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As for the Raptors: As I wrote last week, adding Nash (and Fields) would make them legitimate playoff contenders in the East. Coach Dwane Casey will keep this defense improving, and the combination of Nash and a healthy Andrea Bargnani would lift to average or better an offense that ranked 28th in points per possession last season. Nash’s last two Suns teams, relatively bereft of talent, ranked in the top 10 in points per possession and scored at a top-three rate when he was on the floor. The man is that good, and the Raptors’ offense, as bad as it was overall, scored at a league-average rate with Bargnani in the game. Even Fields shot much better overall when playing with Lin, suggesting that he might be at least a usable offensive player with a point guard who can find him on cuts.

But it’s fair to ask if the Raptors are going a bit overboard with the Nash chase when you consider how it might compromise their cap room next summer. Adding Nash and Fields at these prices would give Toronto about $50 million in committed salary for 2013-2014, not including DeRozan’s cap hold, which would wipe out the bulk of the remaining cap space. Heck, Fields, Nash, Bargnani and power forward Amir Johnson could make $40 million combined in 2014-15, before even considering DeRozan, incoming rookie center Jonas Valanciunas and the other players on rookie deals.

The Raptors do not have much of a record of attracting top free agents, so perhaps this is a reasonable way to trade in cap space ahead of time — similar to what the Wizards did in acquiring Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor from the Hornets last month. But flexibility is nice to have, and the Raptors are approaching the line at which they are compromising too much of theirs.

National Post

The offer for Fields, a restricted free agent, is a back-loaded overpay, no matter how much coach Dwane Casey is said to like the offensively limited wing player. But it makes it much more difficult for the Knicks to acquire Nash in a sign-and-trade; now they would have to surrender promising young guard Iman Shumpert, while also matching Houston’s reported backloaded offer to point guard Jeremy Lin. Nash has a home in New York, and his post-career filmmaking aspirations could get a boost there. He should be smart enough to avoid the North Korean capitalist snakepit that is Madison Square Garden — there are no happily ever afters there — but just in case, Colangelo threw a bomb.

This is the Bryan Colangelo who engineered brilliantly structured trades to get Tyson Chandler (only to see Michael Jordan cancel it at the last minute, which turned out to be a huge reason Dallas won an NBA championship in 2011) and Hedo Turkoglu (let’s move on); this is the man who wasn’t afraid to deal for Jermaine O’Neal (let’s move on), and trade him for Shawn Marion (which turned out to be a huge reason Miami won an NBA championship in 2012). For better or worse, he’s back.

Toronto Star

Fields, 24, is no bum and has been linked to the Raptors, at least quietly, since before the league’s free agency period began on Sunday.

He is coming off a bad second season in New York — he shot 26 per cent from three-point range and a miserable 56 per cent from the free throw line — but the Raptors have paid scant attention to those numbers given the system Fields played under and the teammates he played with.

They feel in a more free-flowing, ball-moving offence — precisely what New York did not run with Carmelo Anthony for most of last season — that Fields can thrive. The Stanford graduate shot 39 per cent from three-point range, 50 per cent from the field and 77 per cent from the free throw line as a rookie.

He’s not as bad as he was last year or as good as he was early in his rookie season but his offensive production, coupled with tenacious defence, should make him a favourite of coach Dwane Casey. And since Toronto’s small forwards right now are James Johnson and Linas Kleiza, neither of whom has ever set the NBA on fire, Fields can’t hurt.

The Fields offer sheet is also the first concrete move the Raptors have made since NBA free agency began. They still have work to do — they may need to add a backup point guard depending on what happens with Nash, Jose Calderon and restricted free agent Jerryd Bayless — and they may want a fallback position in case the Knicks match the Fields offer.

Toronto Star

In Nash, the Raptors would not only add a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and eight-time all-star, but a member of the Order of Canada and the newly-minted general manager of Canada’s men’s basketball team.

Should Nash, 38, sign with the Raptors, his well-established star value and stature as a local hero would almost certainly generate renewed interest the Raptors franchise.

“There are certain people in the marketplace that will all of a sudden start to watch basketball or buy a jersey because Nash is on the Raptors that would not have otherwise,” said Norman O’Reilly, a University of Ottawa sports business professor.

The Raptors reportedly offered Nash a three-year, $36 million (U.S.) contract earlier this week, but face competition from the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

The storyline — Western Canadian boy comes home to the Raptors — would likely pique interest nationwide, drawing viewers coast-to-coast and serving as a tourism boost for the city, said Chris Gibbs, a Ryerson tourism professor who specializes in professional sports.

“From a merchandizing perspective, he’s a huge star,” he said. “Sales will go through the roof. More people may consider a stop in Toronto because they’re a basketball fan of Steve Nash.”

Indeed, “one would think that (Nash’s) addition to the lineup would encourage people from outside the region coming into the city to attend a game to stay overnight,” said Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance CEO Rick Traer.

Between the 2006-07 and 2010-11 seasons, Nash, then a member of the Phoenix Suns, played five regular season games in Toronto. The ACC reached capacity three times, with only one game – a 113-94 Suns victory on Nov. 29, 2009 – drawing less than the Raptors’ average home attendance that season.


A source confirms to FOX19 Tu Holloway will play for the Toronto Raptors summer team starting July 13th.

Holloway worked out for several NBA teams, but was not picked in the 2012 NBA draft in June.

Holloway finished his career at Xavier 6th on the school’s all-time scoring list.

Huffington Post

There are clearly many reasons for you to sign in Toronto, but if, for whatever reason, you decide to sign with Miami, tell Bosh it’s not that we are angry with him, it’s that we are "disappointed." Tell him maybe we said some things we didn’t really mean when we were emotional and maybe one day it would be great to grab a coffee with him and catch up a little. Actually don’t tell him we said anything, unless he asks about us, do you think he will ask about us? If you go to Dallas tell Vince Carter he’s terrible, any team he ever plays for is terrible, and that we are glad he is gone, and maybe give him a shove or something so he knows we are serious. Hate Vince Carter.

I think you will sign with Toronto however, because while life may be full of tough choices, this isn’t one of them. You could "Karl Malone" your career by signing with a contender or you could solidify your position as a national hero, help the Raptors sell out every game and drive up the popularity of your sport all across Canada.

Raptors fans will cheer for you anyway, but signing in Toronto would give them the chance to cheer for you in person 41 games a year instead of once or twice.

