have so many young players I think one or maybe both will go in a trade before

  • JHP

    I think it’s another year of lather/rinse and repeat.  BC has lowered the bar to the point anything goes.  So why bother with the 38th and 56th picks.  Keep Alabi and leave a roster spot open for another year.  Now that Ab is coming around, he can not stay healthy LOL

    Maybe it’s the water but TO teams just seem snake bitten.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      The Raptors best player (in my mind the Raptors don’t have a best player) AB doesn’t have a nose for the ball and still has to be tapped on the shoulder in order to get after it on defense….wow, and that’s the player BC is coddling and building the team around.

      BC fucked up the Raptors by not getting a proper return on CB’s depature and losing the coin flip to GSW is just more bad BC karma…since firing Sam at 8-9.

      Next year according to BC & Casey is playoffs or bust for Raptors- some rebuild/build huh- nothing more than a pr spin in the wind to rationalize all the losing to the fan base sponsored by BC & his CON-Sensus crew of yes men.

      BC will most likely trade away the Raptors 1st round pick if they stay at 8 or drop in the Lottery draw especially since there is no foreign talent projected to go high in the Lottery.

      Raptors need new minds, energy, leadership, vision  from the front office down unto the basketball court- trade both AB & Jose away………

      Work hard, get better- be the best (Bargnani voice)…

      • CJT

        Great job, I didn’t think it was possible for you to write the exact same thing in every post all year, but you did it.  Hopfully next season you will have something more interesting to say everyday for 7 months.

  • Milesboyer

    There are legitimate reasons to argue for optimism and legitimate reasons to argue for more of the same (a.k.a manifested pessimism).  I honestly think it’s about 50/50 – it really could go either way next season.  I just happen to be a glass half full kind of guy, so I’m feeling that better things are ahead and that the goal of the playoffs might just happen.

    • howlonghowlong

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raps make the playoffs next year.  I think we would have been where the bucks were this year if it weren’t for injuries.  That said, making the playoffs doesn’t really mean as much as being a contender.  With this roster (even with a couple of small changes) we don’t have contender potential moving forward.  Just think of it this way, where would our best player be ranked for the lakers? Celtics? Thunder? spurs? bulls? Heat?  Do you think Mike brown is giving the ball to AB or DD when you got Kobe/Bynum/Gasol?  of Scott brooks given the ball to AB over KD, westbrook, or harden?  The talent is just not there … not even close.
      This team might be close to be in the playoffs … but far from being a contender.  Not with this talent.  My hope was for the raps to tank this year and the next in hope that we land the next D-rose/Griffin/Wall …whatever.  JV was a good start, we now need 2 more.

  • Daniel

    I see a little bit of disconnect between what we are and what we want to become. We are a young, inexperienced, average talented team that’s going to add 2 more rookies to the roster. We want to become a play-off team, experienced, tough, playing great defence and uptempo offence in one summer. It just reeks of wishful thinking. It will take time for 2 rookies to contribute. Also it will take time for the new additions to the roster to gel. I just don’t see the road forward the same way as the management displayed yesterday. It’s like we woke up from a deep slumber and all of a sudden we decided we’ll be great. We don’t have Oklahoma’s talent to increase from 20 something wins to 50 something wins.
    I don’t think I’ve seen so much disrespect for one player as how Raptors is treating Jose. From the beginning of the season BC kept saying they were looking for the PG of the future. Nash is 38 yrs old and Phoenix never talked like that, Kidd is 38 and you don’t hear words like that from Dallas. He never held the team back and he can be part of a winning program. I am disgusted by management’s treatment of Jose. I hope we’ll trade him and then everybody we’ll see what we are missing. Also it’s quite shocking to hear that we want another PG to push the ball in an uptempo style. Colangelo was the GM when Jose showed he can play uptempo game under Triano. He pushed the ball as well as anybody. It is ironic to see how much energy we dedicate to find a PG of the future when the PG position is the strongest. We desperately need upgrades at both wings positions and C. We had no player above 15 PER at these positions. The players manning these possitions have at least 3 years in the League so they are what they are. Potential is the fool’s gold in NBA. We should start looking for results now and stop the BS.

