Draft Q&A with Alex Rucker

We are planning to do a more comphresive feature on the Raptors’ investment in Analytics, including a focus on consultants Alex Rucker (who’s moved to Toronto and will be full time on July 1st) and LA based Keith Boyarsky. However, I thought it was best to “jump the gun” and focus on their role in this year’s draft as I was especially interested in getting their insights about the Raptors selections.

For background, Mr. Rucker (@Alex_Rucker) has a BComm from UBC and a Law degree from Notre Dame. He’s worked in various analytics roles with the Vancouver Grizzlies, Notre Dame Basketball and came to the Raptors in 2009. He met Jay Triano back when he was in high school and worked with him at Simon Fraser and the Grizzlies. He recently retired from the U.S. Navy after a 10 year commitment and will be working full time with the Raptors on July 1st with his analytics partner Keith Boyarsky (who was flying back to LA during this interview).

Tom Liston: When the Raptors selected Terrence Ross with the 8th pick, my immediate reaction was “jack of all trades, master of none”, meaning he does a lot of things reasonably well (TS%, 3pt%, rebounding for his position, etc) but doesn’t appear to excel in any one area.

  1. Where did the analytics team have him ranked?
  2. The big hole in my analysis is his potential impact on defense – were you able to distill some data on his impact?
  3. How did the process work in selecting this pick and how was the analytics team part of it?

Alex Rucker: Analytically, Ross was a very easy selection at 8th overall.

  1. We had him ranked as the 7th best prospect – and one of the guys ahead of him slid down the board due to medical concerns. When we got to our actual pick, we took the best player available. I agree with the general sentiment that he does a lot of things reasonably well – and that’s precisely one of the reasons he projected well in our in-house analytic tools. Unless you’re looking at a guy who can provide elite production in a key area, you’re often better served taking a player who can contribute positive value in multiple key phases of the game. I’d much rather have a guy who’s a slight positive in 6 areas at the pro level than a positive in 1-2 areas and a negative in the others. Bottom line:athletic wings who can hit the 3, play defense and get after it on the boards have positive value on nearly any team, regardless of how it’s constructed.We’re a team that’s building and improving, and based on the data we’d accumulated on him, Ross was a guy we assess will very quickly become a player who can contribute on both ends of the court.
  2. With respect to his defense – I agree that this is the hardest thing to discern from college data. College data is inconsistent and often difficult to both collect and work with, but there are absolutely some important inferences which can be drawn from it, even on the defensive end. Ross projected as a guy who will be a “plus” wing defender, both as an on-ball defender and as a help defender.
  3. The analytics team has been integrated into the draft process for the past 2-3 seasons. We are involved in the initial screening of candidates, essentially using our analytic suite to identify players who’s college data does not support taking them at our draft position – or at least make clear that if they are drafted, it will be purely on the basis of potential, not prior performance.
    Additionally, our analysis has gotten pretty well-refined in terms of translating how a college prospect projects at the pro level based on identified roles and positions. Many players played a different position in college than they will at the pro level, and in a different role, and historical analysis allows us to do a better job of projecting what they’ll look like at our level.
    At the end of the day, the final determination of a prospect is a mix of player evaluation, analytics, background checks, medical checks (both physical and psychological), etc. Our final draft board, I think, reflected our team’s invesment in each of those areas – but yes, it is clear that the analytic piece helped shaped both that list and the ultimate selection.

Liston: ESPN’s John Hollinger said “I had Ross 27th on my board. Not a fan of the pick and thought they could have traded down if that was their guy.” What is your rebuttal?

Rucker: It’s entirely possible we could have traded back and still gotten Ross. I know that Bryan Colangelo was extremely active throughout the entire draft, and he investigated a wide spectrum of options for our team. While we did have opportunities to move back, there was a very real chance that doing so might cost us the player we wanted. I think that Bryan weighed the benefits and risks associated with the various scenarios, and made the optimal decision for our franchise.

I’d also offer that the media’s perspective of player values is interesting, but it doesn’t always align with pro team’s perspectives – and one of those two enjoys a significant information advantage by virtue of the resources invested into the draft process.

