ESPN: Raptors Closing in on Lucas III


The Raptors are closing in on the signing of free-agent point guard John Lucas III, according to sources close to the process. You like? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith

Carl Landry

Ed Davis Gets It!


Recently a fan tweeted Davis stating “You better step up next year or the Raptors wasted a pick.” to which Davis responded “Couldn’t have said it better”. It’s nice to know that Ed knows that he’s needs to be accountable. What are your thoughts? Come and discuss. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


If the Knicks Match Fields, What is Plan B?


Uwe Blab? Fat Lever? Sleepy Floyd? John “Hot Plate” Williams? OK, besides coming up with some of the best NBA names from the past, in all seriousness what’s the plan if NYK match the offer sheet for Landry Fields? Who do we focus our attention on now? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith