This is drastic shit here.

There’s a bunch of trades that work. A straight-up one for Amir Johnson, something with Jason Richardson and Kleiza, trust me, you can really have some fun on the trade machine with this. Why acquire Redick? He’s a deadly shooter, a much-improved defender, and moves well on the perimeter to get himself open. He also has only one year left on his deal, and if Colangelo can pry him away from the Magic without giving up too much, he would add some real flexibility to the wing positions.

Right now, the Raptors have two “shooting guards” in Ross and DeRozan, and what I would do is move DeRozan to the three. Pure and simple, put him at the three where he’s got an opportunity to slash more and have less initiating to do. The guy is a poor ball-handler and I don’t see it getting much better, take the ball out of his hands and stick him at the three where he’s got more leeway to roam, something he’s good at. Get Ross over to the shooting guard and let’s see what he’s got. He’s a better shooter than DeRozan, arguably a better athlete, and even if his finishing sucks, it’s still better than DeRozan’s who can’t deal with any help rotation. Before you start feeling sorry for DeRozan for having to guard threes, well, consider that he’s supposed to be a player whose athleticism is supposed to help on defense. He’d be facing slower guys at the three than the two, so that should help, especially considering that’s an area he struggles at.

What happens with Landry Fields who’s come over to rejuvenate his NBA career? Make him earn the three spot versus DeRozan, too often the spots in Toronto have been guaranteed and it’s time to end that. With Redick’s three-point shooting backing up Ross at the two which creates space for the big guy inside, DeRozan battles with Fields for the starter job. If you can’t start for the Knicks, you’re no guarantee to start for the Raptors either. There’s a battle that’s sure to tense up things in the locker-room and get DeRozan playing at a consistent competitive level, who knows, maybe he’ll even bother to play a little defense.

So: Ross, DeRozan/Fields, Valanciunas, Bargnani, and Lowry, with Redick, Calderon, and DeRozan/Fields providing some punch off the bench. I’m not saying this is an intimidating lineup, but at least there are some options. I would love to see Calderon on the court with an actual quick-release catch-and-shoot guy (Kapono sucked, couldn’t dribble worth shit). We haven’t given Calderon a proper shooter since Mo Pete and/or Anthony Parker’s first year. That was a long time ago. Assuming Ross’s shooting translates, the Raptors get themselves a three-point shooter on the floor at all times, which is of the utmost importance!

I can actually see Redick fitting in with the Raptors, he’d be like Barbosa except without the moments of narcissism and an actual outside shot. Assuming Colangelo can use his brilliant negotiations skills, charisma, suave, reputation and intelligence to pull one over the Magic, the Raptors would be, at the very least, more fun to watch.

Yes, you are correct. This was a post about JJ Redick.

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  • 2muchD

    Hey Arsenalist, if I wrote an article or something Raptors-related and it is any good can it be posted on the site? How would I go about submitting such an article?

    • cesco

       I am sure Arse will post it if it is any good . Many long, hot days before preseason start .

    • Nilanka15

      There’s always Bleacher Report….

    • arsenalist

      Email it to me, David Helm found his way on the site like that.  arsenalist at raptorsrepublic dot com

  • Skittlebrau78

    Counterpoint: don’t

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Thanks God you are just a bad writer and not a GM. Your starter line will never happen. K.I.S (keep it simple) : just troll on BC and Bargnani and you will fill hundreds of comments.

  • URaGuAY

    If Colangelo was high on Jason Kapono and overpaid him, then JJ Redick would’ve been here by now. I would like another catch-and-shoot guy here but how likely this team will have a roster change before pre-season starts?

    I don’t think the current roster will get us to the playoffs whilst other teams to the likes of Celtics and Lakers are acquiring high-caliber players so easily. Looks like we have a long way to go that this team will be a dynasty team, and we’re not even close to the OKC Thunder. We can’t even get the media their attention.

    The only way this team improves is to blow this team up and hope the whole team get into a plane crash and have a contingency draft. 

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      See, that’s what I m  talking about. Just Troll man, troll all the way. What time is  your flight ?