If you look back historically, I think you’ll find that the real decisions (actual drafts) fare better in terms of assessing player value than the media projections (mock drafts). Neither is perfect, but one has less error than the other.

Liston: Who do you think is the biggest potential “steal” of the first round?

Rucker: Sullinger to Boston at 21. He has a chance to be a really good player at the pro level. Henson at 14 was another excellent pick. Both of those guys went later than I’d have selected them, and they ended up in great situations.

Liston: For the second pick, I was big on Jae Crowder, who went to Dallas – known for their big analytics team – right before your pick at 37.

  1. Was he on the radar?
  2. Why Quincy Acy, who doesn’t appear to fill a need a much as perhaps a Scott Machado, Tyshawn Taylor or Kim English (three others I was big on).
  3. Hollinger also didn’t like this pick – he noted: “Also, Quincy Acy over Quincy Miller continues a WTF night for the Raptors.” Your rebuttal?


  1. Crowder was definitely a player who was in the mix – but as you noted, he ceased to be an option 3 picks before ours.
  2. We liked Machado and Taylor, and they were given strong consideration – but the strong play by Ben Uzoh at the tail end of last season as a backup PG was a factor. Once you get into the 2nd round, analysis suggests that your best options are niche guys, players who can fit into an identifiable role and contribute positive value in that role. Acy is appears to a great fit with the team we’re building. Our assesments of him supported the position that he’s a guy who will do just that – give us a rugged, low-post battler who doesn’t take anything for granted and will be looking to compete anytime he steps onto the court.
    We’re continuing to build a winning culture, one with a strong work ethic, a commitment to defense, a toughness – and Acy is going to be a positive contributor to that.
  3. Quincy Miller is a talented player, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in Denver – which I think is a great spot for him. However, for our needs and what we were looking for, Acy was the guy. “Best player available” doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists in the context of your team, the players on your roster, and how that player will fit in with those things. I think sometimes people confuse “most potential” or “most skilled player” with “best”. Analytically, “best” relates to the sum of a player’s contributions to his team – and that’s rarely going to align with either of those two alternate definitions.

Liston: Who do you think is the biggest potential “steal” of the second round?

Rucker: While the odds are against any 2nd rounder being a useful NBA player, both Doron Lamb and Kim English are players who can clearly fit a role, and contribute positively in that role. I think both landed in great spots and am looking forward to seeing what they do going forward.

Liston: What can you tell us about Tomislav Zubcic?

Rucker: Zubcic is a 7′ combo forward from Croatia. He’s athletic, runs the floor, and looks to push the ball in transition. While he’s not a guy who can necessarily create shots for himself, he’s a strong spot-up shooter. The key for Zubcic will be his continued development. If he can get stronger and continue to refine his 3PT shooting, he could be a useful piece down the road.

Liston: Several Raptors’ fans were screaming (well, tweeting in ALL CAPS) for the team to acquire a late 1st rounder to pick up a dropping Perry Jones III. A) Was this considered? B) Where did you have him ranked?

Rucker: It should be no surprise that his analytic ranking would suffer as a result of his underwhelming play at the college level. He was not a player who projected well in our models, and his ability to contribute at the pro level will depend entirely on significant improvement going forward.
As with any trade scenario though, it’s easy to get excited about what you might be getting – the question is whether it’s a net positive once you factor in what you’re giving up, and what competing scenarios come off the table.
I think that we made positive-value decisions last night, and I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks unfold – there’s no question that we’re at a very high-leverage moment for our organization.

Liston: Thank you for your time. It was quite insightful.

Questions? There is a dedicated to “Statophile Q&A” forum thread here . If you prefer to send questions privately, you’re welcome to email me at tomliston [at] gmail [dot] com or find me on Twitter (@Liston).

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  • sleepz

    “I’d much rather have a guy who’s a slight positive in 6 areas at the pro level than a posiitve in 1-2 areas and a negative in others.”

    Really? How would you then explain the usage and roles of Andrea Bargnani and Demar DeRozan on the Toronto Raptors?

    • Destro

      Any bargnani fan will deflect your question or querie to something else like team rebounding is great rather than have a real discussion about there contradictory views on him…..You cannot be a fan of the team without addressing those things….they hurt the team…

      Thanks sleepz !

