I was hoping to talk to Chris Denker from NetScouts Basketball (fingers crossed for tomorrow), so I thought instead of talking to a very informed basketball mind, it might be equally as useful to talk to an uninformed basketball mind. Luckily, I just so happen to live with such a mind, my girlfriend. While vastly more intelligent than me on almost every other subject, she knows almost nothing about basketball. Her only basketball reference is the ten second increments of Raptor games she sees when she comes into the room to give me a dirty look for watching Raptor games.

To give us something to talk about, we watched this highlight package of Andre Drummond from UConn, currently slotted to go to the Toronto Raptors with the 8th pick as per DraftExpress.com. Once we were finished, I asked her some questions.

If you had to guess, how well do you think this player would translate to the NBA?

I think he’d translate very well and very quickly. (She asked how big and tall he was, and when I answered 7’0” and 270, there was an audible gasp). In the highlights it looked like they focused on his ability to tip the ball into the hoop, but he wasn’t able to gain the ball on his own on most of those plays. While his advantage wouldn’t be as pronounced in the NBA as it was in college, I think it would still exist.

Overall, what did you think of the player?

He was really impressive, I kept marvelling at his height. He seemed like the star of his team, although it was just highlights, but it looked like it was his team. The crowd loved him, which is really important, because he’d bring viewers in. His play seemed effortless, it seemed like dunking came naturally to him. He is definitely good.

If you were an NBA General Manager, would you risk your job selecting this player?

Not sure, I’ve only seeing his highlights, if I saw more on him, I potentially would. If his only job was to make sure the ball goes in, then yes, I would risk my career on him.

Why would you be hesitant to take this player?

He seems to be getting the ball a lot rather than getting it himself. Also he seemed really showy, he takes away other players chance at glory because he jumps to put back a shot that might still go in, which doesn’t seem necessary.

What do you think of the criticism this player has received for his lack of effort?

In the NBA if you let your guard down for even a moment, you get left behind. If he isn’t holding up his own, then the team could completely fall apart. Fast paced game, can’t have slackers.

How would you rate his footwork, based on what you saw, and how would it translate to the NBA?

I didn’t get a good look at his footwork; all I really noticed were his arms.

Thank you for your time, you were a great sport.

No problem, but this isn’t getting put online or anything is it?

I thought this would be a good time to end the interview, as I was pretty sure she didn’t know what footwork was, and my next question was about Andre Drummond’s hands. All in all, I think she came to the same conclusion any of us would, albeit knowing far less about the game. He has a big body, and people that big are rare, even in the NBA.  Looking at the draft board, I think the Raptors could do a hell of a lot worse than a project big man, even if we already have one of those coming over.  Tomorrow, we’ll either be lucky enough to hear from Chris Denker, or you’ll be unlucky enough to hear me complain about Damian Lillard. Now start crossing your fingers.

Party time?

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  • Quirk

    How did you get the admin password for this blog? Did AltRaps give it to you?

    Here’s a better article:


  • Rus

    Didn’t his own coach at UCONN say he was 3 to 4 years away? That’s a long time….

    But I was impressed on how he ran the floor for a big( and the guys is big) man after those steals

    • onemanweave

      See comments on PJ3.  

  • The Rub

    If he drops to 8 we have to take him, sure he might be a bust but it’s not like we’re drafting 1st overall, and we have Val coming next year. If he pans out and you end up with a Bynum, or a Monroe or anything close to that you have twin towers down low in a league with less than 5 legit big men.

    • WhiteVegas

      Can’t disagree more. If Drummond drops it’s because he has bust written all over him (hello Thabeet!). The Raps can’t afford a bust at a position they are already over-stacked at when they could get other players that fit needs and are much less bust worthy. If he drops and someone offers a good trade for him, then I’m down. Otherwise go with Lillard > Waiters > Lamb > Rivers, whoever is available in that order.

      • voy

        i would avoid waiter too.  an undersized 2, guy playing 24 minutes a game, coming off the bench, playing in a zone defense? 

        I think all the buzz GM’s are giving waiters is just a smoke screen.

      • Guest

        So when DeJuan Blair dropped all the way into the second round, or when Kawhi Leonard dropped out of the lottery, did they have bust written all over them too?  Both The Rub and you are on opposite extremes.  Just because he drops does not mean we have to take him, just as he’s not an automatic bust just because he drops.  Pack mentality is what allows the Spurs to come out of each draft with better players than most, despite always drafting late 1st, early 2nd round.