    • mountio

      I think youre going on a little overboard on Jose here. He is NOT Nash or Kidd (even compared to what those guys are now let alone what they were when they were Jose’s age). The reality is that Jose has shown to be very injury prone. He played 68 games each of the last three years (and was hobbling for many that he did play) and 53 this year. Contrast that with Nash (at 38 no less) playing 81,74,81,75 and having no real injuries to speak of (at 38!) other than a sometimes ailing back that didnt affect him much. Same for Kidd, who played 80,80,81 games the last three seasons.
      And thats just durability .. they are also WAY, WAY better players! These guys are MVP types, first ballot hall of famers and Jose is a just barely top half point guard in the league.
      I agree with you, especially this year .. hes been one of our best (you can even argue our best at times) player. I appreciate that. But, unless you think hes part of the future, which I dont, it just makes no sense to hold onto him. Every other one of our young players, inlcuding AB at 26 – can be part of our future.
      And, as for Jose being able to play an up temp style. Lets be serious. Hes a very good, low risk half court guy .. but he is (and always has been) brutal at pushing the ball and creating things up tempo. On top of that, he never beats his man off the dribble .. so while he gets assists, they arent the type where guys are handed open layups due to a double team / help defense .. they are more the type where he hits a man coming off a screen and they make a jump shot.
      Long story short .. hes a solid part of the team – but he has limitations and hasnt shown any ability to stay healthy .. thats why we need a new PG of the future

      • Daniel

        Jose has the same production as Nash at 29 had in his last year in Dallas with Nowitzki on the best offensive team in the League. Nash has been criminally overrrated in his career however that’s another topic. My point was that it is disrespectful to any employee to publicly and boastfully go about replacing him/her with another employee while the said employee is still extremely productive. There are succession plans in place in a transparent way for everybody however the management would lose credibility if it calls out people like that. The obvious implication of repeating that we need the PG of the future is that what we have is not. Even if management thinks this way why the need to make it public? What does it do to the residual value of the player? It’s crazy how unprofesional is our management team. This is not the way of doing business. In the same time it is a testament to Jose’s character that he kept playing to the best of his abilities. Combined with the vicious hate of a small vocal minority of the Raps fanbase I say we don’t deserve him. Let him go to a team that appreciates him for what he is and what he can do and not for what he is not and what he cannot do.   

        • 2damkule

          i stopped reading after ‘nash has been criminally overrated…’  i guess if all you’re willing to do is scan the stat sheet, then yes, i can see how some (read: you) would feel he’s overrated.

          • Destro

            He’s not played in 1 NBA finals…that right there can be used as an overrated argument…Hes the only MVP winner to never play in at least 1….He’s played on a shitload of stacked teams and always came up small in the clutch….its a more than fair argument to be made…

            • CJT

              Derrick Rose. 

        • DC

          Lol are you fucking serious dude I’m like the guy2damkule and stopped reading after that stupid comment about Nash being overrated. Uhm 1 of 3 players to ever win back to back Mvp’s is overrated now? You dumb as fuck.

          • Destro

            he didnt deserve both of them though,the writers handed him the 2nd…You tell me of all the two time winners which one looks odd to be on that list ?

        • Truthkiller

          Also on ESPN his bio, Stephen John “Steve” Nash is a point guard for the Phoenix Suns. A two-time NBA MVP, Nash has been regarded as one of the best players at his position during his career……. Nash won back-to-back NBA MVP awards, cementing his place in NBA history.

          • Destro

            Only MVP winner to never play in a NBA final..another piece of NBA history for you…

        • Destro

          How is it disrespectful ? Thats how pro sports operates and every single player know this before signing up…Everybody knows they are replaceable at any time…

          and you’re wrong Calderon is nowhere near as productive as Nash ever was and i agree Nash always has been a very overrated player IMO thee most overrated player in this current era…but Calderon has never been close to his level of play…yall need to stop piggybacking a couple of stat lines and making arguments….Until Calderon plays in at least 1 all star game or 1 playoff game post Bosh he has no accolades and absolutely no pedigree to argue on behalf of…  

          • CJT

            Again I say Derrick Rose.  MVP not to have played in the finals.  So you argument is based on incorrect information.