Nash is mulling offers from the Raptors, who reportedly have a three-year, $36 million deal on the table, and the Knicks, who only have the $3 million exception to offer as well.
A source said Tuesday that Nash is allowing the Knicks time to try and create a sign-and-trade deal that would be palatable for Phoenix — and also get Nash a higher annual salary. But the Raptors put a crimp in New York’s plans Tuesday when they reached a verbal agreement with restricted free agent guard Landry Fields on an offer sheet worth $20 million for three years.
Fields was one of the players the Knicks had hoped to include in a potential sign and trade with the Suns. But the league’s rules prohibit a team from trading a player who has signed an offer sheet as part of a sign-and-trade deal.
The Mavericks are also looking at Nash, who left Dallas as a free agent in 2004 for Phoenix, after Nets free agent guard Deron Williams opted to remain in Brooklyn on Tuesday. But the Mavericks, according to a league source, have other possibilities if they can’t get Nash, including Clippers free agent Randy Foye, and Aaron Brooks, who played last season in China.
Because Brooks, who had played most recently in Phoenix in the NBA, wasn’t on the Suns’ roster at the end of last season, he can’t be used by the Suns as part of any sign-and-trade deal.

Toronto Sun

Fields is a strong defender, but the deal guarantees a lot of money for a player who only averaged 8.8 points, 4.2 rebounds and shot just 25.6% from three-point range and 56.2% from the free throw line as a sophomore, but if it results in a Nash signing, it will be worth it.

The Raptors desperately need Nash for a host of reasons discussed in this space over the past week.

If Fields can return to his rookie form (9.7 points, 6.4 rebounds per game, 39.3% shooting from outside, 76.9% from the line), nobody will be complaining about his contract either and he’ll be a fine complement to Nash.

Fields struggled after the Knicks acquired Carmelo Anthony and is far better suited to a fast-paced offence — like the one Nash directs — than the ball-stopping one favoured by Anthony.

Last February, with Anthony out for most of the month due to injury, Fields bumped his averages up to 10.5 points and 5.2 rebounds on 47.8% shooting from the field in 15 games.

His three-point stroke improved in April (33%) and Fields played well against the eventual champion Miami Heat in the playoffs, starting four of five games.

The Raptors expect Fields to start at small forward, with rookie Terrence Ross backing up both Fields and DeMar DeRozan.

The Raptors were not comfortable with both the dollar and term commitments necessary to land higher-profile small forward targets like Nic Batum and Gerald Wallace and have long been high on Fields, who resembles Oklahoma City’s Thabo Sefolosha in both frame and game.

Pro Basketball Talk

Fields is a solid two-way player who can give the Raptors 25 to 30 quality minutes a night, especially if he feels comfortable in the system. He had a better rookie season in New York, especially when the focus of the offense was Amare Stoudemire, but he struggled to adapt to the Carmelo Anthony Knicks. He would play well next to a strong point guard. His impact lessened as the season wore on and the Knicks became ‘Melo centric. In a new setting he could give more than the 8.8 points per game he averaged last year.

Sports Illustrated

With Williams off the market, a source with knowledge of the Mavericks’ plans said Nash is now the team’s top priority among the available point guards. While it’s not known how much owner Mark Cuban will be willing to spend on the player he let slip away back in 2004, Dallas is clearly the greatest threat to Toronto’s aggressive pitch to land the two-time MVP.
After making an offer to Nash on Sunday that sources said was for three years and $36 million, Raptors officials were feeling even more confident after they appeared to successfully railroad the Knicks’ bid for Nash. By agreeing to a three-year, $20 million offer sheet with Knicks restricted free agent shooting guard Landry Fields, the Raptors took away New York’s ability to use Fields in a possible sign-and-trade deal with Phoenix that would have allowed them to pay Nash more than their mini midlevel exception (three years, combined $9 million max).
The sign-and-trade possibilities aren’t entirely dead, though. Sources said the Suns would be interested in a sign-and-trade deal that would include Knicks guard Iman Shumpert and other expiring deals that would net Nash a hefty salary. But the 22-year-old defensive specialist has no shortage of fans within the Knicks’ organization, and any such move would likely be driven by owner James Dolan’s desire to pair a star like Nash with Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler for a championship run. Still, Nash to the Knicks seems unlikely at the moment.

Brewing Big Dreams

Steve Nash is probably one of the most well known NBA players out there and the best part about it is, that he is Canadian. The man, a whopping 38 years old, still plays with the young guns at an unbelievable level. He’s an incredible NBA player but more importantly, he is an AMAZING role model.

Now this all being said, Steve Nash coming to the Raptors would boost sales like crazy. I’ve already talked to my friend and we both agree we would buy jersey’s right away. But what will happen if he says no? The impact could be a lot worse than led on. If the Raptors don’t start stepping up their game (and making it to playoffs, much like their roommates the TML’s) we could see a major hit to the organization. Will Raptors basketball even continue down the road? Can we see the franchise being sold much like the Vancouver Grizzlies? So much is dependant on this deal!

I, for one, would love to see Nash come to the Raptors. He would be a leader, a huge impact, for the Raptors next season. And yes, I would fly back from Vancouver to see at least ONE game.


Fields isn’t worth $20-million over three years, not even close.

He’s an interesting and clever player who will add some potential to the Raptors wing rotation, but his primary value to Colangelo is that he was rumoured to be the centerpiece of a sign-and-trade deal the Knicks were trying to put together with the Phoenix Suns so they could clear enough space to make an offer to Nash that was at least close to the $36-million over three years the Raptors reportedly offered Canadian basketball’s favourite son.

Add it up and the Raptors are willing to commit $56-million to make sure they get their man. That’s devotion.

If Nash, 38, stays healthy it’s plausible that he can help the franchise enough on the court and off the court to make it a gamble worth taking. The bigger price for Colangelo, the Raptors and their new owners at MLSE – Rogers Communications and BCE – would be standing idly by while the best basketball player Canada is likely to ever produce, finishes his career elsewhere.

That would be awkward.

But nearly as awkward is the emerging possibility that the best basketball player Canada has ever produced isn’t really all that keen on finishing his career in Toronto and trying to hump a fairly suspect lineup into the bottom end of the Eastern Conference playoffs picture for the first time in four years.

If he was, all he would have had to say is ‘yes’ when the Raptors made their offer on Sunday morning in New York. What a happy Canada Day that would have been. With NBA free agency entering its fourth day, however, it’s hard to conclude anything other than that the Raptors are simply a well-padded fallback position for Nash.

Bleacher Report

While there is little debate as to whether or not Fields has the potential to be a star player, there should be little debate as to whether or not he fits in Toronto.

Across the board, the Raptors lack basketball IQ. Athletes like Ed Davis, James Johnson and Demar DeRozan lack the basic basketball IQ a player like Fields seems to have in abundance.

It was his overall basketball IQ that led Fields to have a remarkable rookie season despite being a second-round pick. Its this basketball IQ that Colangelo probably coveted more than anything when making the call.

The last time the Raptors actually had a decent season, lets not forget that they started players like Rasho Nesterovic, Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa alongside Chris Bosh and T.J Ford. Having players who understand the game is invaluable.

It is these players who, while perhaps making a marginal impact on the box score, make a monumental impact in the win column by enhancing the overall performance of the players around them and helping to enhance the team’s chemistry both on and off the court.

