I realize I was harsh on Bayless yesterday and it wasn’t intended, it’s just what happens when you write posts at 2am. Good luck to Bayless, he was alright, he just didn’t improve as we all had hoped. Still young, so you never know. I hope he goes to Chicago and steals the starting job from Rose.

Sunday morning calls for a little laziness, so it’s best to start that laziness with a screencap of what Fields was upto last year:

Landry Fields - Synergy Sports

So that’s all the things he does along with how many times he does them. One of the major needs that he’s supposed to fill is three-point/spot-up shooting, which is where the Raptors are lacking. They’ve tried to address it with Ross, and Fields is also a measure for the same problem. As you can see above, he’s mostly used in a spot-up shooting role. That could be because he’s a designated outside shooter, or more likely, because he’s one of the last offensive options in any Knick lineup and is force to wander on the outskirts.

Here’s a slice (about 10 minutes worth) of plays where he’s “spotting up”. As you’ll see in the video, the definition of spotting up is diverse.

Some thoughts that are formed as you’re watching the above (note that I actually saw about an hour worth of video but I’m not posting all of it because I can’t be violating copyright that badly):

  1. Damn, his girlfriend is hot.
  2. The release is a bit slow; he’s certainly not a “catch and fire” type guy.
  3. He can create his own shot off the bounce when the defense is running at him; he’s got confidence when going left and pulling up.
  4. Evidence of great off-the-ball movement is sparse, how much of that is due to NY’s offense and how much is his own doing, we don’t know.
  5. The lateral quickness is not great, and neither is the attacking ability once he does catch it. How much he can offer offensively in a half-court set is a big question mark.
  6. He’s very comfortable in transition: running the flanks, pulling up, and driving against retreating defenders.
  7. In a face-up situation with a man right in front of him, he doesn’t attack and will prefer to take the jumper. Shot-selection is generally good, but there are your WTF moments here and there.
  8. At 6’7″ and long arms, he can get his shot off against anybody without fear of being blocked.
  9. The dive in his sophomore numbers is partially explained by his teammates, as he was simply less involved in many of the plays, especially when sharing the court with ‘Melo.
  10. Offensively, he’s very analogous to James Johnson, except the latter is a career 30% three-point shooter, and Fields is at 34%.

Do you care to see play-type specific video of any other Raptors player? Just say the word.

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  • Imackinn

    I certainly think his game is a little bit more polished than James Johnson’s is; what he does, he does seem to do well.

    • rus

       This thread should obviously be hijacked by his GF’s looks, well done Landry, well done

      • Balls of Steel

        Guilty as charged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNSawioHFXI

    • sleepz

      If he continues to shoot the way he did last year, there is very little difference between the 2, outside of Johnson being a better shot blocker. 

  • Brian B

    I’d be curious to see his first season distribution – last season was anomolous due to personnel, injuries and mid season coaching change. When I picked Fields performing well, I picture him in transition. Was this a higher percentage of his usage under D’Antoni?

    • Brian B

       “picked” should read “picture”

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Fields is a rotation bench role player- one that will have a 9 million dollar price tag in 2014-15, just like JJ who might be thrust into a starter’s role because he’s BC’s prized f/a transaction just like JJ was BC’s big trade transaction from the CB deal aka rip off by Riley……

      D’Antoni’s system skews  numbers…..

      • Balls of Steel

        Here you go, skew this…

  • cesco

     Sorry to go off topic but has anyone seen the Lithuania – Dominican Republic game last night ( my computer kept freezing , saw very little ) and specifically how did JV do against Horford ? . I know he played more minutes , had more points and rebounds so based on the stats he outplayed Horford but is that possible ? ( Horford is an all star type ) . Thanks in advance .

    • Truthkiller

      Lithuania beat Dominican Republic to secure a spot in the semi-finals with 109-83 win, The Lithuanian team was led by Jonas Maciulis with 17pts, 
      Jonas Valanciunas finished with 17 points and pulled down seven rebounds.

      • cesco

        Actually , Maciulis had 19 points and JV and co. secured a spot in the Olympics and are now going home . You did not answer my question at all .