      • CJT

        I don’t think you can consider the injuries that Jose sustained this year as being injury prone.  He had a sprained ankle.  A sprained ankle, which tons of players get every single year.  He was also elbowed in the eye twice.  The injuries that you are referring to were not an issue at all. 

        • mountio

          im referrin to the fact that over the last three years hes had chronic hammy issues, which have made an already slow guy that much worse.
          he was pretty much injury free (for him) this year. unfortunately though, im not sure thats a trend quite yet …

          • CJT

            Gotcha, just wanted to clarify. 

        • Destro

          The fact he cannot play an entire season is what injury prone means…what the injury doesnt matter….sprained vagina etc etc…

          • CJT

            chronic injuries are what is considered injury prone.  Not injuries that happen as a regular part of play, like sprains etc.  How many times have you sprained your ankles playing ball?  If someone undercuts you and you land on their foot that isn’t injury prone.  He has had recurring injuries that I would considere injury prone type injuries he just didn’t have them this year.

            • Destro

              He’s mad multiple injuries over the course of his time here that have kept him out…No injury prone is being injured and always on the shelf makes no difference chronic,reoccuring or other….lol @ trying to attach that lame ass rhetoric to it…

    • Theswirsky

      BC claimed he was rebuilding only to do what?  Draft Jonas and sign Casey?   Thats a rebuild?

      BC claims there will be a greater emphasis on D.   Raps proceed to take 1 season where they ended up ranking an average defensive team (which is a huge jump from worst in history no doubt, but still average).. now its time to pick up the tempo again.

      BC claims Bargnani is an enigma and an asset.  Only to treat him like a franchise player.  Considering Bargnani’s and Jose’s ‘best’ season happened while playing at a snails pace in order for the team to cover for him defensively and on the boards… what happens when the team picks up the pace again?

      Its just ridiculous.  This team has hardly changed, the guys that will change are going to be the periphery players.

      BC didn’t rebuild.  What he did was ‘retool’ (as he likes to call it).  What happened the last 2 years was the result of his terrible decision making, and now he is right back at it, so this team can MAYBE squeeze into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

      But hey he might get his option picked up or be given an extension, and Toronto will be ‘rebuilding’ again in a few years.

      For the love of god, just do it right.

      • mountio

        What exactly do you want him to do? He made what seems to be a good pick in last years draft (and co-incidentially even better because he wasnt here this year, so we presumably lost more games, thus get a better pick this year). The D improved dramatically (but not enough for you?)
        I guess you could gut the entire team – which is almost impossible practically given guys are under contract and we suck, so its not like we have an abundance of tradeable talent (as an example, I assume he tried to get anything for Jose at the deadline and no one was interested given his contract and age .. even for a late first rounder).
        The reality is that we could very easily have 2-3 new starters next year (JV, draft pick, maybe a signing). In the scope of the NBA with 5 starters and maybe 8-9 guys that play, thats pretty dramatic.
        Would I have liked to lose more games? Ya. But considering AB sat out half the year, JV was in Europe and we shut down Jose early .. there wasnt a lot more we could have done on the tank-meter. (I would have given Solo more minutes earlier .. but not sure that moves the needle) 
        Im all for fair criticism .. but your constant rants without any tangible suggestions are growing a little tired.

        • Theswirsky

          “I guess you could gut the entire team”

          yes thats exactly what I want him to do.  And its not impossible we seem teams do it all the time.

          “its not like we have an abundance of tradeable talent ”

          really? and so all that Bargnani is an “all-star” talk was just bunk?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suprised…..

          BC needs to get rid of this core.  If that means moving some of these guys to bench roles because he can’t trade them, so be it.  But this team needs change.  Real change.  Not more the same with a different coach and a handful of new faces who cheer from the bench and a new over paid starter.

          See who can be turned into draft picks.  Look for cheap young FA this offseason.  Clean the slate.  Start over.  Be patient.  Do it right.

          • Raps4Ever

            So, he asked you for something other than your “constant rants without any tangible suggestions’, and you respond with yet another of the same.