    • voy

      regarding AB, maybe he meant in terms of drafting and projecting positives in their nba play. 

      And I guess when you have the first overall pick your choices are fairly limited in that there are only 1 or 2 guys you can realistically take at #1, as opposed the raps could have taken a handful of players last night at 8.

      • sleepz

        Maybe, but you don’t have to use the #1 pick. I’m sure there are trade possibilities.

    • jaysemilla

      ‘Rucker… came to the Raptors in 2009’
      Bargs was drafted in 2006.

      • Statement


        Rucker started in the process 2-3 drafts ago.

        The last 2-3 drafts:

        – Terrence Ross (jury is obviously out)
        – Val (looking like a good pic, may have been #2 this year)
        – Ed Davis (excellent value at #13)

        Seems to me that Rucker has added value to the process.

      • sleepz

        Good point.

        Does that preclude the notion of moving players drafted before his time with the team, that don’t fit the ‘positive’ profile?

        • cesco

          I hope you realize that the whole team (excluding JV and TRoss) will have to be moved . The rookies will have a few years to prove they fit the ‘positive’ profile .

        • CJT

          You would think that they will us the analytics teams to help identify the best trade prospects as well. 

    • p00ka

      AB’s and DD’s skill sets have nothing to do with evaluating the wisdom of this pick, but some ppl look for any chance to turn the convo that way, sheeeesh.

      • sleepz

        I’m not turning the convo in any direction. I’m curious because if it’s a principle the team uses for evaluation of players do the metrics change for those players that have been on the team for a longer period of time or do they evaluate these players differently?

        I don’t have a problem with this years pick. I just wonder what principles are used to analyze the rest of the roster.

        • p00ka

          Sometimes you have to work with what you have rather than what you prefer. As far as the current Raps go, I like what i see of the work Casey is doing with what he has.
          Here’s what’s funny to me: before the draft, virtually everyone would have said that primary need is a wing that can shoot and defend. All indications are that is exactly what we got, yet more complaints than anything before even seeing what this kid can do in the NBA.

          • sleepz

            You do often have to work with what you have but thee is nothing wrong with trying to acquire what you don’t have or better yet need.

            My preferences before the draft was a player (no specfic position) with talent that has some ceiling but will be a solid-good contributor.

            You have not seen me complain about T.Ross. I’m no expert but I’ve seen him play numerous times this year. 

            I think BC’s more recent drafts (JV, Davis, T.Ross) are world’s better than his previous drafts as Raptor GM.

          • Tesla

            People are complaining because most mock drafts had him at late teens and we could have easily traded down to get him and more.

            Come on, there was NO WAY Barnes was gonna fall to us past GS.

            • p00ka

              “we could have easily traded down to get him and more”

              You’re not the only one stating this, but what is the basis for this certainty that it would have been “easy” to move down and still get him? None of us has a clue what discussions took place, and what “easy” vs ‘dumb” options were available or not.

              • CJT

                In fact, I read an article from Phoenix, that he was there guy at 13 until the Raps picked him.  So if there wasn’t any pick before 13 available then that argument doesn’t work.  And who knows who would have taken him if the Raps hadn’t.

                • Sir_Thursday

                  Pretty sure the Rocket’s pick would have been available at 12, they were trying to make a deal like crazy…

                • CJT

                  BC said in his presser yesterday that no deals were available to move down in the draft.  

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  And BC is so truthful…smdh lmfao

              • steve

                 I agree.  If picks 2 through 25 are so similar why would a team want to give up an asset to move up in the draft *and* take a bigger cap hit?

    • Rob

      Good point, maybe, and hopefully, this a new and welcomed change in philosophy moving forward.

    • CJT

      I believe he was drafted before they start using the analytics team.  But you are right, he has been pretty one dimensional.  It may also depend on the role a player is to occupy on the team.

    • Theswirsky

      I’m very curious where Bargnani and Derozan rank in the Raptors organizational analytics.

      Also curious what they use.  I get the impression their is a lot of adjusted +/-ish stats used at the pro level now a days.

      I also find that ‘slight positive in 6 areas > positive in one or two areas while negative in others’ statement quite… well… mind boggling consider how this team has been built for years.