    • KuH

       I didn’t see the game, just reviewed the play-by-play on FIBA, which does at least show that JV and Horford were grabbing rebounds head-to-head.

      JV came on late in the first (standard pattern for LT team), and stayed out of foul trouble (something he didn’t do previously), which was rewarded by playing most of each of the next three quarters.  It looks like in the third quarter JV and the 36-yr old PG Jasikevicius got the pick-and-roll rolling (pun intended) and the Dominicans had no answer for it.

      Gee, I wonder if we can find a PG in his 30s to run the PnR with JV?  🙂

  • Sboyle55

    Great job on

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    I really like Landry Fields attitude as a player in all the so call “intangibles”. You correctly described his weakness on D when he has to run after a player running behind screens.

    I love his stats before “Carmelo Era”. 

  • Cdhall

    can the Raptors retract the offer sheet to Fields like they retracted the qualifying offer to Bayless? Can somebody answer this question with an explanation more than yes or no?

    • Nilanka15

      They are permitted to retract the offer. But some have suggested that it’s bad business to do so, which is most likely why Fields stays.

    • Brian B

       Apparently no binding contracts may be entered into until after the cap is set(July 11), so just as Carlos Boozer backed out of a verbal deal with Cleveland in favour of a better offer from Utah in 2004, teams can change their minds. As noted, that runs risks about credibility.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Something I found on another site that explains it clearly:

      1. The qualifying offer is a function of the collective agreement, which defines what it is and provides a mechanism for withdrawing the offer and renouncing the player. It is a right afforded to the team to qualify a player so that he is a restricted free agent rather than an unrestricted free agent. The CBA also provides a mechanism for withdrawing a qualifying offer – renunciation – and it even provided a mechanism, in rare circumstances, for unrenouncing a renounced player and making him an RFA again. All of this exists in the CBA and so all parties understand these are acceptable practices. Not always fair, but perfectly legal and everyone uses these rights.

      2. A salary agreement made by the parties during the so-called moratorium period exists outside the CBA with the intent to bring it into a legal framework on July 11 when all signings and trades made during the first 10 days of January can be blessed by the league and reflected under the new salary cap. Such agreements are handshake deals, and do not exist legally in the eyes of the league, but they carry the full weight and credibility of the people – not the entities – which are party to it, namely the team, agent and player. It’s a negative to anyone’s credibility to walk away from such an agreement, but especially for the team and the player’s agent, since they have a lot of reasons to maintain good relations with each other, and they each have reputations among all 30 teams to preserve. Landry Fields could back out of his offer, and I suppose it would not harm him in the long term except we would remember him as a dick. But the team and agent can’t easily walk away from such a deal without loss of credibility and loss of face around the league. It’s bad business to do so.

      • Brian B

         In some situations, players and agents LIKE the QO being withdrawn, as that may “free up” the market, and get better offers for an UFA than a RFA.

        • guest

          There are also situations where agents go to the GM and ask the team to withdraw the qualifying offer by stating that their client no longer feels that it is a good situation for them and they would like to move on. Powerful agents have a lot of sway with this because the gm’s want to keep the relationships with agents positive for future negotiations. Some players use the media to make their unhappiness known.

      • mountio

        thanks .. this is helpful. Doesnt change my POV that even though it could be damaging to our rep .. our rep isnt great as is, and the whole league (players, agents, teams) know what this singing was all about…

        • kumarbrosyaman

          everybody understands that there is no way in hell landry fields deserves the kind of money he was offered under the normal circumstances, incl landry himself. reneging the deal on reasonable terms makes the most sense. i dont think it would hurt his feelings if the handshake offer to be replaced with the real one say at 15M over 3 years.

          i wonder if bad business would be considered bobcats backing out of the calderon chandler trade or MJ being one of the most resilient and stingy owners during the lockout.

          i dont think any agents/players are backing out of negotiations with the clips either. allegedly donald sterling has a habit of throwing pennies at their players while them practicing. “whos ya daddy chris paul?! i want you to say it!”

          i mean, why am i even writing this. excuse me for being overly blunt and obvious but i had to get it out of me.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Shows how much you really don’t understand how the NBA works……..try and rationalize it all you want to but BC fucked up with this offer to LFields as Nash went to the Lakers instead of NY BC fucked up not LFields….there are no do overs in this situation…smdh lol

            The NBA players do have a Union…………….what would happen in a court of law with this deal?

