10% chance of moving up, less than 3% of giving this franchise a needed lift.

Stay at #8 and maybe this pick becomes a tradeable commodity which can be used to complement/supplement the youth, or perception of said youth. Go Top 3 and the SF situation is fixed, and go #1 to say bye to Bargnani.

I’d say picking at #8 is a mistake, given how long it takes for us to develop players.

My prediction? This franchise has been rather shit for some time, so look for Stern to do us a favor.

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  • Statement

    If they retain the 8th pick, my gut tells me that Colangelo will try to shop it, simply because our needs won’t be satisfied at 8th.

  • Rookie

    Although there’s a definite step up to the 1 to 3 draft positions, any one taken there still needs time to develop.  Maybe Beal has the best chance of shooting at the NBA level but Davis and MKG are still quite raw in a lot of areas.  There really are no guarantees in the draft. I say we keep the pick and continue to develop.  I am really ok with a slow climb to the top as long as there’s discernible progress.

  • voy

    given his penchant for multi-skilled europeans, I say BC keeps the 8th pick and selects Zinedine Zidane.

    I hope BC keeps the 8th pick and doesn’t try and forcibly accelerate the winning process.   

    • Beaverboi

      Then Toronto will lead the league in ejections for head-butts

  • James

    If we don’t move up, BC will keep the 8 and will not make any move. I also see a very quiet summer for Raptors where all the focus will be on Big Val and the promises of his stardom. 

  • albertan_10

    Agreed arse. Cavaliers got the favor last year, now it’s our turn. Top 3 for sure

    • Sam Holako

      By my count, the Nets are owed the next favour. Making a big splash for next season is crucial for the Brooklyn move IMHO

      • Lorenzo

         And thats why I fucking hate Brooklyn already

        • Nilanka15

          Adam Morrison was recently at a Nets workout.  Yes, that’s right…..Adam fuckin’ Morrison.

          Even if they win the lottery, I don’t think we have any reason to fear the Nets, lol.

          • Lorenzo

            There’s many reasons to fear the Nets when they win the lottery, Anthony Davis’s monobrow is one.

      • James

         You are right. If there is such a thing as “Stern’s Favor” it will be for Nets. They will be in a bigger market with the new owner and have the potential of making much much more money for NBA.

        Imagine a team with Howard, Davis and Williams in Nets. That definitely bring fans to the seats while Raptor fans fill up the seats NO MATTER WHAT 🙂

  • Nilanka15

    I have no problem with keeping the 8th pick.  And I would have no problem drafting any of the following players, who would all help this roster next year.

    – Perry Jones III
    – Terrence Jones
    – Damian Lillard
    – Jeremy Lamb
    – Kendall Marshall
    – Moe Harkless
    – Tony Wroten Jr.

    • mountio

      Agreed. Trading the pick makes no sense at all to me. This is a pretty deep draft – Id rather let our pick develop with a new young core (JV plus whoever else is left .. presumably some or all of DD, AB, JJ, Ed). I would like to think that, even at 8, we might sneak out Barnes (in addition to your list, which I would re-order with Lilard, Marshall and Lamb at the top, but Im generally ok with as well).

    • Mapko

      Solid list. Even if we luck out, the team will still be a marginal playoff team. So might as well draft (I actually believe BC has a good track record in drafting), continue to develop, then next year (when more teams get squeezed by new CBA & tax) make you move.
      Besides, the team has developed a lot more (as a team, not so much individual players) than I expected.Let’s give coach Casey 1 full year (& a full training camp) to fully “develop his magic” in blending this into a team.
      IMO, the absolute worst we can do is trade our pick (and some more assets) for say R Gay, Iggy, Granger (an established good, not great player with a sizeable contract). 
      I am “sensing” BC may (if he does not get his man in our draft position) trade the pick (& some other assets) for a younger player that is still developing (Eg J Harden -this would be a dream, K Lowrey, T Evans) but the one that is not on a HUGE contract.

      • Nilanka15

        I agree with almost everything you said.  But when it comes to Gay, I would be tempted to trade the pick.  I see him as a superstar in the waiting.  He’s probably the only semi-realistically attainable player I would move the pick for.

    • Raps Loyalist

       trade the #8 pick for Tyreke Evans (Sac has I. Thomas and Ferdette in the backcourt and needs to clear space for them to play)

      • Nilanka15

        I’m not sure that Evans would be better than say, Lillard, in a few years.

        • Lorenzo

          Wow. Do you really think that Lillard will even be considered for ROY? Or even average close to 20-5-5  his rookie year? I don’t.

          Tyfreak is a D penetrating behemoth, his body is comparable to Lebron’s but he needs to work on his shooting to get to that next level. Hell, even NBA 2k12 has him at an 80. Casey will make him better and even threaten to bench him if he doesn’t play 100%.

          • Nilanka15

            Lillard has potential to put up Tyreke-like numbers in a few years, and his rookie contract would be much cheaper than Tyreke’s new contract.