  • Destro

    We need another blog about UFAs and about Nash and the disaster thats about to plague this team AGAIN….

  • Thetruth

    Hollinger said it best, it was a “WTF night for the raptors”.

    • voy

      isn’t hollinger the guy who was comparing dion waiters to dwane wade?

      • CJT

        Waiters was picked 4th which really suprised me.  I remember talking about taking at 8 was a stretch.  Who knows.

        • Rob

          Poor Cleveland. Got off to a great start drafting Kyrie Irving, and fucked up by drafting Tristan Thompson 4th (ahead of Valanciunas), and because they already invested in Tristan Thompson as their PF, they pass up on Thomas Robinson (who will be a way better pro than TT) for Waiters, horrible!

          So basically, instead of having Irivng-Valanciunas-Robinson, they’re stuck with Irving-Thompson-Waiters. Poor, poor Cleveland.

          • sleepz

            They are not that bad off. Not a fan of Waiters, however Tristan can play (they also got Zeller) and the bottom line is Kyrie is the foundation. It hasn’t taken them long to start getting some young talent.

            • Rob

              They are not that bad off, but my point was that they could’ve been in a much better position, after Kyrie, it’s almost like who else? Probably won’t be a lottery team next season, at least bottom 5 anyways, which might be a bad thing.

              • Rob

                at least not bottom 5*

      • Thetruth

        dwyane wade-lite to be fair lol

    • Rob

      He’s just one guy, the rest of the media outlets graded them pretty good.

      USA today: Grade: B-. Called him a low-risk pick.

      NBAdraft.net: Grade: A……..Toronto clearly went with the guy who they thought was the best on the board. Ross has so many NBA qualities that it’s easy to understand how they could pass on Austin Rivers. Ross was one of our favorite players and could become the top SG from this year’s class.

      CBSSports: Grade: A-….. Called it a reach, but said he fills needs and that moving down would’ve raised the grade.

      FOX sports:  He was trapped on a dysfunctional Washington team last year, so many folks didn’t get a chance to see just how good Ross really is. He has remarkably deep range on his jumper and he loves to get out and run on the break. Think of him as a high-character, smarter, defensive-minded, doesn’t-fade-away-on-every-jumper-for-no-reason J.R. Smith. Strong pick.”

      Chad Ford: Ungraded, “An interesting pick for the Raptors. Toronto wanted a shooter to pair with DeMar DeRozan, and Ross is a good shooter and a terrific athlete. A bit of a reach here. I like Ross, but just didn’t quite see him in this range.

      Broussard said “not a bad pick.”

      And in a Bill Simmons draft blog I read, he called him a Nick Young that plays defense (think of that what you may lol).

      All in all, I like the pick, was I glad that we tanked a season for Terrence Ross? Hell no, but he’ll be a valuable starter, I’d still like to see an all-out Bobcats-style tanking done by the Raps this season, we need more than just a solid, or very good player, we need a GREAT player.

      • steve

         Nice post.  I mostly agree.  I don’t think we should flat out tank but instead Alabi, Davis, Ross, Valanciunas big minutes.  Just like the Raptors did when Demar came into the league.  If these guys click and start winning a pile, keep it going.  If not then they get a ton of experience and the organization gets a high pick.

        • Al_Oliver

          Alabi is done as a Raptor. They didn’t even give him a qualifying offer.

          • CJT

            Alabi is still on their summer league team and will have to earn his way back on to the team.  

            • Tesla

              Not happening. But I will miss him.

            • Al_Oliver

              Maybe so, but with Valanciunas and Acy being added to the roster, what’s the point of giving him another contract? Gray or Magloire at least have a role if they were brought back, Alabi provides nothing but a warm body

  • Arsenalist

    So the Raptors think they chose the BPA at #8 in Terrence Ross?  In that case, there’s a massive gulf between the evaluative criteria that the Raptors use, and what pretty much every outlet like DX/ESPN uses.  I’d love to get my hands on this “in-house” tool, and BTW, do NBA teams share these tools or does every club kind of have their own?

    And this statement: 

    “athletic wings who can hit the 3, play defense and get after it on the boards have positive value on nearly any team, regardless of how it’s constructed”

    This is a very generic statement and I don’t need analytics to tell me this.  This is basically saying:

      “Athletic who can have positive value on nearly any team, regardless of how it’s constructed”.   