  • guest

    Nooooooooo, he is a long way away from helping this team.

  • voy

    how many basketball moves did you see on that video? 

    no doubt drummond is an insane athlete.  watching UConn run the fast break and realizing drummond is running faster than any player on the floor is scary.  how can something so big run so fast? 

    however,  selecting him or not, all depends on your comfort level of getting completely nothing for your pick.  i think that possibility exists with drummond.  I mean, he’s still super young so I’m not exactly sure, on a percentage basis, what the possibility is, that he’ll be a complete bust, but it exists, I think. 

    I dont necessarily buy the argument “you need to risk picking an absolute bust in order to draft a superstar to help your team win”.  I understand, you need a superstar to win.  However, I dont think you need to force the process of acquiring a superstar by risking it on drummond, especially for the raptors.  if the raps were set at other positions then , yeah, maybe risk it on the big man.  however, we need help all over the place at practically every position.  in my opinion, it would be careless picking a project with zero basketball moves at 8 when there are so many other needs on this team.

    • CJT

      I agree with you with the exception of if the other players that are on the radar are gone, then it is about talent and potential.  He does run well.  I suppose that Dwight Howard has a few post moves, but for the most part I feel like this highlight package was pretty representative of how he plays the game.  Dunks and put backs versus elaborate moves.  Power game versus finesse game.

    • onemanweave

       You fill a hole with an average-NBA-caliber draft pick and you are where?  You’re competing with teams, in the East alone, with scary-athletic stars.
         There is a time to play it safe. Trade for, or sign as free agents, good solid NBA players, hopefully of starter quality.  They are known quantities. If you’re scouts are worth their salary and they don’t get hurt, you know what you getting. You aren’t going to get top-enders by this route unless Bosh convinces the Three Amigos that TO trumps Miami in February.
         When you’re one-run down a well-placed single can turn the tide, when you’re down by five, you eventually have to swing for the fences. The draft is the place to do it.

      • onemanweave

         One further point — you’ve already drafted young guys who can play in the NBA. Davis and DD are OK and could get better.  JJ and Bayless might be OK in the future.  Bargs and Jose are competent starters.   You have the potential to improve if some of the young players you already have take the next step. Add a good free agent to the mix and give Casey a full year and things should get better.
             What do you need to add to this mix to REALLY improve?  A star. Odds are pretty long it won’t be Deron or Dwight. Reach for the stars in the draft.

        • onemanweave

           One final point and I will STFU.  In most drafts, players like PJ3 and Drummond are the kind of picks teams would be sweating out at 2 or 3.
             This is an unusual draft, deep but with only one ‘sure thing’. You may get the chance to gamble at #8 that most years would only happen in the top three.  Take it.

          • kumarbrosyaman

            great point. if by any chance he falls to no.8 we have to take him. besides, going for a big man is always a gamble. even with dwight howard there were some saying magic should go with a proven thing in okafor.

      • voy

        yeah but the scenario you are framing isn’t necessarily accurate.  its not take a chance on drummond vs an average player than can fill a hole.  I think some guys at 8 and beyond will have a chance of being significantly better than average.

        at drummond’s age, size and athletic ability, I think it speaks volumes that he is not the concensus number 2 pick.

        I’m not saying I would be 100% convinced drummond is not the pick for the raps at the 8th spot.  I’m just saying I’d be more comfortable taking a player with basketball skills that may not have as high a ceiling as some think drummond has but that definately have a much higher floor.

        In my opinion, I dont think Drummond is the star some envision him to be. 

        • Raptorboy

           Nice call Voy. The Raps should be stockpiling young solid talent rather then swinging for the fences and possibly striking out!! Would love to grab Rivers. Solid, guaranteed career starter with a great work ethic, and high ceiling. As close to a can’t miss as this draft has minus Davis. Great get at 8. Make it happen BC. Go Raps!!

      • WhiteVegas

        Does anyone really think Drummond has superstar potential? I’m thinking his best case scenario is a good D’Andre Jordan season, so about 10 and 10. Hardly superstar potential. I think Lillard, Waiters, and Lamb all have more superstar potential than Drummond as any of them could end up being a 20+ point per game scorer.