Is it a coincidence that the Raptors have failed to make the playoffs in each of the years since Anthony Parker left? Is it a coincidence that the Raptors looked like a completely different team in the playoffs without Garbajosa than they had all year with him, despite his rather conservative and unimpressive numbers?


All of Fields’ shooting percentages declined in his second year in the league, including woeful marks of 25.6 percent from 3-point range and 56.2 percent from the foul line, along with his Player Efficiency Rating and rebound rates — most notably his defensive rebound rate, which was elite among guards and was a huge part of what made the 6-foot-7 Fields so valuable in the Knicks backcourt. He used more Knick possessions in his second year, but posted a lower per-minute scoring output and turned the ball over more frequently.
He wasn’t any great shakes on the defensive end, either. Fields ranked 341st among NBA players in overall points allowed per play defended, according to Synergy Sports Technology’s game charting. When you consider that more than 440 players saw NBA floor-time this season, that not all of them are counted (only guys with at least 25 plays charted appear in the rankings, per Synergy’s FAQ) and that Fields played 2,009 total minutes this season (so it’s not like he got burned repeatedly for one game and caught a bum stat line), that number looks really, really bad. That he ranked 185th in the NBA or worse in defending pick-and-roll ball-handlers, on post-ups, on spot-ups and in isolation doesn’t help matters. (In fairness, we must note that he posted a top-100 finish in defending plays off screens, coming in at 96th overall.)
OK, so we’ve got a shooting guard who can’t shoot, a rebounding wing whose rebounding fell off, a perimeter defender who’s not a very good defender and a second-year pro whom most Knicks fans were willing, if not eager, to let walk after the team’s first-round playoff exit. (This is, of course, a drastic oversimplification, but it’s also about the size of how Landry Fields looks to the world.) And yet now he’s getting offered better than $6.5 million a year to play the wing for a team that starts DeMar DeRozan and just drafted Terrence Ross? Are the Raptors stupid?
Heck yeah, they are. Stupid like a fox!

Sportsnet spoke with Ersan Ilyasova’s agent, Tolga Tugsavul, who said there were offers on the table for his client from three NBA teams as well as "a big offer" from a European club.

Tugsavul said that the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets were all seeking his client’s services.

Ilyasova has spent his entire NBA career in Milwaukee, averaging a career-high 13 points and 8.8 rebounds per game last season.

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  • boshrawr

    Nash needs to hurry up and make his decision. The suspense is killing me. I can’t even imagine how Colangelo feels.

    • arsenalist

      If Nash was keen on the Raptors, he would’ve made his decision by now.  The Raptors are basically a “if nothing else works out” option.  Gotta feel good about that as a Raptors fan, eh?

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        That’s what BC has turned this franchise into- a laughing stock, as the best player from Canada doesn’t even really want to come play for the Nation’s only NBA team in the twilight of his career no matter how much money BC throws at him he will wait for NY or Dallas to come up with a more acceptable offer than their initial one’s…..

        The sooner BC, AB & Jose are gone from the TDot the sooner we can get back to supporting the Raptors and not a media hyped pr spin soap opera sponsored by BC….

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2GoIsLame

           Dude, no one likes you just shut the fuck up with your negative bullshit

      • rus

        Well, people said before we couldn’t lure American FAs to play in Canada. Now we might not be able to lure a 38 year old Canadian with 36 million dollars…If Nash turns the raps down for less money and for only a 2 year deal, the Raps become that much more a “Siberian outpost”.

        • sleepz

          It is considered a “Siberian outpost” when you are not winning.

          When you win, any destination can be considered favorable.

          The problem is management has not been prepared to take the long route to success or excercise patience in trying to get there. BC has tried to take many shortcuts, which unfortunately, lead you back to the same dead ends.

          • Destro

            basically an old adage applies here and that is if you dont learn from ur mistakes ur doomed to repeat them…

      • Destro


      • snark week

        Yep. I knew about and understood Nash’s preference for NYC, but now that the latter is effectively out of the running, what is he waiting for? Is he really considering Dallas now as a more attractive destination than Toronto? That’s a slap in the face, however you look at it.

        • Destro

          Waiting for teams with no cap too make trades to take LESS money than sign HERE looks so bad for this franchise..if BC had any self awareness he’d rescind the offer sheet and bail on this and go in a new direction…the outcome of this is not going to end well….

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          NY isn’t out the running……Nash is giving them (& Dallas) time to come up with another S&T package.

          If Nash wanted to come to the TDot he would have agreed already.

          BC’s Raptors are the last option for him.

          • sleepz

            For some reason I still feel like he is coming to Toronto and is just letting the process play itself out.

            Would Colangelo have taken the associated risks (including opportunities to bid for other good FA’s) without some inclination that Nash was onboard to come here?

            I have a feeling that they are milking this for what’s it’s worth so Nash looks like he thought long and hard and didn’t jump at the money and BC worked it out for the because he’s a “top notch” GM who is a valiant risk taker! lol

            • snark week

              The other thing I can think of is that Nash and his agent are playing coy and trying to get even MORE money out of Colangelo. Maybe it works and Toronto increases their offer to $39-40 M.

              • Nilanka15

                Sweet fancy Moses!

              • sleepz

                Please don’t make those kind of suggestions. lol

            • I like it


        • mountio

          How is Dallas a slap in the face? The NBA champs from last year with a top 10 player in the league (who happens to be his good buddy) in Dirk.

          • snark week

            Have you ever been to Dallas? It’s the most boring place on earth: a large commercial city with absolutely no character and no cultural vibe to speak of. On the weekends the downtown core is a ghost town because no one wants to be there if they don’t have to.

            Moreover, the Mavs’ championship window closed last year.

            • mountio

              Yes .. I have been to Dallas .. and your description sounds like a cultural mecca compared to the way most Americans look at TO (rightly or wrongly).
              As for Nash, he spent a decent chunk of his career there .. so clearly has ties to the area ..

            • Destro

              I have been to Dallas and its NOT that bad..its not NYC or Vegas but there is stuff to do between Dallas and Arlington…

      • wesmantooth

        thats not true at all. he said he was going to take his time before we made the offer ,and also said that he was going to let the deron williams situation unfold before he made his DECISION(i mean choice)

      • Randy

        Not necessarily. If anyone is a fan of the NFL here you may recall that it took star defensive end Mario Williams 3 days to sign with Buffalo (a similar case as the raptors since the perception is big free agents wont sign there) when everyone thought he was just using them to up the bidding price with other teams and that it was ridiculous to think that he would actually sign with the Bills… turned out that he did sign there and said that he just wanted to take his time because it was a huge decision. Mario Williams signing with Buffalo was so much more unlikely than Nash signing with the Raptors and it still happened… You shouldn’t be so pessimistic, especially when the pessimistic view of a situation coming to fruition is just as logical as the optimistic view occurring. You may find life more enjoyable this way.. just sayin lol

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      If Nash spurns the Raptors for Division rival NY (or Dallas) does he get boo’d in the TDot/ACC when he returns?

