The best-case scneario at #8?

So the Raptors are stuck with the #8 pick after all. So much for my hypothetical analysis from the other day. Not that I’m surprised, of course; 3.5% were small odds. So we settle in with the #8 pick and can now spend the next month looking at mock drafts to see who might slide to us at #8, examining the trade value of the 8th overall selection, or coming up with ridiculous scenarios where we trade half the roster and end up with an All-Star team (or maybe that’s just for RealGM boards?).

Anyway, I got to thinking about how the talk all year has been that this is a very deep draft – while not top-heavy and superstar-laden, it promises to run deep with instant contributors and long-time role players. In essence, it’s a great draft to have the #1 pick or be a team that’s on the cusp, allowing playoff teams to add quality players late in the draft without surrendering assets. For a team late in the lottery like the Raptors, these type of drafts don’t create all that optimistic of a picture; while a good player can definitely be acquired with the #8 selection, there’s no guarantee he’ll be better than the #15 pick. What I mean is, while it’s an asset, it’s also an asset that at this time has minimal net value in terms of improving the team relative to the competition. That is, while it could be a good player, a team we’re hypothetically chasing like the 76ers could get an equal player, meaning we’re not closing the gap with this pick. On the bright side, though, a deep draft could also mean the value of the pick on the market remains high, and thus has opens some trade scenarios.

With the theoretical value of the pick aside, I was curious as to how the #8 pick has worked out for teams in the recent past. I pulled draft results going back to 2005 and listed picks #7 through #12 below. I chose this range as this seems like the theoretical range of selections at the #8 pick, with #12 being a random end point (basically, if you were to select a player more than 5 spots beyond his actual draft slot, you probably should have traded down anyway). This isn’t meant to be a commentary on the players from these previous drafts (obviously, Kawhi Leonard looks like a better pick than Jimmer Fredette, for example), but rather a look at the type of players that have gone in this range recently.

Year #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
2011 Bismack Biyombo Brandon Knight Kemba Walker Jimmer Fredette Klay Thompson Alec Burks
2010 Greg Monroe Al-Farouq Aminu Gordon Hayward Paul George Cole Aldrich Xavier Henry
2009 Stephen Curry Jordan Hill DeMar DeRozan Brandon Jennings Terrence Williams Gerald Henderson
2008 Eric Gordon Joe Alexander DJ Augustin Brook Lopez Jerryd Bayless Jason Thompson
2007 Corey Brewer Brandan Wright Joakim Noah Spencer Hawes Acie Law Thaddeus Young
2006 Randy Foye Rudy Gay Patrick O’Bryant Mouhamed Sene JJ Reddick Hilton Armstrong
2005 Charlie Villaneuva Channing Frye Ike Diogu Andrew Bynum Fran Vazquez Yaroslav Korolev

It’s an alright looking list with some legitimate NBA players and a couple of fringe stars in the mix. While outside of Rudy Gay the #8 selection itself hasn’t done well, #9-#12 have also held some good value. We’ll have to trust in Colangelo et al to make the right selection here, but you could argue a team picking #8 for the last few years would have a pretty formidable team – Kemba, George, Jennings, Lopez, Noah, Gay, and Bynum all could have been grabbed with that pick in the past few years.

If we look at the current mock drafts from ESPN (Chad Ford 5.0) and Draft Express, we see the following players in our hypothetical range of #7-#12.

Pick ESPN (Ford 5.0) DraftExpress
7 Jared Sullinger Harrison Barnes
8 Dion Waiters Jeremy Lamb
9 John Henson John Henson
10 Damian Lillard Damian Lillard
11 Jeremy Lamb Kendall Marshall
12 Perry Jones III Perry Jones III

It’s not a bad list of players, though I’d have better luck beating any of them 1-on-1 than getting our readers and commenters to agree on a player, or even a position, that fills a need for us. Personally I’m high on Lillard if we go guard, and I still think PJ3 could be a difference maker with the right coashing and surroundings at the three. My opinion is no better than anyone else’s though, and as much as I become a reading machine at this time of year (as a fan of exclusively awful sports teams, I’ve been conditioned to salivate for anything draft-related), there’s only so much that reading combine reports and reports from individual and team workouts can do for you. Really, we don’t get to see what goes on between the lines frist-hand, but I’ll continue to try and update with my opinion on the pick every once in a while, if for nothing more than to foster the discussion.

So, thoughts on the #8 pick? Is there a Gay or Bynum available this time around? Is PJ3 Paul George waiting to happen? What is the market value of the #8 pick in a draft like this?