            I’d rather keep the pick, and maintain financial flexibility, while still improving our backcourt (with Lillard in this example).

        • Raps Loyalist

           if Tyreke Evans was available to take in this draft he would be off the board well before Lillard.  Evans needs a change of scenery and Toronto would be a great fit for him to play a combination of SG with Jose or PG with DD.  He could be our killer scorer off the bench that can close games

          • Nilanka15

            Tyreke’s also had some legal problems in his personal life.  He worries me.

            • Raps Loyalist

               This team could use some gangster mojo to balance out the euro meterosexualism.  One knucklehead isn’t a problem its when you get a group of them together

  • sleepz

    Getting a pick outside of the top 5 will actually turn out to be a blessing this year.

    There is not much if any difference between the talent projected to go after Davis and the talent expected to go in the latter half of the top 10. In fact, I would argue that the players projected to go immediately after Davis (#2-4) are being pumped up and their games are not being scrutinized as hard as those players projected to go later (#7-10).

    While GM’s in the top 5 will end up picking the MKG’s, Beal’s and Robinson’s in this draft with high picks, a few years down the road will provide evidence on how the better talent (or more NBA productive talent) was picked later on in the draft. No disrespect to all of those before mentioned players but I would not want to select any of them with a top 3 pick.

    • mountio

      I know where you are going .. and I hear you that Beal / MKG might be “overrated” as a 2/3 pick – but Id still love the chance to take them as I simply think they are better (albeit perhaps more overrated) than whoever might fall to us at 8.
      Having said that .. I do agree with the point that, when everything is said and done, a few of the guys in the 5-10 zone this year will end up being better NBA players than those in the 2-5 zone (but Id much rather bet my money on Beal / MKG than the PJIIIs, TJ, Lambs out there) ..

      • sleepz

        All good points you’ve made.

        I’m looking at the pick as a value play and I think the players later in the lottery will end up outplaying their draft position, while those selected high up won’t justify their selection down the road.

        I would have no problem taking MKG or Beal with pick #5-10. Both have flaws in their game (MKG- ball intangibles, high energy and effort player, but not much handles or shooting ability for an NBA 3, Beal – solid scorer, underrated rebounder but undersized and not exceptionally explosive at the SG position) but which player doesn’t?

        I just think I feel more comfortable selecting outside of the top 3 this year.

        • 2damkule

          ‘…and I think the players later in the lottery will end up outplaying their draft position, while those selected high up won’t justify their selection down the road.’

          I just think I feel more comfortable selecting outside of the top 3 this year.’all i care about is getting the best player possible…to actively ‘want’ to pick later because there might be a guy there who ends up being better than a typical later pick – yet still not as good as those picked earlier – seems a bit shortsighted.

          • sleepz

            lol, it is and I see the logic is not at all logical but I truly feel that some of the players projected to go higher in the draft are being pumped up beyond their worth and beyond any significant difference between later picks.

            I am not confident that our GM with the 2nd or 3rd pick in the draft would go unconventional or buck public opinion and select a player that wasn’t necessarily ‘projected’ to go later on in the draft. I could be entirely wrong about this and to be honest a higher pick should ensure you are getting the opportunity to select from a better group of players, however this draft has a lot of different pulses and I think some ballers are going to fall into the laps of GM’s once the ‘popular prospects’  are selected simply due to circumstance.

      • CJT

        Seems like this is the case most years.  It is always difficult to predict future performance and who actually lives up to their potential.  Impossible to say.

        • onemanweave

           Impossible for you. Impossible for me. However, there are men who make good money predicting future performance. They are called scouts.
             Raps need to zero in on one, or better yet two if it can be arranged, first round picks with upside potential.  We aren’t going from the outhouse to the penthouse in one elevator ride no matter how much people want to build a ‘championship team rather than a one-and-out playoff team’.
              Walk before you run. Draft some young guys who can play. Sign a free agent or two who can help. Unless you’re insanely fortunate, you aren’t going to acquire a franchise player through trade or free agency.
             Make next year’s team better than his year’s. That shouldn’t be a tall order.lol. If you draft, sign young, talented players and a lot of other variables fall into place you might wind up playing for a title a few years down the road.
             It all starts with predicting future performance.

    • Jackson

      I gotta agree here. Deep draft, and really no way of telling who will be an impact player or potentially even an allstar. Except for Davis. Because of this I would probably do as follows:

      If we move to number 1- take Davis, IMO a guaranteed allstar, and might be a franchise player

      If we move up to two or three- maybe trade down for a couple later picks because of the said depth and uncertainty? If you get a team thats absolutely in love with one of the projected higher picks we might be able to extract a really good deal here. Ex: a 10th pick and an early 2nd rounder (or a young role player already in the league.