        • Guest

          To play devil’s advocate, I’d argue that Drummond could become a Tyson Chandler type of defensive anchor at the next level. Certainly, I’m working under the assumption that he’d maximize his raw, uncultivated potential. With Casey at the helm, I think Toronto’s collective brain trust could galvanize a prospect like Drummond, especially since Chandler thrived within Casey’s defensive framework. Pairing Drummond with Valanciunas could make for a formidable frontcourt that, in an ideal world, could wreak havoc defensively and engender matchup problems offensively; I don’t see having two elite prospects of their calibre as inherently redundant because I believe their athleticism would allow (either of) them to vacillate between the 4 and the 5 quite comfortably. Backcourt players who can put the ball in the hoop seem like a dime-a-dozen these days; bigs with this type of size and athleticism are markedly rarer. Thus, I’d definitely look into procuring Drummond at eight, especially if Steve Nash ends up in Toronto. 

        • Destro

          I dont think hes a superstar….his ceiling i think is pre injury Oden

          15/10 and alot has to go right for him to be THAT…I have seen alot of centers with more game than him fail miserably in the pros….This brigade promoting this once in a lifetime gamble on this guy are talking out there ass he’ll never be half of what Dwight is let alone Bynum…

          • onemanweave

               That’s for pro scouts to determine. You and I can go on and on with opinions and we’re both talking out of our ass.
               However, if competent pro scouts see big upside in Drummond, why not take a chance?  Where are we going next season with Lillard, Waiters, Rivers etc.?
               He can be fourth big behind AB, JV and either Amir or Ed; learn the system, play limited minutes and be ready for more time if one of them is injured (hello AB).
               Toronto can be better next year, but LeBron won’t be losing sleep no matter who they draft. Pick a talent with a ton of upside potential. You think Drummond has no chance. I think he might. What matters is what Colangelo and his staff think. I just hope they don’t play it ‘safe’. Good teams can maintain the status quo. Ones like the Raps have to reach.
               It may all be a moot point because Drummond may well be gone by the 8th pick.  Then we start our assumptions all over again with PJ3 vs. whoever else is left standing.
               Great time of year.  Just don’t think Iggy, Nash etc. are the wave of the future and that Drummond or PJ3 might be.
              Hope whoever is most right is on the same wave length as BC. As Red Green says ‘ we’re all in this together’. 

            • Nilanka15

              At the end of the day, pro scouts aren’t any more reliable than you or I.  Every bust in league history was assuredly backed by a pro scout at some point.

              • Destro

                Exactly my point who gives a shit what a pro scout thinks,they are worse than baseball players hitting .250
                How many bums are taken every year in the forst round on the authority of “pro” scout….

                Most of these scouts look for the same things the average Joe does in players and ALOT of them piggyback on other scouts opinions of players.
                You’ll notice when anonymous rave reviews come out about a player suddenly 5 scouts anonymously co -sign the same opinions…miss me with alladat…

              • FLUXLAND

                + 10.

                Amazing how many people on here act like working for an NBA team, at any position, is like performing a quadruple bypass on a dolphin while trying to land a space shuttle on a toonie in the middle of the 401, during rush hour traffic.

                Usually speaks volumes on their familiarity with the game and they typically fall in the eleventeen or recently converted from hockey crowd.

              • hater

                so the reason why some teams draft better than others isn’t because they do a better job of scouting, but because they have better luck? lol

                • CJT

                  It’s funny, NBA has been replaying past drafts tonight and it is amazing how many highly touted top 5 picks ended up being absolute crap.  In the same draft Stromile Swift at 2 (or 3) followed by Darius Miles and Chris Mihm.  All taken in the top 4 or 5 all busts.  I suppose you just never know.

                • Nilanka15

                  The straw man rears his ugly head yet again.

                • hater

                  no he doesn’t, answer the question. what you wrote suggested that scouting is completely useless and redundant. so again, answer the question and stop with the straw bs.

            • Destro

              Scouts are wrong just as much as regular fans are when it comes to college kids…There are guys id be willing to take a chance on Drummond is not tops on my list,neither is Waiters or Rivers for me either….Only thing i agree with is my opinion dont matter its unfortunately what BC thinks that counts…..and as for quoting Red Green goes,i bid you adieu !

              • onemanweave

                Scouts are wrong sometimes. Some more than others.  But if a professional scouting staff with access to the players themselves, live viewing, college coaches, alumni, bird dogs can’t make a better choice most times than you and I watching a few games on tv and reading various opinions — they are stealing a pretty good pay check — or you should be signed immediately by a smart NBA front office.