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  • sleepz

    Even at the #8 selection there are 3 or 4 players that if drafted I would automatically view them as better than 60% of the current roster.

    Out of these players I would also feel more comfortable with them taking a primary/secondary scoring role on this team to replace the current production of the already established inefficient scorers that populate the team.

    I wonder if BC is going to explore the market value of the pick?
    I think the emphasis of these next 4 weeks should be on getting this pick right.

    If we are truly in a “rebuild” this is another piece that you hope to be part of a future sustainable winning team, moving forward.

    • I wouldn’t mind if BC traded this pick, this draft is really weak. Nobody can help us here. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!
      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        chadfordinsider Chad FordSources: Toronto Raptors shopping No. 8 pick for a veteran swingman (With @ESPNSteinLine) – minutes ago     

        • Rudy would be great but I doubt that Memphis would part with him. He would provide outside scoring where DeMar can’t even create his own shot. I’m kind of iffy on Iggy but its better than picking anybody in this draft.

    • Truthkiller

      Man I feel you but I’m worried that BC wants to win now by getting a Rudy Gay or Iguodala instead of staying the full course of a rebuild. 

      • BCStefamskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        The rebuild/build is over as per Casey- didn’t you get the end of the season presser memo….

        The rebuild and building was just some more media hyped propaganda a BC pr spin on losing games hand over hand….due to his player moves.

        • voy

          I think Casey may be pandering to the fans who are crying for “playoffs now”, just like brian burke does every year.  the problem is this year it appears as though brian burke convinced himself the leafs were ready for the playoffs.  lets hope the same doesn’t happen with casey.  i expect the coaching staff will temper expectations as the new season approaches.

          Terrance Ross looks real good, I think,  in his draft workout video.

          • sleepz

            He looks good, cause he’s a good player, no doubt.

      • So you want to stay crap for a couple more years. There is nobody in this draft that is good. You have to grab at least a veteran. You can’t just pile on young guns all the time. Rudy Gay and Iggy are going into their prime and would be perfect for us.

    • Lambda

      “Even at the #8 selection there are 3 or 4 players that if drafted I would automatically view them as better than 60% of the current roster.”
      How many players on our roster is a top-8 pick?


  • Tesla

    I say we go with Perry Jones, the Raptors need to stop selecting ‘safe’ players and expecting them to be more than they actually are. PJ3’s ceiling is superstar caliber and I don’t see how we can pass that up. Especially with a fairly low pick.

    • Perry Fan Boy #1

      If you want to get a Dirk or a Kobe in the draft, you need to select high ceiling players and coach them to their potential.

      For this reason I would like the PJ3 selection.

      He has maybe the highest ceiling in the draft except Anthony Davis.

      • Tesla

        I would even go as far as saying that his ceiling is; if not higher, as high as Davis’. Yes, he could be THAT good with the physical gifts he has. Offensively, and especially defensively.

        • albertan10

          casey cares about his players and thats why he got the best out of Bargnani. if he could do it with Bargs he can with PJ3

    • Mapko

      If you look at the above list (2005-2011) -7-12 there is only a hanfull of “safe picks” that turned out solid (all star, or borderline) like Gay, Noah, E Gordon, Curry, P George. Other good players (Bynum, Jennings were more projects with a lot of upside). So what have we to loose (odds are Sullingers will be so-so)? Take a chance on a guy with some major upside-PJ3, Lillard, Waiters….

  • Morgan

    A front line of Bargnani, Valanciunas, and Sullinger. What do you guys think? That’s 1 rim protecter, two very good rebounders, 1 very good post-up player (potentially 2), and a big man that can shoot and drive. 

    • mountio

      Hell no!! I can live with anyone else that has been thrown around in the 8 range (although Im not sure Waiters would be my top choice as has been suggested). The one thing we ABSOLUTELY do not need is Sullinger. Hes gonna be a complete bust given hes undersized (height) and not athletic at all .. but even if you thought he would be a serviceable NBA player (which is his upside imo) – hes exactly what we have a glut of with AB, JV, ED, AJ.
      Please, please, please no Sullinger ..

      • Sullinger is garbage, he is the next Big Baby Glen Davis

        • HitItHardFromTheBack

          Bet… Sully aint worth pickin 8th, that cat aint bout shit. Like I been sayin all along, hope myboi HB drop to us cuz yall sleepin on him, but PJones be there too….. and DLillard you know them Bay Area cats can straight ball, so best beliee that. []Deace.

