15 Responses to “How Do We Turn Ed Davis Into Anthony Davis? Simple.”

  1. Rus

    A Wayne Rooney like hair transplant except to the lower forehead, brilliant! This or win the lottery….

  2. Puffer

    If only Ed Davis could turn into Antonio Davis I’d be happy. He DID spend three years overseas in Greece and Italy before cracking the roster of an NBA team, and DID make it in as an All-star, though it was as a substitute for an injury as I recall. 

    So it took him a while to shine. 10 years from draft day to all-star appearance.

    • John

      It will take us Ed Davis, this year’s first round pick, next year’s first round pick and maybe 1 or 2 2nd round picks.  But what will we do with Anthony Davis !!! Will a front line of AB, JV and Davis work  ???

  3. CJT

    Arse you didn’t seem to have a problem turning Anthony Davis in to Ed Davis in your last post, so it shouldn’t be so hard to pull a switch-a-roo.

      • Destro

        Stop being a bitch in this forum….faqquites like you act like females online for no reason,its disgusting,pull your skirt up….

        Ed Davis and parts for a guy who has stated he wants out of Houston CAN be done…

  4. Bp

    Say what you want about the man, he can rebound and block shots.
    What he has to do is bulk up which means spending all his spare time in the weight room.
    A little visit from Ben Johnson or Bonds woundnt hurt.


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