    Question is this, what do we need more:
    – A point guard
    – A scoring small forward
    – A three-point shooter 
    – A shooting guard

    I would contend a point guard, followed by a small forward.  From what I heard BC say, he sees Ross as a two, so IMO, he’s here to potentially replace DeMar DeRozan as a better scoring player, so he doesn’t really address the #1 and #2 needs of this team IMHO.  Again, I have no issue with adding a three point shooter (assuming the range translates), I just don’t see what the urgency of the pick was and why we didn’t trade down.  But then again, maybe he’s #8 on everyone’s “in house” analytic board.

    Bottom line: give me that analytics tool so I can play around with it.

    • Destro

      Breh ur making too much sense right here….the pick should be questioned not only from Best avail standpoint but from need..seems to me it contradicts what our needs are and also contradicts the basic approach of drafting the best player….I have a hard time ppl believe this guy will be better than DeMar esp consider Demar is not done growing yet…I dont see TR as a 18-20 PPG player….i keep harking on his workouts,the footage is out there i jsut dont get the hype or fascination with him at 8…ive outlined all the reasons in several posts…

      • voy

        – t.ross isn’t done growing yet either
        – regarding best player available: who is the bpa at 8?  I can understand the argument if some like Lamb or Rivers better (may not agree but I can understand) but the gap between all 3 right now is not that great, in my opinion.  Other than Lamb or Rivers, is there anyone else I am missing?  Drummond is not bpa, he is all potential.
        – obviously no where near to all his workouts are “out there”.  I would love to have access to their scrimages and one on one drills. 

        • Destro

          Did you do a mock draft ? Where did you have Ross going ?

          • voy

            i didn’t have a formal mock draft, but I was surprised Waiters went so high and Barnes, i thought, would go a few spots higher. 

            At the 8th spot, with who I thought might be available, I was hoping the raps would go for Lamb over Waiters.  If the Raps would’ve gone Waiters I would’ve gone mushroom cloud insane.  However, I didn’t want Rivers and I didn’t want Drummond.  That doesn’t leave much else and the difference between Lamb and Ross is negligable, I think. 

            • sleepz

              I was in the same boat and wouldn’t have been disgruntled if T.Jones was selected as well, although I thought #8 was too high for him.

            • Destro

              If someone had Ross marked for 8th in a mock what would your reaction have been ?

              • voy

                i thought 1 to 6 was more or less set in stone.  i was wrong in terms of waiters moving up and barnes moving down.  I thought 7 to 12 could have gone many ways.  I thought Lamb, Ross, Rivers and Marshall were essentially a toss up with Lamb maaaybe being the fav and Marshall at the back of the pack.  Whatever bigs went in that range I had no opinion really other than thinking Drummond would go first.

                so who do you think the bpa were available at 8 and beyond?

                • CJT

                  I think that Rivers was there based on the program he played in and his last name.  And Lamb got the nod over Ross because of the school he went to and the coverage he received.  I think they are similar in many areas with the exception of heart.  Lamb’s has been questioned and Ross’s seems to be his selling point. 

          • voy

            and lastly, I’ll say I think the Rockets had the best(?)/most interesting draft
            1) Jeremy Lamb
            2) Terrance Jones
            3) Royce White

            • sleepz


      • The Rub

         Demar is awful, trade him to someone that might still believe in his awful shot and his non-existent defence.

    • voy

      who else do you think, Arse, was the bpa at 8?  And is the gap really that huge between the two players as to make it an obvious cant miss?

      Team still needs a pg and a scoring sf but the next sf that went was moe harkness.  Would you trade down to take him?  The next pg that went was Kendall Marshall.  I would consider trading down to grab him but I am not complaining with Ross either.

    • ckh26

      Damn straight we need another point guard. On a WTF front have to think there was no offer made by the Rockets for Lowery + 14 or 16 for #8 and some salary going back. This move was the clinical one. It would have answered with surety the need for a PG. Nash in free agency is no sure thing. The 14 or 16 pick could have yielded one of Ross/Harkless/PJones (a real flyer here) to take a shot at filling up the SF gap. Thought we could have done a little better.