        • Tobias

          whats wrong with being the next glen davis..? he’s a pretty good player, I’d happily take a glen davis with the 8th pick

          • mountio

            I hope you are joking. I would be absolutely, completely dissapointed with getting a marginal role player off the bench (Glen Davis) with our #8 pick. We have to be realistic that we are unlikely to get a superstar / allstar here .. but we should at least be searching for a who could be a top three scorer on a good team (or alternatively brings an elite other skill – defense, rebounding, passing) .. of which Glen Davis (or Sullinger) bring none ..

          • Mapko

            Absolutely nothing wrong with Big Baby, If you are OK with 12 pts, 6 RB in 20-25 mins. That’s OK. BUT we already have 2 guys that can give you that (and much better D) -Amir & Ed. So, what is the point?

          • So your ok with an undersized 4 who can’t play D? We are looking for a potential all-star at least. Sullinger’s ceiling to get even better is not high.

      • Morgan

        Is Sullinger really that bad? I’ve watched many Buckeyes games and he looks like a guy that will have a long productive NBA career. Isn’t there any Al Jefferson in him? Zach Randolph? Boozer? Not saying he is an All-Star, but he can rebound and score at a decent clip.

        Lillard is like Bayless, PJones is a soft jump shooting unagressive big man, Lamb seems very docile and hates contact, Waiters didn’t look that great at Syracuse and just killed it in one workout, hence the praise, Marshall can’t score, Rivers will never amount to anything good, and Harkless seems like a reach and no one really knows who he is. Out of the realistic names falling to us, Sullinger looks like the best bet imo. Ed and AJ cannot score or post-up and score nearly as well as Sullinger, much less rebound as well.

        • mountio

          What I saw of Sullinger in the last two years was a guy that did well in college because of his size (ie weight and strength) that will have a very difficult time in the NBA where the guys who guard him will be taller than him and just as strong. He doesnt really have any post moves other than the brute force “drop the shoulder” move .. which wont cut it in the NBA. I givce him credit for not being such a fatty and losing some weight last year .. although guys with weight issues arent always able to keep it off.
          Bottom line .. yes, I think he could be, if all goes well, a serviceable NBA player. That is NOT what this franchise needs. We have to roll the dice. We NEED talent.
          Sullinger is not even close to the guys you mention above (Zbo, big Al) – those guys are bigger and way more athletic. Sullinger got his shot blocked a lot in college … the NBA will be worse (ala Big Baby).
          As for the other guys .. I agree, no one jumps out at me (woo hoo for the “winning culture” from last year that got us those extra 4-5 wins). But, I would go Lillard, PJIII, Lamb, Marshall, Waiters in that order assuming that Beal, Barnes, MKG, Robinson do not drop.

          • Morgan

            That’s probably true, and I do actually agree that at 8, you can’t take the safe player with limited upside, and instead take the risky player with unlimited upside. Sullinger wouldn’t fit the bill with that philosophy.

            My next guy would definitely be be PJ3 though. I don’t understand why much of the fanbase clamours for guys like Lillard, or Waiters. How is Lillard different than Bayless? Both are quick, tunnel vision “combo” guards that like to take it to the basket, Waiters is much of the same. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched a single Weber State game, just from what I’ve read/heard, but why the fascination over Lillard?

            • Rus

               Waiters and Lillard can flat out score, and after Barbosa left who is there that can create their own shot if need be?

              • Konanas

                Draft Marshall and he’ll create the shot for everyone, maybe except himself 😀

            • Tobias

              i got a chance to watch a bunch of the weber state games, and lilliard dust DOMINATED everyone. He’s can flat out score, and that’s exactly what the Raptors need at this point

      • Sullinger’s Mom

        Sullinger’s pretty good.

        He’s a skilled big, with good size, and that’s enough to make him a nice rotation player in the NBA.

        I’m not in favor of drafting him because it would be very difficult to find minutes for him with the roster that we have.

    • voy

      disasterous, in my opinion.  who would guard the opposition sf?  we’d be accumulating the cheap fouls often and early as we try and rotate to provide help d for whoever was guarding the other team’s 3.

    • Destro

      Soft and flabby

  • Darien

    I’m still in favour of drafting PJ3, that is, if he falls to us. I don’t think this is the year to draft a PG because they seem to all be pretty meh compared to other draft years. We are kidding ourselves if we are looking at JJ and Kleiza and going ok we’re set at SF. PJ3 brings an unreal body and athleticism to the position and Casey is the kind of coach who can turn him into something special. Our front court will have the length of over 3 seven footers! Best case scenario – Kevin Durant?

