No love for Raptors in the Summer League, but there’s a comment made somewhere how Jeremy Lamb sucks compared to Terrence Ross. Republic rejoice.

Jeremy Lamb, Rockets

It looks like he’ll end up being the best shooter in this draft. Despite his slender frame, he has no issues getting on balance, wherever he is on the floor. Given his size, he will be lethal running off baseline screens and spotting up in corners. He also has a reputation for being a poor passer, but I saw several nice reads when he popped up from the baseline. It’ll be interesting to see if he can shed the bad habit of dancing around side-to-side too much on pick and rolls. That’s about the only weakness I noticed in his game.

Still not understanding how he went four picks after Terrence Ross.

Something called the Uni-Watch Tracker says the Raptors might go with some throwbacks:

“I saw the Spring 2013 Adidas NBA Catalog and there are some new on-court offerings,” says Chris Blackstone. “There are new jerseys for Christmas Day and for home weekend games during the second half of season, called the Winter Court jerseys. They’re monochrome like the all-black Miami uniforms from the past couple years, but in team colors. Also, there are Hardwood Classic jerseys for Indiana (home from 1997-98 through 2004-05), Milwaukee (late ’90s), Chicago (mid-’90s alternate), Atlanta (late-’90s road), Miami (late-’90s alternate), Sacramento (mid-’90s alternate), Phoenix (1990s alternate), Philly (early-’90s road), Cleveland (mid-’90s road), Toronto (late-’90ss home), Houston (late-’90s road), and Utah (late-’90s road).”

Who will have the bigger impact – Valanciunas or Ross? Someday this will be a subject of an article, for now it’s a discussion in the forums. Here’s a take from isaacthompson:

Both have qualities that Raptors haven’t seen in a long time. Personally, I think Big V will have more of an impact because the Raps haven’t had a solid starting center for years (both Bosh and Bargnani are more ept to play the PF). As for TRoss, he has the shooting ability that we haven’t seen from anyone since Kapono (and he was a bust in T.O., let’s face it). He will be able to make up for DeRozan’s horrible shooting ability and will be a nice 6th man, or even starting SG, moving DeRozan to his natural 3-spot.

Is Terrence Ross the next Mo Pete? Well, I guess that depends if he has herpes.

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  • Stout

    “Still not understanding how he went four picks after Terrence Ross” — I read that as how did he fall so far behind TRoss?  Meaning, that he is probably better than TRoss…

    • Pbjake

      You never know when Arse is being sarcastic and when he’s not…

    • Nilanka15

      Yup, that’s how I read it too.

    • voy

      how else is there to read it?

  • ahoang

    In this case, let’s hope TRoss isn’t like the next MoHerps

    Good morning pick me up!

  • URaGuAY

    Of course no love for the Raptors down south because their brains only recognize U.S.A. and that’s it. I wish the British empire didn’t go soft on them during the Revolutionary War and annihilated them War on Terror-style during War of 1812. 

    • Navid Daraeifar

      That’s such pathetic, little brother, woe-is-me attitude.  American’s don’t hate Canadians, the Raptors just didn’t give them anything to talk about.

      God stop being such fuckin pansies and crying everytime you don’t get a pat on the head for middle of the line performance.

      • White Heat

         I can attest to the statement, “American’s don’t hate Canadians, the Raptors just didn’t give them anything to talk about.”

        I’m a Raptor fan based in Rochester, NY. I quizzed two local sports guys (1 columnist, 1 TV sports talking head) why the closest NBA team gets no coverage and they said the same thing. As soon as they become relevant in the win column they’ll get attention.

        I’m hoping this is the year, although a lack of local coverage doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the team. I believe that when the team starts knocking off the over-covered Knicks/Celtics/heat in the east the story-hungry analysts will begin to look north.

        • Bendit

          Dont disagree with the “When the Raptors become good…” sentiment…but have you ever heard Buffalo sports radio? They are fixated on the Sabres & Bills and hardly acknowledge that other sports exist. It is mind boggling and booooring to hear them talk about these two teams only for entire shows. Amazing.  

          • Destro

            Buffalo is not an NBA town and never will be,the demographics of the city lend itself to that…

  • isaac thompson

    thanks for the mention Arsenalist!

  • Johnny

    does mo pete have herpes? Shit, he’s my favourite all-time raptor.

    • The Rub

       Why can’t he both those things?

    • Ihatehaters

      You sound pretty concerned, Johnny. Just how much of your “favourite” was he?

  • Destro

    lmao @ the last line….

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Both TR & JL are good players but TRoss > Lamb just wait and see over time.

    TRoss will have an instant impact in the TDot while Val won’t be a factor for a few years- BC is lucky that this kid didn’t come over last season or his Val hype would have been exposed a year earlier as it’s just a matter of time before BC says- big men take 5 years to develop in relation to Val.

