Draft day is here. Who lives, who dies, power lies where men believe it lies.

This is what ESPN says:

Harrison Barnes. Analysis: This is actually Plan B for the Raptors and it’s a great one for them. They need shooting and looked at a number of veteran small forwards at this spot. They really like Barnes, and he’s a very easy fit for them. This is a home-run scenario for Toronto.

Trade Scenarios: The Raptors have discussed getting a veteran small forward or point guard here. There has been talk that they would like the Rockets’ Kyle Lowry, but they want to keep their salary flexibility going into the summer. They’ve also explored moving up to No. 5 to get their hands on Waiters or Barnes.

Raptors’ Big Board:
1. Dion Waiters
2. Harrison Barnes
3. Damian Lillard
4. Austin Rivers
5. Jeremy Lamb

There’s talk of Steve Nash joining the Raptors which makes no sense and needs to put to rest, there’s also the Kyle Lowry trade talk which would solve an immediate need and makes more sense. After all, one can’t really have too many expectations from an 8th pick and Lowry would be fair barter (unfortunately, the Rockets are wanting a higher pick). Draft day is a chance to completely rebuild and realign your team, but that’s only if one has a plan and a fair set of assets. Other than the 8th pick and Calderon’s expiring contract, there’s not much Colangelo can dangle in front of teams. Oh, there’s also some TPE lying around which we can use but historically, never do.

Get ready for an anti-climatic day – if, at the end of the day the Raptors find themselves with a new starting point guard and/or a small forward “for the future”, consider it a good day.

Party tonight – St. Louis at Yonge/College.

We’ll update the post throughout the day.

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34 Responses to “Draft Day Is Here – Party Tonight!”

  1. Schristie

    Yes who needs a 2 team MVP who will make every player better and get us in the playoffs lets just come 24th this year and pick 7-10th again….Fuck me we dont need Nash

    • Sam Holako

      I don’t mind NOT getting Nash if we we can turn the 8th pick into Lowry, as well as somehow get Ilyasova on a cheap contract. Maybe look to flip Calderon’s expiring (I’m going to refer to Jose as Calderon’s expiring from this moment on) into a 2-3 who can create his own shot and get to the rack. Oh..and resign Bayless on the cheap; we’ll need a backup in this scenario.

    • Lino Dinardo

      Agreed.  you can debate back and forth between nash and lowry, but I see more upside in Nash just because he can get everyone the ball and work in Val, Bargs, #8 pick, etc.  Brings in some serious MVP experience to pass along and move the ship in a winning direction.  When was the last time we had an MVP on our roster?  (yeah Hakeem, I know that failed, we hope that Nash is sincere in that he can still play).. can really fill the seats and get the city excited again and possibly get us in the playoffs for some real play, something the raps really need.  No sense in swimming in the shallow end.. time is now.. draft is dry next couple of years.. its been too long for any Toronto team.  

      but I would be happy with either..

  2. voy

    what could have waiters shown in such a short period of time during the nda draft workouts that bc could take him at 8, or more to the point to trade up to 5 in order to select waiters.  I am totally in disbelief.  his syracuse body of work certainly doesn’t merit a a top 9 selection. 

    if waiters turns out to be a good player and he goes sometime after 10 no one will blame any of the gm’s who passed on him.  however if he goes top 10 and he turns out to be a bust that will be a gm killer – dude is small, not overly athletic, not explosive, played zone in college, what were you thinking moving up to 5 in order to take him?!?!

  3. OvertheWall

    People are fascinated by his “Dwyane Wade” approach.  If Bryan is reaching for Waiters, then I have lost faith in him.  Well, actually I have lost faith in him long time ago. 

  4. voy

    best case scenario if you get nash: make the 6, 7 or 8 spot for the playoffs; get eliminated in first round; get crappy draft pick; nash’s skills diminish; make the 6, 7, or 8 seed in playoffs the year after; first round elimination again; nash retires; team sucks balls again.

    if jv turns out to be the real deal and if we can turn this year’s draft pick into a good player, we’ll have another somewhat challenging year coming up, land another decent draft pick with a ton of cap space going into 2013, potentially use AB as a trading chip to fill any glaring needs and there is a real chance to build something worthwhile.  THAT, I am hoping is the plan.

    • Lino Dinardo

      didn’t know you can see into the future..

      so what moves puts us in the upper portion of the east? do tell..