      • Geo

        absolutely not

        • Nilanka15

          I would feel inclined to boo him, lol.  Nash choosing elsewhere would be the biggest slap in the face the Raptors have ever received.

          • sleepz

            Lol, you can’t boo the guy.

            He’s a free agent and is open to select his preferred destination. It’s not like Toronto is a contender or is established.

            • Nilanka15

              I also boo Santa Clause…

              • Erick C

                I definitely would not want to.. But I think I would… While Canada would still like or even love Nash we will all feel horrible and sad and disappointed and agry to a certain extent…

      • j bean

        No. He would prefer to play in New York where he lives and on a team that could contend now. Why should he be booed for that. 
        He is considering here and knows there are lots of positives to Nash in Toronto. 

    • FAQ

      Nash prefers NY so he can be close to his kids and ex-wife who now lives in NY.  He’s pushing the Knicks to come close to the Raptor offer in one way or another.

      Nash’s kids are Americans and will not live in Toronto because the ex-wife has custody and she stays in NY…. so there.

  • george

    Irrelevant. I wish I could figure out when knowledgeable recognized this franchise for what is is. Or have they all left the blog by now. Did it occur with the signing of the GM? Before? After? 2006 draft? JO?

    • boshrawr

      Oh its elementary my dear Watson. I am sure the ‘knowledgeable’ are too busy to reply to this blog because they’re off pursuing their careers in the heralded front offices of teams not named the Raptors. As a matter of fact I’m surprised you’re still here my dear boy.

      • george

        I had just thought they were on the right track, my mistake. Apparently it’s still great entertainment otherwise. Nash LOL. Either way.


      OK. I’ll bite.  Not sure what you are getting at and what difference it makes to you to figure out when people recognized the franchise for what it is and I know I will regret this but..

      Recognizing the franchise for what it is can be traced to a number of moves, it’s all about personal preference and more than likely your age.  For some it was when Zeke got told to pound salt, for some it was when they authorized the VC trade, for some it was when they canned GG, or maybe the Ed Bavic and George Pretzelwhateeverhislastnamewas picks.

      You seem to be focused on the BC era, so let’s go with that, shall we?  I, for one, bought into BC during the 1st two weeks of his signing because I believed, after spending a near two decades of doing it wrong and failing at the 7 seconds or less, he finally understood rebounding and defense win rings and was free from his father’s clutches regarding decision making. He was also coming to a situation where he had Bosh and Jose, I a fan of either, but understood these were guys not complete bums.

      Another former poster on here (linked below), however, pointed out a zebra doesn’t change its stripes and it’s unlikely BC will either. Placing faith into someone who clearly just doesn’t get it, is futile.

      Have a look at the PHX record year to year, the subsequent coaching changes and then look at his track record/coaching changes in TO.  More of the same, nothing changes.  Far too many people are stuck on his suits, idiotic smile and 2 EOY awards, they don’t see the complete incompetence and stubborn way of building a team against all proven successful methods.

      Elementary, only if you do some research instead of stopping at “This is a solid pick. Trust me” verbal diarrhea. 


      Oh and please don’t let me forget that for some it was when they picked Raptors as the team name, attempting to capitalize on the then ever popular Jurassic Park – if that doesn’t tell you what the franchise is all about, nothing will.

      • Nilanka15

        Hey now, even the Might Ducks have won a Stanley Cup 😉

        • FLUXLAND


          Owned by Disney and a movie about actually winning, as opposed to those raptors that got f up in the entrance hall ..and the purple? Yikes!!  I dunno, you tell me which one makes a little more sense

          And they won after ownership change from a corporation to an individual ….imagine that! 

          • snark week

            Agreed. There’s just too much potential for comedy when you pick a purple dinosaur as your mascot, who looks more like Barney than like those JP critters. 

            ‘Raptor’ could also mean a bird of prey, generally. The franchise should change their emblem to a generic claw and purge all dinosaur-references from their merchandise. 

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    BC is TDot slang for lie/liar/deceiver…………

    Tell me the truth about what happened don’t BC me man…

    • arsenalist

      Well played.

  • The Fox

    Please.  At least BC takes risks.  Those who get nowhere in life take NO RISKS and end up being mediocre until they die.  9 times out of 10 I will take a risk taker with balls than someone who takes the safe route…


      He takes risks while the other GMs are doing what, exactly?

      Please. Enlighten us with the “safe routes” other GMs take. 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      And his risk taking days as Raptors President & GM should be coming to end- if this fan base is lucky enough.

      I love what DFerry has done in the ATL- we need someone to come in and clean house (AB, Jose) not to add new siding to it….

      • Destro

        Yessir and they might not miss the playoffs all the while re tooling for next years FA crop… the very least they’ll have one down season before they re up next off season…now THATS a pro active GM…

      • Nilanka15

        The thing about Ferry’s position is that he walked into a situation that’s already better than ours.  Johnson, Horford, Smith is as good as any trio you’ll find on any team.  It’s easier to cut your losses when you still have that much talent to fall back on.

        • Destro

          Nah BC walked into a great situation in 06….he had the 1st pick,tons of flexibility and coming off a 26 win season,he had tons of room to build….spin city continues… 

          • Nilanka15

            Lol, I’m talking about Ferry TODAY, versus Colangelo TODAY.

            If you want to talk about career bodies of work, you ought to bring in Colangelo’s work in Phoenix, and Ferry’s work in Cleveland.

            Spin city continues….

            • Destro

              Why does everyone PRO BC try to give him a clean slate from today ?

              Why ?
              He started in 06 im sry you start from 06 to now….
              if you wanna compare GMs work on a team to another dont be dishonest…you compare where BC started from to where Ferry starts from….


              • Nilanka15

                I’m not giving him a clean slate at all.  BC is 100% responsible for the current state of the franchise.  There is no argument there.

                I’m just saying, you gotta compare apples to apples.  Ferry had the best player in a lifetime, and the best he could surround him with was an aging Antwan Jamison.  Ferry’s made some seemingly good movies over the past week, but let’s wait a while before anointing him the next Sam Presti.  Ask any Cleveland fan what their opinion of Ferry is, and I’m sure you won’t hear much praise.

                • Nilanka15

                  *movies = moves*

                • Destro


                  you compare BC where BC started at to where Ferry started in ATL…Did Ferry not get the most out of Cleveland? Sure
                  BUT he made the playoffs every season and they did play in a NBA finals and 3 conf finals far more than anything BC did…

                • Nilanka15

                  C’mon Destro, you always talk about honesty on this site.  You and I both know it didn’t take any managerial skill to draft LeBron.  And without LeBron, how far do the Cavs go?  10th seed at best?  lol.