    So, according to some, now DD is a natural SF (lol)- sounds alot like the AB C/PF treatment aka excuse as real players play no matter where they line up on the court.

    • Nilanka15

      Just curious, do you feel that Anthony Davis will take as long to develop as Jonas?

      • The Rub

         Traditional big men usually take longer than athletic big men, and on top of that that Europeans usually take a bit longer to develop in the NBA and I would say Anthony Davis is pretty much guaranteed to develop quicker than Jonas, or at least to put up better numbers in the first 2 to 3 years.

        • Destro

          Zactly…these dudes got it mixed up…

          Anthony Davis is already an NBA player in waiting…Hes going to dominate defensively from Day 1…Jonas tbh i look at like Mozgov,which is to say a project…..the comparison is completely fraudulent unless ur a raps fan with an agenda….  

          • Nilanka15

            You’re comparing Jonas to Mozgov?  Yikes….talk about “fraudulent” comparisons.

            That’s like comparing Davis to Ajinca.

            • Destro

              UGH NO its not….HEs tall lanky mediocre athlete who has foul issues…truth be told thats Mozgov…

              Am i saying his game is the same nah but i think his impact early on will be similar….and thats to say dont expect much….

              Not my fault you took that as a direct comparison…


            • Destro

              Cant wait for this season to begin alot of yall gonna be eating mutliple plates of crow…

              We need a prediction thread for this upcoming season thats filed away….Cant way to feast on these posters opinions…

              • TOraps

                All your predictions are noted buddy: Terrence Ross won’t see the floor, JV will be like Mozgov, Drummond will be a star, and that you’ll never stop being a bitch, I think that’s all of them. Only 1 of those will be rite….

                • john g

                  Wow did you honestly say Drummond wil be a star. Tell him to learn how to shoot a straight FT first, then we’ll talk. He already airballed a few in summer league. The guy did nothing in college, what makes you think he’ll do anything here. Just because he is 6″11 and can dunk. Everyone just has this perception he can be the next Dwight Howard. Just because he has the frame and can dunk does not mean he will become him. He can’t rebound, doesn’t have a motor, and is soft. End of story 

          • hater

            “jonas tbh i look at like Mozgov”

            lmao, and this is why ur the dumbest fk on here.

        • 2damkule

          i’d counter that JV is perhaps a more ‘traditional’ big man than is AD; he’s been playing the same (or at least similar) style to that played in the NBA for a couple of years now, albeit at not nearly the same level of competition.  obviously, he’s not as advanced defensively as is AD, and he’s not as naturally gifted offensively, but it’s not like he’s a total stiff who’s going to look as out of place as, say, alabi.  he’ll need some time to adjust, but once he gets used to the speed/physicality of the NBA game, i think his style will make his transition fairly smooth.  it’s basically an extension of what he’s already used to, at a (much) higher level of skill & physicality.

          • Destro

            First off Alabi i disagree was a total stiff…He could play when he get mins no star but he can be a serviceable backup if he played…NO ones saying Jonas will be a stiff but some of these posters have foolish expectations that he will be a star right off that bat and that simply is illogical based on a number of things…

            I think in his prime 4-5 yrs from now a 15/10 player is about his ceiling i think if he does 12/8 and plays reasonable defense nobody should be mad by that…

            but the savior talk is outright ridiculous hes not Dwight Howard….

      • Destro

        I think yuo have that backwards….Question should be will Jonas take as long to develop as AD…

        AD is the ROY…AD is a future def POY

        Lets NOT get this so far twisted we look foolish… 

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t see Davis winning ROY, especially with the NBA’s love of scoring.  Davis is just as undeveloped offensively as Valanciunas (if not more so).  And ROY trophies aren’t handed out based on shot blocking alone.

          I’m thinking ROY goes to Beal, Lillard or Barnes based on their respective force-fed minutes combined with scoring prowess.

          • Lorenzo


          • john g

            But if the guy averages 10 rebounds and gets 2 blks compared to Beal or those guys who will average prob 15-18 pts, who do you give the ROY to? I’m giving it to Davis. He immediately changes the whole franchise around just with his defensive presence. Plus Davis can get his pts off offensive rebounds as well.

            • Destro

              Yea dogg these guys all think hes gonna average 2.5 PPG and 10 boards
              He might be a double double player this year plus D that will net him the award…

              • Nilanka15

                How do you figure that Davis will average 10ppg, while Jonas can’t?

                They both have very little post game to speak of, yet Jonas has a better mid-range jumper, and shoots FTs at a higher efficiency. 

                • john g

                  Jonas does not have a better jumper than Davis. Davis can even handle the ball better than Jonas. He used to play guard before he grew a couple of inches in high school. The guy can get his points off offensive rebounds and he is a better pick and roll option than Jonas. 