            “BC needs to get rid of this core”: how do you propose he does this that he isn’t trying to do now? You specified Bargnani, so what do you feel BC can do with him and return better value?

            “Be patient.  Do it right.”: well, he spoke of such a plan at the beginning of the year, along with particular goals for this past year. What was wrong with his plan, what wasn’t pursued, what wasn’t accomplished?

            • Theswirsky

              I’m going to give in to my better judgement and respond to you.  I already know I’m going to regret it though

              He actually never ask me for something other than “constant rants”, he simply stated he was sick of them.  And probably no less sick than I am of people defending poor decision making, making excuses for inferior players or accepting mediocrity (or less) as acceptable.   Refering to the glass being half full because they are wearing rose coloured glasses and drunk on italian koolaid. 

              Oh and I offer ‘tangible alternatives’ quite often, or atleast used to… its just the Bargnani boys and ‘logic freaks’ such as yourself are always changing the subject from the topic or issue to some personal attack or attempt to discredit.  

              “so what do you feel BC can do with him and return better value? ”

               I’d be more than happy with a mid first round pick.  Or taking on a bad contract + a high pick (eg. Blatche + Washingtons pick).  Hell I think even less is acceptable. 

              But let me ask yourself,  cesco and the other Bargnai boys out there (who so desperately seem to want others to offer ideas for them)… what do you guys think is an acceptable return for Bargnani? 
              “he spoke of such a plan at the beginning of the year”

              yes and why was that?  Because he screwed up.  Remember the start of the 2010 season when he thought he had a playoff team?  It wasn’t until part way into the season he grasped just how bad of a job he did.  Thats when MLSE and himself decided to start a ‘rebuild’.  Now though his plan is to make the playoffs again.  A season and a half in professional sports terms is hardly patience.  

              “what wasn’t accomplished?”

              Finishing tearing down the roster.  The start of a real rebuild.  This teams roster is almost the same as last year with a handful of low minute players as the ‘change’.  The heavy minute players are almost the same as the year before (Amir, Jose, Derozan, Bargnani)

              This team is a ship carring the same shit heading in the same direction with a better captain (casey) and first mate (JV).  Yet people want to believe somehow that when it comes to its destination the cargo is magically going to be gold.  Its not.  Its still shit.

              If BC doesn’t go and make some significant changes to the core of this roster, but rather goes out looking to add veteran players (as both him, Casey and the Raps pundits have claimed he is going to) this team is destined to be a one round playoff wonder.  We’ll be talking about them in the same breath as the Bosh era teams.  Except they won’t get the privilege of a shitty eastern conference.

              • Brad

                So a real rebuild to you is having a different roster every season? Make trades and blow up the team just for the sake of it? He fielded a shitty team out there, that’s part of rebuilding. Look at some of the other rebuilding teams, Cavs roster was virtually unchanged minus Irving, the Wizards stayed the same, how about the Kings. He kept the same team, because that same team finished with the 3rd worst record last season, didn’t happen this season, what could you do? Your wish of having a different starting 5 every year isn’t realistic, doable, or probable, no one does it, you don’t need to. So what would your preferable, and possible starting 5 be for the year? Name these 5 new players that you would’ve liked to appear out of nowhere and play these heavy minutes?

                • Theswirsky

                  Clearly I said I though the team should have a different roster EVERY SEASON.  Not that the core should be changed.

                  And obviously I was making reference to BC making changes JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Not with any purpose, such as long term success, in mind.

              • cesco

                I believe I asked you what trade  BC could make in exchange for AB that could make the team BETTER
                . Obviously a Blatche ( + one or two other players to make salaries match ) and adding a third rookie to next year line-up ( Wizards pick ) is not something that BC think will make the team better unless Wash pick is #1 and they would not want to trade that pick would they . One possible trade could be for a near all star that can provide good defense AND replace Andrea scoring , spread the floor , get to the FT line , etc.. Do you know of one ? assuming of course you think the other team find it beneficial to make the trade .

                • Theswirsky

                  See there we go again.  Impatience. 

                  This isn’t about making the team better next year, its the year after, and the year after that and the year after that.  Long term.