  • Crank

    I love RR in the summer. Wonder if this is another one where Arse produces articles every day with nothing going on.

    • Bigmacphisto

      Have to write something to drive traffic…can we get one about Paul George as a Raptor next? 

    • feel my arse

      It’s fun seeing arse trying polish turds

  • The Rub

    I like Redick, I think he’s a smart player and a deadly shooter, but saying “just move Derozan to the 3” is stupid.  He’s undersized, has next to no defensive game against guys his own size and doesn’t do any of the things a 3 should.  If you think he under-performs at the 2 you’ll really see him suck at the 3.

    If Derozan was gone, or if Ross wasn’t here I would agree 100% that Redick would be great for this team.  But with both those guys here, and a Fields who is a tweener 2/3, you’re looking at way too many shooting guards if you add him.

  • Andre

    No point of that. Derozen, fields, Ross, why sign a guy an not play him? And I thought we wanted defensive minded players? Where does redick fit in? I dont get it. 

  • common sense

    Well handing Ross the 2 spot is a big mistake…If you want DD to play the 3 sure I am fine with that but Fields would have to start at the  2….Sidenote Fields and DD are gonna start and guard whoever depending on matchups people make a bigger deal about who is playing the 2 and 3 then needs to be made…I would try for Jimmer Fredette before Redick.

  • Brian1957

    In ALL the Howard trade talk I have seen NO suggestion that Redick is on the trade block. besides, with DD being “no D” , how would Casey hide redick, who at least works hard?

  • Nilanka15

    Howard caused an automatic double-team whenever he touched the ball.  Redick, as well as many other Magic shooters, obviously benefited from all the open looks that resulted with Howard on the floor.

    Do we have a player to demand that kind of defensive attention?  If not, does Redick get as many good open looks playing in Toronto?

    • Roarque

      AB is the man

      • Nilanka15

        It’s not often teams double-team players on the perimeter (it’s easy for the offensive player to spot the 2nd defender coming). 

        And AB doesn’t spend a lot of time on the low blocks.

  • Malefax

    Cool idea. Me, I think we should go after Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, if we’re just makin’ shit up.

  • Rapsilly

    I kind of think BC has J Lucas 3rd in mind for perimeter shooting off the bench. 

    Still, I’d take Reddick over JLuc3. 

  • Draftstar

    Excellent idea for an affordable talent upgrade. This is one of the few options they should look at for further upgrading the team. I would try to get Big Baby and Redick for Kleiza and Amir if at all possible. The one legged Kleiza will probably be about 70% of his pre injury self this year and top out at 80%.

    • Lorenzo

      Colangelo doesn’t want giant turds like Big Baby on his team.

      • LTDupside

        And call me crazy, but I’d kinda prefer to have at least one SF on the roster over 6-7; Kleiza stays unless they trade for a 3. Reddick: meh.

  • Lambda

    “I would love to see Calderon on the court with an actual quick-release catch-and-shoot guy (Kapono sucked, couldn’t dribble worth shit).”
    Self contradicting much?

  • golden

    Derozan at the 3 isn’t such a great idea either.  He’s way too weak – guys like Melo would destroy him in the post.  Taller 3’s like Gallo, Hedo, even Rashard Lewis would simply shoot over him at the 3-pt line.  Demar’s athleticism is overrated, from a basketball utility POV.

  • JJ Redick..?
    Redick is quick, smart and an excellent shooter…but the answer?
    Would he help the Raptors? Could be, but he’s short enough for good Shooting guards to shoot over…again and again…ideally he’s 2nd unit sparkplug type with some late-game opportunities with the main unit.

    What’s this about Ross being a better athlete than DD…that’s the 1st time i’ve heard or read that…sounds like loose speculation.

  • j bean

    The roster as is shouldn’t have problems scoring. If Redick could speak Lithuanian he might be a little upgrade over Kleiza but better D is what they need at the three.

  • Brian B

    If we’re just making stuff up, how about AB & JC for Howard? Trade Machine says the numbers work!