                • Nilanka15

                  Davis’ ball skills aren’t anywhere near what’s required to create his own shot, regardless of his high school days.  Hornets won’t be running ISO’s at the top of the circle with the ball in Davis’ hands.

                  And there isn’t a single player in either the 2011 or 2012 draft who’s a better pick N roll big man than Jonas. 

                • john g

                  I’m a Jonas fan, but I haven’t seen Jonas have any post offense threat. Davis is a better pick and pop player and can put it on the floor after receiving the pass off the screen (Like Andrea does) to get to the basket.

                • Destro

                  NIlanka is trying to equate what he seen JV do on youtube to the NBA problem is it wont translate that way…he SHOULD know this but obviously he doesnt get that JOnas offensively is going to struggle this year with his shot being able to post up NBA bigs and bully dudes under the basket…he wont be able to do it…Thats why offensively he’ll be a marginal player for a few seasons….

                  and this guy talks about NO’s offense not running thru AD,guess what lil breh Raps offense aint gonna run thru Jonas either lol…

                  JV rook season will look alot like Ed’s….believe that…cept i dont think he’ll post all those double doubles like Ed did second half of the year…

                • Destro

                  Davis will get more mins…Davis wont foul out in 12-15 min spurts like i believe Jonas will…

    • cesco

      A fan of the team would hope that both TRoss and Val have a good to great impact on the fortunes of the team from day1 . Anyone like you who already criticize a player before his first NBA game even after reading and watching what he has achieved so far at the age of 20 , shows a very limited intellect bordering on retardation .

      • Destro

        A realist fan would say neither one will have a great impact there rookie year….I would also say its corny to get emotional at first impressions and predictions that you may not like about certain players…Theres nothing wrong with stating a player prediction as long as it comes from a base of evidence and knowledge from what youve seen of said player….

        I think the criticism of JV at the next level are fair based on what we’ve seen of him…Hes not going to abuse bigs in the NBA like he does in Lithuania thats not a criticism its just an honest assesment that some fans need to get used too… 

        • 2damkule

          actually, it’s not so much an assessment as it is an assumption.  and you’re welcome to it.

          • Nilanka15

            Gotta love when people confuse their opinions with facts.

            • Destro

              ^ Nobody is doing that here,its all opinion but some opinions are based on knowing the game and others are based on simple fanhood or personal agendas…

            • Matt52

               That is the greatest thing ever said in the history of the internet.

    • 2damkule

      i like how you just brought JV into this out of the blue.  focus, man!

      • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

        Out of the blue- why don’t you read the thread article which asks who will have the bigger impact (from RR poster isaacthompson)- TR or JV?

        And to the fool talking about hope- save that drama for ya momma, I hope that BC stops pissing on Raptors fans and calling it rainwater, shitting on Raptors fans and calling it Kobe steak.

        A blind fan is worse than a- Stan! (Eminem voice)

        • cesco

          You have absolute no idea of how long it will take for Jonas to show he belongs and help the team moving up in the standings . The same applies to TRoss , so as a fan of the team you have to hold your horses and see how the season start . The first few months of the new season will be an indicator of the quality of these two picks , what positives they are bringing to the team , but not before then . After that you can criticize all you want , if warranted .

          • Destro

            We have an idea based on precedent…To say you have no idea is dumb smart posting…You watch them play you have an idea how it will translate…I think both will struggle…i think JV is an 8/6 player who will struggle to stay on the floor alot of nights because of fouls….Thats fair to suggest based on the fact he will be a boy in a mans league playing against bigger stronger more athletic players and we have seen him in intl/euro games resort to bad fouls out of position….Thats where i made the Mozgov comparison in terms of i think he’ll struggle to stay on the floor…

            • CJT

              How many 7 foot Lithuanian 20 year olds who have dominated every level of international competition, have multiple MVP’s from these competitions and played professional basketball for several years, do you have to make a comparison based on precedent?

              • Nilanka15

                Jonas will stink because Destro said so.  That’s all the reasoning anyone needs, dammit!!!

                • Lorenzo

                  I’m with you!

                • Destro

                  Course u are cuz ur butt hurt like everyone else that doesnt agree BArgs is a star in the making lol and Jonas is going to be all nba first team


                • Destro

                  Your the epitome of a non illiterate fan…

                  I never said he’ll stink asswipe..try reading the posts before posting…smh

              • Destro

                playing pro basketball in europe is irrelevant and winning awards in europe is irrelevant,were going on what we see him do on the floor breh…

                If you want to believe hes going to put up 20/10 his rookie year and win ROY and dminate NBA bigs under the basket n shit thats ur perogative,i know better…What i have said about him and his projection is logical…..based on what we’ve seen,his body,his age and the fact hes euro…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

       LarryCoon Larry Coon Sorry I missed all the fuss earlier. Is Minnesota still trying to trade for a player they can’t acquire?LarryCoon Larry Coon Reminds me of the Raptors trying to sign Matt Barnes with an exception they didn’t have. RT CollegeWolf: Duh, it’s David Kahn.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      LarryCoon Larry Coon Sorry I missed all the fuss earlier. Is Minnesota still trying to trade for a player they can’t acquire?

