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You’ve only got three days left to submit your Raptor Republic Reader Draft Rankings! Obviously, that is Focus #1 for everyone here. But we needed something to do in the meantime, for those of us who have already submitted our rankings, or those of us who have found themselves mocking up both full rounds and just can’t decide who we should take if we somehow manage to get the #60 pick – Khris Middleton, Casper Ware, Snoop Heymans, Ognjen Kuzmic or Joffrey Lauvergne? – and need a break. Only one of those names is fake, by the way.

So what to do while we await the compiling of the composite draft rankings of Raps Nation? Well, since there’s no sense in projecting who we may be able to nab in the 2nd round (the Raptors have the #37 and #56 pick) due to the volatility in mock drafts beyond the lottery, I thought it may be better to examine the plausibility of something many fans apparently want to see – the Raptors acquiring another 1st round pick.

Now, whether or not this is a good idea is debatable. The team is already young, already has Jonas coming in, their lottery pick coming in, and probably one of their two 2nd round picks coming in.That puts the roster at 11, which could expand to 12 if Jerryd Bayless is tendered a qualifying offer, and 13 if Solo Alabi’s team option is picked up (both of these are likely to varying degrees). Here’s a look at the Raptors salary cap situation under various scenarios:

Confirmed: Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson, Linas Kleiza, DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis, James Johnson, Gary Forbes
Salary Committed: $41.0M
Projected Cap Space: $19.0M (I am assuming a $60M cap for a nice round number, and based on a few estimates I found online)
Notes: The team also holds it’s Amnesty Provision, so in a scenario where they decline Solo’s option, leave Jonas in Europe, and don’t bring in any of their picks, they could conceivably have as much as $30M in cap space, though this is wildly unrealistic and would be pointless.

Likely: Jerryd Bayless ($4.2M qualifying offer, assuming he accepts or negotiates a similar deal), Solo Alabi ($0.9M team option), Jonas Valanciunas ($3.3M, based on previous #5 picks), Lottery Pick X ($5.2M for a #1, $2.5M for the #8, which we’ll use here)
Salary Committed: $51.9M
Projected Cap Space: $8.1M
Notes: You could certainly argue whether or not Bayless being tendered a qualifying offer should fall into the “likely” category, but I included him here for the time being. This would change based on who is selected with that first pick, who is available on the market, and whether or not another first could be acquired.

Possible: 2nd Round Pick X (minimum salary, let’s use $0.8M), 2nd Round Pick Z (again, $0.8M)
Notes: Negligible impact to the cap, but this would put the roster at 14 players, which would leave the team a little over the mid-level amount to sign a 15th player. It seems highly unlikely the team would opt for this plan and leave themselves so little roster flexibility for the summer months.

A note on cap holds: Technically, the team would still own the rights to Bayless, Julian Wright, Aaron Gray, Sonny Weems, Jamaal Magloire, Alan Anderson, and Ben Uzoh. Each of these players comes with a “cap hold” since the Raptors still maintain their Bird rights (or something). Thus, if the Raptors wanted to utilize the various cap space amounts listed above, they would have to renounce the rights to each of these players to clear their cap hold off the book (or, alternatively, sign them back, decreasing the cap space available). This may be as much as paper shuffling, but in the case of Bayless ($9.1M cap hold), it would behoove the team to make the decision earlier than later.

So, if we look at the decision in terms of cap space and roster flexibility, it seems acquiring another 1st rounder would require the team to jettison a player or two, whether via letting Bayless walk, utilizing the Amnesty provision, or making a trade. However, if the Raptors are dead set on acquiring another first rounder, perhaps to add a point guard to the mix with a wing player from their lottery pick, could they potentially acquire one?

Unless the salary cap drops off significantly, the Mavericks could potentially have enough cap space to trade for Dwight Howard and sign Deron Williams. The moves would require them to somehow convince Orlando that this is to their benefit (they have literally no players to offer if they clear enough cap space), as well as make two difficult roster moves – Amnestying Brendan Haywood (eating a fair amount of salary), and trading Shawn Marion.

That’s where we come in – with potentially open roster spots and cap space available to send back just a Traded Player Exception, the Raptors could help the Mavericks by taking on the last year and $8.4M of Marion’s deal (there’s also an Early Termination Option for $9.0M in 2013-14 which he’s unlikely to utilize, so it’s essentially still a two-year deal). In return, the Mavericks could offer the Raptors the #17 pick (which they traded to the Lakers for Lamar Odom, but kept it top-20 protected).

Note: Teams are unable to trade 1st round picks in back-to-back years, but I have to claim ignorance on how this is handled for “protected” picks like the one the Mavs owe the Lakers. I’m assuming they are free to trade this pick (they could do so “after” the pick is made to circumvent any rules, I’m sure).

