If you haven’t already seen the video scouting report on Terrence Ross and/or have never heard of this site called Draft Express, check this video out, it says something about the player:

I don’t want to undersell the guy, but I’ll say on day one of his NBA career he’ll be James Johnson plus a three-point shot and minus the petulance. If that turns out to be the case, it’s not too shabby a start to his NBA career. Once you start evaluating the pick and not the player, you start to like more and more, and let’s face it, if Hollinger/Ford/DX hadn’t ranked him in the teens, and he had been the subject of the hype machine as much as Jeremy Lamb, nobody would’ve questioned this pick. I’m not saying give Colangelo a pass, all I’m saying is that he deserves the benefit of the doubt, especially since we know Hollinger and Co. to be wrong quite often. Of course, there are many cases where the pundits have trumped the GMs (ahem, Hoffa) and so be it, but right now the coin’s up in the air and nobody’s in a position to call it. Wait, did that analogy even make sense?

The reason for the underwhelming nature of draft night wasn’t, at least for me, so much the pick than the talk leading up to it. There was the Lowry trade talk, some stuff about Iggy and Gay from a couple weeks back, chatter about trading up, even Colangelo saying that he’s looking at options going eiter way in the draft, blah blah, and at the end of the night you get a guy nobody’s heard of. It’s like telling a friend that he’s about to get a massive birthday present, hype it up for a few weeks and when the big day comes long you buy him the Balero.

The Balero might be a fine toy entertaining millions around the world, but it’s not exactly something you’d be pumped to see at first sight, unless you were in fact, very familiar with all the various and diverse ways this toy can be used. All we can hope is that Colangelo and his team have researched the Balero to its fullest, and that the Balero won’t be thrown away by the wayside like other toys advertised as being shiny (ahem, DeRozan, Davis, Alabi).

The question of position has been raised too, with Colangelo saying that he ideally sees Ross at the off-guard. This is great news because it might light a fire under DeRozan (not that you need a fire at this stage of your career); he’s been a little complacent at times and not having to look over his shoulder often enough might have swayed him into a dull sense of contentment. Ross, based on the limited I’ve seen and heard, isn’t going to play the role of a rookie happy just to get minutes, he’ll compete to win the starting job and if DeRozan reacts the way he reacted to Alan Anderson having a few good games, watch out.

It’s hard to think of this pick as insurance at the two, and you’re inclined to see it more as basketball fit, specifically as Casey stated, as a much needed perimeter threat, increased defense, and another option in the zone setup. Whatever the case, we did improve our depth in a position where depth was an issue. And that’s something I don’t think everyone quite recognizes, we see DeRozan at the two and think that position is addressed, or at least on its way to being addressed when nothing of the sort is the case. You could even argue that the two is as big a question mark as the one. Right?

For his defense, I’ll warn you now, don’t expect him to be a “lock down defender” for two reasons: 1) there aren’t many in the NBA and it’s actually very difficult/impossible to be “lock down” good at defense (speaking in the complete sense of the word), and 2) he doesn’t have great quickness, his wingspan isn’t great, and his reach is average. He doesn’t have a God-given physical advantage on defense, and from a pure physical POV, he’s in Chris Jefferies’ boat. Wow!!! Arse, what say you??? Let me finish man, Jefferies was a pothead (nothing wrong with that, BTW) who couldn’t be bothered to raise a hand on D, and obviously Ross is different in that regard so the comparisons end at the physical level. Listen man, all I’m saying is that it’ll take him some time and that Casey is banking on player mentality as much as he is on physical characteristics.

Nice quote from the guy from yesterday’s press conference (small but good enough recap here):

“My defensive ability is something I like to take pride in, something I’ve learned a lot over the last two years in school. I think that’s one thing people don’t know about me, my ability to play defence.”

The press conference was generic at best, reminded me of this one.

If you haven’t checked out the Hangout with Terrence Ross, here it is:

In some bizarre news at best, the Raptors not only picked up the option on Bayless (around $4M, fine, understandable as depth is low at PG), but on Sonny Weems ($1M) who I last saw here in a cast. The Raptors also pulled the plug on Solomon Alabi so all this turned out to be bullshit.

Finally, I didn’t say this yesterday and it’s my fault: Big thank you to St. Louis Bar and Grill for hosting the event, and all the people for showing up. I’m always surprised at the sheer diversity of hardcore Raptor fans and especially, RR visitors. Thank you, we are humbled.

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  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    We want to talk about STEVE NASH, that’s should be the article about TODAYYYYYY !

    Captain Canada on CANADA DAY.

    Haters stay at home

    Free Pizza

    • WJF

      Well seeing as today is NOT Canada day, your wish may come true. 