                • Destro

                  Yes and im not faulting a guy for drafting a superstar….He didnt do enough in the end but he did alot more than BC did…and BC had assets to work with in the beginning…

                • Sukhpinder

                  Ferry did not draft lebron, ferry was hired a few years after he was drafted. 

                • Destro

                  I didnt say he drafted him,i said im not faulting a GM for drafting whomever….PS get off my dick.

              • mountio

                Im not saying BCs perfect .. but to you guys, he cant win. He gets nash .. he overpaid for an again superstar. He doesn’t and he failed in pursuit. Either way hes an idiot.
                Of course, he should be pursuing the the long list of stud young players that are anxious to come here … oh wait, NO ONE will come here.
                To me, hes doing what he can to make the best of a bad situation. Pursuing the FAs that are most likely to sign here and not wasting time on someone like Gordon, who isnt coming one way or the other.
                Should BC take responsibility for the fact we havent been a winner to date .. absolutely yes. But to me, hes doing a pretty decent job this summer given whats out there and who is willing to come. As Ive said on here before, the status quo is a BAD idea. We are going to draft 10th next year. If people are of gutting the team (ie trading AB, DD for draft picks and expirings and REALLY sucking this year), then Im fine with that too .. but to me thats the only acceptable path outside of what BC is trying to do now.

                • Destro

                  I think guys would come if he paid them,hes paying the wrong ppl…his hitlist is all wrong IMO…

                • mountio


                • Destro

                  Batum,Lowry,Dragic,Camby….the myth is |NOBODY would come here…i think you coukldnt get the upper elite guys here but MLE guys and guys underneath would come if you paid them…

                • sleepz

                  I’m a big believer in the draft approach. There is no guarantees with the draft but it seems to me to be the most controlled way of building your team if you are not a player in the free agent market.
                  My biggest issue with BC has always been that he has no clear vision or plan and he doesn’t know how (or refuses) to build a team that is built on a solid foundation .

                • mountio

                  The real test of patience I think is – would you trade AB and DD right now for future draft picks and expirings? Thats the only way we are gonna be bad enough to battle for a top 5 pick the next couple years (and those are the only assets that will yield us anything in return).
                  To me, if the answer to that isnt “yes” … then its tough to slam BC – because thats the type of patience / foresight that it will take to build a real winner here .. cause we are a long way away with what we have.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          JJohnson (salary cap space eater) is now gone to NJ and MWilliams to Utah and they got a pg that they sorely needed from Utah in DHarris.

          Ferry has that team set up well for this season to compete for a palyoff spot (if healthy) & beautifully for next season’s f/a crop plus he could get DHoward (he’s from ATL) if DHoward wants to play in his home town this off season as his team has the pieces and cap space to do a deal w/ Orlando.

          BC walked into a situation that included alot of cap space & the #1 overall draft pick- 6 years later we are back in almost the exact same situation…..

          BC’s ego won’t allow him to move Bargnani he has too much invested in him unto the detriment of the team as a whole…

        • FLUXLAND

          How do you feel about the situation BC walked into and how he handled it?

          • Nilanka15

            Flux, I completely agree with your post above.  Colangelo was handed keys on a platter with Bosh, a 1st overall pick, and plenty of cap space, and he screwed it up royally and hasn’t recovered since.

            Like many here, I wish we had committed the last 4 years to a full on tank mode (how good would this team’s future look right now with Beal, Valanciunas, Wall, and Harden?).  I wish Colangelo saw Bosh’s writing on the wall, and traded him for assets prior to free agency.  I agree with everyone that Colangelo has done far more damage than good in his tenure in Toronto.  He honestly deserved to be fired prior to receiving his current contract extension.

            But, today, July 4, 2012, I know that Colangelo isn’t going anywhere.  I know that he isn’t going to be patient.  He isn’t going to to collect young assets and draft picks.  I know that he’s going to swing for the fences whether it makes sense long term or not.  So as a fan, I’ve decided to re-calibrated my POV to focus on the present, and take more of a “wait and see” approach for the future.  It’s the only way I’ll keep my sanity with this team I love/hate.

            • FLUXLAND

              10 – 4,  Nilanka,  10 -4.

              Not everyone wants to acknowledge the past, however.

              It’s just infuriating to see the BC is the man because he’s an Accountant Extraordinaire comments,and focusing on his individual signings and contracts, chalking up every single one as sheer brilliance based on the Bay Street mentality, while completely ignoring this is a team sport and that the focus should be on assembling a chip team, not how much financial flexibility we will have in year whogivesafwhen.

              Same reason front rows are filled with suits not actual basketball fans.    

            • sleepz

              Good post.

            • Statement


            • Seeten

               I totally agree. This is why I’m onboard with the Nash thing. It isn’t because I think its the best plan, its because its the best plan Colangelo is going to come up with and attempt to execute.

              We aren’t going to spend 3 years “tanking”.

            • mountio

              Totally agree. Problem is people hate tanking .. they say they have patience (fans and coach / mgmt), but then complain when we are losing last year. Even this most recent year, a Beal or MKG looks WAY better than Ross. We had mother-f-n tank in bottle Solo Alabi, yet we refused to play him more than 10 mins a game? Why? So that Aaron Gray could build a winning culture for this team?
              The real test of patience I think is – would you trade AB and DD right now for future draft picks and expirings? Thats the only way we are gonna be bad enough to battle for a top 5 pick the next couple years (and those are the only assets that will yield us anything in return).
              To me, if the answer to that isnt “yes” … then its tough to slam BC – because thats the type of patience / forsight that it will take to build a real winner here .. cause we are a long way away with what we have.

      • Sukhpinder

        Do you also love what DFerry has done in Cleveland?

    • Destro

      lol @ this
      These kinds of posts remain hilarious….Dogg if you failed as many times as he has here youd be out of a job…

      • Destro

        and his “risks” have amount to ZERO success in a 6 year window…

        so you applaud failure as long as hes willing to gamble…seen.

    • Nilanka15

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that if Colangelo fails to make the playoffs this year (and if we lose out on Nash, it’s all but a certainty), he’ll be handed his walking papers the moment this season ends.  That’s why his current contract was structured the way it was….2 years, and an option for a 3rd.  MLSE is watching this guy under a high-powered microscope.


      I also love this irony.

      People that don’t take risks are mediocre yet your boy the ultimate risk taker has been nothing short of the definition of mediocre his entire career. 

      He’s like the guy in the office with piles of paperwork on his desk and every time The Fox walk by he sees the guy sweating and shuffling papers from one side to the other, while the Fox says to himself: “Damn man, this guy is hustling; a worker bee this f guy”.

      Meanwhile, the guy never hands in anything on time, his work is always f up and doubles the work for everyone around him.

  • Nilanka15

    I mentioned this on another article, but is the Fields offer really a “risk”?  We can rescind the offer before July 11th if Nash signs elsewhere.