    • Rus

       Durant??? really? some sites say Rashard Lewis at best….

  • FAQ

    From Hoopshype:

    “Over the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if a large number of teams
    outside of the lottery try to trade their first-round pick. Multiple
    sources have told HOOPSWORLD that a lot of teams are trying to get rid
    their pick, which could make for an interesting draft night. “Almost
    everyone wants to get out of their pick in this draft,” said one Western
    Conference executive. “For some teams, it’s hard to take on money
    for multiple years in this economic climate, especially if the player
    would not make an impact and help the team win immediately.” HoopsWorld”

    …and this:

    “Not moving to Brooklyn: Kris
    Humphries has played his last game for the Nets, who have their eyes on
    Milwaukee’s Ersan Ilyasova , an unrestricted free agent. New York Daily News”

    • FAQ

      Perhaps BC is working to dump the 8th pick for something productive and not having another project.

      How about getting Kris Humphries back to Toronto…??!!!!

      • Rob

        Hey, you actually contributed to the thread, but you forgot to add “tribal honking fans.”

        Anyways, Kris Humphries is gonna demand a lot of dough, more than he’s worth.

        • FAQ

          Kris got $8M last season.  What do you think he’s worth, and what teams would want him at that price?  Kris is a lot better than Amir or ED… and a 3 year, $20M contract might interest him.

          • Rob

            I would go for that kind of contract then, I do like him at that price, just think he’d like long term, in the range of 5 years. Can’t say for certain though. He is a lot better than Amir or Ed, would love to have him on the team.

      • Konanas

        We allready have our front line Valanciunas, Bargnani, Amir, Ed Davis… Why we should need another PF?

        • FAQ

          What happens if JonasV is a flop and becomes another BC ‘project’?  What happens if Amir and ED stay skinny and can’t match up with real NBA centers?  What happens if Jose  is injured again and Bargs slows down because he’s pissed off playing for a dead-end Ratpor team?

          Should the Ratpors be moved  to … Las Vegas???

          • Bendit
          • Mapko

            What happens? Very simple. We will have a 25% chance of drafting 1st in 2013.

          • Konanas

            Whats happens if… So we need Humpries, and another PF who could change him if he gets injured too, and another PF as replacement of Humpries backup, and one more PF if… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Why we should take Humpries if we allready have more or less nice frontline, and big hole at SF and only experienced Jose with expiring contract at PG?!!?!?!? You must be Humpries agent….

          • We are not expecting Jonas to kill it his first or second year so I’m not expecting a lot. So its going to be early to say if hes a flop or not. Second, Amir ain’t skinny and he is a 4. Who cares if Jose gets injured, we ain’t going to the playoffs. If Bargs gets pissed, trade him.
            WTF are you talking about.. move to Vegas? Toronto is a great market for basketball.

        • Rob

          Ya, but who’s to say they’ll all be here next season. One of Amir/Ed or both, may be gone, who knows.

    • Rus

       If this is true then BC is gonna have to draft and forget about trading. I’m no Economic genius but if supply is high, and demand is low, the price isn’t going to be good……
      That, and BC’s history in the lottery draft is impressive. I trust him with this pick. I don’t trust him making trades…

      • Mapko

        Tell me we are not going to have 5 more rookies on our team this year?
        Maybe not so bad. Let them develop for 2-3 years (as we suck) then who knows?

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    Ayo who done watched that OKC-Spurs game, shit done get tied 2-2! I hopin em Celtics do the same thang tomorrow vs em dudes from Souff Beach. This ish gon be craaay outchea…. Bet!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I want either: PJIII, TWJr, DLillard or TRoss at #8.

    Raptors have no one who can create their own shot off of the bounce and get to the rim consistently sounds alot like TWJr’s game to me.

    I don’t trust Jim Kelley & BC’s talent evaluation staff’s consensus I can see BC moving this pick.

    Btw where are all the pre draft trades that BC spoke of to be made by trading away Bosa for almost nothing this past season in order to help to tank the Raptors win total which didn’t work out too well for BC?

    • Brain Colangelo

      One or two of them should be available at 15. I’d like to see the raps get a 2nd pick.

      I think the raps need veterans as well, but not until the talent level is higher.

      The other option is to trade Bargs for a creator like monta Ellis.

      • Mapko

        Is that the same guy who played for GS & combined with Curry (solid player), David Lee (steady 15 & 10 PF) to get GS to draft just ahead of us????????