      LarryCoon Larry Coon Reminds me of the Raptors trying to sign Matt Barnes with an exception they didn’t have. RT CollegeWolf: Duh, it’s David Kahn.

  • 511

    That TRoss seems to have been (mainly) Dwane Casey’s choice, I’m optimistic about him being the right pick at number eight. Time will tell. But I trust Casey’s eye more than I do anyone else’s at this point. 

    • sleepz

      Don’t they pay coaches to coach and scouts to scout?

      Coaches don’t necessarily make good personnel men. Thats what GM’s are for as they are supposed to be the talent evaluators.

      • p00ka

        Your biases are glaring, making your post somewhat senseless. Rather than a coach not necessarily being a good talent evaluator, I’d say that applies to the GM position. The GM surrounds himself with talent evaluators, scouts included, and also relies upon evaluations from the coaches, who are evaluating talent every day of their job. How can a coach be any good if he’s not good at evaluating what he has, and what others have?

        • sleepz

          I was responding to 511’s suggestions that Ross was a Casey pick. Casey coaches up what is given to him and tries to fit players into his system. A GM/scout has to take into account additional factors and figure out how this player projects down the road of development, how he fits onto the roster with the current players you have under contract and most of these guys have been watching these prospects play from HS this is a key component of their work.

          I never said a coach can’t evaluate talent, but that is not their primary role as you can see in my response to 511. A coach evaluates what his given to him and fits that into their system and style of play. A draft pick or determining who to draft is a larger matter. If it was as simple as letting coaches make selections based on who they like, there would be no need for scouts and GM’s would need little input as it’s the coach that gets them to play no?

          You don’t know anything about my “biases” or if I have any, and the only thing senseless is you taking the time to make an ambiguous comment and then somehow try to appear like it’s the gospel.

          • p00ka

            1. I’ve seen enough of your on-line biases to have an opinion of them.
            2. Pray tell, in what way/sense did I “try to appear like it’s the gospel”, or are you just drawing from a script?
            3. Coaches are part of any team’s talent evaluation team, so why had you said  coaches are paid to coach and imply that scouting is up to the scouts? Yes, teams use scouts. They also scout from the top: GM, asst GM, other henchmen, and coaches.
            4. You now change your tune and say it’s not a coach’s primary job. True, but that doesn’t mean a GM doesn’t listen when a coach gives him a lead, with his evaluation. Are you suggesting BC was doing something you don’t approve of by taking his head coach’s lead on a player? Do you assume Casey’s evaluation was the only thing they took into account in drafting Ross?

            Perhaps I just don’t understand your point in your original post. Yes there are other factors in deciding upon draft picks, etc., but to imply the head coach shouldn’t be involved because it’s not his primary job, doesn’t appear to make sense to me.

            IMO, if you need that to feel I’m not preaching the gospel, sheesh.

            • sleepz

              1) I’ve seen enough of these type of posts from you to know it’s pointless to respond.

              To summarize the rest and the original point of my post, my concern was that of it being a “Casey pick” like he identifed the player and that was his target.

              My point was in leaving the player assessments to the individyals who’s primary job it is. I’m certain GM’s confer with their coach to get their opinion but I think that it’s essentially a matter (selecting or evaluating players for the purpose of acquisition) that is best left in the hands of GM’s and scouts.

              • p00ka

                “I’ve seen enough of these type of posts from you to know it’s pointless to respond.”

                Is this another script line? I asked you to explain the previous “gospel” bold statement, and you have nothing to say. What have you to say about this one? What are “these type of posts” that you refer to that make it “pointless to respond”. Please tell me what’s so out of line with my post that has you experiencing somewhat of a hissy fit?

                As far as Ross being a target of coach Casey’s, yes it’s been identified for some time that Casey spotted this kid, and passed on his opinion to BC and staff. Nowhere has it been stated or implied that BC and the scouting staff didn’t do the job that you say is primarily theirs in evaluating Ross.

                • sleepz

                  The type of posts where you are trying to argue something for the sake of argument.

                  “Your biases are glaring making your post somewhat senseless” Who are you to make that comment to me? I am not biased when discussing this topic and you are no one to make any assumptions about me and how it relates to my opinion, zeen? 