  • bt

    This would be really cool to research: “If you look back historically, I think you’ll find that the real
    decisions (actual drafts) fare better in terms of assessing player value
    than the media projections (mock drafts).”

  • TommyZubcic

    “ESPN’s John Hollinger said “I had Ross 27th on my board. Not a fan of the pick and thought they could have traded down if that was their guy.””I’d also offer that the media’s perspective of player values is interesting, but it doesn’t always align with pro team’s perspectives – and one of those two enjoys a significant information advantage by virtue of the resources invested into the draft process.”What he wish he could say-“PER and WP is useless when trying to project a player at the next level. They are cute little numbers like Plus Minus. We have synergy and break down a players shooting numbers by playtype(iso, spotup, postup), shot selection(open, semi-contested, fully-contested) where(longrange, midrange,in the paint) and when(time on shot clock). We can also do this with passing. The same can be done with defence(opponentfg% by playtype, ppp by playtype). For example, our data says Rivers is poor coming off screens, we went over the tape and noticed that his mechanics are inconsistent in this particular playtype(doesnt square up, kicks out legs, fades, leans, etc.) On the surface Rivers appears to be a more dynamic scorer, but he was only strong in one playtype(pnr), average and poor(spotup, offscreens) in others. The data and tape suggest he will be a ball dominant volume shooter, thats not what we are looking for. T. Ross was above average to good across the board, he can score in many different ways. off the ball and with the ball. his skillset provides the team with more options on offense. He is statistically similar to Jeremy Lamb and Harrison Barnes on offense. Also, Ross is a better defender and rebounder”

    • Statement

      WP isn’t useless, just look back to last year when it advocated selecting Leonard, Faried and Irving top three.  Irving was obvious but Leonard and Faried were not.

      However, they do have a “significant information advantage” given that WP only relies on box score information.

      To us fan-types, ASPM and Wins Produced are probably the best that we are going to be able to access.

    • Statement

      Aside from that small nit-pick, awesome quote.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I think Hollinger may be speaking on TWroten Jr not TRoss no way in heck any rational basketball analyst had TRoss as the 27th best prospect he was a projected late Lottery choice by most all since season’s end.

  • Statement

    OH BTW Tom, thanks for doing this.

    I would LOVE to see the models that they use.

  • Puffer

    1. ”
    We had him ranked as the 7th best prospect – and one of the guys ahead of him slid down the board due to medical concerns. When we got to our actual pick, we took the best player available”
    2. ”
    I’d also offer that the media’s perspective of player values is interesting, but it doesn’t always align with pro team’s perspectives – and one of those two enjoys a significant information advantage by virtue of the resources invested into the draft process”3. ”
    Best player available” doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists in the context of your team, the players on your roster, and how that player will fit in with those things. I think sometimes people confuse “most potential” or “most skilled player” with “best”. Analytically, “best” relates to the sum of a player’s contributions to his team – and that’s rarely going to align with either of those two alternate definitions.”

    These are the comments of a guy whose job depends on being right, not on how many readers he attracts, how many hits the website gets or who retweet his tweets. I will go along with his assessment until I see some evidence he is wrong. Say what you want but professionals whose job it is to analyse players provided the information to BC to make the choice. 

    Good enough for me, at least for now.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      No way BC had TRoss rated ahead of ADrummond on their big board.

      I love the TRoss pick but that is insane as ADrummond has all the tools to be great if properly groomed on & off of the court and was the bpa at #8. 

  • RaptorFan

    Do you think the reason why BC didnt trade the 8th pick to Houston (for Drummond) to get the 12th, 16th or 18th was because he didnt want too many rookies?? He said before that he would not want to bring in 3 rookies……I suppose thats why he took another 7 foot euro jump shooter instead of Scott Machado……from what i hear we shouldnt expect to see that guy in years if at all. 

    Gotta love 1 year rebuilds…lol 

    I honestly believe TRoss would’ve been available at 12…..BC is all talk….  He hasn’t made any moves pre-draft or during…..lets see if they can convince Steve Nash to throw away his chance of getting a ring….smh 

    I love Steve Nash too much to bring him into this mess!!  The raps are at least 2-3 years away from actually contending…..BOOK IT!