    • Truthkiller

      For all of you saying we should pick up Steve Nash, what happens if that experiment fails (i.e) The Raptors miss the playoffs as a 11 seed, end up with mid-teen draft. You have him for 2 more years or at least a year at $10 million, he’s not retiring, you can’t trade that contract in the upcoming salary cap structure in other words this team will be fucked for the duration of his contract if things dont go right. There’s no denying this guy has talent but he would’ve been a better fit if he was 10 years younger.
      And plz dont say it won’t fail because injuries and team chemistry are all things to consider.

      • LTDupside

         Kinda like what would happen if they DIDN’t pick up Nash? So, um, what’s the risk again? Money? lol…

        • mountio

          Exactly. Think about how many more wins we would have had last year just if AB stays healthy and JV comes over. Whether we like it or not, this team is gonna be half decent – barring injury we arent going to be battling for a top 5 draft pick (shit, we couldnt even get to worse than 8th last year with d-leaguers!). So, im with LTD .. whats the risk? But, if we do, lets go all out and make a trade like simmons suggests for Pau ..

          • FAQ

            “..this team is gonna be half decent…” you say!!!

            Does that also mean it’s half-shitty too??!!!

            • mountio

              yup! .. problem is, half shitty gets you a 10-15 draft pick .. we were 3/4 shitty (at least!) last year and only got 8th ..

          • Destro

            healthy AB + Jonas + Nash = still miss playoffs

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        12 million a year for a 39 y/o Nash is too steep plus he has a bad back that acts up not to mention that he’s Jose like on defense and if Casey is preaching DEFENSE then this isn’t the way to go at point guard especially with Bargnani in the starting line up.

        Maybe if Nash were 33 years old……

        I see Nash going to Dallas if DWill stays in NJ.

        I hope BC didn’t create cap space (one of his favorite talking points during the last 2 years) to just over pay an old pg by NBA standards and throw it all away.

        • Tesla

          Funny how our GM is known for being completely offensive-minded whereas our coach is the opposite.

          Dwane had his in Ross, now it’s time for BC to do a complete repeat of what he did on July 1st, 2004.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            BC is still pushing AB unto Casey…….Dirk Like?smh

            As soon as AB & Jose are traded away the defense and culture will change until then it’s AB’s team via BC….and a team is a reflection of it’s best player….

        • Destro

          It needs to be talked about,i dont understand the fans who like this move…ONLY positive it will be BC`s last signing failure..He`ll be gone when it doesnt work out and trust me it WONT…

      • FLUXLAND

        There is no downside to this from a business
        POV, at all. 

        Nash could go down in a heap his 1st game and this will still be a
        financial success on every front for the Raptors.  The franchise is in a
        coma, there’s nothing exciting about it ( I assume T-Ross didn’t turn
        you into a season ticket holder) and it desperately needs this to stay
        relevant. People are itching to buy Nash/Raptor merchandise, just think
        how many kids were brought up on him.

        Basketball wise, once this happens, I only wish Casey would stop talking
        about this being a defensive team in any way, shape or form and start
        working on his best shatz lines. 

        People want instant gratification, they don’t care about long term or
        winning. As FAQ would say.. honk honk. As far as playoffs, don’t expect
        much, let’s just say the outscoring your opponent strategy is an epic
        fail; and this will also prove to all the BC fans he still in fact knows
        nothing about basketball, only how to pull wool over people’s eyes (
        EOY award #3?)

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          If Nash wants to come to the TDot on a 5-6 million per year deal then yes but he deserves to be more than just a side show to sell merchandise & pacify a segment of the fan base ala hiring Jay as 1st Canadian NBA Head Coach being another BC media hyped pr spin in the wind.

          Raptors need to go after a young available f/a pg like Goran Dragic (my 3rd pick), Aaron Brooks (my 1st pick), Raymond Felton (my 4th pick), Jameer Nelson (my 2nd pick)…..imo

          • FLUXLAND

            “I definitely feel I want to be validated monetarily to an extent,’’
            Nash said. “It’s still very important. I think money in many ways
            represents respect. For example, if you sign with a team and take half
            or less money, six months later they trade you.”

            Does that sound like someone will come here for 5/6 per? No.

            “It’s nice to have that idea, I want to win a championship,’’ Nash said.
            “That’s also difficult. You can turn down a ton of money for a team you
            think can win a championship and there’s an injury and the chemistry
            isn’t right and you’re traded in six months.

            Does that sound like someone who want to win a chip and makes that his top priority? (Especially after asking his coach is the L is fixed.) No.


            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              Wow you take 2 quotes and wrap your whole being aroung them…lol

              No trade clause- problem solved..

