The Raptors Should Go After JJ Redick

We lost one JJ, time to get another back.

This is drastic shit here.

There’s a bunch of trades that work. A straight-up one for Amir Johnson, something with Jason Richardson and Kleiza, trust me, you can really have some fun on the trade machine with this. Why acquire Redick? He’s a deadly shooter, a much-improved defender, and moves well on the perimeter to get himself open. He also has only one year left on his deal, and if Colangelo can pry him away from the Magic without giving up too much, he would add some real flexibility to the wing positions.

Right now, the Raptors have two “shooting guards” in Ross and DeRozan, and what I would do is move DeRozan to the three. Pure and simple, put him at the three where he’s got an opportunity to slash more and have less initiating to do. The guy is a poor ball-handler and I don’t see it getting much better, take the ball out of his hands and stick him at the three where he’s got more leeway to roam, something he’s good at. Get Ross over to the shooting guard and let’s see what he’s got. He’s a better shooter than DeRozan, arguably a better athlete, and even if his finishing sucks, it’s still better than DeRozan’s who can’t deal with any help rotation. Before you start feeling sorry for DeRozan for having to guard threes, well, consider that he’s supposed to be a player whose athleticism is supposed to help on defense. He’d be facing slower guys at the three than the two, so that should help, especially considering that’s an area he struggles at.

What happens with Landry Fields who’s come over to rejuvenate his NBA career? Make him earn the three spot versus DeRozan, too often the spots in Toronto have been guaranteed and it’s time to end that. With Redick’s three-point shooting backing up Ross at the two which creates space for the big guy inside, DeRozan battles with Fields for the starter job. If you can’t start for the Knicks, you’re no guarantee to start for the Raptors either. There’s a battle that’s sure to tense up things in the locker-room and get DeRozan playing at a consistent competitive level, who knows, maybe he’ll even bother to play a little defense.

So: Ross, DeRozan/Fields, Valanciunas, Bargnani, and Lowry, with Redick, Calderon, and DeRozan/Fields providing some punch off the bench. I’m not saying this is an intimidating lineup, but at least there are some options. I would love to see Calderon on the court with an actual quick-release catch-and-shoot guy (Kapono sucked, couldn’t dribble worth shit). We haven’t given Calderon a proper shooter since Mo Pete and/or Anthony Parker’s first year. That was a long time ago. Assuming Ross’s shooting translates, the Raptors get themselves a three-point shooter on the floor at all times, which is of the utmost importance!

I can actually see Redick fitting in with the Raptors, he’d be like Barbosa except without the moments of narcissism and an actual outside shot. Assuming Colangelo can use his brilliant negotiations skills, charisma, suave, reputation and intelligence to pull one over the Magic, the Raptors would be, at the very least, more fun to watch.

Yes, you are correct. This was a post about JJ Redick.

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