  • p00ka

    There’s some fuel the fire stuff, par for the course, but I’ll stay away from that. However, the Barbosa comparison is a tad out to lunch.
    “he’d be like Barbosa except without the moments of narcissism and an actual outside shot.”

    What? First, JJ isn’t capable of breaking down defenses like Barbosa is. Second, you imply that Barbosa doesn’t have an actual outside shot. HUH? JJ’s 3p% after 6 years is 40%, Barbosa’s after 9 years is 39.1%. Big difference?

  • M&M

    Too peachy white.

  • weedman

    More than once, watching JJ Redick standing outside the arc nailing threes to help bury us, I’ve fired up the volcano and thought about how nice it’d be to have that prick hitting treys for us. Now? I think I’d just as soon wait for TRoss to get up to speed in the NBA as a Raptor. Early days but … he looks like he just might have a bit of that Ray Allen swish going on. Could be worth the wait. Fingers crossed! 

  • CJT

    Not sure how this would help the team that much.  Instead of playing guys out of position, wouldn’t it just make more sense to try and target a legit SF? 

  • hotshot

    “The guy is a poor ball-handler and I don’t see it getting much better”

    So is Ross.

    Honestly I see Ross as being the next Mo Pete, meaning he will be a catch and shoot type of guy but his ball handling and slashing/finishing from the perimeter is not of an elite player (not yet) which is why I am dumbfounded why people compare him to Jason Richardson. Sure he will get the occasional dunk but it is very similar to the way Derozan dunk.

    • Copywryter

      Don’t tap on the glass. It upsets the fish.

  • enlightenment

    At the end of the day we will be stuck with 4 shooting guards. Even Fields at the three is a stretch..

  • Brian B

    is Matt Barnes available?

    Oh, wait – BC screwed up signing him once already!

  • Al_Oliver

    I like the Redick idea, but not starting 2 rookies…

  • Daniel

    An  unit with Jose at the helm will be better than any unit with Lowry at the helm. Jose fits much better with this young team compared with the hotheaded Lowry. Jose actually knows howw to run a team and his skillset is complementary with the rest of the roster whereas Lowry is poor in shooting (40%) and passing (6.6 asst/game), the skills that are deficient throughout the Raps’ roster. In my books Jose is a goner though either by the trade deadline or at the end of his contract. Then the fans will understand that Jose has been a scapegoat for basically Colangelo’s inability to field a competitive team. I still can’t believe the disaster that this off-season has been for us: we needed starters at SF, SG and C positions and we “upgraded” the strongest position in the team last season. Fields is worse than Kleiza or JJ who are average players as it is. I came to the conclusion that Toronto fanbase deserves its piss-poor professional teams. We confuse effort with results and we cheer for mediocrity with panache. Shallow fans support shallow management.

    • Bballbum

      At least the good NBA teams come to play at the ACC in Toronto.  What more do you expect?

  • ger

    No more role players please!!

  • Jamshid

    Why not JJ ?? We gave 7 million contract to Kapano so lets bring JJ and see what he can do.

    On the side note, seems like Matt52 and the herd on the board are salivating over our youth and our financial flexibility for future.

    Ask yourself this, What was our financial flexibility and youth over the last 7 years under BC ? Where did it took us ?

    • Matt52

      I asked myself “What was our financial flexibility and youth over the last 7 years under BC?” and I only came up with more questions.

      When in the last 7 years have the Raptors:

      – had 10 players 27 or younger in the season?
      – 6 of those 10 players legit NBA players?
      – 2 of those 10 players lottery pick rookies?
      – the ability to add a max contract the following summer via trade or free agency?

      Let me answer those for you:

      – Never.
      – Never.
      – Never.
      – Never.

      So returning to your question, the Raptors have never had the financial flexibility and youth they currently have in the last 7 years making the question “Where did it take (sic) us?” totally unknown.