              Time will tell……

              • mountio

                I think the interview is pretty telling. Looks to me like the T dot has a very good chance here ..
                He mentions dallas as well, but also mentions they are going after D will .. and then says he wants to do this quick within a day or two ..

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  3 YEARS 36 MILLION……

                • Destro

                  It is telling….I questions a man that wants to take more money to have play on a shitty ass team….

                  Lebron got hated for taking less money to WIN….think about that for a minute…

              • FLUXLAND

                Says the man who hangs onto every BC and DC quote… lol

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  BC runs the Raptors & Casey coaches them as well as this is a Raptors discussion forum- do the full math…..

                • FLUXLAND

                  I wouldn’t say BC runs the Raps..he’s just the mascot. They are run by a corporation: “an ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.”

                  Math? Is this the required text, used by most stat and analytic gurus?

                • FAQ

                  So FLUX… do ya think that BC is planning now to snag the 2013 #1 draft pick… or is he just trying to put bums in the seats at ACC and doesn’t care??!!!

                • FLUXLAND

                  Knowing BC, probably both.  Bring in Nash and sell tickets, give JV heavy minutes and rack up losses in the name of development and gelling… but I don’t think he gets the # 1 pick.  

          • Truthkiller

            Exactly the point, this whole bring Nash back to Canada is a PR move not a basketball move and that disappoints me. Aaron Brooks & Dragic are 2 guys that BC should be looking real hard at. 

  • skywalker

    Like the vast majority of raptors fans when I heard “Terrence Ross” as the 8th pick I couldn’t help but think this can’t be happening!!  But as I’ve watched a few videos, including the one posted here by Arse, this guy is growing on me!  I am excited!  Just wondering if anyone else is getting that same vibe??

    • Tesla

      Happens every year to me and many others.

      Still not sold on him over Drummond (trade) or Lamb as Ross looks like he’ll be no more than a great role player in his prime. Like a J.R. Smith-Jamal Crawford hybrid.

      But now I’m glad we drafted Wiz Khalifa, he fills a lot of needs (which BC said he wouldn’t do), and I hope he proves us wrong.

    • RaptorLakerJay

      Same here! Super excited. Actually the same as last year with Jonas Valanciunas. Now I’m his #1 fan! 

    • FAQ

      Maybe BC is planning ahead… to snag the 2013 #1 draft pick …. ya think??

  • Balls of Steel

    Talk about lighting the guy’s ass on fire. I didn’t like the pick at 8 but if Ross lights up DD, he could be on his way out!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Internal competition is good for a team- except AB who has everything handed to him.

      That being said they can both play the wings together ala Weems & DD it’s not a SF/SG thing or a one has to go type of scenario (ex Jose pg past Ford/Jack) so stop the drama now.

      Some people like to start imaginary shit then run when it hits the fan…

  • Morgan

    Although his ball handling skills are average, they still appear to be better than DeMar’s, and might even get to be above average with some work. Also in that clip, we even saw Terrence create his own shot in a few instances. He looks sound defensively as well.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      TRoss currently struggles to create his own shot but he has a nasty step back cross over J plus a deadly fade away J.

      He can defend (rebound) at a high rate and is used to guarding bigger players as he played some PF when UW went small ball with a 4 guard line up (Gaddy, Wroten, Wilcox, TRoss, N’Diaye) often last season.

  • John

    Drafting T.R., Picking up option on Bayless and Weems, James Johnson … This is what I call stock pilling grade “A” talents in a way to building championship …

    I am excited about next season since with the above guys and big Val, we will be making some serious noise in the East. We are the OKC of the future.

    BC and T.R. will prove all the people around the world and their mock drafts which had T.R. at mid teens or twenties wrong … T.R. is the steal of the draft at #8 …
    Gooo Raptors Goooo

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      No mock draft had TR in the mid teens or 20s the lowest he was was 13th to Phx in any mock draft right before the draft and going as high as 7th to GS.

      Where do you folks get your info from- wow????

      Btw we are not the OKC of the future OKC is younger that the Raptors at 23 years of age average- there’s goes all that we’re young talk from BC/Casey out of the window….

      TWJr is the steal of the draft at #25 as he is a better all around player than TRoss as TWJr does things for others on the court not just for himself- a sign of a great player vs a good player.

      • Rick

        I have been an avid Huskies for years, a recent alumni as well. Terrence Ross is the real deal, he has all the traits you’d love to see in a basketball player, his skill level, persona, and demeanor. I just came back from vacation and wasn’t at all surprised to find him picked in the top 10, many of the media outlets sleep on the pacific-northwest with their East Coast bias, only reason why he wasn’t as hyped as many of the others, like Rivers playing for Duke, or Lamb of UConn, playing for Calhoun, he is much more talented than them. Believe me, you are getting an absolute player with Terrence, and do not sleep on Wroten, he’ll do very well on a team/city like Memphis, where hard-work and blue collar attitude is enshrined in their culture, he is a pro. Good to see a pair of UW “Dawgs” reach their dreams.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I know all about this brother and he’s the real deal better than Waiters, Lamb, Beal & Rivers………….who are all very solid players but TRoss is next level talented….time will tell.