                  You never answered my question Cesco

                • hye hye

                  Bargs can not be replaced, because the stuff he does for the Raptors are complicated,who is going to score for us,who is going to spread the floor for us am i right CESCO

                • Destro

                  He does nothing thats complicated perhaps you are watching a different team play…Hollow stats on a bad shooting FG % is hardly anything thats complicated…good looks on the stupidity tho…

                • Nilanka15

                  Inside joke dude.  Right over your head.

                • Destro

                  Even on sarcasm im not letting off the gas….

              • Raps4Ever

                “I’m going to give in to my better judgement and respond to you.  I already know I’m going to regret it though”
                Geez, whining is so ingrained in your character that you start to whine about a response before you get it.

                “they are wearing rose coloured glasses and drunk on italian koolaid. “, “Bargnani boys and ‘logic freaks’ such as yourself”
                Ha, and you immediately follow these with “are always changing the subject from the topic or issue to some personal attack or attempt to discredit”. Precious irony, immediately with the “personal attack”, but then you follow it up with your oft used tactic of re-direction (changing the subject anyone?): after offering a laughable “tangible alternative”, you then toss out “But let me ask yourself,  cesco and the other Bargnani boys out there
                (who so desperately seem to want others to offer ideas for them)… what
                do you guys think is an acceptable return for Bargnani?”. 1. Changing the subject 2. Speaking for myself, I’m neither desperate for ideas from you, nor do I see any point in trying to provide answers to justify your agenda of ridding the team of Bargs. You’re the one shouting to dump him all the time, so it’s on you to offer something other than bombastic whine.

                I asked you what wasn’t accomplished within the goals set out at the beginning of the year and you respond with “Finishing tearing down the roster……….”. When did your desire become part of BCs goal? Since your response has nothing to do with the question, would this qualify as changing the subject?

                The rest of your reply is the typical bombastic “I know better” stuff about steering the ship. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but if this ship has been causing you so much anguish for so long and you see no hope for anything better for years to come, what exactly are you getting of value in intently following this team and sharing your anger and anguish here on a daily basis. Surely you can think of more rewarding pass-times?

                • Theswirsky

                  and still the question is not answered.

                  Amazing how I explicitly said what you would do and BAAM you did it.

                  If you are anything p00ka your predictable.

                • Raps4Ever

                  haha, as always, can’t handle being called out on your bombastic bullshit and continue running around in circles desperately looking for some way to avoid looking like your prediction of “I’m going to regret it”. Dude, if I’m “predictable”, which sometimes is true, I’ll take that over what I would say about you and your act on here.

                • Theswirsky

                  called me out. lol what a joke.  I answer your question straight up and you claim I’m ‘disracting’ to distract from the topic itself.

                  hahah p00ka your a joke

                • Raps4Ever

                  ;), you predicted you’d regret. You should, but don’t know it, lol. Time to stomp off and vow to not respond again.

                • Theswirsky

                  Your right.  Thanks for reminding me.

                • Destro

                  If someone tells you get rid of the past BC remnants,for a respectable take and build going forward from now,how do you equate that to running in circles….smh

                • hye hye

                  p00ka is a fish

          • Lorenzo

            Telling a Raptor fan to be even more patient right now is laughable.

            • Destro

              telling a raptor fan that bargnani needs another season to show what he can do is laughable…

              • Lorenzo

                I agree. Anything else?

          • mountio

            Yes, we have one tradeable asset – AB. If the debate is whether or not we should have traded him – then we’ve had that one many times .. no need to rehash.
            Beyond that – our guys have NO value. Amir is literally untradeable. Same for Jose (we tried). Ed and DD you could get something for .. but either more raw (is that possible?) or worse contracts.
            The rest of our team are scrubs – not sure how any team would think they are an upgrade vs what they currently have.
            So – its fine to say “blow it up” .. but lets be practical with whats doable and what isnt.

            • Theswirsky

              well lets play this game in reverse.

              What was BC offered for Jose?  Did BC try and trade Amir? What was turned down?  What are the worse contracts and more raw players DD and Ed are traded for?