      • voy

        i just did.  keep this pick.  play season.  keep next year’s pick.  use cap flexibility to sign young FA.  if need be, use AB as a trading chip to fill need with another young-ish piece.

        infinately better, in my view, than signing nash. be marginally average for 2 years.  nash retires. we suck again.  I dont want to follow the leaf’s model of signing an old canadian well beyond their prime (corson, roberts, nieuwendyk etc) and pretend to contenders.

        I’m hoping management has a long term plan for the raps.  not just a plan to make us average as quick as possible at the expense of any real long term sustainable success.

        • Nilanka15

          I share your concern if we don’t find a young PG and SF this off-season.

          I’m hoping that Nash leads us back to respectability over the next 2 years, with our young pieces maturing enough to take over the reigns when Nash eventually eases up on the heavy lifting.

          For example, Lillard and Gay might do the trick.

    • sleepz

      “accelerated rebuilding process”

      The plan should be to let the rebuild happen organically as the scenario you have mentioned but it’s Colangelo and the plans change year to year. I’m hoping it goes more along the lines of your scenario but my instinct tells me it will be the exact opposite.

  5. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    My big board for #8:

    1. DLillard
    2. TRoss
    3. DWaiters
    4. ARivers
    5. TWJr (will be the steal of this draft)

  6. Raptorboy

    Waiters does not look like he is in top physical condition. I don’t know much about the guy but that’s frightening. Much of what these guys end up being is due to their work ethic. Even if Waiters is the most gifted player in the draft it doesn’t mean anything if he does not have the desire/work ethic to make it happen.

  7. Statement

    I’m just throwing this out there:

    The numbers are against drafting Harrison Barnes.

    • SMJenkins1

      Way to be specific.  He’s a talented player and a natural scorer.  He might not be an All Star per se, but he should be a very legitimate SF who I’d think could score somewhere between 15-19 ppg regularly if all goes well.  He’s sort of a ‘2006 Rudy Gay Light’ to me (not quite as uber athletic but more polished offensively) & especially so if he ends up sliding a bit. 

      • Statement


        Harrison Barnes Expected Wins Produced / 48 over the life of his rookie contract = -0.0002 (average is .100)


        Given the notion that unproductive college players are almost never productive NBA players, why would we expect Barnes to break the mold?  I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I just don’t get what makes him so different from the other “looks the part but doesn’t play the part” types.

  8. Nilanka15

    Waiters as a lotto pick seems like a practical joke gone horribly wrong.

  9. Andre

    I dont get why everyone is so high on waiters. he was a SIXTH man in college. He isnt THAT great. hes not like a westbrook or a james harden. sigh

  10. Gman

    I don’t get Waiters either, but we know one thing.  Everybody who’s touting him highly, which seems to be everyone in an official capacity, has ten times the information that we have.  Is it possible the whole thing is subterfuge?  I don’t think so.  There are too many people with zero to gain who still think he’s could be great.  And if his skill set is really what is being touted then he would fill that create his own offence bull in a china shop need.

    • Bendit

      Lemmings? That & subterfuge are a large constituency. Him getting picked high increases the odds of having the good one fall to you.

    • The Rub

       If we’re not giving them the 8th pick (plus players) there’s nothing we can give the Grizz that would make them want to trade Gay.

  11. raptorpoo

    Nash to the Raps is not the answer so please stop with that.  I mean… I too want Nash in Toronto but maybe in another life and only for sentimental reasons, not because I think he’d take us somewhere at his age.

    I want the Raps to win it all, not just get into the playoffs and we’re far away from building something to that effect. Signing Nash will be counter productive to that goal and it would be SOOOOO Toronto sports team-ish thing to do.

  12. Truthkiller

    For the “Future” I really hope Dion Waiters is gone by the time the Raptors have to pick someone.

  13. Tesla

    Say no to Waiters. Did anybody even know who this guy was a month and a half ago before Chad Ford suddenly started mass advertising him like a used car salesman?

    • Kujo

      I don’t buy the hype either.  There’s now talk of the Cavs making picking him at #4, which makes no sense.  

      The NBA Draft Express youtube scouting vid compared him to Stuckey at best, Smush Parker at worse.

      I don’t hell ever be an all-star, be could be a solid, instant offense 6th man.


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