                  Rather than a coach not being a good talent evaluator you think it would be more applicable to the GM not being a good talent evaluator because of the people he has around him? You mean the guy repsonsible for player acquisitions of all natures for their respective teams?lol

                  I’m not going to get into this any further.
                  I’m pretty sure you’ve just started following the game not too long ago so instead of debating this further I will leave it there. 

                • p00ka

                  “The type of posts where you are trying to argue something for the sake of argument.”
                  Sheesh, another scripted statement with no basis? Perhaps you can back that up, so what makes my original post more “for the sake of argument”, than your original post? You expressed an opinion, and I responded to it. Note, that’s what the Reply button is for, not simply to agree, which is what you used it for too, though you  changed the topic.

                  “Who are you to make that comment to me? I am not biased when discussing
                  this topic and you are no one to make any assumptions about me and how
                  it relates to my opinion, zeen?”

                  Look in the mirror and survey where you are before using that again.

                  “Rather than a coach not being a good talent evaluator you think it would
                  be more applicable to the GM not being a good talent evaluator because
                  of the people he has around him? You mean the guy repsonsible for player
                  acquisitions of all natures for their respective teams?lol”

                  Hope you had a good “lol”, but wipe that smirk off your face, little one. Just like you think a coach is paid to only coach, you seem to think a GM’s job description is carved in stone and doesn’t differ from team to team or person to person. “Thats what GM’s are for as they are supposed to be the talent evaluators.” There’s a reason for the “manager” part of the GM title. They manage, and there’s different styles of management. Usually, the hands-on to everything ones don’t succeed. The ones who hire good staff and manage them them well usually do better. That’s why they call it a “manager’s” position. There’s reason why BC has Stefanski and Maurizio, and others, and he manages them. So my point was that a GM doesn’t HAVE to be a great talent evaluator. He HAS to have good evaluators, that he trusts, around him.

                  “I’m pretty sure you’ve just started following the game not too long ago”

                  I don’t know what that has to do with anything here, Mr. Uppity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve been following the game since before you were a glint in your father’s eyes. That doesn’t matter though. A person makes sense or doesn’t, no matter their perceived experience following the game.

                • sleepz

                  Spend your time studying the game instead of studying me.

                • p00ka

                  “studying me”, huh? What is that, 4 times you’ve thrown out random lines that don’t have anything to do with, nor describe anything about the discussion, when you can’t back up your silly comments? Sheesh, typical of a certain circle on here. That shit has really worked on here before?

                  Perhaps you can help me study the game as you have. What study have you done to become knowledgeable about a basketball General MANAGER’s responsibilities, because that’s what this whole discussion is about, in case you forgot while desperately trying to deflect the discussion.

          • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

            Sleepz, head coaches do have input on draft selections it’s usually a combined effort from said team’s scouts, gm (front office assistants) & coaches or as in the TDot it’s called a BC CONcensus.

            Head coaches do spend time evaluating draft talent in person and/or via game film especially once the regular season is over their role may become more involved as the draft nears.

            Each team works a bit differently in whose evaluation carries more weight when prospect differences arise within said organization.

            That being said Casey did get to know TR during the lockout in Seattle at the UW and obviously liked what he saw firsthand and told BC about him.

            The more eyes the better as the draft is a crap shoot.

            • Destro

              Sure they do but we dont know how much…
              We dont know how much he actually like Ross and how much BC liked him to make that pick…and i sure as hell am not going by whats said afterward…

              • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

                I don’t trust nothing coming out of BC’s mouth- ie had TRoss rated above ADrummond on their big board, as BC is a proven liar aka pr spin master.

                BC is TDot slang for lying: ‘Hey man, tell me the truth about what happened- don’t BC me’. 

                • Ihatehaters

                  Yea, yea – we get it.

                • john g

                  shut up about Drummond, he sucks. He can’t shoot a lick of a FT and why the hell would we want a guy who did nothing in college ball. We have big man already. Please STFU

                • Destro

                  Wait til the games are played before making hyperbolic assumptions…

                  Shaq couldnt shoot FTs either..means nothing to a dominant big man…Drummond has size and has good athleticism thats a good starting point…

                • Nilanka15

                  Shaq was dominant in college.

                  Drummond?  Not even close.

                • john g

                  again, thats all you have, he has size and athleticism. Your blind to see that he has no post game, no heart, bad rebounder, bad FT shooter. Shaq in college actually dominated because you could actually give him the ball in the post. MAKE SENSE.

                • CJT

                  isn’t it obvious that he had TR rated higher?  How is that a PR spin?  He picked him higher, so obviously he had him rated higher.  No pr spin needed, if he thought Drummond was the better pick he would have picked him right? 

            • sleepz

              I’m not debating that the coaches give input.