      If we get 8th Id like a draft pick. And to go fantasy GM on everyones ass- draft Marshall, trade Jose. Marshall is as predictable of a talent as it gets in an NBA draft with the best passing and IQ in the draft. And while I like Jose and get all the arguments to keep him, I think its better to change things up and do it while hes healthy, an expiring contract, and while there are teams desperate for a vet point with a good asst/turnover ratio (lakers, magic…). If we are trying to rebuild and improve defensively, trading Jose when his stock is highest cant be a bad move.

  • Derozan2011

    if stern and DA want us to succeed give us atleast the 2nd pick for MKG

  • onemanweave

    If there ever was a draft NOT to trade the 8th pick, it would be this one.
        People keep saying we need a franchise player. Is anyone going to trade a young, franchise type player for the 8th pick?  Drafting has more downside than trading. It also has more upside. If you’re shooting for an all-star go with a relatively high pick in a deep draft.
       If Davis gets hurt of has huge offensive problems in his first year, the ROY could very well  be someone drafted 8-15.  Rather than trading the pick, I’d love to see us acquire another mid first-rounder. There are players like the Jones boys, Dion Waiters, Tony Wroten and others who could flame or fly.
       Scouting rules in this draft. The only possible trade I’d consider would be Ed Stefanski, Leo Rautins, Amir, our entire scouting staff and GOTS-TO-GO  to the Spurs for their pick and scouting staff.

    • HitItHardFromTheBack

      Dion Waiters yessir, watch out for that dude he another sleeper.

    • rubuntecch

      Nah – JV will win ROY

      • onemanweave

        Hope so, but big men sometimes take a while. Way too much angst last year when JV was drafted instead of a point guard.  Maybe way too much optimism regarding next season.  He should be a very good player eventually, just maybe not right out of the blocks.

  • SBB

    I predict sixth pick.

    • Arsenalist

      That’s impossible, but you never know I guess.

      • 2damkule

        uh, no, that’s actually one of the things that’s known.

  • DC

    Who cares? BC will find someway to fuck it up, so it won’t matter what number we get. I guess if it’s number one BC won’t be able to go wrong. Until the next european “dirk” comes up out of nowhere. With the first pick in the draft the toronto raptors select “Vushu Usikevikas” out of Germany. lol

    • Lorenzo

      Someone’s a little pessimistic…

      And what are you trying to say that Jonas wasn’t a good pick? At the time it didn’t look like it but I’m pretty sure the majority of us are on board.

      • DC

        Nope I like jonas thought it was a solid pick at that spot. Just not AB #1 overall, that I don’t like.  

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    We finally here, 1 day 2 go, so make sure to say yalls prayers tonite, them Raps need some good shit to go down, as long as we aint fallin I gotta good feelin bout this even at 8th, but I got a feelin it be higher than that, yuuuup.

  • 511

    “… Stern doing us a favor” … if that means we get the little fold in the corner of the envelope … or however they wangle ping-pong balls these days … well … Count. Me. In. 

  • ckh26

    Like any Lottery somebody’s gotta win and it might as well be the Raps. The Curse of the Araujo ends tommorrow !

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I see the Raptors falling a spot or 2 in the Lottery draw as some team behind them jumps into the top 3- tanking is for suckas….bad BC karma….


    • Lorenzo

      By that logic the Bobcats will be picking 4th.

      • Rob

        Come on, since when did Gots2Go ever have any logic? lol

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Toronto Raptors with No 3 draft Bradley Beal

    • Nilanka15

      This is Chad Ford’s prediction.

  • Rob

    Drummond’s stock is rising all the time, just read that he dropped 22 lbs since the season ended, and looked great in the workouts, and moved “very quick” laterally for a big man.

  • Darien

    Anyone see Kawhi Leonard tonight? Kid lit up OKC, rebounded, played D and everything. Where was he drafted? Late first? If we don’t move up I think we should grab Perry Jones III and hope for more of that goodness.

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      I saw Tony Parker but he’s an euro player, no good for Raptorsrepublic fans !

    • Rob

      Really impressed with Kawhi, looking like the steal of that draft for where he was drafted (15th by the Pacers), as usual, great job by SA scouting on picking him up, kid is solid, and a hard worker.

      • WJF

        Kawhi is playing well and not looking like a rookie…but that is what playing with Duncan, Parker and Manu will do for you, look how good Green is looking, the dude was cut 2 or 3 times before making it in San An. 

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed.  Kawhi deserves credit, but who knows if he would’ve progressed the way he did if drafted by another team. 

          Hell, even Boris Diaw is looking like a serviceable player in a Spurs uniform.

  • Gman

    By the by, we have a 3.5% chance of getting AD.  The tie has us split the odds with GS.  It’s been misquoted on here enough.  I thought somebody else had corrected it…


    • Gman

      Every little bit helps, right?

  • Seeten

    I predict we stick at 8, and I will go a step further and predict a pick of Perry Jones to play the 3, or Damian Lillard to further complicate our PG situation.

    • Nilanka15

      If we pick Lillard, it’s bye-bye Bayless, and Calderon becomes $10 million of cap space next summer. 

      Nothing complicated about that 😉