    • p00ka

      Do you know what Houston was offering BC, if anything? What;’s your source?

      • RaptorFan

        Do you know if he wasnt offered anything?? If so, what’s your source??  You are a fish aren’t you??

        • p00ka

          No I don’t, but then I’m not making bold statements based on my suppositions as facts. You are, yet fail to answer simple questions, proving you’re speaking out of the wrong hole.

          • CJT

            BC said today during his post presser interview that there wasn’t any offers to move down in the draft.  There was one to move up but the price was too steep.

    • voy

      of course they are 2-3 years away.  the expectation should not be to contend this year.  too early.  let the young guys grow. one more high draft pick next year + a ton of salary cap room.  that should be the plan.

    • Aneris

       Apparently the only thing HOU was offering was Lowry for the 8th. According to BC, the only trades offered were ones that would omit us from the draft entirely, not give us 3 picks like you suggest.

  • Guest

    Simply awesome post

  • Triano?

    The Quincy Acy pick was without question one of the worst picks in the entire draft.  Passing on Miller, Barton and Lamb for a third-string PF (on a team loaded with PFs).  I mean, I have realized for quite some time that Colangelo is completely incompetent, but this takes takes things to another level.  How this clown still has a job is really beyond me. 

    • WhiteVegas

      Obviously we’re moving one of Amir and Ed, probably Ed. Then we would need a cheap PF to play backup minutes (10-15 a game). Acy can come in and do that for 4 years at about $500K a year, and is projected to be a Reggie Evans rebounder but with more offense. As he said, in the 2nd round you go for niche players, because the chances of getting a starter are nearly non-existant (<1%). We got a guy who has an great chance of being a contributor for years to come at an extremely low price tag. Look at the bigger picture (more moves to come) and don't live in a vacuum (this is the squad we will have to start the season).

    • Draftstar

      Yes, it was a colossal blunder because of who else was available imo but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. They did an exceptional job with their first pick but obviously need more help the further up the draft board they go. They did a tremendous amount of work and only look to need tweaking in the decision making area. Note that they seemed to be keenly aware of what these players could do (D. Lamb widely mocked in first round, 50% from 3…) and just fumbled the ball!!!  

  • Mos_jef

    When Alex says Ross is their 7th best prospect, does that mean 7th best for fitting with the Raptors or 7th best for the average NBA team? When looking at a player’s value in a draft, it’s useful to consider how the teams that follow you would value him. If he doesn’t look like a good fit for the next batch of teams, then try to trade down.
    Since Lamb went 12th and many would consider him similar to Ross, then the talk could have been over trading down from 8th to 11th with the risk still that he could get picked up between 8 and 10. I don’t know the historical value of trading down 3-6 spots in the late lottery, but I have a feeling that many are overvaluing it. The value of Lamb vs Ross could be debated, but I think the trade down talk is easier to say and harder to analyze.
    Either way, Colangelo hasn’t picked many busts, so I’ll trust his judgment and welcome T. Ross to the Raptors.

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    T.Ross look like he got game yall knew from tha start I wanted myboi HB, I aint off to that west coast ish much but them dudes outta UW be the truth.

    and dont sleep on myboi Quincy Acy, this dude gon be on that Charles Oakley tip when he comes to TO no doubt! …..any mothafucka with a beard like that you just KNOW is the shit….*dead* lmao

    • rus

       you try to hard

    • mt

      i like acy. he’s a reggie evans whose explosive off the floor and can legitimately finish. he’s an inch shorter, but his athleticism more than makes up for it

  • mountio

    Some great Raps talk on the BS report with Joe House and Chad Ford. Lots of love for JV. Talk of a Nash signing along with an AB/JC for Pau and Artest Trade. Im in!
    To an extent its a little bit of ignorant Americans blabbing on .. but Ill tell ya .. as a Raps fan it got me super excited….!!

    • Giancarlo

      Any move that involves Andrea getting traded is fine by me. I, too, am very excited with the arrival of Jonas. Could you possibly provide a link to the report you speak of?

      • mountio

        It should be at the top of the page. On itunes under BS report also. 