              My only point was to the original comment made that it seemed like it was a Casey pick and as 511 has elaborated on….”Casey spotting him and getting to know him”……..I think Casey is a good coach but I’m hoping that it wasn’t left in his hands as to which player to select, as while I respect his place in the game, I would hope the talent evaluation (especially for the draft) is mainly left to the team personnel that are qualified to do so.

              That being said I wonder how the heck J Kelley is still around as he’s seemingly been here since ’95 through various ownership, management, and coaching regimes

              • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

                I feel you.

                Jim Kelly is a non factor when it comes to talent evaluation as time has proven.

                Here’s the Raptors front office/management/coaching personnel


              • CJT

                I would find it hard to believe that any one person on the management team would have complete say over any pick.  I think that Ross fit the mold of what Casey likes in a player, Casey expressed his interest in the kid and the rest of the team got their chances to put forward the picks that they thought were best.  With the ultimate decision being made as a group in the war room based on who was available.  I don’t think that BC would pick someone he didn’t believe was a fit for the organization based on one person’s opinion.  That is speculation obviously, but to me that is why you surround yourself with talent evaluators in the first place. 

      • 511

        Doesn’t matter much to me who’s name or title is attached to scouting or evaluating talent. The story told was that Casey spotted him and got to know him and – it sounded like – was the one who really wanted him. As I like and respect Casey’s basketball smarts (as I see them), I wouldn’t limit his value to the organization to just coaching, especially if he sees a player that’ll be available in the next draft that he particularly likes. 

        • sleepz

          I hear you, but I would prefer the individuals who’s job it is to evaluate and assess these prospects since they came on the NBA radar.

          Is Casey going to be thinking about taking a project who might take 3-4 years to develop into a perennial all-star or a player with a lower ceiling that is talented, more NBA ready and will be solid and able to play for him right away? Judging that this is his second go aroundas HC and it took him years before he got this opportunity again, I’m thinking he wants someone that can ball for him right away and has less of an interest taking a project that might be more talented long-term.

          My point is that coaches don’t necessarily have the foresight to make those type of organizational decisions when evalauating playres as they are in the business of winning now.

  • Jamshid

    “but there’s a comment made somewhere how Jeremy Lamb sucks compared to Terrence Ross. Republic rejoice.”

    LOOOOLLL, that was the best. The Republic and the Herd on the board are in a denial if they think Big Val will be a force this season !! Did you guys see how he struggled with his fouls in the Pre-Olympic games ?? The guy needs 3 years to become a double double threath … 

    It seems like Matt52 and the herd thinks this team will make the play off !!! Really !!! Play off !! With this team !!

    • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

      Matt52 is a sucka side busta- point blank, people like him smell BC’s farts and ask what smells so good…….

      • Nilanka15

        SirChillyMost, whatever happened to you?

        • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

          Sir Chilly Most form coast II coast- FRESH, like melted butta on ya breakfast toast!

          I got banned by the forum nazi’s for posting the exact same stuff that I post in here….they couldn’t handle my opinions about Raptors basketball as time has proven to be true for the most part.

          • Nilanka15

            Haha, that’s what I assumed happened.

            You provide entertainment.  That’s all that matters 😉

          • Lorenzo


          • Destro

            Oh we revealing our forum screenames in here now,thats whats good…..hmmmmmm

            • BCStefanskicaseyGots2Go!!!

              It’s not that serious…

              Anyone that has been posting in this forum as a regular over the past 3 years could recognize that I’m SirChillyMost…but I’m not Destro- for all the confused people that live & breathe this

              CIA, FBI all they tell us are lies!

              • Lorenzo

                Haha, cute

              • CJT

                Well, at least you’re not Destro.  You have that going for you.

          • TOraps

            Ooooo so thats why ur so fucking bitter lol

      • Matt52

         LOL – nice to see you landed on your feet.

    • Matt52

       Who knows what will become of JV.  Clearly you have not read my comments on the guy if you think he will be a saviour next season.

      As for the playoffs, 8th seed at best assuming no long term injuries.  Time will tell.

      • Jamshid

        On another news , Ronnie Brewer signs with Knicks for 1.4 million a year !!!
        And this is what ESPN has to say :

        “Brewer is viewed as an upgrade over Landry Fields, whom the Knicks let go after not matching the Toronto Raptors’ three-year, $20 million offer sheet. ”

        Damn, 1.4 million dollar versus what we pay Fields.

        • Matt52

           You realize that is ESPNNewYork, right?  Funny how I am always given grief about critical thinking. 

          I am not sure about the upgrade part but when comparing salaries of $1.4M versus $6.3M, it is an absolute steal.

          On another note with BCGots2yadayadayada identified, I am guessing you’ve spent quite a bit of time on a western Canada campus while claiming to travel in Europe.