                • onemanweave

                   p.s. Keep your stick on the ice.

                • Destro

                  You give scouts way too much credit….

                • CJT

                  So if they have no value, why do they exist?  Don’t you think teams would prefer to save the $ they spend on these useless scouts?

  • j bean

    The negatives are kinda normal for a very young big. The positives are compelling enough to make him tempting. He rebounds very well on both ends, has good hands, blocks and changes shots, super athletic with great size. Doubt he’ll be around at 8.    

  • Bendit

    Reminds me of DeAndre Jordan and even moreso because of his really lousy FT%…which can be a real achilles heel for a big man in important games at crunch time. That said if he were available at #8 BC would have a few lucrative trade options for him.

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed.  If he’s available at 8th, I say we take him.  He’ll be a pretty valuable trade chip.

      But I don’t want our coaching staff using up 3-4 years of resources to get this kid NBA-ready, while attempting to find minutes for him with Bargnani and Jonas around.  A kid this raw isn’t going to improve much from watching game film.  He needs minutes…but there aren’t enough minutes to go around.

  • DO NOT WANT. This kid lacks basketball fundamentals and can’t finish around the basket unless it’s a dunk. Sure he’s got size, athleticism and length but for a guy with those physical tools you’d think he’d be dominant in college. He was quite underwhelming. How does a guy average just 10 points and 7.5 rebounds when he’s arguably the most physically dominant big in college. Drummond looks like another DeAndre Jordan to me and there isn’t anything special about DeAndre Jordan unless you like getting a good laugh out of him airballing free throws. This guy is gonna be a 6 year project and we don’t have the minutes or probably the patience to bring him up to speed when BC says we’re accelerating the process. If we do draft him he’s going to be a part of a trade for the teams below us who want a big.

    • WhiteVegas

      Agree big time. I’m fine for swinging for the fences with someone who has superstar potential. Drummond has nowhere near superstar potential. He has 10 and 10 potential (I don’t think he’ll get there), which is not even an all star, let alone superstar. Lillard, Waiters, and Lamb all have more potential than Drummond. The man is trade bait at best and has no future on this team.

  • sleepz

    Drummond was much hyped going to UCONN. After watching that team play last year I felt sorry for him and Lamb because complacency set in after winning the title the previous year and their PG play was some of the worst in the Big East.

    Drummond didn’t see the ball on the blocks but he also never demanded it. He has shot blocking abilities and can rebound but his offensive game is extremely raw.

    The other concern I had with him is his FT shooting as it wasn’t even close to being bad. It was horrendous, and I have a feeling that will continue in the NBA.

    If I thought he could be a double-double guy and be a serious presence in the paint as a GM you would certainly consider drafting him as he is young and can develop but I would also have concerns with how good he could become if his offence remained underdeveloped?

    Teams will always draft size and athleticism, however it won’t be the Raps in this case. BC would have to move Andrea and he has shown that he will not trade him as he would be admitting it was a mistake to draft him and his pride and ego is too large for that notion.

    • Theswirsky

      thats one of the interesting things with Drummond – he played with a slew of chuckers and ball hogs, on a team that didn’t give a shit.   How significant was that impact?

      I don’t think I’d take him in the top 5, but at 8 it has to be considered.  He is the guy that will either get the GM who drafted him fired, or will get a GM who passed on him fired.

      I also agree with the last part.  In fact I’d be shocked if an big is drafted by BC with the 8.  I don’t buy for a second that he will use his ‘stacking’ principle this year… he will draft BPA if, and only if, the BPA is not a big man. 

      • sleepz

        Most definitely that UCONN team was in disarray especially after Calhoun had to take some time off for his health. And I do think that the nature of that team had something to do with his performance as well.

        Top 5 is definitely a huge risk and can get GM’s fired for taking him or not taking him, but at #8, I totally agree that a GM has to consider him (but BC won’t).

        Usually with bigs with his ‘potential’ a GM in the top 5 will take him even with the associated risks. I still think that will be the case tomorrow night.

        • CJT

          Don’t understand your comment about not taking him because of AB.  Why would they have to move their power forward to accomodate a center?

          • sleepz

            I think that both JV and Drummond while projected as 5’s could play the 4 as well.

            I don’t thnk JV will spend all his time playing the 5 this year.

            As 2 bigs that would demand minutes to get better I don’t think BC would want to sacrifice Andrea’s minutes for any player.