  • Seeten

    Just listened to the BS Report. Simmons and Chad Ford have Nash signing in Toronto, they both practically called it a done deal. Simmons went a step further, saying he’s heard that the Raptors plan to pursue Gasol, after they get Nash, dangling Bargnani and something plus a 1st for Gasol and MWP.

    Valciunas/Gasol/MWP/???/Nash as your starting 5, according to ESPN sources.

    I’m all in.

    • mountio

      Me too .. loved the pod .. got me as hyped as I have been for the Raps in a long time. They had JC going with AB to the LAL .. which makes sense and works salary wise. Of course, id rather not take back artest .. but thats the price of getting Gasol. Im all over this.
      Does it make us a true championship contender? Probably not .. but it makes us a middle of the pack playoff team in the east, which is way, way, way, way, way better than anything ive seen in the last ten years.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Anything that gets rid of both AB & Jose in one swoop I’m with!!

        • cesco

          It won’t happen , Nash is 38 , Pau is 32 and World Peace is 33 . All three are on a descending curve in their career . Has anyone ever build a contender with old men ? Besides , where is the source of this rumor about the trade with LA , anyone knows ? .

          • Tesla

            Boston Celtics, numerous times.

            • cesco

              Not enough defense and not enough offense , the team will make the playoffs and a quick exit 2 years in a row and then what ? .

          • mountio

            bill simmons / chad ford podcast .. check the grantland website under podcasts

    • voy

      i’d rather keep bargs for at least another year, watch the boys grow together this year, one more high draft pick, and thats when you pull the trigger on an andrea move for another young-ish player than fills a position, if we can upgrade the team. 

      I dont think the answer is with 3 guys in their 30’s.  Although Acy and Artest on the floor would certainly bang a few bodies.

  • Seeten

    I wonder if Colangelo is already in New York, planning to arrive at Steve’s door at 12:01 AM.

  • NyAlesund

    I love AB. I  hate his haters. lol

    • cesco

       Can you imagine the look on BC face if Andrea becomes an all star in LA and he loses Pau after two years and he has no more all stars on his team .

      • mountio

        im a big AB fan too .. but if we have a chance to get nash and pau on this team – and all we have to give up is ab (jc is a write off anyways) .. i make that deal. we still have enough young guys with ross, jv, dd, ed, etc ..

        • NyAlesund

          I don’t understand why we have to trade AB if Nash joined us. Why? With the captain Nash, the entire team would improve. And imagine the pick and roll with AB.Yeah, someone could say that the pnr with Calderon is excellent but all my respect to the spanish fella, Nash is another category. Other consideration is the Pau’s salary. 38 mln for two years is too much. I don’t want to consider Metta. Please, he is the last player I want to see in Canada. He is crazy fella.

          For me the ideal situation is sign Nash for two years 10 mln each, and make a deal for Iguo/Gay or whatever is really good in SF by trading or amnesty Josè and including one between Amir or Davis.

          • mountio

            why? because this team isnt a steve nash away from being a playoff contender .. and because by going with nash, you are going with a 2-3 yr window max .. so you might as well go for better current players (pau) and give up some future (AB) .. mwp is neither here nor there, just something you need to do to make this work ..

            • NyAlesund

               Do you think that Pau could be more effectively than AB in this team? I understand the Pau’ s value but I think that most of users hate too much AB to consider him correctly.

              • mountio

                yes. Pau is damn good .. a proven playoff performer. Could AB be better in the future .. ya .. i think thats possible .. but for this season coming up .. I think its pretty easy I would take pau easily.

      • NyAlesund

         Would be priceless…lol

  • RaptorReuben

    Not too worried about Derozan. He’s starting, and Dwane Casey doesn’t care about numbers in terms of positions whether you’re a 2 or 3. 

    Dwane said they’ll be playing a good amount TOGETHER on the wing. 

    • mountio

      casey also mentioned in the presser that DD has put a lot of weight on in the offseason (anyone else heard this)? so might be ready to defend 3s .. which would be better as his perimeter d is weak

  • gorapsgo

    Bosh, demar, davis….and FINALLY the raps draft a player that doesnt look like a raptor!

  • Dibtus

    Steve nash is a punk ass. Hope he come up short again it tastes better when he loses in the conference final or even finals.