      • p00ka

        Nice response. Based on the grammar of the post you responded to, safe to say quite young, and having fed off the extreme naysayer faction prowling here almost every day. Shyt, are they starting to interbreed now? haha

        • Jamshid

          “are they starting to interbreed now”

          Ask your Mother and I am sure she can help you out 🙂

      • Jamshid

        Assumptions after assumptions 🙂 , Look back at the first year that BC came here and look at cap space and … 6 legit NBA player after being here for 6 years and being in lottery almost 80% of the time !!! Ability to add max contract !! so what !! didn’t we have that last year as well and the first year he was here and … 

        I am sorry pal, the herd might listen to you twist facts but the real fans here know their stuff. Try harder ??!!

        Next thing you want to tell us is that Fields contract is good and he is legitimate NBA player !!! Wait, you already do make that claim for the herd in the board.

        • Matt52

          I don’t think you read my post here correctly or posts on the forums correctly.  Lets address some misinformation and a mistake I did make:

          I said there has never been 6 legit NBA players under the age of 27 on the Raptors roster anytime in the last 7 years.  The Raptors have had 6 legit NBA players on their roster before.

          The reason the Raptors went to the lottery after the first 2 seasons was because the team was built on older talent with no cap flexibility.  That is the opposite of the current situation – which is, you know, the point.

          Never one to deny when wrong, I was wrong on ability to add max contact.  2006 and last year the ability was there but in conjunction with the other criteria I laid out – never still applies.  What would adding a max contract last summer have done for the Raptors long term? (and this is situation where hindsight is a great tool).  Going back to 2006 the salary cap was $53M and the Raps had nearly $9M of that tied up in players who no longer played in Toronto: Mourning and Williams.  Of course, the Raps could have signed or traded for a max contract (assuming they had the assets to do it – even though they never but I won’t split hairs – and a top free agent was willing to come to the mess that was the Raptors after the Vince fiasco – even though they never would but, again, I won’t split hairs) but they would have filled the rest of the roster out with minimum contracts and likely would have lost on on key contributors like Rasho, Parker, and Garbo.  I am not sure how much farther ahead the Raptors would have been with a max contract in 2006 (as was later proven with Jermain O’Neal in 2008 because, once again, all flexibility was lost).

          Would you not agree the ability to add a max contract/talent to a roster of legit young NBA talent and 2 lottery picks is better than not having the ability?  Personally I would much rather the ability.  Do you think being a lottery team with long term financial commitments is a good thing?  Personally I don’t.

          As for Fields contract, never said the contract was good.  There is no doubt he was overpaid.  However the contract is not nearly as bad as many make it out to be – there is a big difference in this sentence than what you typed.  He was a starter on a playoff team now getting paid starters money.  Luckily he is just 24 and he could prove to be worth the full contract very soon…. or he might not but at least he won’t be grossly overpaid like many other contracts floating around this summer.

          I anxiously await the reply with the liberal use of exclamation points, the unfounded statements that are suppose to make me stop and say, “Gee, this guy really knows what he is talking about !!!”, and the insults towards members in the RR forums who do in fact challenge my posts on a daily basis.  If your use of the term ‘herd’ is to degrade people who engage in intelligent, structured, and non-offensive dialogue then I am sure the posters, myself included, are happy to be labeled sheep or cattle versus degenerates – which is the label I would give some of the people who post comments on the main page.

          Finally, while I accept the allegation of twisting facts under the basis of difference of interpretation, it is certainly is much better than making sh!t up when the facts don’t support an argument or claim.  Well, wouldn’t you know it but this brings us back to your original post where you state, “seems like Matt52 and the herd on the board are salivating over our youth and our financial flexibility for future” when my 2nd reply clearly shows the reservations I have moving forward and you ask readers to question, “What was our financial flexibility and youth over the last 7 years under BC ? Where did it took us ?” when the Raptors have never had the financial flexibility and youth combination currently on the roster making the second question irrelevant. 

          • raptors

            matt, this guy has been mentioning you in every one of his posts for weeks under different usernames. he is a waste

            • Matt52

               Thanks for the heads up.  I was not aware.  I usually stop reading comments on main page after first couple of insults are exchanged.

              • Mika

                I don’t see any insult in any of his posts towards you but if you can not handle criticism, then that is a different story.