    Sure, Fields will forever look at Colangelo as the devil, but is that really a big problem?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      You can’t do business like that in the NBA you won’t last too long.

      Gotta think like a man not a boy…..

      • Nilanka15

        The entire league is run on shady business.  Lockouts, players holding their teams hostage, players dogging it on the floor, agents leaking false info to drive up prices, GMs rescinding deals (a la Michael Jordan), etc.

        The NBA is the definition of slimy maneuvers.  Rescinding on Fields’ offer would barely register a blip on the radar.

        This is a “boy’s” game.

      • snark week

        The Raps and Fields’s agent may have an understanding that the offer is conditional on Nash’s signing with the team. There would be nothing scandalous about this, especially since the Raps are willing to pay Fields way above his market value.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Or they may not have an understanding about Nash and this offer is for Fields regardless if Nash signs or not.

    • Destro

      I would say he can still save face but dont wait to rescind when Nash signs with LA or NY do it now and then go after another PG proactive dont let Nash embarrass the organization and make us look shittier than we already do,perception is everything in the NBA…and already the perception is swinging full throttle that were so incompetent and bad that OUR own homegrown guy doesnt wanna sign here..i mean that looks incredibly bad around the league…

      • Nilanka15

        You may be right about perception, but it’s too late to back out now.  It’ll look even worse if we pull the plug and say, “Just kidding, we don’t want Nash anymore.  We want Aaron Brooks instead”

        • Destro

          Its not too late..if they went after Lowry,Dragic whomever and rescinded Fields he can save face and say he MADE the decision instead of letting Nash make it for him which is what hes doing right now….Dont let a player do that to you man YOU make the calls…

          If he waits til nash signs elsewhere then he looks weak,indecisive…

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            BC is weak & indecisive remember the whole CB fiasco?lol

            • Destro

              yep but im going to hold off on anymore opinions until a decision is made on this…your opinion can change on this everyday based on new info and rumours…

          • Nilanka15

            You’re starting to sell me on Dragic…

            • Destro

              I think both him and Lowry are better fits for us..young,energetic and play defense…and cheaper…

          • sleepz

            It’s too late. The offer was made and to pull it off the table now is even more embarrasing than losing Nash (if this were to happen).

            At least is Nash signs elsewhere its because he had a better chance to win which is the truth, but to pull Fields contract offer is to say “we’re doing this on the fly, with no plan or sense of direction, so the offer was there yesterday but today we’ve changed our mind, because we mis-read this whole thing”?!

            Not cool.

            • Destro

              Better to admit a mistake then live with a mistake of contract and player for 3 yrs…..If the signing was to fuck up NY whats the sense in keeping him if the end result just changed….

              • sleepz

                If the signing was indeed to try and get Nash and that has failed his recklesness as a GM will not go unnoticed.

                I’m sure he will try to spin it as him liking Fields anyway, but the public perception is that it was a great strategic move to get Nash and block the Knicks. Without Nash (and especially if he ends up going to New York anyway) it just looks like he outsmarted himself and tied up too much resources in a bench player.

                Not a good look for a GM looking to get an extension.

    • sleepz

      The damage you do to your reputation with other agents is not worth it.

      They offered it so BC has to stand by it.

      • Nilanka15

        Unfortunately, it’s a double-standard.  If Fields rescinds, there would be no negative consequences.

      • Destro

        Its not a superstar tho its Landry Fields….Rockets just did it to C.Lee wheres the backlash ???

        • sleepz

          Yes, but wasn’t Lee simply about a qualifying offer like what we gave to Bayless or Weems?

          An offer sheet to a restricated FA is a bit different no?

          Regardless BC WILL definitely try to play it off by keeping Fields in an effort to save face and show the contract offer for Fields wasn’t done with the entire purpose of acquiring Nash.

  • dribbles

    The same hubris that led BC to believe that Bosh would stay on the Raps has led him to believe that the talent-poor Raptors would be a great option for a former MVP playing his last few seasons. NY, which is also his HOME, can sell him on trying to win a championship. BC needs Wayne Gretzky to sell him on being some national hero, even though he already is to plenty of b-ball fans.

    Nash is not going to get a better offer than 3 years and 36 million. I wonder how he feels about BC trying to prevent him from getting a deal with the team he really appears to want to play with. Yeah, what a genius that BC is.

    Anybody who boos Nash if he doesn’t sign here is a complete and utter douchebag. You cannot simultaneously demand that players care about winning above all and then cry when a player chooses winning over more money and more adulation.

    There is no more fitting end to BC’s sad tenure here than striking out on Nash and winding up with a completely bloated contract for a role player as a reminder of another lost gamble.

  • Balls of Steel

    Here’s some perspective: 
    Phoenix offered max money to a man made of glass in Gordon who averages 51.25 games per season. Nash in his 16 years of service has averaged 72. And the Raps are the laughing stock of the league? How about the Nets, who took on $90 million with Johnson, another $40 million for Wallace and $98 million for Deron. That’s $228 million between three human beings in 5 years. We’re the “Siberia”? If they go for Howard and strips their franchise of future picks, who’s going to be laughing? Yes, you got it, the league.


      Perspective? What f perspective?

      Yes, but it’s a clear indication to the Nets fans they are trying to win the chip, something the franchise owner wants as well.  (whether that’s a chip team in YOUR opinion is irrelevant) Fans respect that.

      Yet, you would rather focus on how much cap space and financially flexible the team will be to sign more scrubs at crazy money.  So yeah this is still the Gulag of the NBA and a laughing stock.

      Man oh man some people just don’t f get it. At all.

      • Balls of Steel

        Why are you so angry? I’ve provided some clear numbers that other franchises are allowed to break but god forbid, we go after an aging hall of famer and we’re the laughing stock of the league. If you don’t have a problem with $228 million dollars between three players then I just proved my point. You’re angry over a player that has yet to sign over a dotted line. I’m not sure why you follow the Raps or frequent this forum.  You are free to be here but please do not condemn others that don’t agree with your exceedingly narrow point of view. In your opinion, who should the Raps throw money at, Batum? Dragic? Who. You criticize yet provide NO tangible alternatives? What is your vision for the Raps again? You need perspective buddy. And a punching bag to let some steam off.

        • FLUXLAND

          We would be the laughing stock because of the role we would place him in, I don’t think  the other teams would do that, but all the chips still have to fall in place to see what they are thinking. How many chips have been won with 40 year olds as their arguably best player? 
          What FAs are coming to play with defensive liabilities approaching mid life?  Superstars that move want to move to teams that are almost there, have all the role players in place, only lack a star for the push. We continue to sign D-league bums, bench warmers and senior citizen, acting like a farm team for the L.  

