The Drummond Debate

You’ll regret this.

I was hoping to talk to Chris Denker from NetScouts Basketball (fingers crossed for tomorrow), so I thought instead of talking to a very informed basketball mind, it might be equally as useful to talk to an uninformed basketball mind. Luckily, I just so happen to live with such a mind, my girlfriend. While vastly more intelligent than me on almost every other subject, she knows almost nothing about basketball. Her only basketball reference is the ten second increments of Raptor games she sees when she comes into the room to give me a dirty look for watching Raptor games.

To give us something to talk about, we watched this highlight package of Andre Drummond from UConn, currently slotted to go to the Toronto Raptors with the 8th pick as per Once we were finished, I asked her some questions.

If you had to guess, how well do you think this player would translate to the NBA?

I think he’d translate very well and very quickly. (She asked how big and tall he was, and when I answered 7’0” and 270, there was an audible gasp). In the highlights it looked like they focused on his ability to tip the ball into the hoop, but he wasn’t able to gain the ball on his own on most of those plays. While his advantage wouldn’t be as pronounced in the NBA as it was in college, I think it would still exist.

Overall, what did you think of the player?

He was really impressive, I kept marvelling at his height. He seemed like the star of his team, although it was just highlights, but it looked like it was his team. The crowd loved him, which is really important, because he’d bring viewers in. His play seemed effortless, it seemed like dunking came naturally to him. He is definitely good.

If you were an NBA General Manager, would you risk your job selecting this player?

Not sure, I’ve only seeing his highlights, if I saw more on him, I potentially would. If his only job was to make sure the ball goes in, then yes, I would risk my career on him.

Why would you be hesitant to take this player?

He seems to be getting the ball a lot rather than getting it himself. Also he seemed really showy, he takes away other players chance at glory because he jumps to put back a shot that might still go in, which doesn’t seem necessary.

What do you think of the criticism this player has received for his lack of effort?

In the NBA if you let your guard down for even a moment, you get left behind. If he isn’t holding up his own, then the team could completely fall apart. Fast paced game, can’t have slackers.

How would you rate his footwork, based on what you saw, and how would it translate to the NBA?

I didn’t get a good look at his footwork; all I really noticed were his arms.

Thank you for your time, you were a great sport.

No problem, but this isn’t getting put online or anything is it?

I thought this would be a good time to end the interview, as I was pretty sure she didn’t know what footwork was, and my next question was about Andre Drummond’s hands. All in all, I think she came to the same conclusion any of us would, albeit knowing far less about the game. He has a big body, and people that big are rare, even in the NBA.  Looking at the draft board, I think the Raptors could do a hell of a lot worse than a project big man, even if we already have one of those coming over.  Tomorrow, we’ll either be lucky enough to hear from Chris Denker, or you’ll be unlucky enough to hear me complain about Damian Lillard. Now start crossing your fingers.

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