            • CJT

              Gotcha, I don’t think he would sacrifice AB’s minutes either.  I believe that if they take Drummond he and JV will play their minutes at the 5 with maybe Jamal M. as a bit of a mentor/motivator.  I don’t think they resign Gray in this case. 

    • Raptorboy

      True about Drummond but not Andrea. BC was clear last year that he was entertaining offers for Andrea. I’m sure he got plenty of low ball offers but nothing worth pulling the trigger on. We got JV a blue chip prospect in the middle. If Drummond was a sure thing you might draft him anyways but why fore go a solid pick-up at 8 to add him as trade bait…unless something is worked out draft night with another team.

      • Theswirsky

        “BC was clear last year that he was entertaining offers for Andrea”

        ummm what?  He never once said anything like that that.  He said he was an ‘enigma’ and an ‘asset’… but he never once said he was on the trade block, making offers or taking offers.

        • Raptorboy

           I’m 99% sure BC stated that Barg’s was not untouchable. I can’t find anything on it now but if anyone else can recall please feel free to jump in. I was really hoping that Barg’s was going to be moved but since Coach Casey came to town that has changed. The Barg’s bashing will end this year. Except for the injuries last year it would be stopped by now.

          • sleepz

            It’s not ‘Barg’s bashing’ and I dont think observations about his game or lack thereof in certain areas would stop at all.

            • Destro

              lol @ bashing…No other player in league history gets as much un due protection as this guy in THIS city….

              • cesco

                Beg to differ , no other player has ever received so much hate from the fans of any club in THIS city as Andrea has received .

                • Theswirsky

                  umm do you remember a guy named Chris Bosh?  It used to be his fault for everything, including why Bargnani wasn’t turning out as some were hoping……

                • CJT

                  So basically Toronto fans bash all their players? 

                • Theswirsky

                  regardless of age, race, creed, colour or sport

                • CJT

                  Nice.  Maybe we should push for Tie Domi.

                • Destro

                  Dont homogenize the point by doing his breh….Bosh got a different kind of hate because he was an all star player and our leader..and alot of it was unfair….bargs doesnt get ANY unfair hate….If rebounded and defended like a big and played with more heart and efficiency for his size he wouldnt get any of that deserved criticism…

                • I don’t like it

                  I’m glad Rudy Gay isn’t comming to town, no Gay (Bosh)in

                • p00ka_is_a_fish

                  LMFAO, i remember that… “Chris Bosh is getting the ball all the time, how is Bargnani gonna develop his offensive game” – p00ka

                • p00ka

                  LOL, I would never have imagined having such a big impact on some poor fishtard.

                  What can I say? Stupid, inaccurate quote from a lame troll.

                  btw, I just got back from vacation and noticed you’re still spooked enough to see me coming around corners with every new poster that doesn’t fit your script.
                  Cracks me up every time I see your pathetic handle and your focus on sifting me out where I’m not. I got into your psych that much, eh. LMFAO.

          • Theswirsky

            saying ‘not untouchable’ doesn’t mean much.

      • sleepz

        That’s what he said but I guarantee you will never hear about a proposed deal for Andrea and I am not convinced that he was entertaining any offers.

        That would open up the flood gates of speculation which BC only does when he wants to. 

        • voy

          to me that seems like a tough argument to make.  “his ego wont allow him to admit he made a “mistake” by selecting AB at number 1″. 

          I mean, if you adhere to this theory you have to reconcile the fact that his ego is dealing with the fact he is managing a crappy team.  to me, it seems like the bigger blow to the ego would be managing a crappy team rather than chosing AB over LA. 

          Maybe, i could understand your point if there were 4 or 5 guys he could have taken at #1 instead of Andrea, but there weren’t.  there was AB and there was LA.  Thats it.  No one else was in the conversation.

          • Theswirsky

            its not limited to selecting AB at #1

          • sleepz

            He’s managing a crappy team he assembled.

            There is always someone else in the conversation unless there is a no brainer consensus player and that year Andrea wasn’t a sureshot by any stretch. If the teams that picked 2-6 had the first pick do you think they would have all selected Andrea? I highly doubt it.

            That being said drafting him is one thing. Giving him a 5 year contract extension that NO OTHER team would have offered is sign of the ego and pride I am referring to. Why outbid yourself for a player that is not a franchise player let alone an all-star?