          No, I don’t have a problem with it, because for some people it’s not about making money – it is about winning at any cost – Dallas didn’t turn a profit the year they won it, they didn’t care about that. Boston didn’t turn a profit the year they won it either. When those owners took over, they only had one goal in mind and it had nothing to do with money.  Also, it’s not my money like you say, so how can I have a problem with it? (let’s conveniently ignore the fact the fans buy tickets and the merchandise, I’m not sure where you think some of their money comes from)

          Between Dragic and Nash, Goran make far more sense, and that’s keeping in mind I don’t think he’s the cat’s pajamas. But sure sign me up for a lefty go to the bucket PG, rather than back problems Michelin man on the sidelines.

          The one thing that needs to happen is Jose needs to go, not be replaced by Nash, and Bargs needs a different role.. “you are not going anywhere with 7 footers shooting 3s”.  I would love to see some moves that involve guys who care about rebounding  and defense, I’m tired of collecting 3point shooters, Euro Michael Jordan and the like

          I’m not mad, I’m irked by fans who support the team through an Excel sheet and calculator. 

        • Destro

          He isnt the GM why are you asking for the master plan of a poster or fan of said team…..You cant critique questionable moves now without uncompensated fans of that team/GM demanding YOUR master plan for the next 10 yrs of THAT team…..shaddap!

          • Balls of Steel

            I asked him because he was talking as if he did have some GM experience. However, unlike yourself, he did offer a very logical and calm response, which I accepted and respect. 

            • Destro

              People in this forum CARE what you accept and respect breh so thats GREAT !

        • Destro

          Yes but you break for stars or superstars… dont break the damn bank for a 38 yr old on last stand and a shitty wing who cant shoot….

      • Balls of Steel

        Oh, by the way, I’m not focusing on cap space. I’m focusing on what the Raps are trying to do with the cap space. You don’t like how it’s spent? It’s not your money. You are welcome to follow another team. Good luck.

        • Destro

          You are also welcome to follow another team or sport if a team who you bare no affiliation with makes you THIS emotional….

          If you buy tickets or jerseys it is YOUR money….

          • Balls of Steel

            IF is an interesting word as it implies choice. If you feel that the franchise is not where you think it needs to be, you have the choice of NOT buying a ticket (or getting season’s tickets) or buying a jersey. I’ve read most of your responses Destro – it isn’t very constructive, downright negative actually. I think it is you who is so emotional in all of your posts. But believe it or not, it still has a place in a public forum such as this one. Good day.

            • Destro

              Not at all bruh i just voice my displeasure with the state of MY team UNBIASEDLY….nothing more…I realize buying tickets aint shit in terms of fan ownership of a team i said mostly in jest but the bigger picture is i dont think being critical of the obvious HERE should make other fans write pleas of folowing other teams n shit MAYBE MAYBE fans here have suffered enough and just want to see some FO competence….Dont mean im crying in my tandoori and ready to move back to Africa….

    • Rob

      How dare you bring logic into the conversation. lol. I agree on all points, so +1.

      Yet the notion by someone here is that individual ownership seems to trump corporate ownership, of course, that’s ignoring facts, which is easy. Just look at Dan Gilbert, Mikhail Prokhorov, Ted Leonisis, Tom Gores, Herb Kohl, Rich Devos, Leslie Alexander, Joe Lacob and Pete Gruber, these individual owners are doing fantastic jobs with their teams *sarcasm.*

      For future reference BOS, don’t bother debating with someone that fills their replies with caustic, ad-hominem filled retorts. Seems like if you have a different opinion, you just don’t “git it.”

      • FLUXLAND

        Roberta, nice attempt..yet, as usual, like you parents having you, you fail.  But let’s go over how you ignore fact far better than I ever will, and examine the epic fail of your post. Ready?

        Dan Gilbert – NBA Finals.

        Mikhail Prokhorov – TBD, rookie owner, has Cuban chip winning mentality.

        Ted Leonisis – owns team 2 years, TBD – has John Wall.

        Tom Gores – bought team last year. Way to judge one year of work.

        Herb Kohl – politician, enough said. Also, Milwaukee..I repeat Milwaukee. And he still had Ray, Big Dogg and The Alien and got further than MLSE has.

        Rich Devos – NBA Finals x 2.

        Leslie Alexander – 2 x NBA ring with the Dream ; 4 WNBA rings, obviously this guy is clueless.

        Joe Lacob & Pete Gruber –  won ring with Celtics in 2008, 2 year owners of GSW.

        Toronto Raptors/MLSE – 20 years of nothing, yet Blind Rob implies they are doing a fantastic job and the listed individuals are bums.

        I also like how you conveniently ignore all the rings have been won by individual owners. Anyone with an IQ higher then yours would place more faith in any of those guys than the corporate Raps.

        Tell us Rob, do you bother doing any research or do you just pull those self proclaimed fact out of your ass…I mean mouth?

        Keep it coming Robbie boy, keep it coming. I enjoy the laughs. I enjoy this, it’s just  too easy,

        Now let’s all wait for you brilliant response that will focus on your sensitivity over my form, while you pepper it with ignorant facts. 

        • Rob

          W.W, the Worthless Writer strikes again……..Christ bumpkin, where were you when the Good Lord was handing out brains? lol. Keep it coming.

          Remember, I didn’t say that a team needs to be individually owned to have any chance of success, you did, I also didn’t say they had to be corporately owned either. How do you measure success? According to you, anything BUT winning it all. So out of those that you’ve mentioned, only 1 of them has had any success, which came 20 years ago, and has since been mired in missed playoffs/1st round exits since. What went wrong there puppet? It’s all about the rings my simian friend, not playoff or finals appearances. You explicitly made the claim “this is what happens when an NBA team is owned by a corporation, instead of an individual” and I simply pointed out that there are many individual owners that DO NOT have any amount of sustained success, you’ve implied that every single individual owners are winners. So let me ask you, why do you keep insisting that I made a certain claim when there’s no evidence of it? Keep it coming, keep it coming.

          I also didn’t say, or imply, that MLSE are doing a fantastic job, I’ve called out those crooks numerous times, but as we’re accustomed to seeing, you like to play make-believe with what I say. Keep it coming.

          I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath for once on you actually providing some real facts, normally when you say something, you should have a point. So please, shock me and say something intelligent. If I agreed with anything you said, we’d both be wrong. Keep it coming.

          So much easier to straw-man your way and tap-dance through arguments isn’t it? Looks like personal attacks and ad-hominem have become a staple with anyone you debate with, not just me. Keep it coming.

          You need a life, so much hate, not even disliking but hate, jeez man, get a job, a dog, a wife, heck, treat yourself, get all 3.

          • FLUXLAND

            LOL. Predictable, as usual.

            Proving once again, you don’t have a point to make, you don’t stand for anything, and all you do is troll, Pooka!

            Success is measured in rings, but my post proves those people assembled teams that at least gave them self a chance at winning it all. How can you not get that? And wow, how can one man be this dense? So yes, individual ownership trumps corporate.