Houston has picks #14 and #16, and picked at #14 last year. They are a team that has maintained success annually despite lacking star power, but they’ve been desperately trying to acquire a marquee player for some time. While the Raptors can’t offer such a player for one of these picks, it’s definitely possible they could lend their cap space in a multi-team trade. It’s also possible, though not very likely, that the Raptors could explore trading their #8 pick for this pair of later picks, assuming they really like two of the players in this range (I don’t advocate this, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility).

Boston owns picks #21 and #22. If they commit to a re-tooling around Pierce and Rondo rather than continuing with the Big Three Plus One formula (KG and Ray Ray are free agents), they’ll definitely hang on to these picks to add some young players for next year. That said, if Danny Ainge decides the team needs to stay in win-now mode, these are tradeable assets they may be willing to part with for even competent rotation players (I think we have some, though I can’t be sure), as they only have six players under contract, and only four of them play (Rondo, Pierce, Bradley, and Brandon Bass If He Exercises His Option). If they go this route, the Celtics desperately need some front-court players, and we’re flush.

Other Scenarios
As always, draft day trades can also come out of nowhere. Maybe the Cavaliers don’t want a second pick. Maybe the Nets get dropped in the lottery, and the Blazers don’t want to add multiple rookies to a squad ready to win soon. Maybe maybe maybe.

My Take
I don’t love the idea of grabbing another first given our options, unless it’s coupled with another trade to free up some roster space. If it were me, I’d likely hold on to the Amnesty Provision for the time being, renounce the rights to all of the players with cap holds (yes, including Bayless), roll with our 8 players under contract, plus Jonas and the lottery pick and the early 2nd rounder, exercise Solo’s option as bench filler, use the late 2nd rounder on a Euro-stash, and play with the 3 roster spots and $10-12M to fill out the squad.

What are your thoughts? The whole point of this article, I guess, was to begin to lay out the offseason and foster discussion on a few potential offseason strategies. And a reminder, get your Draft Rankings submissions in by Sunday!

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  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Keep: Calderon Bayless DeRozan JJ Anderson Bargnani Valanciunas Amir J Gray  Magloire Alabi Uzoh

    Trade : ED Kleiza Forbes

    Add: Ray Allen or Jason Terry + Brendon Rush + Ariza

    Pick: Wait and see draft night

    • Nilanka15

      So you’re suggesting a lineup of:


      I smell 25 wins.

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4


        Allen or Terry

        I m not sure about 25 wins.Maybe 24

        • 2damkule

          so, the lineup that won at a .348 clip will…drop to a .292 WP by adding a highly touted 5 (who would be a top-3 pick – at worst – in this draft), another lottery pick (not accounted for in these pretend rosters), and the addition of decent veteran bench depth?  not to mention a healthy roster, not playing a condensed schedule, with not just an actual training camp, but practice time?  look, i’m about as skeptical as they come, but i have a hard time understanding how they could be so substantially worse if they do nothing than add JV & this year’s pick…shit, even if both of them are nothing but bench/role players next year, you’d have to think that they’d improve as a team through nothing more than experience & good coaching.  they won 23 fucking games this year (out of 66) with about as mishy-mashy, injury-riddled, D-League-filled roster as you’re likely to find this side of the swamps of jersey. 

          i’m not suggesting they’ll crack 40 wins (though i wouldn’t be shocked, if we’re being honest), but if JV is even 75% of what his most pessimistic projections suggest, they should be good for around 35.  not great, obviously, but a start in the right direction…maybe even pressing for a playoff spot?

      • Derozan2011

         your fucking high on crack or some shit bro. Just leave and take your AB7 friend with you. You two are complete morons

        • Nilanka15

          And the winner of the “biggest overreaction of the year” award goes to…

        • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

          I like your answer. As a Loser you can’t understand but it’s very interesting to notice how a blogsite can instigate “solitary losers” to hate on others. When several RR calls define Raptors players as dogs or clowns during the year, what can you expect ? A good solution could be Glyphosate

    • Brian B

       Sweet Dreaming.

      Ray Allen and Jason Terry will both go to teams in “win now” mode, not teams in year 5 of a 3 year rebuilding plan. Ariza will seek same, and likely find.   Rush is a restricted FA who GA wants to retain- so to get him = to overpay.

      • Brian B

         correction – Ariza is under contract til 2013.

      • jeffdg

        Exactly, and JTerry is certainly not going to come off the Raptors bench!!

      • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

        I trust Casey. He has got a ring. He has a good reputation in the League. This team is going to the PO next year. The players asked to add experience. Casey wants “shooters”.Hopefully wasnt speaking of Kapono or Novak.
        A sweet dream would be “The Truth” as SF giving to Boston ED, the pick and whatever needed to. I m not spending time dreaming on a 8th pick that maybe will be the next MJ or KD only if,if,if,if.

