Tuesday Roundup

Look at what’s kind of going on.

No love for Raptors in the Summer League, but there’s a comment made somewhere how Jeremy Lamb sucks compared to Terrence Ross. Republic rejoice.

Jeremy Lamb, Rockets

It looks like he’ll end up being the best shooter in this draft. Despite his slender frame, he has no issues getting on balance, wherever he is on the floor. Given his size, he will be lethal running off baseline screens and spotting up in corners. He also has a reputation for being a poor passer, but I saw several nice reads when he popped up from the baseline. It’ll be interesting to see if he can shed the bad habit of dancing around side-to-side too much on pick and rolls. That’s about the only weakness I noticed in his game.

Still not understanding how he went four picks after Terrence Ross.

Something called the Uni-Watch Tracker says the Raptors might go with some throwbacks:

“I saw the Spring 2013 Adidas NBA Catalog and there are some new on-court offerings,” says Chris Blackstone. “There are new jerseys for Christmas Day and for home weekend games during the second half of season, called the Winter Court jerseys. They’re monochrome like the all-black Miami uniforms from the past couple years, but in team colors. Also, there are Hardwood Classic jerseys for Indiana (home from 1997-98 through 2004-05), Milwaukee (late ’90s), Chicago (mid-’90s alternate), Atlanta (late-’90s road), Miami (late-’90s alternate), Sacramento (mid-’90s alternate), Phoenix (1990s alternate), Philly (early-’90s road), Cleveland (mid-’90s road), Toronto (late-’90ss home), Houston (late-’90s road), and Utah (late-’90s road).”

Who will have the bigger impact – Valanciunas or Ross? Someday this will be a subject of an article, for now it’s a discussion in the forums. Here’s a take from isaacthompson:

Both have qualities that Raptors haven’t seen in a long time. Personally, I think Big V will have more of an impact because the Raps haven’t had a solid starting center for years (both Bosh and Bargnani are more ept to play the PF). As for TRoss, he has the shooting ability that we haven’t seen from anyone since Kapono (and he was a bust in T.O., let’s face it). He will be able to make up for DeRozan’s horrible shooting ability and will be a nice 6th man, or even starting SG, moving DeRozan to his natural 3-spot.

Is Terrence Ross the next Mo Pete? Well, I guess that depends if he has herpes.

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