              I find its hilarious that when I think player X or Y should be moved I have to ‘prove’ BC did, can’t, won’t etc trade him.  But a Bargnani boy can just randomly state the same thing with another player (in the same thread no less) and its the way it is.

              Yes… ” lets be practical with whats doable and what isnt”

              If all these core players hold so little value (untradeable), and are so ‘raw’, and have bad contracts… how does BC plan to make the playoffs next year?  Why is he so ready to go?  Isn’t that a sure sign of his inability to be an effective GM? 

              Oh yeah still no one has answered my question……

              • mountio

                The point is actually much simpler. You complain about everything – AB, BC, the team, the coach, the organization. Is there anything about the Raps that you like?
                The only thing that is good enough for you, by definition, is something else. And when that something else comes .. the only thing that will be good enough is something else again.
                If thats your point of view, then fair enough .. I guess thats what sites like this are for – to complain.
                My point of view is different. I think we are making strides. I think we did what we should have done this year (I would have taken a few more losses .. but cest la vie). I think we have a good young player coming over in JV, hopefully a top 5ish draft pick to add to him and maybe a free agent. In the NBA world, thats a BIG overhaul (not to mention potential trades).
                You want more (well, you actually just want to complain .. but none the less). Get rid of em all! Replace them with great, young, two way players that are good character guys. Sure, Id love that too .. but in the real world, Id rather focus on what is actually possible. And in that world, I think we are doing ok. Would i prefer to be a playoff team? Um .. ya. Do I think BC is perfect? AB? Far from in both cases.
                But we are where we are and I think we are headed in the right direction.

                • Theswirsky

                  clearly you don’t actually read what I write.

                  As I don’t complain about half the stuff you claim I do.  BC – Andrea – Demar.  Thats where my problems lie.

                  And as for Andrea and Demar, its about how they are used and how much emphasis is put on them.

                  And again I stated pretty clearly its about cleaning out the core… not getting rid of “them all”

                  Still didn’t answer my question…..

                • mountio

                  I assume you are talking about your question buried in a cesco response about what I think is an acceptable return for AB.
                  I dont think Im dramatically different than you. A high first round pick for sure I would do (not sure Id want to take back something as Blatche (and no one else really works on the wizards) ..
                  I dont think a mid first rounder makes sense.
                  Something like Paul George and West from Indiana for AB and DD? Id think about that.
                  Would I trade him for a “glue guy” like DuJuan blair or kendrick perkins? No
                  In short .. a high pick without a crazy amount of liability (ie Blatche) attached. Yes
                  A good (but not great) young player. yes
                  A  player that brings little offensively and/or doesnt have a chance to be a top 3 player on a good team? No

                • mountio

                  Did that answer your question? Are you happy now? Likely not .. on to the rest rant ..

                • mountio

                  And to your claim that I dont read what you are saying.. just scroll up .. you mention needing to replace “the core” and call out Jose, AB, DD and Amir specifically. Who again are you satisfied with on the team? Solo?

                  “Finishing tearing down the roster. The start of a real rebuild. This teams roster is almost the same as last year with a handful of low minute players as the ‘change’. The heavy minute players are almost the same as the year before (Amir, Jose, Derozan, Bargnani)” 

                • Theswirsky

                  I actually didn’t ‘call those guys out’, I took note how there is no change in the heavy minute players over the years.  I think its pretty clear, and has been, that the ‘core’ players are AB and DD.

                  Almost everyone else on the team I could care less about because they are bit parts.  Jose is the exception and I think he is the only legit starter that doesn’t need specific players surrounding him at every position to be effective.

              • cesco

                If BC had to answer you question it would be by showing you the finger so we think that is the best answer and we will leave it at that .

                • Theswirsky

                  still didn’t answer my question…. if you don’t want to fine.  But then don’t bother asking me similar questions or expect me to respond to them.

                • Raps4Ever

                  Fk, you’re unreal with this “answer the question” chant of yours. Why the hell should anyone even care to try and satisfy your request to supply justification for your opinion. An opinion, that as presented, they’re questioning?

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Gut the team starting wih the 2 longest tenured Raptors under BC- AB & Jose!!