  • mountio

    Seems like a lot of talk about teams looking to move their late first round picks. Would you guys trade Ed for a 15-20 pick? To me that seems like about what it would take. If you are a vetern team, you can argue that a guy like Ed, with a couple of years in the league gives you more than a rook.
    I think I do it .. we know what Ed is, and it aint great. Id be ok to roll the dice on someone new and get younger. I guess the quesiton is, will someone take the other side of that trade??

    • voy

      i was thinking the exact same thing.  Either Amir or ED and I think ED could give us more of a return.  It dont think it beyond the realm of possibility that ED turns unto a Horace Grant-lite type of player (maybe minus the little jumper).  Rebounding seems to come incredibly easy for the kid.  That may be enough for a team to give up a 13 to 20 pick for Davis. 

      I’d only do it if there was someone immediately available, on draft night, that I wanted.  I wouldn’t just do it for the sake of just having a second first round pick.  

      • mountio

        I hear you on waiting to see whats out there. But – if someone like TWJr was available in the late teens (which is entirely possible) – id be more than happy to roll the dice on him if it means giving up Ed. Espeically if we take a SF at 8. I would also do this if either of Lillard / Marshal is available (again assuming we take a SF).
        As for Amir, I think hes at the point where we would have to pay other teams to take him off our hands given his contract / years in the league .. I dont think there is any hope of getting a pick for him ..

    • sleepz

      How do you know what Ed Davis is?

      • mountio

        Because Ive seen him play for two years. Doesnt mean he cant get better (I absolutely expect him to) .. but I just think his upside is only so high. His motor has been dissappionting. His shot is downright broken.
        I like him as a piece .. but best case, hes an energy guy who can put up 8 and 8. Id rather roll the dice with someone else in the 15-20 if we can get him.

        • Destro

          Hows 8 and 8 best case when he has SHOWN with steady mins he can put up 12 & 12 ??

          Some of you dont even try to make logical arguments…

          • mountio

            Two guys in the entire league (Howard and Love) average 12 or more boards. On what planet has Ed SHOWN he can average 12 and 12 with steady minutes?
            Think about what you are saying before you just blurt it out …

            • Lorenzo

              Don’t take anything this guy says seriously, he’s an idiot.

    • Mapko

      Judging by some comments I read (a lot of teams over the cap not interested in 1st rounders-guaranteed contracts for 3-4 years & slim chance of contributing) you might get a first rounder (late) for Alabi or a couple of basketballs.

  • Buschfire

    I say we take Lamb or PJ3 if not then we should trade the pick. has us going with Lamb…. check out their mock draft.

    • voy

      thanks for the link.

      I think alot of scouts smoke screen reporters with regard to who they like in hopes of fooling other teams. 

      “yeah, yeah, I really like Waiters at 10”.  Hoping maybe someone else takes Waiters at 8 or 9 and leaving Lamb undrafted for them at 10.

      • Tesla

        That’s what I’ve been thinking… It’s making me feel paranoid reading these mock drafts…

        Who the hell would take Waiters at #8? No way you pass up Lamb and Jones for a tweener like Waiters. That would be the nail in the coffin.

      • Seeten

         People like Chad Ford do not ask the Raptors GM or scouts for who the Raptors are thinking of taking. They ask the Raptors about the Celtics and Sixers, the Sixers about the Raps and Celts, etc. Then a consensus develops.

        Chad Ford is on record with this info. The same has been said by Todd McShay and Mel Kiper for the NFL draft also.

  • DigBick

    Raps need a SF, so draft PJ3 and solidify that position already. Paul George 2.0.

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    Haaa any1 off to that Celts-Heat game? em dudes from souff beach aint bout shit! Bron passin off to Haslem stead of takin last shot smdh fam! Aint clutch for shit, game 5 down south outchea! #teambeattheheat #lafamilia

  • Andre

    Perry Jones 3 drops to 8, id be surprised. Imagine him in a raptor uniform. Exactly the type player we need at the 3 and can play some 4