            Forget my, list.. nice how you AGAIN  ignore I point out all the rings were won by individual ownership. Any thoughts on that?
            No, because you read what you want to read, once again.

            • Rob

              Oh, so they gave them a “chance” how cute, they might not have won it all, but they damn sure gave it their all, and tried their best, A+ for effort. Your life story.

              Calling you a troll would be an insult to all the trolls out there, you’re worse, at least trolls state their case clearly and have some supporting points, you’re more like a paid shill. 

              There are a lot of successful owners out there, ones that have won rings, that’s a fact that I haven’t disagreed with, but you used it as a talking point as to why a team must be individually owned or they’ll fail forever. The Spurs, Knicks (who suck, but at least they’re spending big) and Thunder are owned by corporations, Jazz, Nuggets etc. It’s not as cut and dry as you make it to be, but you like to measure success by effort, and having a chance lol.

              Analyzing…analyzing….accuse Rob of being someone else……finding evidence…no evidence but say it anyways….analyzing…..sway the conversation in an enitrely different direction…analyzing. Done, bullshit complete. Rinse, lather, repeat.

              • FLUXLAND

                Gave them a chance as in they have all been to the Finals. How else do you get a chance at winning it all?

                aaaand again ignores rings won by individuals. Amazing. A+ for consistency. 

                Wait, what?  The Spurs are owned by Holt, the Knicks by Dolan…

                The Jazz by Miller.

                F it. I’m done. This is pointless. I gain nothing from conversing with you and you claim the same about me, yet you continue to instigate me and then cry foul.

                Clearly, I’m the idiot btw the two for even taking the bait of someone that’s proven over and over again they know nothing about the NBA. My dog puts up more coherent arguments that the garbage you type.

                • Rob

                  Spurs Sports & Entertainment has a board and by all accounts, is a corporation, Madison Square Garden, owned by Dolan, can be found on the stock exchange, and is a publicly traded company, they are a corporation by any definition, the Jazz, by Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment, Larry Miller, by the way, passed away 3 years ago. And pay attention to this sentence I’m about to write very carefully, because you’ve made this a talking point in your empty rhetoric from the start—look at the 3rd paragraph, first sentence from my last post, to find evidence me NOT “ignoring individual owners with rings.” This proves that reading comprehension is indeed a skill that is sorely lacking among our youths. I hope, at the very least, that your dog loves you.

                  Getting slaughtered in any debate with facts is indeed pointless on your end. You can post whatever you want, whether or not you’re a pollyanna or misanthrope doesn’t bother me one bit but before you bash me or other posters here for having an opinion that you disagree with, post facts and debate like a civilized human being instead of slinging wise-crack interjections.

                • FLUXLAND

                  The fact they are publicly traded doesn’t change the fact those guys make the final decision. It’s called majority ownership, you un f believable moron.

                  Do you actually think people have a vote over the decisions that are made? Do you have any proof of that? Yeah, Dolan has the share holders vote on all the deals passing through. Un f real.

                  The Spurs, even as such, have made it clear they do not get involved into R.C. and Pop’s bliss.

                  They Jazz are run by the son I didn’t say Larry, did I, you clown!!

                  3p 1sentence I read the 1st tiime, yet you still dismiss the fact all rings have been won by individuals, that is FACT son, and until otherwise is proven that is how teams MUST be constructed, while this is garbage, you f dolt: “It’s not as cut and dry”. YES IT F IS.. historically proven fact. Are u arguing that?

                  You honestly think a corporation – an entity created to generate profits – has a better chance at winning it all than owners who don’t care about profits, only winning (see my post about Celtics and Mavs losing money when they won as FACT)

                  Last thing, if you actually think what you say or your requests has any bearing on how anyone here will post you are f delusional. Maybe your kids and wife respond and let you get away with that kind of talk, but in the real world you’ll get slapped across the mouth like the cunt you are. Believe that.  And if you can’t handle it, it’s rather simple.. F OFF?

                  Go back to following underwater floor hockey or whatever you were following. What is your obsession with me? Wife not putting out? No one loves you? What is it?

                • Rob

                  Looks like I touched a nerve with the Worthless Writer; anger is a primitive response.

                  Don’t try getting all Semasiologist on me pal, it’s not my fault the facts say what they do, I could twist and skew them to better fit your agenda, but then I’d be bullshitting, and I don’t bullshit, you do. Majority ownership or not, you questioned the role of corporations in professional sports, and those are corporations buddy by every definition in the book, whether you like it or not, the buck stops with them. The Jays in the 90s had the highest payroll in the league and won back-to-back World Series being owned by a beer company, yes, a beer company “omg that’s a corporation no way!” STFU.

                  Winning=profits you clown, more fans come out to see a winning team, more merchandise is sold when the team is winning, more seats are sold when the team is winning, more sponsorship deals when the team is winning, does that not mean more profit? BUS101 doofus. Everyone cares about winning, some are just more competent at it than others. Read that again, “some are just more competent at it than others.” Recite it now. You can’t care about winning without caring about money and vice versa. Of course you wouldn’t understand, you remind me of one of those typical self-entitled “Occupy” idiots that have a degree in some useless liberal arts course at a community college, can’t find a job, and is mad at the world. Insinuation is indeed like  masturbation, it only gets you off, and insinuating on here is your pathetic little way of getting off.

                  Don’t talk to me about the real world girly, talk like the self-entitled SOB  you are to anyone on the street and you’d get smacked upside the head, only it’d be considered animal abuse.

      • Destro

        Prok is doing good things tho and the Wiz are improving and so are a few others on that list FAIL….I hate when ppl in here cant accept legit criticism of this team..YOUR not getting compensated to suck Bryans dick,remember that…..REAL fans are unbiased fans who can critique there ow team without blinders… 

        • Rob

          Doing good things, an improving team, that’s all hope and promise, we’ve heard that since BC first came here too, media said it was a godsend, but where are the rings? I’ll believe it when I see it. I can accept legit criticism of this team, you know that, and in fact, I’m the one doing it, YOU’RE not getting compensated to ride BC’s d**k, remember that. 

          For the record, get BC the FOH.

          • Destro

            Alonzo<<<My maaaaaaan!<<<Harris

    • Destro

      yes and NJ got 2 all stars and will be a top 5 team in the east…NO is gonna match Gordons contract so thats a moot point…Raps are getting what ??? Fields ?  oh…..ok

  • guest

    “Will Raptors basketball even continue down the road? Can we see the
    franchise being sold much like the Vancouver Grizzlies? So much is
    dependant on this deal!”

    what a joke…Raptors are the NBA’s 10th most valuable franchise.  Raps aren’t going anywhere, even if nash falls thru…

  • Tesla

    All you guys do is fucking complain. WAH! WAH! WAH!

  • boshrawr

    Nash to the lakers wow. Have fun with Kobe captain Canada sheesh.