            • hye hye

              who is going to spread the floor and score the 20 points on 17 shots that Bargs brings to the table and don’t forget about the matchup problem for other teams just ask CESCO 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        BC’s coaching change was to bring in Casey, JDavis, Sterner while keeping Nori, Hughes & Roth from Jay’s staff.

        More over Casey said his coaching regime wasn’t a change from Jay’s era but a continuation thereof which saw the focus seemingly go from offense to defense with the end result being the Raptors still lost far more games than they won- culture change or more of the same?

        Until both Jose and Bargnani are traded away the Raptors will stagnate in the Lottery……

        BC tanked for the 8th pick…wow….smh lol

    • Jay.M

      How is saying that we need a PG of the future disrespecting to Jose? Jose is the PG of the present, and near, short-term future, when BC says he needs a PG of the future, he’s thinking long-term. I very much doubt that Jose will age well like Steve Nash because he doesn’t have the basketball smarts Steve does or Kidd does, and has an injury history. He’s getting paid what, 8 mil a season and you think that’s management disrespecting him? Lol funny dude, and that “Nash is criminally overrated” line takes the cake.

  • c_bcm

    I think his comments regarding Ed, jj, and aj are mostly lip service. There is rarely a situation where a gm should say “I am trading this guy, because we don’t need him to be successful”. What kind of trade value does that give him? Not much. I think he said this to let the rest of the league know that they can still be a part of a good team. Ultimately trades will be done, and at least one of those three are gone. Likely Amir. So don’t worry, the core was not suddenly expanded to include the entire team….

  • Nate

    Arse I usually like your articles but the constant negativity is mentally draining to read…

  • FAQ

    The Toronto Raptors will not be and never be a playoff team in our lifetimes… believe it.

    Why?  Guess!  Hint: … the good ol’ USA …..

    • cesco

       If you never post here again , RR overall IQ will double if not triple .

      • Destro

        Impossible as long as you and cesco,the italian bert and ernie remain…

    • Bendit

      “Good ol’ USA”?  lol. You were getting a bit stale but now nauseatingly troll-like and unnecessarily faux patriotic. We dont wave flags around these parts especially when discussing pro sports teams. 

    • theycallmeZZ

       Really? I recall that we were a playoff team 4 years ago… which means that they were a playoff team in our lifetimes

      but probably not yours since you’re talking like a 3 year old

    • Lorenzo

      Why are you even here? You’re clearly not a fan of the Raptors and keep typing the same useless shit over and over again. Which btw is not true, why would good players want to come to a shitty team?

      • Destro

        neither are you,you’re a bargnani stan nothing more…

        • Lorenzo

          I find that hilarious, not one thing that I have EVER written on this site indicates that I am a Bargnani fanboy.

          I dont even like Bargnani that much, but when you and your crustyass alter-ego start saying the dumbest shit I got no choice to reply with something that’s relevant. You’re just a little butthurt bitch. suck it queer

          • Destro

            When you repeat that hes an elite all star calibre player going to lead this team to the playoffs next year on 42 % shooting,29 % from 3 and 5 rebounds it shows your a cocksocking fan boy who would sell his car for one kiss from bargnani….

            • Lorenzo

              I think you’re a little confused, I never wrote that, nor do i feel that way. Just making shit up like always since you have no argument

               I don’t think Bargnani is an allstar at all because if guys like Jsmoove are getting snubbed with that type of season well the theres no way he deserves to make the team unless he played like he did in those 13 games all season.

  • Roarque

    As we wrap up the season I’d like to add my voice to those who enjoyed the regular contributors. Let’s think positive thoughts about what the management of the team can do this summer and let’s hope Dwane gets some rest so he can do a repeat on his tireless efforts to motivate next years edition.

    One wish if I may – sign Steve Nash – just because I love to watch him dish the rock. 

  • Mike D

    The important thing is that Colangelo is still in charge.  His tenure here has been great, and I look forward to much more of the same!!

    • 2damkule

      missed you this year.