  • rikkitictac2

    8    Options for Raptors Draft Pick #8
    With playoffs in mind, the addition of Jonas Valanciunas next season, the pre-injured form of Andrea Bargnani, & improved execution of D Casey’s defensive schemes might be enough to catapult the team post regular season berth.  Raptors ranked 15th in Casey’s 1st year & could possibly improve 4 notches, & since the top 11 defensive teams made to the playoffs this year, the goal is not too farfetched.  However, to be considered a perennial contender, the way Raptors lottery pick & cap space will be parlayed will determine long term sustainability.  Putting oneself in BC’s shoes, which do you think are some probable offseason options to work on to come to fruition?  I offer 8 in order of preference –
    1.       Keep the pick & address need for experience via free agency, w/ Andrei Kirilenko or Brandon Rush as prime targets  
    Bottom Line: Drafting Damian Lillard at #8 addresses need for PG of the future in the mold of D Rose, R Westbrook, R Rondo & T Parker.  Pick #37 could produce quality player drafting either:  W Barton, D Lamb, S Machado, K Murphy, or K O’Quinn (in this order of availability).  Pick #56 could be used for rights for either:  Hollis Thompson, Eric Griffin, Jae Crowder, Terrance Henry, or a foreign player to stash overseas.
    Sidebar:  The name Damian educes fear.  Hope Lillard’s play evokes terror in NBA.
    2.       Package J Bayless, E Davis, #8 & #56 picks to Boston’s R Rondo, #21 & #22 picks
    Bottom Line:  Celtics need infusion of youth & could draft an impact player in the lottery.  Raptors will have their PG of the future yet still pick assets at #21 & #22 for any combination of:  M Harkless, A Moultrie, R White, M Teague, Jeff Taylor, A Nicholson, or E Fournier (in this order of availability).
    Sidebar:  Could Rajon impact sales of the car model bearing his last name?
    3.       Trade J Bayless & #8 pick for Houston’s Kyle Lowry & #14 pick (or #16 pick)
    Bottom Line:  Lowry’s co-existence w/ coach McHale is an issue & could be on his way out.  Houston will get Bayless as back up PG to G Dragic (or as starter if latter signs w/ other team).  Rockets will have better options at #8.  Raptors will get an upgrade from PG position & could use #14 (or #16) pick to draft either: D Lillard, PJ3, J Lamb, D Waiters, A Rivers, T Ross, M Harkless, or A Moultrie (in this order of availability).
    Sidebar:  Will ties with Alvin Williams knot this deal?
    4.       Trade D DeRozan  & #8 pick for Oklahoma’s James Harden & #28 pick
    Bottom Line:  Both Harden and Ibaka are expected to earn big deals next year & OKC will be hard pressed to keep both.  Thunder would probably opt for Ibaka for defensive purpose & will have cheaper 3rd scoring option in DDR, plus lottery pick.  Raptors will get a former 3rd overall pick & young clutch scorer in Harden, & could use #28 pick to draft either Will Barton or Doron Lamb to improve 3-pt shooting.
    Sidebar:  Hornets got the Brow, Raptors got the Beard
    5.       Package D DeRozan, #8 & #56 picks for Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala & #15 pick
    Bottom Line:  Salary owed to Iggy will create flexibility to Philly & move Evan Turner as starter.  76ers will have better options at #8 than outside lottery.  Raptors will fill the need for SF & could use #15 pick to draft either: D Lillard, PJ3, J Lamb, D Waiters, A Rivers, T Ross, M Harkless, or A Moultrie (in this order of availability).
    Sidebar:  Iggy will finally exorcize the ghost of Hoffa
    6.       Package E Davis, #8 & #56 picks to Charlotte’s Corey Maggette & #2 pick
    Bottom Line:  Charlotte will rid of enormous salary tied to Maggette while still can get an impact player at #8.  E Davis is an alumna of UNC, so this deal might enamor w/ M Jordan.  Raptors will have a chance to draft MKG to address need for lockdown defender.
    Sidebar:  MKG in tune with the Pound the Rock theme
    7.       Trade D DeRozan & #8 pick to Cleveland’s Luke Walton, #4 & #24 picks
    Bottom Line: Salary owed to Walton will create more flexibility to Cleveland & will get an athletic SF to pair w/ Irving & still have a decent pick at #8.  Raptors will have a chance to draft Beal & could add another asset at #24 to draft either:  M Harkless, A Moultrie, R White, M Teague, Jeff Taylor, A Nicholson, or E Fournier (in this order of availability).
    Sidebar:  No Beal, no deal
    8.       Package J Bayless, #8 pick & Traded Player Exception to San Antonio’s Tony Parker
    Bottom Line: Parker was almost a Raptor last year so maybe we could revisit the past.  Spurs will get a starting caliber PG, a lottery pick & cash incentive.  Raptors get a battle tested PG & clutch scorer at the same time, rich w/ playoffs experience.
    Sidebar:  Parker say “merci beaucoup” & Canada understands