    • jeffdg

      How many draft picks are NOH going to give you for taking Ariza’s contract? 


      raptors really are due for a breakout pick or someone who can turn this ship around. 
      Lets all pray we get into the top 1-3 pick range where we can pick up a legitimate piece to put us over the top

      We need a # 1 option – via free agency, or luck in draft 

      We have a Great coach! casey managed to do quite a bit with very little, good attitude / nice control over players

      Jonas V – A lot of potential hopefully he meets it , good attitude + work ethic  – COULD BE GLUE PLAYER LIKE A NOAH 

      Barnani – Bargs is a legit 2ND OPTION on a good team, he has tonnes of skill, another year with casey, more to play for may result in a much improved bargs. 

      8th pick or higher – maybe we catch a break get a good high pick and pick up someone like MKG 

      Derozan – derozan is a good player, has shown signs of beeing above average player moving on should be our 3RD OPTION

      RAPTORS :   1ST OPTION ??
                         2ND OPTION – BARGS
                         3RD OPTION – DEROZAN
                         GLUE PLAYER / DEFENCIVE PRESCENCE – J V 

      KEEP :         


      get rid of:      
      ED DAVIS = AT BEST AN  ALMOST AVERAGE BACKUP PF                                      





      • cow

         That button between shift and tab is the caps lock button. Activates a little light on your keyboard if you press it.

  • Nilanka15

    There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding this offseason for Colangelo.  I just hope he actually does something.  I would hate to come back next year with the same roster, plus 2 rookies and Trevor Ariza (for example).  That would be a colossal let down.

    • 2damkule

      really?  i’d think that coming into next season with 2 lottery picks (one of whom would – in all likelihood – be the 2nd overall pick in this draft) & a FA would be a pretty good return in one summer for almost every rebuilding team in the L.  i’m more wary of BC going all yosemite sam & firing off trades left & right just to do ‘something.’ 

      • Nilanka15

        2 lottery picks and a FA essentially means that our “core” still consists of Bargnani, DeRozan, and Calderon (and potentially the FA).  I can envision many scenarios where this will be good enough.

        • Nilanka15

          *can’t envision…*

          • 2damkule

            that’s ok (that you think so).  i don’t see the team as having a ‘core’ at all – well, at least one that’s currently on the team. 

            some will look at this season as a waste, since not many questions were answered about specific players (namely, ED, DD & bargs), for various reasons.  but to me, the fact that questions remain about them is – to me – enough of an answer.  that is: if you don’t know by now, then the answer, more than likely, is that they aren’t guys you build around.  that doesn’t mean they can’t be pieces of a successful rotation, or important contributors to a good team.

          • sleepz


      • FLUXLAND

        Seems to me you are picking the lesser of two evils because BC’s record sucks on both counts. In the end, does it really matter?

        And (in part a reply to your lineup post) you are completely dismissing chemistry – BC’s biggest problem is that he does not know how to assemble teams. It’s not a checklist for assembling an IKEA shelf (even your post sounds like it: picks/check; JV/check; training camp/check), in the end individual player skills mean nothing if the players do not mesh or want to play together. (see: DD & Bargs)

        Not to mention, rookies on “rebuilding” teams are worried about their next contract and have their own agendas, especially on a team where there are no vets to respect or players they may have admired as kids.

  • 2damkule

    normally, i’m against trading picks…but unless  they get into the top 2 & can take davis (1) or MKG (2), i’m thinking that may be the best route.  well, as long as the same basic philosophy is used when dealing that pick, and not deal the pick & filler for an already-past-his-prime 3rd tier ‘star.’

    as for keepers – there’s no such thing as an ‘untouchable,’ but JV is probably the closest on this team.  realistically, they have to field a roster, so i assume that until/unless deals can be made for them, guys like jose, DD, ED, amir, LK & bargs will be back.  if it were me, i’d keep bargs – not as a building block, but to enhance his trade value…teams will always be intrigued by him, but i’m guessing his stock is low considering his injury history & what turned out to be a lost season (i.e. no questions about him were really answered).  it would be nice to get his value higher & then see what’s out there on the market.  it would also be nice to see how he jells with a guy like JV.

    amnesty candidate is – as much as i hate to admit it, because i’m a fan – amir.  he’d be a valuable trade chip if he made 25% less, but i can’t see teams lining up to offer anything substantive for a guy who’s energy & committment seemed to wax & wane, and who, even when at his best, is a slightly above-average garbage man/hustle & energy guy.  jose has legit trade value due to his actual abilities & expiring contract, so he’s not really an option, as he can return value at the TD…and LK is out because i’m guessing they’d want him around to mentor JV (at least for the 1st year)…and because his salary isn’t prohibitive enough to make much difference.  oh, and when he’s right, he can play a bit.