            • mountio

              Read your own post “Such agreements are handshake deals, and do not exist legally in the eyes of the league” .. what do you think would happen in a court of law?

              • Nutso

                 seems to have comprehension issues….

                • Nutso

                   BCS-G2G has comprehension issues….

  • Cdhall

    was the offer sheet not based on Nash signing with the raps? doesn’t every gm and player know this? So no Nash no need for Fields. Keeping Fields at 19M is to MOST not some but MOST bad business!!!!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      That’s BC ‘s fault for not doing due dilligenvce with the Nash situation and he would have figured out that Nash had no interest other than a cursury look at the Raptors.

      BC could have looked at his current roster and seen that Nash wasn’t coming onboard this quagmire called Raptors basketball where AB is King- rebounding & defense are for peasants (AB voice), and still be promoted as Dirk like by the powers that be- Nash played with the real Dirk……

      In 2014-15 Fields will be making 9 million as a likely bench player…..

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


      • ghost

        It’s odd that Nash, with his close relationship with Triano and Colangelo, would have not given the Raps even a hint that he was not going to sign here and would most likely sign elsewhere unless he was unsure himself as to where he might go. So you can blame BC all you want but there is no way to really know what transpired behind closed doors,

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          He wanted to be close to his kids in Phoenix…..and he lives in NYC in the off season……wants to win……..do the math…..

        • kumarbrosyaman

          it is very telling about steve nash as a businessman, very calculating and selfish. not that i blame him, i think he is brilliant!

    • mountio

      Couldnt agree more. I agree that in the normal course, backing out on a handshake deal is a bad idea, but in this case, everyone (including Fields) knows where this signing came from .. so I think the damage is much less harsh. In addition, when he doesnt get an offer for more than 3 yrs, $10 mm, everyone will understand even more

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Let you tell it….lol

  • Balls of Steel

    Wow, his girlfriend is hot. Elaine Alden alone is worth $20 Million. Oh, and Fields is a pretty good player too. He’ll be just fine in T-Dot. Did I mention his girlfriend is hot?

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Move to the snow, now you got a white bitch on your elbow (ice cube voice)

  • In your first chart, that isn’t “all the things he does along with how many times he does them”.  It is only info on all of the plays that end with the ball in his hands.

    Supposedly we got him more for all of the other things he does when the plays don’t end with the ball in his hands.

    So, interesting info, but only a fraction of the Landry Fields story.

    PS, yes, his gf is pretty smokin’

  • Markhobson1

    It would have been helpful to see him on the defensive end, how he moves latterally, rotates, reads the passing lanes, guards SF’s, etc.
    Otherwise good work.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Raptors are gonna pay for letting go of Bayless.  In my opinion, Landry Fields is [pretty overrated too.

    • K.J.P

      I would say that if I had a choice between the two, I would choose Fields. It’s just too bad his offer was so much higher than it should be. It was a risk though and not all risks pay off. 

  • kumarbrosyaman

    can we get a chart from his rookie year? it seems like he excels in off screens and cuts. i wonder if his ppp would hold up if the number of possession was increased. i presume he had a lot more of those possessions pre-carmelo.

  • guest

    The Landry Fields’ deal will end up being the deal that gets Brian the exit door.  It cost a lot of money and will not make the team significantly better.

    • kumarbrosyaman

      you just said it, potentially this deal is best thing happened to our sorry franchise.

  • Cdhall

    there were others in rap land (owners) who told BC to land Nash.I’m sure they told BC to get Nash at any cost.Fields was just part of the cost but i would still like to see the offer sheet renegotiated!!!Perhaps RR should have a poll and see how many fans want the deal redone?

  • Seeten

    its only 20m/3 years, in the NBA, thats not exactly a huge contract. Its 5.5m/5.5m and 9m in year 3, so the first 2 years it is basically just a mid level deal. Fields produces at a rate that makes year 1 and 2 a pretty solid deal. Hopefully they can con a team into taking Fields on for year 3 😉