        • Giancarlo

          Thank you, definitely worth listening to, for others out there, they start talking Raptors around the 20 minute mark, and visit it again around the 34 minute mark. Great stuff.

      • NyAlesund

        Do you feel well if Andrea getting traded? Well I suggest you to be very very patient for at least two years. lol

    • voy

      interesting but I dont think I like the deal. 
      – that will leave us with only one pg.  
      –  jose’s contract comes off the books next season giving us a lot of financial flexibility
      – Pau makes 20 mill a year and is 33
      – I dont think Artest is the Answer at SF

      Maybe the specualtion is to put together a team of nash, dd, artest, pau and jv with bayless, t.ross amir and ED coming off the bench.

      My problem is with this lineup you are not gonna go deep in the playoffs, in my opinion, you are gonna cost us a high-ish draft pick next year and the window of opportunity for contending is very narrow before we regress again. 

      I guess I am a little biased though because I am really against going for the quick rebuild.

      • mountio

        I guess the point from my perspective is I like that better than some of the half in / half out solutions. If you are gonna stay young and go full rebuild, Im cool with that. BUT – if you are gonna sign Nash / trade for someone like Gay / Iggy .. then at least go all out. The Nash signing with the current roster makes zero sense. Add in Gasol .. thats interesting. I agree Artest sucks (thats the price of getting LA to give up Gasol). But, JV, Gasol, Nash, DD, Ross/Artest is a pretty interesting team, with Ed, Amir and Bayless off the bench (which is two PGs including Nash). 
        I agree lets not make a panic trade / signing (ie Nash alone) .. but a couple of moves like this together are pretty interesting to me .. 

    • LTDupside

      That pod spells out exactly how I feel about the current situation. I can see ZERO downside to bringing Nash to Toronto, and a number of huge potential benefits. Once you have Nash on board, there are all sorts of other options available that weren’t there before, and all of a sudden, FAs will want to be here.

      Whatever else happens this offseason, if Nash is here, this team will be a lot more interesting and fun to watch.

  • raptorpoo

    How about giving us the analytics on Mayo.

    We coulda just picked him up for nothing and probably paid a bit more than what we’re going to pay Ross and used the pick on a project like Andre (with star potential) since we would’ve grabed an established vet with Mayo.

    Good job BC. You brainiac.

    Don’t you understand it’s easier to grab a Mayo or Ross through FA than it is to get a potential superstar?

    • Do you mean 33.1% effective FG% in this year’s playoffs OJ Mayo?  Or his 20% turnover percentage?   Ross will be paid $2.1M I believe.  You believe Mayo will only get an offer of $2.1M per season?

  • Jamshid

    You got to love the BC fans here. 
    None of you had T.R. for #8 and would have laughed at any team that picked him before Austin River, Lillard, Marshal and Drummond .

    But since it is BC, you are now loving this pick. Hope you are right and this is not another Joey Graham, Arujo case.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Not me I had TR as my 2nd pick at #8 behind Lillard for the Raptors on draft nite.

      I say fuck BC but I like the pick- best SG prospect in this draft bar none.

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Rudy GAY

    D.CASEY Rules

    PO + Conference Finals 


    Haters stay at home

  • T Ross is a fine pick people.  Get over it. 

    Firstly, I am so relieved that Austin Rivers was not picked.  In fact, NO pick of Rivers at 10 pretty much cancels out any good karma that Anthony Davis brings to the team.  New Orleans is still going to be mediocre next season, because you-know-who will be gambling on defence and chucking up shots like crazy with no conscience.

    Secondly, if not T Ross, who would you have picked at #8??  Assuming that there was no deal possible to move down in the draft.  Exactly, not many options, is there?  We don’t need Drummond because we already have a centre coming, and Drummond is far from great.  Lamb is too small, and would be kind of similar to Ross.  So unless you could think of a better pick…

    Lastly, we can still grab someone from FA market.

  • Davidkent2005

    The last time I heard the phrase “he is good at everthing but not great (elite) at anything” it was in regard to Brand Roy  and we all know how wrong they were.

  • Mikel

    So if the Raptors are so concerned with analytics now… can anyone explain to me why DeRozan is still on this team? Nevermind playing 35 MPG.