    the rest of the roster…well, there’s not much out there in terms of FA.  dragic is appealing, but i’m not sure he’s a primary PG on a contending team – he’d certainly be a good option to bridge the gap between jose & whoever is deigned the heir to the PG throne.  i can’t see TO being a desirable destination, as he’d look to sign with a team where he knows he’ll start – and for a considerable chunk of $$ – with jose, that likely wouldn’t be the case in TO.  still a huuuge hole at SF, though i’m not really sure what’s ‘out there’ to remedy it.  they’ll have a shot at barnes around 8, depending on how his workouts go, and as much as i’m against picking him in the top-5, at the 8, that’s a good value pick.  SG is also a big hole, i have zero confidence that DD, at this point, is ever going to be more than a poor man’s nick young…so if beal, for some reason, slips to their spot (8th or worse). 

    essentially, outside of davis or MKG, anyone other than beal or barnes at the 8th spot should be dealt.  if they somehow land beals, move DD to SF as a stop-gap until they can arrive at a more permanent solution.

    • Theswirsky

      I can’t emphasis enough how terrible of an idea, I believe, trading this years (or any years) pick would be for the Raptors.

      The draft exists for teams like the Raptors.  That is, teams that have problems signing FAs.  Draft picks tend to be the best value players in the league (thanks to rookie scale contracts), and a team is more or less ensured 7 years of service (if they want it) by said player because of restricted free agency rules. (don’t get me wrong we’ve seen more than one player force their way off a team, but it is very rare for a rookie to not return to the team that drafted them after their first contract is up)

      This years draft is still deep.  And while there isn’t a sure thing after Anthony Davis, and better players do tend to be selected higher in the draft, we see time and time again that there is almost always high class players available later in the draft.

      Considering where the Raps are and the talent they have, the Raps should be doing one of 2 things this offseason:

      1) trying to move up in the draft
      2) trying to add another lottery pick

      Yes this probably makes the team younger and yes it probably means not improving next year… but assuming BC doesn’t mangle the draft picks (which, don’t get me wrong, is a huge assumption) this team will be building a better base of talent and assets moving forward.

      • Nilanka15

        I agree.  I’m against moving the pick (even if we drop to 11th).  Unless of course Colangelo is blown out of the water with an offer.

        • 2damkule

          to me, that kind of mindset makes no sense.  what is the actual difference in terms of value b/w the 8th & 11th pick?  i don’t have the time to look back on draft histories, but i’d wager that the players selected 8th have had very similar careers to those selected 11th.  further, if they’re moving down even 3 spots, they’re obviously only doing it if they’re getting something in return, even if that’s just a prospect or 2nd rounder.  i’m not advocating swapping the 8th pick for philly’s 1st rounder & elton brand’s albatross of a contract, but i think i made it pretty clear what they should be looking for if they are shopping the pick…and that if they don’t get what they want, they make the pick.

          • Nilanka15

            I wasn’t suggesting trading down to 11.  Just pointing out a worst-case scenario on lottery night.

            But I believe there are some very intriguing picks available in the 7-11 range.

      • 2damkule

        IMO, trading the pick (if 8th or worse) & a fringe rotation player (take your pick, there’s plenty) and/or a young prospect (davis? derozan?) in order to acquire a legit young veteran & perhaps a later pick would go further to improving this particular team – all things considered – than would a player taken 8th.  that’s just my opinion, obviously.  once you get outside the top-5-ish in any draft (and even this one, despite it’s purported depth), drafting for ‘need’ becomes a greater reality (vs. drafting solely on BPA).  and like i said, if it’s a particular player they’ve targeted at 8 (or worse), and that player is the BPA & fills a need, then fire away.  bear in mind, both derozan & davis were picks that checked off both boxes, to one degree or another, so be careful what you wish for.

        at some point, you have to stop focusing on acquiring young talent, and start filling holes.  when teams target players in trades or via FA, they do so based on need.  in a draft, although everyone likes to talk about how it only makes sense to draft the BPA & let things sort out down the road, that’s really only true for the elite prospects, those who are going to be difference-makers & thus make subsequent roster changes worth it.  if  john fucking henson is there at 8, and he’s the proverbial BPA, do the raps take him?  if so, what the fuck for?  if the BPA at 8 is meh, and there isn’t a guy there who fills a need, then use the pick as an asset.