          • Jamshid

            That is the problem with you. While you have voluntarily made yourself a mouth piece of the organization and became Dough Smith Junior , you are quick to point to others affiliations !! So what it is ESPN New York, Does that automatically take their integrity away ?? Arse, Sam and … all those guys live in Toronto and write for Raptor republic while keeping their integrity intact and keeping it real which is something I can not say about you.

            As far as the rest of your comment about Western canada and … irrelevant 😉 it seems like you are running out of logical material and now have to throw around some mud 😉

            Now, tell us why you think Field’s deal was great when guys like Brewer are going for 1.4 million ??

            • Matt52

              I actually can’t stand Doug Smith for what its worth.  As for Raptors, I apologize I don’t rant and rave while slinging insults and assume my opinions are more valuable than those who are paid millions to make decisions. 

              Thanks for the update on my problems…. and then you state I am the one running out of logical material and now have to throw mud.  I didn’t realize identifying the person who has been calling me out for weeks was slinging mud.  Now if I could only find a word that rhymes with hypocrite I could throw the mud by the bucket full.

              I am really worried about you, dude.  You imagine things.  I’ve never said Fields contract was great and I just agreed that Brewer relative to Fields is an absolute steal.

              As for Arse and company, I told you in another thread I absolutely respect and value their opinions.  The thing you fail to realize is I don’t write for  I was a volunteer moderator (which I am no longer by choice, by the way) and helped keep conversations from escalating in to insults.  There are plenty of places on the internet to call someone a f*gg*t or idiot because they disagree with you.  There are very few places on the internet where people can have a disagreement in a discussion and leave it at ‘agree to disagree’ without becoming hateful and callous. forums is one of these places.  Unfortunately, not everyone can handle that level of maturity, mutual respect, and responsibility. 

              Anyways, best of luck to you.

              • Jamshid

                “Unfortunately, not everyone can handle that level of maturity, mutual respect, and responsibility. ”

                I agree. I don’t think the environment that is created by you and the message board moderators allows any opposite opinions to exist. 

                As far as your statement above, I fully agree. I reserve my right to criticize you or anyone else that I see fit here on this part of the side in a mature way.

                Best of Luck to you as well.

                • Matt52

                  Agreed.  This environment is stifling:

                  The Raptors Republic Staff have set the rules below for RR Forums. Make
                  sure you are familiar with them. Read them daily to remind yourself of
                  them if you have to, because the staff have the power to limit or deny
                  access to those who insist on violating them.

                  THE “DO NOT” RULES:

                  * DO NOT make personal attacks (name calling, hostile remarks,
                  accusations, etc.). In discussion, attack ideas and opinions, not the
                  people who hold them. Note that an attack on your ideas and beliefs are
                  not considered a personal attack under our rules even if you identify so
                  closely with your beliefs and ideas that you personally consider an
                  attack on those beliefs or ideas to be an attack on you.

                  * DO NOT make blanket condemnations of peoples, cultures, or religions.

                  * DO NOT post or attach content that is defamatory, pornographic,
                  harassing, threatening, or hateful (racially, ethnically, or
                  religiously). This also includes scantily clad women (or men) used as
                  avatars too.

                  * DO NOT post advertisements or event announcements (commercial
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                  item from a RR Administrator or Moderator.

                  * DO NOT post more than a couple paragraphs of copyrighted
                  material without obtaining specific permission from the current
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                  * DO NOT argue with, comment on, complain about, criticize, or
                  otherwise discuss staff decisions on rules issues in public in Raptors
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                  incorrect, you may make an appeal in private via private message or

                  * DO NOT attempt to moderate other members. Leave the moderating
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                  RR Staff

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  This is the ultimate bitch move from a weak minded, power tripping, internet weakling with a little bit of forum authority.lmfao

                  Not only women can be bitches but some men are Bitches II (Ice T voice) .

                • Matt52

                  And this is the reason why you were banned from the forums.  You appear to be unable to critically reflect upon your own opinion in the face of a differing view. Then when confronted with a differing view you are are unable to respond without resulting to insults and slander.  It is only my opinion (so it really means nothing) but the majority of your posts are lazy – they are the same tired arguments, rehashed, and slightly reworded regardless of circumstance.  Anyone who opposes gets the “buying the BC hype/smelling BC farts/fellatio performing on BC” kind of comments that verifies the childishness and lack of insight many have come to expect.  Given the comments you direct towards others I find the internet weakling comment amusing.  Anyone who makes the types of remarks you do in person would likely get a punch in the face – no joke – yet there are no repercussions here so insult and slander away.

                  Like I said before nice to see you have landed on your feet and it is nice you have found a platform to share your opinions and views.  I am sure there are people who find value to your views.

                • Destro

                  Dogg read some of these posts…Thats the norm around here why are these bums not getting banned too ?  

                • Nilanka15

                  Banned from the forums, where you need to register with a valid email address.

                  Not banned from these message boards which aren’t moderated.