    • Ad Rock

      cmooooooan and get sum !!!!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Btw Casey/BC can not refer to ABargnani as a young player he’s going into his 7th season and is a year into his 2nd NBA contract..
    This team’s youngest player is 22 year old DDerozan.
    The Raptors are in the middle of the pack in terms of roster age/experience.

    • Lorenzo

      That actually makes no sense, in what way would a “long” tenure at a job determine if you were to be called old? 26 is still pretty young in NBA standards. But then again we are talking about Bargnani so I’m not surprised that you had to bring him up.

      • Truthkiller

        26 is usually when guys enter their prime and if Bargnani’s prime is 20 inefficient points, pylon defense and 5 measly rebounds…. then i really am at a lost of words.

      • BCBargnaniCalderonGots2Go!!!

        You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for today- enjoy & congrats…smh lol

        People who compare regular jobs to playing in the NBA <<<<<

        • Lorenzo

          You also could’ve just typed “You’re right, but I have nothing to say so I’m going to use my escape method to not look like a fool”

          And btw, I didn’t say I was comparing a regular job to playing in NBA at all if you actually understood what I was saying. I said the length at which you do something in no way whatsoever determines you’re age. And I said “job”, if I’m not mistaken, playing in the NBA is a job.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Try again, buddy.lmfao

            • Lorenzo

              Try what again?

            • Ihatehaters

              Dude, you are retarded.

        • ^^DipShit

          Nobody takes your posts seriously, really just GTFO… you’ve been wearing the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for the entire year… smh lol

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            And you speak for everyone, huh, my delusional friend. lmfao at u 2

            Btw- u can’t come up with your own style so you try to flip mine’s you non creative mofo’er.lol

            • Rob

              You didn’t invent the “Stuck on stupid phrase,” buddy, it’s been around for ages. The only association you have with it is that it applies to you.

            • ^^DipShit

              Delusional sure, but the reality is that there are 10+ people here that agree with me.

              On this website you’ll find the obvious raptor fans, trolls and then there’s you, just a sad and pathetic person.

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                10 plus people?

                Reality check- wow……..and you call me sad & pathetic- just look at BC’s Raptors buddy. lmfao at u again

          • Destro

            Excuse me son but its copyrighted,feel free to enter the context next season…

        • Destro

          By my count Lorenzo has won the stuck on stupid annual award given to the poster with the most daily and weekly stuck on stupid nominations…….unofficial poll results :

          Lorenzo 48
          Cesco 32
          CJT 20
          Voy 15
          Nilanka 11
          Rob 9
          Raptorrealist 6
          AB5.5 5
          bendit 4
          Mountio 3
          Brad 2

          Congrats L-Zo

          Let us know where to send your prize (Maurizio Gherardini bobblehead)

          • hye hye

            you forgot raps4life/p00kie/caseyDaman

            • Lorenzo

              Go ahead change your name a couple more times, we still know who you are

          • Lorenzo

            Lmfao, do you know this guy in real life? why are you so protective when i was just saying the truth.

            Oh wait, its the same f*cking person. SMH.

  • NyAlesund

    This team is shi_t , AB, JC are overrated. This team is good, this team is poor in talent, this team need to be changed completely, BC is a bad GM, BC made a lot of mistakes, this team is not competitive, this team is going to lose another season, this team doesn’t have enough talent………………………

    The only thing that we agree is Casey. The only good thing in a long time.

    Can we take a breath for a while and WAIT the damn off season before starting to yell about everything?

    • hye hye


  • DC

    This team sucks ass. Good luck making the playoffs with this sorry ass squad with AB and JC leading them. Honestly where do the homers expect this team to go in 5 years with this sorry as management and “franchise players” (cough…AB… cough DD). Newsflash people stars are the ones that win and lead you to the promised land. Good keep AB and DD as the franchise players we can fight for the 7th- 8th seed every year for the right to get knocked out by the Heat, Bulls, Celtics, Magic or Indy (all teams with tons more talent then this hell the hawks too). But thats what the homers say what counts. 

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    This team will make the PO next year.Dwayne Casey will be leading them, make no mistakes. A true Leader and D Guru. Bring a J Terry or R Allen caliber player and let the haters talk

    • DC

      Lol lmao dude put down the vodka. You’ve had too much.