        • Theswirsky

          I don’t agree that a team needs to stop acquiring young talent.  On the contrary I think a team should constantly be doing that.  Not to a large extent obviously, but I think every year you want an infusion of youth in hopes of keeping a team relevant in the long run.   I’ll use San Antonio as an example.  They are constantly keeping their picks, adding them, moving up etc and thats why they are working on 15 years straight as an NBA contender.  They may not always keep the player long term, but they can be at worst solid assets

          As you stated above, and I agree with, the Raps don’t have a core yet… the question marks are still question marks and that doesn’t bode well for the team.  And thats why the Raps need to assemble the core, and the best way for this team to do that is through the draft. 

          I also don’t agree you fill a need, especially in the top 10 (thats what results in the Derozan’s of the league), or at any pick per se.  But rather a team fills a need when they are ready to compete and make a run.  Most of the time that will fall outside of the lottery, or perhaps occasionally at the end of it.  

        • mountio

          This is a little different. If you can package the pick with DD (Ed has little value) for someone better than DD from his same class .. then maybe that makes sense. But who fits the bill? Blake/Harden/Rubio – not happening. Tyreke or Steph Curry? Maybe .. Jrue Holliday, Ty Lawson seems like we are overpaying ..

          Interested in the types of players you think are realsitc (obviously Ive just looked at DD’s draft class as a start since I think the premise is we need to stay resonably young)

          • sleepz

            Good point. Steph or Jrue would both be acceptable substitutions.

            The other names cannot be obtained for a pick and DD.

      • sleepz


      • mountio

        Im with you on this. Who are we realistically going to get back for the pick? Not someone good enough to make a difference. We are at the ponit as a franchise where the only hope is to roll the dice with young guys – and draft picks are the best way to do this. If there is a first / 2nd year player out there with anywhere near the upside of whoever we can draft, then why would someone trade them?
        More likely, we could get a middle of the road 5th / 6th year player with a not so great contract .. dont we already have enough of them?

        • CJT

          ultimately the goal is to assemble a core of players which I think most of us agree that they don’t have yet.  Then the infusion of young talent makes great sense, like the Spurs who can afford to let young talent experience a winning situation with players who know how to play and win.  It seems the only way for the Raps to get to that point or at least start that journey is more of an infusion. 

    • sleepz

      Is trading picks ideal for a franchise like ours? if you get a chance to draft a player on a fixed salary (and low one I might add) for the next 4 years why not draft the player and develop him?

      Most of the bets players in franchise history have come to us via that route.

      I’d much rather take J.Lamb at pick 7-9 then trade the pick for a re-tread vet who’s last desire is to come and play for the Raps. It can work if you find the right vet but outside fo Oak and A. Davis there hasn’t been much recent success going this route.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Keep the 2012 Lottery pick- it’s a movement!!

  • OnTheRightTrack

    I believe that based on Colangelo’s comments around pre-july 1 flexibility that this is his plan.
    1. Leverage $12 million in cap space pre-July 1 to:
          a) Add a premium young veteran from a team looking to create space in return for this years or next years first rounder and a yound player (Davis, Johnson, Johnson) – candidates might be Granger,Gay, etc.
          b) Take back a big contract into open cap space in addition to another first round pick. Example: Okafor.

    2. By fully utilizing all cap space before July 1st:
           a) We maintain Barbosa TPE to be used after July 1st
           b) We retain Bird rights on Bayless and others for resigning or sign and trade
           c) We have mid level and bi-annual exceptions available to us
           d) Don’t need to worry about cap holds for draft picks as you can sign your own even if over the cap.
    By taking this approach we are maximizing our ability to add impact young veteran talent, we also avoid having to significantly overpay to attract free agents (and we never get the ones we want) as there are a plethora of teams with significnt cap space after July 1st.

    Imagine the possibilities if this is the route BC takes!

    • 2damkule

      good points, though i don’t think a TPE exists from the barbosa trade.  they’re significantly under the cap, and will be prior to Jul 1st (as you point out), which allows them to get a jump on the competition in terms of making lopsided trades (from a $$ standpoint, taking on significantly more $$ in a trade than they send out).

      • OnTheRightTrack

        The TPE does exist, but only if they are over the cap. If they can get over the cap by July 1st, it carries over until 1 year from the Barbosa trade. If they do not it disappears on June 30th. TPE’s only have value if you are over the cap. The flexibility that Colangelo has built allows them to leverage all the flexibility of an under the cap team and an over the cap team in the same summer. A very unusual circumstance.

        • 2damkule

          hmm…i thought the determination of whether the TPE ‘existed’ was based on team payroll at the time of the trade.  FWIW, when the deal was initially made, i assumed (as did others) that there was a TPE, but was put in my place in short order….