                • CJT

                  Well said.  With one exception, I wish that he took the time to rehash or reword, it would make reading it more interesting. 

                • Rob

                  Said it all.

                • john g

                  Please get this guy out of here, you offer nothing to this forum

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


            What are you the RR secret service- get a fucking real

        • john g

          And you understand that NY is NY. They are a big-market team that can attract FAs where players will take less money to play for. The Raps unfortunately aren’t one of those big market teams. Its not realistic that Brewer would sign a 1.4 mil deal with the Raps. We have to overpay to attract FAs like that

          • Jamshid

            That is true but we do not need to over pay by almost 80% for a player like Fields who is a rotation player in NBA. If the league did not have a salary cap, then I would say go a ahead, over pay and get the players you want. But when you have salary cap, you need to be smarter with your money and realize who you are really over paying. Fields would not get amore than 12 million ( best offer) from anyone else in NBA. We can not ever become competitive if we blow our cap on players like this and use the excuse that this is the ONLY way we can get players to come to Canada.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


              Only reason that the Raptors have Fields is because BC fucked up with Nash (who was never going to sign in the TDot) like a ranked amatuer not a wiley NBA GM vet.

              Then you have folks offering up half ass excuses like we have to overpay for talent as dumbfounded rational- BC’s kool aid is toxic…pr spins in the wind.

              Brewer >> Fields especially at 1.4m compared to 6m.

              • john g

                You are so dumb. I don’t know why you even comment on these boards. You can’t compare these two signings. There different situations. Brewer would never sign here for 1.4 mil. It is Toronto. Obviously anybody would take Brewer at 1.4 mil than Fields at 6 mil. Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to sign Ray Allen for about 3 million. Lets go crucify BC now. Sure he could make way more money elsewhere but he wants to play for a championship team in a big market.

            • Destro

              Too much truth in this post…

      • Jamshid

        1) Heat
        2) Nets
        3) Knicks
        4) Boston
        5) Indiana
        6) Phily
        7) Chicago (With Rose coming back at Jan )
        8) Washington

        Which one of these teams we can beat with having no real centre ( yes, big Val will not be effective this year) and a weak bench and an awful SF and a SG that can not defend or create !!!

        • Matt52

          Why don’t you just reply in the forums?

          • Jamshid

            I am fine here, do you have a problem with that ? Or is it that you don’t feel comfortable away from the support of your Herd 😉

            • Matt52

               Okey dokey.  As long as you are comfortable.  I do find it strange that you would take the time to write a reply to a forum thread on the main page. 

              Like I said before, best of luck to you.

              • Jamshid

                Best of Luck to you as well …

                • Ihatehaters

                  shaddap you goofs

        • john g

          the nets are not the second best team in the league. The Pacers are. And the how Washington got there is a mystery in its own. I don’t understand how that got there. They suck bad. They aren’t even close to being as talented as the Raps. And Rose is done for the season, not January, son.

          • Destro

            I think the Wizards on talent are at least equal to the Raptors…if John Wall comes back this year (he should) to be an all star calibre player they’ll be better than the Raptors…

            I like Lowry alot but do you really think we signifigantly got better talent wise THIS off season ? I sure dont…

            I think gving away JJ and acquiring Fields was at best a sideways move…*shrugs* 

            • CJT

              John Wall comes BACK to an all star level?  Doesn’t that mean he had to be at an all star level to begin with?

            • john g

              Are you serious? The Wizards starting five is
              PG Wall (im not sold on him being an all-star)
              SG Beal (overrated rookie)
              SF Ariza (overpaid SF)
              PF Okafor (c’mon)
              C Nene (overpaid center with no defense)

              The Raps are deeper and have a better starting 5

        • CJT

          They are saying Rose won’t be back for the regular season.  March in now the target.  Bulls will not make the playoffs without him.

  • Shane Arsenault

    The first article clipping looks more so like it is saying that they were surprised that Jeremy Lamb could possibly be picked after Terrence Ross i.i saying we made a bad pick

  • cesco is showing now the game USA – Spain played earlier , Spain without Marc Gasol .

  • john g

    The summer league is so overrated. To say Lamb is going to be better than Ross based upon him playing against a bunch of D-Leaguers is ridiculous. Anthony Randolph a few summers ago killed the summer league. What the hell has he become now?

    • Destro

      I think Lamb will be a better pro and it has nothing to do with summer league,its based on what i saw him do at UConn…

      • john g

        His sophomore year sucked. In his freshman year, Kemba carried that team. When he was given the keys to the team, he sucked. You wonder why he dropped in the draft. He should have been a top 10 pick then if he was so good in college.

  • FAQ

    PRO-jects or RE-jects or IN-jects or SUB-jects ?????????

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    Wut happened to myboi Mo-Pete????