                • Matt52

                   I was talking insults in general (like f*gg*t and STFU) that are so often littered throughout the main page comment sections. 

                  I have no issue with criticism but criticism that ignores fact is sometimes a prickly issue.  The fact is, and was the point of my post on the forums, the Raptors have 10 players under 27 years of age and still have the financial flexibility to add a max contract.  6 of those 10 players are legit NBA players and 2 are lottery rookies.

                  Now if you think the Raptors are going to suck anyways and they will never use that financial flexibility, that is fine, more than fine in fact.  But stating the Raptors are in the same situation they have been over the last 7 years is just not fact when looking at age combined with the payroll.

                  The opinions related to the facts are fine because that can just be left at agree to disagree.

            • Nilanka15

              Yup, this guy was previously posting as ”John”

    • Matt52

       In addition to my previous reply, if anyone takes the time to read the post in the forum, you will see after the break down of money and youth:

      “People will likely groan (and rightfully so) because all this flexibility has gone for nothing thus far. 2 rays of hope:

      1) new punitive tax starts in 2013-14 and might be last chance for a
      treadmill team (Grizz, Philly, whoever) or team going nowhere to unload
      contracts before more punitive tax kicks in,

      2) luxury tax teams can no longer execute sign and trades after this summer (limited to $3m mini-MLE or minimum contracts).

      Some things that do concern me:

      1) Still no legit franchise talent (Bargnani, JV, or Ross please prove me wrong – or BC cash in some chips and get one!)

      2) playoffs far from a certainty in 2012-13 but a bottom 10 team seems
      unlikely as well – worst case scenario, just miss the playoffs and lose a
      12-14 pick.”

      Salivating is a strong term; cautiously optimistic is how I would describe it…. but to each his or her own.

      • Jamshid

        ” cautiously optimistic is how I would describe it…. but to each his or her own.”

        Are you real ? You don’t have a bit of integrity to sit down and critisize BC when whole NBA has been at awe about this guy’s move !!

        It does not take you a second to attack those who criticize BC and do character assasination even for reputable ESPN and NBA analysts .

        You are all about the company lines and don’t dare to think on your own and question the direction of the club !!

        You spend your days trying to bend the truth for the herd and think how you can make shit smell like roses !!

        Instead of writing page and page and raving about BC and future and salivating over it, take a minute and read guys like ARSENALIST who bring it in Day in and Day out and spread the truth and honesty.

        Who knows, maybe you are after a gig with the organization and this is why you are selling your honour and integrity. I got a little news for you, Raptor organization is full of MOUTH PICES like you who would do anything for little money and  …

        What Raptors need is guys like ARSENALIST, PHD STEVE, SAM and … who say it like it is …. REAL FANS …. not just propaganda machines …  

        • Matt52

           Arse, PHD Steve, Sam, Liston (you left him out) are all great contributors to RR, no doubt, and I have the utmost respect for their views.

          Unfortunately, my criticism of Colangelo does not come with the benefit of hindsight.  I laid out 2 concerns/criticisms (lack of use of flexibility thus far and no proven franchise talent unless someone surprises) I have of the current situation in the reply to you and in the original forum post. 

          In looking forward, which appears to be what has your knickers in a twist, I see 10 players (6 of which are proven NBA talent) under age 27 for this upcoming season and beyond with no long term albatrosses of contracts to speak of.  This means there is quite a bit of flexibility to add significant talent/contract if the opportunity arises. 

          I am more than willing to engage in difference of opinions but please bring more tp the table than the equivalent of, “Yeah, well, my dad can beat up your dad.”  If you have such strong opinions of my view (and my flock! – lol) come in to the forums.  New posters are always welcome assuming you can follow the rules and policies – assuming you have not already been banned of course.

  • Sistah

    2012-13 Raptors are just a pick-up team of rookies, cast-offs and bench players.  It’s called “development” time.

  • guest

    The Raptors should go after Danny Ferry! Only a new GM can change the direction of this sinking ship.  

  • Mtl

    i love jj redick. nice shooter and he plays hard