          • OnTheRightTrack

            I suppose it is semantics – it exists but isn’t really usable right now because they are so far under the cap – but as I said, if they do get over the cap it becomes an asset once again. So if BC doesn’t do anything before the draft to leverage his assets – then he will be “giving away” a TPE, Mid-level, Bi- annual and potentially bird rights to Bayless and others depending on the order he does stuff.

          • Matt52

             Every team has exceptions available to them every year and they get added to the cap figure – but have no monetary value if they go unused – even if they are below the cap.  For teams to make use of their lack of payroll in free agency, they have to renounce any combination of exceptions and cap holds that gets them under the salary cap enough to cover the offer.

            Hopefully that makes sense.

    • CJT

      This was very interesting to read, thanks for the insight in to the finacial situation.

    • Statement

      Thanks for the interesting info

      • OnTheRightTrack

        Glad I could add some value

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Andrea Bargnani doesn’t have a nose for the basketball- BC

    • OnTheRightTrack

      This is news to you? And this is your contribution to this thread? I’ve been reading on this site for months (including your posts) and just started posting. Do you have any original thoughts or do you just continually spew out the same nonsense about management, coaching and players sucking?

      • 2damkule

        unfortunately, the former outnumbers the latter by about a 45:1 ratio.

        • Bill

          Unless I’m interpreting this wrong I think you mean 1:45, because he has one original thought to forty-five ones about management/coaching/players sucking.

          • mountio

            Whichever way you express it .. 1:45 or 45:1 .. I think we all know which one is the 45 ..

          • cesco

             More like one in a thousand .

          • 2damkule

            yup, my bad…vice versa.  meant the latter outnumbers the former.

      • CJT

        Welcome to the forum. 

        • hye hye

          trust me p00kie has been around for a long time

          • Nikolai

            All you have to do is watch who responds to Gots2Go posts and that’s most likely p00ka as he has a forum Jones for Gots2Go from my RR experience.

            p00ka has single handily ruined this forum that’s why he keeps changing his sign in name like we regulars won’t take notice.

            • OnTheRightTrack

              Don’t know who p00ka is, but I am not him or her. I am just a guy who enjoys reading peoples opinions, whether I agree with them or not. I am sure BCSte… has some interesting opinions, I just haven’t seen any. All I see from him/her is the same mindless bashing over and over.

              • Nilanka15

                You said above that you’ve been reading RR for months.  If that were true, you would definitely know who p00ka is.

                • OnTheRightTrack

                  Nope, don’t recognize the name. Recognize yours, 2damkule (did there used to be a “yert” in that name?),AB7, Matt, mountio, sleepz, ceez and a few others. Focus more on the content than the author. Likely to make note of author if content is intetresting or annoying.

          • CJT

            I was welcoming him/her to the inane world of gotstogo comments. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        It was a recent BC quote taken from the Raptors season ending presser.

        Wow, another Stan type person
        pure sucka bred with no rehearsing
        I can cuss out without even cursing

        • ^^^Dipshit

          Here’s a quote “You gots2go!!!”

        • Gar

          Yes it was a recent quote, but not news in any way to anyone who has watched him play. What does it have to do with this thread, other than another opportunity for you to say something negative. You obviously are an avid follower of the team, why not share your construcive thoughts about this team – or are you afraid to.

          Don’t get me wrong, if you want BC, ES, DC, AB and others gone that’s fine. But tell us about who you’d want, what you’d want them to do and how we would get from here to there.

          Your thinking on why you think the people you want would be capable of getting it done would also be interesting.

          This makes for interesting dialogue.

          Are you up to that?

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            In the words of Melle Mel- Step, step step, step, step off….

            • OnTheRightTrack

              I figured as much

            • hye hye

              easy B thats P00KA

              • CJT

                Whoever it is or is not it was nice to get a perspective on the cap space issues, the TPE etc.  They added some value to the thread don’t ya think?

      • hye hye

        hi P00kie

        • Raps4Ever

          lmfao,,, paranoid fool sees p00ka coming around every new corner, and uses a “special” tag to spew it, lol. You are “special”.

  • Derozan

    Nilanka is a dumbass case closed 

  • Justb89

    Raps keep – jose, DD, Bargs, J.J, E.D, Bayless, Big Val., #8 Draft pick.

    Raps Trade – Kleiza, Amir, Forbes,

    Raps Try to trade for and or Sign in FA – O.J Mayo, Andre Iguodala, Ersan Ilyasova, Gerald Wallace, Paul George, Tyreke Evans, Batum, Jeff Green, Steve Novak(as a shooter), Josh Howard, Goran Drajic, Jonny Flynn,

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      I agree on yours raps keep/trade apart from ED and Amir.