            • voy

              I think they all would have selected either AB or LA.  I could be wrong and someone could have selected Adam Morrison or Tyrus Thomas  who went 3 and 4.  Or, I guess, someone could have had a brain aneuyrism the moment they selected and chosen Sheldon Williams who went 5.  Brandon Roy at 6 is now broken and may never play again plus no one was talking about him at #1.  Randy Foye at 7 and Rudy Gay at 9 who no one was taking at the 1 either. 

              I dont think AB’s contract is that much of an albatross around the team’s neck.  If he tested FA I dont think he would have got that much less than the raps gave him.  The 5 years was in hopes of locking up andrea on the cheap in years 3, 4, and 5.  if you gave him a 2 year or a 3 year deal, you’d be paying alot more than the 11 mill and 12 mill he’s gonna be making from 2013 to 2015

          • Destro

            Rudy Gay was in the conversation…

            • voy

              i dont remember rudy gay being mentioned as a realistic pick at number 1.

              i googled nba 2006 mock draft and quickly reviewed, maybe 16 mock drafts and not one had Gay going number one.  the closest he got to the top was #3 and in that one Adam Morrison was projected as the 1st pick.

              here is a link to a chart that documents 13 mock drafts from 2006.  pretty interesting.


              • Kreza23

                 Rudy Gay was definitely in the conversation to go #1 in the draft in 2006. That was before the season started, but like Harrison Barnes, his stock started to fall during the college season.

              • CJT

                Interesting that when you provide written proof that Destro doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he stops posting.

  • I would still take Drummond over Andrea.  And Drummond sucks, so that speaks volumes about Andrea.  LOL

    • NyAlesund


      He is a bust! 29.5% from the line!!! He doesn’t have offensive movement, he doesn’t have post game, he is a bad version of DEJordan.

      Are we really looking for a player like him or a real one?

      He was 32nd among 50 centers in D-Rebs with 6.0.


      Look this video and enjoy the next “Amar è Stat”LOL

  • The Fox

    Just wanna say that was pretty creative of you…that’s it…

  • dribbles

    I don’t want BC taking him, but only because he’s so raw offensively and because his free throw shooting is going to be too much of a liability.

    But…my jaw literally dropped watching some of his highlights. That one where he gets the steal and runs the length of the court for the dunk? OMFG. I have never, ever, seen a big man move like that. Imagine him as a tight end in football with those huge hands?

    People comparing him to Thabeet are being lazy. Thabeet was a robot out there. This guy is a total athletic freak. His ability to show and recover on pick and rolls, his leaping ability and reach, and his strength in the post could make him a fucking nightmare on the defensive end. Picturing him and JV playing together 3 years down the road is tantalizing.

    But yeah…too much of a project and way too raw offensively right now. If this was year 1 of rebuilding/sucking I would be way more tempted.

    • Theswirsky

      “People comparing him to Thabeet are being lazy”

      absolutely agree. 

    • sleepz

      Lol. This IS year 1 of rebuildng and sucking!

      • Pimbletts

        I didn’t get the memo

  • Tim

    Indiana Peacers :
    Walsh as Pres and Pritchard as GM !!! Wow !!!!!! What a team !!!

  • Koncept

    Dear Raptor Jebus. Please let Drummond fall to 8th pick tomorrow. He reminds me of Amare Stoudamire

  • hater

    the guy is 18 years old, think about what you guys were doing at 18, he’s the youngest player in the draft and played on a uconn team with a bunch of misfits. he would’ve gone back for a 2nd season but apparently uconn’s b-ball program is in disarray being banned from postseason play, which is to bad because I think it would be good for him. he’s explosive, really quick and mobile for his size and incredibly strong. he has shot-blocking instincts and seems like a willing rebounder with good timing. he has POTENTIAL to be a very good offensive player, at the very worst you’ll get a guy that can be a really good rebounder and block shots, a starter…. you probably don’t take him in the top 5, but I think at number 8, there’s no question you have to.

    • NyAlesund

       ….he has POTENTIAL to be a very good offensive player…. Do you really believe in that?

      • hater

        yes I do, why not

  • Phat AlberG

    He’s is a lazy player doesn’t care about basketball period

  • hotshot

    Select Drummond and then trade Ed Davis or Amir Johnson for more assets.

  • nba_socrates

    Raptors should draft drummond or a small forward. Who knows Val could turn out to be another overhyped european big ala Enes Kanter. We dont need no more undersized combo guards either

  • cq

    this has got to be the worst article of the history of rr.