      I don’t like yours FA scenario because I believe Casey will push for someone who knows how to win. This team needs an Allstar caliber player who is a Pro as well and a locker room Leader. If not available this summer its better to wait and see till  february next year. Someone who become the option number 1 with no doubt when is in the game. Not necessary a starter. That’s why I m insisting with R.Allen or J.Terry. Ideally I would take P.Pierce.Look him and Gallinari in this PO. At the very high level you need balls.That’s why CB4 left TO ‘cos he had none (knowing he wasn’t so good either)

      OJMayo = not good enough shooter
      Iguodala= not good IQ / shoot selection
      Ilyasova= not a Leader
      Wallace= headake
      P.George= good as a piece/role player
      T.Evans= he can play with McGee/D.Jordan/JWall/DCousins in the craziest team of the World
      Batum=not a Leader/overpaid, not a winner
      Novak=Kapono 2.0
      Howard=I haven’t seen him much to judge
      J.Flynn=no thank you

  • stoneman

    So, glad you all think you’re GM material; and ecstatic that no one who matters thinks so….


    • cesco

      If you take all the suggestions about the picks , FA ‘s and trades made in the last few days by the RR faithful , you will find out that someone was correct  and he will keep reminding us how smart he was .

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    SMH at some of yall rippin on my homeboy DeMar on hurr lately. That dude be the truth, he is THAT dude and be on some Kobe/MJ-type shit forreal. My dude only 22 years old, he just be gettin started and yall be all up in his grill with all that ish. Straight up on a real, that dude be the truth, haters gonna hate but he be Ray Charles to the bullshit. DeMar be killin it, straight up dog, thugged out and fresh to death he make it rain up in hurr!

    • Theswirsky

      Number of black guys that use the word ‘dude’ = 0

      • ckh26

        Couldn’t agree more. I think HitItHardFromTheBack is from Don Mills.

      • Lorenzo

        Im pretty sure he’s joking…

      • Tremaine

        I’m black and I say it, so do others, some use dude instead of using the N word…the one that ends in an A.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Not even true at all, buddy.

        Stereotypes <<<<<<

        • Lorenzo

          Lol what? Weren’t you the one that said that asian dudes have small d’s?
          “Bargs is stealing ED’s minutes!!!” rofl

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            I said it was a medical FACT- look it up.

          • hye hye


            • Lorenzo

               Sit down fool don’t embarass yourself

  • ckh26

    I am with the consensus that says don’t trade the pick regardless of whichever spot we may wind up in.  For all the bad luck we have had in the draft lottery perhaps the law of averages finally smiles on us this year and we land in the top 3 this time through.
    If we do land 1 through 3 we certainly can use a wing player that can score and I am pretty certain Casey could work Anthony Davis into the rotation {grin} if we land the 1st overall spot. We haven’t had a night in night out scoring option on the wing since the days of Vince Carter and Tracey McGrady. If we get lucky with the balls and can land that .. then we can hope the GM uses some of that folding money he has to buy a point guard. We may overpay but things cost what they cost. Don’t think Bayless is the answer for us at the point. Would definetly keep him as a first off the bench  scoring option for sure. But not a PG.

  • Ion66

    Back to the OP and 24-25 wins estimated. It was interesting to read all the various posts both here and from sports websites from back in the summer/fall, and see the predictions for this past year at 7-14 winds TOPS. After that, I really dont put much stock in peoples ability to predict much of anything to do with wins. Kind of like out-living a bunch of doctors who give you 6-8 months to live..TOPS.

    • cesco

      Extrapolate 23/66 and you get 28.5/82 . Start from 29 wins and then add add to it what you think the following factors will contribute : summer camps and preseason training , JV , BC picks/FA/trades ,
      major injuries are unknown . Reasonably you should estimate 34+ wins .
      Only time will tell how many games  above 34 the team can win . Being an optimist I would say a total of 40 and possible playoffs .

    • RapthoseLeafs

      I felt some of the analysts (and Commentators here and at RaptorsHQ), were not just pessimistic about the past season, but more so unrealistic.

      [“Raptors will win more than 22 games – without any pro-rating”]

      Personally, I didn’t think I was stepping out on a ledge with a 22+ win prediction. If anything, had Raptors record followed some of the low win predictions, it would’ve meant Raptors had regressed. And Casey was a dud.

      Sure it was possible, but like I said …. unrealistic.

  • Miller Regent

    Call me crazy, but the only FA I think will REALISTICALLY sign and really help the team would by Ersan Ilyasova.

    I hate Turkey players as much as the next Raptors fan (thanks to hedo frickin turkoglu), But Ilyasova plays hard and has a motor AND shot 46% from 3 this year. I think he’s a perfect fit. I wouldn’t even be upset if BC overpaid the guy.

    on another note, if he signs Vujacic… I can no longer be a raptors fan.. jjust can’t

  • RapthoseLeafs

    I like your take … Blake. lol

    Actually … it made great sense. The only “slight” alteration to that, is I’d like to see Raps sign Uzoh as our 3rd PG. Then Raptors can focus on Jose’s back-up, and not feel pressed to get it down ASAP.

  • Truthkiller

    How can getting rid of Bargnani not be option #1 this offseason. 

    Just look at the New York Knicks (about to be swept) and tell me you still want to build a team around a scorer. Bargnani is just another Melo, T-Mac, Glenn Robinson… a guy that only gives scoring. He is fool’s gold. 

    • RapthoseLeafs


      1) Carmelo & Andrea’s number were similar, even though Bargnani’s stats were impacted by his calf injury.

      2) Carmelo made more than twice as much as Bargnani (last season) – 18.5  – 9.0 million.

      3) New York had a better record without Anthony. Toronto did not.

      4) Carmelo Anthony’s attitude had some effect on the team. One could argue Andrea brought a positive influence.

      5) Anthony is a better rebounder, but I’d argue a worse Defender

      6) New York has Chandler in the middle – we had Gray, Alabi, and Magloire, with variations of Amir/Davis. Had Chandler been plying his trade with Toronto (and Bargnani not went down for the count), our win total would have been significantly better – play-off better.

      7) New York’s cap space (because of Anthony & Amare) is crippling – 53 million in salaries next season (including Chandler).

      8) Most of all, New York is destined for the la la land of mediocrity – whilst Toronto has the “ability” to avoid that dreary prognosis. Even if that might seem optimistic to certain fans.

      Carmelo Anthony is a talented Scorer – but he does that as a player who offers not much more.


      • sleepz

        Comparing Anthony and Bargnani?

        Worse defender than Andrea? LOL

        If Carmelo is a talented scorer who does little more than that what is #7? An average scorer who does little more than that?

        Don’t ignore the teams and situations. Swap both players out and see if Melo doesn’t drop 25-30 a night and shoot over 45% from the field. Andrea would arguably be the 3rd best player on that Knick team (arguably) and he wouldn’t be launching 17 shots a game. Would quickly become Marvin Williams 2.0, skilled player that is a complimentary piece. Sad but true and we have 6 years of evidence to support that.

      • DC

        Lol bargnani is on the same par as carmelo? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA funniest shit ive heard dude. Carmelo all star games- 7 Bargs-0. Carmelo playoff appearances- 6 Bargs 1 (Bosh was the star). Carmelo amount of NBA fans that know him or his name-1,000,000+ Bargs-20,000. Carmelo hall of fame chances – 90% Bargs- 0%. 

        Lol you should not be able to talk about or even watch basketball for the rest of the playoffs and half of next year for that. I swear some bargs fanboys on here are so clueless. SMDH

    • voy

      please no reference to t-mac as just another scorer, unless you want to make me laugh.  dude was mind-blowingly awesome.  at best the orlando and houston teams he played for were .500 without him.  at best.  dude never had a anything close to a complete team around him.  some of that was his fault for bailing on toronto but that doesn’t take away how he carried orlando and houston.  the same thing would have happened to garnett if he never left minny.  he took a crappy-ish team and carried them to 50 win after 50 win seasons.  no support in the playoffs though. they were all one(ish) man teams.

    • CJT

      you are probably right, but I didn’t feel like the team’s scoring was very good this year without him.  So wouldn’t the more pressing need be to fill the holes at SF and Back up PG?  If the right deal comes along do it, but focus on the areas of need first.

  • 511
    • Nilanka15

      Always good to hear some positive acknowledgment from our Yankee friends 😉

  • I say try and trade Jose for another first round pick and a solid veteran.  His value is rather high right now after making third in the league in assists per game and it about time to give bayless a chance to be in the driver’s seat.

  • Phat AlberG

    Sign Steve Nash Get Rid of Calderon & Bayless Draft a point Point Guard Kendall Marshall.  If you can’t sign Steve Nash then go after Aaron Brooks.  The next move trim the fat PF move Amir Johnson or Ed Davis one of them have to go.  Then move Derozan to small forward and bring a vet to play the shooting guard.   First choice will be Ray Allen he is professional and yes the Raptors will have to over pay him but at least they know their getting a proving winner with a terrific work ethic to teach young roster and (we need a knock down shooter to spread the floor).  Then if I was Raptors I will target these 5 players (OJ MAYO,CHASE BUDINGER,MICHAEL BEASLEY,MARCUS CHRIS KAMAN & Marcus Camby)  Please no offense Val It takes at least 3 years European bigs to adapt to the NBA and it will be smart to bring in a veteran center to ease the pressure for the rookie.